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					The     GRE                       A new test
R e v is e d                      A new score scale
General Test                      A new report

The GRE revised General Test is launching in August 2011. Students who need
the GRE for admission to Tarleton State University or another university requiring
submission of a GRE score as a requirement should take the test before August
1, 2011 and have their scores sent to all universities to which they may be
making an application.

Any applicants taking the general test after August 1, 2011, should understand
that their scores will not be available to any university until late in November
2011. Such a delay may prevent consideration of their application for admission.

Tarleton students who were admitted with a GPA of 3.0 for 2011 spring
semester, must submit GRE scores to be in order to remain in classes for which
they are registered for 2011 summer or fall terms. It will be very important to
schedule their test as soon as possible for dates May-July. If your chosen TSU
program will accept the GMAT or Miller Analogy Test (MAT) you can disregard
the deadlines for the GRE test.

After August 1, 2011 the test will be very different and scored differently. Check
out for additional information and examples.

For more guidance on the new score scale and to get important information, tips
and timing to help prepare for the GRE revised Test visit Tarleton’s Academic Support Office Director
Kayla Wood will be responsive to these changes and continue to schedule GRE
Preparation workshops for the revised test. Contact information is or

Important milestones in 2011:
August 1-September 30: 50% cost of new test; however scores will not be
                           available or reported until mid-November
October                    Scores will not be reported until mid-November
November                   Scores will not be reported until late November
December                   Score reporting returns to regular schedule (10-15
                           days after test date)

Contact the TSU Office of Graduate Studies for additional information if needed:

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