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									Education                 Certified Technical Consultant mySAP Enterprise Portal 5.0

Date and place of birth   04.05.1969 in Kaltenkirchen (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)

School                    Commercial high school

Function                  Consultant, Project Manager

Languages                 german, english


06.04.10 – ongoing        LDI Landesbetrieb Daten und Information, Mainz
                          Team Justicesystems/SAP
                          Support SAP ERP 6.0 Basic for server of the police Rheinland-Pfalz
                          ->based on Win2003 Server and Oracle DB
                          Administration SAP Basic, db-administration with BR*TOOLS and
                          SAPDBA, transports, monitoring (Tivoli and CCMS), support tickets
                          via HP OpenView, installation system for KLR-Justizsysteme (DELL,
                          Win2003 Server), SAP Solution Manager: documentation ChaRM

01.09.09 – 02.10.09       GISA GmbH (IT Service), Halle / Saale
                          SAP ERP 6.0 Basic
                          Support MIC-Project (Migration from IS-U and CRM systems)
                          ->based on Linux und Oracle DB
                          Parameter adjustment on the basic of Going Live Check, checking
                          table statistics, transports, monitoring (CCMS)

01.06.09 – 21.08.09       Fashion Concepts GmbH & Co KG (Textilies), Hamburg
                          E-Commerce: Conception and implementation of the website
                          Programming, graphics, design of www.fashion-concepts.de,
                          teaching employees to support the site

02.03.09 – 06.05.09       UKE (University Hospital Eppendorf), Hamburg
                          Support SAP ERP 6.0 Basic, SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.0
                          ->based on Linux, HP-UX and Oracle DB
                          Support administration SAP ERP Basic, error handling, checking log
                          files and analysis performance db, monitoring (CCMS), transports,
                          support SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.0, SAP notes support

03.04.08 - 31.12.08       AMB GENERALI (Insurance-Group), Hamburg
                          -> based on AIX, SAP WAS 7.0 and Oracle DB
                          Support, configuration SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.0, installation and
                          configuration from WPC (Web Page Composer), SAP notes support,
                          upgrade SPS 14, setup users with roles, create collaboration rooms,
                          working with the SAP Solution Manager

04.09.06 – 31.01.08       HZD (Hessische Zentrale für Datenverarbeitung), Wiesbaden
                          Support, administration and configuration SAP Microportals
                          www.hessen.de and www.gesis.de
                          -> based on Win 2K Server, SAP WAS 6.40 and Oracle DB, handling
                          support tickets via Remedy Ticket and Changes System,
                          adminstrative tasks in the Visual Administrator of the WAS, creating
                          installation guides for microportals, changes in navigation and roles,
                      support microportal Gesis (Gewässerstrukturgüte
                      Informationssystem / = Informationsite of water quality in Hessen)

01.09.05 – 31.04.06   Altana Pharma AG, Konstanz
                      mySAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 Support, configuration
                      -> based on UNIX, SAP WAS 6.20 and Oracle DB, handling general
                      support tickets (SAP BW, portal transports, updates, etc.)

01.08.03 – 31.05.05   Nestlé AG, Frankfurt a.M. / Vevey (Switzerland)
                      GLOBE Center Europe, FTS-Team
                      Team Lead for mySAP Enterprise Portal 6.0
                      -> based on Win 2K Server, J2EE 6.20, MS SQL, SAP WAS 6.20,
                      SAP Workplace 2.11, SAP ERP 6.0
                      Support, configuration and administration mySAP Enterprise Portal
                      6.0, SAP Basic support, SAP Workplace and ITS support,
                      presentations, monitoring (Tivoli)
                      project language: english

25.06.03 - 05.07.03   ZF (Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen) Bodensee
                      Installation, configuration and administration from Knowledge
                      Management of mySAP Enterprise Portal 5.0 SP5

01.02.02 - 31.10.02   B.Braun Melsungen AG, (Medicine technic) Melsungen bei Kassel
                      BKC - B.Braun Knowledge Center - Technical Project Manager
                      ->based on Win 2000 Server, Oracle DB, SAP J2EE 6.20
                       installation, configuration and administration mySAP Enterprise
                      Portal 5.0, integration standard iViews PLM, running workshop's

01.08.00 - 30.09.01   Projekte bei PopNet Kommunikation GmbH:
                      Programming: HTML, JavaScript, ASP und CVS
                      (Concurrent Versions System); page maintenance
                      Programming: HTML, JavaScript, ASP und CVS
                      (Concurrent Versions System); page maintenance
                      Programming: HTML und JavaScript, Team Lead gold.de-online
                      Programming: HTML, JavaScript, ASP und CVS
                      (Concurrent Versions System); page maintenance
                      Programming: HTML, JavaScript, ASP und CVS
                      (Concurrent Versions System); page maintenance

01.02.00 - 31.03.00   Wohnstadt Kassel, Kassel
                      SAP-Administration Release 4.0 SAPScript: adjustment of forms,
                      Project Management, teaching MS Projekt 98

30.09.99 - 31.01.00   Schöller Holding, Nürnberg
                      Technical Projekt Manager, Release 4.0: SAP job- and spool
                      control, teaching MS Project 98, creation of documents for
                      training on the job

01.09.97 - 30.09.99   DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG, Ottobrunn near München
                      Administration of the SAP R/3 system and execution of transports to
                      different servers, training KTW (TMS), programming ABAP/4
                      (Reports) and delivery to the customer, alternate Project Manager,
                      creation of documents for training on the job, quotation processing


SAP R/3               Release 3.1: administration, KTW (approval of tables and programs
                      with transport to different servers) Module SM (Service
                      Management), Module PS (Project System), ABAP/4 report-
                      Release 4.0: Job- and spool control
                          Release 4.7: Basic administration
SAP ERP                   ERP 6.0/7.0: SAP Basic, DB performance (reports), parameter
                          customizing and setup SSO for Portal

mySAP Enterprise Portal   EP 5.0: Installation, configuration, administration and training
                          (certified) LDAP- and Oracle connection problems solved
SAP Portal / NetWeaver    EP 6.0: Configuration, administration, upgrades and support
                          SSO (Single Sign-On) connections to R/3 systems
                          KM: configuration collaboration rooms
                          EP 7.0: Configuration, administration, upgrades and support
                          SSO (Single Sign-On) connections to BW-Systems

Others                    BW Business Connector administration and configuration
                          ICM (Internet communication Manager) administration
                          SAP Solution Manager: documentation ChaRM


Hardware                  IBM, Intel, AIX
Network                   Novel
Operating systems         Windows 3.1, Win 95, Win 98, Win NT, Win Vista, UNIX, Linux
Databases                 MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2
Application software      MS Office, MS Project, SAP R/3: PS, SM, mySAP Enterprise Portals,
                          Allaire HomeSite, Macromadia Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop
Groupware                 Lotus Notes, MS Outlook, Peregrine, Remedy, HP OpenView
Programming               HTML, JavaScript, ABAP/4, ASP und CVS

IT experience

12.01 – today             Installation, configuration, administration and teaching mySAP
                          Enterprise Portal, SAP Basic administration, WebSite-programming,
                          project management, E-commere consulting and support
                          SAP Basic administration, website-programming
08.00 - 09.01             website-programming
06.99 - 07.00             Project Management, SAP - adjustment of forms (SAPScript)
09.97 - 06.99             SAP R/3 administration, ABAP/4-programming, create training-
                          documents and presentations, project coordination with MS
06.97 - 09.97             Visual Basic programming
03.97 - 06.97             Configuration, install and training from Video Conference System
                          (PictureTel) and PC's


01.01.04 - today          Self-employed
                          SAP Senior Consultant

01.01.03 - 31.12.03       Employee at HO2 Systemberatung GmbH
                          SAP Senior Consultant

01.12.01 - 31.12.02       Employee at GFT Solutions GmbH
                          Product Manager SAP Portal / SAP E-Business

01.08.00 - 30.09.01       Employee at PopNet Kommunikation GmbH
                          Web Application Programmer

01.02.98 - 31.07.00       Employee at dd consulting (dd synergy)
                          SAP Consultant

01.09.97 - 31.01.98       Self-employed at data design (dd synergy)
                          SAP Consultant

15.09.96 - 30.08.97       Employee at d.d. synergy (management consultancy) configuration
                          from PC's; distribution, installation and schooling from Video
                          Conference Systems; internal administration
15.03.95 - 14.09.96   Employee at Iduna-Nova (assurance company)


01.08.76 - 15.06.80   Primary school Meerweinstrasse

01.08.80 - 15.06.82   Beobachtungsstufe Gymnasium Uhlenhorst-Barmbek

01.08.82 - 15.06.86   Secoundary school Humboldtstrasse
                      Degree: First public examination in secoundary school

01.08.86 - 31.01.87   Technical college for metal processing


01.02.87 - 31.01.90   Trainee as mechanic at SAAB-Uhlenhorst

01.02.90 - 31.01.91   Assistant at SAAB-Uhlenhorst

01.02.91 - 30.07.91   Assistant at EAT (Exclusive Automobil Technic)

Further education

01.08.91 - 10.06.94   Commercial high school Gropiusring
                      Degree: Abitur

Adress/Contact        Mike Jaschke
                      Eilbeker Weg 63a
                      22089 Hamburg, Germany
                      Mobil: +49 171 400 93 79
                      Web: http://www.mike-jaschke.com
                      Email: eliah69@web.de

Hobbies               Bikes, Oldtimer, Football, Music, Modelling

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