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									Services Offered:

    Residential Construction / Civil works

    Electrical & Mechanical Works

    Pest control services (termites maintenance services)
The company offers total engineering services and technical solutions to the construction
industry and allied services.
          Detailed site/field Investigation and Survey
          Conceptualization, design Drawings, Design Computation and Specification
          Quantity Take-off/ Bill of Materials
          Materials Sourcing and Procurement
          Permit Processing
          Horizontal & Vertical Projects
          Civil works (Roads & Drainage System)
          Earthworks & Site Developments
          Indoor & Outdoor signage’s & billboards
          Utility Systems and Facilities
          Electro- Mechanical Works
          Communication (Data & Voice cabling)
          Data Center Construction/Renovation
          Steel works
          Glass & Aluminum
          Open system office fit-out furniture & work stations
          Architectural Finishing (exterior & interior works)
          Repairs, renovations & New Construction
          Call centers & I.T. center offices
          Building construction
          Commercial & Industrial Building
          Warehouse
          Gasoline Services Stations
          Residential Houses
          Convenience Store, Stand & Kiosk
          ATM machine Installations
          Parks, Playgrounds, pool, courts, landscape, clubhouse
          Concreting, Asphalting, Masonry & Finishing Works
          Tiles, Carpet & Vinyl floors
          Steel Works & Welding
          Carpentry Works
          Painting Works
          Waterproofing
          Electrical wiring, communication cabling and trouble shooting repairs
          Sanitary & sewage works, Underground piping and tank installations
          Hauling Works & Transport
          Glass and Aluminum Works
          Roofing, Trusses & Ceiling
 Our company’s proven highly skilled work force shall perform their own specific work
     trades/specialties with respect to the specified specifications & contracts, quality & method of
     execution, schedules and safety parameters.
 Weekly Management meeting will be conducted to address the following
     Schedules
     Materials and workmanship quality
     Materials testing, samples and availability
     Work methodology
     Change orders
     Inter-trades and sub-con workflow process and coordination
     Inspection request and approvals
     Permits, utilities and other internal/ external compliance requirements
     Work area cleanliness, orderliness, and rules and regulation
 Random and regular site inspections with respect to plans, specification, contract and
    schedules, and review of the following:
         Reports
         Records
         Documents
         Photographs
         Manpower and corresponding skills
         Accomplishments
2. Customer Satisfaction and Relationship
      Materials and workmanship quality is covered with 1-year warrantee.
      Warrantee is limited to inherent material defect, material and/or workmanship premature
      Wear and tear, wrong usage or negligence, accidents, forced majeure and/ or unauthorized
        tinkering is not covered by warrantee.
      Warrantee is voided if repair works within the covered area is done by others without
        prior. Notice to and consent of Heidie Construction Electrical and Supplies.
      Customer shall report the soonest at first sign of any defects, unusual performance and/or
        characteristics. Usage of the affected area must be limited, if not avoided so as not
        aggravate present condition or that if it may cause accident.
      Service calls (repair reports) shall be acted upon within 24 hours, actual rectification or
        repair works will be acted upon within that period or will depend on the degree of repair
        needed and availability of materials & manpower.
 3. Human Resource Development
      The company shall maintain core group of multi-disciplined engineers and staff and highly
       skilled work forced to provide prompt service to our clients and would-be customers.

     Regular officer and workforce capabilities shall be upgraded through training and seminars
       to keep them abreast with latest construction materials, methods and technology.
 4. Safety Program
     Our Customers satisfaction first policy evolves on 3-basic criteria to be accomplished, these
      are 1) Quality,2) With in Time Frame and 3) Safety. For this reason HCES have formulated
      simple measures as safety regulation at project sites to avoid injuries., illnesses, and damage
      to properties and equipments, for details please refer to attached HCES Safety Program.
Is a construction company established by a group of dynamic and ambitious men and women with
extensive experience in the local construction and engineering industry.

HCES guiding philosophy thrives on the following:
        1. Basic facilities and infrastructures are necessities in improving quality of people’s way
            Of life and opportunities.
        2. Basic facilities and infrastructures promote mobility, communication, progress, and
            security. This basic service shall be provided unto all community even to the most
            remote and isolated regions.
        3. As we develop and progress, it is everyone’s duty to safeguard the preservation of our
            culture, environment and natural resources.
        4. It is our duty to make our areas and surroundings clean, orderly, attractive, habitable
            and a conducive peaceful environment to relax, interact, play & commune w/ nature.
        5. Quality gains admiration and builds respect.
Although the firm is new, the people behind our company are highly skilled, and client’s can
depend on the professionalism of officers and staff who are dedicated for excellence in their
respective field of expertise. Our team is compact yet multidisciplinary, dynamic and we
continuously improve our technical skills and capabilities to advance our quality of workmanship.

The firm is capable of handling small, large, complex projects ranging from civil works, buildings
construction, mechanical and electrical facilities, housing, repair, rehabilitation and improvements

The company also provides detailed Engineering Design, Architectural Design, Estimate,
Supervision and Project Management.

    Name of Contractor        :               HEIDIE CONSTRUCTION ELECTRICAL AND
    New office                :               # 388 V. Pozon ST. Bambang Pasig City
    Home Address              :               388 V. Pozon St. Bambang, Pasig City
    Telephone                 :               0927-2765920, 748-21-18, 09395171152,
    Type of Constructor’s
       Organization            :               Sole Proprietorship
    Person Managing
       The overall affairs
       Of the company          :               Heidie Morales Ocampo
    Designation               :               General Manager/Proprietor
 To identify and to serve the needs of every customers in the most responsible manner with
   safety as the main consideration.

 Strive for customer’s satisfaction through excellence in reliable service and superior quality
   of materials.

 Enhance customer’s awareness of our commitment to serve their needs and the benefit that
   they’ll gain out of our quality products and services.

 Strengthen our commitment to responsibly attend to our customer’s needs by constantly
   updating our personnel skills and expertise to modern technology through exposure to
   training and development programs.
A. List of tools, Shop Equipment and Machines
   Description                                  Qty
   Bolt threader                                1 unit
   Chain Block 2 tons                           2 units

   Bench Drill/ Press (Electric)                1 unit
   Electric Portable Grinder                    6 units
   Screw Driver(-&+)                            6 units
   Trouble Light Holder                         2 units
   L- Steel Square 24                           2 units
   Acetylene Tank                               2 units
   Mechanical Pipe Vise                         1 unit
   Crow Bar                                     4 units
   Welding Mask                                 4 units
   Tile Cutter                                  2 units
   3 HP water pump                              1 units
   Portable Camera                              3 units
   Digital Camera                               1 unit
   Computers                                    5 units
   Scanners                                     2 units
   Bar Cutter (round, fat and Z-bar             2 units
   Hot wire Marker                              1 unit
   Wire Crimper                                 1 unit
   Adjustable wrench (various sizes)            6 units
   Aluminum Ladder 18’                          1 unit
   Aluminum Ladder 10’                          1 unit
   Pipe Threader Adjustable 1’3’ dia            1 unit
                             General Manager
                                       Design/Engineering
                                                                              Documentation
                                       Planning
                                       Proposals                             Marketing
                                       Project Management                    Administration

Accountant                     Project In charge                                Canvassing
                                                                                Procurement
       Treasury                        Construction Supervision               Site Delivery
       General Accounting              Field Survey
       Collection                      Field Engineering Equipment
       General Services                Quality Control

                               General Foreman

                                        Construction Implementation
                                        Field Surveys
                                        Field Engineering Equipment
                                        Quality Control

                               Skilled Workers

                                        Mobilization of Work
To our valued Customers:

       HEIDIE       CONSTRUCTION,          ELECTRICAL         SUPPLIES       &    PEST
CONTROL was created with the Initiative of a woman whose vision was to probe
that woman can do what men
can do otherwise.

We in the company can accomplished & supervise all kinds of workmanship that
Other women can not.

Although our company is relatively young we can handle a wide range of
engineering Services as the men & women behind the company are all effective
and competent with vast experiences in construction industry.

In behalf of this management we are extending our warmest thanks and regards for
the trust and confidence in giving us the opportunity to be of service to our clients.

  Heidie M. Ocampo
Owner/General manager
               “TO   GOD BE THE GLORY

For effective Pest management it is best to trust inspection and treatment procedures to
professional like…

HCES “ the pest control service specialist” for all pest control services we give,


For control of cockroaches, files, mosquitoes and other crawling and flying insects that are
capable of transmitting numerous diseases to man. Service includes spraying and misting of
specila pesticides, safe to human but lethal against all disease transmitting pest or insects
found inside the building or homes.
This type of service is guaranteed to control the general infestation right on the spot with
long residual effect.

Rodent are known carries of several diseases including the deadly BUBONIC PLAGUES.
This covers the control of all species of rodents and household mice and rats. Either by the
use of mechanical or by installation of slow or fast acting rodenticide or the combination of

With the use of a fogger or Ultra volume machine, this is done by mixing the insecticedwith
water or diesel fuel, the mixture is then heated by the use of a fogging machine. Producing a
fine mist or a dense of smoke. There mist or smokes now carry particles of insecticides
becoming a deadly contact poison to any flying and crawling insects not reach by ordinary
spraying like drainages, canals, ceilings and other places. ( the use of diesel fuel as a
medium for indoor fogging looks impressive due to the amount of smoke being produce.
Unlike water when use as a medium hardly produced any smoke, by no means it is less
effective for both methods uses the same amount of insecticide. Since diesel fuel produce an
obnoxious odor, leaves an oily residue and have a carcinogenic core, we highly recommend
the use of water medium indoors for health and environmental reasons.)
Sealing of all windows, air ducts, doors and other possible outlets of air in the area, it is meant that
an insecticide at a required temperature and pressure be released in the form of gas killing

         This is our proposal to you get rid of
        termites the most effective, economical
        Know the reality of termites

        There are two common termites, the subterranean termites and dry woods termites.
        Subterranean termites lives on soil and built their colonies nearby woods. Drywoods
        termites concentrate in woods and built in their colonies.

        A termites colony has divisions:
        - A termite worker are the ones that damage homes as they are ones that damage homes as
            they are incredibly determine in their mission to find food and bring it back to the
            colony. Termite workers keep busy 24 hours a day, they rarely break though the surface
            of woods by hollowing the wood out from inside.
        - A termite soldier depends the colony mainly against ants.
        - Young termite’s queen is called SWARMERS. Termite swarming or flying around the
            light mean that there is an active termite colony ion the area.

            Termite tunnels are a sign of termite activity or presence of termites in the area. They
            should not be destroy as they play an important role in effect treatment by its way to the

           This our mission: “ YOUR HOME AND PROPERTY
We treat the soil around your home or building by cording, trenching or injection methods using
only time tested chemicals, creating a barrier against subterranean termites.

Using heavy duty drilling machines for cemented areas and soil injector for compared soil, we
inject unique formulation of chemicals deep under the surface to penetrate the area susceptible to
subterranean termites thus giving greater protection for termite attack.

       We treat all infested wood parts of your home or buildings concentrating on floors, walls,
       ceiling, cracks, and crevices. This controls and minimized further infestation of the area.

       Our trained technician inspects your home at regular interval every three (3) months for
       one year and every six (6) months for the succeeding year for the duration guaranteed
       period. Any signs of infestation will be treated immediately by our technicians at no cost top
       the home owner.

       Termite mounds are the homes of subterranean termites where the termites queen lives and
       lay eggs. Our trained technicians destroy them and thoroughly treat the whole surrounding

       Termite proofing woks is solely for homes and buildings about to be constructed. This
       includes the following stages:

       Stage 1. – soil poisoning of the foundation excavation prior to cementing. This includes the
       whole interior soil surface and outside perimeter of the home or buildings.

       StageII. – treatment of building or home structures by means of spraying and of powder
       termicide applications in all places susceptible to termite passage.
Wood boring beetle or bukbok makes pinholes in your walls causing sawdust on your floors.
Although much smaller than termites this pest is much harder to control, we do two (2) main
    1. We spray the infested areas
    2. We inject every pinholes with a termicide solution to wipe out the infestation.

      EGI Tower
       ACM Tower Condominium
       Makati City
       San Miguel Corporation
       Ortigas Pasig
       Mr & Mrs Grace Tan
       Ayala Alabang
       Pasig City
       Ayala Alabang
      INASAL
      ZU Store
       Quezon City

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