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Service Level Agreement Computer Recycling


Service Level Agreement Computer Recycling document sample

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									                                      “Saving the environment recycling one computer at a time.”
                                                    Veteran Owned and Operated

                                                      Acceptable Items List
 We appreciate your interest in recycling your electronics with 5R Processors, Ltd. Below is a sample of
 items we accept and process. If you have a question on a piece of equipment please feel free to contact
                                    one of our facilities listed below.

           MONITORS/TERMINALS                                                 TELECOMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT
                   CPUS                                                          AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT
                 LAPTOPS                                                            STEREO EQUIPMENT
            DOCKING STATIONS                                                  UNINTERRUPTED POWER SUPPLIES
        PRINTER/TONER CARTRIDGES                                                       VIDEO BOARDS
              COPY MACHINES                                                          GLUCOSE TESTERS
               FAX MACHINES                                                         MEDICAL EQUIPMENT
                 PRINTERS                                                             GAME CONSOLES
                    TVS                                                              DVD /VHS PLAYERS
            MP3 PLAYERS/iPODS                                                         FAX CARTRIDGES
     CELLULAR AND HARD WIRE PHONES                                                MAINFRAME EQUIPMENT
             CIRCUIT BOARDS                                                        MID-RANGE EQUIPMENT
            WIRE AND CABLING                                                      NETWORKING EQUIPMENT
             ALUMINUM CANS                                                     OTHER COMPUTER PERIPHERALS
             CASH REGISTERS                                                              GPS UNITS
             KEYBOARDS/MICE                                                            MICROWAVES

There will also be an additional area designated for residents and businesses that may want to purchase data removal
services from 5R for $10/per drive or $10 per system or laptop. Fileservers we will be extra if there is more than
one drive. Residents and businesses can unload computers; laptops or single hard drives for data erasure at the
designated DOD Wipe area (DOD=Department of Defense approved software). The units will have serial number
tracking with the owner’s information properly recorded. The process can take anywhere from 3-10 hours depending
on the size of the hard drive. For this reason 5R has to bring them back to their facility to perform the data
destruction/erasure procedures.

This method of data removal is a proven procedure based on military standards that ensures 100% removal of
all data on your hard drive. 5R Processors will provide residents and businesses who purchase the $10 service
with a certificate of destruction and all accompanying serial numbers as their official report that your drive
was erased before the computer unit or drive is sent on to their recycling/refurbishing department.

Our Mission
   5R Processors, LTD is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service while providing clients with cost-effective recycling and
asset disposition services of electronic equipment and products, mercury containing devices and other client assets. The 5R process will return
recycled materials into reusable commodities, while maintaining the highest level of professional standards, integrity, and environmental

               Atlanta, GA               Memphis, TN                  Clinton, TN                    Ladysmith, WI

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