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					                                               RAISING CYCLING CONSCIOUSNESS IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT

                                         S PINNING C RANK
                                         Newsletter of the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition
                                         and the Peninsula Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition
                                          August-September 2006                                                                        Vol. 20 No.4
  Events and Speakers                              The Rolling Reality of                              The study’s survey found that only 60% of
                                                  Routine Accommodation                             projects included accommodations for pedestri-
    Coming to SVBC
                                                                                 by Corinne Winter ans and bicyclists beyond ADA required improve-
                             th                                             SVBC Executive Director ments. Based on this fact, MTC staff, with over-
            August 10 *
                                              The routine accommodation of bicycles and pe- sight from the Regional Bicycle Work Group, cre-
       6:30 pm No-Host Pizza
                                            destrians in all transportation projects is one step ated 11 recommendations. These recommenda-
          7:00 pm Program:
                                            closer to reality. The “Routine Accommodation tions are intended to assist with project planning
    What You Need To Know
                                            Report and Recommendations” presented by MTC and design, as well as creating a systematic pro-
  About Bicycles And The Law
           (see pg 1 for details)           staff to the MTC Commissioners on the 28th of June cess to evaluate the needs of non-motorized trav-
                                            were unanimously approved. This reflects a sig- elers and to look for opportunities to improve
        September 14th*                     nificant victory for the many advocates across the non-motorized access during project devel-
                6:00 pm                     Bay Area involved in the development of the rec- opment.One of the recommendations to be
        Board Meeting (only)                ommendations. This resolution sets forth MTC’s adopted is the creation of a project checklist that
     All are welcome to attend.             regional policy for the accommodation of non- will be used by agencies implementing projects
  *see pg 12 for meeting locations          motorized travelers during project planning, de- in their evaluation of non-motorized users’ needs.
                                            sign, funding and construction.                         It will require them to identify accommodations
                                                                     In 2005, MTC staff con- for these users in projects associated with region-
        11-Year-old Rides Sierra to the Sea                        ducted a study to evaluate ally funded roadway and transit projects. This
                                                                   how pedestrian and bicycle checklist is to be developed by the end of 2006,
                                                                   needs are being accommo- and is intended to be used on projects during the
                                                                   dated in the region’s trans- earliest design phase. Advocates, including those
                                                                   portation projects in light of from SVBC, will play a crucial role in the devel-
                                                                   locally adopted policies. opment of this checklist.
                                                                   This study followed the             Another of the recommendations included is
                                                                   Transportation 2030 Call to the requirement that Caltrans District 4 maintain
                                                                   Action, which states:            and share a table, listing all of the ongoing Project
                                                                   Bicyclists, pedestrians and Initiation Documents (PIDS) for Caltrans and lo-
                                                                   wheelchair users must be cally sponsored projects relevant to non-motor-
                                                                   full partners in the planning ized users, with the District 4 Bicycle Advisory
                                                                   process, and bicycle facili- Committee (which SVBC has a seat on).
                                                                                                                                                 cont pg 3
                                                                   ties and walkways must be
                                  photo courtesy Jerri-Ann Meyer
                                                                   considered, where appropri-                   August 10th Program
  (L-R: Natalie Perelman, Roberto Perelman, PBPC web master and
                                                                   ate, in conjunction with all
Board member Tony Panero and SVBC Board member Jerri-Ann Meyer)
                                                                   new construction and recon-                What You Need To Know About
 11-year-old Natalia (Tali) Perelman, along with her SVBC                                                          Bicycles And The Law
                                                                   struction of transportation
 Life Member father Roberto, rode the ACTC-sponsored
                                                                   facilities.                          A talk by Dawn L. Hassell, Esq.,The Hassell
 Sierra to the Sea in June. That is a challenging 8-day,
                                                                     Other goals set forth in the     Law Group, San Francisco and SFPD Officer
 420-mile bicycle and camping tour of the Sierra Nevada
                                                                                                      Jim Hughes (retired). A lawyer’s view of:
 Mountains, the Sacramento and Napa Valleys, and down T2030 plan included: im-
 the Pacific Coast. Tali is believed to be the youngest rider      proving safety, increasing         • Law enforcement when a motorist hits a cy-
 to have done this ride.                                           access, creating livable com-      clist & what you can do about it.
                                                                   munities, and generating           • Legal rights and responsibilities of bicyclists.
                                            clean air.
Inside this Issue:                            Numerous Bay Area Bicycle Coalition (BABC)              • How traffic laws apply to cyclists.
PBPC--------------------------- pg 7 and SVBC advocates gave input into the study and • What you can do to improve a dangerous
SVBC---------------------------             its recommendations through their participation in        road.
  Bill Bliss Update------------- pg 2       the Regional Bicycle Work Group of the MTC.               • How a lawyer can help, and how to find a
  Guadalupe River Park------- pg 9          This WG also included participation from the              good one.
  Thanking Volunteers--------- pg 3         County Congestion Management Agencies
  Volunteers Needed----------- pg 8
                                                                                                      • What to do if injured by a careless motorist.
                                            (CMAs), Caltrans, transit agencies, and various
  Area Reports------------- pg 4,5,6        cities and counties.                   cont next column
                                                                                                      • Questions as time permits.
       Better Cycling                                      Better Breathing                                          Better Living
 August-September 2006                                       Spinning Crank                                            Vol 20 No. 4                     1
                 Still Spinning                      SVBC Board Meeting Summary                                                            Officer Avoids Jail in
                                                                                                                                            Bicyclist’s Death
                              by Greg McPheeters                                 by Jerri-Ann Meyer
                                  SVBC President                                     SVBC Secretary                          The Pueblo Chieftain, Canon City, CO, 6/6/06
  A recent posting to our SVBC hosted dis-            On July 13th the Board held its fourth meet-       A 34-year old Canon City police officer
cussion list ended with a request for people to     ing of 2006 at the Thai Basil in Sunnyvale.        who was found guilty in January of careless
reply back to the list with their reasons for         The main agenda item was to review a bud-        driving causing the death of a 69-year-old
riding their bikes. For those of you not on the     get and action plan for the remainder of 2006      California bicyclist will avoid jail if his driv-
list, discussion topics tend to have more to do     with draft projections for 2007. Corinne Win-      ing record remains clean during a two-year
with the nuances of riding, suggested routes,       ter (ED) drafted the budget and action plan        probation sentence.
road hazards, questions about road projects         with some participation by a subset of the           Doug Havens, a rural Westcliffe resident,
and trails, bike events, or people looking for      board.                                             was found innocent of speeding; but guilty
advice about equipment and gear, but rarely           The action plan is aligned with the main         of misdemeanor careless driving causing
such a fundamental question — “why do we            focus areas and goals identified at the Sep-       death. Havens was off-duty June 24 as he
ride?” I didn’t have to think about my answer       tember 2003 Board of Director’s Retreat. As        was driving his pickup truck north on Colo-
for long; I happen to absolutely love riding        a reminder, at the last meeting the Board con-     rado 67 when he hit bicyclist William Bliss
my bike, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s        cluded that SVBC’s strategic direction estab-      of San Jose, Calif., who died at the scene of
reason enough!! But as I pondered the ques-         lished at the 2003 retreat is still valid today.   the accident.
tion the countless other reasons we all ride our    The Board also decided that annually a bud-          Judge William Fox said he did not feel jail
bikes came jumping out at me. Not only is bik-      get and action plan be established to continue     would be appropriate for Havens following
ing a ton of fun, it’s also a great way to get      moving SVBC along this strategic path.             a lengthy sentencing hearing Monday.
around town, stay healthy and in shape, re-           A component of the action plan is the es-          “There will be jail if there is a violation of
duce our impact on the environment, reduce          tablishment of a set of committees, each with      probation,” Fox said. “This was a tragic ac-
traffic congestion (or just stay out of it), re-    a specific focus. Membership participation         cident that has caused pain for the Bliss fam-
duce our dependence on foreign oil, cut down        will be solicited and is critical to the success   ily and the Havens family and I wish I could
on air pollution, save money, and make all          of these committees. Stay tuned for more in-       fix that.”
sorts of interesting friends — just to name a       formation.                                           “I am not happy,” said Bonnie Bliss, wife
few of the best reasons! Regardless of why            With a few modifications the Board ap-           of the victim, after Fox pronounced sentence.
you love riding your bike, we all need safer,       proved the budget and action plan, and iden-         The sentence will include $2,400 in court
more enjoyable facilities to ride on, and that’s    tified at least one Board member for each          costs, which includes a $1,000 charitable
why it’s great that we can all work together        committee.                                         donation to Bicycle Colorado, 200 hours of
toward that end. Thanks for supporting us!                                                             public service and a traffic safety class.
                                                                                Mrs. Bliss gave a heartfelt statement about her husband who was
    Ride On!                                            by Corinne Winter
                                                   SVBC Executive Director    a pioneer in bicycle safety. She showed the court pictures of her
  Of course, we all expected things to slow down a little after Bike to       husband and some of his inventions.
Work Day (read: ED Corinne expected a break!), but the people in-               When she arrived in Fremont County Sunday, Mrs. Bliss said she
volved with SVBC are simply seizing the day. I have the sense that a          was distressed to visit the place where he husband was killed and
wonderful thing has been set in motion that’s bigger than all of us.          see that a roadside memorial sign had been removed.
  I’m very excited about the possibilities surrounding the adoption of                                             “It was there to remind drivers to
the Routine Accommodation Recommendations by the Metropolitan                                                    be careful and it was wiped away.
                                                                                                            photo courtesy Shannon Bliss

                            Transportation Commission. It will be in-                                            The anniversary of his death is com-
                            teresting to see how it all unfolds and I hope                                       ing up this month and this has been
                            that you’ll join me in encouraging your City                                         the last straw,” Mrs. Bliss said.
                            to fully adopt these recommendations at the                                            Mrs. Bliss said she suffered as she
                            local level; see my article on Routine Ac-                                           continued to get post cards from her
                            commodation in this issue for details.                                               husband for three days after his
                              The development of our BikeEd Program                                              death. She also went through stress
                            is moving right along, thanks to so much                                             because her husband’s ashes were
                            interest on the part of advocates in the                                             lost in shipment from Colorado
county. We’ll be hosting an LCI training seminar in September, so be          and took three weeks to arrive in California.
sure to inquire if you are interested in becoming a League Certified            Mrs. Bliss said she felt the community is biased for Havens and
Instructor of bike skills. Our BikeEd Program will offer courses to           that he does not accept his role in her husband’s death. Havens,
the public, employers, and kids in middle school as well as those who         who has eight years law enforcement experience, said he expected
receive traffic citations and qualify for a diversion class.                  he may have to take someone’s life some day but he was not pre-
  SVBC Board Member Jerri-Ann Meyer and I are off to the Thun-                pared for an accident.
derhead Alliance Campaign Strategy Training this weekend, where                 “This has been very hard and I want to tell Mrs. Bliss that I am
we will evaluate our possibilities for advocacy campaigns and pre-            truly sorry. I’m living in hell right now — to know a life was taken
pare to launch at least one. I’m excited to focus more time on advo-          by me — it is so unbearable for me to come to terms with that,”
cacy and education, since these topics are, after all, what it’s all about!   Havens said.
2                    Vol 20 No. 4                                   Spinning Crank                                                            August-September 2006
      Routine Accomodation cont from pg 1             Bike Me Out To The Ballgame                                 New Members:
This is particularly relevant in light of the                                        by Margaret Pye      Los Altos      Sabra Abraham
fact that in the past, bicycle and pedestrian                                                             Los Gatos        Carl Guardino
advocates have sometimes become aware                                    On Sunday, August 20th           Milpitas               Wei Sun
of potential problems with projects in the                               we’re going to meet on           Mountain View       Julie Weiss
EIR phase, or later, when it is difficult to       northbound Caltrain number 429, the one that
alter the project budget allocation. For true                                                             Palo Alto     Kathleen Kramer
                                                   leaves San Jose Diridon station at 11 AM. Get                          & Sven Thesen
routine accommodation to occur, ped and            on the train at your most convenient stop, and
bike advocates need to see their needs met                                                                                Jeff McMeekin
                                                   meet in the bike car. (That’s the first car.)                           Geraint Owen
in the Caltrans Project Initiation Docu-                     I’ll be getting on the train at the South
ments.                                                                                                    San Carlos         Didrik Hoag
                                                                   San Francisco stop at 12:17, and                         & Caryl Gray
  It looks like this is not just a collection of
                                                                      am trying to get some of my                            Andrew Hsu
recommendations without bite. Another
                                                                      friends from the San Mateo          San Jose      Jane Casamajor
recommendation states “Projects funded all
                                                                      County Green Party to join us.                      Carl Reisinger
or in part with regional discretionary funds
must consider bicycle and pedestrian facili-       We’ll arrive at San Francisco’s 4th and King           San Mateo       Nikolai Rochnik
ties in the full project cost.” Further, “TDA      station at 12:36 and bike one block, to the            Santa Clara    Jason Galloway
Article 3, Regional Bike/Ped, and TLC              ballpark currently known as “AT&T Park.”               Saratoga           Larry Supan
funds shall not be used to fund non-motor-         We’ll greet our brothers and/or sisters at the                Special Thanks:
ized facilities needed for new roadway or          San Francisco Bike Coalition Bike Parking              Almaden Cycle Touring Club (ACTC)
transit construction projects that remove or       area near the water, where we can leave our              has generously donated $300 to
degrade non-motorized access. Funding to           bicycles, safely supervised. Then we proceed                          SVBC.
enhance bicycle and/or pedestrian access           (on foot) to the open areas just outside right         ACTC kindly lent us their bike racks
associated with new roadway or transit con-        field, where we can stand and watch the base-            for bike parking at the Cat’s Hill
struction projects should be included in the       ball game through the fence (vs. Los Angeles               race and for the BTWD party
funding for that project.”                         Dodgers; game starts at 1:05 pm) without hav-
  Finally, the recommendations even pro-           ing to pay any money. (We won’t actually go                    Thanks to Our
vide a mechanism by which the MTC will             into the ballpark.) We’ll hang around as long              Conscientious Volunteers
monitor and audit candidate TIP projects           as we want, leave, ride around the                    June-July CRANK Mailing Party:
to track the success of these recommenda-          Embarcadero to Fort Point, if we want, or get         Organizer: Anne Ng
tions, and both MTC and Caltrans will work         back on the train to go home. (South bound            Jack Lueder, John Carpenter, Ellen Fletcher,
toward providing appropriate training to           trains leave every hour on the hour.) No one is       June Welsh, Martina Dillon
staff of local agencies to promote the in-         providing any refreshments, and no RSVP               Sunnyvale A&W:
corporation of routine accommodation into          needed. As I said, this is “loosely” organized.       Organizer: Fred Wiesinger
project planning.                                  I’m going, and I hope some friends will join          Rick Warner, Bonnie Lewellyn, June Welsh,
  Both City BPAC members and local ad-             me!                                                   Tim Oey and sons, Sam Valenti, Andy Lott,
vocates will play an important role in see-                New Specialized Store                         Thom Granvold, Bob Matusiak, Rich With-
ing that these policies are adopted and ad-                                      by Jerri-Ann Meyer      ers, Kevin Gregory
hered to on a local level. I hope to see these        SVBC provided guarded bike parking for             Bike Spring Opening:
policies adopted as a component of every            56 bikes at the June 8th grand opening of            Organizer: Jerri-Ann Meyer
city’s general plan. If you are interested in       the Bike Spring bike shop in downtown                Eric Anderson, Matt Brunnings, Jack & Jane
becoming involved with encouraging your             Mountain View.           Bike     Spring,            Lueder, Anne Ng, Leslie Train, June Welsh,
city to fully recognize and adopt these poli-, is a Specialized                 Bob Yee [See related article on page 3]
cies, please contact me at corinne@                 Concept Store located at 903 Castro Street           Los Altos A&W:                                      (corner of El Camino and Castro) in Moun-            Organizer: Ellen Fletcher
                                                    tain View.                                           Eric Sorenson, June Welsh, Tian Harter,
                                                                     The day’s festivities in-           David and Zachary Hanzel, Rob and
              Bike Pooling                                         cluded demo rides on Spe-             Mayumi Schmidt, Dave Cortesi, Diane
       The 511 Regional Rideshare                                  cialized full-suspension              Harrison, Kermit Cuff, Eric Anderson
       program can match you up not                                mountain bikes and high-end           Tabling: Kevin Jackson, Ellen Fletcher
       only for car or vanpool partners             road bikes, a BBQ hosted by NorCAMBA,                 Please consider volunteering to fill the
       but for bike partners too.                   and the new Specialized tire recycling ini-           new position of Volunteer Coordinator
       Go to https://                               tiative which encouraged customers to                 to accomplish our goals of keeping track
       w w w. r i d e                               bring in a used tire in exchange for a free           of the interests and availability of current                               commemorative water bottle. Customers                 and potential volunteers as well. Please
       logon Frame                                  also had the opportunity to win a one-year            notify Ellen Fletcher or Corinne Winter
       .asp to register.                            ride on a top-of-the-line Specialized S-              if you are interested: ellen.fletch@gmail
                                                    Works road or mountain bike.                          .com,
 August-September 2006                                      Spinning Crank                                            Vol 20 No. 4                       3
    Santa Clara County Area Reports
                Cupertino                                          Morgan Hill                         Dr to Mountain View High School. Construc-
                                     by Anne Ng                                      by Bob Eltgroth   tion of this segment will be phased and when
  Mary Avenue bike/ped bridge The Mary                BTAC Officers        Chris Hauge is turning      done will complete the Stevens Creek Trail
Avenue bike/ped bridge over I-280 inches            over the Chair of the Morgan Hill Bicycle and      in Mountain View.
toward construction, now probably delayed           Trails Advisory Committee (BTAC) to Al               Design of the Yuba Dr to El Camino Real
until next year. Final design is almost 90%         Clark. Norma Rome becomes vice-chair as            sub-segment should complete by the end of
complete, but Assistant Public Works Direc-         well as replacing Chris as the Morgan Hill         July 2006. Construction should begin in early
tor Glenn Goepfert predicts the meticulous          representative on the VTA BPAC. Al has long        fall 2006 and take approximately one year.
Caltrans design approval process will be gla-       worked in the bicycle industry and also is a         This sub-segment provides a tunnel under
cial because of the unique cable stayed de-         runner. Norma, who has served one year on          El Camino. The tunnel will be 12 feet wide
signed of the bridge.                cont pg 6
                                                    the Committee, primarily walks; she stepped        and include glass bricks in the median of El
                                                    in immediately to volunteer for bike parking       Camino to provide natural light.
                Los Altos                           at City events and to work the Morgan Hill           Stevens Creek Trail/Moffett Blvd
                                   by Curt Riffle
                                                    BTWD Energizer Station.                            Overcrossing This project will provide a
  Stevens Creek Trail Feasibility Study               Trails Master Plan Morgan Hill has es-           bike/pedestrian overcrossing of Moffett Blvd
  The City Council has agreed with the City’s       tablished a committee to work on its first ever    at Stevens Creek Trail eliminating the only
BPAC to utilize a coordinated staff/BPAC/           Trails Master Plan. The BTAC, especially Al        at-grade crossing on the trail. This bridge will
neighborhood/consultant effort to conduct the       Clark, has pushed for this for at least three      have straight approaches similar appearance
feasibility study. Initial focus groups with        years. The City staff contact is: David            to the Stevens Creek Trail Bridge over Cen-
interested neighbors will be held the week of       Gittleson <DavidG@>.             tral Expressway.
July 10th. We hope to have a task force of          BTAC will shortly be starting the revision           Design should complete in winter 2006.
neighbors, BPAC, staff, and a consultant in         process on the Bikeways Master Plan.               Construction will begin shortly thereafter and
place in the fall.                                    BTAC Funding Funding for events such             is estimated to take about a year.
  Class I Bicycle and Pedestrian Pathway            as bike rodeos sponsored by the BTAC has             Permanente Creek Trail/US 101 Bike/Ped
Recommendation The BPAC submitted its               primarily depended on private donations from       Overcrossing This project will construct a
recommendations to the Traffic Commission           industry. The City staff has suggested using       bike/pedestrian overcrossing of 101 in the
for a network of Class I pathways through-          bicycle registration fees to support the Com-      vicinity of the Permanente Creek Trail, con-
out Los Altos to provide an alternative to us-      mittee activities. Scott Bicycle also donated      necting this existing trail with residential ar-
ing automobiles for schools, work, shopping,        two bicycles for drawings to raise money.          eas south of 101. With construction of this
etc. The Traffic Commission approved the              Bike Racks The City is purchasing por-           bridge, a signal will be installed for the at-
recommendations and we are now waiting for          table bike racks for use at community events       grade crossing at Old Middlefield Way. The
the City staff’s and City Council’s response.       such as the Mushroom Mardi Gras and the            bridge will have straight approaches.
  Bicycle Racks The City of Los Altos has           Taste of Morgan Hill for which BTAC has              The project design is currently about 35%
received funding for approximately 70 bike          traditionally had to borrow racks for from         complete. City staff is working with the Santa
racks for installation in Los Altos. The BPAC       either ACTC or Specialized Bicycles. The           Clara Valley Water District to coordinate con-
made a prioritized list of locations for the        VTA pilot bike-parking project will fund the       struction with planned flood control improve-
racks, primarily in the downtown area and in        new portable racks as well as permanent racks      ments to Permanente Creek. Construction is
the City’s parks. The Parks, Arts, and Recre-       elsewhere in the City.                             expected to begin in the next 18 months and
ation Commission is finalizing the locations          Taste of Morgan Hill The Taste of Mor-           to take about a year to complete.
in the parks. The BPAC also confirmed the           gan Hill takes place September 23rd and 24th.        This project brings future opportunity to
City’s design standard for bike racks.              Bike parking will be relocated to the Com-         improve the Permanente Creek Trail includ-
  Bike to Work Day Los Altos had two En-            munity Center parking lot at 5th and Depot         ing extending the trail farther south to
ergizer Station this year. 102 cyclists were        instead of its old 3rd street location. Contact    Middlefield Rd and providing a grade-sepa-
“energized”, and approximately 150 decided          Al Clark to volunteer to help or if you want       rated crossing of Charleston Rd and a bridge
they had enough energy to complete their            more information at <slowtwitch2001@               to Colony St.
commutes.                                 >.                                        Bike Blvd The Bicycle Boulevard Pilot
  BPAC Web Site BPAC member Randy                     Bike Map The Morgan Hill Bikeways Map            Project will implement a bike boulevard route
Rhody has completed extensive work on the           is in short supply. It needs revision because      from the Mayfield Mall area across the
BPAC’s Web site and has made it a very good         in 3 years both roads and bike lanes have been     Stevens Creek Trail to Whisman Road. The
source of information for the City’s residents.     added throughout the City. An example:             detailed design for signage, pavement mark-
Go to the City’s Web site and choose Com-           Butterfield was extended to Tennant, and bike      ings, and traffic facility improvements.
mission then BPAC, or            lanes were added to the existing portions of       Completion is projected for end of 2006.          Butterfield making bike lanes from Cochrane          New Bike Map A draft of the new bike
  Adobe Creek Bridge Replacement The                to Tennant. A short interim supply of maps         map will be reviewed at the August BPAC
City’s staff is working with Palo Alto to re-       will be printed before revision.                   meeting. In addition to providing updated
place the bridge on the Class I bike path be-
                                                                 Mountain View                         content, the new map will be GIS based and
tween Los Altos Ave and Arastradero Rd. The                                       by Jerri-Ann Meyer   will include bike safety information in En-
design contract has been awarded. Construc-          Stevens Creek Trail Reach 4 Segment 2             glish and Spanish.
tion dates are to be determined.                    This is a 1.7 mile trail segment from Yuba                                                cont pg 5
4                    Vol 20 No. 4                                   Spinning Crank                                    August-September 2006
 Santa Clara County Area Reports
  Adult Ed                                           even if no attendant is there by the use of an       City of San José plans to submit an applica-
  The plan to offer adult bike education             electronic key.                                      tion for Bicycle Friendly Communities (BFC)
classes in Mountain View is in the final phase         Palo Alto Bicycles administers the                 designation. The League of American Bicy-
of detail completion. Classes will be taught         Bikestation. One could call the store for in-        clists (LAB) sponsors the BFC program. Once
by a League Certified Instructor (LCI) fol-          formation, but as of press time no one there         a BFC application is received, LAB conducts
lowing the League of American Bicyclists             has more definite information than is pre-           detailed audits of the applicant’s facilities and
Road I course format.                                sented here.                                         programs to determine if the city is bicycle
  Bike Counts                                        Charleston-Arastradero Project The resur-            friendly. The BFC program presents a great
  Thanks to all those who volunteered, the           facing, restriping to add bike lanes and a cen-      opportunity to highlight San José’s achieve-
first phase of the project to collect counts of      ter divider with turning lanes in this corridor      ments and draw attention to its needs in ac-
bicyclists and pedestrians is now complete.          has had to be postponed and will be imple-           commodating bicyclists. For more informa-
Results will be reviewed at the August BPAC          mented this August. It had originally been           tion on BFC, go to
meeting and any potential adjustments for            scheduled for June. To get the latest informa-       grams/communities/
future volunteer projects will be discussed.         tion on this project go to www.cityof                  Free Bicycling Skills Courses in San José
  Tabling The BPAC is increasing outreach                                 Are you interested in improving your on-
through tabling at community events and              Maybell traffic calming project Grant fund-          street bicycling skills? Do you know some-
neighborhood meetings. Thanks to Peter               ing has been approved for this project. It is        one who’d like to become a more confident
Skinner, City Public Works Staff, for provid-        scheduled for construction in 2007.                  and comfortable bicyclist? Register for a free
ing the BPAC with a canopy and BPAC ban-                                                                  BikeEd course in San José! Based on the lead-
ner for use at these events. Thanks also to                            San Jose                           ing national program and taught by certified
                                                                                         by John Brazil
BPAC Vice Chair Bryan Malone for coordi-                                                                  instructors, BikeEd offers classroom and on-
                                                     City of San José Bicyclist & Pedestrian Program:
nating these outreach events.                                                                             bike training for adults, and teens accompa-
                                                       Chynoweth Bike Lanes Planned
                 Palo Alto                                                                                nied by an adult. BikeEd will make you a
                                                       The City of San José is moving forward
                                 by Ellen Fletcher                                                        safer, more confident bicyclist. Courses are
                                                     with plans to install Bike Lanes on
                                                                                                          offered every quarter. For San José course
  Safe Routes to School Grant                        Chynoweth Ave, between the west end near
                                                                                                          information, contact John Brazil at
  City Manager’s Report, 6/23/06                     Fell Ave and Barron Park Dr to the east. These
  A program of the City’s Transportation and         Bike Lanes will provide direct connections
Public Works Engineering Divisions has been          to the existing Hwy 87 Path and the existing                          Saratoga
awarded a grant of $124,000 to improve               Guadalupe River Trail, thereby strengthen-                                             by Jim Stallman
                                                                                                            As part of the City’s golden anniversary
Maybell Ave to make it safer for pedestrians         ing and growing the Bicycle Network. Look            celebrations, the Rec Dept. is conducting a
and bicyclists. The grant was awarded by
                   photo courtesy Jerri-Ann Meyer    for implementation during FY 06-07.                  Bike tour on September 4th. Details are found
California’s Business, Transportation and              Caltrans Projects Cause Hwy 87 Path De-            in the Summer Rec Guide at www.saratoga.
Housing Agency.                                      tours                                       forwebsite.pdf
  The City submitted the grant application in          As reported in a previous edition of the
                                                                              photo courtesy Larry Chin   2nd to last page.
June 2005 to improve the street by installing        Spinning Crank, a current Caltrans Hwy 87              Work has begun to fix the Cox RR crossing
valley gutters and asphalt pathways along the        Repair Project includes detours on the Hwy           after close to a decade of waiting for UP to
1,000 linear foot segment from Pena Court            87 Path between Willow and Curtner. At the           get around to it. Union Pacific is being paid
to Juana Briones School. Maybell Ave, be-            City of San Jose’s request, Caltrans has pro-        $1M of VTA money to smooth and widen the
tween El Camino Real and Coulombe Ave, is            vided detour signs and web information on            roadway at the track crossing — something
a designated school commute corridor that            the detour. See              they refused to allow the City to do on its own.
serves three Palo Alto schools (Juana Briones,       hwy-87-bike-detour.pdf. This project will in-
Terman, & Gunn).                                                                                                          Sunnyvale
                                                     clude some improvements to the subsiding
                                                                                                                                           by Kevin Jackson
  On June 7th, 2006, the City of Palo Alto re-       Hwy 87 Bike Path. While this detour is ex-             Sunnyvale Bike Plan After a marathon
ceived a grant approval letter from the State        pected to end in fall 2006, a second Caltrans        BPAC meeting in June, the Sunnyvale bike
for the Maybell Ave improvements totaling            project will cause a separate detour on the          plan update has been finalized and is await-
  Bikestation The Bikestation at the Palo            Hwy 87 Path between Curtner and Hillsdale.           ing Council approval, which should be
Alto Caltrain station is expected, finally, to       The City of San Jose has again requested that        achieved by the time you read this. Thanks
re-open sometime in August. When a date is           Caltrans install detour signs, post web infor-       to all those who helped make it better by con-
set it will be posted at http://www.palo             mation, and deliver notice to local bike clubs       tributing their feedback during the develop- and at         and advocacy groups. Caltrans indicates this         ment process! While the plan illustrates just
  Full service at the facility will not be pro-      second closure is planned to last from sum-          how much work remains to be done, it also
vided for a year or more even after it opens.        mer through fall of 2006. For more informa-          provides a comprehensive strategy for imple-
That is because an underground crossing of           tion, contact Lauren Wonder 510-286-6120             mentation. I’m confident we can expect sig-
the tracks will be built and the entrance to         at Caltrans.                                         nificant and sustained progress as the plan is
the tunnel from the station will be right out-         San José to Submit Bike Friendly Commu-            put into effect. Much of the effort that went
side the front of the Bikestation.                   nities Application                                   into this can serve as a model for other loca-
  It is expected that bicyclists will be able to       At the request of the San José Bicycle Pe-         tions; so feel free to check out the results at
use the facility to park their bikes securely        destrian Advisory Committee (BPAC), the              the BPAC web site                      cont pg 6

  August-September 2006                                       Spinning Crank                                             Vol 20 No. 4                    5
     Santa Clara County Area Reports
                          Sunnyvale cont from pg 5                    VTA BPAC                               A presentation was made on adaptive sig-
 <> (don’t put “www.”                                           by John Carpenter    nal timing for bicycles. By the end of this
in front). Then encourage officials in other cit-      April through July 2006                             year, 25 intersections on the County express-
ies to adopt a similar approach that will greatly      April Meeting Proposed TDA 3 project                way system will have this feature, which ex-
benefit the entire cycling community!                priority list for FY 2006-2007 included bi-           tends phase timing when a bicycle is detected.
  Caltrain Station Access           The long-run-    cycle lanes along various expressways, pe-            A video of this presentation will be available
ning saga of north side access for bikes and         destrian paths along streets in the San Jose          to anyone interested. Also, a copy of the video
peds to the Sunnyvale Caltrain station has           area, and a bicycle shoulder widening on Junipero     may be downloaded soon from the VTA
taken some interesting twists and turns lately.      Sierra Blvd. near Stanford’s Campus Dr.               BPAC web site.
For decades, transit patrons have enjoyed un-          May Meeting Meetings of the Measure A                 The County is undergoing a tri-annual up-
official access through a hole in the fence,         Project Advisory Committee was announced              date of its Expressway Planning Study. A
which was occasionally repaired by Caltrain          by General Manager, Burns. The infrastruc-            table on bicycle infrastructure improvement
staff (due to liability concerns), then quickly      ture bonds set for the November election were         status was presented; a request was made to
reopened. The issue was recently brought to a        mentioned. Government Affairs Manager,                review a similar pedestrian table at some fu-
head by the filing of a legal complaint that the     Evans announced that there would be $2B for           ture meeting. One of the projects in need of
informal access does not comply with ADA             transportation capital improvement projects,          funding is a reconstruction of the Oregon
requirements. This had the effect of forcing         including bicycle and pedestrian facilities.          Expressway underpass at Alma in Palo Alto,
all parties, in spite of their bureaucratic incli-   There was some concern about being able to            which would include a shoulder for bicycle
nations, to look for a commonsense solution.         hang bicycles in the light rail vehicles; a re-       use. There is ongoing some transition of ex-
Sunnyvale and VTA have come up with a plan           view, now in process, on this matter was requested.   pressways segments to city streets in San Jose
and funding to provide at-grade access in the          The Committee toured the just completed             (Capitol Expy near the Auto Mall).
short term that is acceptable to Caltrain, until     River Oaks Bicycle and Ped. Bridge nearby.              There was a comment that the Coyote Val-
a bike/ped undercrossing can be implemented            It was suggested that Director of County            ley Project in South San Jose may have a life
as a permanent solution. While it’s nice to          Roads and Airports, Murdter come to a fu-             of its own in that transportation alternatives
know that the needs of transit patrons will be       ture meeting. Kobayashi will represent the            include only a Caltrain station so far.
served, it’s also kind of sad in a way, sort of      County at future BPAC meetings. It is desired           Bicycle Plan and Bicycle Technical Guide-
like finding out your favorite soap opera has        that projects be reviewed during the design           lines Updating. A VTA BPAC subcommit-
been cancelled.                                      phase so that bicycle and pedestrian issues           tee with SVBC and other representatives in-
  Calabazas Creek Trail         In other news, the   could be addressed.                                   volved started an update review of these vol-
Calabazas Creek trail has been available for           It was reported that the CMP for FY 06-07           umes two months ago and this effort should
public use for a while now, although there are       included funds for the El Camino Real Grand           be completed this fall. Copies of the project
still “a few small items” left to be done before     Boulevard project for Santa Clara and San             and route maps should be made available to
it is officially declared complete (well, you        Mateo counties; this is an opportunity to es-         municipalities for review and comment some-
know how these projects go). This means there        tablish a uniformly bicycle friendly route along      time late this summer. Some of the things that
was no obvious time to hold a grand opening          the Peninsula as well as transit improvements.        come to mind is that checkoff lists for projects
ceremony —but get out there and enjoy it all           Member Dave Simons of Sunnyvale que-                must include bicycle and pedestrian facili-
the same!                                            ried about a proposal that a Mary Ave                 ties to be completed before the project is open
  Arques Bike Lane Another positive devel-           overcrossing near the US101/CA237 inter-              for use, County level bicycle route signage
opment resulted from the new Lowe’s hard-            change was added to the highway projects list         standards, tighter turns at freeway ramps, and
ware store on Arques Ave. As part of the ap-         as part of the changes proposed at that loca-         bicycle phase in traffic signals for some com-
proval process, the City obtained sufficient         tion. Sunnyvale is studying ways of provid-           plex intersections.
right-of-way to close a gap in the westbound         ing access to the Caltrain station and the
bike lane on this popular route as it approaches     downtown from the neighborhood North of                                       Cupertino cont from pg 4
Wolfe Rd.                                            the tracks; an overcrossing or undercrossing             Miscellaneous The Bicycle Pedestrian
  BPAC Makeup The recruitment effort for             is being considered as a Valley Transporta-            Commission met new Public Works Se-
BPAC applicants produced a bumper crop of            tion Plan 2030 or 2040 item.                           nior Engineer David Stillman, very re-
nine excellent candidates this time around             Los Altos is studying connectivity of the            cently hired from Palo Alto, at their July
(okay, I can only vouch for seven of them, but       Stevens Creek Trail to the portion in Moun-            meeting. He will likely be working with
let’s give the other two the benefit of the          tain View and the Council has that in its              the BPC. Visiting from Palo Alto, Joan
doubt). Rick Warner and Jim Manitakos, along         agenda for the May 23rdmeeting.                        Marx inspired the Commission with a re-
with returning members Thom Mayer and my-               Mountain View is training volunteers to do          port on the very successful program she
self —a nice combination of fresh ideas and          surveys of bicycle and pedestrian traffic at           led to decrease solo driving and drop-off
institutional experience that should serve us        various intersections.                                 of Gunn High School students, with in-
well in the upcoming years, will fill the four         June Meeting There was no meeting in June.           creased cycling, carpools, and bussing.
vacancies.                                             July Meeting VTA reported that the 156/              Visiting from the Bay Area Air Quality
    Speaking of fresh ideas, we always look          152 interchange flyover project bicycle fea-           team, Jim Smith described efforts to rep-
forward to hearing yours, either at the BPAC         tures in South County are now funded. This             licate that program in Milpitas. Possible
         meetings or by writing to us at:            project didn’t include the needed bicycle/ped move-    applications in Cupertino are obvious.
          <>!                 ments until it was brought before the BPAC.
 6                     Vol 20 No. 4                                     Spinning Crank                                    August-September 2006
  San Mateo County Area Reports
                   PBPC meets the 1st Thurs. of every month at-                                                         San Carlos
         Ladda’s Thai Cuisine 2053 Broadway St, Redwood City, CA 94063                                                                   by Margaret Pye
                   (The meeting format has changed- see below for details)                                 Several months ago, the San Carlos City
           Steve Vanderlip, President 1214 Nadina St., San Mateo, CA 94402                               Council asked the Bicycle Pedestrian Ad-
              650/571-5830                                                visory Committee (B/PAC) to come up with
              650/571-5830                                              a Pedestrian Safety Plan for the City. We
           Please check our discussion list at for notices.                     submitted several suggestions, including
                                                                                                         some ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps and
                   PBPC                                         July 4th Bike Float                      paving/improving some sidewalks.
          by Gladwyn d’Souza, Vice President, PBPC     The PBPC again had a bicycle-pulled float           We are also going to ask the City Council
              Next Meeting                           in the Redwood City July 4th parade. We had         to reconsider their recent decision (which
                                                     a good turnout about 30 riders, and best of         was not presented to the B/PAC) to elimi-
   Thursday August 3rd 6:00 - 8:30 p.m,
                                                     all, about 6 kids riding as well. I am really       nate all traffic calming projects in the City,
          the format has changed.
                                                     pleased to see more children participate.           unless adjoining property owners paid all
             6:00-6:30 is social                                                                         the costs.
6:30-7:30 North/South Bike Route planning              See below for a picture of the float. Thanks
                                                     to Pat for the Bear, Mike for Pat (the bike           The City Council authorized funds for a
         7:30-8:30 Board Meeting                                                                         Safe Routes to Schools presentation, and we
   See for the agenda               riding dummy Pat) and Dean and Dianne for
                                                     the help putting all the details together, Tony’s   are working on finalizing the details for such
       Woodside Road Update                          skills with the iron (you can ask Tony to ex-       a presentation.
  Despite some improvements to the bicycle           plain) and Bob for helping to paint the skirt.
lane, motorists continue to drive in the bicycle                                                                                  VTA
lane. Caltrans is aware that the problem is not                                                                                Light Rail
yet resolved. Additional changes have been                                                                                    Bike Racksl
approved and should be completed soon. These                                                                                         by Alan Wachtel
improvements include changing the dashed
stripe across the intersection to a solid stripe.                                                                           [Following discus-
This is to eliminate the appearance of this be-                                                                           sion on the bikes email
ing a merging zone for northbound Hwy 280                                                                                 list about the difficulty
motorists. A 5’ bicycle lane will be clearly de-                                                                          some riders have using
fined to replace the current 16’ wide bike lane/                                                                          the racks.]
shoulder area. The sign which appears to di-                                                                                Using these racks is
rect a Hwy 280 northbound motorist into the                                                                               primarily a matter of
bicycle lane will be moved further west to the      PBPC July 4th Bike Float                                              technique, not height or
actual area where motorists should be merg-                                                                               strength.
ing right for northbound 280. In addition, the               San Mateo County                                 I can almost always hang my loaded
area where bicyclists are merging left to the                North South Route                             commute bike in a rack even in a mov-
pocket lane and motorist are merging right for                                                             ing train. Placards in some cars (not
                                                    For years, the San Mateo County North-
northbound 280 will be marked with sharrows South Bicycle Route has remained a wish list                   all) explain how to do it, but it’s not
to make motorists and bicyclist more aware of in a 10 plus year old plan. Using the cam-                   intuitive and it takes a little practice.
the shared merging zone.                                                                                      Don’t try to lift your bike directly
                                                  paign planning techniques from the Thunder-
          Bicycles and The Law                                                                             onto the hook. Instead, first stand with
                                                  head Alliance, we are working to bring new
  Our ”Presentation was well received and pro- life to this route. Our initial plan is to identify         your bike parallel to the aisle with one
vided a great deal of vital information on how and implement improvements to the San                       hand on the handlebars and the other
to be prepared in case of an accident. The Carlos and Redwood City portions of this                        on the saddle. Pull up on the bars to
SVBC is planning an additional presentation route. Then we can apply lessons learned to                    rotate the bike to a vertical position.
on August 10th (See program information on work on additional sections. Please get in-                     Then move your other hand under-
page 1, location on back page). Much of the volved and help us develop a safe and effec-                   neath the seat tube and lift the bike
information from the presentation will be avail- tive bicycle transportation network. More                 up, steadying it against your stomach
able at our website                                                                       or chest. Pivot ninety degrees toward
                                                  about this at our meeting, July 6th.
                                                                                                           the racks and place the rear wheel in
   Willow Road/101 Interchange                          Bay in a Day Double Century                        the lower channel; the lip will keep it
  Caltrans is doing preliminary design work            Saturday, July 22nd is the Bay in a Day             from falling out. Lower the front
to increase the size of the Willow Rd overpass       Double Century. This 200-mile ride organized          wheel into the upper channel. Now —
over 101. Willow Rd is a popular bicycle route       by the BABC (Bay Area Bicycle Coalition               and here’s the trick — guide the bike
over 101 and connects to the Dumbarton               www. circles the entire Bay.        with the handlebars, and roll (not lift)
Bridge bicycle path to Fremont and the East          New this year is a 100-mile option. For addi-         it up by pushing the saddle with your
Bay. We participated in preliminary meetings         tional information go to www.bayarea                  other hand until you can maneuver the
with Caltrans to review their plans and pre- We will be hosting a rest         front wheel over the hook.
pare a response.                                     stop in Burlingame.
  August-September 2006                                      Spinning Crank                                           Vol 20 No. 4                     7
                                                  Volunteers Needed                                    Stanford
                                                                    New REI Store
                                                                                                       Volunteers needed!
                                              SVBC will be providing guarded bicycle park-             We need volunteers to help with bike
      Palo Alto
                                              ing for the REI grand opening of their new store         parking at this fall’s Stanford foot-
      Arts                                    on Charleston Rd just north of Rengstorff (op-           ball games. The dates are Septem-
                                              posite the back of Costco) in Mountain View on           ber 16th & 23rd, October 14th, No-
                                              August 4th, 5th & 6th. Doors open at 10 am !             vember 4th and 18th.
      SVBC will be providing guarded          REI will be offering the following for those three       Check
      bicycle parking for the Palo Alto       days:                                                    sports/m-footbl/sched/stan-m-footbl-
      Festival of the Arts, August 26h        - free water bottle and gift card for the first 200      sched.html for game times.
      and 27th. It will be located on         people (12 and older) through the door each day.
      Waverley Street behind the              - first 150 riders each day get a free Novara wa-        Volunteers get Mollie Stone’s great
      Union Bank at the corner of Uni-        ter bottle                                               sandwiches and a free Stadium
      versity Avenue.                         - Sweepstakes entry (doesn’t look like there’s a         pass. Volunteers are not limited to
                                              limit)                                                   helping at only one game. If you
      Please volunteer to watch bikes
                                              - free breakfast before doors open each day, from        can help, contact Ellen Fletcher,
      for a three-hour shift.
                                              9 am                                            and ask a
                  Contact                     REI will donate $10 for each bike parked to              friend
                  Ellen Fletcher at           SVBC, so we’re hoping for hundreds of bikes              or relative
              each day.                                                to help out
                                              Contact Ellen Fletcher                                   too.
                                              if you would like to volunteer.

                                           The Woodside Safe Cycling Challenge                                   by Millo Fenzi Woodside BAC

   Numerous cyclists enjoy the bucolic roads in the Town of Woodside. three abreast and make little effort to allow cars to pass them. Yes, in that
Unfortunately some residents of Woodside are boiling over with anti- some of the high-speed pack riders slow down for nothing and can be
bike sentiment. This noisy minority shows up at Town meetings, signs harsh to an obstacle — be it on two or four wheels or feet. No, in that not
petitions, takes photos of poorly behaving cyclists and in general does every mountain bike rider illegally on the trails is a 30 mph tattooed down-
a great PR job vilifying cyclists. The angry rhetoric polarizes the par- hill zombie. No, in that most cyclists riding up Old La Honda are respon-
ticipants and spawns ever escalating acts of road rage. This rage cre- sible, stay to the right where safe and wave cars on.
ates very real safety risks for cyclists’ on roads in Woodside. The goal     So yes, each complaint is based on the actions of at least one poorly
of the Safe Cycling Challenge is to defuse the rage by improving behaving cyclist. And no, this behavior does not describe the vast majority
cyclists’ behavior. Ratchet down the rage and you improve the safety of cyclists riding through Woodside.
of the Woodside cycling experience.                                          Before you dismiss this noisy anti-bike minority try on their clothes.
   Who makes up the “noisy minority? The vast majority of the Drive your car all the way up and back down Old La Honda Road starting
residents are not actively anti-bike. A vocal handful is virulently anti- at about 9 AM on a summer Saturday. The next Saturday take your dog or
bike. They are:                                                            baby for a walk on Tripp Rd. Begin at Kings Mountain Rd; stay on the left
   - Equestrian trail riders who have been frightened and endangered side of the road — facing traffic like a good pedestrian — and start walk-
by poorly behaved mountain bikers illegally using the horse trails. ing around 9:40 AM. One of the bigger and higher-speed packs should
Their anger extends to all cyclists, road and mountain alike.              appear soon. This should give you a baseline appreciation of just how
   - Users of Woodside roads who have been frightened and endan- scary a badly behaved cyclist can be.
gered by poorly behaved cyclists. Often the cyclists are participating       What about poorly behaved motorists? Poorly behaved motorists are
in one of the many high-speed pack rides that route through town. more plentiful, more deadly, and pose a far greater risk to life and limb
This anti-bike group includes motorists, cyclists, equestrians, pedes- than cyclists. Two differences! First, no noisy minority in Woodside is
trians, dog-walkers, etc.                                                  vilifying motorists. Secondly, our suggested solution for poorly behaved
   The virulently anti-bike group acts as a catalyst and galvanizes an motorists is a Rules of the Road handout. The handout is under construc-
additional few hundred people who have been frightened or endan- tion.
gered by badly behaved cyclists.                                             You are cycling’s ambassador! The vast majority of Woodside residents
   Does the “noisy minority” have a valid case? Yes, and no. Yes, in do not hate bikes. Many of them have had at least one encounter with a
that mountain bikes are not allowed on Woodside’s horse trails. Yes, badly behaved cyclist. The encounter you are having with them molds
in that poorly behaving cyclists riding up Old La Honda ride two or        their image of cyclists. You are cycling’s ambassador!
 8                       Vol 20 No. 4                                 Spinning Crank                                   August-September 2006
          Guadalupe River Park                        under Coleman Ave on the west side of the             Woodside Bans Charity Ride
                      by Friends of Guadalupe River   river. This is an important link in the continu-
  New Signs                                                                                                                   Menlo Park Almanac, 6/21/06
                                  Park and Gardens    ous trail system called for in the Park Master
  The Friends continue to work with the City          Plan. Once the west construction is complete          Plans for a fundraising bicycle event, the
of San Jose and the Redevelopment Agency              and the trail opened, the Corps will also be        Ride to Defeat ALS, have come to a screech-
to improve signage along the trails – both per-       reinforcing the east side of the bridge. Unfor-     ing halt in Woodside.
                        photo how to follow the
manent signs to indicate courtesy Mike Nelson         tunately, bids for this project came in higher        The town’s limit of two events permitted
continuous trail as well as ones with informa-        than expected so the project is on hold.            in a single month — along with an abun-
tion about temporary trail closures.                    Enhanced Safety for Crosswalks                    dance of antipathy towards cyclists — led
  Trails Center We currently have a dozen               One of the goals of the Guadalupe River           the Woodside Town Council to deny the
or so people stop by the Guadalupe River Park         Park Master Plan was to incorporate a con-          charity group’s request for a permit.
and Gardens (GRPG) Visitor Center at 438              tinuous trail system within the park so that          And without the permit, there will be no
Coleman Avenue every day seeking informa-             bicyclists and pedestrians would not have to        ALS ride on the Peninsula
tion and expect many more when the trail              cross city streets. This goal was largely met,        Also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease,
through downtown re-opens in late October             with Julian and St. John Streets being the only     amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a fa-
(when VTA’s widening of Highway 87 be-                places where the trail comes to grade. The          tal neurological disease.
tween Park Ave and Santa Clara St. wraps up).         City of San Jose will be installing enhanced          A divided council, citing safety concerns
The Friends are currently working with the            crosswalks, making them more visible to             about a route that would send some of the
City of San Jose to establish a Trails Center in      motorists.                                          riders down Jefferson Ave., denied the per-
the Visitor Center lobby. Trail and park users          Project Updates To provide the latest in-         mit on a 5-2 vote, with Deborah Gordon and
can pick up maps and learn the latest on trail        formation on all of these projects, including       Pete Sinclair opposed.
development throughout the city and county.           construction schedules and answers to fre-            At the council meeting, a number of bi-
  Trail Improvements          According to San        quently asked questions, we have created a          cycle-related frustrations and complaints
Jose’s Trail Program Manager Yves Zsutty, trail       special section on our website, http://             came up, none of them specific to the ALS
segments north of the Guadalupe River Park                 charity ride.
will formally open to the public as “interim”         Friends of GRPG will be working with the
facilities later this year. By working with the                                                             “We are so impacted (by bicycles), not just
                                                      City and other agencies to carefully track the      on weekends but daily,” said Woodside Rd
Santa Clara Valley Water District, the City has       progress of each project and to ensure that
developed an interim trail agreement for a 6-                                                             resident Stephanie MacDonald. “They’re
                                                      inconvenience during construction is mini-          loud, rude, and they don’t let me out of my
mile trail system from Highway 880 to Gold            mized. The good news is, once these projects
Street (Alviso). By fall 2006, trail users will                                                           driveway. They’re interfering with resi-
                                                      are complete, trail detours through the park        dents’ enjoyment of their properties.”
be able to access the short segment from 880          will be eliminated and people using the park
to Skyport and a longer segment from Tasman                                                                 “Given the current circumstances in town,
                                                      will enjoy a safer, more pleasant experience!
Avenue to Gold Street. Construction of                                                                    with the incredible presence of people tak-
                                                      [Late note from Paul Metz to the SVBC email list:
undercrossings beneath Airport Parkway and                                                                ing advantage of the beautiful surroundings,
                                                        There is now pavement under the RR tracks
Highway 101 next summer will eventually al-                                                               approving a third bicycling event during the
                                                      just north of Julian on the Guadalupe River
low biking along the entire route.                                                                        summer seems like the last thing you’d want
                                                      Trail. Previously, the paved path was missing
  Railroad Crossing In April, the State Pub-                                                              to do,” said former Town Council member
                                                      for about 10 feet.
lic Utility Commission approved designs for                                                               Robert Susk.
                                                        So it is now paved from the airport south to
the east side trail undercrossing at the railroad                                                           Councilman Ron Romines said there are
                                                      Santa Clara Street. It is marked as closed south
tracks between Coleman Ave. and Julian St.                                                                too many people using Woodside’s roads,
                                                      of there (this is due to HW 87 carpool lane
Construction will take place this summer and                                                              and an organized ride would only introduce
                                                      construction), but that’s only one block of the
should be completed by the end of September.                                                              more bicyclists to the town.
                                                      trail that is missing.]
The Redevelopment Agency, which is manag-
ing the construction contract, estimates the                               California B&Bs Reach Out to Cyclists
project will take 45 days to complete. The at-                                                                         American Bicyclist Update, 6/19/06
grade crossing on the west side of the river at          California bed and breakfast inns are adding another B to their list of offerings: bikes.
the railroad tracks has been delayed. The US           The California Association of Bed and Breakfast Inns (CABBI) is launching its newest
Army Corps of Engineers and the Santa Clara            travel program, Beds, Bikes & Breakfast.
Valley Water District staff have asked the City          Ninety CABBI B&Bs throughout California are officially designated as bike-friendly
to wait until the Corps constructs the replace-        and offer secured bike storage facilities and healthy, hearty breakfasts to fuel a day of
ment UPRR bridge because that would require            touring. Many inns also offer laundry facilities and area bike trail maps. Cycling advo-
the demolition of any at grade trail crossing.         cate and Bear Valley Inn owner/innkeeper and League board member Amanda Eichstaedt
The Corps is currently seeking federal fund-           provided CABBI with valuable insight into cyclists’ needs while traveling by bike.
ing for the bridge.                                      Travelers interested in finding bike-friendly B&Bs can visit and search
  Coleman Avenue Bridge As part of struc-              for inns marked with a bicycle icon. CABBI’s free Travel Guide Map, also available
tural reinforcement of the Coleman Ave bridge,         online, pinpoints where each B&B is located so cyclists can plan vacations whether
the Army Corps of Engineers will also con-             they are avid riders or recreational cruisers.
struct a trail connection         cont next column
   August-September 2006                                      Spinning Crank                                          Vol 20 No. 4                          9
         Associated                                                              Bicycle Advisory Committees
        Organizations                 Anyone is welcome to attend BAC meetings, to listen or offer suggestions on bike improvements. Contact staff ahead of time to
                                      confirm meetings. Complaints about dead traffic light sensors, road debris, bad striping, etc. should call the staff listed here or the
          ABAG Bay Trail              numbers listed under “Road Hazards.” It’s advisable to confirm date and place prior to attending a meeting.
            Belmont: Chair: Joan Dentler, 650/595-3145          Caltrain: John Brazil 408/975-3206, <>
            510/464-7900              Caltrans: CBAC, meets in Sacramento. Staff: Ken McGuire, 916/653-2750,
   Almaden Cycle Touring Club         <>. CABO rep: Alan Wachtel, 650/494-1750, <>.
                Campbell: Meetings quarterly, City Hall. Staff: Matthew Jue, 408/866-2154 <publicworks@
       Alto Velo Racing Club>. BAC chair:Herman Wadler, 408/866-9227, <>
                                      Cupertino: 3rd Wednesday of every second month 7:00 pm City Hall 10300 Torre at Rodriguez.

                                      Staff: Glenn Goepfert <> 408-777-3354. Chair: Geoffrey Paulsen
   American Youth Hostel of SCV       <>
      Art Carroll, 408/293-3787       Fremont: 39550 Liberty Street, Niles room. Staff: Rene Dalton, 510/494-4535, <
           Transportation             us>, contact: Michael Graff, 510/713-7441, <>.
      and Land Use Coalition          Gilroy: 4th Tuesdays, Community Services Conference Rm. (6th & Hanna), 6:00 pm. Staff: Don Dey
            510/740-3150              <>. Chair: Gretchen Yoder-Schrock, 408-847-6489, <gargajo@ > .         Half Moon Bay: Quarterly, Ted Adcock Community Center, 535 Kelly Avenue. Staff: Paul Nagengast
Bay Area Bicycle Coalition / BABC     650/726-8260 <>. Chair: John Hernandez 650/726-3024.
                                      Los Altos: 3rd Wednesday 7 pm, Hillview Community Center. Staff: Larry Lind, 650/947-2624,
         (formerly REBAC)
                                      <>. Chair: Curt Riffle, 650/949-0620, <>          Los Altos Hills Pathways Committee: Chair: Ginger Summit,<>, 650/941-
         Bay Area Velo Girls          0101, Staff : Henry W. Louie,<> , 650/947-2516.
  Lorrie Lown,    Los Gatos: Transportation and Parking Commission, 2nd Tuesdays 7:30 am, Council Chambers, Staff:
  California Association of Bicycle   Kevin Rohani, 408/399-5773, chair: Marc Jensen,<>, 408/358-2637
       Organizations (CABO)           Menlo Park: 2nd Mondays, 7:30 pm, 1st floor conference Rm, City Hall. Staff: Rich Angulo,
     Bob Eltgroth, 408/859-4987       <rfangulo@menlo> 650/858-3363. Chair: Peter Fechheimer <> 650/ 854-
    California Bicycle Coalition      5228., 916/446-7558      Milpitas: 2nd Monday even-numbered months 7pm Milpitas Sports Center, 1325 E. Calaveras Blvd,
                                      Staff: Janice Nadal, <>:, 408/586-3291. Chair: Bill Reisinger, 408-946-
          Different Spokes
                                      1181, <>
                                      Morgan Hill: 4th Thursday, 6:15 pm, Morgan Hill City Hall Staff: Julie Behzad, 408/776-7337,
     East Bay Bicycle Coalition       <>. Chair: Christopher Hauge 408) 778-1652 <chauge@, 510/530-3444>.
       Fremont Freewheelers           Mountain View: Last Wednesdays 6:30 pm City Hall. Staff: Peter Skinner,       <peter.skinner@ci.mtnview.>, 650/903-6311, Chair: Jerri-Ann Meyer,< jmeyer428@
 International Mountain Bicycling>, 650/964-7601
         Association (IMBA)           Palo Alto: Generally 1st Tuesdays 7:30 pm Arts Center Embarcadero at Newell Green Room (please
                confirm before meeting) Staff: Gayle Likens, 650/329-2136, <gayle.likens@>.
   League of American Bicyclists      Chair: Richard Swent, <>, 650/493-7979.
                                      San Carlos:1st Tuesdays 6:30 pm, Room 207, San Carlos City Hall. Staff: Parviz Mokhtari,<, 202/822-1333
                            >, 650/802-4202 Chair: Margaret Pye,,
        Northern California           650/594-0193
  Mountain Bicycling Association      San Jose:2nd Mondays 6:00 pm, 200 E. Santa Clara St. Staff: John Brazil 408/975-3206             <>. Chair: Bart Thielges, 408/287-2278, <>
        Exec.Dir. Patty Ciesla,       Santa Clara: 4th Wednesdays (Jan, Mar, Jun, Aug, Oct) at 4:00 pm, Inspection Div. Conf. Rm., near        Permit Center. Staff: Lorenzo Lopez, 408/615-3024, <> Chair: KevnMoore .408/
     People Power (Santa Cruz)        615-2250
    Ron Goodman, 408/425-8851         Saratoga: 3rd Monday 7 pm, 13777 Fruitvale Av., City Hall, next to auditorium. Staff: John Cherbone,
 Responsible Organized Mountain       408/868-1200, <> Chair: Jim Stallman, 408/867-9797,
               Pedalers               <>
                                      Sunnyvale: 3rd Thursdays, 6:30 pm, W. Conference Rm, across from Council Chambers, City Hall.
                                      Staff: Dieckmann Cogill, <>, phone:408/730-2713, BAC email:
  San Francisco Bicycle Coalition; Chair: Thom Mayer,<>, 408/734-3935
              VTA BPAC: 2nd Wednesdays, 6pm, Room B-104, VTA, 3331 N. 1st St, San Jose; Staff: Michelle
        Skyline Cycling Club          DeRobertis, 408/321-5716, <> , Chair: Marc Jensen, 408/354-3091,       <>
          Western Wheelers            Woodside: 2nd Wednesdays, 7:30 pm, Town Hall.. Staff Marilyn Dyer 650/851-6790         <>. Chair:Susan Doherty, 650/851-9593,
  10                  Vol 20 No. 4                                    Spinning Crank                                                August-September 2006
    Bikeshops Supporting SVBC                                        SF Judge Puts Bicycle Plan on Hold
 $ by Name Indicates Discounts                                                                     SF Chronicle, 6/24/06
                                                                                                                           ROAD HAZARD REPORT LINES
       for SVBC Members!                                              A San Francisco judge has let the air out of the CalTrans, District 4                510/286-5598
 Clip your SVBC Membership Card from the back                       city’s ambitious bicycle plan, forbidding the strip-     CalTrans (drain grates)       510/286-6377
 of the Spinning Crank. Check with the store man-                   ing of new bike lanes and preventing Muni from           San Mateo County              650/363-4103
 ager if your sales person is not aware of the ar-                  allowing riders to take their two-wheelers aboard             South SM Co.             650/369-7840
 rangement. Not all stores give discounts.                                                                                        Atherton                 650/325-4457
 Cupertino                                                          trains.
                                                                      Superior Court Judge James Warren issued a                  Belmont (FAX)            650/593-8394
  Cupertino Bike Shop*          $ACP                                                                                              City of Brisbane         415/508-2130
    408/255-2217                                                    preliminary injunction this week at the request
                                                                                                                                  Burlingame               650/558-7670
    10493 S. De Anza Blvd. @ McClellan                              of two groups, Coalition for Adequate Review
                                                                                                                                  Colma                    650/997-8300
  Evolution Bike Shop       $ A C P 10%                             and 99 Percent, which are seeking greater public
                                                                                                                                  Daly City                650/991-8038
    408/252-5202                                                    review of the bicycle plan. The plan, approved
                                                                                                                                  East Palo Alto           650/853-3100
    19685 Stevens Creek Blvd (near Vallco)                          last year by the Board of Supervisors and Mayor               Foster City              650/286-8146
 Los Gatos                                                          Gavin Newsom, is designed to make the streets                 Half Moon Bay            650/726-8260
  Summit Bicycles*          $A C P 10% **                           of San Francisco more bicycle-friendly by cre-                Hillsborough             650/579-3800
    (**non sale bikes, no components)                               ating more dedicated bike lanes and places to                 Menlo Park               650/858-3490
    408/399-9142                                                    securely stow bikes.                                          Millbrae                 650/259-2374
    111 E. Main St., Los Gatos                                        The injunction will stay in place until the court           Pacifica                 650/738-7348
 Los Altos                                                          decides whether the bike plan has undergone                   Portola Valley           650/851-1700
  The Bicycle Outfitter*      $ A C P 10%                           adequate environmental review. A hearing is                   Redwood City             650/780-7472
    650/948-8092                                                    scheduled for Sept. 13.                                       San Carlos               650/802-4204
    963 Fremont Ave. @ Foothill Expwy                                 The groups’ leaders say they are not anti-bi-               City of San Mateo        650/522-7350
  Chain Reaction Bicycles                                           cycle but in favor of due process. They sued the              S. San Francisco         650/829-6650
                                                                    city in July 2005, arguing that San Francisco vio-            Woodside                 650/851-6790
    2310 Homestead Ave. @ Foothill Expy
                                                                    lated state environmental law by not properly Santa Clara County (North) 408/366-3100
 Menlo Park
                                                                    assessing the plan’s effects on the flow of auto- Santa Clara County (South) 408/686-0605
  Menlo Velo              $ 10% A 5% Bikes                                                                              
                                                                    mobile traffic and public transit, and on the avail-
     Bike Rentals- Road & Mtn                                                                                                     Campbell                 408/866-2145
                                                                    ability of street parking.
                                                                      The injunction bars the city — at least tempo-              Cupertino signals        408/777-1366
    433 El Camino Real                                                                                                            Cupertino pub wrks       408/777-3269
 Mountain View                                                      rarily — from creating new bike lanes, changing
                                                                    the timing of traffic signals to accommodate cy-              Gilroy                   408/842-3191
  Supergo Bike Shop $ 10% A/10% Bikes                                                                                             Los Altos                650/948-1491
  (except Specialized)                                              clists, and restricting or removing on-street park-
                                                                                                                                  Los Altos Hills          650/941-7222
     2124 El Camino Real                                            ing to benefit bikes.
                                                                                                                                  Los Gatos                408/354-6865
    650/964-1796                                                      In addition, the injunction prevents the Munici-
                                                                                                                                  Milpitas                 408/586-2600
 Palo Alto                                                          pal Railway from moving forward with its long-
                                                                                                                                  Monte Sereno             408/354-7635
  The Bike Connection             $AC P                             planned pilot project to allow bicycles on the                Morgan Hill              408/779-7271
    2086 El Camino Real                                             light-rail Metro system during off-peak hours.                Mt. View                 650/903-6311
    650/424-8034                                                      The plaintiffs contend that the city rushed                 Palo Alto                650/329-2136
  Mike’s Bikes $ 10% New Bikes/15% A P                              through the bicycle plan without adequately as-               San Jose                 408/535-3850
    650/858-7700                                                    sessing the environmental effects.                            Santa Clara              408/615-3080
    3001 El Camino Real                                               “This is not about the content of the plan itself.          Saratoga                 408/868-1245
  Palo Alto Bicycles*                                               This is about the process,’’ said Rob Anderson,               Stanford                 650/725-2453)
  $ 10% A C P, $10 off tuneup                                       an activist who sued the city. “Just because we’re            Sunnyvale                408/730-7407
    650/328-7411                                                    progressives here in San Francisco doesn’t mean               Sunnyvale Hotline        408/730-7109
    171 University Ave. @ Emerson                                   we’re above the law. They’re eliminating park- VTA LRT Construction                    408/321-5754
 Santa Clara                                                        ing and taking away lanes of traffic. What we
  CalmarCycles                $ 10% A C P
                                                                    want is a full (environ. impact report) so the public will know exactly how this plan affects them.’’
    408/249-6907 2236 El Camino Real
                                                                       He said the city has opted to cater to a small group of bicyclists to the detriment of motorists.
  Shaw’s Lightweight Cycles
                                                                       The city contends that the state environmental review law does not apply to the bicycle plan.
                                                                    In court filings, city attorneys accused Anderson and the other plaintiffs of using state environ-
    45 Washington @ Newhall
                                                                    mental law “as a ruse to challenge the fact that the city, through its Board of Supervisors, (has)
  Sports Basement Sunnyvale*                                        made a policy choice to accommodate bicyclists as a viable alternative to driving in San Fran-
  $ 10% Off Everything                                              cisco.’’
    408/732-0300      1177 Kern Ave,                                   Leah Shahum, executive director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, voiced confidence
 West San Jose                                                      that the city will eventually win, describing Warren’s ruling as a minor setback.
  Calabazas Cyclery*                                                   “It’s clear that the city is committed to the bike plan. Clearly there is political support. And
    408/366-2453                                                    polls have shown that the public supports it as well,’’ she said. “The irony is that you have a few
     6140 Bollinger Rd. @ Miller                                    people trying to use the state’s environmental regulations to discourage bicycling, the most
* Member Shop/$ Discount/A - accessories, C - clothing, P - parts   environmentally friendly form of transportation.’’
August-September 2006                                                         Spinning Crank                                             Vol 20 No. 4                    11
                     August 10th                                                                                          September 14th
            6:30 pm No-Host Pizza                                                                                             6:00PM
               7:00 pm Program:                                                                                         Board Meeting (only)
       What You Need To Know About                                                                                   All are welcome to attend.
           Bicycles And The Law
                                                                                                                 meeting site for Board Meeting:
        meeting site for General Meeting:
                                                                                                               Round Table Pizza 408-736-2242
       Round Table Pizza 408-736-2242
                                                                                                                    101 Town and Country
             101 Town and Country
                                                                                                               Frances at Washington, Sunnyvale
       Frances at Washington, Sunnyvale

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