Service Billing Statement by rmk19014


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									Billing Statement
  Account Info: Account                                     John Doe Sample
                                                            1000 Main Street
  Number, Statement Date,                                   Satisfied Customer, FG                          01/01/01
  Statement Number and Page
  Contact Info: 24 hrs, 7 days
  week toll free number and
  Ferrellgas website for
  assistance with questions.
  Billing Summary:
  •   Last Payment
      Received: Last date a
      Customer payment was
      posted to the account,
  •   Beginning Account
      Balance: Any balance
      owed or credit received
      from previous month,
  •   Payments / Credits:
      Payment amounts
      credited to the
      Customer’s account,
  •   Charges: Dollar
      amount accrued during
      the billing period,
  •   Current Account
      Balance: Dollar amount
      owed to Ferrellgas
  •   Please Pay This
      Amount: Current
      balance due by the
      indicated due date.
                                                                                     01/01/01   1234567

  Details: displays service work
  orders, delivery orders,
  payments and adjustments
  that have occurred since the
  last billing statement.
  Account Status: displays
  aging of unpaid balances         1000 Main Street
                                   Satisfied Customer, FG

  Remit Slip: displays lockbox
  mailing address, statement
  date, balance due and due
  date. Submit with payment.

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