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									There are many options for getting rid of that old eye soar, that hasn't run in

3 years. I'm sure you could find a good use for the few hundred dollars you can get

for that junk car. I'm going to share with you a few of the vast possibilities,

Before I tell you what I did with my 1988 Ford Taurus.

One way is to take it apart

and sell any working parts for a low cost to neighbors and friends. However,

this involves hours of work. Tires and wheels may be of value but a vehicle

cannot then be towed away easily.

There are plenty of local scrap yards that will buy your vehicle and give you

what they think is a fair price. Often they only offer scrap value, which is

what they think the metal components may be worth. This is particularly true

of automobile recycling centers. Other junk yards may also suggest a lower

price, then turn around and sell various parts. Over a period of time, the junk

yard may earn several times the price paid for the car.

There are businesses that give top dollar for non-running vehicles. They will

come up with a price based on the condition, amount of metal, and special trim

or accessories that are hard to find. They may give more for a running vehicle,

even if it needs major repairs. Larger vehicles are likely to get more money

than smaller ones. The best way to get rid of an unwanted car is to call several

places that give you cash and get estimates on a price they believe is fair.

There are some national companies that tend to pay more than others. Typical
junk yards may only offer $40 or $50 to haul away the unwanted vehicle.

Companies that pay the best may give you $200 to $400, depending on what they

think it is worth. This is a far better price and will help eliminate any fines

or citations a city may impose, for keeping a non-working car on the property.

When selling a junk car in the United States, whether you live in French Lick, Indiana

or Norfolk, Virginia; do not accept the first offer, unless you feel it is fair. I did my research and

came across a website called Junk Your Car Today and received what I felt was a very fair and
competitive offer. One of the best things about the whole experience was that I didn’t have to lift

a finger, after I contacted them. I simply answered a few questions, agreed on the offer and cashed my

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