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									                          VINTAGE AND CLASSIC CARS IN INDIA – Parnika Kapur

What is a vintage and classic    A vintage car is commonly defined as a car built between the start of
car?                             1919 and the end of 1930. There is little debate about the start date of
                                 the vintage period—the end of World War I is a nicely defined marker
                                 there—but the end date is a matter of a little more debate. Classic
                                 car is a term used to describe an older car, but the exact meaning is
                                 subject to differences in opinion. The Classic Car Club of America,
                                 maintains that a car must be between 20 and 45 years old to be a
                                 classic, while cars over 45 years fall into the vintage class. Some
                                 consider the classic period as overlapping the vintage period,
                                 especially since the vintage designation covers all vehicles produced
                                 in the period while the official classic definition does not, only
                                 including high-end vehicles of the period. Some consider the start
                                 of World War II to be the end date of the vintage period.
What evolution took place in     The vintage period in the automotive world was a time of transition. In
the automotive world during      the intervening years, most industrialised states built
the vintage period?              nationwide road systems with the result that, towards the end of the
                                 period, the ability to negotiate unpaved roads was no longer a prime
                                 consideration of automotive design.Cars became much more practical,
                                 convenient and comfortable during this period. Car heating was
                                 introduced, as was the in-car radio. Antifreeze was introduced,
                                 allowing water-cooled cars to be used year-round. Four-
                                 wheel braking from a common foot pedal was introduced, as was the
                                 use of hydraulically actuated brakes. Power steering was also an
                                 innovation of this era. Towards the end of the vintage era, the system
                                 of octane rating of fuel (resistance of petrol or other fuels to
                                 autoignition) was introduced, allowing comparison between fuels. In
                                 this phase, the society began adapting to cars.
Which is the oldest and rarest   The oldest vintage car in India is 1904 De Dion and the following are
vintage car in India?            amogst the rarest cars –

                                       1.   Diamler Roadster 1934; one of the only 150 ever produced
                                       2.   Minerva Type AL Limousine; one of the eight surviving in
                                            the world.

                                 Delhi is the city with the maximum number of vintage cars .
Which are the most popular       Vintage and classic cars:
vintage and classic cars?              Rolls Royce – Phantom, Ghost ,
                                       Bentley,
                                       Diamler
                                       Mercedes benz 680 K ,
                                           jaguar ,
                                           Pacard,
                                           Buick,
                                       Lancia Lambda ,
                                       Chrisler Vincer,
                                       Lagonda,
                                       Austin Seven,
                                           Chevrolet Roadster,
                                           Ford Model A (1927-1931), jeeps
                                       Cadillac V-16,
                                           Fait 500,
                                           Plymouth,
                                       Lincoln
                                         Land Rover geeps
                                         Willys jeep ( also used by the army in the ancient times)

Which vintage car got sold as   The merecedes benz 1936 was sold as the most expensive vintage car
the most expensive car in       in India. Only 6 cars of these were manufactured in the world.
India ?
What does the prices of         The prices of these cars vary depending on the following factors :
vintage and classic cars             1) year of manufacture
depends on ?                         2) originality
                                     3) rarity
                                     4) exclusivity
                                     5) engine CC and cylinder
                                     6) Restoration
Who is the owner of             The king of car collectors in India is Mumbai’s Pranalal Bhogilal. He
maximum number of vintage       owns about 250 vintage cars in various states of repair and is also the
cars in India?                  founder of The Vintage and Classic Car Club of India.
What are vintage and classic    Vintage and classic car associations are formed by passionate vintage
car collector’s associations?   and classic car collectors. Many of them are affiliated by the
                                government, but have no government funding. These clubs organize
                                several vintage and classic car rallies. It offers a platform to vintage
                                car lovers to meet and interact. It promotes various activities and
                                events to help vintage vehicle owners to take care of their possessions.
                                Lectures and seminars are organized by the clubs and sale of spare
                                parts is also held.
                                Examples of collector’s associations in India are :

                                    1) vintage and classic car club of india

                                    2) automotive heritage trust

                                    3) heritage motoring club of India

                                    4) cartier club

Why do people collect           Owning a car is a necessity for many people, but for many others,
vintage and classic cars ?      possessing antique cars is a matter of pride and serves as a symbol of
                                prestige. Many enthusiasts consider this collection as a hobby. But
                                there are several others who collect as an investment option where
                                once they buy it, its value increases and they can sell it after some
                                time at a higher price than originally bought. The value of a vintage
                                car is directly proportional to time. Collecting vintage cars could be a
                                hobby, a passion or even an obsession. Attraction for vintage or
                                classic cars is on rise in India. Vintage cars are unique and a dream of
                                every collector. It gives these collectors an adrenaline rush to own the
                                rarest and the maximum vintage beauties. Only a person who can
                                appreciate the heritage can understand the beauty of these cars.
What is vintage and classic     Vintage car enthusiasts make loads of effort collecting and
car restoration?                maintaining their beauties and to do so going to the best restorator is
                                the solution. Vintage and classic car restoration means refurbishing
                                the car to reincarnate it to its original self. Restoration of a vintage car
                                is a tedious and long process. It takes 1 mercedes benz a minimum
                                time of 8 months to restore it. During the restoration process, the
                                missing parts are either found somewhere in the country, ordered from
                                abroad or reproduced. The various steps included in restoration are:
                                engine rebuilding, structural wood working, metal fabrication, auto
                                body and collision repair, custom painting, mechanical system service,
                                preventative and seasonal maintenance, major or partial restoration.
What are vintage and classic    Collectors of vintage cars in India hold regular rallies for their cars.
car rallies?                    These rallies have been instrumental in inculcating people’s interest in
                                  these cars. One would find all old beauties like Rolls Royce,
                                  Mercedes, Jaguar, Lincoln, Beetle, Plymouth, Cadillac and Ford
                                  competing in these events. These rallies give the vintage car
                                  enthusiasts an opportunity to meet like-minded people. One can also
                                  buy vintage body parts and vintage auto parts from manufacturers
                                  from across the country. These events are organized with the motive
                                  of preserving the old heritage of the country and to educate the young
                                  generation about the evolution of the automobile industry. The
                                  spectators of vintage cars get a glimpse of very rare collectors' cars of
                                  yesteryears and bring back the nostalgia for the vintage car
                                  connoisseurs. Example: statesman’s vintage and classic car rally is the
                                  most famous rally that has been taking place for over 40 years across
                                  the country.

What are vintage and classic      Vintage and classic car Museums are a centre for facts, data and
car museums?                      details about past. There are a few rare vintage and classic car
                                  museums in India. Car maniacs would love these museums for the cars
                                  they showcase in their museums. The mission of the museum is to
                                  promote the life-long education of our community, by interpreting the
                                  heritage, history, and evolution of automobiles and motorcycles over
                                  twenty-five years old. Appropriate activities generate interest, fund
                                  raising, and a sense of fun and camaraderie among the members and
                                  visitors. Example : Pro Bono Publico, a private vintage car museum
                                  having more than 50 vintage beauties, is located at Jaunapur in
                                  Mehrauli region of Delhi. The HMCI has plans to set up a 2 lakh sq ft
                                  museum in the National Capital Region (NCR). It would host more
                                  than 200 cars. Vintage car museums in Ahmedabad and Udaipur are
                                  other two renowned vintage car museums. Some more popular vintage
                                  car museums are:

                                        Jodhpur Car Museum, Jodhpur
                                        HMCI Museum, New Delhi
                                        Motor Mahal Vintage Car Museum, Ahmadabad
                                        Sudha Cars Museum,Hydrabad
                                        Metro Museum, Pune
                                        Phil Seed’s Virtual Car Museum, West Bengal
What is the import – export       There is no export - import policy specifically for vintage and classic
policy for vintage and classic    cars in India yet, but petitions have been filed for the formulation of a
cars in India?                    specific law in this regard. But according to the export- import policy,
                                  a car which is older than 3 years, can neither be exported nor imported
                                  to India.
Why is there a growing craze      The affluent class is gathering craze for vintage cars in India. Some
for vintage and classic cars in   like to flaunt an impressive line-up of vintage cars in private functions.
India ?                           These cars have also found demand in movies, especially in the ones
                                  which show their times. Hotels are also inducting vintage cars in their
                                  fleet to service high-spending guests. Rolls Royce could be rented
                                  anywhere between Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000 a day. Vintage cars like
                                  Cadillac and Buick go for Rs 15,000 a day, while an Austin could be
                                  hired for between Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000. Prices of vintage and classic
                                  cars are escalating at the rate of 15-20 per cent every year.
                                  As per estimates, 1000 to 3000 vintage cars exist in India today,
                                  valued at Rs 350 crore (Rs 3.5 billion). Some of the biggest vintage
                                  car collectors in India own the rare Mercedes 540 K and the Rolls
                                  Royce Silver Ghost, both valued at more than Rs 1 crore (Rs 10

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