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The Next Step….

BSA has steadily expanded the reach
of its value-based programs
 1910 Boy Scouting for boys 12 to 17
 1912 Sea Scouting for boys over 14
 1946 Exploring for young men 14-20 who wanted
 advanced Scouting
 1959 Yankelovich Study of high-school age boys
 1969 Coed Exploring- Young women ages 14-20
 joined Posts
 1991 Learning For Life - BSA Subsidiary
 1998 Venturing - Coed ages 14-20 - Outdoor,
 Religious and Hobby related                      2
Here’s Venturing
The young adult program of the BSA for men
and women 14 (who have completed the 8th
grade) through 20 years of age.
Youth member is a “Venturer”
A unit is called a “Venturing Crew”
Venturing adults are “advisors”
Youth leader is the “president”
$7 membership fee - same chartering process

           What’s the difference?
Venturing Crew                  Venture Patrol
Stand Alone Unit                Optional patrol of a troop
Coed, all male, or all female   Male only
Ages 14-20                      Ages 13-17
5 Bronze awards, Gold,          Boy Scout Advancement only
Silver, Ranger,Quartermaster
& Boy Scout advancement
above 1st class for male
President, two VP               Venture Patrol Leader,
positions,Secretary,            Assistant Patrol Leader
Treasurer, Activity chairs

Venturing           Exploring
 Applications       Rosters
 Members            Participants
 Leadership         Leadership Standards by
 Standards by BSA   Participating
 Oath and Code      Motto
 Advancement        Awards and Recognition

Does Venturing have a
required uniform?
 The recommended uniform is the
 spruce green Venturing shirt with
 green epaulette tabs and gray
 backpacking-style shorts or gray
 casual pants.
 However, the uniform, if any, is the
 choice of the crew.

Venturing Oath
 As a Venturer, I promise to do
     my duty to God and help
   strengthen America, to help
    others, and to seek truth,
 fairness, and adventure in our

The National Venturing Division
has created the following bin
 New Crew Sales Kit
 Recruitment Posters
 Sales Brochures
 Fast Start
 Literature and Resources brochure
 Awards and Recognition brochure
 Religious Resource Kit
 Marketing Guide
The following new literature is
available at your Scout Shop or
Service Center
 Venturing Leader Manual
 Ranger Guidebook
 Venturer Handbook
 Venturing Leadership Skills Course
 Venturing Roundtable Guide
 Here’s Venturing - Operations Guide
 Recognition Certificates and Awards
 Sea Scout Manual                      9
New Videos
Now Available
 Selling Venturing to the Head of
 an Organization
 Briefing the Organizing
 New Crew Fast Start

New Youth Protection Videos
Now Available

 Youth Protection - Personal
 Safety Awareness (for Youth)

 Youth Protection Training for
 Adult Venturing Leaders
New Venturing Training
 Venturing Adult Leader Basic

 Powder Horn (outdoor skills
 training, first course held at
 Philmont in September 1999)

Venturing Recognition

 Venturing Leadership Award for
 Youth and Adults

 Venturing Advisor Award of
       Venturing Advancement
                    Award                 Quartermaster

         Ranger          Gold
Life     Award          Award

        Outdoor     Youth        Sports   Arts and    Sea
Star    Bronze      Ministries   Bronze   Hobbies     Scout
                    Bronze                Bronze      Bronze

lst     Boy Scout or           JOIN
Class   Varsity Scout        Venturing
The New and Exciting
Venturing Ranger
 Rangers are elite outdoorsmen
 Ranger are required to teach what they’ve
 learned to others
 Rangers work with their advisor and
One typical example of how a crew
in Virginia uses consultants to help
conduct the Ranger program
 Two weeks ago, our crew returned from a two day
 white water canoeing course that was put together
 by an American Canoe Association training, based on
 the requirements laid out in the Ranger Guidebook.
 We did the same thing, earlier this year, with a
 consultant in a two day caving program. Next
 month, we do Wilderness Survival with a consultant
 and later we will join with several crews to conduct a
 mock disaster.
 None of these consultants knew anything about
 Venturing. However, all have adapted their training
 to support it.
Ranger Core Requirements
 Standard First Aid plus When Help is Delayed
 Emergency Preparedness
 Land Navigation
 Leave No Trace
 Wilderness Survival

Ranger Electives
(Must earn 4 of 18)
 Backpacking          Lifesaver
 Cave Exploring       Mountaineering
 Project COPE         Outdoor Living History
 Mountain Biking      Physical Fitness
 First Aid            Plants & Wildlife
 Fishing              Scuba
 Ecology              Shooting Sports
 Equestrian           Watercraft
 Hunting              Winter Sports
Recent correspondence
 July 15, 1999
 “I just returned from Philmont with a co-ed Venturing crew. Before
 leaving, I presented each member of the crew with a Ranger
 Guidebook. We reviewed the requirements briefly. Quite frankly, I
 expected to see them stuff the book in their carry-on bags, never to be
 seen again. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
 All the way across the country (Chicago to Raton by train) there was a
 constant barrage of questions being fired at me. Once we reached
 Philmont it intensified. I had the same reaction from the Philmont
 Ranger Staff. The Ranger Guidebooks are worn and dog eared.
 In my 40 years of Scouting, I can’t remember ever seeing Scouts pick
 up and devour a program the way they seem to go after the Ranger
  Richard Hewitt, Crew Advisor, Portage, Michigan

Venturing’s Growth is
happening in these areas:
 Church youth groups that adopt the structure
 of Venturing to help strengthen their youth
 Successful troops that adopt Venturing to
 meet the wants and needs of older boys
 High School and college outdoor clubs that
 adopt Venturing to complement their
 Independent groups that are organized from
 High School hobby surveys

Venturing Crew Growth
 –                                         1998                      1999        % growth
 –   Community Churches                      18                        43        139%
 –   Church of Christ                        29                        49          69%
 –   Disciples of Christ                     54                        80          48%
 –   Lutheran Churches                     181                       267           47%
 –   Chambers of Commerce                    52                        73          40%
 –   Presbyterian Churches                 213                        293          38%
 –   Catholic Churches                     420                        550          37%
 –   Boys and Girls Clubs                   64                          86         34%
 –   Elks Lodge (BPOE)                       52                         69         33%
 –   Methodist Churches                    614                        810          32%
 –   Baptist Churches                       232                       301          30%
 –   Professional Societies                   55                        71         29%
 –   Business/Industry                      706                       911          29%
 –   Governmental Bodies                    112                       143          28%
 –   Public Schools                         639                       809          27%
 –   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 –                                                                                          21
Venturing Crews Chartered to
Non-LDS Religious Organizations






        1996   1997   1998   1999

Venturing provides structure and
substance to a Church Youth Group
 Venturing is flexible and can work with any
 existing youth program structure
 Venturing can help keep youth closer to your
 organization’s beliefs
 Venturing provides a package that can retain
 existing youth and recruit new ones
 The religious awards will help create an arena in
 which young adults can work closely with
 religious leaders

Frequently Asked Questions ???
 How much ownership will my religious organization have
 if we start a Venturing crew with my High School age
 youth group?
 What are the advantages of combining my religious
 organization’s youth group with Venturing?
 How much does it cost to create a Venturing crew with my
 religious youth group?
 Is a uniform required?
 Where will we find leadership?
 Will Venturing compete with my youth group?
 How do we get started?
“I have always considered Venturing, and
especially the Ranger award, to be, in a very
real sense, the „college‟ of Scouting…Let us
think of Boy Scouts to Venturing as, high
school to college. Venturing is the advanced
course. It in NOT, a simple upgrade with a
few new features”
Jason Cruse- Department of Political Science
University of Missouri-Columbia

Why your Troop should
consider organizing a
Venturing Crew
The Venturing Program complements the Boy Scout
Troop. It adds exciting new advancement and
leadership opportunities for your older boys
It allows flexibility, so boys can participate in both
Venturing can help solve many of the Scoutmasters
It meets the wants and needs of 14 to 18 year old
Scoutmaster Challenges
Keeping 14 to 18 year old Scouts “engaged” in the
Challenging older Scouts, while at the same time,
trying to attract and retain younger Scouts
Competing with older Scouts interests; cars, girls,
High School
Giving leadership/role model opportunities to all older
Giving younger Scouts something to anticipate
beyond the Troop

National BSA Statistics

  Average Boy Scout is 13 years and
  3 months old
  Average Eagle Scout is 14 years
  and 9 months old
  Average Boy Scout attendance at
  summer camp is 2.8 years

Male Venturers may continue
to work toward Eagle

Must be at least a First Class earned as a Boy
Scout or Varsity Scout
Requirements remain the same
  Board of review can be conducted by the troop
  or crew
  If registered in both the troop and crew can
  receive multiple credit for many Bronze, Gold,
  Silver and Ranger requirements
  Can receive past credit for certificates earned
What does Venturing offer to
older Scouts in your troop?
 New Advancement        Activities with boys
 opportunities for      and girls their own
 boys interested in     age
 progressing beyond     New leadership
 Eagle                  skills training for all
 New Awards and         members
 recognition for boys   Older Scouts give
 out of the             leadership to the
 Advancement loop       Troop through the
                        Ranger program
Venturing‟s Teaching Philosophy
Four levels of learning
  Level I -         You Read it
  Level II -        Someone Taught It
                    to you
  Level III -       You Experienced It
  Level IV -        You Teach it to
                    someone else
  Venturing advancement requires Level
  IV. We retain 85% of what we learn
  when we teach it to someone else.
How does a Troop and a Crew
work together?
 Scouts ages 14 to 18, and adult leaders can
 be members of both units; primary
 registration in the troop and multiple in the
 The Crew meets separately from the Troop
 twice each month and has occasional
 activities apart from the Troop
 Older Scouts in the Troop, (especially troop
 leaders) are expected to participate in both
Recruit an Assistant Scoutmaster to
serve as Crew Advisor
Utilize existing merit badge counselors
as consultants for the Ranger Award
Utilize Troop advancement chair to help
conduct Crew reviews for the Gold and
Silver Awards
Venturers can wear distinctive
uniforming and maintain the same unit #
14 to 18 year old boys want:

 Challenging Physical Activities with boys their
 own age
 Recognition of their “older” status
 Activities with Girls
 Control of their environment
 To explore and experience their world
 A sense of Belonging and Acceptance from
 their peer group, inclusion in a “gang”
14 to 18 year old boys need:

 Consistent Adults that “Walk their Talk”
 Character and ethical education outside the
 Positive adult role models, male and female
 Opportunities to become proficient at
 Leadership opportunities

Seattle, Washington
Joe Garrett- Scoutmaster-Troop 582
           Committee Chair-Crew 582
 “Venturing keeps older boys interested and me too!!”
 7 boys and 6 girls in the crew, 3 boys came from Troop 582, 2
 boys had no Scouting background, 2 had quit another troop and
 rejoined BSA in Venturing
 Entire crew is pursuing the Ranger Award
 Green shirts have become status symbol- similar response that
 the Webelos wearing khaki shirts in the pack
 4 of the boys in the crew would not be in Scouting if not for
 Venturing, they joined Venturing initially to go snowboarding, but
 have now become interested in the entire Ranger program
 Venturers have taught Land Navigation and Winter Sports skills
 to the troop
 Crew 582 is going to Philmont this summer. The Philmont age
 requirements fit nicely in the separate group apart from the troop
Ankeny, Iowa
Jeff VerHelst - Advisor of Crew 869
 Crew started with five Venturers in 1998 and now has
 Most members are college students
 Crew 869 was asked to operate and staff the district
 They created a blue activity shirt with a small
 Venturing logo in front and a large design on the
 back. They wear the recommended spruce-green
 shirt for formal occasions.
 They are attending the Boundary Waters High
 Adventure Base in summer 2000.
Greensboro, N.C.
Wes Reid- Assistant Scoutmaster-Troop 214
Member of Church that charters Crew
  We noticed that older boys were losing interest

  Most our campouts catered to the new scouts, ages 11-12

  Older Scouts were looking for more exciting adventure

  In our Church chartered units, boys that are 1st class scouts are
  eligible to join the crew

  They continue to work toward Eagle and pursue high adventure

  We look at Scouting as part of our Church ministry. Having girls
  in our crew allows us to provide a total ministry
Alexandria, Virginia
Cooper Wright- Advisor
 Letter received on December 3, 1999
 “Our crew continues to grow. We recently awarded our fourth
 Eagle this year, and have already presented two Bronze awards
 and one Gold award. I expect that we will award two more
 Bronzes, three more Golds, one Silver and one Ranger in
 January. During November, the crew participated in Scouting
 for Food and sorted 9,000 lbs. of food.”
 “This weekend, we will hold our Venturing Leadership Skills
 Course at a nearby youth hostel. We have augmented the
 course material with items from “7 Habits of Highly Effective
 Teens.” I can‟t wait to go back to Philmont with a co-ed crew.
 Right now it looks like the crew leader will be a young woman
 who is well on her way to earning the Venturing Silver and Girl
 Scout Gold awards.”
Alexandria, Virginia
Cooper Wright- Advisor
 e-mail received on 6-15-00
 “Venturing is not some sort of grown up Venture program. It is
 much more than that. Not only does it involve outdoor skills, it
 also focuses ethical discussions, leadership training, and
 emergency preparedness. It requires a commitment on the part
 of each Venturer in the form of a Personal Growth Agreement.
 It uses youth developed bylaws to outline how the crew will
 function and interact. I have learned that to be a good advisor
 really means to be a mentor, someone who listens a lot more
 than I did as a Assistant Scoutmaster for a Venture Patrol.
 Venturing is the establishment of a trust relationship between
 adults and young men and women on the edge of adulthood. It
 is not standing around looking cool in a green shirt. I really love
 the Venturing program.”
Lincoln, Nebraska
Marge Klein, Associate Advisor, Crew 316
 “Crew 316 started in October 1998, since then we have grown to 21
 members. We have 15 boys and 6 girls. All the boys came from Scout
 troops around town.
 We have a waiting list of 13 year old boys and girls wanting to join our
 Our crew rule for Boy Scouts wishing to join is, you must maintain
 registration and leadership in your troop. Twelve of our boys will be
 earning Eagle in January 2000.
 In our 12 months as a crew we explored caves with the University of
 Missouri caving club, went rappelling with the Univeristy of Nebraska
 climbing club, did whitewater rafting, snow skiing, and scuba diving.
 Our boys sit down with the girls when they join and teach them
 “Scouting” from the Boy Scout Handbook.
 We have make presentations for the Ranger program to Cub
 Packs, Scout Troops, Girl Scout Troops and at roundtable.”
Palmer, Alaska
Mike Patterson - Advisor of Crew 366
 Crew organized Sept. 99‟ from Troop # 361 - 9 boys and 6 girls
 Crew was created to save the boys ,six would not be in Scouting
 without the crew
 Joining requirements for boys who are Scouts? Must be a Life
 Crew meets twice each month plus 1 crew activity
 Crew officers meet monthly to plan
 Crew president, Adam said that he wanted to do funner things
 and Venturing was a natural progression. In Cubs he was with
 his friends, but didn‟t do much camping. In Boy Scouts he went
 camping with his friends but didn‟t do much high adventure,
 Venturing was the next step.

Hartford, Connecticut
Michael Sobol, Advisor of Crew 57

  “I am the Scoutmaster of Troop 57. My 18 year old son
  approached me about organizing a Venturing crew. Apparently
  he had been down to the Council Service Center and picked up
  some information about Venturing. He handed me a new unit
  application and seven completed youth applications.
  I agreed to be the Advisor of a new Crew 57. My son wants to
  earn everything Venturing has created. He had already earned
  everything Boy Scouts had created.
  His girlfriend also joined the crew. My crew consists of 7 boys
  and one girl currently.
  My Venturers have been teaching the Ranger skills to the troop.
  It has benefited both the troop and the crew.”

What are Venturers saying?

 Sean Luther - 17 year old in Crew 28 and Troop 28, Pittsburgh,
 PA He serves as Senior Patrol Leader in Troop 28 and Crew
 President in Crew 28. Sean believes that the Leadership skills
 learned in Venturing have helped him be a better Senior Patrol
 Leader. Venturing has also provided new experiences that he
 would not have experienced if he was only in the troop.
 Adrian Johnson - 16 year old in Crew 414, Philadelphia, PA
 Before joining Venturing was thinking about joining the Air Force
 after High School. She has served as a leader in Venturing for
 the past 12 months. She believes that the leadership skills
 learned in Venturing and the increased confidence gained has
 helped her set new goals. She has applied to the Air Force

North Olmsted, Ohio
Erica Sheehan, Venturer, Secretary of Crew
  “My crew has been in existence for about a year and I can
  honestly tell you it has been one of the best experiences of my
  I am the sister of a Star Scout and have been surrounded by
  Scouting‟s morals and values for years.
  Our first campout in March it went down to 10 degrees. We
  learned from experience how to pack for winter camping.
  In June we went on our first ten mile canoe trip, we had a blast.
  In all our outdoor activities I have learned how important it is to
  work together and that if there is one person not working to their
  ability the rest of the crew can‟t function to it‟s potential.
  The COPE experience was THE bonding experience of my life
  and I was on a natural high for days.
  We‟re all now motivated to work as hard as possible in
  everything we do, in Venturing, at home or in school.”
Fullerton, California
Amanda Delaney and Christina Canino, Crew 214

  Crew 214 was organized in June of 1998, it has 15 boys and 15
  girls, chartered to a Presbyterian Church in Fullerton, California
  Activities include backpacking, rock climbing, snowboarding,
  skiing and COPE
  The youth adopted the spruce green shirt as their formal
  uniform. They designated a navy blue t-shirt with their own logo
  as the activity uniform.
  “We‟re all like brothers and sisters, we trust each other.”
  “We set our own rules; no boy/girl buddy system, go in threes in
  mixed company.”
  “Venturing is more than we expected.”
  “The guys have seen me on campouts without my makeup on
  and they still like me.”

 Knowledge becomes
  power only through
organization and use…
       Og Mandino

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a Venturer working on Eagle need to be multiple
2.Can a male Venturer work toward Eagle?
3.Why is silver higher than gold?
4.What is Venturing’s required uniform?
5.Where did you get that shirt?
6.Where do I find advancement requirements?
7.What is difference between Venture & Venturing?
8.How do we get Venturing started in our council or
9.Can a Venturer get past credit & multiple credit?
10. How do I get a copy of this presentation?


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