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					“I WANT TO BE

        For more information on Engineering, please
        contact us at: 416-224-1100 or 1-800-339-3716
  Popsicle Stick Bridge Building Competition
 Scarborough Civic Centre - February 28, 2009

10:30 AM:     Check in - Registration – followed by display of bridges for viewing by
              judges and public
12:00 PM:     Masters of Ceremony
                     Asogan Narayanapillai, P.Eng. and Kwame Johnson, EIT
12:05 PM:     Welcome by Chapter Past Chair
                     Ranee Mahalingam, M.Eng., P.Eng.
12:10 PM:     Contest Procedures and Rules
                     Sunaina Menezes, EIT
12:15 PM:     Competition Begins
3:15 PM:      Chair’s Message
                     Raju Chander, M.S, P.Eng.
3:50 PM:      Awards - Performance and Judges
4:30 PM:      Group Pictures of Winners
                     Naren Mylvaganam, P.Eng.
5:00 PM:      Thank you by Event Manager
                     Samer Zabana, P.Eng.

Distinguished Guests
              Hon. Brad Duguid, MPP, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs
              Stephanie Powers, P.Eng, Vice President, Ontario Power Generation
              Rob Kivi, P.Eng, Vice President, MMM Group Ltd.
              Kim Allen, MBA, P.Eng, CEO & Registrar, PEO
              Angela Shama, P.Eng, CEO, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
              Connie Mucklestone, Director Communications & Chapters, PEO
              Corneliu Chisu, P.Eng, Senior Councillor, East Central Region, PEO
              Denis Carlos, P.Eng, Junior Councillor, East Central Region, PEO

Message by the Chair

Dear Participants,

I am glad that you have taken the initiative to build a model bridge
thereby showing to yourself that you can create wonderful objects
that can make a huge difference in the world! Don’t you feel that you can also contribute
more to the society by building many more wonderful things such as the bridge you’ve
just built? I’m guessing your answer is yes.

Engineers also build such small models to test their design before building the real thing.
This is so that they can test out any problems with their product safety-wise before
spending millions of dollars on a project. In the real world engineers produce all the
materials such as cell phones, buses, cars, houses, schools, heating systems etc. essential
for today’s society. This knowledge and the creative power of engineers are used by
businesses to create wealth.

Whether you win this contest or not it does not matter. What matters is that you’ve taken
the right step towards a great future! In the future you may become one of those
engineers who build space shuttles, nuclear reactors or miniature tools for doctors to use
when saving lives.

On behalf of the PEO Scarborough Chapter Board I wish you all the best in the contest
and in the future.

Raju Chander, M.S, P.Eng.
Chair, PEO Scarborough Chapter

           MMM is pleased to support the Bridge Building Competition 2009
                          and Scarborough Chapter – PEO
              And congratulates all of the participants for their efforts

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                PARTICIPANTS OF THE


                                                                   PAUL FOSTER BA, FCSI
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Bridge Building Competition –
Dhruvil Patel- Participant - Bridge Building Competition (2008)

I love bridge building competition! It's a way to express our talents.
I didn't know how much talent I have, until I was a part of bridge
building competition. It's an annual event that occurs every year.
Grades 3-8 can participate in this. I participated in bridge building
competition last year and even this year.

My goal was to make my bridge stronger and beautiful, so I used
rainbow colored Popsicle sticks and school glue. I used optimum
glue to help reduce the weight of the bridge. To make my bridge stronger, I broke some
Popsicle sticks in various ways to find the strength of the Popsicle sticks in different
arrangements. The two beams on each side of the bridge are key members to carry more
load. You can make them stronger by sticking multiple sticks together.

All joints are key to success. If joints are weak then it will fail easily. To make all the
joints stronger I stuck additional small pieces of sticks around the joints. Surf the
Internet to find the information on construction and design of bridges, so you will be
ready to answer the questions of judges. I was prepared to answer the questions
about my bridge construction and design.

Draw the bridge design on a paper, estimate the number of sticks and then weigh them it
should be less then the weight permitted. Generally 10 to 15 percent weight you have to
consider for glue. Bridge building is a long process. You need to plan for the
construction. It did take me long to construct my bridge, I finished 2 days before it was
due, so that the glue had enough time to dry.

When we reached there it was so exciting! I wasn't the only one that was so excited but as
I looked around and saw many excited faces. Then the time finally came to go for
inspection. PEO Volunteers checked the weight and different dimensions of the bridges.
You should construct your bridge within the limit of dimensions and weight specified in
rules otherwise your bridge may be disqualified at the inspection and you will be out.
Judges asked questions about the design and construction of the bridges and they also
look at the creativity. They test the bridge using a machine. The machine measured the
breaking load. Finally they declared the performance results. Performance factor is the
ratio of load carried by the bridge before the breaking to the weight of the bridge. If the
bridge is lighter in weight the performance is better.

Unfortunately, my bridge didn't carry more load in testing, but I got good marks from the
judges. Finally I got prize and certificate form PEO. There are two criteria for the final
result. There were three prizes on performance base and three based on judge's results for
each grade students. I was really happy and decided to participate this year too. I
would like to thanks PEO, Scarborough chapter, who brings exciting moments in the life
of kids every year.


   Best wishes and success in your
          Noblest Ventures

             LL.B. (Sri Lanka)

    Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public

    3331 Markham Road, Suite No: 114
     Scarborough. Ontario, M1X 0A6
      E mail:
     Tel: 416-752-0898, 416-752-7898
            Fax: 416-907-4116


People have always required a means of                                        Log Bridge
crossing over obstructions such as gorges and
rivers safely. Bridges were constructed to fulfill
the need to span over obstacles safely.

Beam Bridges:
The first bridges consisted of a log or logs placed   Early Wood Cantilever
over the obstruction. These were beam bridges.        Bridge
The beam bridge is the simplest of all types of
bridges, and is basically a rigid horizontal
structure supported on piers. Today beam
bridges are constructed from steel, timber,
laminated wood, reinforced and prestressed                                    Pont du Gard
concrete. The geometry of the beams includes                                  France
rectangular, “I” and box shapes. Typical spans                                19 BC
range from 10m to 200m.

Arch Bridges:
Arch bridges are arch shaped and transfer loads
through compression to the base. Types of arch
bridges include tied, hingeless, two hinged and       Masonry Arch Bridge
three hinged. The deck can be placed under,
above or through the arch. The Greeks used
arch bridges, however the Romans perfected the
arch using stone and concrete to span across
large valleys and carry water and people. During
the 18th century arch bridges were constructed                                Iron Bridge
using iron. After the 18th century, iron was                                  Coalbrookdale, England
replaced with steel. Today arch bridges are                                   1777
constructed using wood, steel and concrete.
Typical spans range from 40m to 150m, however
some are as large as 500m.

Truss Bridge:
Truss bridges are skeletal structures constructed
by connecting individual straight elements using
pin joints. Pinned truss elements are only            Brooklyn Bridge
subject to compression and tension forces.            New York
Standard truss configurations are the Warren,         1870
Pratt and Howe. Truss bridges were very
common in Canada in the 19th and early 20th
century due to the abundance of wood. Iron and
steel tension rods were utilized with the wood
compression members. Covered bridges were
developed to protect the wooden truss structures
from the elements. In the middle of the 20th
century the majority of truss bridges were                                    Mountain Creek Bridge
                                                                              Rogers Pass, B.C.
constructed using steel. Typical spans range
from 40m to 500m with the largest approaching

Suspension Bridge:
Suspension bridges transfer the weight of the                                    West Montrose Covered
deck through vertical hanger cables to large                                     Bridge, Ontario
draped cables that pass over towers and are                                      1881
anchored at each end of the bridge. Early
suspension bridges utilized vines and fibre ropes
and progressed to linked iron bars and chains.
During the late 19th century this bridge type was
                                                     Hartland Covered Bridge
able to span greater distances using steel           New Brunswick
cables. Special details are used to ensure that      1901
the bridge does not vibrate or sway due to strong
winds. Current suspension bridges are able to
span up to 4 km. Typical spans range from 70m
to over 1000m with the largest approaching 2                                     Hog Bay Trestle
km.                                                                              Port McNicoll, Ontario
Cantilever Bridge:
Cantilever bridges normally use two cantilevered
arms extending from each side that meet in the
centre. Bridges intended to carry lesser loads       Quebec Bridge
may use simple beams while those aimed at            Quebec
handling larger traffic make use of trusses or box   1917
girders. Typical spans range up to 550m.

Cable-Stayed Bridge:
Although similar to suspension bridges, the                                    Fayetville Arch Bridge
difference lies in the amount of cable used. Less                              West Virginia
cable is required and consequently, the towers
holding the cables are shorter. There are four
main types of cable-stayed bridges. In the harp
cable arrangement, cables are attached to
multiple points of the tower thus making them        Confederation Bridge
parallel. In the fan and star cable arrangement,     P.E.I.
cables are attached to multiple points of the        1997
tower or pass over it. Typical spans range
between 110m and 480m with the largest
approaching 900m.

Bridge Engineers have responsibility to ensure                                 Alex Fraser Bridge
public safety. Although most recent bridge                                     Vancouver, B.C.
collapses appear to be related to maintenance
rather than design problems they provide a
sobering reminder that technological progress
always involves some risk, and that engineers
have a special responsibility to identify, account
for, and minimize its impact.
                                                      Jemseg River Bridge
                                                      New Brunswick,
The following internet sites provide a wealth of
information concerning various bridge types and
bridge terminology.                                                Millau Viaduct, France

The Challenge of building a bridge at J.B. Tyrrell Senior Public School

Wilberforce Johnson – Science Teacher – JB Tyrerell SPS

The Bridge Building contest sponsored by the Scarborough Chapter of the Professional
Engineers of Ontario has become somewhat of a traditional at JBTyrrell Senior Public School.

Students look forward for this event and commit
themselves to build the best bridge they possibly can.
Preparation for this event usually begins in January,
shortly after school resumes at the end of the winter
break. Students sign up as teams, and are taken
through an introduction to bridge building by first
viewing a video on structural bridge design. They
then look at entries from previous years and have
discussion with senior students who had competed in
the contest. During the last year’s competition a
Design template which catered to a variety of
modification was developed.

Using this as base structure, students take sound
design elements to devise ways of making
improvement on previous entries. They identify and
analyze previous failures, then add features which
they believe will strengthen their structure.
                                                              Bridge building in progress
Over the last two years Students have introduced a
system of machining dowels out of Popsicle sticks to
use as rivets at the Joints. This year they are striving to achieve precise measurements and
symmetry to ensure equity in force distribution during testing. Although the construction are
carried out using similar techniques and the specification is essentially unchanged, each designs
submitted by students at J.B.Tyrrell so for are always unique. The picture above features students
during the early stages of the Bridge building process.

              Dr Pon Sivaji MD FRCPC ABIM

                Specialist – Internal Medicine & Critical Care

3430 Finch Avenue East # 205                            1366 Yonge Street # 306
Scarborough, Ontario, M1W 2R5                          Toronto, Ontario, M4T 3A7
Tel: 416 298 0644                                               Tel: 416 962 5545
Fax: 416 298 4533                                              Fax: 416 962 6676

                              2009 Contestants

Beaumonde Heights JMS                   Don Mills Middle School
Junior                                  Senior

Sonics                                  Indestructible 2.0
         Vivekdeep Padam                         Derek Kleperis
         Thomas Nguyen                           Matthew McMeekin
         Zakaria Hassen                          Naeldo Dokaj

TNK Bridge                              Francis Libermann C.E.S.
         Nida Baig
         Talwinder Singh
         Kiranpreet Bhangu              Senior

Senior                                  The Bridge
                                                 Patricia Duong
Sky Blue
         Atieno Miguna
         Riya Kantharia
                                        Gordon A. Brown PS
         Julie Huynh
         Chhavi Kalsi                   Bridge To Nowhere
         Rabia Akbar                             Saeyon Mylvaganam
         Baldeep Batth                           Stuart Craddock
                                                 Alejandro Schugurensky
         Aleena Thomas                  Havenwood P.S.
         Darshini Jeyakumar
         Shivkanwal Padam
BBS                                     Havenwood Bridge
         Biko Miguna
                                                 Dhyey Bhavsar
         Brian Kennedy
         Karan Makhija
                                        Heritage Park PS
Cedarwood P. S.                         Senior
                                        Golden Bridge
                                                 Arshan Baheerathen
Hanuman Bridge
         Dhruvil Patel

                                        JB Tyrrell Sr.P.S.
Churchill Height P.S.                   Senior

Junior                                  NHK Cooperation
                                                 Weishan Shen
Eiffel Bridge                                    Narthaanan Srimurugathasan
         Saiyam Patel                            Keryn Jae Janer

                              2009 Contestants

Road Built On Air
                                       Madinatul Uloom Academy
         Eric Ye
         Keishan Amarukaran            Senior
         Kaan Balta
                                       The Choosen One
                                                Muhammad Muneeb Akmal
Dong Bang Shin Ki
         Tianyi Yan
         Riva Fu
         Carmen Li                     McCowan Rd Jr. PS
Fire Cracker                           Junior
         Wenzie Haw
         Linda Liu                     Stick Bridge
         Valerie Hung                           Hequin Zhu

Star Gazer
         Yi Lu                         Morning Star Middle School
         Cheryl Lin
         Whitney Van                   Senior
Shuttle one                            Little Engineer’s Bridge
         Andy Luu                               Harshita Jha
         Karen Wong
         Danyi Wu
                                       Muirhead P.S
Silver Star
         David Hu                      Junior
         Peter Wen
         Janakan Somasundaram
                                       East-West Bridge
                                                Manojit Chatterjee
DJY Crossing
         Donya Mahing
         Jing Ying Fan
                                       Our Lady of Guadalupe

Outer Haven                            Junior
         Loktin Wong
         Frank Zhou                    O.L.G. 3
         Thomas Donnelly                        Ryan Siddha

The Great Bridge of Awsomeness7        O.L.G. 4 G
         Phoebe Oulton                          Angeli Figurado
         Louise Liu
         Pheobe Deng                   O.L.G. 4 B
                                               Christen Mikhael
JS Woodsworth
                                       Ryerson Heights PS
Shivam’s #1 Bridge
         Vaidehi Patel                 Golden Bridge
                                                Harsh Patel

                            2009 Contestants
Sheppard Centre CS                   St. Antoine Daniel
Mississppi Bridge
         Terrance Coote
                                     Heavy Hauler
                                              Philip Genova
                                              Christian Genova
The Arch
         Dante Bullen
                                     Rainbow Bridge
                                              Heedo Kim
The PC Bridge
         Jesse Thompson
         Hamid Vahabzadeh
                                     St. Edward School
The Golden Gate Bridge
         TBA                         Junior

                                     Right Cross Bridge
                                          Anton Vomisescu
St Michael's Choir School
                                     St. Isaac Jogues C.S.
Spartan Bridge 1
         Alec Lindsay                Olympis
         Tristen Hewitt                       Morcos Saeed

Spartan Bridge 2                     St. Kevin CS
         Andrew Di Santo
         Tim Aure

                                     The Grand Chase
Spartan Bridge 3                              Stephanie Tecson
         Adrian Colbert                       Cruziel Francisco
         Lucas Wieckowski
         Xavier Pinarreta            TBA
                                              Vianca Dela Cruz
                                              Sharleen Bagood
Spartan Bridge 4                              Levine Alveza
         Liam Benson
         Aaron James Espiritu
         Jules Coutinho
                                     Wobern Junior PS

                                     Howrah Bridge
                                              Harshil Modi

                                  BBC 2009 – Team Leaders
     L>R: Asogan; Uthayan; Vyke; Samer; Tom; Raju; Vyjayanthi; Arul; Maria; Kwame; Sunaina; Gangeswaran
            A Special Thanks to our
            Volunteers - BBC 2009

 Curtis               Dinker           Fabiana

 Jason                Naren           Whitefield

 Ranee                                 Maged

  Asit                Lalitha           Pritish
Bhadresh               Mei             Shariful
Dhamay                Mustafa           Shiela
Gayathiri             Maged              Tim
  Jega                Perani           Vajahat
 Jerry                Piyush

                                       PEO Scarborough Chapter - Executive Board
     L>R: Murad Hussain (Executive); Major Cornelieu Chisu (Councilor); Denis Carlos (Councilor); Whitefield Ye (Executive);
          Raju Chander (Chair); Ken Chiu (Executive); Kwame Johnson (Executive); Asogan Narayanapillai (Secretary);
           Tom Fernandes (Treasurer); Madu Suthanan (Vice Chair). Ranee Mahalingam (Past Chair – not in picture).
 Senior Team                       Junior Team


                               Lambert Philadelphia

 Bert Mondesir

                   Uthayan        Georg Kralik
Tom Fernandes
                 Team Leader

                                Andrew Hachborn

 Clifford Lam

                                Ayvun Jeganathan
Mehdi Zanganeh

Best wishes to the BBC 2009 participants

                       Bridge Building Competition

Winners of 2008 Competition.

        For us, Happuka, Daniella and Erin, the 2008 Bridge Building
Competition was a new thing. The three of us had never built a bridge
made out of Popsicle sticks before and it was a fun and interesting
project that we all shared equally.

         Since none of us had ever built bridges before our teacher, Mr.
Lam, was very helpful. He taught us all the basics we needed to know to
start our bridge, for example, how to create strong firm beams and how
to fit triangles into the bridge. He also taught us how to saw the ends of the beam and
how to shave it properly. It was a very long project and he was very patient and he
checked to made sure our bridge met all the specifications and was good enough for the

        We began this project simply by making small beams. From there we began to
build the bridge and made sure we remembered all of Mr. Lam’s advice. Certain areas
that had been more vulnerable to breaking were covered with extra Popsicle sticks. The
beams were supported by triangles and these were supported by leftover pieces wherever
they met. Any Popsicle sticks that stuck out from the beam were shaved off.

        Altogether, our bridge took many recesses to complete.
During that time we had countless laughs, disagreements, and lots of
fun. We never expected to win, but we did expect to learn a lot of
new things while we made it. We looked at pictures of bridges in our
science textbook and on the internet. The hardest part to making the
bridge was the beams. We had to make sure they were straight and
that there was as little space as possible between the sticks, and that
wherever the popsicles met they would firmly be covered by another

       We believe that if you take your time, work hard and have fun, you’ll surely make
a bridge just as strong as ours. Just be confident and creative and do your very best. Our
bridge was completed through teamwork and effort. If your bridge is made with care in
the same way, we’re sure it will come out just as good as ours.

                  Results - BBC 2008

Junior - Performance
                                                            Unloaded     Breaking    Performance
Rank       Bridge name              School name             weight (g)   force (N)    ratio (N/g)
                                 Morning Star Middle
         Little Engineer's       School
 1       Bridge
                                   Harshita Jha         250              960         3.84

                                 Sacred Heart C.S.
         The Rainbow Arc
                                 Reema Norman
 2       Bridge
                                 Marian Sia             222              430         1.94

                                 Sacred Heart C.S.
         The Fate of Paris
                                  Simbiat Idowu
 3       Bridge
                                  Selena Papagianis     190              340         1.79
                                  Chrissay Samuel

Junior - Judges
                Bridge name                       School name
 Rank                                                                           Judges marks

                                        Don Mills Middle School
     1     Indestructible                 Derek Kleperis,                               79
                                          Matthew McMeekin
                                        Selwyn P.S.
                                          Anna Wong
     2     Wooden Wonderland II           Ana Schugurensky                              72
                                          Alejandro Schugurensky

                                        Sacred Heart C.S.
                                           Malik Johnson
     3     JOM Bridge                     Osayuki Ogbemudia                             70
                                          Jeffrey Reyes
                                        Sacred Heart C.S.
                                          Nino Badian
     3     The Filipino Bridge                                                          70
                                          Robin Lopez
                                          Ryan Singh
                                        Sacred Heart C.S.
     3     The Rainbow Arc Bridge         Reema Norman                                  70
                                          Marian Sia

              Results - BBC 2008

Senior - Performance
                                                                Breaking    Performance ratio
Rank   Bridge name           School name              weight
                                                                force (N)
                                                        (g)                       (N/g)
       Carpe Diem        Holy Spirit C.S.
       Bridge            Erin Edghill
 1                                                     241       1840             7.63
                         Daniella Howard
                         Hapuka John
       Random Berry      Holy Spirit C.S.
 2     Bridge            Jessy Hodgins                 245       1640             6.69
                         Julliet Abraham
       A Walk To         JB Tyrrell Sr.P.S.
       Remember          Linda Liu
 3                                                     244       1350             5.53
                         Valerie Hung
                         Jessica Yuen

Senior - Judges
          Bridge name                   School name
Rank                                                                  Judges marks

       Jovanator                Don Mills Middle School
 1                                                                           88
                                 Jovana Stankovic
       Raam Setu                Henry Hudson Sr. P.S.
 2                               Dhruvil Patel                               84

       Tribute to the Lin3      JB Tyrrell Sr.P.S.
                                Linda Li
 3                                                                           83
                                Lynn Tay
                                Polly Lin

                   BDS, Ms, F.D.S.R.C.S (England)

                     BDS, MSc, DMD (Canada)

              Best Compliments

(416) 281 7555                               (416) 293 0130
Scarborough Professional Centre              5005 Steeles Ave., East
1371 Neilson Road - Suite # 212,             Suite # 100
Scarborough - ON                             Scarborough - ON
M1B 4Z8                                      M1V 5K1

Bridge Building Competition –
Youth Experience
Curtis Cheam

Engineering is about compromise. There are limited resources and time and an engineer's goal is
to maximize a design's usefulness while minimizing resources.           The Popsicle Stick Bridge
Building Competition is an introduction to the practice of professional engineering. As a
competitor, you have all designed a bridge with size and weight restrictions and attempted to find a
balance between them to build the strongest bridge.

I also participated in a similar competition when I was younger. As a mandatory requirement of
my physics class in high school, we were partnered up to design and build a bridge out of popsicle
sticks and glue. At first, we were not very keen on entering the competition but after scoping it out
and realizing the range of possibilities, we became a lot more interested. We were free to use any
design as long as it followed guidelines such as maximum size, length, and weight. The most
significant restriction was that any point in the bridge could be a maximum width of only three
possible sticks. We started by drawing an initial specification with exact measurements and angles
of the various trusses of our bridge. After many iterations, discussions, and compromises, we were
convinced that we had the winning design. Our bridge performed very well at the competition but
we overlooked a significant flaw at one of the junction points. It turned out that this was the
weakest point in our bridge. We were very disappointed because we had not foreseen this failure
point. We learned two important lessons of engineering practice.

   1. Any design is only as strong as its weakest link
   2. The principle of Murphy's Law which states that anything which can go wrong will go

The next year, we entered the contest again a second time. Our goal was to improve on our original
design and we focused heavily on strengthening the junction point where our bridge failed the year
before. We also made many improvements based on experience, further research, and the scouting
of previous competitors’ designs. Once we finalized on a design, our analysis pointed to a few
weak points but we convinced ourselves that they were far stronger than the weak point of our
bridge the year before. At the competition, our bridge faired much better and the point of failure
occurred exactly where we had predicted. We were very proud of our accomplishment as we came
in second place that year.

The Popsicle Stick Bridge Building Competition was an experience, which inspired me to become
an engineer. I enjoyed designing a solution which was a compromise between the many
restrictions of the competition and the maximize strength the bridge could achieve.

There is an engineer in all of us as we all make compromises in our own daily lives. We all
balance our time between work and play, or homework and games. Hopefully, you have
discovered the engineer in you during this competition. Good luck.

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All the participants and Guests

                                                    BBC 2009 Committee
                                                         28 February 2009

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     of exceptional savings on products and services, that will
     more than pay for the cost of my membership.

     I’m proud to be an engineer. Are you? Then show your pride
     by becoming an OSPE engineer today. Remember, it’s your
     profession. Your voice.

                                 Michael Monette, MBA, EDP, P.Eng.,
                                          OSPE President and Chair


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