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									  The Marshals Post
The Newsletter of the BMMC Midland Region

                        NOVEMBER 2008

     Well Done Lewis Hamilton the youngest World Champion in Formula 1 History


 b       BRITISH
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 m       MARSHALS
 c       CLUB

Chairman/Competition             Secretary                    Treasurer/Assistant
secretary                                                     Training officer
Mary Pearson                     Cathy Denyer                 Marc Mills
12 The Bank                      31 Hazel Road                The Lock House
Countesthorpe                    Rubery                       Wychnor
Leics.                           Birmingham                   Burton on Trent
LE8 5RL                          B45 9DT                      Staffs DE13 8BY
Tel:                             Tel: 0121 457 7929           Tel: 01283 791546
Mobile: 07989 062820             Mobile: 07837 653254         Mobile: 07919 048484
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Membership                       Training officer             Recruitment officer
Geoff Mollart                    Jim Whitaker                 James Goddard
The Vines                        Cocksian Cottage             6 Woodland Avenue
51 Vicarage Drive                Banks Green                  Huthwaite
Stramshall                       Nr. Redditch                 Sutton-in-Ashfield
Uttoxeter                        Worcs.     B97 5SU           Nottinghamshire
Staffs ST14 5DL                  Tel: 01527 541285            NG17 2QH
Tel: 01889 564441                Mobile: 07798 702428         Mobile ; 07841 126 780
Email:                           Email:                       Email :

Regalia officer                  Rally representative         Vice-chairman/Newsletter
Steve Blaber                     Mike Grantham                Jayne Poston
16 Cotsmore Close                387 Birmingham Road          2 Whitegate Road
Heather                          Bordesley                    Coseley
Leics                            Redditch                     West Midlands
LE67 2RJ                         B97 6RH                      WV14 8UY
Mobile: 07789 908334             Tel: 01527 62911             Mobile: 07725 536 689
Email:          Mobile: 07968 160664

Sprint secretary                 Committee member
Steve Hill                       Greg Laming
Eskdale Cottage                  9 Nicholas Street
Main Street                      Hasland
Acomb, Hexham                    Chesterfield
Northumberland                   S41 0AS
NE46 4PW                         Tel 07710848094
Tel: 01434 609723                Email:
Fax: 01434 601094      
Mobile: 07710 131130
                              EDITORIAL DISCLAIMER
The opinions expressed in this Newsletter are those of individual contributors and are not
necessarily those of the BMMC, The Region or the Editor. The Editor reserves the right to edit
contributions for length and clarity

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                         EDITORS BLOG
   Welcome to the November Edition of the BMMC Newsletter for the
                         Midlands Region

       Now we are at the end of the 2008 season and in fact the last
   Newsletter of the year I would like to say a big thank you to all those
                     people who have contributed articles.
 All articles are gratefully received and needed to keep your Newsletter
  informative, interesting and up to date! There are 300+ marshals of all
      disciplines reading this Newsletter and I’d love to hear from you.
My full details can be found on the Contacts page at the beginning of this
Newsletter, so get scribbling and I look forward to having a full ‘inbox’ of
                           articles to read through
 I have included the competition that was in the last Newsletter due to a
lack of response with answers. It’s not too difficult so come on guys send
              me your answers – there’s a voucher for the winner.
   If you are attending the AGM please let either myself or a member of
          the Committee know so we can cater for correct numbers.
    Have a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year – see you all next
                                 Jayne Poston
                         CHAIRMANS CHATTER

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton – the youngest ever F1 World Champion
and well deserved (even though he did leave it to the very last minute!)

Well that’s another Track season over (apart from the Plum Pudding
meeting at Mallory); although there are still some Rally meetings over the
next few months.
Details of these can be found further on in the Newsletter.

We have had another busy season this year and, although we have had a
large number of new members in the Region, we have still struggled at
some Club Meetings.

If anyone would like to know attend a Committee meeting then please
contact a member of the Committee. They are held at the Village Hall in
Twycross, Leicestershire. Don’t forget this is your Club and you are more
than welcome.

I would also like to remind you all that your National AGM is taking place
at Mallory Park on the 14th of December at 2.00 p.m. It would be nice to
see some new faces there ..?

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the Midland
Committee members for their hard work and commitment over the past

So, it just remains for me to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and an
even happier New Year.

Keep safe and see you soon

                           Welcome to our New Members
                                 Mark Sansom from Newark
                                Jane-Maria Bell from Newark
                              Paul Barrett from Burton on Trent
                            Thomas Barrett from Burton on Trent
                    Fred and Rachel Siddons from Mansfield Woodhouse
                           Simon Hicks from Stourport on Severn
                           Matt Martin from Stourport on Severn
                          Christopher Richardson from Chesterfield
                            Aristeidis Tsapelis from Birmingham
                             Michael Le Grys from Langley Mill
                                 Luke George from Bradford
                               Andrew Fletcher from Bradford
                                  Neil Murcott from Alfreton
                             Anthony Mayfield from Nottingham
                              Matthew Wright from Swadlincote
                                Susan Birch from Nottingham
                               John Bradford from Shirebrook
                                 Richard Merriott from Derby
                                    Ian Maltby from Derby
                                 Richard Lee from Warwick
                                  Ben Howat from Warwick

Welcome to you all, have a fantastic time marshalling and if you have any questions, no
matter how silly you think they are don’t be afraid to ask. The experienced marshals will only
be to happy to pass on their wealth of knowledge.
                           CLUB REGALIA
Description                                     Overalls                               Price
BMMC CLOTH BADGES                       £1.50   EUROPA STYLE - LADIES 16              £20.00
BMMC GRADING BADGES                     £1.00   EUROPA STYLE - LADIES 14              £20.00
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BMMC STICKERS                           £1.50   EUROPA STYLE - LADIES 10              £20.00
BMMC STICKERS LARGE (7” x                       OULTON STYLE PROBANS -
                                        £1.50                                         £12.00
7”)                                             EXTRA SMALL
BODYWARMERS L - M - S – XS             £25.00   Clearance items
                                                ORANGE QUILTED JACKETS
BODYWARMERS XXL & XL                   £28.00                                         £10.00
                                                XXL – XL - L
                                       £15.00   THERMAL GLOVES L                       £3.00
TROUSERS (to be discontinued)
                                       £28.00   WATERPROOF GLOVES £5.00                £5.00
(to be discontinued)
LEATHER WELDERS GLOVES                  £3.50   50th Anniversary Poloshirts and Mugs
OULTON STYLE OVERALLS -                         also Heroes All’ T-Shirts and mugs,
NON PROBAN – SMALL                     £12.00   Sweatshirts and Fleece Jackets are
Suitable for Junior/Cadet Marshals              available by mail order.
‘HEROES ALL’ T-SHIRTS -                         Order forms can be downloaded from the
                                        £5.00   club website.
original version
‘HEROES’ CLOTH BADGES                   £1.50
‘HEROES’ LAPEL BADGES                   £1.50
‘HEROES’ STICKERS                       £1.50
‘HEROES’ KEY-RINGS                      £1.50
            For all enquiries contact the Regional Regalia Officer:
                                         Steve Blaber
                          16 Cotsmore Close, Heather, Leics, LE67 2RJ
                      Tel: 01530 261407 (7pm- 9pm) Mobile: 07789 908334
                     MALLORY SIGN AT MOST MEETINGS

                       LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

Hi Chris

Hope you are well. Firstly sincere thanks and congratulations on your continued efforts on behalf of the South
Mids branch, i certainly appreciate the club newsletter, so that goes for all those involved in its production too. The
last time we met was at Brooklands post for the 2007 British GP, and i recall a great weekend with a good team on
the post as is usually the case.

Turning to 2009, i have in recent years been invited to marshal at the Canadian GP in Montreal, always declining due
to a usual clash with Le Mans. Next year its top of the list to 'tick off', and whilst i have the necessary contacts, i
wonder if you, or any South Mids members, have any anecdotes/tips on this event, where to stay, whether its worth
the trip etc. Indeed does anybody recommend other GPs? Fortunately I still have the F1 'bug' since the Hunt/Lauda
battles, despite the best efforts of some to ruin it.

I'd be grateful if you know any contacts or could put a line in the newsletter. My email is or mobile 07879848555.

Have a good remaining season if you are still 'out and about' & and a good 2009 also.

Thanks again, sincere regards.

Malcolm Hawthorn SM2597

                       Motor Sport Marshalling in Australia
                                                                                                      By Allan Young

Firstly let me give you an insight to my background and how I got started on this wonderful
journey over the last 30 years. It has taken me to all parts of the world like Bahrain,
Singapore and Malaysia and all over Australia.

I am a retired professional Fire fighter with 31 years of service to the community of Brisbane.
In 1979 I joined a club called the Queensland Fire & Rescue Club whose role was the fire
protection, prevention and suppression. It was to attend motor sports events at our local race
circuits Lakeside International Circuit and Surfers Paradise International Raceway
unfortunately both circuits are now closed. We also attended the Drag Racing at Surfers.

Our club is affiliated to the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport or CAMS which is our
governing body for all activity around the country. CAMS are also affiliated to the FIA. CAMS
are responsible for competitor licensing and permits to run events. We have state
representation from different motor sport clubs and hold council meetings each month in each
state with representatives from the different clubs on the council who are elected to represent
their clubs.

We are referred to as officials here as opposed to marshals. We have a panel which sits
monthly to discuss our volunteer official licence program and to organise upcoming events.
I have been involved with the Australian Grand Prix since 1986. It was then held in Adelaide
South Australia. As volunteers the cost to officials to attend event such as this is enormous
due to Australia’s vast distances. I have been the Chief Fire Official since 1991 I carried this
position over to Melbourne Victoria when the Grand Prix was switched over from Adelaide in
1996. I am still serving in this role today.

My duties at an event like this include putting together a fire plan. Appointing assistant chiefs
of whom we have 4 plus a deputy chief. Also I have to organise fire trucks for the track to
support the Medical Team to enhance the safety of the event. We work under direction of the
Clerk of the Course and the Emergency Controller. Also I am responsible for the rostering of
200 officials to the points around the circuit. I do this with help from the assistants. It is very
much a team effort.

We always get a good roll up each year. although the length of the days can be quite
exhausting. Sign on starts at 6am for the four days of the event. Rain hail or shine the days
don’t usually finish until 5-6pm. We are supplied with shirts for the Senior Officials and the
Fire Officials receive red overalls which are loaned from the Grand Prix Corporation. We are
given two extra passes to allow family or friends to attend the event and our accreditation also
allows us to attend the after race party at the end of the event. The only downside and I have
been writing letters to the FIA about this is the tabards we are required to wear at the event.
They can become a hazard and for trackside officials they are not fire retardant.

I am also the Chief Fire Official at the Gold Coast Indy event and also the Bathurst 1000
touring car race. The Gold Coast race is like a home event as it is only 45 minutes to an hour
south of where I live in Brisbane.

It has a holiday feel about it of course it is in the holiday capital of Australia. Being a street
circuit it is put together and pulled apart each year. It is currently being assembled for this
year’s event. The event is held in lat October and they begin putting the track together in

With the merger of the Indy Racing League and Champ Car this year there is a huge
anticipation for the event.

They bring a different problem for us as they run bio fuel with a mix of ethanol and unleaded
fuel. Where as Champ Car ran a straight methanol fuel so this year we will have to adjust to
a new fuel. Lots of tubs and buckets full of water are placed around the circuit as well as
foam and powder extinguishers to help quell any fires.

Over the years we have had many marshals from the UK visit the Grand Prix, Bathurst and
the Gold Coast Indy.

The V8 Supercar Series is our biggest and most popular motor sport series. It travels around
all the states and overseas to Bahrain each year. It also travels to the Gold Coast Indy and
runs a round of the championship with the IRL.

One of our problems is the recruitment of new officials. Our sport is going through some
changes and it is getting harder to attract young people to get involved. Training courses are
available to keep up the skills required but it has to be fitted in between race events and it can
take up a lot of people’s free time.

                                NSCC Sprint Thoresby
Having attended quite a few sprint meetings at Curborough this year I was looking forward to
this 2 day event.
Friday did not go as planned due to the heavy rain but managed to erect tent in record
time.Awoke Saturday morning to a dry day. Lovely view of Thoresby Hall and the snack
wagon already open for marshals Breakfast. Looking good so far.
At sign on was posted to start line.
Sorted ourselves out with a plan of action for the day and even managed a play around with
1 car of the day to get an idea of road lie, lining cars up with beam and getting used to
wedges. Can’t remember much more about the morning practice sessions as it went so fast,
just remember 1 few batches of cars being very heavy to push!!!
Westfields etc a doddle, every driver doing as told and the sun getting hotter,
After lunch, which was on time as usual with NSCC sprints, managed to get 3 timed runs in
for all drivers, which from a personal point of view was splendid, thanks must go to all drivers
here for being well organised in paddock and all ready to go when asked. Even with the long
delay due to unfortunate TVR incident all over by 5.30pm
Must say, by then I was shattered and ready for a well earned beer or 2.
It was a very hot day for us all on Start Line.
Quick wash and brush up and ready for the meal. This turned out to be a fantastic evening in
the village hall. Lovely meal and great to speak to all drivers to get feedback of what it is like
out on track.(Not an easy track according to most). Some tricky chicanes and turns.
Sunday I was posted to 2 chicane, but asked to be kept on Start Line, mainly because it
would be a new crew and I had perfected the line up (I thought I had anyway).Lovely morning
from a marshals point, not too hot and not too cold.
Morning Breakfast before the fun began again.
Very close to 9am first runs began in earnest, quickly getting through 1 practice in just over 1
hour. 2 practice run getting straight away, all drivers very very well behaved which is a
pleasure to deal with.
Lunch break then back off we go again for the fun of the timed runs.
Oh dear, Sun starting to burn down on us again. Some fantastic tyre warming done by most
cars, The smell of burning rubber and smoke just hitting us all as we have to line the cars up.
Decided to get the heavier cars to run past lights and roll them back onto wedge as feeling
strain of weekend now. Must thank the Evo and Scooby drivers as their cars where very
heavy to push. Nearly every driver thanking us before their last run for all our help. Much
appreciated by all. Only 2 runs after lunch. We where done very early from a Marshals point
of view.
Just time to pack tent away before awards Ceremony. Fantastic to put faces to drivers,
normally only see helmets and big eyes!!
I think I can say for all Marshals who attended this meeting, (a lot for the 1 time)
It was a well organised and friendly meeting. It was a pleasure to have been involved. If you
have never Marshalled a Sprint before I would highly recommend giving it a go.
Roll on next year.
Some photos of Thoresby and more here.
Jimmy Goddard

                   DATES FOR YOUR DIARY

Following the theme of last years BMMC national Christmas card we
are offering the full range of cards (above) for sale in packs of 4
complete with envelopes for your personal use.
To purchase please complete your details below indicating the number
of sets required and send with a cheque or Postal Order for £2.40
per pack (including postage)
Please make cheques/PO’s payable to BMRMC Ltd and send to :-
Eric Ridler, 41 Norwood Drive, Timperley, Cheshire, WA15 7LD

                       COMING SOON

                       TO UPGRADE!!
Well what a season that has been for me………
Not only has it been my first full season Marshalling. But also my first year on the Committee
as Recruitment Officer,

Both thoroughly enjoyed.

To date I have had nearly 300 inquiries from prospective Marshals.

This has resulted in a very busy year for me, meeting and greeting and doing Taster

This would not have been possible without the very grateful help of the Committee members,

and all other marshals who have looked after my new Recruits for the day.

I have only ever had positive feedback from my Recruits and hopefully most of them will
return for more next season.

It has been great seeing my earlier Recruits now upgrading or ready to upgrade.

And seeing they are still thoroughly enjoying themselves whatever the weather has been like.

Thank You All.

My Marshaling season has been fantastic too.

Started way back in February at a cold and windy Silverstone and finished in October at

I have been kept busy either on the Bank, in the pits or at the Sprint meetings I have

I have met some wonderful, helpful and friendly people over the season and had some great
times when camping over at meetings.

Had my first fire to deal with. (In pits Donington)

Also had some major incidents to deal with out on Bank too.

Had all the seasons weather possible at most meetings this year, can’t forget how cold that
wind was at Silverstone for FIA/GT meeting in April.

Or how hot it was at Donington in July for the Trucks.

Also had a fantastic time watching Lewis Hamilton win the British Grand Prix at Silverstone
with all my Family.

Thanks again to all who have helped me either with my Marshalling or with my Recruits over
the season.

See you all next Season.

Jimmy Goddard

Recruitment Officer
       b        BRITISH
       r        RALLY

       m        MARSHALS
       c        CLUB

                             BRMC RALLY REPORT
Well yet another year is drawing to a conclusion and the last events for the ANCRO and
BRTDA championships have both run. Congratulations to Marcus Dodd for winning the Ancro
championship and Hugh Hunter for winning the BTRDA Championship, all events in both
categories were hotly contested. &.

Can I thank all marshals who helped us on the Premier Stages Rally over the weekend of the
   th  th
25 /26 October, we had a change of scenery from our usual Portland/Birklands to
Clipstone/Sherwood Pines, and thanks to everyone who helped it was a great success.
As a club we are running the Sweet Lamb stage on Wales Rally GB on Friday 5 December,
we used to run a stage called Epynt but that has been taken off the route for 2008 because a
move further north was favoured so Hafren, Sweet Lamb and Myherin are included in this
years itinerary and will be popular with rally fans.

Looking forward to 2009 BRMC are running Clipstone North on the Robin Hood Stages
    th  th
14 /15 March. This event is ideal and very local for anyone who fancies having a go at rally
marshalling for the first time, so if it appeals give me a call.
Rally training dates for the Midland area are Feb 28 Rodbaston near Penkridge and Derby
1 March. 2009 will also see lots of date changes in championship events so to keep up with
these changes either watch out for my event table each newsletter or look at the revitalized
BRMC website which will carry full details of all things rallying.


           Date                   Event                       Location
15/16/17 November         Roger Albert Clark Rally   Yorkshire / Scottish Borders.
29 November               Grizedale Stages           Lake District
4/5/6/7 December          Wales Rally GB        #    Mid / South Wales
18 January                Red Kite Stages      #     Mid Wales
7 February                Wydean Stages        #     Forest of Dean
14 February               Winter Stages       #      Sweet Lamb
22 February               Tour of Epynt       #      Builth Wells / Brecon
    th th
27 /28 February           Rallye Sunseeker           Bournemouth
28 February 2009          Training Rodbaston         Near Penkridge
1 March 2009              Training Derby      #      Derby University
7 March                   Malcolm Wilson Rally       Lake District
    th th
14 /15 March              Robin Hood Stages #        Near Mansfield
28 March                  Bulldog Rally         #    Mid Wales

# BRMC Regalia available at these events #

Regards Mike Grantham. Midlands Region rally rep.
                   BMMC –AMENDED AGM NOTICE 2008

Notice is hereby give on the 50th Annual General Meeting of the British
Motorsport Marshals Club, Midlands Region, to be held at Senna Fangio Suite
Donington Park on 26th November 2008 commencing at 8 pm.


   1. Apologies for absence.

   2. Minutes of the 49th AGM held on 21st November 2007 (Copies available
      on the night).

   3. Chairman’s report.

   4. Treasurer’s report.

   5. Secretary’s report.

   6. Competition Secretary’s report.

   7. Rally Representative’s report.

   8. Recruitment Officers Report

   9. Training Officer’s report.

   10. Membership and Grading Officer’s report.

   11. Sales Officer’s report.

   12. Newsletter Editor’s report.

   13. Sprint report.

   Election to the committee (Nominations to be received by the Regional
   Secretary not later than seven days prior to the AGM)

   Members’ Propositions (To be received duly seconded, by the Regional
   Secretary not later than fourteen days prior to the AGM)

   Cathy Denyer
   Regional Secretary
                            MARSHALS QUIZ
                      Take your pick or True / False

Hi, everyone! Hope the season is going well for you all, and good news about
Donnington – we all look forward to future GPs.

Hope you will give the quiz another go – have made them varied to give
everyone chance to take part so have a go and you could win a £10 voucher.

Roy Harrison
I/O and Quizmaster

1     What nationality is Sebastian Leob?
      a) Finnish b) English c) French

2     Which team does he drive for?
      a) Subaru b) Citroen c) Ford

3     Frank Biela drove for Audi in BTCC 1996 – True or False?

4     Did Jordon F1 ever win the world championship – True or False?

5     Complete the name of this supercar – Bugatti …………
      a) Vixon b) Veyron c) Viper

6     What team does Andy Priaulx drive for in the WTCC?
      a) BMW b) Audi c) Mercedes

7     F1 star Lewis Hamilton drives car No 2 – True or False?

8     Dale Earnhart finally wins Daytona 500 in
      a) 1980 b) 1998 c) 2008

9     Nigel Mansell did race against Emerson Fittapaldi – True or False?

10   Robbie Kerr, Anthony Davidson, and Oliver Turvey all drive in the
BTCC 2008 – True or False?

11    Colin McRea won the Rally World Championship in
      a) 1990 b) 2000 c) 1995

12    Jamie Davis drives a Ferrari 430 GT in the FIA GT Series - True or

13    The Le Man Audi Rio TDI is powered by petrol – True or False?

14    Rubens Barrichello finished 3rd at Silverstone GP 2008 – True or
       A few more dates for your Diary and yes they really are for 2009!

                     2009 Sprint Events

                      Sunday 10th May Curborough (single lap)
                     Sunday 14th June Curborough (single lap)
                     Sunday 12th July Curborough (Double Lap)
                            Saturday 8th August MIRA
                     Saturday 12th September Thoresby Park *
                      Sunday 13th September Thoresby Park *

* A complimentary meal at Perlethorpe Village Hall on the Saturday evening
will be available to any marshal who is marshalling at both the Saturday and
                       Sunday events at Thoresby Park

                                   Contact details:
                           Vi Selby (Marshals Co-ordinator)
                                  29 Grasmere Road
                                      LE11 2ST
                              Telephone:- 01509 261286
                               Mobile:- 0797 696 1974

                                           SAFETY CARS
It is easy to get confused by the multitude of different safety car rules and are always subject
 to change so always check with the event organisers. When a Safety Car is on track yellow
                 flags should be displayed as normal at the site of the incident.
                         Traditional Safety Car/Pace Car Regulations
 The first indication Flag Marshals get that the Safety Car is on track is when they first see it
                                  approaching with lights flashing.
           1. On seeing the car for the first time the Yellow Flag is held out stationary.
          2. Each time the Safety Car passes your flag point the yellow flag is waved.
3. Once the Safety Car and the train of competitors has passed the next flag point the flag is
                                 held stationary again at your point.
       4. The Safety Car extinguishes its flashing lights to indicate it is going in next lap.
5. As the train of competing cars passes the start /finish line flag posts display green flags in
                                       the direction of racing.
                          6. The green flags are withdrawn after one lap.
                                       Formula 1 Safety Car
1. A stationary yellow flag and a SC board are displayed at the start line when the Safety Car
                                             is deployed.
      2. Stationary yellow flags and SC boards are then displayed by all flag posts in both
                3. Flags are not waved, except at the post ahead of the incident.
                   4. When the Safety Car is called in it extinguishes all lights
 5. As it enters the pits, the yellow flags and SC boards are withdrawn in both directions and
                                replaced with a stationary green flag
                            6. The green flag is withdrawn after one lap.
Chairman Secretary                 Treasurer
Chris Hobson                       George W Copeland
Ballaugh, 27 Dollicott             Rustico
HADDENHAM                          Forest Road
Bucks,                             HANSLOPE
HP17 8JL                           Bucks
Tel: 01844 290631                  MK19 7DE
Mobile: 07789 206809               Tel & Fax: 01908 510137
Email:   Email:

National Training Officer          National P.R.O.
Chris Bird                         Stephen Green
32 Lindon Road                     21 Ivory Close
Coxheath                           FAVERSHAM
MAIDSTONE                          Kent
Kent ME17 4QS                      ME13 7RS
Tel/Fax: 01622 745104              Tel: 01795 532223
Mobile: 07794 152698               Mobile: 07958 570652
Email:          Email:

National Membership Secretary      BRMC Chairman
Sue Whitlock                       Jon Cordery
3 Acorn Way                        6a West Street
SILVERSTONE                        CROYDON
Northants                          Surrey
NN12 8DQ                           CRO 1DG
Tel: 01327 857011                  Tel: 0208 680 8861
Fax: 01327 858733                  Mobile: 07710 128824
Email:            Email:

Donington Park                     Mallory Park
Ian Berry Tele 10332 872602        Paul Stilling Tele 01455 284024

Donington Es Team                  Silverstone
Diane Hardy                        Pam Dearn
4 Garrett Square                   Administration Team Leader
Rolleston on Dove                  BRDC Race Organisation
Burton On Trent                    Silverstone Circuit
DE13 9AX                           Northants
Tele 01283 810150                  NN12 8TN       Tele 01327 320297
                      BMMC MARSHALS INSURANCE
If you wish to take advantage of the Marshals Club insurance policy, will you
please complete a form in the format below.
Instead of filling out 20 or 30 green slips, all you need to do is fill in the one
form and send it off. Alternatively, you could just e-mail Mary Pearson with
your details and dates you require insurance cover. This form is not for
volunteering, it is just for insurance.
Name:     ………………………………………………………………………………
Address: ………………………………………………………………………………
Post Code ………………………………..
Region/Membership number ……………………
I require insurance cover for the following events:

DATE       VENUE           CLUB       DATE        VENUE              CLUB

Send the above form to
Mary Pearson
12 The Bank

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