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					Total Contract Solutions

  Contract Mining

          Expertise                   Complete range of mining
                                      and earthmoving services

       Resources                      Extensive and diverse range of
                                      modern plant and equipment

Safe & Reliable                       Excellent safety record and
                                      ability to deliver on time

       Lucas have the experience and resources
       to tackle the largest and most challenging
       mining projects.
       Many leading mining companies rely on Lucas to
       undertake major mining and construction works for
       mines under development and ongoing mining
       operations in some of the most remote parts of Australia.
       Our services are increasingly in demand as new mines
       are commissioned and miners seek to build infrastructure
       quickly, safely and cost-effectively within tight timeframes
       and get mines into production.
       Many years of involvement in the industry means
       we deliver on all occupational health and safety
       expectations, operational and technical requirements,
       and are used to working with all stakeholders,
       including clients, government agencies,
       suppliers and local communities.
                                                                                            Contract Mining

Range of services
Lucas have the expertise, personnel                           Recent mining projects
and heavy equipment to cover all service                      Exco	Resources	Poly	Metals	White	Dam – Gold mining
areas including:                                              operation where contract mining services included topsoil
                                                              stripping, drill and blast, load & haul waste and ore, processing
•	 Contract	mining                                            and civil works for mine infrastructure.
•	 Complete	service	from	resource	to	ship                     Iluka	Jacinth-Ambrosia	Mine – One of the world’s largest
•	 Bulk	earthworks                                            mineral sands mines 270km west of Ceduna. Services
                                                              included 95kms roadworks, mining, permanent village,
•	 Overburden	and	topsoil	stripping                           airstrip, bulk earthworks, civil works including concrete and
•	 Drilling	and	blasting                                      underground services for the entire process facility.
•	 Loading	and	hauling	ROM	materials                          Iluka	Jacinth-Ambrosia	Mine – Extensive test pit trials
                                                              near Ceduna to establish the best mining and processing
•	 Crushing	and	processing	                                   methodologies for one of the Largest Zircon Mines in
•	 Construction	and	reclaiming	of	stockpiles                  the world.

•	 Bulk	commodity,	ore	and	concentrate	haulage                Oz	Minerals,	Prominent	Hill – Topsoil stripping, airstrip, bulk
                                                              earthworks, 140km of mine site access and concentrate haul
•	 Tailings	dam	construction	                                 roads, tailings storage facility and process plant civil works for
•	 Mine	and	quarry	development	and	maintenance                the copper-gold mine, 650 km north-west of Adelaide.
                                                              Termite	Resources,	Cairn	Hill – Magnetite project near
•	 Rehabilitation	and	re-vegetation
                                                              Coober Pedy. Services included overburden stripping, drill and
•	 Mine	infrastructure                                        blast, load and haul, crushing of iron ore and construction of
                                                              an underpass on Stuart Highway.
•	 Construction,	upgrading	and	maintenance	of		 	
	 haul	roads	and	mine	access	roads                            Holcim – Load and haul, overburden stripping, plant hire
                                                              and crushing.
Lucas are the preferred choice of many leading mining
companies because we are reliable, we meet deadlines and      Onesteel,	Ardrossan	Dolomite	Mine – Contract equipment
we have an excellent safety and environmental record. We      supplier for load and haul, overburden removal, shiploading,
are also well-equipped to overcome the unexpected – even      rehabilitation works, blast hole drilling, crushing, labour and
in the remotest of areas.                                     plant hire services.

Pivotal to our ability to deliver successful projects is      About us
our experienced team of project managers, engineers,
supervisors, surveyors, shotfirers, operators and drillers,   With an extensive and dedicated workforce of qualified and
together with our own on-site maintenance facilities headed   experienced staff, and one of the largest plant and equipment
by experienced managers supported by well-trained diesel      fleets, no project is too large or challenging.
fitters, boilermakers and trades assistants.                  Lucas maintains a high level of integrity, favourable community
Lucas operate three 8-seater and 10-seater turbo prop         relations and environmental responsibility in all our operations
aircraft to ensure fast and convenient access to remote       and will not compromise on safety in our delivery of productive
projects, and an ability to dispatch parts, supplies and      and efficient services ensuring we exceed client expectations.
undertake crew changes on demand.                             Safety is a core corporate value and is integrated into all Lucas
Lucas are a multidisciplined contractor and are committed     processes. We are accredited to ISO 18001 and the Australian
to employing local people in regional and remote areas to     New Zealand Standard 4801 for Occupational Health and
support our permanent staff.                                  Safety Management Systems.
                                                              Our commitment to safety is demonstrated by high safety
                                                              standards instilled within our company, this has ensured that
                                                              Lucas has an enviable safety record.

Telephone: 08 8179 4000
Facsimile: 08 8358 3849
PO Box 150
Brighton SA 5048

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