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									             the junior league
          palo alto • mid peninsula

               welcomes you to
             the 2006 spring gala

license to

 March 11, 2006   St. Regis Hotel   San Francisco
               welcome from naomi chavez

I am thrilled to welcome you to License to Thrill, the Junior League of Palo Alto•Mid
Peninsula’s annual Spring fundraiser. The dedicated women on the fundraiser com-
mittee, led by the powerful leadership of Kim Forbes and Dulcy Freeman, have worked
for months. They have partnered with the stunning St. Regis Hotel San Francisco,
cultivated generous sponsors and underwriters, and utilized their ingenuity and
creativity to bring you an extraordinary evening. Thank you for attending!

S.H. Silver Company has added immeasurably to the glamour of our event by contrib-
uting the exquisite jewelry pieces to our raffle. In business on the mid-peninsula for
25 years, S.H. Silver is known for their attention to detail, community-minded focus,
and extraordinary inventory and customer service. Thank you, Steve and Eileen Silver,
for your partnership. I would also like to extend a warm thanks to the generosity
of the St. Regis Hotel San Francisco, along with Gallo Family Vineyards, Greenberg
Traurig, LLP, and Union Bank of California, and all our generous underwriters.

License to Thrill will contribute greatly to the success of the League’s impact. The
fun and glamour surrounding the gala supports the League’s mission of making a
community impact through trained women volunteers. Over 1,100 women on the
mid-peninsula are members of the League and committed to its mission.

Powerfully positive outcomes result from our current community projects which
focus on developing the potential of families. This year alone we have gone into
East Palo Alto to work with families to help break the cycle of poverty; we work
with middle-school students to influence character development with the East Palo
Alto Charter School; and we also work with children on the Peninsula who are from
alcoholic and addicted families to help them cope with their situation at home.
With the First Teachers project, we help to improve literacy and the love of reading
by influencing our “first teachers”—the parents themselves. The HIP Housing
mentoring program pairs single mothers who are working to become self-reliant,
with our League members. Finally, our new project focuses on education and
programs to help combat childhood obesity. While our volunteers plan, support,
and deliver these services, they are building knowledge of our broader community,
and are sharpening their own leadership skills.

Your generous support tonight ensures the future success of the Junior League of
Palo Alto•Mid Peninsula’s mission to train women volunteers to make a difference
in the community.


                                   Naomi Chavez
                                 President 2005-06
                     Junior League of Palo Alto•Mid Peninsula
                                 past jlpa•mp presidents

      1964-65 Louise B. Landreth                        1985-86 Julie Rose
      1965-66 Marilyn T. MacFarland                     1986-87 Pam Brandin
      1966-67 Betty C. Edwards                          1987-88 Susan Coan
      1967-68 Mae-Jeanne McGanney                       1988-89 Karen Ross
      1968-69 Alice D. Redfield                         1989-90 Gayle Rimerman
      1969-70 Joan D. Denzler                           1990-91 Susan Sweeney
      1970-71 Nina H. Demmon                            1991-92 Terry Kurfess
      1971-72 Katie L. Patterson                        1992-93 Katrina Wollenberg
      1972-73 Sue S. Griffith                           1993-94 Liz Williams
      1973-74 Linda R. Meier                            1994-95 Maggie Pringle
      1974-75 Judy H. Dudley                            1995-96 Karen Tennis
      1975-76 Dee B. Black                              1996-97 Kim Meredith
      1976-77 Penny R. Lave                             1997-98 Virginia Loesch
      1977-78 Mary G. Mason                             1998-99 Rochelle Bochner
      1978-79 Cynthia N. Hockey                         1999-2000 Susan Williams-Clark
      1979-80 Christy A. Holloway                       2000-01 Sarah Rosendahl
      1980-81 Marilyn Pratt                             2001-02 Carrie Drake
      1981-82 Ginny Ellis                               2002-03 Pam Perez
      1982-83 Joan Sanders                              2003-04 Suzi Tinsley
      1983-84 Kristine Erving                           2004-05 Sally Falkenhagen
      1984-85 Mary Liz Maletis                          2005-06 Naomi Chavez

           The Past Presidents’ Luncheon, honoring incoming President Jean Limbach,
                 was held on Wednesday, January 11, at the Menlo Circus Club.
(front row from left) Sally Falkenhagen, Carrie Drake, Karen Ross, Mary Mason, Joan Sanders, Pam Brandin
        (back row) Naomi Chavez, Virginia Loesch, Suzi Tinsley, Julie Rose, Pam Perez, Terry Kurfess,
             Mary Liz Maletis, Sarah Rosendahl, Marilyn Pratt, Susan Coan and Kim Meredith.
Thank you for your support of License to Thrill. Monies raised at this event will
provide continued funding of the Community Projects, Grants and Training
Programs of The Junior League of Palo Alto•Mid Peninsula, Inc. So, raise those
paddles in the auction and feel good about your winnings!

We would like to extend a very special Thank You to our generous Underwriters
who have ensured the exquisite quality of this evening: The St. Regis San Francisco;
S.H. Silver Company; Gallo Family Vineyards; Greenberg Traurig, LLP; Union
Bank of California; Naomi Chavez and Master Spy James Bond, himself.

An event of this magnitude is only possible through the tireless efforts of an
amazing team and the generosity of numerous businesses and individuals. We
would like to send a heartfelt thank you to each of our Committee Members for
their diligent work and creative influences. This extraordinary event would not
be possible without your commitment to our cause. We would also like to thank
the Board of Directors for their constant encouragement, Bay Area Businesses
for their charitable participation, Volunteers for stepping up to the plate, and all
party-goers for making this fun!

Use your License to Thrill and immerse yourself in the sophistication and intrigue
of the world of James Bond. Enjoy a martini shaken, not stirred, buy raffle tickets
from one of Bond’s lovely ladies, dance to the sounds of Casino Royale or try your
luck in the GoldenEye Salon. Above all, accept your mission: make a meaningful
difference in the community in which we live and support!


                           Dulcy Freeman & Kim Forbes
                              Spring Gala Co-Chairs
                           board of directors
                               Naomi Chavez
                                Jean Limbach

Kim Boyanowski                Stacey Wueste Davis          Laura Whitman
Hilary Burcell                Karen Fryling                Anne Williams
Trish Cook                    Kathleen Greene              Pam Williams
Meaux Costello                Virginia Loesch              Elizabeth Wood
Beth Curran                   Pamela Richardson Toman

                         spring gala committee
                        Dulcy Freeman and Kim Forbes
                            Ann-Christel Graham
                           Auction & Underwriting
                                Calla Griffith
                               Jennifer Keenan
                      Courtney Charney and Laurie Brown
                               PR & Marketing
                                Carrie Drake
                              Sustainer Advisor

   Wendy Adelman              Jessica Gowdy             Marti Sterns
   Susan Bitar                Sarah Granger             Cathleen Walker
   Chara Burnett              Ingrid Insinger           Lisa Williams
   Meaux Costello             Melinda Osterloh          Jessica Yansouni
   Michelle Englert           Suzanne Scott
   Danielle Gowdy             Shannon Stein
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                         evening schedule
              6:30 p.m. Cocktail Reception & Silent Auction

                    8:00 p.m. Dinner and Live Auction

           Followed by dancing to the music of Casino Royale
                  and gaming in the GoldenEye Salon

                  Frank Bizzarro
                  President, Bizzarro’s Auto Auctions

                   Mr. Bizzarro was born in Pennsylvania and graduated from
                   Edinboro University in 1967, with a B.S. in education and post
                   graduate work at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in
                   N.Y.C. He was a member of Actors Equity until 1973, when he
                   apprenticed as an auctioneer. He moved to the Bay Area and
opened an antique auction and also worked for Bay Cities and Golden Gate Auto
Auctions. Since 1985, to present, he has been a guest auctioneer for classic car
auctions nationwide. Mr. Bizzarro also has recently performed as an “Auctioneer”
in the TV programs “Nash Bridges” and “The Incurable Collector”. In 1996,
Bizzarro’s Auto Auctions was opened in Redwood City, CA. In the past eight years,
Bizzarro’s Auto Auction has sold more than 30,000 charity vehicles with a sell rate
of more than twice the national average per vehicle. Mr. Bizzarro donates himself
and his auction team to more than 30 Bay Area fundraising events a year.

                        Casino Royale
                        Together since 1999, Casino Royale’s songs, dances and
                        style all set the tone for a happening like no other.
                        Miniskirts and boots, velvet suits, flowers and beads;
                        spy culture mystique; sassy soul struttin’ and eye-
                        poppin’ fashion are all represented in Casino Royale’s
                        action packed performance!

                        Casino Royale’s secret agent show is a one of a kind
                        thriller show staged with Bond babes, secret agents, and
                        the epic tunes from the 60s spy genre including many 007
Themes plus songs from the original Casino Royale movie, Austin Powers, Our Man
Flint, Secret Agent Man, and many more action classics.
                   gala underwriters
007 agents                          the spy who loved me
$10,000                             Up to $1,000
James Bond (aka Anonymous)          Anonymous
S.H. Silver Company                 Wendy Adelman
St. Regis Hotel San Francisco       Leslie S. Alston
                                    Tara Jane & Mark Arnold
goldeneye                           Kathleen Azzopardi
$5,000                              Ann & Richard Baker
Naomi Chavez                        Joanne Bal & Frederic Adam
Gallo Family Vineyards              Meaghan Bever
Greenberg Traurig, LLP              Paige & Kris Biorn
Union Bank of California            Mr. & Mrs. Nawaf Bitar
                                    Pamela Brandin
the world is not enough             Katherine Brill
$2,500                              Stefanie & John Bruggeman
                                    Sherry Bucolo
Atherton Lane Advisers, LLC
                                    Hilary & Aaron Burcell
Sally & Craig Falkenhagen
                                    Chara & Keith Burnett
Kim Forbes & Jim Tramel
                                    Lee Berris Casem
Dulcy Freeman — Coldwell Banker
                                    Kathleen & Laurent Castaillac
Mrs. John A. Wilson
                                    Courtney & Michael Charney
                                    Susan Coan
her majesty’s secret service
                                    Jessica Contreras
                                    Trish & Gene Cook
Rahela Abbas & Peter Moore          Chrissie Cooper
Tasha Bigelow                       Rachel & Greg Cruz
Kim Boyanowski                      Beth & John Curran
Maureen & Patrick Costello          Stacey Wueste Davis
Frederique Dame                     Lorraine W. Ditz
Sandi Dobrowolsky & Steve Perlman   Sherri Y. Dohemann
Carrie & Martin Drake               Noelle Dunn
Barbara & John Glynn                Angie & Skip Dupree
Jessica & Ryan Gowdy                Jean S. Elliott
Ann-Christel & Corbin Graham        Angela Espinosa
Suzi King                           Alisa Ferrell
Jean & Alan Limbach                 Wendy & Charles Forrester
Vanessa & Jaime Leighton            Gretchen & Charles Foster
Lisa T. Fine Jewelry                Karen & Jeff Fryling
Michele & Doug Magowan              Michelle Gracon
Suzi & Ken Tinsley                  Sarah Granger & Chuck Pletcher
Jan Woolsey                         Kathleen & Binky Greene

                       gala underwriters
    Calla & Will Griffith        Darcy R. Ratner
    Kara Hagen                   Monica & Sheridan Rawlins
    Julie Hall                   Karin & James Riley
    Beth Heron                   Laura & David Rogers
    Jan Hickman                  Leslie A. Rubin
    Jovita & Alex Honor          Jennifer & Jeff Sanders
    Ingrid C. Insinger           Lauren K. Schoenthaler
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Iskander   Suzanne Scott — Cashin Company
    Mr. & Mrs. Brian Jentz       Pearl Anne Seipp
    Jennifer & Andrew Keenan     The Shanmugasundarams
    Linda Knoll                  Dawn Stansfield
    Lucy Kohlmeier               Alexia Stjerne
    Mr. & Mrs. Bart Lammersen    Lisa & Tom Tayeri
    Andrea & Steven Lim          Liz & Brian Torok
    Lowery Thomas, LLC           Valerie Frederickson & Company
    Pamela & John Markevitch     C. Anne Vitullo
    Kim & Allen Meredith         Kristin & Gary Wheeler
    Shannon & Shaul Nassi        Laura & John Whitman
    Karen Osborn                 Geraldine & Mark Williams
    Osterloh & Orta, LLP         Jennifer Williams & Doug Bardsley
    Kathy Pendleton              Lisa & Brandon Williams
    The Perez Family             Pam Williams
    Marilyn Pratt                Jessica & Bertrand Yansouni
    Tracey & Craig Prim          Anna Maria Zara
    Sharon & Ted Purcell         Stacie Zell

                             s.h. silver company
We are so fortunate to have S. H. Silver Company as our sponsor for this year’s
amazing raffle. The S.H. Silver Company, one of America’s premiere jewelry houses,
marries old world attention to detail with a cosmopolitan eye on the world. S.H.
Silver Company has compiled four truly beautiful items to win in this year’s raffle.
These items include:

                       Platinum & diamond half hoop earrings—32 white
                       princess cut diamonds (approximately .38 carats
                       total weight).

                       Two-tone white and yellow 18k gold diamond
                       zig zag patterned ring band—30 yellow round
                       brilliant cut diamonds, 26 white baguette diamonds
                       and 6 white princess cut diamonds (approximately
                       1.06 carats total weight).

                       Diamond and yellow sapphire pave star fish pin in
                       18k yellow gold. (1.50 carats total weight of yellow
                       sapphires and 1/4 carat total weight of diamonds.)

                       Lattice pendant in 18kt white gold with 25 diamonds—
                       .28 points total weight.

                       Thank you S.H. Silver Company!
                               live auction
come sail away!                                                          lot live 1
Enjoy an afternoon sail on the beautiful San Francisco Bay on the Avaha, a 48-foot
wyliecat sailboat. You and nine friends will come aboard in Sausalito and enjoy a
2 to 6 hour sailing trip on the Bay. While sailing, you will be provided snacks and
drinks (including wine) while enjoying the sights from our world renowned San
Francisco Bay. Not recommended for very young children.
Value: $800                                                           Michael Katz

explore sorrento and the amalfi coast                                    lot live 2
Romantic Naples Bay and the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy is a sun-dappled
seascape of rocky cliffs plunging to aquamarine waters below. Dotting a coastline
of hidden coves with colorful boats is the charming seaside town of Sorrento.
Stay 7 days and 8 nights in Sorrento in the gorgeous Villa Nicoletta overlooking
the enchanting bay of Nerano. The villa sleeps 4 (or 6 with a sofa bed). Play in
the swimming pool, enjoy the breath-taking view from the terrace or stroll down
to the beach and sample the offerings of the local restaurants and bars (approxi-
mately .25 miles from the villa). Your stay includes a private boat tour of the Amalfi
coast—take a swim off the boat and explore hidden inlets and caves along the way.
Enjoy a stop at the fabled island of Capri and take in the island’s geologic marvels,
narrow medieval alleyways and gorgeous scenery at every turn. The boat tour will
end in Positano, the gem of the Amalfi coast, where you can enjoy dinner in a
typical Positanesse trattoria. Valid for mid-April, May, June, and September.
Vacation must start on a Saturday. Savor the real Italy.
Value: $2,500                                                          Resta Cumme

top gun!                                                                 lot live 3
Experience first hand the incredible thrill and excitement of flying a light attack
fighter in air-to-air combat. At the ground briefing session your Flight Leader will
provide you with full “Mission Instructions”. You will be given a detailed video
introduction to the Tactical Fighter Maneuvers you will need to perform in order
to succeed in your mission. Fully prepared and suited up, you will climb into the
aircraft alongside your instructor. With your hands on the controls you will engage
in six “g-pulling” dogfights. Proven training techniques will put you at ease at the
controls and provide you with the confidence to execute even the most complex air
combat maneuvers for an amazing flying adventure. You will be flying in a dogfight
with another plane, the patented electronic tracking system even simulates the
thrill of an actual “gun’s hit”! Your flight will be recorded on video and reviewed in
a post flight debriefing where awards will be handed to the winning fighter pilots.
This is a truly stunning experience that you will remember and talk about forever.
Value: $900                                                           Xperience Days

cape cod escape                                                          lot live 4
Escape for one week in September to the east coast tradition of Lower Cape Cod.
Relax to a simple pace in this contemporary flair home featuring Cathedral ceilings,
hardwood floors, fireplace and a Chef’s kitchen opening to a living & dining area.
The home can sleep 7 with 3 bedrooms (king, double and three twins) and two full
baths—one with a Japanese sit tub. Access to washer/dryer and linens provided.
There is a private back yard with a breeze to relax under the trees in the hammock.
Close to beaches and walking distance to bike path, tennis, library and the village.
You and your guests are sure to enjoy. While on vacation, you’ll be treated to a
whale watching excursion for two through Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises.
Value: $2,774                Beverly Kelsey and Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises

golf trifecta!                                                           lot live 5
Enjoy three exciting golf tournaments: the 2006 Wal-Mart First Tee Open; the 2006
Charles Schwab Cup Championship; and the 2007 AT&T Pebble Beach National
Pro-Am. First, enjoy two season passes to attend the 2006 Wal-Mart First Tee
Open scheduled for August 28, 2006 through September 3, 2006 at the Pebble
Beach Golf Links and the Del Monte Golf Course. Each pass entitles one person
entrance to the tournament all five days and is good for both golf courses. Next on
the schedule is the Charles Schwab Cup Championship on October 23–29, 2006 at
the Sonoma Golf Club. Enjoy four weekly Clubhouse and Wine Festival credentials
granting access to the grounds, the Clubhouse and the Wine Festival. Wrapping
up the schedule is the 2007 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am tournament
scheduled for February 5–11, 2007 at the Pebble Beach Golf Links, Spyglass and
Poppy Hills courses. You will receive two season passes entitling attendance to all
seven days of the tournament at all three of the courses. See the pros play!
Value: $1,050                               Monterey Peninsula Foundation and
                                             Charles Schwab Cup Championship

paradise awaits in beautiful bora bora                                   lot live 6
Enjoy a five (5) night stay for two at the new Luxury Collection Bora Bora Nui Resort
& Spa. Located on a private island, the resort is southwest of the main volcanic
peak, Mount Otemanu, that forms the center of the 18-mile ring of coral reef and
small islands that make up Bora Bora, the place author James Michener called
“the most beautiful island in the world.” The Bora Bora Nui features 120 all-suite
bungalows, a hilltop Mandara Spa, an overwater lobby, and a white sand beach nearly
a half mile long. This five (5) night stay for two people includes a 1,000 square foot
Horizon Overwater Villa, a daily American Breakfast, taxes and round-trip airport
transfers. Each bungalow is a unique combination of Polynesian tradition, luxurious
comfort, and modern technology—complete with two satellite, stereo TVs, CD and
DVD players, direct dial telephones with voicemail and Internet connection, as well
as built-in glass tables to watch the tropical fish swim by, and the option to snorkel
right off of your own private deck.

The stay certificate will be redeemable through December 31, 2006. Accommodations
must be in the Horizon Overwater Villa category or lesser—no upgrade to a
specialty suite is possible. No blackout dates will be set during the aforementioned
period. This stay certificate may not be combined with any other special promotions.
Each guest will be responsible for payment of all meals, excluding breakfast, and all
other incidentals that might be incurred during the stay.
Value: $8,000                                           Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa

game night for 16                                                        lot live 7
Host a game night for the guys and gals! Mayor Charles Marsala has graciously
donated the Game Room of his Atherton home for the setting, including pool
table, air hockey and foosball. Plus, place your bets at two Blackjack tables or one
Blackjack table and one Texas Hold ‘Em table, with two dealers (included for up
to four hours) provided by Ace Casino. And of course, you can’t play on an empty
stomach—the event will be catered by Gramercy Park Catering (for a value up to
$1,000). Gramercy Park’s proprietor, Christie Barrett West, is a classically trained
Chef with a flair for French, Continental, and Rustic Italian cuisine. Gramercy Park’s
delicious food is always made fresh to order and their menus are an abundant
display of artistic expression. Date to be mutually agreed upon. This will truly be a
one-of-a-kind event!
Value: $1,800                  Ace Casino Game Rentals, Gramercy Park Catering
                                                        and Mayor Charles Marsala

shaq attack!—shaquille o’neal game-used sneaker                          lot live 8
7-1, 315 pound Center Shaquille O’Neal is arguably the most dominant player in the
NBA. O’Neal’s list of awards and achievements is impressive: twelve-time All-Star
selection, six-time All-NBA First Team selection, NBA MVP (1999-2000), and NBA
Rookie of the year (1992-93). Most impressively, Shaq is a three-time NBA Finals
MVP after leading the Los Angeles Lakers to back-to-back-to-back NBA Finals
victories in 2000, 2001 & 2002. And now he is trying to do the same with the
Miami Heat. In 1996, O’Neal was selected as one of the “50 Greatest Players in NBA
History.” And his shoe is equally impressive. This Shaq shoe is a size 20, but looks
even bigger. More like a boat than a shoe, it is quite the conversation piece! This
is a very rare Game-Used shoe from Shaq’s rookie season with the Orlando Magic
(1992-93). His foot eventually grew to a size 22 but during his rookie season it was
ONLY a size 20. Shaq’s shoes, especially one as awesome as this, aren’t available
very often. A Rookie season only happens once for each athlete making this rookie
collectible all the more valuable. Get this terrific collectible before someone else
does. Certifications of Authenticity provided.
Value: $1,995                                                         Sports Gallery

star for a day                                                           lot live 9
Be the VIP that you are. First, enjoy two VIP seats to the taping of “The Ellen
DeGeneres Show”. The show features a unique mix of celebrity interviews, chart-
topping and up-and-coming musical performers, audience participation games,
and segments spotlighting real people with extraordinary stories and talents.
Ellen’s engaging personality and unique take on everyday life set the tone for this
party-like atmosphere. Dancing, which has become Ellen’s signature, has taken over
the studio. In addition to the VIP seating, you will leave the show with a gift bag of
“Ellen” merchandise. The show is taped September through May, Monday through
Thursday weekly.

Next, see where the magic is made and experience the living history of Paramount
Studios. Paramount Pictures celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2002, and traces its
beginnings to July 12, 1912, when Adolph Zukor founded the production company
Famous Players Film Corp. After producing over 3,000 films, Paramount remains
committed to the company’s original slogan: “If it’s a Paramount Picture, it’s the
best show in town.” Enjoy a VIP tour of the famous Paramount Studio Lot with
lunch in the Commissary for two guests. Certificate expires March 11, 2007.
Value: Priceless                                 The Ellen DeGeneres Show and
                                                      CBS Paramount Television

visit beautiful maui                                                    lot live 10
The Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa is the perfect destination for a fabulous
Hawaii vacation. Situated on 40 meticulously landscaped acres, the Grand Wailea
Resort Hotel & Spa opens onto Maui’s beautiful Wailea Beach, voted one of the
best beaches in Hawaii and America. In addition to its beautiful location, the resort
offers an array of activities. Indulge in Spa treatments, spend a day at the pools,
or make plans for golf, tennis, snorkeling or visiting the many beautiful sites Maui
has to offer. Enjoy a six-night and five-day stay for two in a gracious Terrace Room.
Located in the Molokini wing, these rooms offer views of Mount Haleakala. We’ve
added a four hour sailing adventure with a snorkel stop and a deli lunch for two
adults. Hotel stay valid through March 11, 2007; black-out dates are December 2,
2006 through January 3, 2007. Sailing trip requires advance reservation and expires
March 11, 2007. Explore the beauty of Maui.
Value: $2,761                                     Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa
                                                        and Ka’anapali Kai Charters

big ben jersey                                                           lot live 11
Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is a beast. Blessed with the size of
a linebacker and the mobility of a tailback, he’s drawn comparisons to Buffalo
Bills great Jim Kelly for his ability to remain cool under pressure and strike from
anywhere on the field. A three-year starter at Miami University (Red Hawks) in
Oxford, Ohio, Roethlisberger holds every major passing record at the school and
a number of passing records in the Mid-American Conference. Taken 11th overall
in the 2004 NFL Draft, Ben was immediately touted as a franchise quarterback by
Steelers coach Bill Cowher.

Be the envy of your friends with this replica Pittsburgh Steelers #7 jersey signed by
Super Bowl XL winning quarterback Ben Roethlisberger—affectionately, “Big Ben”.
Having signed with the Steelers in late 2004, much of Ben Roethlisberger’s history
has yet to be written. However, if recent history is truly an indication of the future,
then Ben and his fans are in for one exciting ride. This piece of Steelers’ history is
destined to become more of a treasure as Big Ben’s career takes off. A great gift for
your football fan that would look terrific in any office or den.
Value: $1,000                                                         Sharon Purcell

                            silent auction
bon voyage
scottsdale getaway                                                          lot 101
Stay and play in the sun at The Phoenician, a luxury resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Enjoy a two-night stay in a superior guestroom plus a round of golf (with cart) for
two people. Valid January and May through December except holidays. Resort stay
expires March 11, 2007.
Value: $1,550                                                     The Phoenician

black butte ranch resort                                                   lot 102
Treat your family to a seven day, six night vacation at the beautiful Black Butte
Ranch in Central Oregon. Stay at a comfortable, four bedroom home and enjoy
the amenities of the area, including golf, tennis, fishing, biking, hiking, swimming,
etc. Dates to be mutually agreeable between June 1, 2006 and September 30, 2006,
excluding July 2006.
Value: $3,000                                              Kristine and John Erving

beautiful sunriver resort                                                  lot 103
Sunriver Resort in Oregon offers a unique vacation experience for all ages. Enjoy
a two-night stay in a spacious Lodge Village Suite. The Resort offers a spa, golf,
tennis, hiking, biking, fishing and so much more. Based on availability. Expires
December 31, 2006.
Value: $675                                                     Sunriver Resort

the happiest place on earth                                                lot 104
Mickey and Minnie. Donald and Pluto. Goofy and Snow White. Come see them
all with these two complimentary passes to Disneyland or Disney’s California
Adventure Park. Expires December 15, 2006.
Value: $118                                            Disneyland Resorts

aloha!                                                                     lot 105
Stay and play in paradise with this two-night stay for two in an ocean facing room
at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. Enjoy your choice of a snorkel cruise, a sunset sail
or a whale watching trip for two with Ocean Sports Waikoloa. Then, get a bird’s
eye-view of paradise with a helicopter tour. Choose a Sunshine Helicopters tour of
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with the “Formations of Pele” tour, or the awesome
beauty of the Kohala mountains with the “Kohala/Hamakua Coast” tour. Weigh-in
at time of check-in required. No scuba-diving 24 hours prior to flight. Ocean Sports
Waikoloa certificate expires March 11, 2007 and Sunshine Helicopters certificate
expires March 31, 2007.
Value: $1,834                   Mauna Kea Resorts, Ocean Sports Waikoloa and
                                                            Sunshine Helicopters

rest and relaxation on maui                                                lot 106
Grab a friend and head to Maui for a little rest and relaxation with this two night
stay at the Sheraton Maui. Treat yourself to dinner at the famous Roy’s Kahana Bar
& Grill with this $50 gift certificate (gratuity not included). Sheraton certificate
expires March 11, 2007.
Value: $1,108                        Sheraton Maui and Roy’s Kahana Bar & Grill

adventure awaits
big boy toys                                                               lot 201
You and up to nine of your friends will enjoy a three hour tour of one of the world’s
largest private collection of military vehicles. View over 200 vehicles on display in
Portola Valley. Experience first hand domestic and foreign combat vehicles including
65 tanks, military support equipment and a library with in depth information on the
collection. Tour date based upon mutually agreed-upon day.
Value: $1,500                                         Jacques and Sandy Littlefield

superbike showdown                                                         lot 202
Enjoy two 3-day General Admission Tickets to the Kawasaki AMA Superbike
Showdown at Infineon Raceway on May 19–21, 2006. Watch as these thrill-seekers
take turns in excess of 100 mph at the 12 turn, 2.2 mile Sonoma Valley circuit.
Value: $130                                                    Infineon Raceway

for the art lover                                                            lot 301
Own a masterpiece by our very own Jessica Yansouni! Jessica is a JLPA•MP member
and local artist who has been exhibiting her work around the Bay Area for the past
12 years. Her current body of work consists of color-saturated canvases inspired by
organic forms found in nature.
Value: $2,000                                                    Jessica Yansouni

“blue iris”                                                                  lot 302
Stunning and poignant, “Blue Iris” by noted artist and JLPA•MP member Kathleen
Bosell will be a lovely accessory to any room of your home. An original and substantial
piece, it will bring years of pleasure to any collector.
Value: $750                                                          Kathleen Bosell

dining in
mardi gras west!!!                                                           lot 401
Host your own Mardi Gras party for 20 people with all the authentic fixings
provided by a true New Orleans native. The League’s own Eugenie Atherton, with
the assistance of the Nominating Committee, will bring everything you need to your
home, including: Jambalaya for 20 people (with salad, bread and a real King Cake
for dessert); Beer and Hurricanes (a potent New Orleans specialty—must be 21 and
over!); authentic Mardi Gras music (CD for you to keep); beads; and decorations.
You provide the place, the friends and the Mardi Gras state of mind. Must be
scheduled before Ash Wednesday 2007 to ensure availability of King Cakes.
Value: $500                                         The Nominating Committee

a sous chef—the ultimate luxury                                             lot 402
Give yourself the gift of time around the table with friends and family. Sous Kitchen
is a meal assembly store that offers fresh, delicious, and affordable entrees. Sous
Kitchen does all the planning, shopping, prep work and clean up while you simply
cook and create. Come to Sous Kitchen for 1 to 2 hours and leave with an assort-
ment of family-sized entrees. Enjoy this gift certificate for one six (6) person dinner
preparation. Certificate expires December 31, 2006.
Value: $200                                                              Sous Kitchen

ole!                                                                        lot 403
Bring home the flavors of Mexico with this Tamale Making Kit and Recipe.
Value: $35                                          Rosalie Rendu Committee

hold your very own wine tasting party                                         lot 404
Entertain at home without all the work. Have a wine tasting party for 6 to 8 people.
Julie White, former wine buyer and tasting instructor for Draegers, will dazzle the
most prolific wine aficionados with her copious knowledge! Julie will guide you in
the selection of fine wines based on your individual preference and attend the tast-
ing to teach you and your guests about the fine art of wine (you provide the wine).
Then treat everyone to dinner catered by Gramercy Park Catering (up to $1,000 of
catering). Sit back, relax and enjoy!
Value: $1,300                           Gramercy Park Catering and Julie White

asian art and food                                                            lot 405
This Asian-inspired gift basket includes two tickets to the Asian Art Museum in
San Francisco and dishes, a wok and condiments for a gourmet meal including an
authentic china Chinese tea set for six with Revolution Green Tea, cold and hot
sake cups for four with Hakusan Sake from Napa Valley, sushi dishes, soup bowls
and chopsticks for four and a non-stick wok with Big Acres® Chipotle Peanut Sauce,
Teriyaki Marinade and Mango Peach Chile sauce, along with a sushi cookbook and
fortune cookies!
Value: $425 Community Outreach Council and Community Projects Council

family fun
pixie party                                                                    lot 501
Throw the birthday party of your child’s dreams with one hour of activities and a
character of your choice from Fire Pixie Entertainment. There are a wide range of
activities to choose from including balloon twisting, face painting, magic, etc. This
package includes a gift certificate for Tiny Prints for invitations to this unique event.
Value: $399                                  Fire Pixie Entertainment and Tiny Prints

dinosaurs galore!                                                             lot 502
11 adorable dinosaurs each in their own egg from the Hallmark Dinotopia series.
Take home these prehistoric cuties today. You can expand your dinosaur collection
with a $50 gift certificate from Palo Alto Sport and Toy World.
Value: $248                     Suzanne Zaino and Palo Alto Sport and Toy World

get fit family                                                                 lot 503
Keep your family fit with a 3-month, full hours family membership to the Palo
Alto Family YMCA. Includes initiation fee. Enjoy the workout facilities, classes,
family-friendly activities and more. It’s fun to play at the Y-M-C-A! Certificate
expires March 31, 2007.
Value: $489                                              Palo Alto Family YMCA

ride-along with the los altos police department                               lot 504
Experience the ride of a lifetime with the Los Altos Police Departments’ finest. This
gift certificate is for a ride-along with a Los Altos Police Officer! Rider must be at
least 14 year of age and certificate expires on December 31, 2006. A gift certificate
for one dozen Krispy Kremes is included.
Value: Priceless         City of Los Altos Police Department and Jessica Yansouni

my gym birthday party                                                          lot 505
Celebrate your child’s birthday with a perfectly planned celebration created specifically
for your child and up to 19 of his or her friends. Captivating, age-appropriate games
and organized activities, songs, puppets and more! An experienced My Gym teacher
handles everything. My Gym Palo Alto location only.
Value: $325                                                        My Gym Palo Alto

family fun!                                                                   lot 506
They grow up so quickly so spend all the time you can with them before they do!
This basket of family tickets makes it easy. First, polish up your double axel and
triple toe loop on the ice with four admission passes and rentals to the Winter
Lodge in Palo Alto. Next, take your family to the Children’s Discovery Museum of
San Jose with this Family Four Pack Admission and let your kids test, crank, list,
prod and tinker to explore, understand and enjoy the world in which they live. Then
spend a day at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo with this admission package for four.
The Park features children’s rides, amusements and play areas, a zoo, picnic groves,
and a Puppet Theater for children ages 2 to 10.
Value: $92                           Winter Lodge, Children’s Discovery Museum,
                                                          and Happy Hollow Park

dinner at the los altos firehouse                                              lot 507
Take your family to dinner with real life heroes! Enjoy the home cooking of the
firemen of the “A Shift” at the Los Altos Fire Station. Your family will leave with
memories that will last a lifetime. Certificate expires December 31, 2006.
Value: Priceless                                         Los Altos Fire Department

little girl’s fantasy basket                                                  lot 508
The perfect birthday gift basket for your little princess! She will receive a My Gym
Birthday party for 25, a gift certificate for 4 dozen mini cupcakes from Sibby’s
Cupcakery, a child’s fantasy dress-up dress (costume will be custom made), a gift
certificate to Build-a-Bear Workshop, a $25 gift certificate to Barnes & Nobel, a season
pass to Great America, and a children’s book all in a mini Radio Flyer wagon.
Value: $751                                                 First Teachers Committee

nutcracker san jose                                                          lot 509
Your little ballerina will be dazzled by this Nutcracker package. You’ll enjoy four
tickets (2 adults and 2 children) to opening night of the Nutcracker performance by
Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley, and the First Annual Nutcracker Gala. She’ll treasure
an Angelina Ballerina doll and accompanying book, and will look adorable in a tulle
tutu and wings. Visions of sugar plum fairies will dance through her head.
Value: $903                                               First Teachers Committee

no ke aloha no ka hula                                                       lot 510
Bring the flavor of the islands to your next party with a live Hula and Tahitian
performance by Hula Halau ‘O Pi’ilani. No ke aloha no ka hula means “For the love
of the hula.” Performance and performers can be tailored for an adult event or a
children’s party. Date to be mutually agreeable and dependent on performance
schedule. Invite and impress your guests with personal printed invitations from Jax
at Santana Row ($100 gift certificate). Hula Halau certificate expires March 11, 2007
and Jax certificate expires September 1, 2006.
Value: $600                        Hula Halau ‘O Pi’ilani and Jax at Santana Row

encourage the einstein in your child                                          lot 511
Participating Membership to the de Young Museum in San Francisco providing
unlimited free admission for two adults to the permanent collections and special
exhibitions of the de Young and the Legion of Honor, discounts in the museum
stores and invitations to special members only events. In addition, enjoy a family
membership to the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose providing unlimited
free admission for one year and special discounts, among other benefits.
Value: $155                                           Done in a Day Committee

personalized clothes tree                                                    lot 512
Add a touch of whimsy to your child’s room with this custom clothes tree from
Personalized Gift Stop. Personalize it for your little one.
Value: $65                                                  Personalized Gift Stop

mommy and baby essentials                                                    lot 513
DayOne Center Gift Basket of essentials for mommy and baby, including: My
Breast Friend—Breast Feeding Pillow; Babies by the Bay—Adult book; Goodnight
Moon—Baby book; DayOne New Mother’s Essentials –Vitamins; Kiehl’s Baby Skin
Care gift pack; SwaddleMe—Adjustable Newborn wrap; Loved Baby—Long sleeve
Overall; Sophie the Giraffe—Baby Toy; Dad and Baby Massage Class; Baby’s Own
Fleece blanket; and DayOne membership.
Value: $353                                                  DayOne Center

saddle up! host a fabulous pony party!                                       lot 514
Your child and up to 9 of his or her friends will have a frolicking good time at a pony
party! They will have a chance to rub velvety noses and take fun-filled rides. Party
goers to be ages 4 to 8. Hats and bandanas included. Date to be mutually agreed
upon. Includes a $50 gift certificate from Paperwhirl for invitations.
Value: $550                               Meg Bever and Jeni Overbey, Paperwhirl

kid’s camp at the pacific art league                                      lot 515
Do you have a budding Picasso or Michelangelo? Nurture his or her creativity with
this gift certificate to Kid’s Camp at the Pacific Art League. Certificate expires
August 31, 2006.
Value: $195                                                   Pacific Art League

shoes for mom and child                                                   lot 516
For Mom—a pair of Hispanitas Spring Sandals. Hand-made Spanish strappy, sling-
back sandal in pistachio green from Solemates in Burlingame. Size 81⁄2 . For the
kiddie—a $35 gift certificate to Gumshoe in Burlingame. New shoes for happy feet.
Value: $175                                             Solemates and Gumshoe

weekend fun for the family                                                lot 517
Unravel the mystery of the Winchester Mystery House. See the house that Sarah
Winchester built and tour 110 of the 160 rooms with these two tour passes. Try to
find all 1,257 windows! Then your family can satisfy their need for speed with this
four-pack of passes to Malibu Grand Prix. Go speed racer!
Value: $68                   Winchester Mystery House and Malibu Grand Prix

american girl—elizabeth                                                   lot 518
Treat your little girl to an American Girl, Elizabeth Cole, the second friend doll
to join the American Girl Collection. Elizabeth is an English girl from a prominent
family and comes with her very own book—Very Funny Elizabeth.
Value: $87                                                            American Girl

out on the town
lavanda restaurant and wine bar                                          lot 601
Dinner for four is a treat at this beautiful Palo Alto restaurant. Enjoy the
Mediterranean cuisine utilizing the freshest ingredients and an award winning
wine list. You can’t go wrong.
Value: $200                                  Lavanda Restaurant and Wine Bar

the nutcracker ballet                                                    lot 602
Enjoy this timeless holiday tradition with four (4) box seats to the San Francisco
Ballet performance of The Nutcracker. Also, get a behind-the-scenes look with
a private backstage tour. Matinee only. Date to be mutually agreed upon in
December 2006.
Value: $1,000                                    Anne Wattis, Wattis & Company

breakfast club                                                                 lot 603
Grab you best gal or guy and enjoy these breakfast treats. Enjoy two (2) gift certificates
for breakfast for two at Stacks in Menlo Park. Next, enjoy flapjacks and tomfoolery
at Buck’s of Woodside with this $70 Gift Certificate. All-round good grub!
Value: $110                                 Stacks, Menlo Park; Buck’s Restaurant

san francisco ballet                                                           lot 604
Share the joy of dance with an evening at the Ballet. Enjoy two (2) tickets to the
San Francisco Ballet on Saturday, April 8, 2006 featuring a Mixed Repertory of
Allegro Brillante, Chaconne for Piano and Two Dancers, The Fifth Season, and
Sandpaper Ballet.
Value: $104                                                         Staci Friesel

john bentley’s redwood city                                                    lot 605
Enjoy seasonal American cuisine in a sophisticated and comfortable setting that is
pure John Bentley. (Not valid for alcohol.)
Value: $150                                        John Bentley’s Redwood City

take a break!                                                                  lot 606
Give Mom a break and a week of fun with these fabulous gift certificates to her
favorite casual dining spots. Monday—she’ll have lunch at the Palo Alto Creamery
Downtown. Tuesday—she’ll love a little Italian at Pasta? Palo Alto. Wednesday—
she’s off to Hunan Garden for Chinese. Thursday—why not Lulu’s on the Alameda
for fabulous Mexican specialties. Friday—no lunch today—better hit the gym.
Value: $185                    Palo Alto Creamery Downtown, Pasta? Palo Alto,
                                       Hunan Garden and Lulu’s on the Alameda

south bay dining                                                               lot 607
Enjoy the best of the South Bay with these yummy gift certificates to Consuelo’s
Mexican Bistro, Amber India and Le Papillon.
Value: $125            Consuelo’s Mexican Bistro, Amber India and Le Papillon

dine in a “bed of flowers”                                                     lot 608
Do something unique and elegant for your next dinner party. Begin with cocktails
for six at Sense Fine Art Gallery while you take in the art. Then, walk next door to
“A Bed of Flowers” to enjoy a four course meal, finishing the evening with a desert
of banana flambé. Alcohol not included. Date to be mutually agreed upon; available
weekend evenings only.
Value: $500                                                       A Bed of Flowers

for him or her
shop ‘til you drop                                                             lot 701
First, make a personalized home appointment with Michael Piccoli, Personal
Shopper at Neiman Marcus, Stanford Shopping Center. Michael will consult with
you regarding what in your closet should stay and what GOES! Next, join Michael
for lunch at Neiman Marcus and then go shopping to fill that newly created space
in your closet. A $500 gift certificate will get you started. Certificate expires
March 2007.
Value: $600                                                    Neiman Marcus

looking for the perfect dress?                                                lot 702
Look stunning in this custom designed evening gown by Jin Wang. Beautiful black
silk tissue, one shoulder strap with a softly draped back. Size 6. A gift certificate for
$70 of alteration services is included. Certificate expires March 31, 2007.
Value: $3,570                                        Jin Wang and Style Alterations

here comes the bride                                                           lot 703
Take his breath away on your big day with this beautiful Alfred Sung wedding gown.
This strapless gown with a fitted princess bodice, natural waist and lattice pattern
of crystals encircling the neckline and accenting the back bustle will make you feel
like a princess. A pair of diamond and pearl earrings add the perfect final touch. Use
the $50 gift certificate from Paper Caper for beautiful stationary to start your new
life. A truly beautiful way to say “I do.”
Value: $3,650                     Panache Bridal, Lisa T. Jewelry and Paper Caper

for the car enthusiast                                                        lot 704
Keep the key to your chariot on this sterling silver Tiffany key holder. And, to make
sure your vehicle is looking its shiny best, take care of your car with this certificate
for a full car detail.
Value: $500                                   Conley Investments and Gail Gavello

car care basket                                                                lot 705
Keep your car looking its best with this gift certificate for two car washes at
Lozano’s Car Wash. To keep your auto truly gleaming, use this gift certificate for car
detailing from Toyota of Sunnyvale and a basket of car care products.
Value: $148                 Lozano’s Car Wash, Toyota of Sunnyvale and Target

boutique me!                                                                lot 706
It’s easy to dress in style with this gift package. Start your shopping at Malouf’s in
Burlingame with a $150 gift certificate for that classic style. Next, stop by Cassis
in Palo Alto to for a savvy find armed with a fabulous $50 gift certificate to spend.
After a short rest, contact the League’s own Theresa Marquart for a $150 CAbi
shopping spree. Finally, as if that were not enough, look your best in this fabulous
“Divine Dress” by Lilly Pulitzer from Calla in Menlo Park. Dress can be exchanged
for another size.
Value: $578                 Malouf’s, Cassis, Theresa Marquart of CAbi, and Calla

fresh flowers and crystal vase                                              lot 707
Add a touch of flair to your home or office with this stunning green crystal vase. As
an additional touch, fresh flowers will be delivered once a month for two months
to beautify your new vase!
Value: $200                                                         Shannon Stein

shopping paradise                                                           lot 708
Outfit yourself at Stanford Shopping Center with this $250 gift certificate. So many
stores, so little time!
Value: $250                                            Stanford Shopping Center

drop me a line                                                              lot 709
Say hello! Say Thank you! Send a note for no reason at all with custom designed
and personalized Crane & Co. Stationary. A written note is so rare today, it is sure
to make someone’s day. Use this gift certificate for holiday cards, business cards or
timeless personal stationary.
Value: $250                                               Laura and John Whitman

bond essentials                                                             lot 710
Elegant Bath & Home Basket including a deluxe robe, martini glasses, martini
shakers, world clock, leather passport holder, and manicure set. Release your
inner 007.
Value: $200                                           Restoration Hardware

bundle up                                                                    lot 711
Stay warm and stylish with this handknit evening shawl of mohair, cashmere and silk.
Value: $200                                                           Needle Diva

shopping party!                                                             lot 712
What could be better? Enjoy an after hours wine and cheese party for ten at the
stylish and new shop Romi in Palo Alto. A personal shopper will be on hand to
help you create a great look. Use the $200 gift certificate for instant wardrobe
gratification. Expires January 2007.
Value: $1,000                                                              Romi

health and fitness
kick your new year’s resolution into high gear                               lot 801
The Decathlon Club is more than just a gym. Improve your health, enjoy competitive
challenges and enhance your social life with this three month individual membership.
Certificate only good toward new memberships.
Value: $545                                                          Decathlon Club

jump start the new you in the new year                                      lot 802
Jumpstart your new fitness program with a gift certificate for one-on-one personal
training from AXIS Performance Center! This gift certificate is good for two 1 hour
personal training sessions at the Menlo Park or Mountain View locations.
Value: $ 160                                           AXIS Performance Center

pacific athletic club—a sports resort                                        lot 803
Get into shape with this one-month individual adult fitness membership to the
Pacific Athletic Club. There is something for everyone—swimming, gymnasium,
kickboxing studio, indoor cycling studio, two group exercise studios, Pilates center,
and a 15,000 square foot fully-loaded fitness center. Must be at least 18 years old
and cannot be applied to current accounts.
Value: $141                                                  Pacific Athletic Club

the eyes have it                                                            lot 804
Said to be the windows on the soul, your eyes are often the first thing people notice
about you. Keep your eyes sparkling with this complimentary eye exam and dress
them in these Kate Spade Sunglasses. You will have it made with the shades.
Value: $365                                  Dr. Sandra Bozich, Eyes Optometry

go climb a rock                                                              lot 805
Test your patience, strength and endurance while you take your fitness to the
next level with rock climbing. Start your extreme adventure using your gift
certificate for two (2) adult belay lessons (with climbing safety instruction). Expires
March 18, 2007.
Value: $58                                                            Planet Granite

pamper yourself
rejuvenate your skin                                                       lot 901
Time to shed your old skin and reveal a new you with this skin rejuvenation gift
basket. Basket includes a cosmetic consultation certificate, skin products, a $100
gift certificate for a spa treatment and a $400 gift certificate toward any cosmetic
procedure. Certificates expire March 11, 2007.
Value: $1,000                Marie Jhin, M.D., Premier Dermatology in San Carlos

looking good, feeling good                                                 lot 902
Treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment and haircut by Kendra Traina
at Tangles Hair Salon in Los Gatos. Certificate includes a basket of products.
Certificate valid through January 31, 2007.
Value: $150                                                Tangles Hair Salon

skin spirit extreme makeover exclusively                                   lot 903
for the junior league
Create a new you with this fabulous gift package of services designed to relax,
renew and rejuvenate. Enjoy a skin care consultation, signature facial and products
from SkinSpirit in Palo Alto. Reduce stress with a one hour consultation with Life
Coach Kimberly Fulcher and receive a copy of her new Life Skills book. Rejuvenate
your body with a lifestyle consultation and Pilates personal training session from
Poised Personal Fitness in Menlo Park. Add the finishing touches to the new you
with Zoom Bleaching and products by Dr. JJ Salehieh at Cupertino Dental Group,
a hair cut by Dontay and color by Starr at DS Newman Salon. You will be a whole
new you!
Value: $2,000               SkinSpirit, Dr. JJ Salehieh, Cupertino Dental Group,
                            Kimberly Fulcher, Dontay, Starr, DS Newman Salon,
                                                          Poised Personal Fitness

look your best                                                            lot 904
Look your best with this $50 gift certificate to James Craig Salon in Saratoga and
three Kerastase products—shampoo, conditioner and styling gel.
Value: $144                                                     James Craig Salon

treat yourself to a new do                                                 lot 905
Find time for you because you most definitely deserve it. Enjoy a single process
with Michael Ryan and a new haircut by Maia Orr of Di Pietro Todd Salon in Palo
Alto. Not redeemable for tips, cash or products.
Value: $165                                                Di Pietro Todd Salon

put your best face forward                                                 lot 906
It’s almost Spring, so it’s time to make sure your skin reflects the freshness of the
season. Renew your skin with this customized European “Foundation Facial” at Flip
Salon in San Francisco.
Value: $85                                                                Flip Salon

revitalize your spirit                                                   lot 907
Pamper yourself with this gift certificate for your choice of two 50-minute spa
treatments or one 75-minute couples candlelight massage at the Lafayette Park
Hotel & Spa. Advance reservation required, subject to availability. Gratuity not
included. Expires March 11, 2007.
Value: $300                                          Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa

enhance your being                                                       lot 908
Enhance the wellness of your inner and outer being at Thermae Spa in Menlo Park.
A luxurious 80-minute skin or body treatment of your choice awaits you or a loved
one. Come and be pampered.
Value: $140                                                        Thermae Spa

prepare for that special evening out                                     lot 909
Look your best for a night out on the town. Look like you spent a week in Maui in
just minutes! Obtain a golden glow with three Mystic Tanning sessions from Sole
di Paradiso at either their Palo Alto or Mountain View locations. Then let the pros
at Kenneth Michael Salon in Menlo Park do your hair and enjoy a shampoo, blow-
dry and updo or styling of your choice. Put the finishing touches on your flawless
image with a manicure/pedicure combination by Sky Nails in Menlo Park. Sky Nails
certificate expires July 25, 2006.
Value: $165                Sole di Paradiso, Kenneth Michael Salon and Sky Nails

get that golden glow                                                     lot 910
Get glowing in the New Year, with no harmful rays! Enjoy a summer’s worth of five
Mystic Tans to keep you covered from top to toe in a bronze glow!
Value: $110                                      Ingrid’s Suntanning, Palo Alto

why try this at home?                                                     lot 911
Life is too short to do your own nails and waxing. Be ready for anything with gift
certificates for three professional manicures and two professional lip and eyebrow
waxes and away you will go looking great and feeling fabulous. Certificates expire
January 7, 2007.
Value: $95                                             Natalie Salon, Menlo Park

sandal season is here                                                    lot 912
Get your tootsies and digits trimmed, polished and groomed with a decadent
manicure-pedicure combo. Weekdays only.
Value: $62                                           Nails by Vi, Menlo Park

look younger                                                              lot 913
Erase those years with a computer image consultation and $100 towards treatment
from Woodside plastic surgeon, Mary Lynne Moran, MD. Treatments include botox,
restylene, facials, and surgery.
Value: $300                                                    Dr. Lynne Moran

can’t get out? let them come to you!                                           lot 914
Can’t get out to have your nails done? Then this gift certificate for an at-home nail
enhancement (full set of nails) and a pedicure is for you!
Value: $100                                                           Nail Solutions

treat yourself                                                                 lot 915
Treat yourself to a haircut or other service from Elia Torres of Texture Hair Design
in Menlo Park. Because you’re worth it.
Value: $65                                                     Texture Hair Design

chakra aveda salonspa party                                                    lot 916
Indulge yourself and nine of your friends with this two (2) hour SalonSpa Party
at Chakra Aveda SalonSpa in San Francisco. Enjoy champagne, fine wine, and
catered appetizers while enjoying two or three of the various Chakra services
offered. Services include: Hair and color consultations with Chakra’s Senior stylists,
Head, Neck, and Shoulder massages, hair blowouts/curls, manicures, and makeup
consultation. All attendees will receive a gift bag with some of Aveda’s finest
products. Experience a hip, soothing environment and feel the Chakra Aveda
difference. Also included is a $150 gift certificate for any additional spa services that
day or for use during a future spa day.
Value: $650                                                   Chakra Aveda Salon/Spa

spa party at lush life nail bar                                                lot 917
What a treat! Enjoy a manicure and pedicure party for six (6) at Lush Life Nail Bar
in San Francisco. Minimum service value of $35 and 20% gratuity included. Expires
January 31, 2007.
Value: $300                                                    Lush Life Nail Bar

kiehl’s basket of goodies                                                      lot 918
Spoil yourself with this basket of superior products for the face and body
from Kiehl’s.
Value: $100                                                         Kiehl’s

basket of aveda products                                                       lot 919
Pamper yourself with these luxurious body products from Aveda, including a neck
pillow, body cleanser, hand lotion, exfoliant, body cream, moisturizing oil, bath salt
and candle.
Value: $128                                              Nirvana Salon, Los Gatos

aveda caribbean therapy bath ritual                                           lot 920
Inspired by the healing feel of the Caribbean mountains, sun, sea and air, Aveda
Caribbean Therapy products reconnect you to the Earth—and yourself—with
the power of touch and the life force of island-sourced plants. Enjoy the ritual in
your own home with this gift bag filled with Aveda Caribbean Therapy Bath Ritual
Value: $94                                             Vizions Artwear & Salon

premier atelier escape                                                       lot 921
Need an escape from everyday stresses? Premier Atelier in Menlo Park offers a
complete salon and spa experience with this $50 gift certificate for spa services.
Plan your escape.
Value: $50                                        Premier Atelier, Menlo Park

spend a day in heaven                                                        lot 922
Indulge yourself with two (2) gift certificates for Heaven Day Spa in San Francisco.
Each certificate can be redeemed for either a facial or a one hour body massage.
You’ll feel heavenly! Must make a reservation in advance and can only be used from
Monday-Thursday. The certificates must be redeemed by June 11, 2006.
Value: $150                                                           Johanna Wee

enjoy a day of beauty in burlingame                                          lot 923
Start with a 60 minute Signature Facial from Jouvence to purify, detoxify and
rebalance using high quality microencapsulated essential oils, emulsions, and
masks. Next, get a new look with a hair cut by an ultra-chic professional stylist and
basket of top of the line Wella products from Neo Salon. For the finishing touch,
indulge in a manicure from Pinkies. What a glorious way to spend the day.
Value: $265         Jouvence Skin Rejuvenation Center, Neo Salon and Pinkies

for the wine lover
private tour and tasting—artesa winery                                      lot 1001
Enjoy a private tour and wine tasting for four at the spectacular, critically-acclaimed
Artesa Winery in Napa. A complimentary bottle of Artesa wine will be presented
to each guest.
Value: $250                                                            Artesa Winery

testarossa vineyards                                                       lot 1002
Add this magnum bottle of Castello Chardonnay to your wine cellar. Enjoy!
Value: $65                                              Testarossa Vineyards

a toast!                                                                   lot 1003
You and a companion will enjoy a behind-the-scenes VIP tour of the historic
champagne cellars and special tasting of Korbel’s premium methode champenoise
California champagnes, a deli lunch at the Gourmet Delicatessen and a bottle of
Korbel Chardonnay Champagne. Tour may be combined with other VIP guests and
is non-transferable. Thirty-day advance reservation required, subject to availability
and holiday periods excluded.
Value: $100                                           Korbel Champagne Cellars

dusky goose                                                              lot 1004
Expand your collection with six bottles of Dusky Goose Pinot Noir. Nestled on the
Dundee Hills in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, this velvety soft Pinot is produced from
some of the vines in the heart of Yamhill County.
Value: $240                                 John Carter, Dusky Goose Vineyards

dusky goose ii                                                            lot 1005
Expand your collection with six bottles of Dusky Goose Pinot Noir. Nestled on the
Dundee Hills in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, this velvety soft Pinot is produced from
some of the vines in the heart of Yamhill County.
Value: $240                                 John Carter, Dusky Goose Vineyards

countertop wine opener                                                   lot 1006
Open your favorite wines with ease with this Brookstone Connoisseurs’ Wine
Opener. The tabletop opener features a suction-mount base for maximum stability
and a lever-pull design for effortless cork removal every time.
Value: $60                                            Sally and Craig Falkenhagen

private wine tasting for 8                                                lot 1007
Enjoy an exclusive wine and cheese tasting party for up to 8 people at Santana
Row’s Vintage Wine Merchants.
Value: $500                                          Vintage Wine Merchants

tasting at bent creek winery                                             lot 1008
Celebrate life with a private tasting for 8 at Bent Creek Winery, a small, family-
owned winery in Livermore. The tasting is held in the gazebo, and guests are served
a light Mediterranean fare along with the wine. Enjoy a unique opportunity to meet
and learn about the wine as it is served by the owners of the vineyard. You’ll travel
in style to the event with stretch limousine service for six hours—so make a day of
it and explore the neighboring vineyards.
Value: Priceless                      Bent Creek Winery and Victoria Limousines

page mill winery                                                         lot 1009
Enhance your collection with this magnum bottle of 2003 Pinot Noir from Page
Mill Winery.
Value: $120                                                Page Mill Winery

seghesio family vineyards                                                 lot 1010
Surprise your favorite wine aficionado with this magnum bottle of Old Vine
Zinfandel from Seghesio Family Vineyards.
Value: $100                                       Seghesio Family Vineyards

jlpa•mp board of directors’ choice                                         lot 1011
JLPA•MP Board of Directors’ have put together a sophisticated selection of fine
wines for your friends and family. Enjoy a case of the finest wines from California
and all around the world that is sure to please the most discriminating connoisseur.
Value $445                                            JLPA•MP Board of Directors

local getaways
l’auberge carmel                                                             lot 1101
Relax and renew at this luxuriously romantic inn. Enjoy a one-night stay at the Inn
and prix fixe dinner for two at the Inn’s intimate, twelve table restaurant. Stay must
be Sunday through Thursday only and excludes holidays and special events. Expires
November 12, 2006.
Value: $600                                                        L’Auberge Carmel

napa valley getaway                                                          lot 1102
Enjoy a fantastic two-night stay for you and your special someone at Meadowood
Napa Valley in scenic St. Helena. Nestled in a 250 acre valley, Meadowood is
reminiscent of a private estate in a bygone era. Play croquet or tennis, swim, hike,
or just relax in this serene setting. Stay restricted to Sunday through Thursday,
based on availability. Gift certificate expires April 1, 2007.
Value: $1,400                                               Meadowood Napa Valley

hillhaven estate in the sonoma wine country                                  lot 1103
Two-nights stay for up to 6 guests at Hillhaven Estate in Glen Ellen, located just ten
minutes north of Sonoma’s town plaza. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is located on a
2.5 acres private hilltop and features a large hot tub. Hillhaven is a relaxing vacation
setting for groups of friends, couples and families who seek a private retreat in
nature. You will be greeted with 4 bottles of wine from the owner’s private collection
and a gourmet gift basket of local goodies. Certificate expires March 11, 2007.
Value: $1,350                                                             Mary Denten

bodega bay                                                                  lot 1104
The Bodega Bay Lodge & Spa is nestled on a hillside surrounded by the natural beauty
of the Sonoma Coast with picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean and Bodega
Bay. Enjoy a two-night stay in a King Deluxe room. A full service spa, gracious
hospitality and ocean views await you. Reservations required. Hotel stay is valid
Sunday through Thursday only, subject to availability; blackout dates may apply.
Certificate expires March 11, 2007.
Value: $600                                               Bodega Bay Lodge & Spa

relax on the water’s edge                                                    lot 1105
Take a delightful two-night trip to the Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa in a Deluxe,
Ocean-View room. Enjoy the gentle sounds of the surf, the fresh scent of sea air
and the sight of otters at play. Reservations required. Hotel stay is valid Sunday
through Thursday only, subject to availability; blackout dates may apply. Complete
your stay with two tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Certificate expires
March 11, 2007.
Value: $800                            Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa, Anonymous

evening out in san jose                                                      lot 1106
Sneak out for some time alone in nearby San Jose. Enjoy a one weekend night
stay in a King Deluxe Guestroom at the Hotel Montgomery in San Jose. The Hotel
Montgomery is a treasure of San Jose that was considered cutting edge when it
opened in 1911, and with its recent renovation has once again established itself as a
bastion of taste, comfort, innovation and style. Complete your stay with dinner at
the new Paragon Restaurant using your $50 gift certificate.
Value: $209                             Hotel Montgomery, Paragon Restaurant

beautiful healdsburg                                                         lot 1107
Head north of San Francisco and enjoy a fabulous one night stay in the Mansion
King Bedroom at the elegant Les Mars Hotel. Offering the gracious ambience of
a traditional European family-owned inn, Les Mars evokes the charm of a classic
French chateau. Included in your stay is a three-course breakfast for two, and wine
and cheese served in the library in the evening. Just steps away from Healdsburg’s
historic Town Plaza, Les Mars transports you to another world. Restrictions apply
to holiday weekends and the high season months of September and October.
Donation valid through January 26, 2007.
Value: $750                                                        Les Mars Hotel

wine, dine and stay at santana row                                           lot 1108
Get away from it all close to home! Elegant old world European style meets sleek
modern design at the Hotel Valencia at Santana Row. Enjoy a two night weekend
stay for two in a traditional guestroom. Round out your weekend with a spa treat-
ment at the Ayoma Life Spa located in the Hotel Valencia, a $75 Santana Row
Shopping Gift Certificate, a $75 gift certificate for lunch or dinner at Maggiano’s
Little Italy and a Spa Facilities Pass allowing you access to the fabulous facilities of
the Burke Williams Day Spa. Hotel stay expires January 31, 2007.
Value: $758                     Hotel Valencia, FRIT Santana Row, Ayoma Life Spa

the wine country inn—napa valley                                             lot 1109
No need to go far for a relaxing break from the day-to-day hustle and bustle.
Enjoy a two night stay at The Wine Country Inn—a Napa Valley bed and breakfast
perched on a knoll overlooking manicured vineyards and the nearby Napa Valley
hills. Your room will have a vineyard view, a fireplace or an outdoor Jacuzzi—
possibly all three. Your stay is valid Sunday through Thursday only, no weekends
or holidays. Reservations required. Valid November 2006 through March 2007 on
a space-available basis.
Value: $500                                                   Wine Country Inn

ballet in san jose                                                         lot 1110
Treat yourself with a local getaway and the ballet. Enjoy Ballet San Jose Silicon
Valley with two (2) Orchestra seats for the April 2006 Spring Repertory of Slovanic
and Hungarian Dances at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts. But don’t rush
home—this package includes 2 one-night stays in a luxury one-bedroom suite
at the refined and elegant Fairmont San Jose. Recharge your batteries without
going far from home! Hotel stay based on availability and certificate valid through
January 2007.
Value: $732            Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley and The Fairmont San Jose

in-laws coming to town?                                                     lot 1111
Put guests up in style at the newly opened Four Seasons Silicon Valley with this
gift certificate for a two weekend night stay. The Four Seasons brings its legendary
service and luxury to the capital of high-tech. Your guests will appreciate the luxury
and be close, but not too close!
Value: $860                                             Four Seasons Silicon Valley

dragon’s lair                                                               lot 1112
Treat yourself to 3 days and 2 nights at Dragon’s Lair, a gorgeous 3 bedroom house
located in Monte Rio nestled amongst cool giant redwoods and overlooking the
Russian River. The house is a great get-away for couples, or can comfortably accom-
modate six people. The amenities include a 64 jet hot tub, fireplace and nearby
activities including hiking, biking and wineries. Well behaved pets allowed. Valid
through December 2006, subject to availability.
Value: $700                                                          Chris McCook

montage resort & spa at laguna beach                                        lot 1113
Enjoy a two night stay in an ocean view room at the fabulous Montage Resort
and Spa. Situated on a coastal bluff in the picturesque arts community of Laguna
Beach, Montage offers the amenities and conveniences of an ultra luxury beach-
front hotel, coupled with the warmth and appeal of a cozy craftsman-style inn. Not
valid on Fridays, Saturdays or Holidays. Black out days from May 25, 2006 thru
September 4, 2006. Certificate valid through March 1, 2007.
Value: $1,200                                              Montage Resort & Spa

tahoe retreat                                                              lot 1114
Treat your family to a relaxing five day stay in beautiful Lake Tahoe at this luxury
Tahoe-Donner Resort Home. The fully furnished three bedroom, three bathroom
home is ideally located on the 15th hole of the Tahoe Donner Golf Course, and
comfortably sleeps six. Guests will have access to the private community pool and
spa, tennis counts, golf at discounted rates and a private beach and boating marina
at Donner Lake. Additional nearby activities include horseback riding, skiing and
hiking. Subject to availability, holidays excluded.
Value: $1,375                                            Irene and Michael Keenan

ski weekend at lake tahoe                                                   lot 1115
Enjoy what the locals call the best time to ski in Tahoe—Spring! Enjoy four days and
three nights accommodations in a new 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo home in Truckee,
California called The Boulders. The Boulders at Truckee has easy access to interstate
80, and is just minutes from downtown Truckee and Donnor Lake. Package includes
2 adult and 2 children (ages 2-12) ski passes for each day of your stay at your choice
of Northstar, Alpine Meadows, Sugar Bowl, Homewood, Diamond Peak, Mt. Rose
or Boreal ski resorts. Valid for 2005-2006 ski season.
Value: $1,334                                              The Boulders at Truckee

experience reno                                                             lot 1116
Get away from it all to Reno at the Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa. Stay two-nights
in a Luxury Jacuzzi Suite. This offer is valid Sunday through Thursday. Excludes
holidays, conventions, special events and blackout dates. Expires September
30, 2006.
Value: $300                                          Atlantis Casino Resort & Spa

st. regis san francisco                                                     lot 1117
Treat yourself to a secret rendezvous at the luxurious St. Regis Hotel or consider
staging your next cocktail soiree in the spacious and fabulous Metropolitan Suite
(approximately 1,000 sq. ft.). The fantastic weekend also includes dinner for two at
Ame (does not include wine) and breakfast for two at Vitrine or In-Room Dining.
Before you go, indulge in two one-hour massages in Remède Spa. You’ll leave
feeling like you’ve lived the life of Paris Hilton!
Value: $2,150                                               St. Regis San Francisco

there's no place like home
home repairs completed!                                                    lot 1201
Get those unfinished home repairs completed! Put this certificate for two hours
of home repair services to good work—minor electrical, plumbing, cabinet and
door issues solved! To further inspire you, we’ve included The New Kitchen Idea
Book and The Bathroom Idea Book. Work to be completed Monday through Friday
during normal business hours. Certificate expires December 31, 2006.
Value: $150               Universal Building Systems, Hip Housing Committee

design help to the rescue                                                  lot 1202
Want to spruce up your house but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry—
professional help is here with this certificate for an in-home design consultation
valued at $180 with Dream Worlds Interior Decorating. Consultation services expire
October 1, 2006.
Value: $180                                       Susan Rangitsch, Dream Worlds

devine design                                                              lot 1203
Decorate like a pro. Catherine Cunningham will provide four hours of professional
interior design service including color consultation, space planning, design consul-
tation and shopping to make your house a home. We’ve added a hurricane crystal
vase from Cook’s Junction, a cashmere throw and $25 Gift Certificate from Cover
Story to jump start the creative process.
Value: $883                                     Catherine Cunningham Interiors,
                                                  Cook’s Junction and Cover Story

kitchen design                                                            lot 1204
The kitchen is the heart of the home. Make sure that yours is the best it can be. Sit
with the professional kitchen designers at Design 101 and create your ideal kitchen.
You’ll take home a set of 20/20 computer generated kitchen designs so you can get
the remodel process moving. Let your heart sing!
Value: $850                                                             Design 101

in-home design consultation                                                lot 1205
Start creating the home of your dreams! William Cooper Design offers four hours
of interior design services and consultation. It’s your first step in making your home
authentically you!
Value: $660                                                    William Cooper Design

kitchen consultation                                                      lot 1206
Looking to revitalize your kitchen but need some ideas? Here’s your chance to get
started. Kitchens of Los Altos is offering two gift certificates for two (2) hours of
in-store kitchen consultation. A beautiful ceramic pedestal bowl from Italy will help
to inspire you and to get your creative juices flowing.
Value: $595                                    Kitchens of Los Altos and Fortezza

child’s room makeover                                                      lot 1207
Redesign a children’s bedroom with the help of an expert. You will receive 40 hours
of time from Carrie Hicks Interior Design including consultation, design, selection
and installation. (Materials and furniture purchased for the room not included.)
Visit the Tourance Draperies showroom to choose a silk comforter and sham to
enhance the design. Then, use your certificate for $300 of labor toward custom
draperies to complete the design (drapery fabric not included).
Value: $2,450                       Carrie Hicks Design and Tourance Draperies

silver tray                                                               lot 1208
Add a touch of elegance to your home with this large oval silver tray from Harvest
Home Store.
Value: $105                                                 Harvest Home Store

details mean so much                                                      lot 1209
Decorating details add so much to a room. Make a statement with this Green Art
Glass Vase. Then go shopping for additional details with this $100 gift certificate
from Home & Garden Menlo Park.
Value: $325                The Dressed Room and Home & Garden Menlo Park
personal & professional development
financial foundation service from merrill lynch                               lot 1301
Meet with a senior financial advisor from Merrill Lynch to establish your
financial objectives and develop a strategy for achieving those goals. The Financial
Foundation report outlines your current financial situation, summarizes your goals
and lays out strategies to provide you with a roadmap financial success.
Value: $500                                            Todd Wilson, Merrill Lynch

polish your executive communication skills                                   lot 1302
One and one-half hours of on-site, private executive communication skills coaching
by Janet Fitzgerald of FitzCom, Inc. Chose from the following topics: i) Presentation
Skills; ii) Sales Presentations; iii) Voice and Diction; or iv) Phone Skills. Certificate
expires December 31, 2006.
Value: $338                                           Janet Fitzgerald, FitzCom, Inc.

take charge!                                                                  lot 1303
Gather 9 of your friends for an evening with Joan Perry, the author of “A Girl Needs
Cash.” Each of you will go home with a copy of Joan’s book and news skills for tak-
ing charge of your finances. Certificate expires December 31, 2006.
Value: $1,000                                   Joan Perry, Take Charge Financial

college prep/career counseling                                               lot 1304
Prepare for your or your child’s future with three hours of college prep/career
counseling by Angela Horine.
Value: $300                                     Angela Horine, Jennifer Lopez

personal assistance                                                           lot 1305
What busy person couldn’t use a little help? Do you have bills that need paying?
Calendars to manage? Paperwork to file? Investments to manage? Gifts to pur-
chase? Travel arrangements to make? Relax! Cool Concepts will devote four hours
of personal assistance to you to help you get your life in order. Expires August 1,
Value: $200                                                        Cool Concepts

estate planning essentials                                                   lot 1306
Cross “estate planning” off your to-do list! Estate planning consultation plus two
personalized Advance Health Care Directives, to allow your loved ones to make the
decisions based on what YOU want, not on what others might want for you, and
HIPAA authorizations to allow your loved ones access to your medical information
should they need it.
Value: $300                                                 Osterloh & Orta, LLP

for the off-duty agent
007 movie night                                                           lot 1401
Plan a relaxing night in with this Cyberhome CH-DVD 300 DVD Player, Bond DVD’s,
gift certificates to Blockbuster, 2 Movie Review Books, microwave popcorn, and
other 007 goodies.
Value: $350                                      Fund Development Committee

spend an afternoon in the garden                                         lot 1402
There’s no better way to spend an afternoon than in the garden—particularly if it is
the fabulous garden of Filoli. Four General Admission tickets to Filoli for guided or
self-guided tour. Valid Tuesday through Sunday during the 2006 Operating Season
(February through October). Reservations required for guided tour.
Value: $48                                                             Filoli Center

take mom to the filoli flower show                                        lot 1403
What better way to delight your mother than by taking her to Filoli on Mother’s
Day weekend. Four General Admission tickets to the Filoli Flow Show valid on
Friday, Saturday or Sunday, May 12–14, 2006.
Value: $80                                                        Filoli Center

enjoy fall at filoli                                                     lot 1404
Enjoy the many seasons of the garden at Filoli. Four General Admission tickets to
Fall at Filoli on Saturday, October 7, 2006.
Value: $80                                                         Filoli Center

calling all designing women!                                              lot 1405
Ten guests will enjoy a jewelry making party in the Hillsborough home of Mary
Denton. Winnie Van de Rijn, Training Director of Luxe Jewels, will guide you
through the art of creating a beautiful keepsake necklace. Sip wine and nibble
appetizers in the ballroom while crafting a precious memory. Date of party based
on availability of hosts.
Value: $600                                                       Mary Denton

sunday ride in golden gate park and picnic                               lot 1406
Take a once in a lifetime ride in Golden Gate Park. You and up to two friends will
enjoy a two-hour Sunday ride in a 1931 Vintage Model A Ford. We’ve included a
bottle of wine and basket of goodies for your picnicking pleasure. And if that
famous San Francisco fog rolls in, no worries—we’ve included a lambswool Cherry
Blossom Throw to keep you warm. Must schedule ride three weeks in advance.
Valid June through August 2006. Truly a unique afternoon!
Value: $550                  Ace Casino Game Rentals, Trader Joe’s Menlo Park,
                                         Red Envelope and Valerie Frederickson

don’t let those memories slip away                                        lot 1407
Have you always wanted to scrapbook to preserve your memories but just never
got started? Well, here is your chance to begin with a gift certificate for a beginner
scrap booking class, plus an essentials kit, including a 12x12 scrapbook album, 12x12
paper pack, creative sketches book, ABC stickers, photo storage file, embellishments,
adhesive and refills and scissors. Make your own masterpiece of memories.
Value: $175                                        Scrapbook Dreams in Sunnyvale

the sporting life
hit the slopes in style with a custom snowboard                            lot 1501
Be stylin’ on the slopes with this custom snowboard featuring artwork from the
hit album “Final Straw” by the award-winning Irish rock band, Snow Patrol. A rare
find—only 75 of these snowboards were made! Board is size 155.
Value: $500                                                      Melissa Taylor

fore!                                                                      lot 1502
Get out of the office and onto the green. Any day is a good day for a stroll on the
golf course. Enjoy a day in the sun with this foursome of golf plus lunch at the Palo
Alto Hills County Club. Expires March 30, 2007.
Value: $700                                                Palo Alto Country Club

oakland a’s package                                                        lot 1503
Take me out to the ballgame! Four ticket vouchers for Plaza Level Outfield Seating,
good for mutually agreeable Oakland A’s home games during the 2006 regular
season. Vouchers must be redeemed by Wednesday, August 16, 2006.
Value: $56                            The Oakland Athletics Baseball Company

stanford football package                                                 lot 1504
Calling all Cardinal fans. We have four tickets to a Stanford home football game
during the 2006 season in the newly rebuilt stadium. These will be great seats!
Date to be mutually agreed upon.
Value: $200                                          Sally and Craig Falkenhagen

game night at the shark tank                                               lot 1505
See the Sharks devour the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim on Saturday, April 15th at 1:00
p.m. Two tickets in “The Club”—Section 107, Row 8, plus parking.
Value: $171                                        Jennifer and Andrew Keenan

golf at squaw creek                                                       lot 1506
Tee off for four rounds of golf with cart at the Robert Trent Jones, Jr. Champion
Course at Squaw Creek. You’ll have to keep your eye on the ball and not on the
majestic Sierra peaks surrounding this fabulous 18-hole course. Lunch at the Six
Peaks Grille included. Dates subject to availability; holiday restrictions may apply.
Expires on December 16, 2006.
Value: $600                                                 Resort at Squaw Creek

home run!                                                                 lot 1507
If you are a SF Giant’s fan, this one is for you. Enjoy two SF Giant’s owners
tickets—5th row behind home plate!—to see the Giants hit another one out of the
park against Pittsburgh on Sunday, June 11, 2006. Game begins at 1:05 p.m. Don’t
miss it
Value: $160                                                         Linda Knoll

star in your own video!                                                   lot 1508
It’s all in the swing. Dale Bradley, golf pro at the San Ramon Golf Club will direct
you and your swing with a one-hour personal lesson and video analysis. Expires
March 30, 2007.
Value: $80                                                   San Ramon Golf Club

it’s all in the swing                                                     lot 1509
Who couldn’t use a bit of help with their golf swing? Russ VanderSluis is your man
for thirty minutes of private instruction at Stanford Golf. A great gift idea for the
golfer in your life!
Value: $55                                                       Russ VanderSluis

tennis anyone?                                                            lot 1510
You will look smart on the court and be ready to go with this 6 racket bag/backpack
with section for shoes.
Value: $60                                                        Woodside Tennis

hit the slopes                                                             lot 1511
Ski fabulous Sun Valley with these Five out of Six Day Ski Lift Tickets for two.
Value: $350                                                   Sun Valley Company

gadgets & games
tell your stories with photos and video                                   lot 1601
Two powerful tools in one package—Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere
Elements. Edit, organize and show your photos in creative and entertaining ways
and create home videos like a famous director. Let your pictures tell the story. For
Windows-based PCs.
Value: $150                                                       Andrea Brandt

become a secret agent gift basket                                         lot 1602
Are you and your favorite secret agent craving a night out? Need the supplies to
make it the perfect escape? The Provisional Committee Gift Basket will provide you
with all of the necessary tools for an evening you will never forget. Adding a little
mystery and intrigue to your life is sure to spice things up!

Start by scheduling the evening using your new Palm Pilot and make a reservation
for the top-secret night of your choice at the Stanford Park Hotel. Begin with a
bottle of Opus One wine then loosen up over a martini (Vermouth and Belvedere
Vodka included!), mixed with your new shaker and served in 2 martini glasses. Then
relax and watch 2 James Bond DVDs while munching on some tasty snacks. And if
the real world starts to catch up with you, don’t fret. You’ll be able to escape once
again using the included gift certificate for a hot air balloon ride in Napa.
Value: $1,125                                                Provisional Committee

if it’s tuesday, this must be belgium...                                  lot 1603
Paris today, Moscow the next, Belgium on Tuesday—keep track of your busy
schedule with this Palm z22 organizer. It keeps your planner, journal, sticky notes
and calendar all in one place. You will never be caught unprepared again!
Value: $99                                                          Lisa Dunlevie

gamers go crazy—playstation 2 games                                      lot 1604
Your favorite gamer will love these Play Station 2 Games—NCAA 06 March
Madness, Lord of the Ring—The Third Age and Need for Speed Underground.
Value: $150                                       Julie Wynn, Electronic Arts

gamers go crazy—nintendo gamecube games                                   lot 1605
Delight your favorite gamer with these Nintendo GameCube Games—TY2 The
Tasmanian Tiger: Bush Rescue and The Sims Bustin’ Out.
Value: $100                                        Julie Wynn, Electronic Arts

nokia 9300 smartphone                                                    lot 1606
Stay connected with this the Nokia 9300, a sophisticated mobile phone designed
to enhance your work style while complementing your personal style. Features
include handsfree speakerphone and conference call capability; full keyboard;
color displays; email options; organizer (calendar, contacts, tasks); mobile internet
connectivity and tri-band operation for use on five continents. Don’t leave home
without it.
Value: $600                                                           Lisa Pedersen

for your four-footed friends
for the society animal                                                    lot 1701
Be the talk of the town! You and your pet grace the pages of Gentry Magazine in the
“Pets and Their People” department. Certificate expires March 1, 2007.
Value: Priceless                                               Courtney Charney

good dog                                                                  lot 1702
Train the wild beast with this certificate for one hour of in-home dog training.
Value: $85                                                                 Ph. Dog

a day at the spa for your dog!                                            lot 1703
Doesn’t man’s (and women’s) best friend deserve his own day at the spa? We think
so. Bring Fido in for a bath, nail clipping and ear cleaning at The Barking Lot. Gift
certificate expires May 30, 2006.
Value: $50                                                         The Barking Lot

lots of love dogsitting                                                   lot 1704
Travel without worry. Your dog will be well cared for while you are out of town
with this gift certificate for five (5) days of dog sitting. Your dog must be less
than 70 pounds. Sorry, no German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers
or Pit Bulls.
Value: $325                            

full service pet grooming—at home                                         lot 1705
Treat your special pet to his very own Ultimate Pet Pampering Basket from Aussie
Pet Mobile. The Basket includes a gift certificate for a luxurious 15 step spa treat-
ment and a Furminator de-shedding treatment for your furry friend right in your
own home. Variety of treats and fun toys included. Service area limited to San Jose
to Redwood City.
Value: $150                                     Aussie Pet Mobile Mid-Peninsula

smilin’ dogs dog walking                                                   lot 1706
Treat your dog to a gift certificate for two dog walks from Smilin’ Dogs. Smilin’ Dogs
provides all day off leash running and playing on a private 750 acre coastal-range
property. Dogs love it. Interview for new dogs required.
Value: $76                                                              Smilin’ Dogs

finishing touches                                                          lot 1801
One-of-a-kind necklace featuring golden bronze freshwater pearls with a hand-
painted porcelain pendant in 14kt. gold. Matching pearl earrings included.
Value: $100                                                     Kathleen Lykken

for him—citizen watch                                                      lot 1802
Treat him to the gift of time with this handsome Largo Model Citizen Watch with
EcoDrive (never needs a battery), perpetual calendar, dual time, alarm, blue face.
Value: $395                                                           Kim Forbes

for her—citizen watch                                                      lot 1803
Treat yourself or that special woman in your life to the gift of time with this
beautiful Citizen Watch. This elegant timepiece is a Corso Model—EcoDrive (never
needs a battery) with 12 diamonds and a mother of pearl face.
Value: $350                                                         Kim Forbes

beaded necklace and earrings                                              lot 1804
These versatile pieces can go from daytime casual to evening. Look stunning in
the beaded necklace with coordinating earrings. Use the accompanying $50 gift
certificate to 4 Clothing Solutions in Menlo Park to complete the perfect outfit.
Value: $102                                                 4 Clothing Solutions

classic elegance                                                           lot 1805
Beautiful sterling silver earrings for her to enjoy. Very versatile and perfect for
work, dinner or play. The ideal finishing touch to any outfit.
Value: $50                                                          Shannon Stein

the gift of time                                                          lot 1806
Look dashing with this Men’s Shreve & Co. Swiss watch. Automatic movement,
water resistant, sapphire crystal. A bold and confident timepiece for your bold and
confident man.
Value: $595                                                           Shreve & Co.

worth one thousand words
say cheese!                                                               lot 1901
They grow up so quickly—so capture the magic of their youth with a complimentary
sitting at the Los Gatos location and one 8x10 black and white portrait.
Value: $400                                               Classic Kids, Los Gatos

smile for the camera                                                      lot 1902
They grow up so quickly—so capture the magic of their youth with a complimentary
sitting for two at the Burlingame location and one 8x10 black and white portrait.
Value: $440                                             Classic Kids, Burlingame

picture perfect                                                           lot 1903
Don’t be camera shy. Get the picture with this gift certificate for $250 of portrait
photography services including a photo session and two 8x10 quality portraits. The
certificate is not valid from October through December and expires on March 31,
2007. Certificate is non-transferable.
Value: $245                                                 Marie Z Photography

you ought to be in pictures!                                             lot 1904
Capture that special moment in time and in space with a complementary portrait
session with Jennifer Baciocco. Includes 4x6 proofs and one 8x10 black & white or
color print custom matted on an 11x14 display matte.
Value: $400                                                   Jennifer Baciocco

one of a kind
attention san francisco giants fans                                      lot 2001
Your favorite baseball fan will be your biggest fan when you give him/her an
autographed baseball signed by No. 5, Ray Durham.
Value: $150                                             San Francisco Giants

for the bond fan                                                         lot 2002
Give this framed vintage James Bond poster from the film Octopussy to your
favorite Bond fan. Add to the thrill with this official James Bond trivia game on DVD
featuring real movie clips!
Value: $125                                         Gillian Growdon, Shannon Stein

absolutely james bond                                                    lot 2003
Treat your favorite Bond fan with this framed vintage Bond poster from the film
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and vintage poster magnets.
Value: $115                                     Gillian Growdon, Shannon Stein

mickey mantle autographed baseball                                        lot 2004
with custom case
This display is a beauty. Custom built, this handcrafted display case includes
mahogany-framed doors, green suede matting, UV-protective conservation glass
for sunlight/fading protection, and safety locks (with keys). Intended to be
wall-mounted, this case is 21” wide and 17” tall and weighs approximately 10 lbs.
This Mickey Mantle display includes an official Major League baseball hand-signed
by “The Mick” along with a vintage black and white photograph and a descriptive
plate. And as any baseball fan knows, it doesn’t get any better than Mickey Mantle.
A piece that will be handed down generation to generation, get it before someone
else does.
Value: $1,295                                                       Sports Gallery

joe montana autographed jersey display                                    lot 2005
Drafted by the 49ers out of Notre Dame in 1979, Joe Montana is arguably the
greatest quarterback to play in the NFL. He certainly was one of the most
successful. While leading the Niners, he captured nine divisional titles and victories
in Super Bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV, earning MVP honors in three of those
games. This 39”w x 34”h, Sports Gallery Exclusive presentation includes a hand-
signed vintage Montana 49ers jersey, replica tickets from each of Joe’s Super Bowl
victories, and a plaque commemorating Joe’s Three Super Bowl MVP’s, Four Super
Bowl Championships, and 2000 Hall of Fame induction. Framed in thick mahogany,
UV-protective glass (very important for signature protection!) and classic 49ers
double-matting, this is a wonderful piece of Sports Art that would look terrific in
any office or den. A great gift for any football fan!
Value: $979                                                           Sports Gallery

chevy chase autographed caddyshack poster                                 lot 2006
Caddyshack has has become a cult classic that fans watch several times a year,
reciting every line of dialogue like the followers of a bizarre comedic ritual. This
official movie poster was hand-signed by Chevy Chase. Quality framed in thick
black wood, UV-protective glass (very important for signature protection!) and
classic double-matting, this is a special collectible that is very limited in number.
Perfect addition to your home entertainment.
Value: $499                                                           Sports Gallery

muhammad ali autographed 8x10 “vs. the beatles”                            lot 2007
This photograph is one of the most famous images in the storied career of
Muhammad Ali. It was 1964 and two worlds collided when The Beatles paid a visit
to Ali’s (then Cassius Clay) camp in Miami during his training for the first Ali-Liston
fight. As the media looked on, Ali performed like the consummate entertainer he
was, and gained millions of new fans. It may not have been his greatest knockout,
but it was certainly his only quadruple-knockout! This handsomely framed and
matted, vintage 8x10 photograph shows Ali sparing with John, Paul, George and
Ringo and includes a descriptive plaque giving the “circa 1964” date. Hand-signed
by Ali, this is a classic collectible that appeals to both sports and music enthusiasts
alike and makes a wonderful conversation piece.
Value: $795                                                            Sports Gallery

yogi berra autographed 8x10 “he was out!”                                  lot 2008
Remember when players actually stole home? This classic collectible captures
perhaps the most famous theft of home plate ever. In the 1955 World Series
between the Yankees and the Dodgers, the Yankees won the first game 6-5 before
losing the series to the Dodgers. In a controversial play during the 8th inning of
that game, Jackie Robinson stole home to bring the Dodgers within a run. Films of
this famous steal are inconclusive, but to this day Yogi is convinced that Jackie was
out. “He was out!” reads the plaque and special inscription on this timeless baseball
collectible, hand-signed by Yogi. Handsomely framed and matted, this is a great gift
for any baseball fan.
Value: $229                                                           Sports Gallery

palmer/gleason 11x14 “golden age”                                          lot 2009
Arnie smiles while the “Honeymooner” struts on the tee box in front of adoring
fans. Expertly matted and framed to measure 16” h x 20” w (framed) this unsigned
black and white vintage photograph is a snapshot of a golden age.
Value: $159                                                       Sports Gallery

steve young autographed 8x10 “goal line dive”                              lot 2010
Steve Young’s amazing Hall of Fame NFL career included: the highest career passer
rating in NFL History (96.8), two-time NFL MVP, a record-tying six NFL passing
titles, seven Pro Bowl teams, 33,124 yards and 232 touchdowns passing, 4,239 yards
and 43 touchdowns rushing, and six TD passes and Super Bowl XXIX MVP Award in
the 49ers’ 49-26 win over the Chargers. Whew! An amazing career for this amazing
QB talent—one who unbelievably didn’t learn to throw a football until he was 18!
This amazing photograph shows Young Stretchin’ For The Goal Line against the
hated Cowboys. Hand-signed by Steve and quality framed in thick black wood,
UV-protective glass and Niner double matting, this is a terrific collectible. Get it
before another Niners fan does!
Value: $249                                                        Sports Gallery

tiger woods autographed 8x10                                             lot 2011
Tiger Woods = Golf. Don’t think so? Check out the TV ratings for a tournament
where Tiger is in contention on Sunday vs. one where he isn’t among the leaders.
Put simply, the World loves to watch Tiger hit a golf ball. And with good reason.
Eldrick (Tiger) Woods, now 29 years of age, has had an unprecedented career
since becoming a professional golfer in the late summer of 1996. He has won 58
tournaments, 43 of those on the PGA TOUR, including the 1997, 2001, 2002 and
2005 Masters Tournaments, 1999 and 2000 PGA Championships, 2000 and 2002
U.S. Open Championship, and 2000 British Open Championship. With his second
Masters victory in 2001, Tiger became the first ever to hold all four professional
major championships at the same time. He is the career victories leader among
active players on the PGA TOUR, and is the career money list leader. You may find
other Tiger collectibles but you won’t find anything like this one.
Value: $995                                                         Sports Gallery

willie mays autographed photo “the catch”                                lot 2012
Willie Mays was a tremendous athlete, and every facet of the game seemed to
come naturally to him. He could hit for both average and power, finishing his career
with a batting average of .302, 660 home runs and 1902 runs batted in. However,
unlike some of the game’s greatest hitters, Mays was also an outstanding defensive
player. After their introduction in 1957, he won 12 consecutive Gold Glove Awards
for his outfield defense and gained a reputation for making catches that no
other player could. Case in point: The Catch in the 1954 World Series. This 16x20
photograph of Willie’s World Series catch is hand-signed by Mays and quality
framed in mahogany with a plaque commemorating this great baseball moment. A
great piece of baseball history that would look stunning in any office or den. The
perfect gift for that special baseball fan!
Value: $495                                                         Sports Gallery

                    information and rules
In accordance with the state and federal tax laws, sales tax will be added to selected
auction items as indicated on the bid sheets. In general, tax will be applied to
merchandise rather than to services.

Please read item descriptions carefully for special conditions and limitations or
exclusions. Certificates and services exclude taxes, gratuities, and alcoholic beverages
unless otherwise stated, and must be used at one time.

Reservations for restaurants, resorts, hotels and vacation homes are required and
are subject to availability and conditions.

The payment of an auction price in excess of an item’s “fair market value” may give
rise to an income tax deduction for such excess as a charitable contribution to The
Junior League of Palo Alto•Mid Peninsula, Inc. Please consult your tax advisor for
specific details.

Prizes are non-transferable. All items are sold “as-is.”

All items must be claimed by 12:00 a.m. unless size, quantity, or availability
prevents their removal. In this case, other arrangements must be made with the
Spring Gala Committee prior to leaving the event.

Dates for services, vacation homes, parties, etc. are to be arranged by mutual
agreement between Donor and Buyer. The time periods designed for use of
homes, restaurants, services, hotels, resorts, transportation, etc. are not subject
to change.

Unless otherwise specified, all auction items and services must be redeemed
and used before March 11, 2007.

Payment must be made and the Buyer must have an auction receipt before taking
possession of the item.

All payments are to be made in full the evening of the event by cash, check, Visa,
MasterCard or AMEX.

The auctioneer and The Junior League of Palo Alto•Mid Peninsula, Inc. reserve the
right to withdraw any lot or combine any lots at any time before the actual sale.

                            auction protocol
The bidder number is given to you upon check-in to the event. Use this number
when you bid in the silent auction. All silent auction items must be paid and
removed from the premises at the close of the evening of March 11, 2006.

                                auction rules
• All sales are final. Auction items, including all trips and stays in homes are

• Many of the items have specific conditions such as time limits, availability, etc.
  Unless otherwise specified, all items and services must be used within one year
  from March 11, 2006. The buyer is responsible for contacting the donor for all the
  items and services. The buyer is responsible for being aware of exclusions, date
  restrictions, time limits, requirements, etc., stated on gift certificates or other
  donor forms.

• Tax, tip, gratuity, and alcoholic beverages are not included unless otherwise
  stated. All items that require date arrangements will be scheduled according to
  availability and at mutually agreed upon times unless a specific date given. For
  restaurants call for reservations, no cash back.

                            live auction rules
• The Live Auction will begin following dinner. An auctioneer will conduct the event
  and participants will be asked to use their assigned paddle.

• Place a bid by raising your auction paddle assigned at check-in.

• The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer shall become the Buyer.

• Unless otherwise announced by the auctioneer at the time of the sale, all bids are
  per lot as numbered in this auction guide and addendum.

• The auctioneer has the right to reject any bid and to advance the bid at his/her
  absolute discretion and, in the event of a dispute between bidders, to determine
  the successful bidder or to re-offer and resell the article in dispute.

• Should there be any dispute after the sale, the record of final sale shall be
  conclusive. At the time called for the closing of the auction, the Buyer assumes full
  risk and responsibility for the lot and may be required to sign a confirmation of
  purchase, supply his/her name and address, and pay the full purchase price. If the
  buyer fails to comply with any such requirement, the lot may, at the auctioneer’s
  discretion, be put up and sold again.

                          silent auction rules
• Upon arrival, each bidder is given a paddle number.

• To place a bid, the bidder will write his or her name, paddle number, signature and
  the amount of bid on the bid sheet next to the appropriate item. Once a bid is
  entered, it may not be removed.

• Each increase in the bid must equal or exceed the minimum increase increment
  on the individual bid sheet. The highest bid at the close of each auction will
  constitute the winning bid.

• The silent auction will open at 6:30 p.m. and close at approximately 8:00 p.m. as
  category groups close on a rolling basis. There will be a five minute warning prior
  to the closing of each category. No more bids will be accepted once the final
  announcement is made.

• If you wish to guarantee a winning bid on an item, you may bid three times the
  donor listed value. Draw a line to the bottom of the form and sign your name and
  bidder number at the bottom of the bid sheet.

                    valuation of auction items
The Junior League of Palo Alto•Mid Peninsula, Inc. does not appraise or estimate
the fair market value of the auction items. The donors have furnished all state-
ments of value appearing in the catalog in good faith. All property is sold “as-
is”. The Junior League of Palo Alto•Mid Peninsula, Inc. is not responsible for the
accuracy of the description, authenticity, or condition of any item.

In determining whether any part of the price paid for an auction item constitutes
a charitable contribution, the buyer should be reminded that only the amount,
if any, in excess of the fair market value of an item purchased constitutes, a
charitable contribution. This information is supplied to supporters of the fund-
raiser and they are made aware of applicable laws. However, The Junior League of
Palo Alto•Mid Peninsula, Inc. is not responsible for the tax consequences of any
auction transaction. Persons should seek advice from their own tax consultants
regarding individual tax situations. The Junior League of Palo Alto•Mid Peninsula,
Inc. is a non profit, charitable organization that is tax-exempt under section 501
(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, ID # 94-1603047.

  thanks to our generous donors for
 making this such a spectacular auction!
#1 Party Supplies and Party Favors   Chakra Aveda SalonSpa
4 Clothing Solutions                 Charles Schwab Cup Championship
A Bed of Flowers                     Courtney Charney
Ace Casino Game Rentals              City of Los Altos, Police Department
Amber India Restaurant               Classic Kids, Burlingame
American Girl                        Classic Kids, Los Gatos
Artesa Winery                        Community Outreach Council and
Atlantis Casino Resort & Spa              Community Projects Council
Aussie Pet Mobile                    Conley Investments
AXIS Performance Center              Consuelo Mexican Restaurant
Ayoma Life Spa                       Cook’s Junction
Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley       Cool Concepts
Bent Creek Winery                    William Cooper
Meg Bever                            Cover Story
Bodega Bay Lodge & Spa               DayOne
Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa           Decathalon Club
Kathleen Bosell                      Mary Denten
Andrea Brant                         Design 101
Buck’s Restaurant                    Di Pietro Todd Salon
Burke Williams                       Disneyland
CAbi                                 Dollar Days International
Calla                                Done in a Day Committee
Carrie Hicks Interior Design         Dragon’s Lair, Chris Cook
John Carter                          Carrie Drake
Cassis                               Dream Worlds
Catherine Cunningham Interiors       Lisa Dunlevie
CBS Paramount Television             Electronic Arts

Kristine and John Erving            Michael Katz
Eyes Optometry                      Irene and Michael Keenan
Fairmont San Jose                   Jennifer and Andrew Keenan
Sally and Craig Falkenhagen         Beverly Kelsey
Filoli                              Kenneth Michael Salon
Fire Pixie Entertainment            Kiehl’s
Cathy Fisher                        Kitchens of Los Altos
First Teachers Committee            Koyal Wholesale
FitzCom, Inc.                       Libbey Glass
Flip Salon                          Linda Knoll
Kim Forbes                          Korbel Cellars
Fortezza                            LaBelle Day Spa
Four Seasons Silicon Valley         Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa
Staci Friesel                       L’Auberge Carmel
FRIT—Santana Row                    Lavanda Wine Bar
Fund Development Committee          Le Papillon Restaurant
Gallo Family Vineyards              Les Mars Hotel
Gail Gavello                        Lisa T. Jewelry
Giants Community Fund               Jacques and Sandy Littlefield
Gramercy Park Catering              Los Altos Fire Station
Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa     Lots of Love                   Lozano’s Car Wash
Gillian Growdon                     Lulu’s on The Alameda
Gumshoe                             Lush Life Nail Bar
Happy Hollow                        Karleen Lykken
Hartman Studios                     Malibu Grand Prix
Harvest Home Store, Menlo Park      Malouf’s
HIP Housing Committee               Marie Z Photography
Hoffmaster—Solo Cup                 Mayor Charles Marsala
Home & Garden, Menlo Park           Mauna Kea Resort
Angela Horine                       Meadowood Napa Valley
Hotel Montgomery                    Montage Resort & Spa
Hotel Valencia                      Monterey Peninsula Foundation
Hula Halau ‘O Pi’ilani              Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa
Hunan Garden                        Dr. Lynne Moran
Hyannis Whale Watching Cruises      My Gym Palo Alto
Infineon Raceway                    Nail Solutions
Ingrid’s Suntanning                 Nails by Vi
James Craig Salon                   Natalie Salon
Jax at Santana Row                  Needle Diva
Jennifer Baciocco Photography       Neiman Marcus
Jin Wang                            Neo Salon
John Bentley’s Restaurant           Nirvana Salon
Jouvence Skin Rejuvenation Center   Nominating Committee
K & L Wine Merchants                Oakland Athletics Baseball Company
Ka’Anapali Kai Charters             Ocean Sports Waikoloa
Osterloh & Orta, LLP              Stacks
Jeni Overby                       Stanford Shopping Center
Pacific Art League                Shannon Stein
Pacific Athletic Club             Stamp Express
Page Mill Winery                  Style Alterations
Palo Alto Creamery Downtown       Sun Valley Company
Palo Alto Hills Country Club      Sunriver Resort
Palo Alto Sport and Toy World     Sunshine Helicopters
Panache Bridal                    Take Charge Financial
Paper Caper                       Tangles Hair Salon
Paperwhirl                        Target, Mountain View
Paragon Restaurant & Bar          Melissa Taylor
Pasta? Palo Alto                  Testarossa Vineyards
Lisa Pedersen                     Texture Hair Salon
Personalized Gift Stop            The Artful Bee
Ph. Dog                           The Barking Lot
Pinkies                           The Boulders at Truckee
Planet Granite                    The Dressed Room
Premier Atelier Salon & Spa       The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Premier Dermatology               The Phoenician
Provisional Committee             Thermae Spa
Sharon Purcell                    Tiny Prints
RC2 Corp.                         Tourance Draperies
Red Envelope                      Toyota Sunnyvale
Resort at Squaw Creek             Trader Joe’s Menlo Park
Resta Cumme                       Valerie Frederickson & Company
Restoration Hardware              Winnie van der Rijn
Romi                              Russ VanderSluis
Rosalie Rendue Center Committee   Victoria Limousines
Rose Petal Weddings               Vintage Wine Merchant
Roy’s Kahala Bar & Grill          Vizions Artwear & Salon
S.H. Silver Company               Wattis & Company
San Ramon Golf Club               Johanna Wee
Scrapbook Dreams                  Julie White
See’s Candies                     Laura and John Whitman
Seghesio Family Vineyards         Todd Wilson, Merril Lynch
Sheraton Maui                     Winchester Mystery House
Shreve & Co.                      Wine Country Inn
Skin Spirit                       Winter Lodge
Sky Nails                         Woodside Tennis
Smilin’ Dogs                      Xperience Days, Inc.
Sole di Pardiso                   YMCA Palo Alto
Solemates                         Jessica Yansouni
Sous Kitchen                      Z Gallerie
Sports Gallery                    Suzanne Zaino
St. Regis Hotel San Francisco

    St. Regis Hotel San Francisco

            Libbey Glass
             Z Gallerie

           Casino Royale
         Ace Casino Rentals

       event production
            Frank Bizzarro
       Live Auction Auctioneer

         Jennifer Baciocco

logo and print material design
        Sharon Wong Design

       print production
         Prodigy Press, Inc.

        special support
 Kris Spencer-Jones and Kathy Moran
         JLPA•MP Office Staff

  wine and spirits donations
       Gallo Family Vineyards

            Dollar Days
          LaBelle Day Spa

     our generous supporters



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