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					                                 Blessed Trinity Catholic School
                                    230 Hawker Rd. Maple Ontario L6A 2R2
                                   Phone 905 -303 -7150 Fax 905 -303 -7152

                                      Safe Arrival Line: (905) 303-1953
Love        Peace       Wisdom     We Grow Together As One - February 2011

  Virtue of the Month

                                           A Prayer for Valentine’s Day

 Ms. Christine Kwiatkowski                             As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you.
                                                                      Remain in my love.
       Vice-Principals                            If you keep my commandments you will remain in my love,
                                                    just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and re-
   Ms. Lucy Parmigiano                                                  main in his love.

   Mr. Lino Mancinella                             I have told you this so that my own joy may be in you and
                                                                      your joy be complete.
       Superintendent                               This is my commandment: love one another as I have
                                                                      loved you.
   Mrs. Diane Murgaski                             A man can have no greater love than to lay down his life
                                                                      for his friends.
            Trustee                                   You are my friends, if you do what I command you.
                                                             I shall not call you servants anymore,
  Mrs. Teresa Ciaravella
                                                   because a servant does not know his master’s business;
       Catholic School                               I call you friends, because I have made known to you
        Council Chair                                     everything I have learned from my Father.
                                                           You did not choose me, no, I chose you;
  Mrs. Rosalia Magliocco                            and I commissioned you to go out and to bear fruit, fruit
                                                                        that will last;
         Parish Priest                             and then the Father will give you anything you ask him in
                                                              my name.
          Father Ernie
                                                     What I command you, is to love one another.
   Mrs. Marzia Ruscitti
   Mrs. Joanna Vettese             Saint Valentine of Rome is patron of engaged couples, bee-
                                   keepers, happy marriages, love, lovers, young people, and
   Mrs. Cathy Marcone              travelers, and the patron saint against fainting, epilepsy,
       Ms. Luisa Masucci           and plague. Saint Valentine of Terni is the patron saint of
________________________           Terni, Italy.

       School Website
             Character Attribute and Catholic Virtue for February- Initiative and Wisdom
             During the month of February we are celebrating the Character attribute of Initiative and the Catholic
              virtue of Wisdom. Our students are reminded to look for ways they can demonstrate these qualities
               in their day-to-day lives. Wisdom is the ability to see things as they are, and the ability to respond to
              reality as it is. The wise person knows how to accept things in life that cannot be changed, and how
               to try to change those things that need improvement.

                                February is Black History Month

Presentation “Once A Flame” February 1st at 9:00 a.m. Gr. 5-8
During the month of February we will be learning about the experiences, achievements and contributions of African
Canadians and those of African descent to Canada and to the world. In Canada, we will
also be introduced to the delightful music of the Caribbean. February is recognized as
“Black History Month”. This month was proclaimed by both our Federal and Provincial
On Tuesday February 1st our school will witness the presentation entitled, “Once A
Flame”. This play has the following backdrop: “It is April 10, 1734. The Old City of
Montreal is burning to the ground. A 29-year old slave woman, Marie Joseph Angelique,
stands accused of the deed. This true story is a compelling examination of a strong,
independent woman's fight for freedom and respect and tellingly reveals her struggle to
achieve her rights as an individual. Considered one of the earliest slave narratives in Canada, the play is based on
court transcripts of Marie Joseph's own testimony.”

           Music of the Caribbean February 16th at 1:00 p.m.                     Gr. JK-4
                   An inductee to the Black Music Hall of Fame, Mr. Dick Smith will join us at Blessed Trinity to
                   engage students in the music of percussion instruments. As a founder of Toronto’s very
                   successful Caribbana, Mr. Smith will delight our students with the music of the Caribbean!

Grade 2’s to McMichael Art Gallery – February 2nd.
The Grade 2 classes will be heading to the McMichael Art Gallery on Wednesday February
2nd to participate in a gallery tour of Native and Inuit art followed by a studio experience
where students will learn to draw in the style of Native artists.

Chinese New Year
                                This year at Blessed Trinity, our school will have an opportunity to learn about
                                some of the traditions and celebrations surrounding the very large lunar festival of
                                Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is a holiday that celebrates the beginning
                                of a new year according to the lunar calendar. It is considered one of the most
                                important holidays for Chinese families. The year 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit.
                                This year, Chinese New Year begins February 3rd and lasts until February 15th.
                                At Blessed Trinity, students will be learning about the lunar calendar, some of the
                               traditions surrounding the celebration of the New Year, and they will also have a
                              Chinese food experience in the offering of an authentic Shanghai-nese luncheon on
                                Tuesday February 8th.

Director’s Cut Workshops for Grade 8’s February 4th and February 7th
Our four Grade 8 classes will be participating in a unique media experience called Director’s Cut. Over
the course of the day, students will be learning how to produce mini movie trailers using the editing
and sound processes and skills in critical literacy. The final product should yield 2 video productions
for our students. We wish our future cinematographers well in this wonderful opportunity.
Junior Kindergarten Trip to the ROM - February 8th and 9th
The Junior Kindergarten students in Ms. Bevacqua’s and Ms. DiNicolantonio’s classes will be
travelling to the Royal Ontario Museum on their respective A and B days to experience
DINOSAURS! They will participate in a guided tour with museum experts and will have a chance
to see these giant beasts as a culminating activity for their Social Studies and Science units.

                       Blessed Trinity Catholic School Council Meeting –February 8th
                        All parents and guardians are cordially invited to attend this month’s Catholic School Council
                        Meeting on Tuesday February 8th at 7:00 p.m. Come and hear what the Council and the
                        School are planning for your children in the coming months and share your ideas with us!

                         Community Helper Comes to Visit – JK, SK, Gr. 1 February 14th 9:00 a.m.                    and
                         February 17th 10:30 a.m.
Blessed Trinity students in Junior and Senior Kindergarten and Grade 1 will have a special visit
from one of the Community Helpers that they study in their Social Studies unit. We will be
welcoming a Police Officer who will help students understand what the Police to do help our

100 Days of School - February 15th
                     February 15th is a big day for our Grade 1 students as they celebrate being in school for 100
                     days! Many math and language activities are planned that use the concept of ‘100’ as the
                     basis of instruction. Remember to ask your child about what the activities he or she
                     participated in to celebrate 100th Day and continue to reinforce this concept at home using
                     money (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and loonies), and other items that can easily be
                     counted out to 100.

Graduation Pictures for Grade 8 and Senior Kindergarten Students February 16th and
On Wednesday February 16th, Grade 8 students in Mr. Fiorucci and Ms. Meffe’s classes will have their
graduation pictures taken. On Thursday February 17th, the students in Mr. Stillo’s and Ms. Maio’s
classes will have their photos taken. Additionally, there will be graduation photos taken for our Senior
Kindergarten students as well: for Senior Kindergarten students, the following schedule for graduation
photos will occur:
A-Day Senior Kindergarten         Wednesday February 16th
        B-Day Senior Kindergarten        Thursday February 17th

Grade 5 Trip to Royal Ontario Museum – Wednesday February 16th
       Our three Grade 5 classes will be travelling to the ROM to participate in the activities pertaining to their work
        in Social Studies on Ancient Civilizations. The day is a full one, with guided activities by ROM staff and
         some self-directed pursuits as well as exhibit visits and gallery presentations. Ancient Greece and Egypt
          will be the focus of the cultural studies.

Canadian Chess Challenge – February 17th
Representatives of the Blessed Trinity Chess Club will be competing in the Canadian Chess
Challenge – Vaughan on Thursday February 17th at Ansley Grove Community Centre in
Woodbridge. We thank Mr. Pezzelli and our parent volunteers, Mrs. DeCaprio, Ms. Pieragostini,
Ms. Rodrigues, and Mr. Hulbig for helping our students to continue to develop their skillfulness in

                        Get Ready for B-I-N-G-O! Thursday February 17th
                        The school community is invited to participate in our second annual BINGO NIGHT!
                        We had so much fun last year with such a terrific turnout of families that we’re ready to call
                        out BINGO once again. To register your family for the evening, please refer to the
                        information sent home with your children or check the Letters and Forms section on the
school website for the registration form.
Family Day Holiday – Monday February 21st
Please note that our province’s statutory holiday known as Family Day will occur on Monday,
February 21st. There will be no school for any of us on that day! Enjoy your time with your

Vive la vie, vive l’amour, vive la compagnie!
                           French Carnaval will be celebrated at Blessed Trinity throughout the week of February
                           22nd to 25th. Visits by Bonhomme, sports day, skating, hot chocolate, Bingo en
                           français and many other fun activities are planned. We thank our French teachers,
                           Monsieur Lamanna, Monsieur Frappier, Madame Ricciardone-Sturino, Madame
                           Calamusa and Madame Mancinella for all their hard work in making this carnaval so
                           much fun to which to look forward. With funds raised this year through our hot lunch
                           program, we are able to bring into our school La Reine Soleil - a musical production, and
                           to have our annual skating excursion paid for through Council funds!

Junior Boys and Girls Volleyball
Congratulations to the Junior Boys and Junior Girls Volleyball teams for their dedication and
excellent performance in their local tournaments on January 24th and 25th. The boys and girls
teams were victorious against many of their opponents, playing as a team, showing great
sportsmanship, and supporting each other in every play. Their rare losses were very close,
exciting, and heart-wrenching matches. Both teams were humble in victory, and gracious in
defeat. They played very well and demonstrated to others the true character of a Blessed
Trinity athlete.
Thank you to the many parents who came out to watch, support, and help drive the teams to
their various exhibition games. A special thank you to Desiree, Megan, and Marilena for all their help throughout the
season. Thank you to David P., Andres, Joseph C., Joseph V., and Paul for their help during the tournament.

The members of the Boys team are: Daniel C., Francesco D., Brandon F., Giuliano G., Andrew L., Daniel P., Daniel
S., Michael C., Nicholas D., Alexander S., Alex T., Luca T., Sammy A., Justin F., and Justyn G.

The members of the Girls team are: Monica B., Amanda C., Stephanie F., Megan G., Catalina H., Tali K., Sara L.,
Nicole B., Kaitlyn B., Ashley C., Natalie S., Natalie V., and Laura Z.
A very special thank you to Ms. Pileggi for her tremendous spirit in coaching both our teams!

Hot Lunch Dates for February
                                Pizza and salad will be delivered February 7, 14, 28
                                  February 4: Chicken Sandwich
                                  February 11: Tortellini
                                  February 18: Veal Sandwich
                                  February 25: Penne Pasta

Registration for September 2011
We continue to accept registrations for the Junior and Senior Kindergarten classes
beginning September 2011. We are also accepting registrations for all other grades. If you
have neighbours wishing to attend our school who are Catholic, please have them contact the office to receive a
registration package.

Important Information                     (905) 303-1953 Reporting Absence Number
                        Just a reminder that if you are reporting your child’s absence, we ask that you call (905)
                        303-1953 and leave the information. This is a special telephone line that we have had
                        installed for the specific purpose of reporting absences and asking for homework. Please
                        do not call the main line. It might be helpful to program this number into your cell phone
                        and your home phone so that the process becomes automatic and easy!
Homework Requests
Teachers are more than willing to prepare homework for students when they are absent.
However, we do ask that your request comes in the first thing in the morning so that
teachers have adequate time to prepare any notes that need to accompany the
homework. Leaving a homework request on the absence line is the best policy to ensure
that homework is prepared for your child.

Milk and Arthur`s Smoothies® for Students
                              Just a reminder to parents that white or chocolate milk as well as mango or mixed
                              berry Arthur’s Smoothies are available to students daily. Tickets for these nutritious
                              products are sold every second Monday at the office. The white or chocolate milk is
                              60 cents and the fruit juices are $1.50 each (equal to two servings of fruit). Consider
                              providing your child with a very healthy drink at every lunch.

                              Milk and Smoothies ticket sales are on: February 14th and 28th

Bracelets for Sale- Feb. 1st - Feb 4th
Students from the BT Eco-School team have designed one of a kind bracelets that will be on sale Feb. 1- Feb. 4,
2011. These handmade bracelets will be $2.00, and $3.00 each. Proceeds from the bracelet sales will be going
towards sponsoring a W.W.F. Meerkat named Flame! Come out and support a great cause.

BT- Eco-School News Update!
Since the beginning of the school year, the Eco-School Team has been busy checking to see if lights and computer
monitors have been turned off when not in use, in order to save energy. The students conducted classroom checks
to see how everyone was doing.
Our next initiative is to remind students of the importance of reducing waste and recycling more efficiently. Our
team of environmental activists are continuing their classroom audits to ensure that recyclable items are being
recycled properly.

Did you know...
that there are over 10,000 landfill sites in Canada, and 70% of items within the landfill could
have been reused of recycled!

February 2011... Re-Launching Litterless Lunch Wednesdays

What does a litterless lunch look like?
Sandwiches, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and treats in a reusable lunch container
Stainless-steel forks and spoons
Reusable drink containers
Reusable lunch boxes or cloth lunch bags

To complement our Litterless Lunch Wednesdays, we have stainless-steel, ECO-FRIENDLY water bottles with the
Blessed Trinity logo on them for sale. Please check the Letters and Forms section of the school website to place
your orders!!
                           “We are a Healthy School” update

Blessed Trinity is a registered Healthy School and we have a committee comprised of dedicated
parents, teachers, Public Health Nurse, and Vice Principal. If you would like to become involved or you
have a suggestion please email
Lead Chair: Karen Fiorucci – Nutritionist, Holistic Health Care Practitioner
Parents: Dr.Nick Fava, Christine Franzoi, Cristina Sarracini , Teacher: Ms Maio,
Administration V.P: Mr Mancinella

Healthy Schools Initiatives:
Our committee is planning some exciting initiatives…more to be announced next month.

     1.   Apple Days and Fruit Baskets were a great success last year and we are pleased to announce
          that we are happy to sponsor instituting 'Fruit Day' once a month (if we continue getting
          some volunteer support in distributing the apples). Each child and staff member will receive a
          juicy sweet apples and fruit on the last Wednesday of each month until the end of school year.

     2.   Launch of EQAO testing and healthy habits. Refer to the handout titled Health = Success &
          Learning, we support this spring campaign for the grades participating this testing. Please
          encourage your children to use the initiative chart to log their efforts to create more awareness
          and healthy learning!

     3.   Daily Planned Activity. Healthy Schools has purchased an array of recess toys in two baskets
          for the junior children to play with at recess last year. This year we will build on these fun play
          items when the warmer weather sets in.

Nutrition corner …
                            How to boost your child’s intelligence

Your child’s mind needs much nurturing and nutrients. A good diet helps maintain all organs in the body
especially the brain. Food has a large influence on the efficiency of the brains chemical process such as
memory, concentration and mental energy. There are some foods that drain the brain power and some that
can maximize learning capacity.

Foods that maximize brain power:
Fish and plant oils – They are great brain food essential fatty acids along with other vitamins, minerals and
amino acids have been recognized as essential for development of nerves, eyes, and brain function. (Sardines,
salmon, anchovies, trout, walnuts, linseeds or flaxseed, pumpkin seeds and eggs)

Grain & Cereals – Whole grains are most nutritious. As complex carbohydrates they can be the body’s main
source of energy. High in Vit B, E, zinc, selenium, magnesium. Children are sensitive to the effects of blood
sugar levels. Highs and lows effect mood and leads to feelings of anxiety, irritability, poor concentration and
memory. (Brown rice, whole grain flowers, millet, buckwheat, barley, oats, rye)

Fruits & Veggies – Provide a large amount of brain nutrients, especially antioxidants and photochemicals,
vitamins and minerals. Increased vitamin and mineral intake has been proven to improve IQ. Eat at least three
of each daily. Fruits are good sources of Vit C, B, calcium, selenium, magnesium and boron. Did you know
that boron is responsible for producing positive brain waves, increase alertness and improves memory and

Nuts & Seeds (for those who can have them) – One handful can boost B vitamin levels, iron, magnesium,
calcium, zinc and omega-6 efa. All are important for brain function. Kids lacking in B’s may experience over-
tiredness and have trouble concentrating. Seeds and nuts are excellent sources of protein (building blocks in
the body) …
Next Issues – Learn what foods drain your brain…
                                                      -1-                  Healthy School Bulletin Vol 2.1 KF

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