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									                                               Microsoft Office System
                                               Customer Solution Case Study

                                               Smaller File Format Saves Service Company
                                               300-Plus Hours per Week on Data Backups

Overview                                       “We were amazed at how simple the upgrade to the
Country or Region: United States
Industry: Manufacturing—Professional
                                               2007 Microsoft Office release was. We spent 20 to
services                                       40 hours less time deploying it than Microsoft Office
Customer Profile
Based in Troy, Ohio, and with a network of     Greg Greenwald, Senior Network Administrator, Hobart Service
93 branch offices across the United States,
Hobart Service delivers, installs, and main-   Hobart Service delivers, installs, and maintains equipment for the
tains equipment for the foodservice and
food retail industries.                        foodservice and food retail industries. With nearly 1,400 employees
                                               working from 97 locations across the United States, Hobart needed
Business Situation
Hobart Service wanted to make its              a more efficient way to transmit, store, and back up user data on
processes for storing and backing up           the company’s central server computers. When the IT department
employee data more efficient.
                                               saw how much server space and bandwidth it could save by taking
Solution                                       advantage of the smaller file formats used in the 2007 Microsoft®
With guidance from KiZAN Technologies,
Hobart Service upgraded to Microsoft®          Office release, the company decided to upgrade its desktops to
Office Professional Plus 2007 to maximize      Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007. The compact, XML-based
hard disk drive space, decrease the time
that it takes to back up data, reduce          file formats of the 2007 Office release have helped Hobart avoid
operational costs, and improve employee        U.S.$50,000 per year of additional bandwidth usage costs, maxi-
                                               mize hard disk drive space, and decrease employee downtime
Benefits                                       during data backups by an average of 333 hours per week.
 U.S.$50,000 annual operational cost
 Higher productivity valued at $345,000
 Fast deployment
 Future-ready environment
“The less time                   Situation                                         Also in 2005, on the desktop computers at
                                 Hobart Service is the service arm of Hobart,      its branch offices, Hobart Service installed
employees spend                  a leading manufacturer of commercial food         Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003
waiting for data to be           equipment such as refrigeration, warewash-        and configured it to automatically back up
                                 ing, waste handling, and food preparation         employees’ data to the company’s central
backed up, the more              products. Hobart is a division of Illinois Tool   servers in Troy. Each time an employee
time they have to work           Works (ITW).                                      logs on or off a computer, data in the My
                                                                                   Documents folder, including Microsoft Office
productively.”                   National programs run by Hobart Service           files, is copied to an assigned network loca-
Greg Greenwald, Senior Network   provide equipment delivery and installation,      tion, using the Folder Redirection feature of
Administrator, Hobart Service    warranty and nonwarranty repairs, mainte-         the Microsoft IntelliMirror® management
                                 nance, service contracts, extended war-           technologies included with the Windows
                                 rantees, parts, and specialty programs to         Server operating system.
                                 hundreds of thousands of U.S. businesses.
                                 Approximately 1,400 employees—including           Data Storage and Backup Challenges
                                 field service technicians, sales and adminis-     As the amount of user data grew, however, so
                                 trative staff, and managers working from 97       did the bandwidth that the company was con-
                                 locations across the United States—provide        suming over its T1 network. “We’re paying
                                 these services. Ninety-three branch offices, a    our telco for the low end of bandwidth,” says
                                 technical-manual publishing center in Troy,       Dave Fuller, IT Development Manager at
                                 Ohio, a distribution center in Piqua, Ohio, and   Hobart Service, “but as the number and size
                                 a manufacturing plant in Orting, Washington,      of data files increases, we run the risk of
                                 connect to the company’s central server           being placed into a higher price bracket.
                                 computers at its Troy headquarters through        Staying within the low end of bandwidth
                                 virtual private networks on persistent T1         means about a 60 percent annual cost
                                 connections.                                      savings.”

                                 Move from Mainframe to Windows-based              Greg Greenwald, Senior Network Administra-
                                 Environment                                       tor at Hobart Service, adds, “We also wanted
                                 In 2005, with guidance from KiZAN                 to minimize the space consumed by user
                                 Technologies—a Microsoft® Gold Certified          data so that we don’t have to continually
                                 Partner and former Microsoft Solution             purchase more hard disk space. Not to
                                 Provider Partner of the Year—the company          mention, the less time employees spend
                                 began to transition from an IBM z/OS/390          waiting for data to be backed up, the more
                                 mainframe environment, which included             time they have to work productively.”
                                 some server computers running the Novell          Greenwald estimates that it was taking up
                                 NetWare network operating system, to server       to 10 minutes to replicate data each time a
                                 computers running the Windows Server®             user logged on or off a computer. Those
                                 2003 R2 Standard Edition operating system         working with graphic-heavy documents,
                                 with Service Pack 2. At the time of the           presentations, or large spreadsheets had to
                                 transition, Hobart Service also took advan-       wait the longest.
                                 tage of Microsoft Operations Manager 2005
                                 and Microsoft Systems Management Server           Need for Cost-Effective, Integrated
                                 2003 with Service Pack 2 for managing its IT      Collaboration Solution
                                 infrastructure.                                   While Hobart Service was looking for a solu-
                                                                                   tion for minimizing bandwidth consumption
                                                                                   and speeding data backups, it also decided
to migrate from its current messaging and          Workflow services and content manage-
collaboration solution based on IBM Lotus           ment capabilities that let users initiate and
Domino Server and Lotus Notes to Microsoft          track document review processes from
Exchange Server 2007 as part of an effort to        within Microsoft Office Word 2007.
standardize on Microsoft products and tech-        Enterprise Search capabilities of Office
nologies. Hobart Service determined that it         SharePoint Server 2007, which give people
would be more cost effective to implement           the ability to find information in many
Microsoft-based collaboration than to try to        different formats and repositories.
extend and update its Notes-based environ-
ment, because of how easily Microsoft collab-     The IT department first conducted a pilot
oration software products integrate with each     deployment of Office Professional Plus 2007
other and with other Microsoft software.          to approximately 50 employees at company
                                                  headquarters in Troy. “We got very positive
Hobart Service plans to move the resources        feedback from users,” says Greenwald. “After
and documentation currently in its Notes          about a week of adjustment to the new look
environment to Microsoft Office SharePoint®       and feel of the 2007 release, users liked it
Server 2007. “We wanted to take advantage         much better because they could find tools
of the tighter integration between Exchange       and features more easily than in previous
Server 2007, SharePoint Server 2007, and          versions.”
the other products in the [2007 Office]
release,” Greenwald says. Fuller adds,            Next, Hobart Service deployed Office
“Another goal was to get familiar, common         Professional Plus 2007 to computers at its
tools and functionality that many people          93 branch offices, the publishing center, the
are already used to—like Microsoft Office         distribution center, and the manufacturing
Outlook® [messaging client], which many           plant. The deployment team used the
people use at home—into the hands of our          Microsoft Solution Accelerator for Business
employees.”                                       Desktop Deployment 2007, which provides
                                                  end-to-end guidance and automation tools
Solution                                          for large-scale deployments of the 2007
After an evaluation, Hobart Service decided       Microsoft Office system, and Systems
to upgrade everyone in the company to             Management Server 2003 to remotely
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007,          perform Zero Touch Installation (ZTI). An
largely due to the more compact XML-based         installation file was sent to each employee’s
file formats used in the 2007 Office release,     desktop or portable computer and run auto-
and also because the company saw imple-           matically in the background.
menting this suite of products as the first
phase in constructing a new collaborative         “We targeted a few branch offices a night for
environment for employees. Hobart wants to        the installation, using [Systems Management
take advantage of the advanced collaborative      Server] 2003 and ZTI,” Greenwald explains.
capabilities of the 2007 Office system,           “After a few nights of successful installations,
including:                                        we got more aggressive, and within about
                                                  four weeks, we had deployed to all 93
   Excel® Services in Office SharePoint Server   branches.”
    2007, which make it simple to use, share,
    secure, and manage Microsoft Office Excel     Approximately 800 Hobart Service employees
    2007 workbooks as interactive reports in a    now use Microsoft Office Professional Plus
    consistent way throughout the company.        2007, with the IT department ready to deploy
“We installed Office             the suite to an additional 1,000 Hobart          repurpose any emptied hard disk drives for
                                 Service technicians “as soon as we finish        its Office SharePoint Server 2007 and
Professional Plus 2007           evaluating mobile hardware options,” says        Exchange Server 2007 implementations.
without any disruption to        Greenwald. Hobart Service is currently eval-     “This means we won’t have to buy more disk
                                 uating several different types of mobile         space for some time to come,” says
or intervention from             devices that run the Windows Mobile®             Greenwald. For now, the IT department is
users.”                          software. The company intends to dispatch        letting users convert their files as they access
                                 service requests to technicians in the field     them, but it also plans to use the Office File
Greg Greenwald, Senior Network   through these devices, which will also be        Converter (OFC), which enables IT depart-
Administrator, Hobart Service    used to access e-mail, Internet content, and     ments to convert files in bulk. OFC is part of
                                 Microsoft Office documents and files such as     the Office Migration Planning Manager, a
                                 technical manuals and documentation.             collection of tools that help IT departments
                                                                                  prepare for migration to the 2007 Microsoft
                                 Hobart Service plans to complete its second      Office system.
                                 phase, the deployment of Exchange Server
                                 2007 and Office SharePoint Server 2007, by       Greenwald says that, unlike many other client
                                 the end of 2007.                                 software upgrades, this one has not required
                                                                                  Hobart Service to invest in new computer
                                 Benefits                                         hardware. “When you put new software on a
                                 Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 helps    computer, it often requires more processing
                                 Hobart Service keep its operational costs low    power. The desktop computers at the branch
                                 and enhances the productivity of its             offices are fairly limited—they have Celeron
                                 employees. The company experienced a             processors and only 256 megabytes of
                                 smooth, efficient upgrade, and it believes       memory. Prior to the upgrade, I was
                                 that the upgrade readies the company for a       concerned about potential performance
                                 larger-scale adoption of integrated Microsoft    issues, but we haven’t seen any negative
                                 messaging and collaboration technologies.        results,” says Greenwald.

                                 Operational Cost Avoidance of                    Higher Productivity Valued at $345,000
                                 $50,000 Annually                                 Employees are experiencing much faster data
                                 The smaller, XML-based file formats help         backups as a result of the smaller file sizes of
                                 Hobart Service minimize its bandwidth usage.     Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007, and
                                 The company estimates that staying in the        consequently higher productivity. “Most
                                 lower bandwidth pricing bracket with its telco   users’ My Documents folders are synchro-
                                 allows the company to avoid an additional        nized about 50 percent faster with the 2007
                                 U.S.$50,000 per year in Internet access          Microsoft Office release,” says Greenwald.
                                 costs. The smaller file sizes also save
                                 hard disk space on the company’s IBM             He estimates that this will result in a time-
                                 BladeCenter server computers. “With Office       savings of 25 minutes per week, per user.
                                 Professional Plus 2007, we’ll consume at         With 800 employees using Office
                                 least one less hard disk drive—maybe two,”       Professional Plus 2007, this equates to
                                 says Greenwald.                                  approximately 300 additional hours each
                                                                                  week or 15,000 hours annually that Hobart
                                 Once all of the company’s Microsoft Office       Service employees can spend working on
                                 2003 files are converted to the 2007 file        their computers rather than waiting for
                                 formats, the company will consolidate data       backups to complete. The value of this
                                 on server computer hard disk drives and
“Altogether, we spent              timesavings is approximately $345,000            new service manuals, user guides, and
                                   per year.                                        training documentation of much higher
perhaps a half-day’s                                                                quality and lower file size.
time helping Hobart                The feature-rich Microsoft Office Fluent™ user
                                   interface has also had a positive effect on      Greenwald and Fuller also anticipate that
Service with their                 productivity, especially for the company’s       when the migration from Lotus Notes to
deployment.”                       power users. Greenwald says that users           Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is complete,
                                   adjusted to the 2007 Microsoft Office            users will find it easier to work within the
Geoff Pearson, Managing Partner,   programs more easily than to most past           Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 messaging
KiZAN Technologies                 deployments of new software. “Once users         and collaboration client than in the Lotus
                                   were accustomed to the new interface of the      Notes environment. “Office Outlook 2007 has
                                   2007 Microsoft Office release, the proverbial    the Microsoft look and feel that users are
                                   light bulbs flashed,” he adds. “People can       accustomed to because they spend so much
                                   find features faster and produce better-         time using other Microsoft Office programs.
                                   looking documents faster. The interface is       Many of them already use Office Outlook at
                                   much more dynamically related to their           home. It’s cumbersome for them to have to
                                   work.”                                           know different commands in Lotus Notes.
                                                                                    The consistency will streamline their work,”
                                   Hobart Service employees create marketing        says Greenwald.
                                   documents with Office Word 2007, and sales
                                   presentations with the Microsoft Office          Fast Deployment
                                   PowerPoint® 2007 presentation graphics           “We installed Office Professional Plus 2007
                                   program. Employees also use Office Excel         without any disruption to or intervention from
                                   2007 spreadsheet software to share               users,” says Greenwald. “The file installed in
                                   accounting information such as end-of-month      the background, and our installation error
                                   reports with branch managers and to track        rate was less than 5 percent. The deployment
                                   key performance indicators of branch busi-       tools helped tremendously; we were amazed
                                   ness. “Previously, we had to split some of       at how simple the upgrade to the 2007
                                   our marketing databases into two or three        Microsoft Office release was. We spent 20 to
                                   smaller spreadsheets,” says Fuller. With         40 hours less time deploying it than Microsoft
                                   Office Excel 2007, Hobart Service employees      Office 2003.”
                                   can combine these databases into one,
                                   because spreadsheets now support 1 million       Geoff Pearson, Managing Partner at KiZAN,
                                   rows by 16,000 columns, making it possible       confirms the ease that Hobart Service expe-
                                   for users to work with massive amounts of        rienced in the deployment of Microsoft Office
                                   data. “Employees are really enjoying the         Professional Plus 2007. “Altogether, we
                                   increased capacity of Office Excel 2007,”        spent perhaps a half-day’s time helping
                                   says Greenwald.                                  Hobart Service with their deployment,” says
                                                                                    Pearson. “We guided them to some resources
                                   Technicians at the Hobart office in Troy use     on the Microsoft Web site [and] confirmed
                                   Microsoft Office Access™ 2007 database           various aspects of their deployment plan, and
                                   software to log support calls when               then they ran with it.”
                                   troubleshooting complex questions about its
                                   sophisticated food industry equipment. In        Future-Ready Environment
                                   addition, the training department at Hobart      Hobart Service has begun using Microsoft
                                   Service plans to transition from Corel           Office Professional Plus 2007 in anticipation
                                   WordPerfect to Office Word 2007 to create        of the enhanced benefits that the company
will achieve once it implements Office
SharePoint Server 2007. Together, the two
products will deliver a complete set of enter-
prise content management capabilities that
will simplify the way that the company works
with information.

For example, Fuller says that the new system
will significantly improve the company’s proc-
ess for sharing technical documentation. Cur-
rently, documents are shared as attachments
to e-mail messages in a variety of formats,
making them difficult to track and manage.
Storing and managing Microsoft Office
documents within Office SharePoint Server
2007 repositories will “allow us to easily
update and make technical documentation
available to all branch offices, as well as our
franchisees, through SharePoint sites,” says
Fuller. The company looks forward to taking
advantage of the advanced workflow
capabilities of Office SharePoint Server 2007
to standardize processing and publication of
human resources forms and documentation.

Hobart Service also plans to implement the
Windows Vista™ operating system in the
second half of 2008.

Finally, as part of its move to Exchange
Server 2007, the company is evaluating
Microsoft Forefront™ Security for Exchange
Server, which integrates multiple scan
engines from industry-leading security firms
into a comprehensive, layered-solution. “It’s a
compelling option in terms of our plan to take
full advantage of the integrated stack of
Microsoft software,” says Fuller.
For More Information                                            Microsoft Office System
For more information about Microsoft                            The Microsoft Office system is the business
products and services, call the Microsoft                       world’s chosen environment for information
Sales Information Center at (800) 426-                          work, providing the programs, servers, and
9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft                             services that help you succeed by
Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-                         transforming information into impact.
2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-
hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone                      For more information about the Microsoft
(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in                         Office system, go to:
the United States or (905) 568-9641 in                
Canada. Outside the 50 United States and
Canada, please contact your local
Microsoft subsidiary. To access information
using the World Wide Web, go to:

For more information about KiZAN
products and services, call (888) 327-
0333 or visit the Web site at:

For more information about Hobart Service
products and services, call (888)
4-HOBART (446-2278) or visit the Web
site at:

                                                                 Software and Services                            Technologies
                                                                    Microsoft Office Access 2007                  − Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access
                                                                    Microsoft Office Excel 2007                   − Microsoft Solution Accelerator for
                                                                    Microsoft Office Outlook 2007                   Business Desktop Deployment 2007
                                                                    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
                                                                    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007   Hardware
                                                                    Microsoft Office Word 2007                    − Dell OptiPlex 160 and 170 desktop
                                                                    Microsoft Server Product Portfolio              computers with Celeron processors and
                                                                     − Windows Server 2003 Standard                  256 megabytes of memory
                                                                       Edition with Service Pack 2                 − Dell Latitude D610 portable computers
                                                                     − Microsoft Exchange Server 2007              − IBM BladeCenter storage area network
                                                                       Enterprise Edition                            with 1 terabyte of hard disk space
                                                                     − Microsoft Operations Manager 2005
                                                                     − Microsoft Systems Management Server
                                                                       2003 with Service Pack 2
                                                                    Windows Vista

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT

Document published July 2007

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