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					Blueprint for Service:
Building Compassion
Through Our Donor
Services Center

15 Years, 170,000
Children Screened

Fish Have Someone
to Fear After Recipient
Regains His Sight

Newton County Coroner
Sees Life in Death

Kansas Becomes a
First-Person Consent State

                             Perspectives | Page 1
Ronald Walkenbach, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Tony Bavuso
Chief Operating Officer

Tina Livesay
Chief Compliance Officer
                                            From Our Executive Director
Jachin Misko
Regional Director of Clinical Services      As someone who has been with the Missouri
Shelly Rasley                               Lions Eye Research Foundation and Heartland
Regional Director of Technical Operations
                                            Lions Eye Banks for more than 30 years, I have
Emily Tuttle
Director of Donor Services                  seen our programs grow in ways we never
Amy Moss
Hospital Services Manager
                                            could have imagined in 1977. But there’s been
                                            no time in which this growth has been more
Annie Kuhl                                  apparent than this past summer.
PR & Development Manager

Nicole Plegge
PR Specialist                               In July 2010, thanks to the generosity of
Paul Coleman
Graphic Designer                            Missouri Lions clubs and Kansas City’s BCD Travel, we opened our doors
                                            to our newly renovated Donor Services Center (DSC). Upon learning that
Office Locations
Columbia, MO                                our expanding DSC team was about to outgrow our facilities, these caring
404 Portland St.
Columbia, MO 65201                          organizations stepped up to provide both financial and in-kind donations.
Office: 573-443-1479
Donor Hotline: 800-753-2265                 Today, our new DSC provides the privacy and space our 25 DSC staff
Fax: 573-443-1657
                                            members need to better support our partner hospitals and donor families.
Hays, KS
1111 East 30th
Hays, KS 67601
Office: 785-650-0661
                                            The Foundation also set records in the numbers served by our six sight-
Fax: 785-650-0667                           saving programs. This past fiscal year, we provided the gift of sight to 2,869
Joplin, MO                                  cornea recipients, screened 4,892 adults for glaucoma, and provided
1329 E. 32nd Street,
Suite 7                                     over 220 individuals with needed eye care assistance through an eyeglass
Joplin, MO 64804
Office: 417-624-2494                        referral or payment for major medical treatment. In addition, 33,886
Fax: 417-624-4131
                                            children were screened for the leading causes of childhood blindness – a
Kansas City, MO
10100 N. Ambassador Dr.                     54% increase over last year.
Suite 200
Kansas City, MO 64153
Office: 816-454-5454
Fax: 816-454-5446
                                            It is because of your continued support of the organization that we are
Springfield, IL
                                            on track to meet and even exceed these numbers this fiscal year. For
800 E. Carpenter                            more information on contributing to our mission, please contact our
Room 2231
Springfield, IL 62769                       development office at 800-283-1982 or visit to learn more
Office: 217-757-6050
Fax: 217-757-6055                           about our new monthly recurring donation option.
Springfield, MO
3506 S. Culpepper
Suite D & F                                 Thank you again for your dedication to rescuing others from a lifetime of
Springfield, MO 65804
24-Hr. Eye Bank: 417-882-1532               blindness.
Office: 417-887-0063
Fax: 417-882-8206

St. Louis, MO
10801 Pear Tree Lane
Suite 170
St. Louis, MO 63074
Office: 314-428-4373                        Ronald J. Walkenbach, Ph.D.
Office: 314-428-4312
Fax: 314-428-3751
                                            Executive Director
Wichita, KS
9415 E. Harry St.
Suite 106
Wichita, KS 67207
Office: 316-613-2250
Fax: 316-613-2307
                                            The Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation based out of Columbia, Mo. The Foundation
Contact                                     is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of sight through its vision programs including: Children’s Vision Screening,
For General Information:                    Glaucoma Detection Screening, Eyeglass Recycling, Eye Care Assistance, Heartland Lions Eye Banks and the support of ocular
573-443-1471 or 1-800-753-2265              research. For more information on our programs, please visit
Media Inquiries:
800-283-1982 ext. 107 or ext. 115
 Perspectives | Page 2
Online at &
Cover Story
Thanks to the generosity of 25 Missouri Lions clubs
and BCD Travel, our Donor Services Center now has a
larger home, allowing us to better meet the needs of our
partners in donation.

                                                    4                                                            7
Eye on the News                                            Fish Have Someone to Fear
Kansas becomes a first person consent state, Illinois      After Recipient Regains His Sight
Secretary of State Jesse White honors Sarah Bush
                                                           Tying a fly for fly fishing can be difficult for someone
Lincoln Health Center and Dr. Garth Russell speaks at
                                                           even with 20/20 vision. But for an individual suffering
our 50th Anniversary luncheon.
                                                           from a blinding eye condition, the challenge can be
                                                           downright impossible, stealing away the joy of a sport
                                                           he once loved.

                                                    5                                                         10
Newton County Coroner                                      A New Recurring Giving Option
Sees Life in Death                                         Now it’s even easier to partner with the Missouri
Coroner Mark Bridges helps spread the word about           Lions Eye Research Foundation in our efforts to
donation among coroners and funeral home directors         fight blindness! With recurring donations, you can
in his region and throughout the state of Missouri.        automatically contribute to the organization every
                                                           month through your credit card or bank account.

                                                    6                                                         16
15 Years, 170,000 Children Screened                        What’s Happening on Facebook
Since our Children’s Vision Screening program              and Twitter
started in 1995, we’ve screened 170,000 children           Check out our Heartland Lions Eye Banks Facebook
in Missouri, including 33,886 last fiscal year, for the    page the first week of December. In honor of Lions
leading causes of childhood blindness. Out of those        Eye Bank Week, we’ll be holding a contest each day in
33,886 kids, 3,730 were referred to an eye care            which you can learn facts about Lions eye banking and
specialist for a follow-up exam.                           win great prizes!

                                                                                                    Perspectives | Page 3
Kansas Becomes a First-Person Consent State
Making the choice to donate a loved one’s eyes, organs and
tissue can be difficult for a donor family, especially at the most
heartbreaking time of their lives. On July 1st, Kansas began easing
the burden by launching its first-person consent registry, allowing
individuals to make their own legally-binding decisions regarding

To join the new registry, an individual will need to sign up through
the new online directory coming soon or agree to donate when
renewing or obtaining a Kansas driver’s license. Otherwise, the
final donation decision will continue to be left up to the next of
kin. In addition, a potential donor can revoke a gift through the
registry or by notifying the state’s designated organ procurement

For additional information on the first-person consent registry,
please visit or

                                                                       Eye Bank Partner Hospital
                                                                       Honored for Its Dedication to
                                                                       Heartland Lions Eye Banks was honored to
                                                                       be part of a special event spotlighting Sarah
                                                                       Bush Lincoln Health Center (SBLHC) in
Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation                                 Mattoon, Ill. and its work in promoting eye,
Celebrates 50 Years of Saving Sight                                    organ and tissue donation.

On June 12, 2010, Missouri Lions club members, corneal                 Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, an
surgeons and cornea recipients gathered in Columbia, Mo. for the       avid donation supporter, honored SBLHC for
Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation’s “50 Years of Saving           its “level of commitment” to organ donation.
Sight” anniversary luncheon.                                           So far in 2010, SBLHC staff has helped
                                                                       rescue 23 cornea recipients from a lifetime of
The presenter for the day was Dr. Garth Russell of Columbia            blindness.
Orthopaedic Group. Although Dr. Russell practices orthopaedics
today, one of his initial forays into the medical field was as the     Joining White and SBLHC staff for the event
first employee of the Lions Eye Bank when we opened our doors          were the Eye Bank, Gift of Hope, Tonya
in 1960. During his presentation, Dr. Russell guided luncheon          Patrick, a liver recipient and employee of the
guests through the history of the organization and how corneal         hospital, and Jeff Prior, a heart recipient.
transplantation has changed in the past 50 years.
                                                                       “Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center is truly
You can view photos of the luncheon at or         a partner in donation,” said Kim Boehmer-
watch our slideshow presentation or Dr. Russell’s presentation at      Maslovara, hospital services coordinator                                       with the Eye Bank. “Because of their support
                                                                       – and that of our other partner hospitals –
The Foundation and Heartland Lions Eye Banks thank everyone            103 Illinois cornea recipients received the
who has supported us over the past 50 years in providing the gift      gift of sight through the Eye Bank since
of sight to over 33,000 transplant recipients!                         January 2010.”

Perspectives | Page 4
Newton County
Coroner Sees
Life in Death
For a family whose loved one passes away outside         the word about donation among coroners and
a hospital setting, their opportunity to change          funeral home directors in his region and hopefully
another’s life through eye donation can be               throughout the state of Missouri.
limited simply because no one makes a referral
call. Federal regulations facilitate hospitalized        Said Vanderhoofven, “Mark has done an
patients being screened for donation by mandating        exceptional job in participating in my coroner
that all hospital deaths be reported to an organ         project. He referred 14 out of hospital deaths this
procurement agency. This mandatory reporting             past year and promotes donation among his peers
does not include coroners and funeral homes for          as well as the funeral directors in this area.”
out-of-hospital deaths.
                                                         Although Bridges has made incredible strides
Surprisingly, almost half of the deaths in Missouri      in educating funeral home directors about eye
occur outside a medical center’s doors. Many of          donation, many still feel concerned retrieval will
these families are not offered the option of donation,   affect the service they provide families. In reality,
and the state donor registry is not checked to see if    Eye Bank technicians make every effort to retrieve
the deceased had pledged to be an eye donor.             as quickly as possible as not to interrupt a home’s
                                                         schedule, and bodies are not altered in a way that
A number of people outside hospitals are taking          would necessitate a closed casket ceremony.
the initiative to spread the word about donation in
their professional communities. People like Mark         Bridges continues to urge people to donate and
Bridges, the Newton, Mo. county coroner. For             to encourage his peers to be part of the donation
Bridges, a coroner for 14 years, discussing donation     process. “When it comes to eye donation, there’s
with families has been a labor of love. “Usually, I      nothing to it. It’s just good all around. I know
deal with people who have passed on, but I find          people can live on when I hear some guy say, ‘I can
satisfaction in counseling their families through the    see. Before my eyesight was so bad, I couldn’t work.
grieving process. If I can help other families as well   Now I can walk to my job.’ Listening to a recipient
through donation, wow, that’s just awesome.”             sing the praises of the person who donated his eye
                                                         is just amazing. What can you say – it’s miraculous
                             Bridges has been            what modern medicine can do!”
                             working closely with
                             Darian Vanderhoofven,       If you are a family member interested in donating
                             Joplin branch manager       and was not referred by a medical facility, please
                             of Heartland Lions          contact the Eye Bank at 800-331-2636 available
                             Eye Banks, to spread        24 hours a day.

                                                                                               Perspectives | Page 5
15 Years, 170,000 Children Screened
Although Alexis from Kansas City was still an infant, her        Changes to Reach More Children
mother took her for her first professional eye exam in the       When Amblyopia Screening began, children were
fall of 2009. The doctor found signs of far-sightedness, but     screened using a film-based camera. Photos were analyzed
assured her mother, Shelly, that treatment could wait.           by pediatric ophthalmologists across the state, and if a
                                                                 problem was detected, parents received a card six to eight
Just a few months later, the 14-month-old was screened           weeks later, encouraging them to take their children for a
by the Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation’s                  follow-up exam.
Children’s Vision Screening (CVS) program which
found Alexis had signs of amblyopia, or “lazy eye,” a            In 2009, the program, now called CVS, made the
leading cause of blindness                                       transition to Plusoptix computer-based screenings.
in children, as well as                                          Trained Foundation staff technicians use a hand-held
farsightedness, astigmatism                                      scanner to screen a child’s eyes, and the automated system
and anisometropia.                                               reviews the results to immediately produce a pass or refer
                                                                 report. With the new software and continued assistance
Said Shelly about the                                            from Lions volunteers, we’ve been able to screen more
screening and Alexis’                                            children for vision problems and help them on the road to
eventual treatment, “It’s just                                   recovery sooner.
miraculous. I recommend
that every learning center                                       Said one mother whose 3-year-old son was tested with
and daycare have the                                             Plusoptix, “It took me two months to get him to an eye
program come and screen their children – it can make a           doctor. Waiting four to six weeks for results might have
world of difference for them!”                                   delayed it even longer. The earlier the treatment, the better.
                                                                 If a family doesn’t seek treatment early, the condition can
For the past 15 years, the Foundation has heard stories          be irreversible.”
like Alexis’ again and again. Since our program started
in 1995, we’ve screened 170,000 children in Missouri,            The Foundation offers vision screenings at no cost to
including 33,886 last fiscal year, for the leading               preschools, daycare centers and community organizations
causes of childhood blindness. Out of those 33,886               as well as the families they serve. Organizations who
kids, 3,730 were referred to an eye care specialist for a        wish to schedule a screening may do so by calling the
follow-up exam.                                                  Foundation at 1-800-753-2265, ext. 8518.

                                    A Look Back at the Program
                                    In 1994, the late Past International Director (PID) Lion Wayne Henderson of the
                                    Ferguson Lions of Ferguson, Mo. led the effort to obtain a grant from the Lions Clubs
                                    International Foundation (LCIF) to partially fund the Amblyopia and Eye Movement
                                    Disorders Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and begin a screening pilot program.
                                    By 1999, Amblyopia Prevention Screening grew beyond the Hospital’s doors to expand
                                    state-wide, thanks to the vision of PID Wayne and his fellow Lions and a $200,000
                                    grant from LCIF. PID Wayne’s, wife, Lion Becky Henderson, continues to volunteer
                                    through the program as one of our most active volunteers.

Perspectives | Page 6
Fish Have
Someone to Fear
After Recipient
Regains His Sight
Tying a fly for fly fishing can be        The Escape From Blindness               condition, Chris’ donors had to be
difficult for someone even with                                                   younger than the recipient and
20/20 vision. But for an individual       Finally, in 2004, Chris underwent       the corneas less than 72 hours
suffering from a blinding eye             a cornea transplant on his left eye     old. “It’s such a double-edged
condition, the challenge can be           under the care of Dr. Joseph Tauber     sword. What’s good for somebody
downright impossible, stealing            of Tauber Eye Center. Although the      like me meant something bad
away the joy of a sport he once           first three weeks of his recovery       had to happen to someone else.
loved.                                    were highly uncomfortable, Chris        The hardest thing is knowing
                                          now has 20/20 vision when he            what another family was going
For years, Chris of Kansas City had       wears a soft contact.                   through.”
been suffering from eye problems
that left his vision compromised.         Said Chris, “Everyone wonders –         Today, thanks to the gift of his
“Everything was a big haze,” he           how do you do that? You actually        donor families, the talent of Dr.
remarked. “I would see ghost              got your eyeball cut open? I think      Tauber, and the support of Chris’
images, like four or five visions of      one of the reasons people don’t get     optometrist, Dr. Jill Smith of
the same chair. There were a lot of       the cornea transplants they need        Precision Optics, Chris is back on
halos, a lot of flares, rings around      is because it’s a scary thought,        the water and enjoying his favorite
taillights. The haze filled up my         but it’s so worth it in the long run.   sport. Only now it’s the fishes’
whole vision, making it hard to do        There’s nothing I wouldn’t have         turn to be concerned about Chris’
anything.”                                done to get my vision back.”            vision.

In his early 20s, Chris was               The first cornea transplant went        To learn more about joining your
diagnosed with kerataconus, a             so well that Chris underwent            state’s donor registry, including
disorder that causes the cornea to        his second in 2009. “Although           Kansas’ new first-person registry,
become distorted. Chris was fitted        my vision’s not back 100%, it’s         to help people like Chris, visit www.
with hard contacts to correct his         amazing I have 20/40 vision even or
eyesight, but as he grew older, the       without my contact on. I’m not
contacts became more cumbersome           there yet, but I’m better than I
while his vision continued to             was.”
deteriorate. Kerataconus affected
his job in I.T., limited his ability to   While Chris has been blessed with
drive, and worst of all, affected his     better eyesight, the journey has
passion for fly fishing.                  been bittersweet. Because of his

                                                                                                    Perspectives | Page 7
       Blueprint for Service: Building Compassion Thro
       Each day, Heartland Lions Eye Banks’ Donor Services Center (DSC) helps facilitate the donation process by
       speaking with medical facilities and counseling donor families about eye donation. As more people have
       made the decision to donate, the DSC team has grown substantially, requiring the Eye Bank to find additional
       workspace for our new staff members.

       Thanks to the generosity of 25 Missouri Lions clubs, the DSC now has a larger home, allowing us to better
       meet the needs of our partners in donation. Previously, the DSC was 250 square feet housing three work
       stations. Not surprising, the cramped quarters made it challenging to handle the 500 calls the team receives
       each day.

       In July 2010, doors opened to a newly renovated
       DSC featuring 1,200 square feet, six screening
       stations, three private family approach rooms
       and a training room. Said Emily Tuttle, director
       of donor services, “Serving our donor families is
       a top priority in the DSC. With our new approach
       rooms, we can focus on a family without the
       distraction of noise or a lack of privacy. Plus,
       extra work stations provide us with the space and
       tools we need to improve our efficiency. I know
       this renovation will play a key role in increasing
       our level of service.”

Perspectives | Page 8
ough Our Donor Services Center Renovation
     Special recognition goes to the following Missouri Lions clubs for their financial assistance in our renovation:

                    Concord Village Lions                                Linn Creek-Osage Beach Lions
               Jefferson City Host Lions                                     Parkville Lions
                         Sedalia Lions                                          Sedalia State Fair Lions
                  Owensville Lions                                                Seymour Lions
            Cape Girardeau Lions                                                    Mayview Lions
              Mexico Host Lions                                                      Raytown Hickman
                    Monett Lions                                                     Mills Lions
              First Capitol Lions                                                    Rushville Lions
                      Rolla Lions                                                    Arcola Lions
          Branson-Hollister Lions                                                   Pickering Lions
             Columbia Host Lions                                                   Amity Lions
                     St. Peters Lions                                            Hopkins Lions
                 Springfield Host Lions                                        Carrollton Lions

     In addition, the Kansas City branch of BCD Travel, an international corporate travel agency, donated
     $20,000 worth of cubicles to the DSC. A special thanks goes to Rodney Plattner of BCD Travel for helping to
     facilitate the donation and to coordinate the arrangements.

                                                                                                           Perspectives | Page 9
         A New Recurring Giving Option
         When you provide a monthly sustaining gift to the Missouri
         Lions Eye Research Foundation and Heartland Lions Eye Banks,
         you help support our six sight-saving programs on a consistent
         basis. Now it’s even easier to partner with the Foundation in our
         efforts to fight blindness.

         This fall, we launched a new online monthly giving program. By
         registering for recurring payments at, you
         can automatically contribute to the organization every month
         through your credit card or bank account. Signing up is simple,
         and your donation will go toward helping the 42,000 people we
         serve each year.

         Said Ila Watts, a cornea recipient who donates financially to the
         organization each month, “Without the dedication and expertise
         of MLERF and HLEB and a great team of eye care specialists, I
         most likely would have been blind by now. MLERF and HLEB do
         so much for so many, I feel I should do what I can to ‘pay back’
         for all they have done for me. I sincerely hope my ‘widow’s mite’
         will assist MLERF in helping someone else.”

         For details on our monthly giving program, please contact the
         Foundation at 800-283-1982, ext. 107 or

Perspectives | Page 10
              CIRCLE OF SIGHT                                                                                       July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010

Champion                                Protector                               Protector                            Protector
Gifts of $2,500 or more                 Gifts of $249-$100                      Gifts of $249-$100                   Gifts of $249-$100

Arvid H. Edwards Trust                  Mrs. Carol Ballard                      Lions Walter Green                   Ms. Barbara Reno
Express Scripts Foundation              Ms. Joyce Barbre                        Ms. Marjorie Gremmel                 Ms. Caroline Richey
Missouri Foundation for Health          Ms. Mary Helen Bass                     Mr. Joseph Hanna                     Mr. Richard Richmond
Thorp Foundation                        Ms. Verdia Beard                        Ms. Jo Ann Hansen                    Dr. Frank Rieger
                                        Ms. Delores Beck                        Mr. & Mrs. John Harper               Ms. Opal Riepe
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Peter Beckers              Ms. Nellie Heath                     Ms. Elizabeth Rogers
Leader                                  Ms. Eunice Beetzel                      Ms. L. Diane Heinen                  Mr. James Rominger
Gifts of $2,499 -1,000                  Mr. Richard Behrman                     Ms. Leona Mildred Henschen           Ms. Elda Ruckrigel
                                        Mrs. Kathleen Bish                      Ms. Norma Herzog                     Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center
Dr. John Cooksey                        PDG Bill Boehmer                        Mr. Kenneth Highfill                 Ms. Ellen Schaumberg
Lion Wayne & PDG Jene Crook             Mr. Louis Bolash                        Ms. Mary Jean Hirsh                  PDG Ken & Lion Olivia Schimel
MFA Foundation                          Ms. Mary Bolin                          Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Hochstedler          Dr. John Schiro
Mrs. Jean Sippy                         Boone Electric Cooperative              Ms. Shirley Hodges                   Ms. Helen Schnake
Mrs. Sue Wheeler                        Mr. Howard Boothe                       Mrs. Susan Holley                    Ms. Madalyn Schnieders
                                        Ms. Zelda Bowles                        Ms. Jane Hood                        Ms. Julie Ann Schwope
                                        Mr. Joe Bowmer                          Ms. Dorlene House                    Mr. & Mrs. Om Sehgal
Guardian                                Ms. Elizabeth Boyce                     Ms. Virginia Innis                   Ms. Virginia Shain
Gifts of $999-$500                      Zane Brachtenbach                       Ms. Elizabeth Jaeger                 Dr. Krishna Sharma
                                        Ms. Myrtle Braden                       Mr. David Jeffrey                    Ms. Mildred Sharp
A & B Prescription Shop                 Mr. Glen Brandt                         Ms. Virgie Johnson                   Ms. Wilma Shewhart
Ms. Catalina Cochan                     Mr. Charles Brauer                      Ms. Pauline Jones                    PDG Eldon & Lion June Shipps
Ms. Cornelia Hildebrandt                Ms. Verna Burchett                      Mr. John Jones                       Mrs. Ila Smith
Dr. Douglas Mac Innis                   Ms. Wanda Caldwell                      Joplin Service Club for the Blind    Mrs. Jan Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Nicholls              Ms. Joann Canham                        Ms. Lorraine Kapper                  Mrs. Lori Sprock
Mrs. Eleanor Ramsey                     Mr. Charles Cantwell                    Ms. Doris Kinker                     Ms. Florence Spurgeon
                                        Ms. Thelma Carpenter                    Mr. Barry Landau                     Mr. & Mrs. John & Katherine Steinberg
                                        Mr. Hershal Casey                       Ms. Ednamae Lane                     Ms. Shirley Steinmeyer
Defender                                Ms. Elizabeth Cassiday                  Mr. John Leonard                     Mr. Allen Sterner
Gifts of $499-$250                      Central Missouri AEYC                   Mr. Adrian Lewis                     Mr. & Mrs. John K. Stringham
                                        Central Missouri Electric Cooperative   Lincoln University                   Ms. Marjorie Sult
Mrs. Mildred Adams                      Mr. John Chapman                        Ms. Wanda Littles                    Ms. Betty Sutton
PDGs Chris & Lisa Clinton               Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chiles             Mr. & Mrs. Lance & Tina Livesay      SWA Trade Association
Ms. Mary Louise Curry                   City of Osage Beach                     Ms. Lu Cinda Logsdon                 Mr. Elaine Thomason
Mr. Rob Exendine                        PDG Russell Clodfelter                  Mr. Jaime Lotero                     Ms. Helen L. Thompson
Gascosage Electric Cooperative          Mr. William Collins                     Mr. Bill Lowe                        Mr. Clinton Thompson
Mr. Lewis Harding                       Mr. William Frazier Conner              Ms. Hazel Luinstra                   Mr. Alvin Tockstein
                                        Mr. Jack Coodey                         Mrs. Helen Maler                     Ms. Mildred Trefz
PDG Orval Heywood
                                        Mr. Arlin Cooper                        Manheim Missouri                     Ms. Kathleen Tucker
Mr. William Bryan Johnson               Cowley Distributing                     Ms. Barbara Maroscher                Ulmer Funeral Home
Mr. Barrie Mebane                       Ms. Margaret Croarkin                   PDG Jon & Lion Linda Martin          University of Missouri Extension Center
Ms. Jane Phillips                       Mr. James Crockett                      Ms. Virginia McKitrick               Mr. John Verbanic
Ms. L.Kathy Reese                       Ms. Hazel Davenport                     Ms. Virginia Medic                   Mr. & Mrs. John Vizner
Mrs. Norma Reuther                      Mr. & Mrs. Rick DeBusk                  Ms. Aura Melendez                    Mr. Tom Votapka
Mr. Charles Roberts                     PDG Dr. Keith Deimund                   Mr. Edwin Mellon                     Mr. Wendall Waite
Mr. Lewis Southerland                   Ms. Alvera Del Rico                     Ms. Mary Meyer                       Lions Ron & DeAnna Walkenbach
Springfield Service Club of the Blind   Ms. Gertrude Delp                       Ms. Mary Mifflin                     Mr. Larry Wallace
Ms. Vivian Steele                       Ms. Betty Deluce                        Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Miller            Ms. Patricia Weisbrod
                                        Mr. D. Dean Doitchinoff                 Mr. Mike Miller                      Mrs. Betty Werckmann
PDG Robert Vansickle
                                        Mr. & Mrs. Terry Dunscombe              Mr. Jachin Misko                     Mrs. Mary West
Ms. Ila M. Watts                        Ms. Geneva Elkins                       Ms. Renee Mitchell                   Mr. Jerry Wiley
Mr. Robert Zorn                         Ms. Esther Elliott                      Ms. Jean Montgomery                  Mr. & Mrs. Brent Wilhelm
                                        Mrs. Barbara Eschenheimer               Mr. Frank Oddo                       Ms. Mary Wilkerson
Protector                               Ms. Joyce Faller                        Mrs. Fran Oleen                      Ms. Patricia Wilks
Gifts of $249-$100                      Ms. Teresa Farmer                       Ms. Mary Oswald                      Ms. Amanda Williams
                                        Ms. Judy Fehling                        Lions Ronald & Mary Pauley           Mr. Bud Winkler
Ms. Priscilla Ackerson                  Mr. Thomas Feiman                       Mr. Rex Pearson                      PCC Steve Wise
Mr. John Aguilar                        Mr. Michael Fields                      Ms. Susan Phagan                     Ms. Lois Wise
Ms. Martha Allen                        Ms. Romelis Flores                      Mrs. Barbara Pinsker                 Ms. Mary Witt
Mr. Claus Altmann                       Ms. Geraldine Foote                     PDG Lyn & CC Pat Porterfield         Mr. Mark Wittmeyer
Ms. Yone Amimoto                        Ms. Betty Ford                          Mr. Robert Potdevin                  Lion William Wyne
Ms. Eva Andres                          Ms. Carol Fowler                        Mr. & Mrs. Gene Potter               PDG Jerry Young
Mrs. Susan Ardussi                      Mr. Donald Garner                       Ms. Pauline Presley                  Mr. Mark Young
Suresh Arshanapally                     Mrs. Patricia Gerstenkorn               Mr. John Quinn                       Mr. Robert Zakon
Associated Electric Coop, Inc.          Mr. Robert Gettinger                    Ms. Helen Reichman
Mr. Ronald Avey                         Ms. Lois Gilham                         Mr. Cecil Reid

                                                                                                                                  Perspectives | Page 11
FRIENDS OF THE FOUNDATION                                                                                   July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010
Gifts up to $99

PDG Joe Abrams                      Mr. Charles Chapel                PDG Oren Fritz                         Mr. Christopher Houck
Mr. Edward Acton                    Cheyenne County Hospital Guild    Mr. Paul Fromm                         Mr. & Mrs. Richard Houk
Ms. Shirley Allen                   Ms. Georganna Clark               Ms. Constance Fryatt                   Ms. Linda Arlene Howard
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Allen            Ms. Margaret J. Clark             Mr. & Mrs. V.W. Fullerton              Ms. Charlcie Howser
Ms. Lena Allison                    Mr. & Mrs. Gary Clarkson          Mr. Joe D. Fullerton                   Mr. & Mrs. Mike Huff
Ms. Lena Annis                      Class of ‘59 Henderson Co. H.S.   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Galloway             Ms. Dorothy Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Arnaud            Ms. Carol Cleary                  Mr. Geo Garner                         Ms. Darlene Isaacs
Ms. Terrie Arnold                   Mrs. Megan Clemenson              Mr. Henry Garner                       Ms. Leona Jacobs
Mrs. Margaret Arring                Ms. Barbara Clifton               Mr. Troy Garner                        Mr. Albert Jarosik
Mr. Herbert Ashner                  Ms. Stephanie Clippard            PID Dwayne & Lion Jeannette Garrett    Ms. Linda John-Collins
Atkinson Funeral Home               Ms. Shirley Clyburn               Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Garrett             Ms. Neoma Johnson
Mrs. Edna Audirsch                  Ms. Kay Cofer                     Mr. & Mrs. James & Betty Gates         Mrs. Norma Johnson
Ms. Sue Baker                       Coffel-Schneider Funeral Homes    Mr. Glenn Geiger                       Mrs. Pamela Johnson
Mrs. Virginia Baker                 Ms. Gladys Cogger                 Mr. and Mrs. James Gerner              Mr. Alfred Jones
Pat Baker                           Ms. Theda Compton                 Mr. Vincent Gianetta                   PDG Ron Jordan
Mr. Eugene Balicki                  Mr. & Mrs. Rick Coughenour        Mr. & Mrs. Leo Giger                   Mr. John Kaminski
Mrs. Donna Barnes                   Mr. Paul Coulter                  Jamie Gladney                          Ms. Colleen Kashif
Mr. Albert Barnett                  Ms. Juanita Crabtree              Ms. Maxine Gohn                        Mr. John Kasper
Mrs. Barbara Baser                  Ms. Darla Craig                   Mr. & Mrs. Ray Goings                  PID Harold & Lion Anita Keely
Mr. William Bassak                  Mr. Michael Craig                 Ms. Mary Gordon                        Mrs. Susan Keller
Ms. Diane Bassler                   Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Mary Creason    Mr. Jon Gormley                        Ms. Sidney Kendall
Ms. Gerald Bates                    Ms. Marjorie Cropp                Ms. Donna Gould                        Mr. Kyle Kent
Ms. Doris Bates                     Mr. Troy Crossen                  Ms. Evelyn Gowin                       Mr. Max Kercher
Mr. Willis Bearden                  Mr. & Mrs. William Dalzell        Mr. & Mrs. Imo Graner                  Mrs. Susan Kesselring
Mr. Aldon Bebb                      Ms. Mary Damato                   Ms. Mae Gribble                        Ms. Beverly King
Mr. Frank Benedick                  Ms. Helen Damon                   Ms. Joan Griffin                       Mrs. Geraldine Kipp
Mr. Maurice Benskin                 Ms. Patricia Daniels              Lion Ruth Gross                        Mr. Lee Charles Kling
Ms. Donna Berlekamp                 Ms. Dixie Davidson                Ms. Shirley Grove                      PDG Donal & Lion Betty Knipp
PCC Dan & Lion Sally Bernskoetter   Mr. & Mrs. Roger Davidson         Ms. Elsa Guidi                         Mr. Ron Knoop
Mrs. Patricia Beste                 Ms. Luella Mae Davin              Frances Gulshen                        Mr. Gregory Kramer
Ms. Janet Black                     Ms. Ida Davis                     Mr. & Mrs. Rex Gump                    Mr. Gary Kratz
Mr. Charles E. Blackwell            Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Davis         Ms. Betty Haas                         Ms. Arora Lajpat
Mr. Richard Blackwell               Mr. George Davis                  Ms. Sandra Hale                        Lake Stockton Area Council of the Blind
Lion Barb Blackwell                 Ms. Marcella Day                  Ms. Norma Hammons                      Ms. Davine Lambert
PCC Al & PDG Debbie Blumenberg      Mr. Stuart Dennis                 Mrs. Edna Happ                         Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Landers
Mr. Carl Blunck                     Mrs. Sandra Depoe                 Mr. & Mrs. David Harbaugh              Mr. Robert Langel
Ms. Dorothy Bolinger                Ms. Florence DeWitt               Ms. Royetta Harbour                    Mrs. Rebecca Bellar Lanning
Ms. Norma Bond                      Mr. Carl Doherty                  Mrs. Debbie Harlin                     Ms. Martha Larkerbrink
Ms. Judy Booker                     Mr. & Mrs. Darren Donaldson       Mr. Max Harral                         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Larmer
Ms. Mary Borzillo                   Mr. & Mrs. Donald Dreiling        PDG David & Lion Marilyn Harris        Ms. Jean Larson
Mr. Kenrick Bourne                  Ms. Dixie Dutro                   Ms. Ann Harris                         Mrs. Nancy Lashbrook
Mr. Frances Bowen                   Ms. Loretta Sue Dye               Mr. Marie Hart                         Mr. & Mrs. Gus & Marsha Lashbrook
Mr. Noel Bowlin                     Ms. Judy Dye                      Mrs. Mary Ann Hartzler                 Mr. Luke Lashbrook
Ms. Julie Branch                    Ms. Wilma Easter                  Ms. Norma Harvey                       Mr. & Mrs. Wendell LeJeune
Frances Breting                     Mr. & Mrs. Charles Embree         CC Jesse & Lion Lou Ann Hathcock       Mr. Dave Lene
Mrs. Karen Brewer                   Ms. Berniece Embrey               Ms. Betty Hayes                        Ms. Betty Lent
Ms. Anna Brinkhoff                  Ms. Neoma Ems                     Leslie & Thelma Heisel                 Ms. Sharon Leskovisek
Ms. Edna Brock                      Ms. Bonnie Epperson               Ms. Patricia Heitschmidt               Ms. Alma Lewis
Ms. Mary Broderick                  Mrs. Lou Ann Fahrni               Ms. Linda Herigon                      Mr. & Mrs. Bob and Kathy Linnenbrink
Ms. Ann Brown                       Ms. Thelma Farmer                 Hermann Area District Hospital         Mr. & Mrs. Steven Linnes
Ms. Bonnye Busch                    Ms. B.R. Farrington               Mrs. Phyllis Herring                   Lion Dale Lixey
VDG Dan Buschmann                   Mrs. Helen Fenlon                 Mr. & Mrs. John Hill                   Ms. Alma Loethen
Mr. Samuel M. Bushman               Mr. Bret S. Fischer               Mrs. Hazel Hinde                       Ms. Patricia Ann Londe
Mr. Basil Buterbaugh                Mrs. Mary Fortin                  Ms. Erna Hinkle                        Ms. Helen Luckett
Ms. Delight Cain                    Ms. Michelle Foster               Ms. Carol Hipple                       Mr. Richard Luecht
Mr. Lewis Cannedy                   Mr. & Mrs. John Foster            Mr. Robert Hoffman                     Mr. James Maendele
Ms. Esther Carlson                  Mr. Robert Fowler                 Mr. James Holt                         Mr. Larry D. Magee
Ms. Miriam Carroll                  Ms. Helen M. Fox                  Ms. Betty Horinek                      Mr. Joseph Makarewicz
Ms. Audrey Carter                   Mr. Glen Fraley                   Ms. Darlene Horn Gardner               Ms. Mary Makos
Ms. Mary Ann Cary                   Ms. Charlene Friedman             Mr. & Mrs. Melvyn Horowitz             Ms. Stephanie Mann

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FRIENDS OF THE FOUNDATION (continued)                                                                          July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010
Gifts of up to $99

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Mannel                 Ms. Corinne Oskee                    Leslie Sheets                     Union Baptist Church
Frances Marcucci                         Ms. Ana Osorio                       Ms. Mara Shepherd                 Ms. Vivian Updyke
Mr. Norman Martin                        Ms. Georgette Page                   Mr. & Mrs. Larry Shipley          Ms. Jaya Uppal
Ms. Wanda Matteson                       Ms. Wilma Patterson                  Mr. Robert Shive                  Ms. Linda Urven
Ms. Charlotte Matthes                    VDG Stuart & Lion Marlene Payne      Mrs. Mary Shoudel                 Ms. Lupe Valtierra
Mrs. Amanda McAfee                       Mrs. Donna Peak                      Mr. Donald Shutt                  PDG Robert Van Ark
Mrs. Clara McCue                         Mrs. Gloria Pefley                   Ms. Zoraida Sierra                Mr. William Vance
Mrs. Joyce McDaniel                      Ms. Lorena Peterson                  Ms. Jean Sigourney                Mrs. Evelyn VanDierendonk
Ms. Karen McMillan                       Mr. & Mrs. Donald Pfost              Ms. Florence Simon                Ms. Nadine Varrin
Ms. Stacey McNally                       Mr. James Pitman                     Frances Sims                      Ms. Dorothy Veit
Mr. Joseph Meyer                         Ms. Alice Pope                       Ms. Patricia Sipes                Mrs. Elaine Vetter
Mr. Lawrence Meyr                        Mr. Edward Porubsky                  Mrs. Ieleen Sitton                Mr. & Mrs. Rex and Elaine Volkart
Mid-America Wireless                     Ms. Marjory Powell                   Mr. Ralph Slaughter               Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Wadlow
Ms. Marie Mikkelson                      Mr. Joseph Presson                   Mr. & Mrs. James Smiley           Ms. Gladys Walker
Ms. Marjorie Miller                      Mr. Thomas Priester                  Mr. Billy Smith                   Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Wallach
Ms. Patricia Miller                      Ms. Eleanor Quinkert                 Ms. Marion Snare                  Ms. Blanche Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy Miller                  Mr. Bill Quinley                     Ms. Eugenia Snell                 Dr. & Mrs. Michael Walsh
Ms. Tammy Miller                         Ms. Norma Ravizza                    Ms. A. Pauline Snodgrass          Mr. Vilo Walston
Mr. Donald Mischke                       Ms. Gloria Read                      Mr. Dan Southerland               Ms. Betty Ward
Missouri Association of Disability       Mrs. Christene Reading               Southwest Missouri Friendship     Mr. Richard Warner
Examiners                                Ms. Andrea Reddick                   Council of the Blind              Ms. Naomi Washington
Ms. Patricia Monahan                     Mr. John Reed                        Ms. Jackie Sparks                 Ms. Marti Watson
Ms. Gladys Morgan                        Ms. Mary Lou Reeves                  Mr. Jay Spencer                   Mr. Hubert Weikart
Ms. Kathryn Morgan                       Mr. Louis Rhodes                     Lion Paula Stallings              Mr. Jerome Weiler
Mr. Edward Morin                         Mr. Howard Rhudy                     Ms. Violet Stark                  Mr. William Wells
Mr. Norman Morrow                        Mr. Robert Rice                      Ms. Melissa Steele                Ms. Susan Wendleton
Ms. Olive Moser                          Mr. Arnold Richardson                Ms. Laverne Stibbins              Ms. Ida West
Ms. Joan Moskalski                       Ms. Virginia Riley                   Ms. Pearl Stonebraker             Mr. Charles White
Mr. Brent Moyer                          Ms. Shirley Ritter                   Mr.& Mrs. Mark Stotler            Mrs. Andrea Turner Willer
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Mueller                PDG Bryan Rogers                     Ms. Evelyn Stout                  Mr. & Mrs. James Willer
Ms. Marian Mullins                       Ms. Betty Rohdy                      Ms. Patricia Strope               Mrs. Michelle Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Dale Mumma              Mr. & Mrs. Ray Roling                Ms. Bonnie Stutzman               Ms. Rosella Willis
Mrs. Bud Myers                           Mr. Marvin Ross                      Ms. Mary Lee Surface              Ms. Pamela Wilson
Ms. Melissa Negrete                      Ms. Marjorie Rule                    Ms. Betty Swanson                 Mrs. Doris Wirth
Mr. Garold Neighbors                     Mr. Gerald Rushing                   Mrs. Carmaline Swift              Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Witt
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Nelson                 Rushville Industry High School       Ms. Martha Swillum                Mr. Robert Wolf
Ms. Lois Newberg                         Ms. Nancy Salefski                   Ms. Wilma Tabor                   PDG A.J. Wolfe
Mr. Thomas Newberry                      Ms. Susan Sanderson                  Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Talley          Mr. James Wood
Ms. Alice Nickel                         Ms. Jeanette Santagato               Ms. Bonnie Taylor                 Mr. Owen Wright
Mrs. Mary Ann Niedergerke                Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Scaff              Ms. Mildred Taylor                Ms. Mary Jo Wynn
Mr. Cavanaugh Noce                       Mr. & Mrs. Walt Schaefer             Mr. Billy Taylor                  Mr. & Mrs. William Yeager
PCC Don & Lion Betty Noland              Mr. & Mrs. Dan & Florence Schaefer   Ms. Oleta Thomas                  Ms. Elizabeth Yochum
Ms. Deborah Nold                         Ms. Julie Scheppers                  Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Thompson         Zion Lutheran School
Ms. Pearl Northcutt                      Ms. April Schreiber                  Ms. Charlotte Thornsberry
Ms. Carolyn Oatsvall                     Mr. Frtiz Schwarting                 Ms. Kristen Troost
Ms. Donnette Oehmke                      Mr. Matthew Sedlack                  Mrs. Melody Troth
Mrs. Anna Marie Oestereich               PDG Marvin Seidt                     Mr. Perry Turigliatto & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Oliver                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sells             Mrs. Mary Tustanowksy
Ms. Dorothy Olsen                        Ms. Patricia Shank                   Mrs. Marsha Uhlenhop
Mr. & Mrs. David C. & Phyllis Opperman   Mr. & Mrs. Louis Shaw                Mrs. Brenda Umstattd

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     Heartland Lions Eye Banks website!
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           LIONS GIVING                                                                                    July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010

Lion Sight Saver                      Lion Benefactor                   Lion Benefactor                       Lion Benefactor
Gifts of $2,000 and more              Gifts of up to $999               Gifts of up to $999                   Gifts of up to $999

Boonville Lions                       Adrian Lions                      Graham Lions                          Nelson Lions
Branson-Hollister Lions               Alma Lions                        Grandview Lions                       Nevada Lions
Cape Girardeau Lions                  Alton Lions                       Gravois Arm Lions                     New Florence Lions
Concord Village Lions                 Amazonia Lions                    Gray Summit Lions                     New Franklin Lions
Concordia Lions                       Amity Lions                       Green City Lions                      New Melle Lions
Ferguson Lions                        Arcola Lions                      Hale Lions                            Norborne Lions
First Capitol Lions                   Auxvasse Lions                    Halfway Lions                         Northwest Texas County Lions
Hermann Lions                         Ava Lions                         Hamilton Lions                        Novinger Lions
Hurricane Deck Lions                  Beaufort Lions                    Harrisonville Sunrise Lions           Oak Grove Lions
Independence Noland Road Lions        Belton Bel Ray Sunrise Lions      Hartsburg Lions                       Old Monroe Lions
Jefferson City Host Lions             Belton Lions                      Harvester Lions                       Orrick Lions
Lions All-Star Basketball Classic -   Bernie Lions                      Hawk Point Lions                      Overland Lions
Dist. M6                              Bonne Terre Lions                 Helena Lions                          Pacific Lions
Millersburg Lions                     Braymer Lions                     Higbee Lions                          Parkville Lions
Missouri Lions District 26-M2         Brumley Lion Club                 Higginsville Lions                    Perryville Lions
Moscow Mills Lions                    Brunswick Lions                   High Hill Lionesses                   Pickering Lions
Owensville Lions                      Buffalo Lions                     High Hill Lions                       Pilot Grove Lions
Paris Lions                           Bunceton Lions                    Holts Summit Lions                    Platte City Lions
Poplar Bluff Lions                    Butler Lions                      Hopkins Lions                         Pleasant Hill Lionesses
Sedalia Lions                         Cairo-Jacksonville Lions          Houston Lions                         Pleasant Hill Lions
Seymour Lions                         Camdenton Lions                   Huntsville Lions                      Prairie Home Lions
St. Ferdinand Township Lions          Cape Girardeau Evening Lions      Hurricane Deck Lady Lions             Raymore Lions
St. Joseph Host Lions                 Capital Regional Medical Center   Independence Host Lions               Raytown/Hickman Mills Lions
Wardsville Lions                      Carl Junction Lions               Inman Lions Club                      Republic Lions
Webster Groves Lions                  Carrollton Lions                  Jefferson City Breakfast Lions        Rocky Mount Lions
                                      Carthage Lions                    Jefferson City Capital Lions          Rocky Mount Lions Auxiliary
Lion Patron                           Caruthersville Lions              Joplin Host Lions                     Rushville Lions
Gifts of $1,999 to $1,000             Cedar City Lions                  Kahoka Lions                          Russellville Lions
                                      Charleston Lions                  Kansas City Red Bridge Lionesses      Sainte Genevieve Lions
Columbia 20/20 Lions                  Chesterfield Lions                Kansas City Red Bridge Lions          Salisbury Lions
Columbia Rockbridge Lions             Chillicothe Lions                 Kansas City South Lions               Savannah Lions
Creve Coeur Lions                     Clarksdale Lions                  Kearney Lions                         Sedalia State Fair Lions
Farmington Lions                      Columbia Host Lions               Keytesville Lions                     Seligman Lions
Freistatt Lions                       Corder Lions                      Kimberling City Lions                 Shelbina Lions
Hannibal Lions                        Cosby Lions                       Kirkwood Lions                        Slater Lions
Harrisonville Lions                   Crane Lions                       Knob Noster Lions                     Smithville Lions
House Springs Lions                   Cuba Lions                        Lake St. Louis Lions                  Springfield Alpha Lions
Jefferson City Evening Lions          Dellwood Lions                    Lebanon Host Lions                    Springfield Evening Lions
Jonesburg Lions                       Diamond Lions                     Lexington Lions                       Springfield Queen City Lions
La Plata Lions                        Dixon Lions                       Lockwood Lions                        St. James Lions
LaGrange Lions                        Doolittle Lions                   Lohman Lions                          St. Joseph South Side Lions
Lake Winnebago Lions                  East Perry County Lions           Louisburg Lions                       St. Louis Downtown Lions
Lee’s Summit Lions                    El Dorado Springs Lions           Louisiana Lions                       St. Louis Harmony Lions
Liberty Lions                         Eldon Lions Club                  Macon Lions                           St. Peters Lions
Linn Creek-Osage Beach Lions          Essex-Gray Ridge Lions            Madison Lioness Club                  Stockton Lions
Linn Lions                            Fair Grove Lions                  Madison Lions                         Stover Lions
Lions Eye Foundation of MD 26-M2      Fairport Lions                    Maplewood Lions                       Troy Lions
Long Lane Lions                       Fayette Lions                     Marceline Lions                       Unionville Lions
Maize Lions                           Fenton Lions                      Marionville Lions                     University City Host Lions
Maryville Host Lions                  Florence Lions                    Marshall Lions                        Valley Lions
Mexico Host Lions                     Florissant Valley Lions           Maryville Pride Lions                 Van Buren Lions
Missouri Lions Multiple District 26   Fort Leonard Wood Lions           Mayview Lions                         Vandalia Lions
Monett Lions                          Fulton Breakfast Lions            Mehlville Lions                       Versailles Lions
O’Fallon Lions                        Fulton Host Lions                 Mexico Noon Lions                     Warrensburg Lions
Rolla Lions                           Gainesville Lions                 Miller Lions                          Wellington Lions
Springfield Host Lions                Gallatin Lake Viking Lions        Missouri Lions District 26-M1         West Plains Lions
St. Charles Lions                     Gallatin Lions                    Missouri Lions District 26-M4         Westboro Lions
Washington Lions                      Gilman City Lions                 Missouri Lions District 26-M6         Willow Springs Lions
                                      Golden City Lions                 Moberly Lions                         Winfield Lions
                                                Morrisville Lions                     Winona Lions
                                      Gower Lions                       Mount Vernon Lions                    Woodson Terrace Lions

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MEMORIALS                                                   July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010

   Marvin Adams              Norman Ray (Dutch) Fulkerson   Cherry Parrott
   Nanette Aguilar           James Galloway                 Harvey Petot
   Betty Jean Allen          Fr. John Ganly                 Lion Wallace “Wally” T. Poyner
   Maxine Allen              Curtis George                  Debbie Pressly
   Mary M. Andresen          Lee Goslin                     Lion Perry Proffitt
   Margie Andrews            Mark Gosnell                   Robert Ray
   Geneva Aufdenberg         Maureen Graham                 Lion Leo Reuther
   Pearl Avery               Lion George Griggs             PDG Willard Rieffer
   PDG Charles Bade          James Haake                    Terra Riley
   Bettie Balser             Victor Hampton                 Pat Riley
   Audrey Bandy              Marie Hawkins                  PID B.W. Robinson
   Shirley Barker            Stanley Hawkins                Rhonda Robinson
   Sylvia Beamer             Gale Head                      Larry Salefski
   Mr. & Mrs. J.F. Beck      Elizabeth Heim                 Ruth Schafer
   Harold Beckemeyer         Donald Hendricks               Leo & Ed Schafer
   Lion Barney Benton        Rollo Henningsen               John Schnake
   Belle & Gilbert Berry     Howard Herndon                 Lion Bob Schoolfield
   Orval Bise                Darlene Higgins                Kenneth Schudel
   PDG Lane Blackwell        Donald Hinderks                Edgar Schulte
   Kathleen Boehmer          Victor Hirsh                   Leland Shouse
   James Bolles              Betty Hoar                     Joel Simmons
   Lion Helen Bowman         Lion Ervin Hoffman             Jerald Simons
   PDG Dale Boyer            Ray Holsten                    PDG E.B. Smith
   Frances Heldt Brokaw      Mary Hoover                    Ella Lea Smith
   Howard Brown              Lion Wallace House             Clint Smithee
   Lion James Brown          Melvin Ingram                  James Smithey
   Bill Bruner               Betty Isgrig                   Diane Snead
   Leland Byrns              Elsie Jackson                  Lion Marion Solter
   Floyd Campbell            Rhonda Jaeger                  Norman Spitzmiller
   Evelyn Church             Charles James                  Charles Stack
   Alan Coatsworth           Virginia Johnson               PDG John Stallings
   Alice Collins             Addie Johnson                  Lion Barney Steinkamp
   John Collum               Lion Canyce Jones              Oleta Steinkamp
   Roselan Corda             Al Jost                        Dr. John Steinmeyer
   PDG Charles Covington     Carl Keith                     Lion John Sullivan
   Ray Curry, Sr.            DG Larry Kellerman             Allen Brooks Sutor
   Marjorie Dale             Willie Krieg                   Lion Ken Sutor
   Dr. Donald Daut           Adolphus Kyles                 Dr. James Taft
   Lion Robert DeWald, Sr.   Dr. Harold Lankford            Doris Tratchel
   Paul Donelson             Violet Lashbrook               Matthew Turpin
   Patti Druger              Aubert Lay                     Joseph Glenn Vance
   Kenneth Dudley            Sylvia Mansfield               Dean Volkart
   Virgil Duncan             Mary Melson                    Norma Wallce
   Dorothy Edwards           Sally Merhoff                  Aenne Weber
   Florene Edwards           Martin Mettes                  PDG Dick West
   J.P. Epperson             David Moore                    Willa Wieberg
   Helen Evans               Lion Warren Mueller            Kermit Wilkerson
   Lion Doug Fields          Butch Neer                     Elbert Willis
   Lion Lowell Fischer       Phyless Newton                 Bill Yancey
   Deb Fletcher              Alma Northway                  Edith Yelton
   Geraldine Fort            Bunny Pace                     Nona York
   Dr. Vera Foster           Cynthia Palmer
   Norma Lee Frieling        N. Loucille Parish

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                                                                                     Nonprofit Org
                                                                                     US Postage
                                                                                     St. Louis MO
                                                                                     Permit #4400

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Heartland Lions Eye Banks on Twitter or Facebook, we invite you to join in on the
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And be sure to check out our Eye Banks Facebook page the first week of December.
In honor of Lions Eye Bank Week, we’ll be holding a contest each day in which you
can learn facts about eye banking and win great prizes!
Hospital Statistics April 2010-August 2010
Hospital / Hospice Name                           Donors   Transplants   Hospital / Hospice Name                          Donors   Transplants
Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital (IL)               2          4        Monterey Park Nursing Center (MO)                   1          0
Allen County Hospital (KS)                           2          2        Nemaha Valley Community Hospital (KS)               1          2
Atchison Hospital (KS)                               1          0        Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center (KS)        2          3
Audrain Medical Center (MO)                          4          8        Nevada Regional Medical Center (MO)                 1          2
Avalon Hospice (MO)                                  1          2        Newman Regional Health (KS)                         1          2
Barton County Memorial Hospital (MO)                 2          2        Newton Medical Center (KS)                          3          2
Boone Hospital Center (MO)                          16         22        Northcare Hospice (MO)                              1          2
Bothwell Regional Health Center (MO)                 8         10        Northeast Regional Medical Center (MO)              3          4
Callaway Community Hospital (MO)                     1          2        Northwest Medical Center (MO)                       1          2
Cameron Regional Medical Center (MO)                 1          2        Norton County Hospital (KS)                         1          2
Capital Region Medical Center (MO)                   7          8        Olathe Hospice Center (KS)                          1          0
Carroll County Memorial Hospital (MO)                1          2        Olathe Medical Center (KS)                         14         21
Cass Regional Medical Center (MO)                    3          5        Ozarks Community Hospital (MO)                      1          2
Cedar County Memorial Hospital (MO)                  1          0        Ozarks Medical Center (MO)                          8         10
Central Kansas Medical Center - Great Bend (KS)      2          3        Pana Community Hospital (IL)                        2          2
Citizens Memorial Healthcare (MO)                    3          4        Passavant Area Hospital (IL)                        8         11
Citizens Memorial Hospital (MO)                      1          0        Pershing Memorial Hospital (MO)                     1          2
Clay County Hospital (IL)                            1          2        Phelps County Regional Medical Center (MO)          4          6
Cloud County Health Center (KS)                      3          6        Pike County Memorial Hospital (MO)                  2          4
Coffeyville Regional Medical Center (KS)             3          4        Promise Regional Medical Center (KS)               10         11
Colmery - O'Neil VA Medical Center (KS)              1          2        Providence Medical Center (KS)                     13         16
Community Memorial Healthcare (KS)                   2          2        Putnam County Coroner (MO)                          1          2
Community Springs Nursing Home (MO)                  1          0        Ray County Memorial Hospital (MO)                   1          0
Cooper County Coroner (MO)                           1          2        Republic County Hospital (KS)                       1          2
Cox Health - Monett (MO)                             1          0        Rooks County Health Center (KS)                     2          4
Cox Health - South (MO)                             74         95        Sabetha Community Hospital (KS)                     1          2
Cox Health - Walnut Lawn (MO)                        1          0        Saint John Hospital (KS)                            2          2
Crawford Memorial Hospital (IL)                      2          2        Salem Memorial District Hospital (MO)               2          3
Douglas County Coroner (KS)                          1          0        Samaritan Memorial Hospital (MO)                    2          4
Dwight D. Eisenhower VA Medical Center (KS)          3          1        Sangamon County Coroner (IL)                        1          2
Ellinwood District Hospital (KS)                     1          0        Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System (IL)              13         21
Fairfax Community Hospital (MO)                      1          2        Sedan City Hospital (KS)                            1          2
Fredonia Regional Hospital (KS)                      1          2        Select Specialty Hospital - Springfield (MO)        1          0
Freeman Health System - Neosho (MO)                  3          6        Shawnee County Coroner (KS)                        23         39
Freeman Health System - West (MO)                   15         19        Skaggs Regional Medical Center (MO)                13         18
Freeman Health Systems - East (MO)                   2          2        Southwest Medical Center (KS)                       4          6
Geary Community Hospital (KS)                        2          2        Specialty Hospital of Mid-America (KS)              1          2
General Leonard Wood Army Hospital (MO)              2          4        St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital (IL)                7         14
Gove County Medical Center (KS)                      1          2        St. Catherine Hospital (KS)                         2          2
Graham County Hospital (KS)                          1          0        St. Francis Hospital - Litchfield (IL)              1          2
Greeley County Hospital (KS)                         1          0        St. Francis Hospital - Maryville (MO)               3          4
Greenwood County Hospital (KS)                       2          4        St. Francis Hospital Hospice (IL)                   1          2
Hand in Hand Hospice (KS)                            1          2        St. John's Hospice - Joplin (MO)                    1          2
Hannibal Regional Hospital (MO)                      3          4        St. John's Hospice Care - Springfield (MO)          1          2
Harry S. Truman Veterans Hospital (MO)               6          6        St. John's Hospital - Cassville (MO)                1          2
Heartland Long Term Acute Care Hospital (MO)         1          2        St. John's Hospital - Lebanon (MO)                  2          1
Heartland Regional Medical Center (MO)              24         29        St. John's Hospital - Springfield (MO)             57         67
Hedrick Medical Center (MO)                          1          0        St. John's Hospital (IL)                           41         45
Hermann Area District Hospital (MO)                  1          2        St. John's Mercy Hospital (MO)                      7         14
Horton Community Hospital (KS)                       1          2        St. John's Regional Medical Center (MO)            19         25
Hospice Compassus - Osceola (MO)                     1          0        St. Luke Hospital & Living Center (KS)              1          0
Hospice of the Prairie (KS)                          1          0        St. Mary's Health Center - Jefferson City (MO)     15         26
Jefferson Regional Medical Center (MO)              15         20        St. Mary's Health Center (KS)                       1          2
Kansas City Hospice (MO)                             2          2        St. Mary's Hospital - Centralia (IL)                6         10
Kansas City Hospice House (MO)                       2          4        Stanton County Hospital (KS)                        1          2
Kansas City VA Medical Center (MO)                   2          2        Stoneybrook Retirement Community (KS)               1          0
Labette Health (KS)                                  2          2        Sullivan County Memorial Hospital (MO)              2          4
Lafayette Regional Health Center (MO)                2          2        Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital (KS)               3          6
Lake Regional Hospital (MO)                         19         28        Taylorville Memorial Hospital (IL)                  2          2
Lawrence Memorial Hospital (KS)                      9         12        Texas County Memorial Hospital (MO)                 2          4
Lindsborg Community Hospital (KS)                    1          2        Trego County - Lemke Memorial Hospital (KS)         3          2
McCune - Brooks Regional Hospital (MO)               2          4        U. S. General Leonard Wood Army Hospital (MO)       1          2
Memorial Hospital - McPherson (KS)                   2          3        University Hospital and Clinics (MO)               15         17
Memorial Medical Center (IL)                        51         54        University of Kansas Hospital (KS)                 28         27
Mercy Health Center - Fort Scott (KS)                4          7        Via Christi Health (KS)                             1          2
Mercy Hospital - Independence (KS)                   2          4        Wamego City Hospital (KS)                           1          0
Mercy Hospital - Moundridge (KS)                     1          2        Washington County Memorial Hospital (MO)            1          2
Mercy Regional Health Center - College Campus        3          2        Western Plains Medical Complex (KS)                 4          5
Miami County Medical Center (KS)                     2          3        Wilson Medical Center (KS)                          2          0
Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems (KS)         2          2        Wright Memorial Hospital (MO)                       2          2
Moberly Regional Medical Center (MO)                 2          2
                   Hays                             Kansas City
                                                                                             St. Louis



  Columbia, MO                 St. Louis, MO                         Joplin, MO             Hays, KS
  Gary DeLamatre               Kim Boehmer-Maslovara                 Darian Vanderhoofven   Sylvia Reinhardt
  573.777.8512                 314.428.4373                          417.624.2494           785.650.0661

  Springfield, MO              Kansas City, MO                       Springfield, IL        Wichita, KS
  Kharim Strayhorn             Amy Moss                              Melissa Turley         Frank Mull
  417.882.1532                 816.454.5454                          217.757.6050           316.613.2250

The Heartland Lions Eye Banks is a division of the Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation; a 501c(3) organization
with the mission to preserve and restore the sight of people throughout Missouri and around the world. The Eye
Bank operates eight branches throughout Missouri, Kansas and Illinois with headquarters in Columbia, Missouri.
The Eye Bank is one of the five largest eye banks in the U.S. and offers high quality donor cornea tissue to
transplant surgeons around the world. In addition the Eye Bank is committed to research for causes and cures for
eye diseases. For additional information, please visit


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