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                                  ALPHA CHI OMEGA CHAPTER
                                          May 7, 2011

MEMBERS PRESENT: Tasha Steward, Janice Gray, LaVerne Ford Wimberly, Evelyn Page, AnDrea
Hill, Lisa Belt, Tracye Love, DeBrena Hilton, DeArnetta Ward, Yolanda Mitchell, Terri Abraham,
Sherron D. Jones, Pamela Boxley, Vernetta Wilson, Anne Hurd, Dale Mingo, Shirley J. Hudson, Tamara
Hooks, Jilda Motley, Jewell Maynard, Jean E. Dowdy, Sydney Staten.

VISITORS: Dafany Fletcher, Wakeelah Adelegan.


The regular meeting of the Alpha Chi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. was held at
The Rudisill Regional Library. Soror Regina Baker called the meeting to order at 10:12 a.m. The
Meditation was given by Soror Lisa Belt.

A Quorum was established.

The Agenda was adopted.


The minutes were accepted with the following corrections. Removing Barbara Thompson as a March
Hostess. Barbara Jackson was previously listed.

                                         OFFICERS REPORT

BASILEUS – Soror Regina Baker

The Basileus report was submitted. The information is included in the Alpha Chi Omega Newsletter. The
report was sent via chapter email and mailed to non email members.

TAMIOUCHOS – Soror DeArnetta Ward for Soror Sharmien Watkins

The financial report was read and submitted for audit.

       Checking Balance $17,875.34. Savings Balance $1,837.60. Fundraising Account Balance
        American State Bank/Peoples Bank $8,528.65. Fundraising Account Bank of Oklahoma $50.00.


A report was read and submitted for audit.
     Grand total of receipts for May 2011 $101.75.

      Renewing financial members 44. Life 8. Reactivation 5. Total 57.

IVY LEAF REPORTER – Soror Tamara Hooks

      2 Articles were submitted to the Ivy Leaf Reporter. One featuring Soror Kim Grayson for
       community service as she received Tulsa Women’s Foundation Annual Pinnacle Award.
      The Second was featuring our Founders’ Day Luncheon, 80th Anniversary with our 1st Supreme
       Anti Basileus.

GRADUATE ADVISOR – Soror DeArnetta Ward for Soror Ava Fisher

The Graduate Advisors report was submitted and read
    The Graduate and Undergraduate joint Chapter Meeting was held on April 2, 2011. Soror
       Nnenne Agbai, Basileus of Theta Xi, was the presiding officer. A report was read by Soror Agbai.
    Two members of Theta Xi will graduate on May 7, 2011.
    Theta Xi received the Alberta G. Jones award for Program Excellence at The 81st Mid –Western
       Regional Conference. Sorors Shenovia Large, Nnenne Agbai, and Britney Turk received awards
       for earning GPA’s of 3.00 or better. Soror Christa Sanders represented the chapter at the
    The Graduate Advisor met with Regional Director Soror Maggieann Green on Sunday April10,
       2011 concerning MIP for Theta Xi. Theta Xi has been given approval to conduct MIP at the start
       of the Fall 2011 Semester. There will be only two members remaining in the Chapter. The
       Graduate Advisors Council along with members of Alpha Chi Omega will be asked to assist in
       the process.
    Their last meeting of the semester was held Friday, April 17.

HODEGOS - Soror Regina Baker reporting that most of the information is included in the Alpha Chi
Omega news letter. Recognizing the hostess committee. Sorors Anne Hurd, Shirley Hudson, Crystal
Johnson, Judy Eason McIntyre, Dale Mingo and Terri Abraham.
    May Birthdays: Kenya Turner 9th, Felicia Jones Senter 12th, Tracye Love 16th, Judy Eason
       McIntyre 21st, Jerica Wortham 27th. Please add Soror Terri Abraham 12th.

PHILACTER – Soror Sherron Jones

      There were 22 Sorors present. Two visitors. Soror Dafany Fletcher from Iota Kappa. Soror
       Wakeelah Adelegan from Theta Beta.

EPISTOLEUS – Soror AnDrea Hill

The following correspondence was received and read:
    A note reporting the Partners in Education Recognition Reception was held on April 26, at the
        Tulsa Convention Center.

       The Women Empowering Nations 3rd annual trip to Gambia, West Africa is taking place on May
        12-26. They are requesting assistance to help with lunches, books, and backpacks. See Carlisha
        Williams by May 2nd.
       Sigma Gamma Rho had a luncheon at the Tulsa Country Club on April 23rd honoring members of
        the community. Soror Tamara Hooks’ grandmother Mrs. Mattie Chaney was among those
       A letter confirming our contribution of $100.00 to Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Educational
        Advancement Foundation.

All correspondence received and listed above is available for review upon request.


BASILEI COUNCIL – Met last week. The group was formed to assist in the workings of the chapter.

BUDGET AND FINANCE – Soror DeArnetta Ward
A report was read and submitted. The committee met via conference call. Reviewed the lower number of
members from 65 to 56 which affects the budget. Therefore the budget was amended. A report was read
and submitted. Soror DeArnetta moved that the amended Budget Report be accepted as submitted. The
Motion carried.
If the Chapter receives any additional members those funds will be added to the contingency funds.

CONSTTITUTION – Soror DeBrena Hilton
The last meeting occurred on April 2nd. The final corrections have been made.

FASHIONETTA – Soror DeArnetta Ward
A report was read and submitted. The Committee met on Tuesday May 3rd. Committee responsibilities
were discussed and assignments made. June 18th will be the first Kick Off for Fashionetta. They will have
a second Kick Off when school starts in August. During the week of May 16th recruitment letters will be
mailed out. If you know any current Sophomore and Junior Boys and Girls, please give those names to
Soror Kim Grayson.

SCHOLARSHIP – Soror DeArnetta Ward
A report was read and submitted. The Scholarship Committee met on May 3rd. Scholarship applications
were approved and mailed out to School Offices. The deadline to turn in applications is May 20, 2011.
Three scholarships will be awarded. The first place winner will receive a $1000.00 scholarship. The
second and third place winners will receive $500.00 each.

FUNDRAISING – Soror Tracye Love for Soror Delaina Holmes.
The Committee recommends that we have an event. A motion was made that we have a Family Day
Brunch Celebration on June 12, 2011 at Soror Evelyn Pages Church. The building is available for this
date. The amended budget reports $800.00 for the fundraiser. Soror Jewel Maynard moved that we have a
Family Day Brunch Celebration at Morningstar Baptist Church. Soror Dale Mingo seconded the motion.
The motion carried.

PROGRAM – Soror Lisa Belt

A report was read and submitted.
The Fundraiser Activity Mother’s Day Brunch/Hat Show is postponed until June 2011.

The Emerging Young Leaders Kick Off meeting is Saturday June 11 at the Rudisill Library, 9:30am-

Service Project Handing out programs at the “Home Run for the Homeless” Celebrity Baseball Game is
Thursday June 9, at 7:30p.m. at the ONEONK Baseball Stadium.

June chapter meeting wear Paraphernalia.

Economic Security Proposals - Better Investing Workshop on Thursday June 23rd at 6:45-7:30pm Greater
Tulsa Association Investments.

A report was read and submitted. The next meeting is on June 5th, 3pm at Soror Tracye’s home. They are
seeking current 5th, 6th and 7th grade students. The deadline for applications is May 23rd. Applications
were sent to 18 Elementary schools and 14 Middle schools. They were also sent to Union, BA, and
Owasso schools. The group will focus on Engagement, Leadership, Character Building and Education.

PROGRAM – Soror Lisa Belt
Reminded Sorors that we need volunteers for the June 9th program activity at the ONEOK baseball field.

PUBLIC RELATIONS – Soror Tamara Hooks
The collaboration project with the Black Diamonds has a theme. “Diamonds and Pearls”. Date TBA.
Publicity assisting with flyers and bulletins for Emerging Young Leaders EYL. She will look at getting
with Channel 8, and Mia Fleming, and the Eagle. Seeking to invite the media to the Kick Off event.

The video Alpha Chi Omega made for the Kappa Alpha Psi Province Meeting was played.

TELEPHONE – Soror AnDrea Hill
The telephone/communications committee has dialoged via email. They are working on the best way to
get information out. They are reviewing collecting information from Wednesday to Wednesday. Provide a
summary and then sending it out.

                                           OLD BUSINESS

AUDITING – Soror Vernetta Wilson
The 2010 Internal Audit has been completed.

After all documents were examined only a minor discrepancy existed in the amount of $1.10. The
following recommendations were made.
    1. Bank deposits by the Tamiouchos did not agree with money received from the Pecunious
         Grammateus. Post dated checks were primarily the cause. New procedures have been
         implemented by these responsible officers.
    2. Timely bank deposits are in need of serious improvements. We recommend 3-5 days from receipt
         of meetings.
Soror Vernetta Wilson thanked Sorors Paulette Jenkins and Dale Mingo for their time and assistance.
A copy of this report will be forwarded to the Regional Director.
FOUNDERS’ DAY 2011 Overage
Recommendations from the Finance/Budget committee for the extra funds generated from the event.
There was a little less than $400.00. Soror DeArnetta moved that all the overage money except $75.00
used for the Kappa Province support go to savings, be put back in the contingency line item for funds.
The motion carried.
$75.00 will be put back in our savings and the remainder will be put in the contingency funds.

A budget of $75.00 was approved for the event. $170.00 was spent. Rationale, The sorority covered more
time slots than expected. The amount given was not enough to cover the entire time slot. Soror DeArnetta
moved that we make personal donations to cover the costs. The motion carried. Sorors will make
personal donations to assist in the overage. The overage was 95.60.


       Soror Yvonne Hovell will sponsor another Habitat For Humanity Home.
       Soror Kenya Turner will graduate with her Masters from OU.
       Soror Tracye Loves mother retired from the Alzheimer’s Association and is featured in an article.
       Soror Terri Abraham thanked Sorors DeArnetta Ward and Sharmien Watkins for helping her in
        efforts to attend a MIP function.
       Sorors Vernetta Wilson and Ava Fisher represented Alpha Chi Omega at Alpha Zeta’s MIP.
       Soror Jilda thanked the Basileus for a wonderful gift.
       St. Monica Church is having a benefit dance, Soror Regina Baker is selling tickets.
       Hostess gifts were given to Sorors DeArnetta Ward, Sydney Staten, and one of our visitors.

Soror Regina Baker adjourned the meeting at 12:08 p.m.

Soror Yolanda Mitchell, Grammateus

Soror Regina Baker, Basileus


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