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                                                       MAY 2007

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WRENCHHEAD              WrenchHead Corner . . . . . . . . . . 4, 5            Activities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
                        Speed Circuit Challenge . . . . . . . . . .6          Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
CORNER P. 4, 5,         Tech Session . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9   Raffle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
ROLLING BRITISH         Restorer’s Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10       Market Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20
                        Upcoming Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11        Resource Listings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
CAR DAY P. 15, 16, 17   Rolling British Car Day . . .15, 16, 17               Recipe of the Month . . . . . . . . . . . .22
                        MG Made in China . . . . . . . . . . . . .19

                                                                       On the Marque is the official publication of the SAN DIEGO MG
                                  FROM THE                             CLUB a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and expand-
                                  EDITOR                               ing interest in Britain’s most popular sports car, the MG. The
                                                                       opinions expressed within are those of the individual authors and
                              I so much enjoyed another                readers are warned that if they attempt any mechanical or other
                              notable Rolling British Car              modifications described herein they do entirely at their own risk.
                              Day. My brother and his wife
                              usually come out from Texas                                            MEETINGS
                              and drive one of our cars. This          General membership meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each
                              year they are doing the MG               month. The business meeting starts at 7:00pm at the Boll Weevil
                              2007 Sonoma Wine Country                 Restaurant, corner of Ruffin Road and Clairemont Mesa Blvd.,
                              week in July with us instead.            between I-15 and 163 (same building as Sunny Donuts).
We were lucky to have our son Schuyler participate this year
in Schuyler’s red MGB, as did Mike Benbrook, with his son                                       MEMBERSHIP
Max driving his red MGB. It’s extra fun with family.                   Membership in the SAN DIEGO MG CLUB is open to all with no
                                                                       restrictions. Ownership of an MG is not a condition of membership.
Paul Konkle is back with another great WrenchHead Corner.              There is a one-time $15 initiation fee; annual dues are $25, payable
Thanks also to Paul for bringing his camera to Speed Circuit           in January. There is a $3 late fee for any member rejoining after the
Night when I was unable to attend. So sad that I missed this           March business meeting. A “membership” is considered to be a sin-
challenge as I love to drive FAST!                                     gle person, a married couple, or any two people desiring as a team
I want to apologize to Gene and Cindy Butler for leaving their         and receive one newsletter. Associate        non-voting membership
                                                                       is open to anyone not owning an MG but wishing to participate in
ad out of our last issue. Longtime members, they are the               the club. New members receive a packet including a club license plate
owners of Par Asphalt. We used them to re-surface our                  frame, name badge, and other assorted goodies. Mail checks to
Commercial Building parking lot and they did an outstand-              SDMGC, PO Box 710111, San Diego CA 92171
ing job. It is great to be able to use MG loving folks, so don’t
forget to look at the Resource Listing and the ads in this                             2006 OFFICERS OF SDMGC
newsletter, and try our members and club supporters first.             Chairman      Schuyler Hoffman 619.226.2670   ssasky@specialtyseals.com
Enjoy! Ruth                                                            Vice Chairman Belinda Konkle 619.3280090         bindylou@msn.com
For those of you who wish to receive the PDF version                   Secretary    Maggie Conway 858.5666619        mgmags@sbcglobal.net
please e-mail me at hofmac@cox.net. Indicate if you                    Treasurer    Rich Jensen   619.4451721         jenser2@usfamily.net
still wish to receive the paper copy as well.                          Activities   Steve Rogers  619.4623026         stevenrogers@cox.net
                                                                                      COORDINATORS OF SDMGC
On the Cover: A great shot of Wayne & Dee Johnson’s
Magnette in front and Schuyler Hoffman’s MGB in the mirror,            Past Chairman Pat Harrelson      619.444-5240    spridgetsd@cos.net
                                                                       Membership Paul Konkle           619.3280090  mgbpaul@yahoo.com
on the windy road during Rolling Britih Car Day.
                                                                       Raffle       Steve & Diane Kirby 760.7469028     skirby210@cox.net
Contributing Photographers: Mark Shelley, Paul & Belinda
                                                                       Regalia      Evan Ray            858.486-0165      evanzoi@cox.net
Konkle, Ruth & Schuyler Hoffman                                        San Diego Auto Museum & British Car Club Council
Contributing Other: Mark Shelley, Recipe                               SDAM         Dan Jones           858.467-1114
                                                                       BCCC         Steve Kirby         760.7469028     skirby210@cox.net
   All advertising and articles for publication must be sub-           Email List Paul Konkle           619.3280090  mgbpaul@yahoo.com
                                                                       Website      Doug Pulver         858.2785359  dougpulver@aol.com
   mitted to the editor no later than the 14th of each month
                                                                       Advertising Gene Calbow 858.2783088           gcalbow@san.rr.com
   for publication in the next month’s issue. Send to hof-
                                                                       Newsletter Ruth Hoffman 619.2262670                hofmac@cox.net
   mac@cox.net or submit CD.                                           Yahoo Group Gene Calbow 858.2783088           gcalbow@san.rr.com

   Classified ads are free to all members; there is a $3 per
   issue fee to non-members placing an ad.
   Display Ads* are to be prepaid in 6-month increments.
                                                    per mo.  per yr.                                                  per mo.  per yr.
   Resource Listing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3.00 $30.00     1/2 vertical, 4.5"x 7.5" . . . . . . . . . . . . $7.50 $90.00
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                                                                              *Display ads also receive a free Resource Listing.
                                                                                     UNDER THE GAVEL • 3

                                               UNDER THE GAVEL
                                               BY SCHUYLER HOFFMAN

                                               As May approaches, driving season is getting into full swing. I hope
                                               as many folks as can will take advantage of the better weather (May gray
                                               excepted) and join us on some of our upcoming Club activities.
                                                  Last evening I attended the British Car Club Council meeting at Hsu’s
                                                  where the discussions were lively relative to the future of British Car
                                                  Day. As you may know, last year the Car Club Council was rather
                                                  unceremoniously informed, at the last minute, that a variety of permits
                                                  were needed in order for BCD to happen. That reality caused a
                                                  significant amount of panic, angst, and extra work for a few dedicated
                                                  individuals. The permits were obtained and British Car Day came off
as usual. Last night the meeting attendees unanimously agreed that it was time for the BCCC to incorporate.
Liability issues being what they are today, as well as the almost impossible task of trying to secure the necessary
insurance, more or less dictated this decision. Other changes are on the horizon for BCD. In the future there will
be less mailings, advertising, the raffle may go away, as well as the registration packets (at least as they are currently
configured). The consensus seems to indicate that the event has gotten way too big, complicated, and work intensive
to continue as it has in the past. None of the decisions were “cast in stone”. There will be plenty of discussion at
the upcoming meetings. If you have strong feelings about how things are going with the Council, or you’d like to
voice your opinion to the changes, attend the meetings. I think that it’s pretty apparent that a lot of the membership
of all of the local British car clubs is interested in what the Council is doing. Participation in “all British” events is
on the rise. I think that indicates that a lot of people enjoy seeing other British Marques.
Seems that the Miramar Speed Circuit cart racing sessions are
catching on. Although I missed the last evening of racing, I
am told that it may become a monthly function. There’ll be
more to come, so stay tuned….
We will be having some Tech. Sessions this Spring and
Summer. Let us know if there is something that your car needs
that you think would be of general interest to other MG
owners. If the need is not so urgent that you can wait, maybe
we can schedule a session around your needs. At the last
session, we learned how to change the cross member mounting
pads in an MGB. Hopefully the people who attended learned
that such endeavors are not as ominous or as difficult as they
appear. Remember that the pads we changed were made of
rubber. Much of the rubber on many of our MG’s is more than
30 years old. Most of it is in need of being “refreshed”. Tech.
Sessions are a good venue to learn how easy some of this type
of maintenance is, as well as how much of a difference it
makes in the drivability of your car.
Hope to see you in May and …
Happy MotorinG!

WRENCHHEAD CORNER                                                                    Let’s say, for example that the
                                                                                     headlights are very dim or won’t
By Paul Konkle                                                                       light at all. Start with the battery.
                                                                                     Take the clamps off of each post,
We’ve heard all the jokes about Lucas electrics, like                                starting with the earth post. It is
the 3-position Lucas switch; Dim, Flicker, and Off.                                  important to always undo the earth
Why do the Brits drink warm beer? Because Lucas                                      clamp first, as that way if you make
makes their refrigerators! The truth of the matter is                                contact between the car body and
that the Lucas electrical systems found on our cars                                  the wrench, you won’t turn your
work very well indeed when properly maintained.                                      wrench into an instant welding
The first part of this is understanding how a basic 12-                              electrode possibly damaging the
volt DC (direct current) circuit works. You need a                                   tool, the battery, and your hairstyle.
power source (the battery) connected to a load (lamps)                               Check the battery voltage. It should
connected to a ground/earth on the car. The chassis                                  be between 12.6 and 13.2 volts.
of the car completes the circuit, as one pole of the          Take a look at the battery cables, checking for obvious
battery is also grounded/earthed to the chassis. The          corrosion. There may be corrosion under the insulation,
battery can be positive earth, generally on cars built        which you can check by measuring the resistance from
before 1968, or negative earth. The most important            one end to the other. Take a look at the grounding cable
concept in a DC system is having a complete circuit!          where it attaches to the car. Is the connection clean and
                                                              tight? If not, clean it with a wire brush, and reattach it
Probably 95% of the electrical problems in our cars can
                                                              using a dab of Vaseline to keep the corrosion at bay. The
be traced to an incomplete circuit due to corroded and/or
                                                              hot battery cable will attach to the starter solenoid.
dirty connectors, and 95% of those are in the
                                                              Check this connection to make sure it is clean and
ground/earth connection. To troubleshoot electrical
                                                              tight. If not, correct as for the earth cable.
problems you will need a schematic diagram of the
wiring system (see next page), a test light (OK) or           Next, using the schematic from the workshop manual,
digital multimeter (better), and the color codes for the      trace the Brown (marked with an “N” on the schematic)
circuits. The circuit diagram will have letter codes along    wire from the battery to the voltage regulator and/or to
the wires indicating which color wire goes to and from        the fuse box. Make sure these connections are clean and
each electrical component. The main colors used, and          corrosion-free. Use a wire brush to clean away any
their abbreviations are:                                      dirt or corrosion from the connectors and the tabs.
                                                              Look at the wire itself and check for any nicks, cuts, or
N = Brown      U = Blue            R = Red
                                                              breaks in the wire insulation. One place that corrodes
G = Green      W = White           B = Black
                                                              without being visible is the back of the fuse box.
P = Purple     Y = Yellow          O = Orange
                                                              Unscrew the fuse block from the car body and take a
LG = Light Green
                                                              look at the back. Make sure the rivets are tight and there
If a color code has two letters (three for light green) on    is no telltale verdigris (a greenish corrosion that occurs
the diagram, the first letter indicates the main color of     on copper and brass). There should be another Brown
the wire; the second letter will designate the trace color.   wire going from the fuse block to the headlight switch.
The trace color will be a thin stripe running the length      Check the connectors and wiring here as well.
of the wire.
                                                              From the headlight switch, find the Blue (U) wire,
There are standard colors used for most functions. For        which should lead to the dimmer switch. Check all
instance Brown is always an unfused hot, which means          these connections and wires as was done previously.
it ties directly to the battery. White is a switched hot      From the dimmer switch will be two wires, a Blue
powered from the ignition circuit (key must be on).           with Red tracer (UR) for the low beams and Blue with
Black is used for ground/earth. Green is fused from           White tracer (UW) for the high beams. Follow these
the fuse box. Red and Blue are used for lamps; with Blue      wires all the way to the headlamps, taking apart all the
normally the headlamps and Red for smaller lamps,             connectors you find and making sure they are clean and
such as the dash lights.                                      tight. A dab of Vaseline will keep them this way. On the
                                                                             WRENCHHEAD CORNER • 5

                                                   Diagram 1 62-64 MGB
back of the headlamps should be three wires, the               complexity of the system, especially the later cars
Blue/White, the Blue/Red, and a Black wire for the             where the wiring can be extremely complicated. Just like
ground/earth. Now that you have done all the hard              like eating an elephant, take it one bite at a time. Take
work of tracing out the circuit, you can fix the most          one system at a time, say one a month, or at the least,
likely culprit. Follow the Black (B) wire to the grounding     go through and find all the ground connections and
connection, which will be a bolt or screw affixed to the       take care of those. You’ll be amazed at how well
body. Make sure the connection is clean and dry, and           everything works now.
wire brush the metal where the screw attaches to get rid
of the rust. Use the Vaseline here also.                       For the circuit diagrams, check your car’s workshop
                                                               manual, a Haynes maintenance manual, or you can
Reconnect the battery cables, making sure to attach            search the web. I found the 62-64 MGB schematic
the earth cable last, to prevent endless bad hair days and     used for this article at Advance Autowire’s web site,
damage to the car as when disconnecting them. Start the        www.advanceautowire.com. There are also diagrams for
car, flick on the headlights, and see what a vast difference   Triumph TRs. Dan Masters has taken the electrical
there is in brightness. Can you shortcut the endless           schematics from the factory workshop manual and
tracing and go right to the ground connections?                colorized them to match the coding. You can download
Probably! But then you wouldn’t know where all the             the schematic and have it enlarged and laminated (I
connections are, in case the grounding is not the              know of a fantastic print shop!) to use in the garage or
problem.                                                       workshop.
The same procedure can be used to troubleshoot any             Put those meters and diagrams to work, and your Lucas
electrical component. Regular maintenance of the               electrical system will be as reliable as anything on the
electrical system will make your car work better and           road!
bemore reliable. Do not get overwhelmed by the

                                    SPEED CIRCUIT CHALLENGE

                                     Paul Konkle passes Wayne Johnson on the far corner turn.

The first day of the SPEED CIRCUIT CHALLENGE                         Driver          Race 1 Race 2 Change Avg Time
happened on April 12th. Eight racers competed. Jim Revere,
who is sitting in 3rd place, compiled the scores.
                                                                     Evan Ray        36.987     36.152   -0.835   36.570
Here are the results. What we are going to do is average each        Paul Konkle     36.678     36.916   0.238    36.797
competitors best lap time over the number of races. The cars         Jim Revere      37.154     36.518   -0.636   36.836
are quite different in capability and handling, so this takes into
account the difference and makes it more fair. I think there         Lawrence Sher   37.443     37.100   -0.343   37.272
are going to be some very tight margins at the end of the            Steven Rogers   37.394     37.639   0.245    37.517
season.                                                              Wayne Johnson   39.182     39.246   0.064    39.214
The next challenge race is on Thursday, May 10th; mandatory          Tracy Sher      44.731     44.963   0.232    44.847
drivers meeting at 6 PM. Come join the fun!                          Ryan Friedman   46.507     44.531   -1.976   45.519

(above) Lined up to race are Steve Rogers, Paul Konkle, and Lawrence Sher (above right) Lined up to race are Jim Revere,
Wayne Johnson, Evan Ray

                    MAY 10TH • THE CHALLENGE CONTINUES
                                                                     BUSINESS MEETING MINUTES • 7

                                                          April 3, 2007
President Schuyler (Sky) Hoffman called the April 2007             S.D. Automotive Museum Car Club Council: Dan Jones said
general business meeting of the San Diego MG Club to order         our dues of $50 are due next month. This will include
at 7:10 p.m. (to allow time for Sky to finish his Mega-Burger).    umbrella insurance for the club. SD Car Club Council also
Minutes of the March 2007 meeting were approved.                   has a go-kart night May 31. Sat., June 2, Greatest Show on
                                                                   Turf at Balboa Park. They need volunteers and would like a
Dan Harmer, MG-T Register and owner of an MG-TC for                raffle prize from each club. Sat., Apr. 14, Italian Supercars
51 years related that he recently attended his 50th high school    at Spanish Landing. Go to www.511sd.com to check out the
reunion and that his TC was in better shape than some of the       transportation information: Road traffic, roadside aid, air, rail,
class members! He is also on the board of the San Diego            border crossing, weather, you name it. SEMA will meet at
Automotive Museum. Dan was on hand to remind us of the             the state capital in Sacramento May 16 to oppose AD616, a
3-mile Parkinson’s Walk on Saturday, April 21st at Liberty         bill that would require smog check on cars 15 years old and
Station. This year they have an MG-T Register team and Dan         older! You might like to contact your state representative and
thinks next year we should make it an all-MG team with             ask that they vote NO on AB616.
both clubs. Perhaps the year after that, we can get all the
British Car owners’ clubs involved! It’s a flat terrain walk;      British Car Club Council: Steve Kirby – Rolling British Car
you can bring your dog, and you are invited to a potluck           Day Sun. 4/15 8:30 to 9:30 meet at Milton's Deli in Del Mar.
lunch at Chez Moss in Point Loma afterward. Ask friends to         Coffee and eats are expensive so be forewarned. If you plan
sponsor you! Dan handed out applications, pointing out that        to have breakfast, please arrive by at least 7:30! Bring your
the $25 fee goes to research or to help current Parkinson’s        picnic (NO food available for purchase at the end of the run),
patients with zero dollars taken out for overhead!                 your chairs and a few bucks for incidentals. We plan to stop
Treasurer Rich Jensen gave his report. For treasury details,       at Dudley’s on the way up. Monday evening, April 16th at
members can contact Rich; his phone number is on Page 2.           Hsu’s across the parking lot will be the first BCCC meeting
                                                                   of the year; very important issues about the future of British
Activities: Steve Rogers announced this month’s events.            Car Day will be discussed.
The Club’s Speed Circuit kart racing series starts on Apr
12th. A database will be kept of times, and a champion will        Regalia: Evan Ray – Please contact Evan for specific orders.
be crowned at the end of the series. May 5-6 is the Moss-          Evan still has two shirts on sale for $5.00 each.
sponsored British Extravaganza at Buttonwillow; go to the
Moss Motors web site for details and an application. Rolling       Yahoo Group: Gene Calbow was not in attendance, but
British Car Day is Sunday, April 15th. There are no grills at      Sky mentioned that there will be an upcoming article in the
the Menghini Winery, bring ready-to-eat lunch. Sun., Aug.          San Diego Union-Tribune about car clubs and we need to be
5, is the Automobile Heritage Day in National City.                in it!

                                                                   Clean Car Award: It’s that time of year when it’s still light
Membership: Paul Konkle – Four new memberships this
                                                                   at 7:00 and Susan Sweeney volunteered to pick the Clean Car
month. Visitors: Tom Ham has a TD he bought 20 years ago,
                                                                   of the Month: Mel and Debbie Morris received a car duster
and will be joining the Club. Mike Rook was accompanied by
                                                                   from Sky and Ruth Hoffman.
his daughters and special guest Paula.
Raffle: Steve & Diane Kirby presented the raffle with an           Show and Tell:
Easter theme.                                                      Dan Jones works in the TV industry and is fortunate to be
                                                                   on hand for many interesting automotive events and races. He
Installation Dinner: Diane Kirby pointed out that 2008             reported on the RM Auction featuring Mercedes and other
will be the club’s 50th anniversary and wouldn’t it be nice if     high-end autos. There will be six one-hour specials on ESPN.
we had an extra-special Installation Dinner to start the year?     There was a 1958 Bugeye Sprite restored by high school
Volunteers to brainstorm ideas and help with planning will         girls in auto shop class that brought $28,000 to $34,000! A
meet at the Studio Diner after the May business meeting.           1958 Triumph TR-3 $33,000. A 1960 MGA 1600 $35,750.
                                                                   Aston Martin DB-4 $2 Million. A 1937-1940 unrestored
Newsletter: Ruth thanked new contributor Marla Deyoe for           Duesenberg with 10,000 original miles and a $2,805,000
the wonderful St. Patrick’s Day Tour article that Marla wrote      price tag got dented due to a larger-than-standard hood
for the newsletter.                                                ornament! (Continued on page 8)

                                    continued from page 7
                                    Bob Ekstrand brought to our attention a March
                                    31 piece in the Opinion section of S.D. Union.
                                    MG started production in China this week.
                                    Maggie Conway attended the Spring Open House
                                    at Symbolic’s Sorrento Valley repair and
                                    restoration facility. She noted the $361,000 Rolls
                                    Royces and the Bugatti Veyron, which was roped
                                    off and had a security guard, due to its $2 million
                                    price tag. She donated the Symbolic T-shirt to the
                                    Paul Brown handed out registration forms for the
                                    Parkinson’s walk.
                                    Steve Kirby had a magazine article mentioning
                                    that collecting and restoring old cars is a “disease,”
                                    and it was also recommended that those afflicted
                                    should “avoid e-bay while drinking.”
                                    Joe Buchmiller has extra Moss Motors catalogs.
                                    Paul Konkle met a guy at the Big 3 Swap Meet
                                    who (turns out) had lots of MGB parts and
                                    engines! Contact Paul if you are interested in
                                    removing some of these items from his home.
                                    (Please, and THANKS! – Belinda)
                                    Cassie Stahl thanked Paul Konkle for helping
                                    with the distributor cap and points as a surprise
                                    for Jack’s birthday.
                                    Sky Hoffman announced that Mick and Sue
                                    Burdge were celebrating their 30th wedding
                                    anniversary. This is the latest addition to a
                                    growing list of MG Club couples that have
                                    celebrated significant wedding anniversaries on
                                    business meeting night! Sue explained that they
                                    were in the process of moving and it wasn’t until
                                    they signed the mover’s papers that they realized
                                    it was their anniversary!
                                    Renee Neale – They had the only MGB on the
                                    Palomar run. Thanks to the T-Register for a
                                    wonderful time!

                                    The meeting was adjourned at approximately
                                    8:25 p.m.

                                    Respectfully submitted,
                                    Maggie Conway, Secretary
                                                                     TECH SESSION • 9

                    TECH SESSION

                         Captions courtesy of Mr. Paul Konkle (top left) Steve Rogers wiggles
                         the new crossmember into place while Sky Hoffman and George
                         Sweeney support the ends. (top right) Paul Konkle mans the "big gun"
                         electric impact wrench, which was very helpful in getting the bolts
                         unstuck. (left) Sky cleans up one of the front shocks prior to reinstallation.
                         (below left) Jack Stahl looks at the photographer, while Chuck Deyoe,
                         Paul, and Steve stare intently at the old (bent) front crossmember.
                         (below) Paul and Steve pause for a cuddle while Chuck watches. MG
                         is the Marque of Friendship!

                                                                   Also sending you some pictures of the GT I'm now starting
RESTORER'S CORNER                                                  on (see photo bottom below). This was purchased (minus
                                                                   engine and transmission) from Pat Harrelson, before he
I received this e-mail from club member Steve Kirby, who is
known for his excellent ability to turn old junk into a thing of   became an Emperor. I have the suspension about done, all
beauty. He writes how he just.finished 58 Dodge 1/2 Ton            with rebuilt components. Next major step will be to fit the
pickup truck.(see photo at right) .                                late model overdrive/engine, and prep the engine bay/tunnel
                                                                   area--strip, etch, seal, prime, sand and prepare for paint.”
“I did do all the painting myself, which took forever. Fellow
Club member Dick Moss spent an entire day with me, and
patiently showed some of the basics of color sanding and
polishing. I've always been reluctant to do that on my own,
but Dick's mastery made it look "do-able". Thanks Dick!
Another sort of interesting bit is that parts for this ol' Dodge
truck are a lot harder to come by than a person might think.
If it was a Ford or Chevy, there are hundreds of places
supplying parts and reproduction parts. Sort of like Moss
Motors or Victoria British. But, alas, tis a Dodge -- sort of
an orphan, in the old truck world. So, I had to take the
attitude . . . "anyone can restore an old Ford or Chevy!"
I did find a place, perhaps they should remain nameless, that
specialized in old Dodge and Chrysler product parts, including
trucks. I thought I'd hit a home run . . . at first. I ordered
over a thousand dollars worth of stuff, over a period of time.
Even went by their place of business in Massachusetts, when
we were on our vacation two years ago. Carried some of the
big pieces all the way back home from Massachusetts. What
an understanding wife I have!!! Long story short, of
approximately 10 items ordered, 8 did not fit or work at all-
-NOT EVEN CLOSE. Things like a floor mat--might have
fit a Yugo, but not my truck. The "headliner/interior kit"--
ended up making my own, and throwing away 90% of their
pieces!!! Window rubber (front and back)--maybe fit that
Yugo again, but not my truck. Errrrrrrrrrr. They were less
than "customer friendly" about returning items--all of which
were THEIR error. Bottom line: The suppliers we have in
our wonderful MG World are much, much more reliable,
accurate, customer friendly, honest, caring and fast. It took
nearly 3 months to resolve the window rubber. This was
particularly maddening because I found out after ordering from
this "supplier", that the rubber came from a company called
"Clester's". I contacted Clester's, and they immediately
recognized where the supplier had ered. They had the correct
item in stock, but of course, I had to transact business through
the supplier . . . and wait, and wait, and wait.

 CA Lic Smog

 Quick Drive Thru Smog Check
 3342 Rosecrans San Diego CA 92110
 Near Midway
 (619) 223-8806
                                                                            UPCOMING EVENTS • 11

                                        May 26, 2007
                          We will meet at Hooley's Irish Pub
                             2955 Jamacha Rd. El Cajon, CA 92019
                         9:30 a.m. and head out at 10:00 a.m.

                        The Motor Transport Museum's objective is to create a positive awareness and appreciation
                        for old trucks and the development of the motor transport industry. The Museum provides a
                        place for restoration and public display of antique trucks as well as photos, literature,
                        memorabilia and other pertinent information relating to trucks, the trucking industry, and the
                        pioneers who have made a significant contribution to the development and prosperity of
                        California and the United States. This museum is housed in the historic Campo Feldspar Mill,
                        built in 1929 to mill feldspar mined in nearby Hauser Canyon. The mineral was ground and
                        processed here into porcelain which was used to manufacture sparkplugs and bathroom

    The San Diego Automotive Museum and the San Diego Car Club Council presents
                  “The 8th Annual - Greatest Show on Turf” on Saturday, June 2, 2007
                            The show will run from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM.
                 The event is free to the public. Trophies will be presented at 1:00 PM.
   This amazing show has been an annual event in Balboa Park for years. The corner of Park Boulevard and
           Presidents Way becomes a sea of vintage cars, modified vehicles, and motorcycles.
                       See woodies, tuners, low riders, street rods, and classics.
    Pre-Registration must be Completed & Received by Tuesday, May 15, 2007

                                                                      Entry to the show is free
                                                            but there is a $25.00 fee to display your car.

                                                                       The museum is located at
                                                               2080 Pan American Plaza, Balboa Park.
                                                            Phone (619) 231-AUTO (2886). Website is

                                                              THE THEME FOR MAY
Weevil, 7:00 p.m., Clairemont Mesa and Ruffin
Rd. (across the parking lot from Wells Fargo Bank).                                                            IS
Arrive early for dinner and socializing.
MAY 5-6 • MOSS MOTORS BRITISH                                                                       “MAY
EXTRAVAGANZA at Buttonwillow Raceway. Vin-                                                        FLOWERS”
tage racing and British car show. See www.moss-
motors.com for more information and to down-
load a registration form.                                                                       HAPPY MAY
*MAY 8 • E-BOARD MEETING! at Por Favor,
3307 Lemon Grove Ave. Lemon Grove, CA 91945
Dinner starts at 6:00 PM meeting at 7:00 PM.
Members always welcome                                                                     MG
MIRAMAR SPEED CIRCUIT, 8123 Miralani Dr.               SHOCK ABSORBERS:                                             Front       Rear
                                                       MGTC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .165.00 165.00
San Diego, CA 92126. We've decided to make this        MGTD & TF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .185.00 60/95
a monthly contest and keep track of place standings    MGA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .89.95 69.95
within the club. Mandatory drivers meeting at          MGB, MGC, Midget . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .89.95 89.95
                                                       HEAVY DUTY UPGRADE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10.00 10.00
6:00 pm. Racing starts at 7:00pm.                      SHOCK LINK (New or Rebuilt) . . . . . . . . . . . .$Call
*MAY 19 • TECH SESSION at Ron Smith's home,            BRAKES: sleeved and rebuilt
                                                       MGB, Midget caliper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$85.00
811 Plazza Flora, Chula Vista, 91910. We will be       MGA, MGC caliper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$145.00
changing the clutch on an MGB.                         MGA, Midget twin master 1956-1967 . . . . . .$195.00
                                                       MGB, Midget master 1968-80. . . . . . . . . . . .$125.00
*MAY 26 • RUN TO THE MOTOR TRANSPORT                   MGB brake booster servo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$175.00
                                                       MGC booster servo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$395.00
MUSEUM in Campo. We will meet at Hooley's              Cylinders sleeved only, brass or SS . . . . . . .$40 - 75
Irish Pub, 2955 Jamacha Rd. El Cajon, CA 92019         Kingpin swivel axle rebushed . . . . . . . . . . . .$40 - 80
at 9:30 a.m. and head out at 10:00 a.m.                Front end a-arm (Midget) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$95.00

                                                       CARBURETORS: COMPLETE REBUILDING
                                                       Disassembly, cleaning, bodies rebushed , new throttle shafts,
                                                       jets, needles, float valves, gaskets,
PLANNED FUTURE EVENTS                                  Flow bench tested . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$395.00/pair
AND INFORMATION                                        CARB BODIES REBUSHED:
                                                       and new throttle shafts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$75.00 each
*JUNE 2 • THE GREATEST SHOW ON TURF at                     ____________________________________________

the San Diego Auto Museum in Balboa Park. 8:00         Prices shown are for Exchange or Yours Rebuilt. Core charges
                                                       apply if items are ordered prior to (and are refunded after) our
AM - 2:00 PM. For more info and to register go to      receiving your old unit. S/H $4.00-$8.00 per item.
www.sdautomuseum.org. Entry to the show is free        FREE CATALOG
but there is a $25.00 fee to display your car. Entry   www.applehydraulics.com
deadline is May 15th.
JULY 16-20 • MG 2007 NAMGBR Annual Meet.                             APPLE
JULY 23-27 • GT-32 2007 NAMGAR Annual
Meet See flyer on page 10 for both of these events.                 1610 Middle Road, Calverton, NY 11933
                                                                       631-369-9515, FAX 631-369-9516
                                                                              Toll Free 800-882-7753
*Points Event                                                          Visa MasterCard, COD, Free Catalog
SSANDIEGO MG CLUB CALENDAR                                                                MAY 2006
  SUNDAY        MONDAY            TUESDAY            WEDNESDAY         THURSDAY        FRIDAY          SATURDAY

                                                1                2                3             4                 5
                                 *BUSINESS                                                            MOSS MOTORS
                                   MEETING                                                              BRITISH
                                  Boll Weevil                                                        EXTRAVAGANZA
                              Meet for Dinner 6 PM                                                         AT
                              Meeting Starts 7 PM                                                    BUTTONWILLOW

           6             7                      8                9                10            11                12
 MOSS MOTORS                      *E-BOARD                           *MIRAMAR SPEED
   BRITISH                        MEETING                                CIRCUIT
EXTRAVAGANZA                                                               6 PM
      AT                          Por Favor                              ROUND 2
BUTTONWILLOW                      6PM Dinner
                                 7 PM Meeting

           13            14                     15           16                   17            18                19
                                                                                                     *TECH SESSION
                                                                                                     @ RON SMITH’S

           20            21                     22           23                   24            25                26

           27            28                     29           30
                                                                                                                       MAY 2007 CALENDAR • 13

                                                                 RAFFLE DONATIONS
                  MARCH                                                            are
                                                                             Always Welcome

   RAFFLE WINNERS                                        Bring them to the meeting and we will use them for future
                                                                    meetings or the Installation Dinner

Jack Stahl            Easter Basket                                            Thanks
Bob Miller            Chocolate Easter Bunny
Bryson Pennoyer       Chocolate Easter Bunny                              Diane and Steve Kirby
Marla Deyoe           MG Poster
Mel Morris            Fix it Kit: WD40, zip ties, duct
                                                            l Rans
Dan Noyes             Padres Hat                                             Design/Manufacturing
David Crawford        Limoncello Kit                      De ler             Repair

Rich Jensen           Limoncello Kit                                         Estate Jewelry Restoration
Dan Jones             2 Boll Weevil Gift Certificates                        Remounting
Wayne Johnson         MG Club License Plate frame             Stephen Stahl  Pearl Stringing
Mark Shelly           MG Club Shirt                         MASTER GOLDSMITH We buy old gold
                                                                             Watch Repairs
Joe Buchmiller        Oil Change Kit
Christine Brown       2 Auto museum passes
                                                               670-5802      Batteries

                                                                  3663 Avocado Blvd., La Mesa CA 91941


              Thank you, as always, to our wonderful donors. We always use everything.
                               But, we may save it for another month.
        John Childs – a bag of goodies including: a book Concept Cars, 2 Classic Motorsports
             Magazines, original Uni-syn SU carb synchronizing tool, CartelDashpot oil,
          Valve spring compressor, new fan belt, 2 new rebound straps, several assorted new
       radiator hoses, New RH & LH convex mirrors, 4 new KGK plugs, 1 new distributor cap,
                                 and 1 set of rear wheel cylinder kits.
                             Maggie Conway – Symbolic Motors T-shirt
                                Dan Harmer – 2 auto museum passes
                         Mel & Debbie Morris – 2 Chocolate Easter Bunnies
                           David Coyote Crawford – NAMGAR Sweater
                                  Joe Buchmiller – Union Jack belt

                                             Thanks so much!
                                               Diane and Steve
                                                                           ROLLING BRITISH CAR DAY • 15

                              2007 ROLLING BRITISH CAR DAY

Another outstanding and truly “British” car rally, the 2007 Rolling British Car Day drew a large group of car enthusiasts who
were unafraid of a brisk, wet day and hours of curvy roads. It will be hard to forget this incredible rally; ending with a rained
out picnic which turned into a wine tasting delight and a zippy drive home with the top down, in sporadically pouring rain,
but luckily, not getting very wet. Thanks to the British Car Council for another well run, stellar event. Can hardly wait for
next year. (above) Standing room only for the driver’s meeting. (continued on pages 16 & 17)

(right) Schuyler Hoffman and Erin McManus in his Dad’s
70 MGB. (below left) A great TD getting more attention
than the Aston Martin with it’s top down. (below right)
A black rubber bumper B daily driver.

                               (above) Jack Stahl & Joe Buchmiller with Joe’s TF. (left) Mark
                               Shelley has a look at a silver racer. (below) Evan Ray in his red
                               A, followed by a great looking GT. (bottom) New members Mike
                               and Ally Benbrook in their beautiful 53 TD enjoyed the day with
                               their son Max with friend Sarah in his rubber bumper MGB.
                                                                          ROLLING BRITISH CAR DAY • 17

(above) Mark Shelley’s Midget in a long line of British cars on Hwy 78. (above right) The tour included a stop at the famous
Dudley’s Bakery for a pit stop and chance to buy their goodies. (below left) A great shot of Joe Buchmiller’s TF. (below right)
Packed in like sardines, and enjoying the wine tasting at the Menghini Winery. They had wonderful heaters, because it was
very cold outside. (bottom) Cars being guided in to park at the Menghini Winery; a first class location.

                      50TH ANNIVERSARY
                       Next year is the SDMG 50th
                       Anniversary year. It’s time to
                      start planning for this very special
                    Installation Dinner. I am forming
                 a committee to help with the program
 and decorations for this event. Other events may
 follow. If you would like to join us, please contact
 Diane Kirby at dkirby210@cox.net. I am not on
 Yahoo, so please use my email address.
 We will meet right after the meeting on May 1st at
 Studio 51 across the corner from the Boll Weevil for
 a dessert meeting. We will not meet in June as I
 cannot attend, so please be there in May. We need to
 do some brainstorming and divide up and conquer!
 Thank you to the 12 people who already volunteered           NMGBR is the only national Register of the MGB, MG 1100/1300 and
 to be on the committee.                                      Midget, in the United States, Canada & Mexico. With membership you
                                                              receive the bi-monthly 60-page magazine plus so much more.
 Diane Kirby
                                                                         SAN DIEGO MG CLUB
      Isn’t this a fabulous newsletter?                              Renew Your Membership TODAY!
                                                                                  MAIL CHECK $25 TO
                                                                 SAN DIEGO MG CLUB, PO Box 710111, San Diego CA 92171
    Would you like to keep getting it?                                for more information e-mail mgbpaul@yahoo.com
           Pay your dues!          PLEASE
             2007 SDMGC dues are (over)due.
           Send $25 check or money order to:
                  San Diego MG Club
                   P.O. Box 710111
              San Diego, CA 92171-0111

          YOUR HELP!

                         Ken Smith is assembling a
                         portfolio of material to celebrate
                         the US Spec. Limited Edition
                         MGBs under the title of “Limited
                         Edition” The last of the Abingdon
                         Classics”. Ken is appealing for
                         L.E.owners, and others, to submit
                         experiences, photos, etc for
                         possible inclusion in the
publication. If you can help, please send materials (which
will be returned) to Classic MG magazine. P.O.Box 8645.
Goleta. CA 93117. Alternatively you can email Ken at:
                                                                                                       IN THE NEWS • 19

                                                                         million in 2005, after
FIRST CHINESE-MADE MG IS                                                 the collapse of MG
INTRODUCED                                                               Rover Group of
                                                                         Britain. SAIC Motor
Reprinted from International Herald Tribune Marketplace by
Bloomberg, March 28, 2007 By Irene Shen Bloomberg News
                                                                         bought the design
                                                                         rights for two
SHANGHAI: Nanjing Automobile Group introduced its                        MGRover models
made-in-China MG sports cars and sedans Tuesday, the first               and for MG's K-
step in a plan to use the British brand as a base for global             series engines for
expansion.                                                               £67 million, or $130        The new Chinese Made MG TF
Nanjing, the oldest Chinese automaker, introduced the 1.8-               million. SAIC recently
liter MG TF roadster and its MG 7275 and MG 7295 sedans                  introduced the 2.5-liter Roewe 750, developed from the
at its plant near the eastern city of Nanjing. The brand will go         Rover 75, which sells from 231,800 yuan, or $30,000.
on sale in China in the second half of the year.                         The first MG car was built at Morris Garages in Oxford,
Nanjing Auto, SAIC Motor and other Chinese automakers                    England, in the 1920s. The automaker built a series of two-
have added their own brands and are working to increase sales            seater sports cars including the T-Series and the MGB, an icon
overseas as increasing competition squeezes profit margins               of the 1960s and 1970s. The company was absorbed into
in China, the second-largest auto market after the United                British Motor in 1952, the start of a series of mergers in the
States. Nanjing Auto, MG's new owner, invested 3.5 billion               British car industry. The brand ended up as part of MG
yuan, or $450 million, in the factory. It plans to invest $2 billion     Rover, which collapsed in 2005 with debts of £1.4 billion.
in the brand, including opening British and U.S. plants.                 While MG originally stood for "Morris Garage," it now
"MG, as an established brand worldwide, will help Nanjing                stands for "Ming Jue" or "Modern Gentleman."
Auto attract customers' attention," said Huang Zherui, an                Nanjing Auto said it would build MG TF roadster convertibles
analyst at CSM Asia, which advises automakers in China.                  at a former MG factory in Longbridge, England, and it also
The 7-Series sedans, with 1.8-liter and 2.5-liter engines, are           plans to open a research center in the community. The closely
"reachable classics" aimed at the midmarket, the Nanjing                 held carmaker will announce "tens" of British dealers in
Auto president, Yu Jianwei, said Tuesday. He declined to                 May, Yu said. The company has already announced plans to
disclose the carmaker's production plans and retail prices. The          start building MG TF coupes in Oklahoma in mid-2008.
MG plant in Nanjing, built in under a year, has an annual                "Japanese automakers took 30 years" to begin overseas sales,
capacity of 200,000 cars, 250,000 engines and 100,000                    Wang Haoliang, the Nanjing Auto chairman, said at a
gearboxes.                                                               ceremony Tuesday. "Korean automakers took 20 years. We
Nanjing Auto bought the MG brand and other assets for $97                are much faster."

                                                      B & A R E S T O R AT I O N
                                                225 BINGHAM DR., STE. C, SAN MARCOS CA 92069
                                                         (760) 891-0960

                                  **40 YEARS EXPERTISE IN REPAIRING AND RESTORING
                                                  BRITISH CARS**
                                             PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT
                                            BILL ARMSTRONG OR ART GUZMAN
                                 FOR AN ESTIMATE OR WITH ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE

   AUTOS FOR SALE                                   AUTOS FOR SALE                             AUTOS FOR SALE

                                                MGTD Mark II                               1958 MG-ZB Magnette
                                                is one of only 1,740 Mark II’s MG          Red with Buff interior, 1500cc,
                                                developed for racing. 2 sets of shocks     4 speed, new wheels, tires, mga head
                                                for each wheel, a larger 1 ?” SU           and rear diff, brakes and master cyl.
Jim Grant’s 1961 MGA                            carburetor, dual fuel pumps, 8” clutch     New wiring harness installed, with an
which he has owned since 1998 is for            & 57 horsepower engine.After off-          alternator and Neg. grounding. All
sale. Call him at 619) 296-2720 for             frame restoration in 1989, car was         lighting works. Using MGB temp gage
                                                stored until 1997 when we purchased        and Tach. Many spare parts including
details                                         it. Porsche red paint is in good           original diff and unassemble 3 main
                                                condition/few stone chips and normal       1800cc eng. $4K, OBO or trade for
1958 MG-ZB Magnette                             wear. Side curtains fair shape.            MGB. After selling I will buy an MGB
The history of the car is as follows:           Convertible headliner very good
I bought the car in Winnipeg, Canada, I         condition. Rugs and upholstery fair to     anyway. Questions: Ron Cunningham,
believe, in 1963. I drove it until 1973 when    good condition. Few small wear cracks      RONRON431@COX.NET or 619-
I sold it to the director of the body shop at   in the driver’s seat and we replaced a     697-8073.
a local prison. He wanted something             section of the front floor carpet due to
different for his inmates to restore. After     wear. No rust, dents or missing /broken     PARTS & ACCESSORIES
restoration, he drove it summers only at        parts. Black interior with red and black
his cottage at West Hawk Lake, 100 miles        dash. 5 Dunlop radials, spare brand        4 TIRES 155 80R13 for MG Midget.
to the east of Winnipeg. I moved to San         new, others fair condition. Spare, jack    $30. Good Condition Contact Fred
Diego in 1981, and in 2000, I went back for     and hand crank are available.
a summer visit to Winnipeg and happened         Transmission rebuilt in fall of 2005       Cablay (760) 941-0936
to drive out to West Hawk Lake. By chance,      (the cluster, first, second and reverse    MGB wire wheels, all come with used
the car was parked outside of a cafe which      gears all new.) Car is registered/we
I went in and met again the fellow who          drive several times a week.                tires/tyres. Used MGA&MGB tires
had bought it from me. The car was in           $26,500.00.PICTURES& Information:          $10 and up. All come with wire wheels.
beautiful shape and he said come on out and     http://azcarsandtrucks.com/mgtd or         Large inventory. Many to choose from!
drive your old car. This I did and I also       phone 623-974-6108 in Sun City, AZ         Volume discounts! Buy 4, get the spare
asked him if he would consider selling it                                                  for free! Contact Steve Kirby at
back to me. He said he would and I bought       1967 MGB GT old EngWhite                   skirby210@cox.net or 760.746.9028
the car back and had it trucked back to San     w/red int. Wire Wheels,Rebuilt Eng,
Diego. All the original maintenance papers      New Radiator, Brakes, Tires, Battery       HI-TORQUE STARTER Brand new,
and the shop manual were still with the         Blue Plates 6K OBO 619 282-5489
car with my name on them. With more                                                        works great. Bought & installed it then
than 30 years having having passed since                                                   found my two dead 6-volt batteries in
the "jail" restoration, I had in mind to do a                                              the boot were the problem. Moss lists
restoration again and drive the car in shows                                               it for $272.95 plus tax. Yours for just
and parades. However, I am now 75 and                                                      $199 Call David at (619) 692-9333
have sort of lost the steam to take on the
project. The car still drives very well and I
believe the mileage is only just over 60,000.                                                   MISCELLANEOUS
I have had the car stored under wraps in my
garage since I bought it back in 2000.
                                                                                           MG 2007 July 16-20 Sonoma
                                                GREAT Southern California 1976
It is Maroon with leather upholstery. I am                                                 California Trip .
asking $5000 firm. Very Nice Car.
                                                MGB convertible.                           I intend to go to this show but my wife
George Newman                                   Runs great, looks good and in good         will not be going. I'd like to share
                                                condition.                                 motel room expense with a club
619-233-4720 M-Th 10:00 t0 3:00                                                            member or couple who are going.
                                                Only 65,000 miles.
760-787-9572 evenings                                                                      Please Call Bob Ekstrand at
                                                $3600.00 619-251-9871                      858.271.6943
                                                                             RESOURCE LISTINGS
                                                                            PAGE CONTENT TITLE • 21

                                         Resource Listings
BRAKES                                 MECHANIC                                UPHOLSTERY
Apple Hydraulics      (800) 882-7753   Harloff Automotive (619) 463-2529       Ocean Beach Upholstery
Harloff Automotive    (619) 463-2529                                                              (619) 223-9797
                                       PA R T S &
CARBURETORS                                                                    OTHER SERVICES
Apple Hydraulics (800) 882-7753        ACCESSORIES                             AlphaGraphics         (858) 505-9999
Harloff Automotive (619) 463-2529      Abingdon Spares  (603) 756-4768           Design•Copy•Print•Communicate
                                        (MG TC-TD-TF Parts Specialist)              Printer of this Newsletter
Broadway Auto Electric                     www.abingdonspares.com
                                                                               Par Asphalt         (6190 390-0697
                    (619) 461-4555     Moss Motors        (800) 667-7872
                                                 Free Catalog
INSTRUMENT REPAIR                           www.mossmotors.com
Foreign Speedo (619) 298-5378
                                       Victoria British    (800) 255-0088       YAHOO GROUPS
                                                 Free Catalog
Barlow Insurance     (800) 558-7772
                                            www.victoriabritish.com            KEEPING YOU INFORMED
Del Rancho Jewelers (619) 670-5802     RESTORATION                                 OF THE UP TO DATE
MAGAZINES                              Auto Vintagery (858) 459-0806
                                       B & A Restoration (760) 891-0960
                                                                                   HAPPENINGS WITH
Classic Motorsports
                    (888) 676-9747                                               OTHER CLUB MEMBERS
                                       SHOCK ABSORBERS
North American CLASSIC MG              Apple Hydraulics                           JOIN TODAY AND
Magazine                                                (800) 882-7753          BECOME PART OF THE
                  (704) 948-1746       S M O G                                         STORY
North American MGA Register            Harloff Automotive (619) 463-2529        gcalbow@san.rr.com
             www.NAMGAR.com            Smog Squad         (619) 223-8806
                  (503) 761-6711
North American MGB Register
                                       British Wire Wheels (800) 947-3943
                                                      (800) WIRE WHEEL         FOREIGN
                                                     bwwsales@pacbell.net        S P E E D O, I n c .
                                                                                COMPLETE SPEEDOMETER
                                                                                   & TACHOMETER REPAIR

                                                                                   Foreign, Domestic & Truck
                                                                                       Free Estimates

                                                                                     2246 1/2 University Ave
                                                                                      San Diego Ca 92104

                                                                                      619 298-5278

                           RECIPE OF THE MONTH
                           BY MARK SHELLEY


                           1/2 pound self-raising flour    1/2 teaspoon of salt
                           4 oz butter                     2 oz Bakers sugar (superfine)
                           4 to 6 oz sultanas (Golden raisins)
                           6 tablespoons of water
                           Have ready a sheet of foil or a double thickness of grease proof
                           paper brushed with melted butter.
                           Sieve the flour and the salt.
                           Rub in the butter.
                           Add the sugar and sultanas.
                           Mix in the water to make a soft dough.
                           Turn out onto a floured board and form into a roll.
                           Wrap loosely but securely in the grease proof paper or foil. Tie
                           or seal the ends.
                           Place in the steamer and cover tightly.
                           Steam for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Serve with hot custard.
                           Put the mixture in a medium-sized (1 1/2 pint) pudding basin
                           with a round of grease proof paper in the bottom and brush all
                           round inside with melted margarine. Smooth the top.
                           Cover with foil, or double grease proof paper brushed
                           underneath with melted margarine and steam for 1 1/2 to 2
                           hours. Serve as above.

                                         Automotive Service Since 1969

                                            MG Parts, Service

                              Parts 619-463-2529                   Robert Nobles
                              Service 619-461-3600               7445 University Avenue
                              Smog GPC Station                   La Mesa CA 91941
       San Diego MG Club
       P.O. Box 710111
       San Diego, CA 92171-0111

                                 San Diego MG Club members
                             parked at the famous Menghini Winery
                                during Rolling British Car Day
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