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									August 1, 2006

Dear Parent/Guardian and Student of the Class of 2007,

During the month of April, you will receive information from the Art Rich Photography Studio regarding Senior
Portraits. This letter is to supplement that information and to explain in further detail the importance of making
an appointment for a portrait sitting with Art Rich Studios.

All seniors must at least sit for a portrait with Art Rich, even if the parent/guardian ultimately chooses
another photographer. In order to conform to the yearbook guidelines, the sitting can be done at no charge on
two occasions. Art Rich will be at Lewis S. Mills High School to take portraits, without charging a sitting fee,
on June 29 and September 16, 2006. Students must make an appointment during their lunch period with Art
Rich on Tuesday, April 12, and Thursday April 14, 2006. Art Rich will also be making appointments for
senior packages (photos to be taken at the studio) at this time. It is encouraged that you have your portrait taken
during the first two sessions. It is not recommended for you to wait until the September session.

The deadline to be photographed is August 31, 2006. If your schedule doesn’t permit being photographed prior
to that date, I’ve set up a last chance date of September 16, 2005. An Art Rich photographer will shoot the
portrait session at Lewis Mills on that last chance date. I cannot stress the importance of meeting deadlines. If
you are photographed after the deadline/last chance date, I cannot guarantee that your senior portrait will be
included in the yearbook. Therefore, Art Rich Photography Studios’ and the yearbook adviser, Mrs. Greenier,
will not be held accountable if your son/daughter’s senior portrait is not included in the yearbook because he/she
did not adhere to deadline dates.

In order to have consistency and continuity in the yearbook, you must adhere to the following senior yearbook
photo guidelines.

                                           Traditional head and shoulder pose
                                               o allows for uniform head sizes
                                               o no hands or hats in photo
                                               o sample shown on left

                                           Traditional background
                                               o no outdoor shots
                                           Two wallet size color photos are needed (2.5x3.5)
                                              o one for the yearbook
                                              o one for the Torrington Register Citizen newspaper


I have a contract with Art Rich Studios’ as the official LSM yearbook photographer. My past experiences while
working with Art Rich Studios’ personnel, and photographers have been very positive. On a personal note, I had
my son and daughter’s senior yearbook photos taken by Art Rich Photography. I was more than satisfied with
the results of their photographs! Art Rich Photography provided me with a pleasantly, trained professional staff
of photographers and personnel that went above and beyond to satisfy me as their customer! I have found the
same satisfaction to be true while working with Art Rich as the LSM yearbook adviser. If you haven’t done so
already, call and make that senior yearbook portrait appointment with Art Rich Photographers at their
Watertown location 860-945-6936 or Southington 860-621-6711.

Your senior year is an exciting and busy year! Mark your calendar for the following “fun” future senior photo

      Senior Panorama Group Picture – September 23, 2005 – 7:00am in the Gym
      Senior Friends & Pets Photo Session Fundraiser – September 27, 28 and 29, 2005 at LSM

If you have any questions regarding “yearbook”, please feel free to call me at 860-673-0423, Ext 5402 or email
me at During the summer months email works best!


Debra Greenier
Yearbook Adviser

c: Karissa Niehoff, Principal
   Peter Bogen, Assistant Principal
   Pam Lazaroski, Dean of Students
   Art Rich Photography Studios


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