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                                          n e w s
“Key” Technologies
for Preventing Crashes

                                                                   Mercedes Pro-Active Head Restraint

Youth Key P4 Alco-locks P6 Protecting Pedestrians P10
Theft? Really? Ask the Experts P28 Geneva P31 Triple Focus   P35

                                                                                                But prevention is, as they say, better than cure - avoiding the crash

                                                                                                in the first place. New technologies now coming forward will have
                                                                                                a significant effect on the way the public view crash safety – with
                                                                                                cars being able to prevent or mitigate (reduce) the likelihood of
                                                                                                a crash occurring in the first place – this is primary safety.

                                                                                                A selection of primary safety technologies is described in this
                                                                                                Research News. These are known as Advanced Driver Assist
                                                                                                Systems (ADAS). Although the list is not comprehensive, these
                                                                                                technologies do give an indication as to the breadth and capability
            Over the past 50 years, vehicle manufacturers have focused mainly on the            of this type of technology. The focus for Thatcham is on assessing
            need to protect the occupant in a crash and we’ve seen lots of new technology       the impact of these ADAS technologies and how they will affect
            that reduces the risk of injury, such as steering wheel airbags, seat belt          the motorists and insurers alike.
            pre-tensioners and stronger occupant compartments. This technology is termed
            secondary safety – providing protection in the event of a crash.                     Below: Primary safety systems mitigate or prevent crashes from occurring   Secondary safety systems protect the
                                                                                                                                                                            occupant during a crash


                                                                                            AUTHORS: MATTHEW AVERY, Research Manager and Dr. ALIX WEEKES, Lead Research Engineer, Thatcham

Youth Key                                                                           The Youth Key is a duplicate key
Insurance for young drivers is often                                                for a car that alters its performance
prohibitively high due to their very                                                and systems (whilst the key is in use)
high risk of making a claim. Young        Some facts:                               to provide specific protection for
drivers need the protection offered                                                 young drivers.
by modern cars in terms of improved       •   17-20 year-old male drivers
safety features like airbags and ESC.         are almost 10 times more likely       Examples of possible changes
                                              to be killed or seriously injured     to the car:
A parent would want their child to            than more experienced drivers.
drive a car with all the best available                                             •   The engine has an interlock
safety features, for example their        •   17-20 year-old male drivers are           that prevents the car from
own large car. But often financial            almost 5 times more likely to be          starting if all occupants are
pressure and fear of damage to the            involved in a road traffic accident       not belted.
car mean that young drivers end               involving a casualty than 30-59
up with a small, older car, which by          year-old males.                       •   The engine cannot be started
nature of its smaller size and age,                                                     after midnight.
does not have the best available          •   The higher accident risk
safety features and offers less crash         of young drivers also has             •   If the windows are open, the
protection. Also, another factor is           consequences for their                    radio volume is restricted.
that large cars usually come with big         insurance premiums. As a
performance – a typical family saloon         result, the premiums they             •   The car warns the driver
often having 180 bhp and 140 mph              pay are significantly higher.             when pre-set speed limits
performance – not what you want               By reducing the accident                  are breached.
your 18 year old to drive.                    rates of young drivers, the
                                              affordability of insurance            •   The car’s top speed is
There are other features of young             will improve.                             artificially limited.
drivers that put them at increased
risk of crashes, for example, they        •   Young drivers are more than           •   The acceleration performance
often don’t recognise how fast they           twice as likely to make an                (0-60 mph) is limited - the family
are driving. Young drivers often like         insurance claim than older                performance saloon suddenly
loud music which they like others             drivers.                                  has the performance of a small
to hear. This is often seen as                                                          hatchback.
anti-social and from a safety             •   The average value of each
perspective, can lead to driver               claim is three times greater.         An example is the Ford Taurus
distractions. Young drivers often                                                   (USA) which is fitted with a Youth       Ford Taurus from USA fitted with MyKey
fail to use seat belts especially         •   An 18 year-old driver is              Key called ‘MyKey’ – a spare key that
in the rear of the car – either               almost 3 times as likely to           can be recoded by the parent. It has
forgetting or seeing belt usage as            cause a collision than a driver       an engine interlock preventing the
a weakness.                                   in their fifties.                     car starting with unbelted occupants,
                                                                                    limited top speed, limited radio
                                                                                    volume, and a warning when the
                                                                                    driver is exceeding pre-set
                                                                                    speed limits.

This technology is not available in the UK at the time of writing                                                                                                     05

Alco-Lock                                  •   Nearly one in five (19%) of driver/      Alcohol continues                                                                                     In 2008, it was
Alcohol continues to be a                      rider fatalities were for someone
contributory factor in 11% of serious          who was over the legal blood           to be a contributory                                                                            estimated that 13,020
crashes. Although stringent and                alcohol limit.                              factor in 11% of                                                                             reported casualties
well policed drink drive campaigns
have been successful, there remains        An example of an Alco-Lock is                  serious crashes.                                                                           (6 per cent of all road
a core part of society that ignores        Alcoguard from Volvo – the vehicle                                                                                                         casualties) occurred
the potential risk of driving a motor      is fitted with a first generation system
vehicle whilst under the influence of      that requires a breath sample to be                                                                                                         when someone was
alcohol.                                   taken prior to starting the vehicle.                                                                                                      driving whilst over the
                                           The key works with the immobiliser,
An Alco-Lock is an integrated in-car       only deactivating it once a breath                                 Breathalyser unit from Volvo Alcoguard                                     legal alcohol limit.
alcohol interlock system, developed        alcohol sample is taken below a
to help reduce the number of               prescribed limit.
accidents caused by vehicles with
a drunk driver at the wheel. These         Before the car can be started, the
systems monitor alcohol levels and         driver has to blow into a wireless
if the limit is exceeded, the security     handheld unit which analyses the
immobiliser will not disengage –           breath sample and transmits the
preventing the car from starting.          result to the car. This is a first
Some facts:                                generation system.

•    If you drive at twice the legal       Future versions will measure blood
     alcohol limit, you are at least       alcohol levels passively, by measuring
     30 times more likely to cause         breath alcohol levels constantly using
     a road crash than a driver who        sensors in the steering wheel hub,
     hasn’t been drinking.                 or by measuring alcohol levels in
                                           the sweat from the skin.
•    In 2008, it was estimated that
     13,020 reported casualties            The UK Department for Transport
     (6 per cent of all road casualties)   encourages use of Alco-Locks
     occurred when someone was             by fleet operators as a condition
     driving whilst over the legal         of employment for their drivers.
     alcohol limit.                        An Alco-Lock limit can be set
                                           according to legal requirements,
•    The number of drink drive             or can be adjusted to beyond the
     fatalities accounts for 17% of all    legal limit, which is useful for fleet
     road accident fatalities (drivers     operators who have a ‘no alcohol’
     and passengers).                      rule.

                                                                                                              Alco-Lock technology prevents drunk drivers from starting the engine

This technology is not available in the UK at the time of writing                                                                                                                                       07

                                                                                                                  Autonomous Emergency                       First generation AEB systems use           This low cost technology is set
                                                                                                                  Braking (AEB) systems operate              a radar system to identify potential       to be fitted to more and more
                                                                                                                  to automatically apply the brakes in       collision situations. AEB systems          vehicles, for example, Ford’s next
                                                                                                                  order to prevent or mitigate collisions    apply pre-collision braking at the         generation Focus is to be fitted
                                                                                                                  with ‘targets’ in front of the vehicle.    point where a collision is deemed          with such a system.
                                                                                                                  For example, an AEB system could           unavoidable to reduce the impact
                                                                                                                  help prevent a driver from colliding       speed and associated injuries.             Assuming standard fleet wide
                                                                                                                  with the rear of the vehicle in front.     Many systems also pre-tension              fitment, Thatcham’s predictions
                                                                                                                                                             the seat belt and pre-charge the           show that AEB systems working
                                                                                                                  According to Thatcham’s study              airbag systems to obtain optimum           at low speed could annually
                                                                                                                  of 1,000 insurance claims, 26%             performance in the event of a              prevent 263,250 crashes and
                                                                                                                  were for rear-end collisions. This         collision. Examples are the Honda          mitigate 87,750, making a total
                                                                                                                  corresponds with estimates of the          Collision Mitigation Braking System,       of 351,000 crashes that could
                                                                                                                  potential collisions that could be         and Mercedes Pre-Safe Brake.               be affected. These low speed
                                                                                                                  affected by AEB systems in the                                                        AEB technologies could also
                                                                                                                  US and Swiss markets, of 38%               Second generation systems can              prevent 152,000 injuries, equalling
                                                                                                                  and 20% respectively. In 2007,             be identified as those building            nearly €2 billion savings in repair
                                                                                                                  there were 2.7 million insurance           on first generation, higher speed          costs and whiplash compensation.
                                                                                                                  claims, and if up to 26% of claims         mitigation systems, by adding low
                                                                                                                  could be affected by AEB systems,          speed avoidance. The Volvo City            Examples of manufacturers fitting
                                                                                                                  then this equates to over 700,000          Safety system addresses the most           AEB systems are Audi, Honda,
                                                                                                                  claims that could be affected              common sort of impact – the front-         Lexus, Mercedes, Toyota, and Volvo.
                                                                                                                  (assuming there was fleet-wide             into-rear low speed shunt, typically
                                                                                                                  fitment of systems). AEB type              occurring at speeds below 20 mph.
                                                                                                                  technologies could therefore make          These accidents represent 75%
                                                                                                                  a large contribution to preventing         of all crashes, and if such a system
                                                                                                                  and mitigating the most common             were fitted to all cars, this could
                                                                                                                  types of crashes.                          significantly reduce whiplash injuries
                                                                                                                                                             and repair costs.

                                                                 Above: Mercedes Pre-Safe Brake - an AEB system

Mercedes Pre-Safe Brake – an AEB system

     Honda Collision Mitigation Braking System – an AEB system                                                    Low speed AEB systems might be fitted on     Volvo City Safety – a low speed AEB system
                                                                                                                  more mainstream cars in the future


                                                                          Protecting Pedestrians                   car. Sensor fusion is the key to the
                                                                          Pedestrian casualties represent          development of this third generation
                                                                          more than 1 in 10 of all severe          of AEB systems – combining the
                                                                          injuries on UK roads. Car fronts are     outputs of multiple sensor types to
                                                                          more pedestrian friendly than ever,      reliably identify and track the path of
                                                                          following the pioneering work of Euro    different types of collision partners
                                                                          NCAP in encouraging best practice        and estimate the likelihood of a
                                                                          pedestrian friendly front ends. Many     collision occurring, thus potentially
                                                                          manufacturers have introduced            amplifying their effectiveness. This
                                                                          pedestrian friendly solutions such as    third generation of AEB system
                                                                          pop-up bonnets that can protect the      offers collision prevention from
                                                                          pedestrian from hitting solid parts of   higher speeds than was previously
                                                                          the car such as the engine.              achievable, as well as the ability
                                                                                                                   to correctly identify and track
                                                                          However, 25-45% of all casualties        pedestrians.
                                                                          are reported to be due to head
                                                                          strikes on the road following a          Volvo has developed a third
                                                                          collision, so this must be borne         generation AEB system and will
                                                                          in mind when assessing the               be offering Collision Warning with
                                                                          effectiveness of these systems.          Full Auto Brake and Pedestrian
                                                                          Systems are now available that can       Protection on the new S60. Volvo
                                                                          detect a pedestrian beforehand and       claims the system can completely
                                                                          automatically apply braking to avoid     avoid a collision with a pedestrian at
                                                                          a collision altogether. Radars now       speeds of up to 21mph if the driver
                                                                          fitted to some vehicles scan the road    fails to react. At higher speeds, the
                                                                          and pavement constantly looking          system acts to reduce the car’s
                                                                          for typical pedestrian behaviours        speed as much as possible prior to
                                                                          and will apply the brakes where the      the impact. The system can reliably
                                                                          pedestrian is likely to be hit by the    identify pedestrians taller than 80cm.

Pedestrian collisions result in over 10% of severe casualties in the UK


   Electronic Stability Control
   ESC prevents the driver losing
   control in a skid. ESC automatically
   controls the vehicle by comparing
   the steering and braking actions
   carried out by the driver to what the
   vehicle is actually doing. If the ESC
   senses that the vehicle is veering
   from the required course – a skid –
   it automatically brakes selective
   wheels to bring the car back into line.

   A study for the UK Department
   for Transport by Loughborough
   University has shown that on UK
   roads, cars fitted with ESC are 25%
   less likely to be involved in a fatal
   accident than those without ESC.
   If every vehicle were fitted with ESC,
   this would equate to 380 fewer fatal
   accidents annually. Serious crashes
   involving skidding or overturning
   could be reduced by up to 59%.

   Thatcham produces annual fitment
   ratings to raise awareness of this
   important safety technology, and
   to encourage drivers to buy cars
   fitted with ESC. Thatcham also has
   a programme of dynamic testing
   of vehicles for ESC functionality.
   This dynamic testing is based on an
   international procedure that assesses
   the performance requirements of the
   ESC system, with a result of either
   a pass or fail. Further information
   on Thatcham’s research and testing
   of ESC can be found at

                       (LDW) LANE KEEP

                                                                                Lane Departure Warning                    Lane Keep Assist
                                                                                                                                                                    Example of dashboard warning from Honda Lane Keep Assist System (LKAS)
                                                                                (LDW) systems warn the driver             The Honda Lane Keep Assist System         – a lane keep assist technology
                                                                                if they unintentionally stray across      (LKAS) builds on conventional LDW
                                                                                the lane. Thatcham’s research             systems by actively steering the
                                                                                shows that 6% of insurance claims         car to maintain a central position
                                                                                are related to merging and lane           between lane markings during normal
                                                                                collisions, and international insurance   driving. If the car begins to cross the
                                                                                data suggests LDW systems are             lane markings unintentionally, LKAS
                                                                                of positive benefit in reducing costs     applies steering to return the car to
                                                                                and crash frequency. They may also        the centre of the lane and provides a
                                                                                help prevent single vehicle collisions    continuous beeping sound. Providing
                                                                                where drivers run off the road.           the system can reliably identify
                                                                                                                          markings bordering both sides of
                                                                                According to the ABI (Association         the lane, the system operates at
                                                                                of British Insurers), there were          speeds from 45 to 112 mph. LKAS
                                                                                nearly 2.1 million insurance claims       automatically suspends itself on
                                                                                in 2008. Insurance studies show           tighter bends if the lane markings
                                                                                that 6% of claims are for lane            are in poor condition or missing, and
                                                                                change and merging collisions,            if the driver takes their hand off the
                                                                                so up to 125,000 claims could             steering wheel after a short period of
                                                                                be affected by LDW systems.               time.
                                                                                This estimate assumes fleet-wide
                                                                                standard fitment of LDW systems,          Examples of manufacturers fitting
                                                                                and these crashes could also be           lane keep assist systems are Honda
 Example of camera sensor mounted in windscreen                                 affected by blind spot warning            and Volkswagen.

                                                                                Most LDW systems use a forward
                                                                                facing camera mounted inside              Other Technologies
                                                                                the windscreen by the rear view           The Lexus Advanced Pre-Collision
                                                                                mirror to identify the lane markings      System combines a LDW system
                                                                                and determine if they are crossed.        and a collision avoidance steering
                                                                                Citroën use an array of infrared          support system. If the forward facing
                                                                                sensors mounted underneath the            radar identifies an object and a
                                                                                front bumper. Most systems operate        collision is imminent, the driver is
                                                                                at speeds in excess of 40 mph and         given a warning. If they attempt an
                                                                                require lane markings to be present,      avoidance manoeuvre by steering
                                                                                or a line with significant contrast       around the object, the variable gear
                                                                                such as the verge.                        ratio steering and adaptive variable
                                                                                                                          suspension control the steering gear
                                                                                Typical warnings when the systems         ratio, torque assist and suspension
                                                                                are activated are a flashing symbol       damper firmness to support the
                                                                                on the dashboard display or head          driver’s avoidance measures. This
                                                                                up display, and/or an audible warning     gives the car a more responsive
                                                                                alerting the driver. The BMW LDW          chassis and allows the driver to
                                                                                system vibrates the steering wheel,       more successfully avoid a collision.
                                                                                and the Citroën system warns by
                                                                                vibrating the driver’s seat on the side
                                                                                corresponding to the lane departure.

                                                                                If the driver indicates before
                                                                                intentionally changing lanes, the
                                                                                warnings are deactivated, a benefit
                                                                                of which may be that LDW systems
 LDW systems do not warn the driver of lane crossing when indicators are used   encourage better use of signalling                                                  Lexus Advanced Pre-Collision System
                                                                                potentially reducing side-swipes.

                                                                                Examples of manufacturers fitting
                                                                                LDW systems are Audi, BMW,
                                                                                Citroën, Lexus, Mercedes, and Volvo.

    Night Vision                            BMW Night Vision with Pedestrian          •   These included 586 fatalities
    Night vision systems ‘see’ further      Recognition monitors the images               and over 4,000 serious injuries,
    into the distance than the driver       and when a pedestrian is identified,          accounting for 25% of road
    can with normal vehicle lighting        the driver is alerted to their                deaths and 18% of serious
    by using infrared sensors to detect     presence. The system operates                 injuries.
    heat contrasts. In 2008, there were     at all times, however a 10˚C
    923 accidents with a reported           temperature difference is required        •   More than 4 times as many
    contributory factor of pedestrians      for identification, so performance            male drivers had a speed
    wearing dark clothing at night.         is likely to be limited on warmer days.       related contributory factor
                                            Objects in the carriageway, such              reported than female drivers.
    The realistic images are displayed      as fallen rocks or a shed load are
    in the driver’s line of sight for       also often visible.                       The systems use information
    early recognition, typically on the                                               stored in the navigation system
    navigation system or dashboard          Examples of manufacturers fitting         as a reference. This is augmented
    display screens, with a likely shift    night vision systems are BMW and          with a camera system that can
    to head up displays in the future.      Mercedes.                                 read speed limit signs, including
    Currently, Mercedes and BMW are                                                   those displayed on electronic
    offering the technology in the UK       Speed Limit Recognition                   variable speed limit signs on
    on premium models in their ranges,      Speed limit recognition systems           overhead gantries. The camera
    claiming views ahead of the vehicle     inform the driver of the maximum          system output either confirms
    of 150m and 300m respectively – at      permissible speed for the particular      the figure from the base map,
    least three times further than can be   stretch of road the car is on. Some       or overrides it where a difference
    seen with dipped beam headlights.       facts:                                    is identified, such as where speed
                                                                                      limits have been changed or
    The hotter the source, the brighter     •   In 2008, there were just under        a temporary limit is in force.
    it appears on the greyscale image.          28,000 casualties in accidents
    ‘Hot’ pedestrians and large animals         where a speed contributory factor     Currently, the systems only display
                                                                                                                             Jaguar XF blind spot warning
    are readily identified against ‘cold’       was reported.                         the maximum permissible speed
    urban and rural backgrounds.                                                      and do not interfere with the driver
                                                                                      allowing them to ignore the advice.
                                                                                      Future developments will allow the           Blind Spot Warning                     there were nearly 2.1 million        vehicles. Because of the regular
                                                                                      system to automatically manage the           Blind spot warning systems             insurance claims. So if blind spot   warnings given by such systems
                                                                                      vehicle speed providing Intelligent          indicate when another vehicle is       warning systems could affect 6%      a non-obtrusive warning is given –
                                                                                      Speed Adaptation (ISA). There is             present in the driver’s blind spot.    of claims, then this represents up   typically illumination of a warning
                                                                                      also the potential for other safety          These systems can help prevent         to 125,000 claims. This estimate     light in the wing mirror assembly
                                                                                      information to be displayed such             or mitigate collisions when a driver   assumes fleet-wide standard          or interior trim nearby.
                                                                                      as ‘no overtaking’, determined from          is changing lanes.                     fitment of blind spot warning
                                                                                      either road signs or markings.                                                      systems, and these crashes could     Examples of manufacturers fitting
                                                                                                                                   Thatcham’s research into collision     also be affected by LDW systems.     blind spot warning systems are
                                                                                      An example of a manufacturer fitting         types involved in insurance claims                                          Audi, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Mercedes,
                                                                                      a speed limit recognition system             reveals that 6% of claims are for      Many manufacturers use ultrasonic    Volkswagen, and Volvo.
                                                                                      is BMW, and Mercedes will launch             lane changing or merging types of      sensors similar to parking sensors
                                                                                      a system in the near future.                 crashes. In 2008, the ABI reported     to detect the presence of other
Night Vision with pedestrian recognition    ‘Head Up’ Speed Limit Display


                                                                                                                      BMW 7 Series showing location of Side-View Camera

 BMW Side-View Cameras

Front Side-View Cameras              Front side-view cameras are a           Front side-view camera systems are                                                           Examples of manufacturers fitting
A reversing camera is a camera       development of reversing cameras,       currently offered by BMW and Lexus.                                                          front side-view cameras are BMW
mounted on the rear bumper of        but integrated into the front bumper    On the new 5 Series, BMW are also                                                            and Lexus.
the vehicle with a display on the    on both sides of the vehicle. They      offering cameras mounted in the
dashboard for the driver to aid in   provide the driver with an immediate    wing mirrors viewing alongside the
reversing manoeuvres. Reversing      overview of traffic conditions around   vehicle. A processor combines these                                                          Poor vision at
cameras are becoming more            the car when pulling out of an          images with that from the reversing
widespread in cars, but side-        obscured junction, passing through      camera and parking sensors to                                                                blind junctions is a
view cameras are a more recent       a gateway or exiting a car park,        provide a plan view of the car and its                                                       contributory factor
innovation.                          and offer extra information when        surroundings.
                                     manoeuvring and parking in confined                                                                                                  to collisions.

                                                                                                                      BMW Side-View Camera


                                                             “Most systems provide an audible                                                The Lexus Driver Monitoring System
                                                                                                                                             monitors the drivers themselves.
                                                                                                                                                                                        AEB system reduces the impact
                                                                                                                                                                                        speed if the collision is deemed
                                                                 signal and a message on the                                                 The output of a camera mounted on          unavoidable.
                                                              dashboard display, encouraging                                                 the steering column is processed
                                                                                                                                             to map the position of the driver’s        Examples of manufacturers fitting
                                                                    the driver to take a break”.                                             facial features and monitor the            driver alert systems are Lexus,
                                                                                                                                             orientation of the driver’s face.          Mercedes, and Volvo.
                                                                                                                                             An array of six near infrared LEDs
                                                                                                                                             provides illumination for both day
                                                                                                                                             and night system functionality. When
                                                                                                                                             the vehicle is started, the system
                                                                                                                                             identifies the position of the driver’s
                                                                                                                                             facial features and determines the
                                                                                                                                             width and centre-line of the face.
               Driver Alert                                                                           Mercedes-Benz Attention Assist         At any time the vehicle is moving,
               Driver fatigue and distraction warning systems monitor the                             – a driver alert system                if the driver’s face is orientated
               driver and their driving performance, and alert them when                                                                     away from the road by an angle
               their attentiveness is affected. If detected, most systems                             Volvo Driver Alert Control uses        greater than 15º and the forward
               provide an audible signal and a message on the dashboard                               a forward-facing camera, installed     facing radar system detects an
               display, encouraging the driver to take a break. More advanced                         between the windscreen and the         obstacle ahead, an audible warning
               systems can draw the attention of distracted drivers towards                           rear view mirror, to monitor the       alerts the driver to the imminent
               the road if a potential collision is detected ahead. Some facts:                       car’s position on the road relative    danger. If they fail to react, a
                                                                                                      to the road markings. In conjunction   momentary brake application jolts
               •   Research performed at the             •    They also reported that 17%             with the camera output, data from      the driver and the PCS system
                   Loughborough University Sleep              of all road crashes resulting           various sensors registering the        engages emergency braking
                   Research Centre, investigating             in injury or death were sleep           car’s movement are used to assess      preparation and pre-tensioning             Driver Alert Systems warn drowsy or
                   driver drowsiness on selected              related.                                whether it is being driven in a        of the front seatbelts. Finally, the       inattentive drivers
                   UK motorway and trunk roads,                                                       controlled manner. Driving control
                   found that one quarter of all         •    Currently, at least one fatal           and consistency is indicated via the
                   crashes on these roads that                sleep related crash occurs              vehicle’s dashboard display. At the
                   subsequently caused death or               per day in the UK.                      beginning of a journey, the driver
                   serious injury were sleep related.                                                 has a full compliment of five bars.
                                                                                                      The less consistent the driving,
               There are various different types of driver drowsiness and distraction                 the fewer bars remain. When all
               monitoring systems currently on the market. Systems from Volvo and Mercedes            the bars have been extinguished,
               alert the driver in a similar fashion when drowsiness is detected; an audible          the audible and visual warnings
               warning is given and a coffee cup symbol and a short message encouraging               are given. The system activates
               them to take a break from driving is shown on the dashboard display.                   at a speed of 40 mph and remains
                                                                                                      active as long as the speed exceeds
               However different systems determine driver drowsiness in different ways.               37 mph.
               Mercedes-Benz Attention Assist monitors the driver’s steering inputs along
               with numerous other vehicle parameters including speed, lateral and longitudinal
               acceleration, use of the turn indicators, pedals and certain control inputs,
               to determine an individual driver behaviour pattern during the first few minutes
               of every journey. The current steering behaviour and driving situation are then
               continuously referenced against this initial pattern to identify the typical factors
               indicating the floating transition from alertness to drowsiness. The system
               is active at speeds between 50 and 113 mph.

               The Mercedes-Benz system, being an intelligent system which determines
               a driver behaviour pattern at the beginning of each journey, offers a more
               tailored response to individual drivers.

                                                                                                      Volvo Driver Alert Control               Lexus Driver Monitoring System and Pre-Crash Safety System – a driver alert system
                                                                                                      – a driver alert system



                                      Warning Standardisation                    The same issue can arise with all
                                      – a big challenge!                         types of ADAS system – there are
                                      Currently, there are few standards         a wide range of warnings available,
                                      prescribing the functionality of           and drivers could become
                                      Advanced Driver Assistance                 confused or react inappropriately.
                                      Systems (ADAS) and the warnings            Standardisation would assist driver
                                      they should provide to the driver.         understanding and reduce the
                                      It appears to be by chance that the        workload and distraction associated
                                      Volvo and Mercedes-Benz driver             with receiving the warning. When
                                      drowsiness and distraction warning         ADAS warning systems become
                                      systems provide a similar alert            more prolific, various methods of
                                      comprising an audible signal and           alerting the driver may be used.
                                      a short message and coffee cup             In critical situations, a driver used
                                      symbol on the dashboard display.           to one system may, when driving
                                      Will such a warning be taken               a vehicle fitted with another, all too

                                      seriously by drivers? To some drivers,     easily respond in a less appropriate
                                      the coffee cup symbol may portray          manner, believing the warning was

                                      a more leisurely ‘it’s time for a break’   advising them of something less
                                      message rather than the more urgent        urgent.
                                      ‘your driving has become poorly
                                      controlled and inconsistent, you’re        Research is required to help identify
                                      unsafe – so rest’.                         the most appropriate warning for
                                                                                 each situation and encourage
                                      For LDW systems, there are a wide          manufacturers to fit standardised
                                      variety of warnings, ranging from          and common symbols and sounds in
                                      an audible warning, a display on           order to prevent a potential mistaken
                                      the dashboard, a vibrating seat,           warning becoming another casualty
                                      and a vibrating steering wheel. How        situation.
                                      will drivers respond to the different

                                      warnings? Will they understand that
                                      they are drifting out of the lane, or
                                      will a vibrating seat feel like a nice
                                      massage system?


The real world -
What will
drivers do?
The ADAS systems can have both         These risk compensation and
positive and negative side effects.    driver adaptation issues can be
For example, if LDW systems are        associated with any of the ADAS
activated because they warn drivers    systems. The use of the ADAS
when they change lanes and do not      systems in the real world needs
indicate, then what effect will this   to be monitored to ensure that
have on drivers? Will they increase    systems are used as they are
their use of indicators and drive in   intended, and that the real world
a safer more consistent way? Or        safety benefits can be achieved.
will they turn off the LDW system      It is only over time and through
because it is annoying?                use in the real world that the
                                       real safety potential of the ADAS
                                       systems will be assessed.

                                                                           Above: Drivers may rely on technology to save them from collisions


                Repair                           costs                                                                                          research
                                                                                          These ADAS systems can help                           International Research                   The P-Safe group has chosen to
                                                                                          to reduce the risk of a collision.                    Collaboration                            focus on three main types of primary
                                                                                          However, in some circumstances,                       The Research Council for                 safety (ADAS) technology initially.
                                                                                          a crash that is unavoidable or a minor                Automobile Repairs (RCAR) is an          These three technologies are
                                                                                          manoeuvring bump, could end up                        international network of insurance       Electronic Stability Control (ESC),
                                                                                          costing significantly more to repair                  based research centres working to        Autonomous Emergency Braking
                                                                                          because of the high cost of some                      control insurance costs. Members         (AEB), and Lane Departure Warning
                                                                                          of the sensors used. For example,                     of RCAR have grouped together to         (LDW). ESC was selected because
                                                                                          a radar on a Honda Accord costs                       form the P-Safe working group on         research has already shown that
                                                                                          £2,118. The infrared sensor for night                 primary safety, chaired by Thatcham.     ESC is effective in reducing crashes.
                                                                                          vision on the BMW 7 Series costs                      The P-Safe group aims to investigate     AEB and LDW were selected
                                                   Camera inside windscreen is better     £2,468. Both of these sensors are                     the primary safety technologies          because these technologies could
                                                   protected from damage in a collision   mounted on the front grille and are                                                            help address commonly occurring
                                                                                                                                                that are brought to the market. The
                                                                                          at risk of damage in a low speed                      international group has members          crash types. The list of ADAS
                                                                                          crash. (Note that prices exclude VAT)                 from Europe, Australia and North         technologies being investigated by
                                                                                                                                                America, and also has collaborators      the P-Safe group will be extended in
                                                                                          Location of the sensor is critical.                   from specialist academic institutions    the future as there are new advances
                                                                                          For example, the cameras used for                     such as Loughborough University.         in technology, and to ensure that the
                                                                                          side view at junctions need to be                     The group is developing strategies       needs of the insurers are met.
                                                                                          positioned at or near the front of the                to identify the most effective primary   Thatcham is an active member
                                                                                          vehicle to be of benefit, a vulnerable                safety systems. The group is also        reporting to Euro NCAP via their
                                                                                          position in a frontal impact. Likewise,               working to encourage manufacturers       primary safety working group
                                                                                          cameras mounted in wing mirrors for                   to adopt a best practice approach to     PNCAP, and is investigating and
                                                                                          viewing along the vehicle flanks are                  help produce common interfaces that      monitoring ADAS systems as they
                                                                                          susceptible to damage. Mounting                       are clear and effective.                 are introduced. Thatcham is also
                                                                                          cameras and sensors behind the                                                                 looking at introducing new rating
                                                                                          windscreen rather than in the front                                                            systems to augment the scoring, as
                                                                                          bumper or behind the grille offers                                                             well as encouraging wider fitment of
                                                                                          improved protection from damage.                                                               technologies that are shown to be of
                                                                                          Although there remain technical                                                                benefit.
                                                                                          issues over sensor placement –
                                                                                          some, for example, must be placed
                                                                                          at the leading edge of the vehicle to
                                                                                          be effective – vehicle manufacturers
                                                                                          must protect the sensors to ensure
                                                                                          they are not damaged in low speed

Radar mounted in grille could be expensive to replace in a low speed shunt

 technical helpline

    i n f o v i e w

 S E C U R E K i t                                                                                                            Solicitors –                              Thatcham ‘Theft Report’
                                                                                                                              example of Key Theft                      A Thatcham ‘Theft Report’ is

Theft? Really?
                                                                                                                               A firm of solicitors requested a         constructed from information
      W I T K i t                                                                                                             Thatcham ‘Theft Report’ in support of     gathered by Thatcham about the
                                                                                                                              a client’s claim against an insurance     vehicle’s security system and
                                                                                                                              company which was refusing to pay         information about the theft supplied
 integrated diagnostics
                                                                                                                              out on a vehicle theft because the        by the insurer, police or solicitor.

Ask the experts
                                                                                                                              owner still had all the vehicle keys in
                                                                                                                              his possession. They wanted to know       Thatcham’s new ‘Theft Report’
recognised installer                                                                                                                                                    service from its Vehicle Security
                                                                                                                              if it was possible for a vehicle to be
                                                                                                                              stolen without the use of the owner’s     Business Desk has proven to be
                                                                                                                              keyset.                                   highly effective for insurers, police
vehicle identification system
                                                                                                                                                                        and solicitors in providing expert
                                                                                                                              The key points of the investigation       comment on complex theft claims.
                                                                                                                              were:                                     The new service will help to drive
Expert l Witness Reports
  Thai and Ltd                                Insurance company –                       The key points of the investigation
                                                                                                                                                                        down theft fraud as more agencies
                                              example of key fraud                      were:
                                                                                                                              •   One set of keys were returned         look to Thatcham’s unrivalled vehicle
                                              A request was received from a motor                                                                                       security knowledge to separate
                                                                                        •   The vehicle was purchased with        to the insurance company
     theft report                             insurance company for a Thatcham                                                                                          valid cases from the fraudulent
                                              ‘Theft Report’ in support of a refusal        two keys
                                                                                                                              •   One set of keys were missing.         ones. Criminals will be caught and
Introduction                                  to pay a theft claim for a stolen BMW                                                                                     convicted in greater number and
In v e h i c l eThatcham were invited
   2000, s e c u r i t y                      118D. The driver claimed to only          •   Two keys in owners possession
                                                                                                                              It was concluded that vehicle keys        casual crime will be reduced as
to participate in the police’s                have been given a single key, which                                                                                       ‘word gets out’ that Thatcham’s
                                                                                        •   No evidence of lift off or        passed into the possession of the
Operation Igneous, a Home Office              he still had in his possession. The car                                                                                   knowledge is being applied
                                                                                            tow-away                          thief by one of the following means:
   i n t e g r t e d m e t h headed by Kent
funded ainitiativeo d s                       was recovered with accident damage                                                                                        in this area. In this way, Thatcham
County Constabulary to undertake              with a key still in ignition.                                                                                             continues to lead the fight against
                                                                                        The report concluded that             •   Keys left in door/ignition
intelligence-led vehicle crime                                                                                                                                          vehicle theft.
reduction. Thissoperation developed
 recognised lock mith
                                              The key points of the investigation       the vehicle was stolen
                                                                                        by use of a valid key.                •   Keys lost near car
a system for identifying emerging             were:                                                                                                                     The report covers the following:
vehicle crime patterns and trends. It
                                                                                                                              •   Keys stolen by means unknown
identified a significant trend in which,      •   The vehicle was purchased                                                                                             Contents
following the introduction of standard            with two keys                                                                                                         1 Introduction
fitment of immobilisers, offenders                                                                                            Business Enquiries
                                                                                                                              From March 2010, Thatcham has             2 Standard Security Features
had to have access to vehicle keys.           •   The key recovered with the                                                                                            3 Insurance Security Rating
The understandings of this trend lead             car was an original key                                                     offered a new business enquiries
                                                                                                                              service: Business Desk. The               3.1 Group Rating
directly to the discovery of previously                                                                                                                                 4 New Vehicle Security Rating
unknown deception, fraud, and key             The report concluded that one of the                                            Business Desk is a one-stop location
                                                                                                                              that provides the motor industry with         (NVSR)
theft techniques.                             original BMW keys was used to steal                                                                                       4.1 Star Rating
                                              the vehicle. Subsequently, it was                                               technical information, consultancy
                                                                                                                              services and expert witness reports       5 Modus Operandii -
Expert Witness Reports                        discovered that one of the original                                                                                           General Overview
                                              keys had been left in another car                                               on security, theft and fraud.
Following on from Operation                                                                                                                                             6 Summary of Main Drivers
Igneous, Thatcham’s Vehicle                   which had been stolen.                                                                                                        Witness Statement
                                                                                                                              Thatcham can produce a summary
Security Department receives regular                                                                                                                                    6.1 Vehicle Keys
                                                                                                                              report or a full report about the
requests from insurance companies             UK police force –                                                                                                         6.2 Theft Report
                                                                                                                              vehicle and the modus operandi.
and police forces for advice on               example of key fraud                                                                                                      7 Vehicle Recovery
vehicle security. In January 2007,            A request was received from a UK                                                                                          8 Vehicle Condition
                                                                                                                              Please visit our web page
Thatcham received a specific request          police force for a Thatcham ‘Theft                                                                                        9 Summary of Investigation Report
for a ‘Theft Report’ in support of a          Report’ in support of a case                                                                                              9.1 BMW Key Report
                                                                                                                              for further information.
legal matter. Subsequently, further           involving the theft of an Audi TT.                                                                                        9.1.1 Key 1
requests for Thatcham ‘Theft                  The registered keeper was in                                                                                              9.1.2 Key 2
Reports’ have been received from              possession of two keys. The theft                                                                                         9.2 Fuel Record
the following groups: UK motor                was discovered in less than 45                                                                                            10 Conclusion
insurance companies, police forces            minutes, there was no evidence                                                                                            11 Acknowledgement
and solicitors.                               of lift-off or tow-away and no
                                              evidence of forced entry or broken                                                                                        Appendices
                                              glass at the scene of theft.                                                                                              Appendix
                                                                                                                                                                        Insurance Security Ratings

                                AUTHOR: MICHAEL BRIGGS, Vehicle Security Manager, Thatcham

Geneva 2010 – perhaps                   The concepts included the Porsche
the world’s best car show.              918 Spyder – a beautiful open-top
This is the one show where all the      sports car boasting 94mpg economy,
world’s car makers can show their       a 0-62mph time of an eye-watering
European products on a ‘non-            3.2 seconds and a 198mph top
national’ basis – all stands are the    speed. Using this innovative hybrid
same format and of comparable           power layout, this car could possibly
sizes. The show is hosted at the        produce lap times which are faster
Geneva Palexpo, a convention centre     than a Carrera GT supercar, and yet
located next to the Geneva Cointrin     at the same time, it will still deliver
International Airport. Since Geneva     94mpg consumption. Interestingly,
2009, many international shows have     Porsche has a dramatic past year
struggled or even come close to         – from the company poised to own
being cancelled, yet Geneva 2010        Volkswagen to the humiliation of one
was stocked with more new model         part taken over by Volkswagen – that
releases than almost all of the other   they sought to establish themselves
shows put together.                     as a maker of sports cars in the
                                        general public’s view. So Porsche
The organisers for the 80th show        set about in September 2009 to
emphasised a green agenda,              make a statement about their core
reflecting the final reality of many    business which is to make cars with
concepts along with a host of new       exceptional performance.
concepts; many car makers gave
advanced notice of an aggressive
‘go green’ agenda which reflects
their imminent global CO2 liability.
Interestingly, blue is now almost
universally adopted as the new
colour to advertise eco-friendly
technologies, perhaps due to the
particulate control technologies
now commercially available for
diesel engines. We have
‘BlueMotion’ from Volkswagen
for their highly fuel efficient cars,
‘blueEFFICIENCY’ from Mercedes
Benz and a plethora of blue
coloured initiatives from others –
look out for the automotive ‘blue’      Porsche 918 Spyder with the twin
theme in future.                        electric motors for the front wheels

                                                                                  Porsche 918 Spyder with the twin electric motors for the front wheels

     AUTHORS: ANDREW MILLER, Director of Research,                                                                                                  31
ANDREW MARSH, Advanced Data and Methods Manager and
  NEIL SAMUEL, Product Development Manager, Thatcham

                                       Hybrid power                              in as little as 30 minutes using a
                                       The 918 Spyder has a powerplant           fast charger with very large cables.
                                       which is a petrol-electric hybrid         A 100% charge can be obtained
                                       power. With a 4.6l V8 petrol engine       using a standard outlet in around
                                       based on the racing Porsche RS            eight hours – comfortably achieved
                                       Spyder 3.4l engine, the three electric    overnight. Nissan announced also
                                       motors (2 for the front wheels and        that they would be building Leaf at
                                       one for the rear wheels – the latter      three global locations starting at
                                       built into the transmission) provide      Oppama (Japan) in 2010, the USA
                                       218bhp. The liquid cooled batteries       (2011) and at their Sunderland plant
                                       can be recharged using a plug-in          by 2013.                                                                          The wonderful world of Sbarro –
                                       arrangement, and the powertrain                                                                                             the Autobau. Reader make up
                                       can provide electric-only running.        And finally:                                                                      your own mind…. http://www.
                                       The real world application of the                                                                                 
                                       KERS technology with twin electric        Of course, no short summary of                                                    2010-sbarro-autobau
                                       motor drive to the front wheels and       Geneva would be complete without
                                       conventional IC engine drive to the       a short report on the beautiful and
                                       rear wheels is evident in the new 911     the wacky concepts and conversions
                                       GT3 R Hybrid, which will be used on       for which Geneva is well known.. A
                                       race tracks around the world from         selection is here: each author had his
                                       this year on.                             own favourite…

                                       Apart from concepts, the highest
                                       profile hybrid on the show for the
 Nissan Leaf                           UK was the Auris. For the first time,
                                       the Toyota hybrid drive line will
                                       appear in a regular Toyota model                                                                                            Mansory. Streetwise treatment for an
                                       range alongside petrol and diesel                                                                                           ‘unsuspecting’ Rolls-Royce Ghost
                                       powered versions, and will be                                                                                               with revised headlights, wheels,
                                       built in Derbyshire from June 2010                                                 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport          bumpers and ‘decoration’. Lady
                                       onwards. Arguably another vehicle                                                  – the targa top version of the regular   Penelope was nowhere to be seen…
                                       which appeared for the first time in                                               Veyron, and the mighty quad turbo
                                       Europe of global significance was                                                  intercooled W16 engine. The latter
                                       the Nissan Leaf. This is the first                                                 of course is the rear half of the car
                                       stage of the Alliance strategy to                                                  - even the transmission is displaced
                                       work with national governments and                                                 into the passenger compartment.
                                       electricity provision businesses that     Fornasari Racing Buggy –                 Beautiful.
                                       has resulted in forward orders for        ‘enough said’…                           com/en/home.html
                                       100,000 electric vehicles. Nissan’s
                                       own publicity states the Leaf is a        eng/buggy.html
                                       compact family car designed to
                                       compete against vehicles such as
                                       the Ford Focus and the Toyota Prius.
                                       However, what is revolutionary about
                                       this car is that it is a bespoke ‘EV’
                                       (Electric Vehicle) platform. The 80kw
                                       electric motor and power controller
                                       are located in the engine bay and                                                                                           A ‘plastic tree’ on the Fiat stand.
                                       delivers 206lb ft of torque provided                                                                                        Inside was perhaps the most
                                       by a 90kw battery pack – the pack                                                                                           significant engine of the show
                                       is located under the floor within                                                                                           – a 900 cm3 twin with MultiAir
                                       the wheelbase, and covers most of                                                                                           technology and turbo, able to
                                       the floor area. It is claimed that this                                                                                     produce up to 110bhp. Why?
                                       can be charged to 80% capacity                                                                                              Possibly to make more space for
 Nissan Leaf Li-Ion battery pack                                                                                                                                   hybrid drive parts and to be able
                                                                                 EDAG concept car – rear light                                                     to place the engine almost
                                                                                 displays, and the aluminium frame                                                 anywhere in the car – Fiat’s small
                                                                                 underneath.                                                                       car emphasis looks set to continue.


    For up to the minute information on the seminar
      programme and a full list of exhibitors, visit where you can
            also register for your FREE place

Triple Focus –                          It must be a real buzz getting           What happens at the event?                 What about the second day?                 What’s your favourite part
What’s it all about?                    Thatcham ready to show off               There’s so many things going on.           That’s repairer day. ABP hold a            of the two days?
Triple Focus is Thatcham’s major        to so many visitors. What sort           On the first day, dedicated to             meeting in our main theatre in the         It’s got to be the excitement of
annual event for insurers, repairers,   of things do you get involved            insurers, as well as vehicle security,     morning and turn out for this is so        walking into the exhibition and seeing
police, product and service             in to achieve this?                      we start the day with BIVSA, the           good, we often have to bring in extra      it really buzzing and full of people –
providers, fleets… In fact, anyone      It all starts in February, when I book   British Insurance Vehicle Security         chairs. As on the first day, there’ll be   it makes it all worthwhile.
with an interest in the industries      car parking, AA signage, everything,     Awards. So we’ve all the winning           a fantastic range of products and
encompassed within Thatcham’s           even the portable toilets! As it gets    vehicles on site and these all have        services on view from Thatcham and         What’s the funniest thing
sphere of activities and who wants      nearer to the event, I get involved      to be kept under wraps until after         all the exhibitors in the main show,       that’s happened at Triple
to benefit their business or            with our exhibition company who          the results are announced, as              as well as the ongoing seminar             Focus?
organisation by finding out what’s      have been with us since we started       there’s always a lot of press on           programme. I didn’t mention before         Well, maybe the most challenging
new now and what will be driving        the Focus events. Then there’s offsite   site for this event. Both our main         but running on both days in our            was the year we held the event in our
their business priorities in the        storage - essential for our Research     member company committees and              Academy, we have the Thatcham              new Apprentice Academy and trying
coming year and beyond. The             Workshop, which has to be almost         the board meet on the first day, so        Bodyshop Craft Awards – a fiercely         to get a Bentley Continental into
adverts have been in the trade          emptied and then I also have to          we’ve some of the most influential         fought competition in both the             there after all the show had been set
press; the invites have been sent       sort out our collision avoidance         insurance personnel here, ranging          experienced technician and young           up – that was tricky.
out to everyone on our database         demo area, where we show off the         from top executives driving national       technician categories, with the young
(if you haven’t received yours yet,     new vehicle technologies we’re           motor insurance strategy to Chief          winner in each discipline having the
                                                                                                                                                                       And how fast does Thatcham
you can register free online at         researching. Just beforehand there’s     Engineers who need to know all             opportunity to represent the UK at
                                                                                                                                                                       get back up and running,          all the external signage and banners     about the latest repair issues. In         the Skills Olympics in London in
                                                                                 both cases, they are keen to find out      2011. In the afternoon, there’s the        again?
but to get a real behind the scenes     to be put up.
                                                                                 from exhibitors about all the latest       Apprentice Graduation. This year,          After months of preparations,
flavour of the event and what it’s
                                                                                 innovations that are coming up. And        we’ll have over 50 apprentices             Thatcham is pretty much up and
all about we talked to Ian Lewis,       And what about when the
                                                                                 running throughout both days, there’s      graduating, who’ve all successfully        running again by the end of the
Thatcham’s Facilities Manager and
                                        exhibitors and visitors start                                                                                                  Friday, so we’re all back
a veteran of seven of our Focus                                                  a fantastic seminar programme both         completed their training with us.
                                        to arrive, what needs to be              about Thatcham solutions to current                                                   to business as normal for the
events, who plays a major role
                                        done then?                               market issues, as well as from                                                        week after.
in setting it up.

                                        Exhibitors start setting up on the       external speakers. Of special interest
                                        previous afternoon and often need        to insurers this year will be up to the
      security/                         assistance. During the two days          minute information about WITkit, the
                                        I’m running around troubleshooting
    insurer focus                       for whoever needs help – one year
                                                                                 whiplash claims tool, and a number
                                                                                 of recently announced Thatcham
        16th June,                      I wore a pedometer and recorded          initiatives like the Recognised
                                        90,000 paces!
       09:00 - 17:00                                                             Locksmith scheme, Recognised
                                                                                 Installer scheme and the availability
                                                                                 of Theft Reports. There’s also our all
   repairer focus                                                                new Academy to see – it’s absolutely
                                                                                 amazing now after it’s £750,000
        17th June,                                                               refurb.
       09:00 - 17:00


                     AUTHOR: SIMON THACKERAY, Media Services Manager, Thatcham

 technical helpline

   i n f o v i e w

 S E C U R E K i t

     W I T K i t
                Recognised Installer
 integrated diagnostics

                                            Each installation company will              suppliers and installers in their
                                            have to demonstrate the following           locality.
recognised installer
Thatcham recognises the                                                             The benefits of becoming a
importancea ofn ensuring appropriate
 vehicle identific tio system
                                            •   Be a properly constituted           “Thatcham Recognised Installer”
aftermarket vehicle systems                     company or sole trader              are:
installation. A poor installation can
potentially undermine the integrity         •   Provide proof of public liability   •   Company listing on Thatcham
     Thailand Ltd
of vehicle systems which, in the                Insurance of £1m                        website
worst case scenario, could result
in a vehicle fire.                          •   Provide proof of relevant product   •   Use of Thatcham logo.
    theft report
                                                training (via product supplier/
Due to industry changes, Thatcham               manufacturer)                       •   Recognition as a reliable and
wishes to maintain a reduced risk                                                       trustworthy installation company
     the c l e s c u r i t y
to v e h i UK’s emotor insurers and         •   Comply with the requirements
their consumers. Thatcham have                  of the Thatcham TRI criteria        •   Recognition as a reliable and
thereforee introduced the Recognised
    integrat d methods
                                                                                        trustworthy system supplier
Installer scheme. The scheme covers         •   Ensure that all installers have
all Thatcham listed aftermarket                 undergone a check for criminal      The Thatcham Recognised Installer
 r e c o g n i s e where a h
products d l o c k s m i tcertificate of        background by local law             is to cover the installation of the
installation is required. These                 enforcement authorities (PNC        following Thatcham listed systems:
products can be found at                        minimum)                                                           •   Category 1
                                            On completion of the above                  Alarm & Immobiliser Systems
In September 2009, Thatcham                 requirements an installer certificate
invited all installers, including those     will be issued together with a          •   Category 2
formerly recognised by the VSIB             registration pack.                          Immobiliser Systems                 Main: System installation Inset: Sample certificates
(Vehicle Systems Installation Board),
to become a Thatcham Recognised             The aim of this new service is to       •   Category 2 >1
Installer (TRI). Due to the continued       provide a database of Thatcham              Alarm Systems                             All Installations will be recorded               •   Installer reference code        •   Mileage of vehicle upon
requirement for proof of installation       Recognised Installers through the                                                     on a database by Thatcham                                                                installation
by the insurers, this early version         Thatcham website www.thatcham.          •   Category 5 – After Theft                  as a record of the installation.                 •   Customer email address
of TRI captured ‘VSIB Certificates          org to assist the UK insurance              Systems for Vehicle Security              The installer will complete                          (where possible)                •   Make and model of system
of Installation’ which were still in use.   industry in its ultimate aims of:                                                     an electronic installation report                                                        installed
                                                                                    •   Thatcham Quality                          which will collect the following                 •   Vehicle make, model
Thatcham is now ready to launch             •   Safeguarding and maintaining            Accredited Products                       information;                                                                         •   System serial number
stage 2 of the TRI scheme to                    the standard of installation                                                                                                       •   Vehicle Registration Mark
aftermarket system installers on                of aftermarket systems.                                                                                                                (VRM)                           •   Installation date
24th May 2010,which will allow
installers to be registered in time         •   Providing the motoring public                                                                                                      •   Vehicle Identification Number   •   System/Thatcham reference
for the public launch of the scheme             with a quick and easy guide                                                                                                            (VIN)                               number
in July.                                        to competent security aftermarket


                          AUTHOR: MICHAEL BRIGGS, Vehicle Security Manager, Thatcham
research                    n e w s




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                                                Berkshire RG19 4NR

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