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					                                          Dinesh V.
 Cell: 703-727-0975                                                                  McLean VA 22102                     Architect/Manager          

To be an Architect / Leader who makes a difference to the organization through successful IT/IS

I have built up a strong track record of delivering both as a Architect and as a Manager over my
20+ years of experience. I am a hands-on-technologist and adept at Application and SOA
architecture as well as Enterprise Architecture. I have been modeling and building applications
using formal OOAD methods since the early 90s producing innovative solutions that fit. My
ability to see the big picture from a business, technology, process, and people perspective has
enabled me to deliver on Enterprise Architecture. I successfully managed large and complex
Programs and Projects. I am comfortable interacting with C-level executives as well as
programmers and testers. Throughout my broad based IT career, I have balanced strategy, and
vision with focused tactical execution. I have substantial process and methodology expertise. I
believe in enabling people and keeping it simple.
    •    Application / SOA Architecture
         UML, Patterns, Object models, Data models, Entity-relation ship.
    •    A hands-on technologist
         Java, J2EE, Security, ESB, Web Services, Messaging, SQL, XML, Document/Content
         management, AJAX, User Interface Design, .NET, Linux/Unix, Windows, Networking
    •    Enterprise Architecture
         Experience in FEAF, TEAF, Reference Models, Troux/Metis.
    •    Project management
         Full life cycle management experience in both water fall & agile methods.
    •    Communication, presentation, mentoring
         Prepared and delivered many presentations to C Level executives.
    •    Process and methodology orientation
         Knowledge management, RUP, CMMI, ISO-9000.

Evolver                        Senior Solutions/SOA Architect                 Sep 09– Till Date
For Audi of North America, I have Architected and developed a web application and services for
management of vehicle scheduled maintenance programs. Played a significant role in
prototyping the application, requirements gathering, user interface design, and domain
modeling. I developed the data, service and business logic tiers for this application. Solution is
based on WebSphere, Oracle 11g, JAX-WS, JPA, JSP & Struts.
Sapphire Technologies              Solutions/SOA Architect                     Mar 09– Aug 09
I helped General Services Administration (GSA) as the Solutions Architect for the Business
Intelligence Portal for Federal Acquisition Service. I was involved in Technology selection,
Architecture, and Prototyping. Based on Liferay, this prototype was designed as a set of JSR-
168/JSR-286 compliant Portlets and a set of services. I built a very flexible yet secure resource

Dinesh V.                                                                                  703-727-0975                     1 of 5                          
authorizing and administration service, included in this was the resource metadata

I was also involved in development of Vision documents for another project still in its initial
stages targeted at guiding, educating and outreach for GSA customers in identifying and using
appropriate acquisition tools and processes.
Integrated Systems               Enterprise Architect / Sr. PM                    Oct 06 – Jan 09
I have assisted Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Solutions Architect and as an
Enterprise Architect. As a solutions architect I prototyped content management services
deployed as an enterprise wide infrastructure service based on Oracle Universal Content
Management (UCM, formerly Stellent). I developed blueprints for applications to use these
services to build unstructured/semi-structured content integrated applications. Included in these
blueprints was the entire suite of Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA stack including Enterprise
Service Bus (ESB) and Business Process Management (BPM).

As Enterprise Architect I have contributed to developing the Technology Reference Model
(TRM) on Troux (formerly Metis), a leading EA modeling platform. I assisted in developing a set
of standards for architecture. Worked on developing a plan to upgrade and restructure EA
efforts in compliance with Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework(FEAF).

Earlier I was responsible for the RCV Modernization project for Selective Service System. This
mission critical application, involved replacing all of their processing and applications built over
the past 25 years on the mainframe with a Windows .NET based application. I played a central
role in this project for phase 1, from project strategy and management, to leading the business
analysis and modeling, data and object modeling, and designing the prototype.

PCAOB                                 Sr. Project Manager                        Mar 04 – Aug 06
For Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), I successfully turned around a
troubled project Enterprise Document Management System to move it into production, by
instituting a project management methodology, centered on multiple time boxed prototype
driven cycles and a strong governance structure. I architected the solution into a set of loosely
coupled J2EE applications supporting a custom Content Management application based on
Documentum. Designed the user interface, lead the prototyping effort and wrote DAO patterns
based Documentum Foundation Classes.

I managed the Registration project, an externally facing, and high visibility application used by
PCAOB to register Audit Firms. During which time, the architecture, including security was
overhauled to be service oriented and based on “Defense in depth” principle and after threat/risk
models were developed. This is a large project .NET based project and employs Adobe
Acrobat forms to capture data.

I contributed to the Enterprise Architecture, technology selection and also to the development of
budget for 2005. I managed vendor selection for 2005 and managed all aspects of recruitment
for the application delivery group.

As manager for the Project Portfolio Management System rollout, I lead the product evaluation
and reengineering the business processes around project selection. I played a central role in
establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) and implemented Prosight Portfolios.

Dinesh V.                                                                                 703-727-0975                      2 of 5                        
For the Enterprise Portal rollout, I developed the requirements, lead product evaluation and the

Knowledge Management Products                                                Mar 03 – June 06
Conceptualized 2 innovative products, a team focused KM solution targeted at projects and a
personal KM solution. Built prototypes for both products, evaluated numerous technologies and
architected both products. The team focused solution was based on server exposing a set of
services based on Open Protocols including, WebDAV, CIFS/SMB, WS*. This server as
prototyped was built on J2EE, Hibernate, XSL and AJAX.

Integrated Systems                     Lead Architect                         Mar 02 – Mar 04
As Lead Architect for Infrastructure Shared Services (ISS) at IRS Modernization program, I was
responsible for all software components, including middleware and services in support of
Modernized-eFile. Modernized-eFile is a large mission critical project that enables businesses
to file their taxes electronically. Services provided included, network defenses, Authentication,
Authorization, Portal Services, J2EE application server (IBM WebSphere), centralized logging,
secure file transfer, Data analytics/reporting. Lead the Business Objects Architecture and
implementation. This is Service Oriented Architecture circa 2004-2005. In addition to
engineering, I authored several deliverables including, Requirements document, Technology
Model View.

Earlier as part of Release Architecture team in the Systems Engineering Office of IRS
Modernization program, worked on defining release packages comprising of all projects and
developed the Technology and Tier B applications sections for Release Architecture 2003-2005.
I also contributed to the Enterprise Architecture.

iLoka Inc.                           Director Consulting                      Feb 00 – Nov 01
As Director of Consulting, I have been involved in, management of 2 practices – Internet/Cisco
practice and the Java/Ecommerce practice. Initially tasked to grow the Cisco Networking
practice, I was responsible for all aspects of the consulting practice including Sales,
Engineering, Training, and Project management. I played a crucial role in building the practice
to 45 people. Created a strategy for skills management and establishing training budgets to
reflect market demand. Started a group focused on Security within the practice. I implemented
several process improvements for network management, backup, and disaster recovery.
Evaluated Network Management tools to start another group focused on network management.
I also worked on several client projects as an Architect.

Lead Architect, Client: IBM
As the Lead Architect for Empire Blue cross Blue shield for the E Business enablement project, I
web-enabled the services available on their mainframe, providing the insurance subscribers a
variety of self-help services. Primary responsibilities included directing a large team of
developers and architecting the project. Technologies employed, J2EE, IBM WebSphere, MQ
series, Oracle. This project was rapidly headed for failure, when I came on board, and turned it
around mainly because of the strategy I proposed for a complete restructuring of the teams and
corresponding changes to development processes and progress reporting. I performed
extensive profiling to identify performance and scaling issues of the core MQ components. I
was responsible for extensive redesign and clean up of the object model as well as its
implementation, which resulted in an order of magnitude improvement in performance.

Dinesh V.                                                                              703-727-0975                     3 of 5                      
Integration and Process Lead, Client: IBM
Worked as Integration lead and Process lead for a large application for Inpatient care for
University of Michigan. This project is based on XML/XSL, Cocoon, EJB, MQ, WebSphere and
Oracle. As Integration lead, I was responsible for ensuring components worked together both
by design and by implementation. I designed mentored and implemented processes to cover
design and implementation. I was responsible for integrating components and assembling them
into working application for which I implemented Continuous Integration methods.

Sun Microsystems Inc.                    Java Architect                      Dec 98 – Feb 2000
At the Sun Java Center, I was involved in 3 fast paced projects,
1.      An advanced prototype which investigated delivering services to a car.
2.      Designed the persistence tier for First USA, based on Weblogic & TopLink.
3.      A Web application to authenticate consumers based on their credit history for Equifax.
I took an innovative approach where an XML based model was fed into a code generator which
then produced Java/JSP code, which in turn was deployed as the application.

Covansys                                Senior Manager                    Sep 1996 – Dec 1998
I started out with Covansys as Lead Analyst and was promoted as Senior Manager. I was
involved in 2 large projects.

Corporate Packaging Data Bank project - Client: Ford Motor Co.
Managed the development and maintenance of a suite of Vehicle design tools based on Oracle,
Developer 2000, PL/SQL, RPC & Pro*C. I also developed some parts of the system.

Forecasting Allocation and Scheduling Tool (FAST) - Client: Chrysler International
I Architected Forecasting module and the framework of classes for the Reports module. I also
developed Month Begin/End batch processes & Data synchronizing for off line version. This
application was based on Sybase, and C++.

Signet Soft Pvt. Ltd.                                                           Oct. 90 - May 96
I founded the company in Bangalore, India, for software products, consultancy and training
services. The company was sold in 96.

Docspert – Exports/Imports Administration application
Designed and developed a product for exports and imports administration. International trade is
a complex business with stringent document processing and work flows. With over 150
installations, this product was highly acclaimed, and was a case study for "Object Orientation in
business applications" at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Key features -
    • Intuitive, yet standards based user interface
    • Built in Object oriented language interpreter and compiler.
    • Generates 25 different UN standard forms required for exports.
    • Forms are analyzed to provide a wealth of MIS reports.

Conceptualizing the language (Rules Based and Object Oriented) & building required tools was
a proud achievement. Designed and developed an Imports management solution.
Consulting Activities - In addition to the product I was involved in several consulting

Experience up to 1990 – Details suppressed for brevity.

Dinesh V.                                                                                 703-727-0975                      4 of 5                        
90 – 90      Programmer, IBM Project on C & OS/2 at Minneapolis.
89 – 90      Project Assistant - Indian Institute of Science – Developed a PC based WAN Card.
86 – 89      Developed processor based systems for outdoor advertising & process control.

Technical Skills
Languages                Java, SQL, Scala, Javascript, HTML, .NET (C# & ASP), Documentum
                         Query Language, XML, XSL, C/C++
Methodologies            Rational Unified process (RUP), UML, Patterns (GOF & J2EE)
Servers                  J2EE servers: Glassfish, WebSphere, Weblogic, Oracle, JBoss
                         Database servers: Oracle, Postgres, Sybase, MySQL Content
                         Management: Documentum, Oracle Fusion (OAS, ESB, BPM, UCM
                         formerly Stellent), Liferay
APIs                     Hibernate, Spring, PKI, JAX-WS, JPA, JUnit, Lucene, WSRP, JSR-
                         168/JSR-286 Portlets, XMLHttpRequest/AJAX, Documentum
                         Foundation Classes
Middleware               SOAP, Web Services, BPM, MQ Series, JMS, CORBA/IIOP, RMI
Tools & Applications     Troux Metis, Prosight Portfolios, Rational Rose, Business objects,
                         ER/WIN, MS-Project
Networks                 ESB/EAI, Web services, Management, Architecture (Load balancing,
                         Fault Tolerance, SLA)
Operating Systems        Windows, UNIX, Solaris, AIX, Linux
Security                 Strong exposure to vulnerability & risk modeling, Netegrity, X.509
                         Certificates & CA, ciphers, digests, Firewalls, intrusion detection


Certification and other training
    •    Sun Certified Java Architect
    •    Sun Certified Java Programmer
    •    Prosight Portfolios – Portfolio Management System
    •    Business Objects Server Administration
    •    Business Objects Reports & Universe design
    •    Rational Unified Process
    •    Consulting Skills
    •    ISO 9001 TickIT Lead Auditor Certification course.
    •    Software Quality Analyst Certification course.
    •    Object Oriented Software Testing - F.R.E.E. Methodology
    •    Software Estimation by Function Point Analysis

Training Experience
    •    Guest Faculty at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.
    •    Developed courses, & conducted workshops on OOAD, C++, MFC, XML.

I am a Green Card holder and have successfully gone through Minimum Background
Investigation at IRS, SEC and GSA.

Dinesh V.                                                                             703-727-0975                     5 of 5                     

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