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Mt Diablo Unified School District Middle High School Student Acceptable Use Agreement We are pleased to announce that Mt Diablo Unified School District

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Mt Diablo Unified School District Middle High School Student Acceptable Use Agreement We are pleased to announce that Mt Diablo Unified School District Powered By Docstoc
					                           Mt. Diablo Unified School District
                  Middle/High School Student Acceptable Use Agreement
We are pleased to announce that Mt. Diablo Unified School District electronic information services are now available
to students and teachers in our district who qualify as a result of participation in an orientation or training course.
The Mt. Diablo Unified School District strongly believes in the educational value of such electronic services and
recognizes the potential of such to support our curriculum and student learning in our district. Our goal in providing
this service is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication.
Mt. Diablo Unified School District will make every effort to protect students and teachers from any misuses or abuses
as a result of their experiences with an information service. All users must be continuously on guard to avoid
inappropriate and illegal interaction with the information service.

Please read this document carefully. We must have your signature and that of your parent or guardian (if you are
under 18) before we can provide you with an access account.

Listed below are the provisions of this contract. If any user violates these provisions, access to the information service
may be denied and they may be subject to legal and/or disciplinary action.

Terms and Conditions

1.       PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. As a representative of this school I will accept personal responsibility
         for reporting any misuse of the network to the site administrator. Misuse can come in many forms, but it is
         commonly viewed as any message(s) sent or received that indicate or suggest pornography, unethical or
         illegal solicitation, racism, sexism, offensive language, and other issues described below.

2.       ACCEPTABLE USE. The use of my assigned account must be in support of the educational program and
         goals of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. I am personally responsible for this provision at all times
         when using the electronic information service.

         a.    Use of other organizations’ networks or computing resources must comply with rules appropriate to
               that network.
         b.    Transmission of any material in violation of any federal, state or local law is prohibited. This includes,
               but is not limited to: copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material, or material protected by
               trade secret.
         c.    Use of commercial activities by for-profit institutions is generally not acceptable.
         d.    Use of product for political advertisement is prohibited.

         I am aware that the inappropriate use of electronic information resources can be a violation of local state and
         federal laws and that I can be prosecuted for violating those laws.

3.       PRIVILEGES. Use of the information system is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result
         in a cancellation of those privileges. Each person who receives an account will participate in an orientation or
         training course with a Mt. Diablo Unified School District faculty member as to proper behavior and use of
         the network. The Mt. Diablo Unified School District site administrators (operating under the aegis of the
         school board and the district office) will decide what is appropriate use and their decision is final. The site
         administrator(s) may lose an account at any time deemed necessary. The administration, staff, or faculty of
         Mt. Diablo Unified School District may request that the site administrator deny, revoke, or suspend specific
         user accounts.

4.       NETWORK ETIQUETTE AND PRIVACY. You are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of
         network etiquette. These rules include (but are not limited to) the following:

         a.    BE POLITE. Never send, or encourage others to send, abusive messages.
         b.    USE APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE. Remember that you are a representative of our school and
               district on a non-private system. You may be alone with your computer, but what you say and do can
               be viewed globally. Never swear, use vulgarities, or any other inappropriate language.

         c.    PRIVACY. For your own privacy and the privacy of others, do not reveal your home address or
               personal phone number or the addresses and phone numbers of students, teachers, staff or

         d.    ELECTRONIC MAIL. Electronic mail (e-mail) is not guaranteed to be private. Messages
               relating to or in support of illegal activities must be reported to the site administrator. Illegal
               activities of any kind are strictly forbidden.

         e.    DISRUPTIONS. The network is not to be used in any way that would disrupt use of the network
               by others.


               •     Do be brief. Fewer people will bother to read a long message.
               •     Do make sure your message is easy to understand, read, and spelling is correct.
               •     Do use accurate and descriptive titles for your articles. Tell people what is it about before
                     they read it.
               •     Do get the most appropriate audience for your message, not the widest.
               •     Do remember that humor and satire are very often misinterpreted.
               •     Do remember that if you post to multiple groups, specify all groups in a single message.
               •     Do cite references for any facts you present.
               •     Do forgive the spelling and grammar errors of others.
               •     Do keep signatures brief.
               •     Do post only to groups you know.

5.       SERVICES. The Mt. Diablo Unified School District makes no warranties of any kind, whether
         expressed or implied, for the service it is providing. Mt. Diablo Unified School District will not be
         responsible for any damages suffered while on this system(s). These damages include loss of data as a
         result of delays, non-deliveries, mis-deliveries, or service interruptions caused by the system or your
         errors or omissions. Use of any information obtained via the information system(s) is at your own risk.
         Mt. Diablo Unified School District specifically disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of
         information obtained through this service.

6.       SECURITY. Security on any computer system is a high priority because there are so many users. The
         District has the right to restrict or terminate Network and Internet access at any time for any reason.
         The District further has the right to monitor Network activity in any form that it sees fit to ensure proper
         use of the Network. If you identify a security problem notify the site administrator at once. Never
         demonstrate the problem to other users. Never use another individual’s account without written
         permission from that person. All use of the system must be under your own account. Any user identified
         as a security risk will be denied access to the information system.

7.       VANDALISM. Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm or destroy equipment, materials
         or data of another user or any other agencies or networks that are connected to the district system. This
         includes, but is not limited to the uploading or creation of computer viruses. Any vandalism will result
         in the loss of computer privileges, disciplinary action, and/or referral to legal authorities.

8.       UPDATING. The information services may occasionally require new registration and account
         information from you to continue the service. You must notify the information system of any changes in
         your account information.

Warehouse 00735025                                                                                       Adm02092 5/08
                              Mt. Diablo Unified School District
                     Middle/High School Student Acceptable Use Agreement


     I have read pages 1 and 2 of this contract and acknowledge receipt of the complete three page contract.
     I understand and will abide by the provisions and conditions of this contract. I understand that any violations of
     the above provisions may result in disciplinary action, the revoking of my user account, and appropriate legal
     action. I also agree to report any misuse of the information system to the Mt. Diablo Unified School District site
     administrator in charge of the site in question. Misuse can come in many forms, but can be viewed as any
     messages sent or received that indicate or suggest pornography, unethical or illegal solicitation, racism, sexism,
     inappropriate language, gossip, and other issues described under section 4 above.

     Name______________________________ Signature_____________________ Date___/___/___


     Students under the age of 18 must also have the signature of a parent or guardian who has read this contract.

     As the parent or guardian of this student, I have read this contract and understand that it is designed for
     educational purposes. I understand that it is impossible for Mt. Diablo Unified School District to restrict access
     to all controversial materials, and I will not hold the District responsible for materials acquired on the network.
     I also agree to report any misuse of the information system to a Mt. Diablo Unified School District site
     administrator. Misuse can come in many forms, but can be viewed as any messages sent or received that indicate
     or suggest pornography, unethical or illegal solicitation, racism, sexism, inappropriate language, gossip and other
     issues described under section 4 above. I accept full responsibility for supervision if and when my child’s use is
     not in a school setting. I hereby give my permission to issue an account for my child and certify that the
     information contained on this form is correct.

     Name______________________________ Signature_____________________ Date___/___/___


     I have completed training on the proper use of the District network and use of the Internet. I have read the
     Student Acceptable Use Agreement. Because the student may use the network for individual work or in the
     context of another class, I cannot be held responsible for the student’s use of the network. As the sponsoring
     teacher I agree to instruct the student on acceptable use of the network and proper network etiquette. I also agree
     to report any known misuse of the information system to the site administrator. Misuse can come in many forms,
     but can be viewed as any messages sent or received that indicate or suggest pornography, unethical, or illegal
     solicitation, racism, sexism, inappropriate language, gossip and other issues described under section 4 above.

     Name______________________________ Signature_____________________ Date___/___/___

     I certify that the above named student is in good standing.

     Name______________________________ Signature_____________________ Date___/___/___

Warehouse 00735026                                                                                             Adm02093 5/08
                                         College Park High School
                                  Falcon Walk-Thru Schedule 2010 - 2011
                                          ONE PER STUDENT

STUDENT: LAST NAME: _______________________ FIRST NAME:____________GRADE:______
Special Value Package:                                                               Price               Cost
Save $10, buy your Yearbook & ASB Sticker in one package.
An Associated Student Body (A.S.B.) sticker is attached to the Student ID card.      $110               _____
This supports the student body and its activities. It entitles the student to a discount on school & sporting events,
                                                                                                     dances & more
Student ID Cards are free, however if lost, you will be charged $5 for a replacement card
Item Description                                                                     Price               Cost
Yearbook                                                                             $95.00          ______________

Associated Student Body (A.S.B.) Sticker                                             $25.00          ______________

Student Sports Activity Sticker (Students only )- Free entrance to all DVAL games $30.00             ______________
                                                                        (excludes playoffs)
Parking Permit                            One year                                   $20.00          ______________

Locker                                      Shared                                   $5.00           ______________
                                            Seniors Only Single                      $10.00          ______________

SENIORS         Senior Kick-Off Sept 20th   Fun in the Park. $2 Disc for ASB         $20.00/$18.00   ______________

Class T-Shirt     Class of:(2011) (2012) (2013) (2014) circle one
                  Size:   (Sm) (Med) (Lg) (XL)         circle one                    $10.00          ______________
Emergency Prep. Supplies                    Tax Deductible                           $5.00           ______________

Technology                                  Tax deductible                           $5.00           ______________

Mail                                        Tax deductible                           $5.00           ______________

Grad Nite - Sponsored by CP Parents         Save $10 through Sept 15th               $90.00          ______________

P.T.S.A. Membership                         Per person                               $10.00          ______________

Athletic Booster Membership
                                            Bronze Level                             $40.00          ______________
                                            Silver Level                             $55.00          ______________
                                            Gold Level                               $100.00         ______________
                                            Platinum Level                           $250.00         ______________

Instrumental Music Booster Membership
                                            Family Membership                         $50.00         ______________
                                            Other donor options available on our Webstore

                                                                                     TOTAL           ______________

AT NO EXTRA COST                   
Payment: Cash, Check, VISA or Mastercard
Checks payable to: CPHS, write student's name on the memo line.
                                     College Park High School
                               Be prepared to sign up for a locker on
                                walk-thru days - instructions below 

   College Park does not have enough lockers for each student to have his/her own.
        Therefore, grades 9 through 11 are required to have a locker partner.
                   Seniors may have their own locker, if they wish.

Use of a locker is not mandatory and we do charge a fee for maintenance. This money is
used to replace lost locks and to refurbish the lockers as necessary.
       We are, once again, requesting $5 per student for a shared locker.
       If a senior wishes to have his or her own locker, then the cost will be $10.
       BRING CASH or Proof of online payment or Receipt from the cashier to sign
         up for a locker at walk through.
       The lockers will be inspected at the end of the year and students who are found
         to have abused their locker might not be allowed to have one in the future.

All students signing up for lockers should come to the locker assignment table at walk-thru
with cash or proof of payment to pay their fee. If students are sharing lockers, it is
preferred they come with their partner. Students will be given a card with the
combination of the lock to begin using their locker immediately. They should not share this
combination with anyone.

If a student has a problem with the locker, they are to see the Treasurer. We encourage
students to sort out problems, but if there is irresolvable conflict and the students need
to move lockers, they are to see the Treasurer. We require accurate record keeping.

As a precaution, we are advising students that we have, occasionally, had the security of
lockers breached. This does not occur often, but it can happen. Therefore, students
should not leave anything of value in them.

I/we have read the above and I/we agree to keep my/our locker in a clean and non-abusive
I/we understand that if I/we abuse the locker, I/we might lose locker privileges immediately and
might not be allowed one in the future.

______________________________                  ____________________________
     Student 1                                         Student 2
                                                                                   PERMIT # ________________
                                              PARKING PERMIT
                                          CAR REGISTRATION

LAST NAME                             FIRST                                 GRADE

DRIVER’S LICENSE #            (Proof required)               INSURANCE CARRIER (Proof required)

CAR #1      LICENSE PLATE # _____________________________________

MAKE                   MODEL                    YEAR                  COLOR              REGISTERED OWNER

CAR #2      LICENSE PLATE # _____________________________________

MAKE                   MODEL                   YEAR                   COLOR               REGISTERED OWNER

CAR #3      LICENSE PLATE # _____________________________________

MAKE                   MODEL                   YEAR                    COLOR             REGISTERED OWNER
1. Students must display a valid Parking Permit
2. Students must park in the assigned student parking lot in designated parking spaces. Students may not park in
   faculty lots, visitor parking, bus zones, red zones, handicapped spaces, in front of the gates in the student lot, or
   fire lane at the back lot S Wing any time.
3. The speed limit in the parking lot is 5 mph. All directional arrows must be observed.
4. Cars may not be double parked, parked in emergency entrances, or student walkways.
5. Student cars may be cited for mechanical and license violations as well as parking violations.
6. Students are not permitted to be at their car for any reason during regular school hours (including brunch and/or
7. Any student parked in the lot who must leave campus has to go through the Attendance Office. Upon leaving
   campus he/she must contact a campus supervisor to leave the parking lot.
8. Parking lot privileges may be revoked for:
                                Reckless, exhibitionist or unsafe driving
                                Continued parking violations
                                Failure to comply with Campus Supervisors
I agree to abide by the rules and regulations for student drivers as stated by the school. I
also agree to not drive my vehicle to College Park High School if my CPHS parking permit
is suspended for violation of these rules and regulations.

STUDENT SIGNATURE                                                                                DATE

PARENT SIGNATURE                                                             PARENT EMAIL ADDRESS

VERIFIED:        LICENSE _________ (Initials)                       INSURANCE: ____________ (Initials)
            College Park High School Honor Roll
                Promote Academic Success
All of us in the College Park Community want our students to excel in their high
school endeavors. Acknowledgement on the College Park Honor Roll is an
important program to promote and recognize the academic success of our

Honor Roll: The CPHS Honor Roll recognizes students with a semester GPA of
3.0 or better. Students who make the Honor Roll with semester GPAs of 3.5 or
higher earn a spot on the Highest Honor Roll for that semester and students with
a semester GPA of 3.0–3.49 earn a spot on the Honor Roll. The Honor Roll
students’ names are publicized on our school website.

If you do not wish your student’s name publicized as an Honor roll recipient,
please fill out and return the bottom of this form walk-thru day.

After finals in January, first semester Honor Roll students are celebrated with an
ice cream social hosted by the College Park PTSA.

Please print clearly & return this form at walk-thru if you do not want your student’s name

I DO NOT want my student’s name publicized on the College Park website as an
Honor Roll recipient.

Student Name_____________________________________Grade__________

Parent Name______________________________Telephone______________

Parent Signature__________________________________________________
                                                                                                      For Office Use Only
                                    California Scholarship Federation, Inc.                           Sem: F or S _______(yr)
                                                                                                      Qualifies: Y or N
                                    CSF Semester Membership Application                               Fee Paid: check # _____
                                                                                                      Initials ___     cash___

                                 COLLEGE PARK HIGH SCHOOL, Chapter No. 679
                                         Mr. Sean Kwirant, Faculty Advisor
                         Mrs. Kendra Phair and Mrs. Tammy Jacobson, Asst. Parent Advisors

Applications for the CSF Honor Society are accepted at the beginning of each semester based on the previous
semester’s high school grades. Turn in applications to the box in the CPHS treasurer’s office with the $5.00
membership fee attached in cash or check (checks payable to CPHS). NOTE: Your application will NOT be
processed without the paid fee. No late applications will be accepted. It is your responsibility to turn in a
complete, signed and paid application. Be sure to attach a copy of your report card or transcript.

                 Applications are accepted for fall membership during September - thru Sept. 30th
                 Applications are accepted for spring membership during February - thru Feb. 28th

Name __________________________                           ___________________________                 ____
     (Last)                                               (First)                                     (MI)

Address __________________________________________                              City_____________________

Home Phone (_______) _______ - ___________

Email address for notices: ___________________________________________

Current Grade level (circle one) 9       10 11      12            Applying for (circle one)      FALL       SPRING

To qualify for CSF membership this current semester, follow these guidelines:
1. You must earn a minimum of 10 points from last semester’s high school grades.
    a. At least 4 points must be from LIST I (unless you are a senior applying for membership in February or June of your
         senior year).
    b. The first 7 points (including the four points described in line a (above) must be from LISTS I and II.
    c. The remaining points may come from any LIST (I, II, or III).
2. You must use no more than 5 courses to qualify.
3. NOTE: No CSF points are given for physical education, courses taken in lieu of physical education, courses retaken to
improve a grade, office/teaching assistant courses, or courses taken on a pass/fail basis.
4. CSF points are granted as follows (note: these are NOT the same as GPA points):
    Grade of A = 3 CSF points
    Grade of B = 1 CSF points
    Grade of C = 0 CSF points
    *One additional point shall be granted for a grade of A or B in an AP, IB, or Honors course, up to a maximum of two
    points per semester. (A grade of C is always 0 points including for AP, IB or Honors courses.)
    **One or more grades of D or F in any course, even in one you cannot use to qualify, disqualifies you from
membership at this time.
5. Remember: current semester membership is based on work done in the previous semester. (Under very limited
circumstances summer school may also be used; you should check with Mr. Kwirant before listing summer school work.)

6. You must reapply each semester. Courses you may use are listed on the reverse side divided into lists I, II, & III.

SENIORS/SEALBEARERS: To qualify as a Sealbearer you must have at least 4 semesters of membership during
your sophomore through senior years based on grades earned only in grades 10-12 – with at least 1 semester of
membership based on grades earned during your senior year (grade 12). Therefore – membership the spring of
your sophomore year (based on your fall sophomore grades) is the first semester that can count towards
Sealbearer. And you must join in spring of your senior year based on your grades earned fall semester of your
senior year to qualify. Don’t forget to apply each semester so you will have enough/correct semesters.
Please list the 4 or 5 classes you are using to qualify in the proper location below (no more than 5 classes):
    List I Courses          Grade     Points      List II Courses       Grade      Points     List III Courses   Grade   Points

                                                                                                      XX         XX      XX

                                                                                                      XX         XX      XX

                                                                                                      XX         XX      XX

TOTAL POINTS from List I (must be at least 4): ____________
TOTAL POINTS from List I and II (must be at least 7): ____________
TOTAL POINTS from List III: ____________

GRAND TOTAL (must be at least 10): ____________

You must staple a copy of last semester’s report card or transcript to this application form. And please
attach $5 for membership dues. (Make Checks payable to CPHS.)
I authorize that the information above is true,
__________________________________________                                ___________________
         Applicant’s Signature                                                      Date

                         **Please Note: Students can be disqualified from CSF for citizenship violations**
                           ***This application may be reviewed by a parent advisor for qualification***
                           List 1                                List II                               List III
               Science                              Science                                Fine Art
               Biology                              Intro to Biology                       Art
               Chemistry                            Earth Science I or II                  Art Design I or II
               Physics                                                                     Advanced Art – 3D
               Physiology                                                                  Ceramics
               Marine Biology                       Social Science                         Photography
               Zoology                              Psychology                             Drama
               Environmental Science                Sociology                              Choir
                                                    Citizen Law                            Orchestra
               Social Science                       Geography                              Concert Band
               U. S. History                                                               Symphonic Band
               U.S. Government                                                             Wind Ensemble
               Economics                            English                                Jazz Band and Ensemble
               World History                        Creative Writing                       Foods
               English                                                                     Social Science
               English 1, 2, 3, 4                                                          Student Leadership/Govern.
                                                    Mathematics                            Business
               Mathematics                          Intro to Algebra                       Data/Word Processing
               Calculus                                                                    English
               Statistics                                                                  Yearbook
               Pre-Calculus                         Other                                  Mathematics
               Advanced Math Topics                 Art History AP                         Personal Finance
               Algebra II/Trig.                                                            Business Finance
               Algebra II                                                                  Algebra Concepts
               Geometry                                                                    Other
               Algebra I                                                                   Work Experience
                                                                                           ESL/ELD Courses
               World Language                                                              Video Production ROP
               Spanish                                                                     Bio Technology ROP
               German                                                                      Multimedia ROP
               French                                                                      Other ROP classes
                        Volunteers Make it Happen! (2010-2011)
CPHS has many opportunities for parents to help with events throughout the year that keep the
school running smoothly! Any & all help is appreciated and very necessary to student
  success at CPHS. Please check off the areas that you are available for below. You will be
     contacted throughout the year as the events you sign up for take place. Thank you!

____ Book Sorting/Check Out – Over the first weeks of school student textbooks and other
     materials need to be labeled, counted and checked out. Dates and times vary.

____ Student Make-up Picture Day – Date to be announced in September. Check in students;
     work 2 or 4 hour shifts.

____ Campus Clean-up/Improvement Day – Date to be announced for mid-Sept.. Part of
     Pleasant Hill Community Service Day & sponsored by the Leadership Class and PTSA.

____ Homecoming Dance – Chaperone the October event (check-in, coat check, etc.)

____ California Math League – CPHS student volunteers are leaders in math competition with
     other schools. Parents needed to proctor the monthly 30-minute exams (Oct. – April).

____ California State Exit Exams – Over 2 days in early Oct., proctors are needed for the
     junior/senior fall session.

____ California State Exit Exams – Over 50 proctors are needed for the spring session for all
     sophomores and junior/senior re-takes over 2 days in early February.

____ STAR testing – Help prepare & label materials before testing; and sort & pack-up
     materials throughout the testing period during the months of April and May.

____ Grad Night – Help plan and organize a great event for the class of 2011. Parents of all
     students can help. Junior parents are especially needed to learn the ropes for 2012!

____ Baking/Cooking – Provide goodies for staff appreciation week & other special events.

____ Garden Committee – Help maintain the organic garden, chaperone science and cooking
     classes in the garden & more – be a part of the fun!

____ Office Help – Throughout the year, projects come up that parent help is needed for.

____ Library – Help in the library on a regular basis OR volunteer for clean-up days.

____ Next Year’s Walk-Thru – We’ll email you next summer to help with walk-thru 2011.
        Volunteer coordination proudly sponsored by the College Park PTSA

Name: __________________________

*Email: __________________________ Phone: ______________________

                *You will be contacted by email as events are scheduled. Thank you!
                              CPHS Sports Needs YOU to Join
                                  the Athletic Boosters!
Every family is encouraged to join. You do not have to be a parent of a student athlete to support the Boosters, so please consider
joining. More than 700 young men and women participate in College Park High School’s Athletic Programs. Hundreds more participate
as spectators, socializing at games, and cheering on their classmates. A strong sports program keeps kids involved and builds
school pride. Over the last several years, our teams have won numerous league championships and made it to the NCS playoffs.
Who are the Athletic Boosters?
We’re a group of community members – parents, teachers, students, alumni, coaches, business owners, and neighbors – who help
support our teams by donating and raising funds, selling spirit wear, running snack bars at home games, and helping with setup at
sporting events.
How do the Boosters help?
In recent years we have supported projects that benefit all students, as well as those for specific teams. We have funded the new
Falcon Stadium synthetic turf field and multi-sport electronic scoreboard, Athletic trainer, new padding and paint in the gym, Baseball
fencing and scoreboard, Electronic score table, Swimming electronic start system, wrestling electronic scale for tournaments, weight
training equipment, and much more. We also award five Senior Athletes each year with $750 scholarships.
What can you do?
Join us! And work with us to help make all of our sports programs a success. Your paid membership and any additional donation will
be used to fund important athletic expenses that can’t be covered otherwise. Help us with volunteer services for fundraisers, including
our two annual fund raisers, the Crab Feed and the Golf Tournament. You will be contributing directly to your child’s high school
                           2010-2011 CPHS ATHLETIC BOOSTERS MEMBERSHIP FORM
                                                       Membership Levels and Benefits
         ________ Bronze Level - $40.00 (Vehicle sticker and discount entry card to MDUSD games)
         ________ Silver Level - $55.00 (Same as Bronze plus a CP hat)
         ________ Gold Level - $100.00 (Same as Silver plus a duffel bag)
         ________ Platinum Level - $250.00 (Same as Gold plus a stadium seat)

        Parents Name(s):________________________________________________________________________ 
                      CPHS Alumni?  Yes  Class of ______      Maiden Name:___________________________ 

        Email 1:_______________________________________  Email 2:_________________________________ 
        Phone 1:________________________________________  Phone 2:_______________________________ 

        Student’s Name: ___________________________________________ Graduation year:______________ 
        Student’s Name: ___________________________________________ Graduation year:______________ 
        Address:_____________________________________________ City________________ Zip:___________ 
Yes! I want to be an active part of the Boosters Club. I’m interested and can help with:
          Fundraising  Membership  Business Partnership/Sponsor  Team Liaison  Work at Events
          Crab Feed Committee  Golf Tournament Committee  Donate crab feed or golf auction Items
          Board Member  Other:
The Athletic Boosters will also accept contributions that will go directly to a specified team. Indicate the amount below and
specify which team the funds should be directed to. Please note, these contributions will not replace the district contribution.
$ ______________________  Football,  Cross Country Boys,  Cross Country Girls,  Girls Golf,  Girls Tennis,  Spirit
Squad,  Girls Tennis,  Boys Volleyball,  Boys Water Polo,  Girls Water Polo,  Boys Basketball,  Girls Basketball,  Boys
Soccer,  Girls Soccer,  Wrestling,  Baseball,  Golf,  Lacrosse,  Softball,  Boys Swimming,  Girls Swimming,
 Boys Tennis,  Track & Field,  Girls Volleyball
                    Please complete this form, enclose your check(s) payable to "CPHS Athletic Boosters" and mail to:
                           CPHS ATHLETIC BOOSTERS, 201 VIKING DRIVE, PLEASANT HILL, CA 94523
                              or drop off at the school’s Main Office Attention: Athletic Boosters Club
                                       or pay online at:
                                                                                                                      Decal        TY
           Date:______________________________       Online        WalkThru         other                      
                                                                                                                      DB             CC 
           Check #___________________________      Amount:__________________________ 
                     WELCOME TO
Stay up-to-date by visiting our web page: This is the most
comprehensive source for everything you need to know about CP Instrumental Music. We also
send news and announcements through our email “Music Notes”. Just follow the link on our
web page to sign up.

Mark your calendars for our major fundraiser and concert! This year’s showcase will be
Saturday, October 2, 2010 from 5-10 PM at the Hilton Hotel in Concord. Come and hear the
talented, award-winning musicians of College Park High School perform. There will be Live
and Silent Auctions, exciting raffles, and a great dinner with entertainment. A no-host bar will
be available. More details and sign-ups are available on the website. We are looking for
auction and raffle item donations and appreciate all contributions.

MANDATORY concert attire needs to be acquired during the summer. Online merchants
usually ship in 2-6 weeks. Expect six! Please plan accordingly so that you are prepared for the
October 2nd Musicians Showcase! A complete description and a list of suggested merchants
can be found on the website. Follow the “Performance Attire” link.

The CPIMB funds music purchases, instrument purchases and repairs, festival participation
fees, clinician and teaching assistant stipends, and some travel costs. Membership in the
College Park Instrumental Music Boosters is only $50 per family. Memberships can be
purchased during Walk-Through Registration or through the CP Web Store. You can find the
link on our webpage. This year’s meetings are on September 8, January 12, and May 4 at 7
PM in the Instrumental Music rehearsal room (M-1). All parents are welcomed and encouraged
to attend.

There are several ways you can support the program through charitable giving:
   • Join the DONORS CIRCLE – from the Patron Circle ($51-99) on up through the Maestro
      Circle ($1000 or more). You can conveniently donate through the CP WebStore.
   • Ask if your company has a Matching Grant program.
   • The United Way allows you to write in the name of any 501(c)3 organization on your
     contribution form. Write in “Falcon Band Boosters of College Park.” The address is:
     201 Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, 94523.
Sign up at and choose “Falcon Band Boosters of College Park #136951615.”
Your donations go directly into your student’s account and can be used for various program
expenses, such as travel.
    Become a member of the PTSA….
  You will be joining a group of dedicated
 parents, teachers and students who aim to
    make College Park a better school!

        Show Support – Join the PTSA!
              All Membership: $10.00 per person

Member Name              Student/Adult?                $ Amount

               Your Email address:__________________________
                   For further information, contact:
            Juniors & Sophomores — prepare for the test!
 Ames Seminars
      presents:           PSAT Prep Seminar
                            A Fundraiser for the CPHS California Scholarship Federation

 An Introduction
 to College Entrance Exams                                                       College Park High School
                                                                                     PSAT Prep Seminar
 Want your best SAT score? Start with the PSAT. This
 test is an excellent way to determine which academic                      Students attend all 4 sessions:
 areas need work before taking the SAT. But for the informa-               Wednesday,        September 29     7:00-9:00   pm
 tion to be accurate, you must learn how to take this test.
                                                                           Wednesday,        October 6        7:00-9:00   pm
 In this short course, you will become familiar with the                   Wednesday,        October 13       7:00-9:00   pm
 unique reasoning and logic style of the PSAT, learn
 strategies for each test section and practice on actual                   Tuesday,          January 18*      7:00-8:30   pm
 PSAT questions. Your scores will then provide a much                          *Parents are invited to the January session.
 more accurate assessment of areas to target for improve-                      Other class dates are available at nearby
 ment before taking the SAT. In the 4th session you will                       schools. Call Ames for details: 937-2280
 learn how to analyze and interpret your test results.
                                                                                          Classes are held at
 In our PSAT Seminar, students:                                                         College Park High School

• Learn test format and test-taking strategies                                                  Fee: $145
  for the PSAT and the SAT                                                        This program is a fundraiser for the
• Learn reading and sentence completion strategies                              CPHS California Scholarship Federation
• Review math strategies and shortcuts and
  frequently tested math concepts
• Review strategies for the writing sections                                       Ames Seminars
  and learn frequently tested grammar rules
                                                                             Quality support for college-bound students
• Take a sample Math, Reading and Writing PSAT section
                                                                               Since 1993, Ames Seminars has provided
Final session in January 2011 (parents invited):                           introductory and comprehensive courses to help
                                                                           students succeed on college entrance exams.
(All schools distribute PSAT test scores by early Jan.)
                                                                               Dedicated to the support of college-bound
• Analyze and interpret actual PSAT results                                students, the Ames PSAT fundraiser is offered
• Discuss differences and similarities between                             at many schools in the Bay Area.
  the PSAT and SAT
• Review entrance test requirements for college admission                                  (925) 937-2280
• Get recommendations for the college search process                        

 Register for the actual PSAT test through College Park High School. Seminar fee does not include the cost of the test.

To enroll in this PSAT Seminar, return this form with a $145* check (payable to Ames Seminars) or your credit card
information to:    Ames Seminars • 3249 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Suite 207 • Lafayette, CA 94549
                                    Early registration is advised as space is limited.

Student Name ________________________________________________ Phone (__________) _____________________________
Address ______________________________________________________ City ________________________ Zip ____________
School____________________________________ Grad Year _______ Parent email _______________________________________
Enclosed: $ ________ *       Check      Visa     MC    Acct. No. ___________________________________ Exp Date __ __- __ __
Cardholder Name ________________________________________ Cardholder Signature ___________________________________
Billing Address _________________________________________________ City ________________________ Zip ____________
Daytime or cell phone (_________) ___________________ *$25 represents a non-refundable registration fee.             F10.CPHS

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