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					           KAMP KIMCHEE NEWS
           Spring 2009, Vol.28, No. 1
The 28th annual Kamp Kimchee will be held July
13 - 17, 2009, (Monday – Friday) at the Baxter
Elementary School, just on the western outskirts                       REGISTRATION
of Brainerd, MN.
                                                      A Kamp registration form is attached to this
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                           newsletter. Kamper fees are as follows:
VISIT OUR WEB PAGE! !                                           Kampers with parent volunteer:
Please visit our Kamp web page for more                           $105.00 for First Kamper
                                                            $95.00 for each additional Kamper
information and to see pictures of previous years‟
Kamps. Forward it on to others that you think           $200.00 for Kamper without parent volunteer
may be interested in a great Kamp experience.           $25 activity fee per Kamper grades 7th – 12th

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                         Kamper fees cover materials, instructors,
WHAT IS KAMP KIMCHEE?                                 facilities, snacks and the noon meal. Overnight
                                                      accommodations are the responsibility of each
Kamp Kimchee is a Korean culture day camp for         individual family.
families with Korean heritage connections.
Classes are offered for 4 year olds through 12th      You will be notified via postcard or email that your
grade. (class groupings will depend upon              registration has been received.
registration) with special daily programming for
Kamp parents.                                           DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION IS MAY 1,
                                                      2009, WITH A $30.00 LATE FEE THEREAFTER.
The primary purpose of Kamp Kimchee is to                  ABSOLUTELY NO REGISTRATIONS
foster positive self-esteem, positive relationships         ACCEPTED AFTER JUNE 1, 2009.
between Kampers and teachers, and positive
feelings about each family‟s international            Walk-ins without a confirmed registration will not
heritage.                                             be accepted. No refunds will be issued after
The secondary purpose of Kamp Kimchee is to           June 1, 2009. For registration questions, please
establish an appreciation for Korean culture and      contact the registrar:
heritage and to establish an environment that
encourages family involvement.                                        Kris & Ed Stracke
                                                                       816 Clark Place
Siblings are welcomed and encouraged to                             St. Cloud, MN 56301
participate. Kamp has proven to be a valuable             
experience for them as well. We‟re also seeing                        Ph: 320-251-5809
more adult adoptees bring their spouses and
children to Kamp. It‟s a wonderful opportunity for    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
                                                      KAMPERS ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE
Classes offered include: Korean Culture/Social
Studies, Hangul (Korean vocabulary), Korean           Every Kamper is expected to participate in the
Music, Dance, art, and Tae Kwon Do. The               scheduled classes and activities. This would
afternoon high school of-site programming             include participating by cheering on other
focuses more on relationship building.                Kampers, such as in Recreation and the Jr. & Sr.
                                                      High offsite activities.     Examples of offsite
Parent volunteers, under the guidance of the
                                                      activities include: Mini-golfing, canoeing, tubing,
board of directors, run Kamp Kimchee. Parents
                                                      and rock-wall climbing.
will find volunteering to be a valuable experience.
You will enjoy learning about Korea, sharing with
                                                      If a Kamper is unwilling or unable to participate
other parents, meeting Korean staff and spending
                                                      they will need to be off of the Kamp premises.
a fun and interesting week with your children. A
complete list of volunteer opportunities can be
found later in this newsletter.
               MAKING KAMP WORK
There is so much that goes into making Kamp              Expenditures                  Expense
work! Lots volunteer hours and hard work, prior
to, during, and after Kamp make for a successful
                                                         Kamp Staff                            17%       $ 6,292
week. It is worth every bit of our investment of
time, effort, and dollars when the parents and           Kamp Lodging                          17%       $ 6,136
children have made new friends and deepened              Store Merchandise                     37%       $13,670
their understanding and appreciation for the             Food                                  14%       $ 5,192
Korean culture.                                          Facilities                              9%      $ 3,133
                                                         Supplies and
Registration fees covered 60% of the Kamp                Expense                                 6%      $ 2,323
costs. The other 40% was subsidized by the               Total Expenses                                  $36,746
store, contributions and other sources. Here is a
breakdown of the actual revenue and expenses
for 2008.                                                Fund Increase                                   $ 4,357

2008 Actual Revenues/Expenses                                           Supplies and                2008 Kamp
Total Revenues                               $ 41,103                     Expense                   Expenditures
Total Expenses                               $ 36,746                                      Kamp Staff
                               %                                         14%
 Kamp Revenues                 Revenue                                                          17%
 Store                             39%        $16,116
 Registration Fees                 33%        $13,530                           Store
 Contributions                      9%        $ 3,851                           37%
 Meal Tickets                       9%        $ 3,730
 T-Shirt Sales                      5%        $ 2,256
 Other                              4%        $ 1,620
 Total Revenue                                $41,103   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
                                                                KAMP SCHEDULE

                                                        Typical Monday – Thursday Kamp day:
                                            Sources     9:00 – Family time in the gym, short program with
           T-Shirt Sales
                                            of Kamp     national anthems, announcements and special
               5%                           Revenue     Korean presentations.
           Meal Tickets
                                                        9:30 – 3:15 – Classes for all ages
                                    Store               Morning and afternoon programs for parents
         Contributions                                  3:15 – Kamp day ends

                                                        For lunch a Korean meal is served (included in
                                                        registration fee for Kampers). Parent volunteers
                                                        are charged $30 for the week. Daily walk-ins are
                   33%                                  welcome for lunch and will be charged $8
                                                        Monday – Thursday.

                                                        On Tuesday, after Kamp, there will be a pool
                                                        party at The Lodge at Brainerd Lakes in Baxter.
                                                        Families not staying at The Lodge will be able to
                                                        purchase wrist bands for the water park.

                                                      value in a family acquiring authentic Korean items
FRIDAY KOREAN HERITAGE FESTIVAL                       than charging a higher Kamper fee.
Friday classes are only held in the morning. A
special meal is then served followed by a 1:00        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
p.m. program highlighting the activities of the
week. Please feel free to invite family and                          DVDs FOR SALE
guests. Additional tickets for Friday‟s lunch will
be available at Kamp for $10.00.                      We will be selling DVDs with the highlights from
                                                      Kamp. Also included on the DVD will be all of the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                         still pictures of the classes, teachers, mentors,
   2008 KAMP EVALUATION RESULTS                       etc. Each family will be able to print their own
                                                      pictures from the DVD.             We will not be
Kamper Evaluations                                    distributing photos at Kamp. We are also looking
                                                      into setting up a Flick‟r account for kamp!!
The top three “best thing” about Kamp were:
1. The Korean Food                                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
2. Friends
3. The Store                                              PARENT PROGRAM PRESENTATIONS

Parent Evaluations                                    WE NEED A VOLUNTEER TO COORDINATE
                                                      AND PLAN THE PARENT PROGRAM
Was the reason your family came to Kamp               PRESENTATIONS. THIS PLANNING CAN BE
Kimchee met?         100% Yes 00% No                  DONE FROM YOUR HOME. ALL OF THE
                                                      PLANNING WORK NEEDS TO BE DONE
   One parent‟s comment seemed to say it all         BEFORE KAMP TO SCHEDULE OUTSIDE
    “The Kamp is the highlight of our year for our    SPEAKERS, ETC. DURING THE KAMP WEEK,
    whole family. I asked our daughter if she had     THE PERSON WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR
    to pick between Kamp and Christmas what           OVERSEEING     THE     PRESENTATIONS.
    would she choose. She chose Kamp!”                ANYONE INTERESTED SHOULD CONTACT
                                                      MELANY WYNN AS SOON AS POSSSIBLE AT
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                or 612-419-0849.
 BUK-DAE-MUN SHIJANG (North Gate Market)              THANK YOU!
Our Kamp store‟s name is reflective of the
famous markets of Seoul, which are located at or      On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there will
near the historical gates of the city. The Buk-dae-   be two programs for parents each day.
mun Shijang operates all week as a service to our     Generally, these will involve a speaker and panel,
Kampers. The Shijang offers a mix of original         question and answer discussions or a relevant
Kamp Kimchee articles, items purchased from           video. We welcome your ideas about parent
for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and       programming.
items Kamper families were able to bring back
from Korea.                                           We will once again be holding a “Book Club” book
                                                      discussion. This book will be available in the
One of our suppliers is known as Korean Benefit,      Kamp store. The book title will be in the Summer
which is an extension of Children's Home Society      Newsletter!! Watch for more details!!
and Family Services. These funds are used to
support orphanages and related activities in                        KIMCHEE MAKING
Korea. Other vendors are US based companies
which we have cultivated over the years. We also      Did you know that we‟re the only Kamp that
conduct a mad buying spree in Chicago's Korea         makes its own kimchee? Please join us! June
Town in late Spring. All together we bring you        27, 9:00 a.m. has been scheduled for our
one of the most exciting camp stores of any of the    annual kimchee making. It will be held at the
ethnic-related camps anywhere in the county!          TLC Café in Eden Prairie. More information
                                                      about this in the next newsletter. Learn from Deb
The board believes very strongly in keeping the       Carey how to do this! Mark your calendar!
Kamp fees as low as possible. One way this is
accomplished is by having a Kamp store. The
profits from our Kamp store offset each family‟s
registration fee. The board believes there is more
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                         They see Kamp as a special place they want to
                                                      return and volunteer an entire week of their
              THANK YOU TO:                           summer vacations. (They are given a small
    Gold „N Plump for donating all of the            stipend, room accommodations and their lunch
     chicken that was used last year, arranged        meal – obviously these are not the sole
     by Peggy Brown                                   motivators for mentors.)
    Bernick‟s for furnishing bottled water
    To the following local area businesses           This year Sunny Kase will again serve as a
     that donate goods and prizes to last years       support person to Chelsie Tapio, who is the
     Kamp:Target, Rainbow Foods, Crafts               Mentor Coordinator and a former Kamper. This
     Direct,     Applebee‟s,Starbuck‟s,     Ritz      will be Chelsie‟s second year in this role and she
     Camera, Archiver‟s, Kowalski‟s, Byerly‟s,        is doing a fabulous job actively recruiting and
     Cub Foods, and Culver‟s.                         managing new and returning mentors. (There is
    To all the families who donated prizes to        an application online at
     last years Kamp                                  or interested mentors can email Chelsie, or
                                                      If you have any questions regarding the mentor
           HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS                        program please don‟t hesitate to ask either of
                                                      these individuals.
Kampers who have just completed their senior
year in high school have a number of options for      Sunny Kase, Self Esteem Instructor
Kamp this year. 1) You may register for regular
Kamp classes in which you will probably be
combined with the 11th grade class. 2) You may        Chelsie Tapio, Mentor Coordinator
register as a volunteer along with a parent. 3)
You may apply for the Mentor Program.
              MENTOR PROGRAM
                                                                    DOING YOUR PART
One of the essential components of Kamp
Kimchee is the Mentor Program. For those of you       To help defray costs we are asking Kamp families
who will be new to Kamp this year, the mentors        to go to your local Cub, Target, or Walmart Stores
are these amazing young adults – usually college      and fill out a donation request for a gift card.
aged students, who volunteer in each class at         These gift cards can be brought to Kamp and
Kamp Kimchee. They serve as role models to our        used to purchase items during the week at the
children and work in collaboration with the parent    local store in Baxter. Or you may wish to ask a
coordinators in each classroom.                       different local store for a donation for specific
                                                      items that are needed. In either case, please
The mentors are Korean Adoptees or come from          contact Melany Wynn for items needed for Kamp.
families where there is a Korean adopted person.      For more information on this process you may
That gives them very special insight into the         contact Karen or Steve Klinsing at 952-937-8421.
experience our children are having at Kamp and
throughout the rest of their lives. Every effort is   Kamp Kimchee is a non-profit and any donation is
made to have returning mentors stay assigned to       considered a tax-deduction.       Our non-profit
classes they have worked with in the past. That       identification number is 1951339.
consistent relationship is important in the
adoption experience where abandonment has             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

This very special program was well thought out
by the original creators of Kamp Kimchee. It is an
intentional outgrowth of the Kamp and serves as
an indicator of success that so many of the
mentors are former Kampers; they have
essentially grown up coming to Kamp Kimchee.
            VOLUNTEER POSITIONS                          NURSERY WORKERS: Supervises babies and
                                                         toddlers in our nursery while parents are working
Kamp Kimchee needs you to help with the                  at Kamp.
operation of the Kamp. Your willingness to take
part in making Kamp work will add to your depth          ART AIDE: Assists art instructor and supervises
and value of Kamp. You‟ll be interacting with            art activities for all classes.
other great parents and you‟ll get to know the
Kampers better.       We have many volunteer             PLAYGROUND/RECREATION STAFF:
opportunities available.                                 Supervises Kampers in activities during
                                                         scheduled and open recreation periods.
1. Supporting the operation of the Kamp with
your skills, interest and time shows that Kamp           DINING ROOM WORKER: Prepares dining room
isn‟t just something that is good for the children; it   for serving meals; cleans up after meals.
is good for the entire family. Adoption is a family
affair and so should Kamp Kimchee!                       LUNCH AIDE: Escorts preschool, kindergarten
                                                         and 1st grade classes to lunch. Supervise lunch
2. Kamp Kimchee gives parents a chance to                and noon playground activities. Chaperone
learn about Korean culture. By building our              Kampers back to their classroom.
families through adoption, we as parents have
also claimed the Korean culture as our own. We           KITCHEN: Food preparation is Monday – Friday
have made a public statement that we are an              mornings, which includes grilling and clean-up
international, interracial family. When we as            and pre-preparation on a rotating basis in the
parents are knowledgeable and proud of our               afternoons.
family heritage, then our children will also be
proud!                                                   STORE WORKERS: Assists with set-up, running
                                                         and take-down of Kamp store. Volunteers need to
3. Kamp Kimchee needs you! It is only through            be available Sunday afternoon to help set up the
the time, energy and talents of many people that         store.
Kamp can run so smoothly year after year.
                                                         MEDICAL STAFF: Assists with medical needs as
4. Please indicate your volunteer preference on          they arise and hands out first aide supplies.
the registration form.     Assignments will be
included in your confirmation letter. Though we          HANBOK EXCHANGE COORDINATOR:
will try to accommodate your volunteer                   Coordinates the exchange and sale of used
preference, you may be assigned to an area               hanboks.
where we have a volunteer shortage. Your
openness and good humor would be most                    CUSTODIAN: Assists the school custodians in
appreciated when accepting your volunteer                keeping the facility clean during the week.
                                                         KOREAN STAFF AIDE: Assist Korean staff with
VOLUNTEER JOBS AVAILABLE                                 assignments. Ability to speak Korean would be
TEACHER: Classroom teachers to plan and lead
activities for preschool, kindergarten and first         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
grade classes. Please indicate grade choice.
(Pre-kindergarten through first grade)                          FILLED VOLUNTEER POSITIONS

CLASSROOM COORDINATOR: Assigned to a                     Officers
classroom for the week to keep the Kampers on            Past-President: Jackie Johnson
schedule, facilitate their movement from class to        President: Melany Wynn
class. These positions are available for grades          President-Elect: Glenn Fuller
2nd – 11th. Please indicate grade choice.                Secretary: Laura Schnobrich
                                                         Treasurer: Mark Bergquist
TEACHER AIDE: Extra helpers to assist with
classroom activities. Please indicate grade
CONFIRMED Kamp Volunteer Positions                  HOTELS/RESORTS/CAMPGROUNDS
Art Coordinator: Jean Goad
                                                    A complete list of accommodations/campgrounds
Family Photo Display Coordinator: Ruth Bienek
                                                    in the Brainerd area can be obtained by calling
Jr. & Sr. High Offsite Coordinator: Dave Gaunt,     the Brainerd Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce
Bob Stuber                                          at (800) 450-2838, ext. 400 or log on to their
Kamp Schedule Coordinator: Mary Soroko              website at:
Kitchen Coordinators: John Faith
                                                    This year we have blocked a group of rooms at
Kitchen Volunteer Coordinator: Glenn Fuller         The Lodge at Brainerd Lakes in Baxter, MN.
Mentor Coordinators: Chelsie Tapio, Sunny Kase      Many families will likely be staying at The Lodge
New Family Coordinator: Beth Sletta                 as this is where our Tuesday Water Park party
                                                    will be held.
Registrar: Kris & Ed Stracke
Photographer: Scott Keehn                           The Lodge at Brainerd Lakes
Peer Program Coordinators: Ellen Longfellow,        6967 Lake Forest Drive
Jean Stock                                          Baxter, MN (218) 822-5634
Preschool Curriculum Coordinator: Katie Rossi
T-Shirt Coordinator: Lou Jagielski                  $99 per night/2 queen or 1 king & pull-out
Volunteer Coordinator: Beth Kuiken                  Four Water Park Passes Included

We will have many great teachers at kamp, some      When making reservation you must mention
old and some new!! Great things are being           Kamp Kimchee when registering to receive the
planned for Kamp Kimchee 2009!!                     negotiated discount.

InKAS                                               ALL BLOCKED ROOM ACCOMMODATIONS
We are working with the InKAS organization to       WITH THE KAMP PRICES WILL BE HONORED
provide teachers and volunteers for Kamp.           UNTIL JUNE 1st, 2009.

More information about the InKAS organization,      AFTER THIS DATE ALL ROOMS WILL GO
their mission, purpose, and services offered can    BACK INTO HOTEL INVENTORY AND
be found by visiting their website at:              PRICING WILL RETURN TO THE REGULAR                                     RATE.

On their website, click on the English tab on the   MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS EARLY!!
right upper corner.

                                                    There will be a Sunday evening meeting for
If you need to contact the planning committee,      mentors, teachers, & classroom coordinators.
please call or e-mail Melany Wynn at                If you are included in this group of people we
612-419-0849 or              would appreciate your help in getting ready on
                                                    Sunday and being able to attend the meeting. A
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                         specific time and location will be provided in the
                                                    summer newsletter. Watch for that information!!

                                                    Also Kampers' are encouraged to help out on
                                                    Sunday afternoon and evening by helping to
                                                    unpack our supplies, prepare the classroom,
                                                    and lend a hand in the art department with
                                                    preparing crafts for the week.
                      KAMP KIMCHEE REGISTRATION
                            JULY 13 – 17, 2009
 Please register by May 1; late fee of $30.00 thereafter. No registrations accepted after June 1, 2009.
Mother (first and last name):_________________________________ Occupation:_______________
Father (first and last name):__________________________________ Occupation:_______________
**Star the parent/parents attending Kamp!
Address:_________________________________________________ Phone:___________________
City, State, Zip:____________________________________________Cell Phone:_______________
Email Address:____________________________________________ ( ) Send Confirmation via Email
May we publish your email address in our Kamp registration list?____Yes ____No
This is our families first time to Kamp Kimchee. ____Yes ____No

Children Attending: (List name as you                             *GRADE
would like it printed on their name tag)      Race:     Age:      COMPLETED: **Health Concerns:
*Kampers will be placed in classes based upon grade completed in 2008-09 school year.
** List health and other concerns that Kamp should be aware of: handicap, food allergies, medications, etc.

Nursery Program is provided for parent volunteers FREE OF CHARGE. Please list names and ages of
nursery participants below:

Child’s Name                              Age          **Health Concerns

$________     Registration Fee ($105.00 for first child with parent volunteer, $95.00 for each additional
              Kamper in family; or $200.00 per child with no parent volunteer)
$________     Off-site Activity Fee (7th – 12th Grade) $25.00 per Jr. High and High School Kamper
$________     Adult Meal Tickets ($30.00 per week for parent volunteer, $8.00 per day for non-volunteer)
$________     T-Shirt/Sweatshirt Order. PLEASE ENCLOSE SHIRT ORDER AND PAYMENT WITH
$________     DVD which will include video footage and still photographs $15.00/copy
$________     Donations: $______ Kamp Supplies/Programs
$________ Late Fee ($30 if postmarked after May 1, 2009)
$________     TOTAL ENCLOSED (Check #___________)
Make checks payable to Central Minnesota Korean-American Cultural Society
Send checks and registrations to: Kris & Ed Stracke: 816 Clark Place, St. Cloud, MN 56301

I give permission for my child(ren) to participate in Kamp Kimchee activities. I will provide housing for
my child(ren) on my own. I agree that host organization Central Minnesota Korean American Cultural
Society, the Korean Institute of Minnesota, the Baxter Elementary School, instructors and member of this
organization shall not be held responsible for losses or accidents. In case of emergency, I grant permission
for medical attention. I give permission for me and my child(ren) to be photographed or video-taped by the
Kamp photographer and/or media and to be used in Kamp Kimchee’s materials, and on the website.

Signature of Parent or
                      ORDER FORMS

An awesome new shirt design is in the works!!

T-shirts are $10.00 for children sizes 6-8, 10-12, 14-16; $12.00 for adult sizes S, M, L, and XL. $14.00 for
adult sizes XXL and XXXL. You can choose between a full or pocket sized logo on your t-shirt.

Hoodes sweatshirts are $24.00 for children sizes 6-8, 10-12, 14-16; $26.00 for adult sizes S, M, L, and XL
and $29.00 for XXL. Sweatshirts will only be available in the pocket sized logo. Please indicate on your
order form if you want a pullover (P) or a zipped (Z) style sweatshirt.

      Item:            Pocket Logo       Pullover (P) Quantity:            Size:          Price:
                       or Full Logo       Zipped (Z)
                      (T-Shirts Only)    (Sweatshirt)

TOTAL:                                                                    -------- $



City, State, Zip:_____________________________


Please send t-shirt/sweatshirt order form along with registration. Registrar’s use:
                                                                                            Amount Paid:______
                         KAMP KIMCHEE VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP

PARENT 1:                                                     DATES ATTENDING:

PARENT 2:                                                     DATES ATTENDING:

Please write on the blank the initials of the adult volunteer, listed above, and the numbers 1 to 3 to indicate
your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices. You will be contacted about assignments in the confirmation letter. All
persons volunteering will be given a job. Additional jobs will be available at Kamp! We need you!

Do you have any skills or interest that the Kamp could utilize: ____________________________________

If your job doesn’t require your full attention during certain hours of the day would you be willing to help
relieve other volunteers for short periods of time so that they could attend parent programming or events?
_____Yes       _____No


____Any Job Where I Am Needed Most

                                                            PEER PROGRAM
                                                            ____ Peer Program Assistant
____Art Aide
                                                            PARENT PROGRAM

CLASSROOM                                                   ____ Parent Program Coordinator

____Classroom Coordinator____Grade
____First Grade Teacher                                     RECREATION
____Kindergarten Teacher
____Pre-Kindergarten Teacher                                ____Recreation Staff
____Teacher Aide for ____Grade

                                                            ____Store Worker
____Dining Room Worker
____Lunch Aide
____Snack Preparation                                       MISCELLANEOUS JOBS

                                                            ____Hanbok Exchange Coordinator
____Food Preparation & Kitchen clean-up
                                                            ____Medical Staff (“on-call” during Kamp)
____Nursery Worker
Kamp Kimchee
c/o Kris & Ed Stracke
816 Clark Place
St. Cloud, MN 56301

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