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					Guidance notes – FES 1

Guidance notes and code lists for completion of FES 1
course/programme data: Academic year 2006-07

To: FES contacts in Colleges of Further Education in

20 March 2006

For further information contact:

Jannette Allingham
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Further education statistics – course/programme data (FES 1)

Guidance notes and code lists for completion of FES 1 data: 2006-07

Contents                                                                      Page
Section 1                      Revisions to the FES 1 data collection         4
Section 2                      Coverage and timing of FES 1 data              4

Section 3                      Notes and code lists for completion of FES 1   7

Code list A                    Qualification aim of study                     11

Code list B                    Awarding body                                  13

Code list C                    Source of finance for programme                14

Code list D                    Type of course/programme                       15

Code list E (by code)          Subject codes (for HE programmes only)         16

Code list F                    Superclass II: outline of main classes         20

Code list G                    Mode of attendance of programme                23

Code list H                    Gaelic Indicator                               24

Code list I                    Dominant programme group                       25

Section 4                      Submission of FES 1 returns                    26

Appendix 1                     Examples of collaborative provision            i

Appendix 2                     Unique college identifiers                     iii

Appendix 3                     Course/programme statistical return (FES 1)    iv

Section 1: Revisions to the FES 1 data collection

New field
Gaelic Indicator – this field identifies any courses that have any Gaelic content.
FES 1 Code List changes
New code list for Gaelic Indicator – code list H
Dominant programme group – changed from code list H to code list I

Section 2: Coverage and timing of FES 1 data
FES 1 data should be returned for all programmes including non-fundable full cost
recovery programmes. A return should be submitted for each year of the course,
including years which consist entirely of industrial or practical training. Detailed
instructions for the completion of FES 1 data are set out in Section 3.
   1. All colleges should ensure that their FES return covers all FE and HE activity.
      All courses/programmes including self-financing and profit making
      should be returned through the FES system. Consultancy activity involving
      college staff should be excluded.
   2. For the purpose of these returns a course is defined as one or more
      programme(s) of instruction in which progressive study is undertaken throughout
      the period of the programme(s) in one subject or a number of related subjects. In
      general, a programme may be considered as any group of students having the
      same programme particulars, eg subject, mode of attendance for programme,
      qualification aim, programme start date and programme end date. The
      maximum duration of a programme is considered to be one academic year,
      whilst a course may run over a number of academic years. Colleges are free
      to define courses/programmes in any way which is meaningful to their
      delivery of education, subject only to the conditions listed below which are
      designed to avoid multiple counting of students.

          a. Programmes should be set up so that they are identifiable by their
             dominant programme group.

          b. A full-time student enrolled on a programme of studies should be
             counted only once. This particularly applies to full-time students studying
             SCE/GCE subjects. These students should be recorded against one FES 1
             programme only.

          c. Where a student is enrolled for a programme of studies, even if this is
             not full-time, eg a group of Highers grouped together into the same
             Superclass and mode of delivery, they should not be included more

          than once in that programme and only one FES 2 for each student
          should be submitted.

      d. Similarly the course should not be split into its component parts with
         separate FES 1 programmes for each part simply to avoid students
         appearing more than once.

      e. However, where a student enrols in two separate unrelated programmes of
         study in terms of subject area they may be enrolled and counted in more
         than one FES 1 programme.

      f. Other students may enrol separately for individual SCE/GCE subjects or
         NC units in different superclass groups. These students should be covered
         by one FES 1 return for each superclass group having common
         programme particulars, for which they are enrolled.

      g. Separate programme codes must be used to identify any fixed length
         programmes made up for infill students. Students who are infilling should
         be recorded in a separate FES 1 which is the infill FES 1 for the
         programme.The word ‘infill’ must be included in the programme title.

Attendance criteria for inclusion in the session count
3. For programmes where classroom attendance is planned (and recorded), a student
   should be included if he/she enrolled on the programme and physically attended
   at least once after the date (henceforth the required date) on which 25 per cent of
   the programme’s duration in days has elapsed.
4. For the avoidance of doubt, the following should be noted:
   Physical attendance after the required date is necessary. A student who attends a
   programme to a date before the required date, then submits a medical certificate
   for a period which includes the required date, but then does not re-attend, should
   be excluded.

5. The duration of a programme in days is simply the number of days on which
   attendance is required in respect of the programme, regardless of the number of
   timetabled hours on each day. An example of this being:
   A programme which requires attendance for 15 hours per week spread over three
   days each week for 14 weeks, followed by attendance for nine hours per week
   spread over two days each week for 25 weeks, would have a duration of 92 days
   (the hours per week being irrelevant to this calculation). The required date in this
   case would be the date on which the 23rd day of attendance required by the
   programme fell.

6. For programmes/courses where classroom attendance is not planned (eg open
   learning, distance learning, or programmes involving AWBL (Modes of

            Attendance 11-16), then the students deemed eligible for funding1 who are
            ordinarily resident in Scotland and who have enrolled2,, paid the required fee, and
            continued to participate in their agreed programme, defines the student number
            for the programme/course. In this context, students who have formally had fees
            waived should be considered to have paid their fees.
       7. For programmes where classroom attendance is part-planned and part-unplanned,
          the inclusion of students is determined using criteria in paragraph 4 above where
          it is anticipated that more than 50 percent of the student’s hours on the
          programme are planned, and criteria in paragraph 7 above otherwise.
       8. In most cases there will be a difference between the FES 1 student count for a
          programme and the number of FES 2s returned for that programme. This is
          because FES 2 details are to be returned for all students enrolled on
          fundable programmes and non-fundable New Deal programmes even if the
          student has failed to meet the attendance criteria in order to be eligible for
          funding1. An example of this being:
            A student enrols on a fundable programme. The student, however, withdraws
            from the programme before the 25 per cent required date of the programme.
            The FES 2 for that student will be included in the FES 2 returns but not included
            in the FES 1 session count for the course/programme.

       9. This does not effect any of the FES 1 fields, the student count on FES 1 is
          still the number of enrolled students on a programme who meet the
          attendance requirements for funding eligibility (as in previous years).
       10. FES data is due for return to SFC via FES on-line by 26 October 2007, to
           include all enrolments during the entire academic session (1 August 2006 to
           31 July 2007).

 Please also refer to the criteria specified in SUMs Funding Guidance 2006-07 for student eligibility for funding.
 A student cannot be included as enrolled unless they have gone through the college enrolment process and completed any other
necessary documentation.

    Please also refer to the criteria specified in SUMs Funding Guidance 2006-07 for student eligibility for funding.
Section 3: Notes and code lists for completion of FES 1

Course/programme details

 1) Programme directory      This number is a unique serial number which identifies
    number                   each programme and allows mapping to FES 2 data. For
                             all colleges, the first two characters are unique for each
                             college (see Appendix 2). The remaining characters, with
                             the exception of the final character, are the college’s own
                             choice. For all programmes, the final character denotes the
                             year of the programme.

 2) College programme ID     Unique identifier for programmes as used by the colleges.

 3) Title of programme       BLOCK CAPITALS – Programme titles should reflect
                             the subject area of the programme. Nationally recognised
                             programme titles should be used where appropriate.

                             For programmes that are defined as closed or joint
                             collaborative arrangement programmes, then the
                             programme title should also reflect this. For programmes
                             that comprise of infill students, the term infill should
                             appear in the title.

 4) College code number      Enter unique seven-digit college code number. See
                             Appendix 2.

 5) Department or faculty    Optional.

 6) Qualification of study   Enter appropriate code from FES 1 code list A.

                             For distinction between advanced and non-advanced
                             programmes. For programmes with more than one
                             possible qualification on exit, code the qualification which
                             can be obtained earliest within each particular year.

 7) Awarding body            Enter appropriate code from FES 1 code list B.

8) Advanced/non-         Advanced (HE) = 1, non-advanced (FE) = 2
   advanced programme
                         Code 1 is used if the programme is at Higher Education
                         (HE) level and an appropriate HE Qualification of Study
                         code should be used. The definition of higher education is
                         that given in the Further and Higher Education (Scotland)
                         Act 1992. A programme at FE level should be allocated
                         code 2 and a relevant Further Education (FE) qualification
                         code applied.

9) Source of finance     Enter appropriate code from FES 1 code list C.

10) Type of programme    Enter appropriate code from FES 1 code list D.

                         For all types of joint collaborative provision, in any one
                         year of a course, tuition fees will be received only by one
                         institution for the course year in question.

                         Where in any one year of a course the pattern of student
                         attendance is such that there is no clear majority provider
                         then institutions should refer the case to their respective
                         funding bodies to agree which institution will receive
                         tuition fees. The type of programme field should then be
                         filled in appropriately.

                         To assist in deciding whether or not a programme needs to
                         be given a code distinguishing it as one where the college
                         does not receive fees, some examples are given in
                         Appendix 1.
11) HE subject code      To be completed for HE programmes only.

                         This field should be completed only if the advanced/non-
                         advanced programme indicator is 1. Enter the appropriate
                         code from FES 1 code list E.

12) Superclass II code   Dominant Superclass II code from FES 1 code list F.

13) Year of course       First year = 1, Second year = 2, etc.

14) Length of course     Enter the length in years. All courses must have an entry.
                         The length of course must be consistent with the
                         qualification of the course (ie must be the shortest time in
                         which students can leave the course on attaining the
                         qualification). For an honours degree, length of course will
                         include years of study at ordinary degree level.
                         Open ended courses should be coded as 9.

 15) Duration of programme Enter the duration of the programme in weeks for the
                           current academic session only (maximum 52 weeks). For
                           programmes of less than five days duration, enter 00.
                           Where the duration of the programme is not an exact
                           number of weeks but instead, for example, is nine weeks
                           and one day then the duration entered should be rounded
                           up to the nearest week, so in this instance a duration of 10
                           should be entered.

                               Please note: For roll-on roll-off programmes, duration
                               should reflect the timetabled activity per student (eg a
                               one week programme running all year should be coded
                               as 01 not 52).

 16) Mode of attendance for    Enter appropriate code from FES 1 code list G.

 17) Start date of programme This is the date on which the first class/lecture/meeting of
                             the programme is scheduled to take place (in the format
                             DDMMYYYY). Spanning courses from 2005-06 will have
                             a start date within academic year 2005-06.

                              Where the programme has no defined start date, such
                              as for roll-on roll-off programme, the programme start
                              date is to be the college year start date.

 18) End date of programme This is the date on which the last class/lecture/meeting of
                           the programme is scheduled to take place (in the format
                           DDMMYYYY). Where the programme has no defined
                           end date, such as for roll-on roll-off programme, the
                           programme end date is to be the college year end date.
                           Programmes spanning into academic year 2007-08 should
                           show an end date within academic year 2007-08.

 19) Gaelic Indicator          Enter appropriate code from code list H

Student numbers

20) Number of students         See paragraphs 4 to 11 on pages 5 and 6 for details.

Funding information
Programmes which are non-fundable should be assigned 0000.000 for the number of
SUMs and for the number of ELS SUMs.

21) Number of Planned                         Total Planned SUMs to three decimal places for the
   SUMs1                                      programme.
                                              This must not include the number of ELS SUMs.

                                              Please note: SUMS for spanning programmes must
                                              only be claimed in the academic year in which the
                                              course year ends for each year of the course.

                                              SUMs should only be claimed for students eligible for
                                              funding. See Circular Letter for the SUMs funding
                                              guidance 2006/07 (to be issued later, colleges will be

    22) Number of Planned                     Total number of extended learning support Planned
        ELS SUMs*                             ELS SUMs to three decimal places for the programme.

                                              Please note: ELS SUMs are not claimable if the
                                              dominant programme group is special programmes
                                              (dominant program group 18).

    23) Dominant programme                    Dominant programme group for each programme from
        group*                                FES 1 code list I. This must be supplied for all

    24) Tariff SUMs                           Total course Tariff SUMs to three decimal places for
        See paragraph 1                       the programme/course. This must not include the
        on page 4                             number of tariff ELS SUMs.

    25) Tariff ELS SUMs                       Total course Tariff ELS SUMs to three decimal places
        See paragraph 1                       for the programme/course. This contains the total
        on page 4                             number of ELS SUMs applying tariffs, and must not
                                              include the number of SUMs.

Qualification aim of study (planned/expected programme outcome) –
code list A

    This value does not include the ELS SUMs value in field 22

* Students receiving ELS or attending Dominant Programme Group 18 must have a Personal Learning Support Plan
to be eligible for this type of funding.
Advanced qualifications

Code Description
AA    Doctorate
AB    Masters (research)
AC    Masters (taught)
AD    Postgraduate diploma
AE    Postgraduate certificate

BA    First degree (honours)
BB    First degree (ordinary)

CA    Fellowship of professional body
CB    Graduateship of professional body
CC    Membership of professional body
CD    Associateship of professional body
CE    Licentiateship of professional body

DA    SVQ or NVQ: Level 5
DB    Diploma (HNC/D level for diploma and degree holders)
DC    HND or equivalent
DD    HNC or equivalent
DE    SVQ or NVQ: Level 4

EA    Advanced Certificate (bridge to HNC/D)
EB    Advanced Certificate not specified elsewhere – see note 1 on next
EC    Advanced Diploma not specified elsewhere – see note 1 on next page
ED    Advanced Certificate (comprising HN units only)
EE    HN units only but not leading to certificate

Non-advanced qualifications

Code Description
GA      SVQ: Level 3
GB      NVQ: Level 3
GC      GSVQ/GNVQ: Level 3

HA      SVQ: Level 2
HB      NVQ: Level 2
HC      GSVQ/GNVQ: Level 2

JA      SVQ: Level 1
JB      NVQ: Level 1
JC      GSVQ/GNVQ: Level 1

KA      Advanced Higher (group award)
KB      Higher (group award)
KC      Intermediate 2 (group award)
KD      Intermediate 1 (group award)
KE      Access (group award)
LA      Highest level of study (programme or unit) Advanced Higher
LB      Highest level of study (programme or unit) Higher
LC      Highest level of study (programme or unit) Intermediate 2
LD      Highest level of study (programme or unit) Intermediate 1
LE      Highest level of study (programme or unit) Access

MA      Other Non-Advanced Certificate or equivalent – see note 1 below
MB      Other Non-Advanced Diploma or equivalent – see note 1 below
MC      Certificate of Sixth Year Studies (CSYS)
MD      Other SCE/GCE/GCSE examinations only

NA      National Units alone (formerly National Certificate modules), not
        leading to any qualification listed above

PA      Any other recognised qualification
PB      programme not leading to recognised qualification (including most
        non-vocational programme)
 Where a course includes National Units (formerly NC modules) in addition to other
qualifications, code under the main qualification.

If the awarding body for a programme of study is listed as being SQA, City and Guilds,
HEI or other then the programme should not be coded as a ‘Programme not leading to
a recognised qualification.

Programmes such as ECDL, ESOL and programmes leading to other recognised
qualifications that are not specifically mentioned in the ‘Qualification aim of study’ code
list should be coded as ‘Any other recognised qualification’ (PA).
The FES 1 qualification aim should reflect the qualification that the student has enrolled
to achieve. If for example a student enrols at college to achieve a national certificate
over a period of three years their qualification aim in year 1 should be a national
certificate. The course year should be year one and the course length should be three.
Colleges should not code year 1 or year 2 as ‘national units alone, not leading to any
qualification listed above’ and then change the aim to a national certificate in year 3
when they are scheduled to achieve the qualification.

Where a qualification is not specifically mentioned, code under its nearest equivalent
eg Diplomas and Certificates counted as Higher Education would be coded EC or ED
as appropriate; otherwise MA or MB as appropriate should be used. Only as a last
resort use code PA.

Where a student enrols at the college with the intention of gaining 3 highers, the ECDL
or similar the student should be enrolled on a single programme of study that comprises
of all 3 highers, or ECDL units, etc. Colleges should avoid breaking the enrolment
down into a number of separate programmes which can be more easily achieved for PI

Awarding body – code list B
Awarding bodies of qualifications from code list A.

Code     Description
01       SQA
02       City & Guilds
03       HEI
04       College
05       Other
06       No awarding body
07       Association of Accounting Technicians
08       British Computer Society
09       Chartered Institute of Personnel Development
10       Chartered Management Institute
11       Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland
12       Engineering Construction Industry Training Board
13       Engineering & Marine Training Authority
14       Institute of Leadership Management
15       The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health
16       The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland
17       Science, Engineering, Manufacturing Technologies Alliance

Source of finance for programme – code list C
All programmes that receive any funding from SFC must be coded source of finance 09.

For programme other than those that receive SFC funding, the source of finance should
be the dominant source of funding that enables the college to provide each particular

Code     Description
01       Cost recovery: Scottish Higher Education Institution
02       Cost recovery: Other UK (non-Scottish) Educational Institution
03       Cost recovery: HM Government Departments and Public Bodies (not
         including the European Community)
04       Cost recovery: Other, including Employers in UK Industry/Commerce
         (ie includes PICKUP type programmes)
05       Cost recovery: New Deal
09       Scottish Funding Council (SFC)

Type of programme – code list D

 Code     Description
 01       Non-vocational programme.
 02       Programme taught in the institution but where the fees from students on the
          programme are received by a Scottish Higher Educational Institution*.
 03       Programme taught in the institution but where the fees from students on the
          programme are received by some other Scottish FE College*.
 04       Programme taught in the institution but where the fees from students on the
          programme are received by some other UK (non-Scottish) Educational
 05       Vocational programme – school link – for pupils with learning difficulties.
 06       Vocational programme – school link – other.
 07       Vocational programme – supported by Government training scheme eg LEC
          or New Deal – for students with learning difficulties.
 08       Vocational programme – supported by Government training scheme eg
          LEC or New Deal – other.
 09       Vocational programme – supported by European Funding – for students with
          learning difficulties.
 10       Vocational programme – supported by European Funding – other.
 11       Other vocational programme – for students with learning difficulties.

 12       Other vocational programme – other.

A vocational programme is one primarily designed to prepare students for employment
or a profession, by increasing their knowledge, skill or proficiency in related subjects.
All programmes primarily designed for students released from employment, and
programmes leading to recognised external qualifications, except where the
qualifications are primarily intended for recreational purposes eg City & Guild creative
studies programmes, are regarded as vocational. Day release programmes in General or
Liberal Studies, all programmes leading to the Scottish Certificate of Education or the
General Certificate of Education, programmes for pupils released from school to attend
regularly at a further education college and programmes for students Special
Educational Needs (SEN) are all classed as vocational. By definition, all programmes
which are not vocational should be regarded as non-vocational.

* Codes 02, 03, and 04 are for joint collaborative arrangement programme which the
college undertakes in conjunction with a Scottish Higher Education Institution (02), or
other Scottish FE College (03) or, alternatively, with some other non-Scottish
educational institution (04);

Subject codes (for HE programmes only) – code list E

Subject classification

Group A: Medicine and Dentistry              C108    Molecular Biology and Biophysics
                                             C109    Biochemistry
A101     Clinical Medicine                   C110    Psychology (unless solely as a
A102     Dental Surgery Assistants                   social science)
A103     Dental Technology                   C111    Clinical Science
A104     Dental Health Education             C112    Life Sciences
A105     Other Clinical Dentistry            C113    Other Biological Sciences

Group B: Subjects Allied to Medicine         Group D: Agriculture and related subjects

B101     Anatomy and Physiology              D101    Veterinary Sciences
B102     Human Biology                       D102    Animal Husbandry
B201     Pharmacology                        D103    Animal Nursing
B202     Pharmacy                            D104    Agriculture
B302     Nutrition/Dietetics                 D105    Fish Farming and Water Keeping
B401     Opthalmics                          D106    Crop Production (including
B402     Contact Lens Fitting                        grassland – forage crops)
B403     Dispensing Opticians                D107    Horticulture
B404     Audiology                           D108    Vegetable/Flower Production
B405     Chiropody                           D109    Floristry
B406     Speech Therapy                      D110    Agricultural Marketing and
B407     Physiotherapy                               Merchanting
B408     Occupational Therapy                D111    Farm Business Administration and
B501     Radiography/Radioagnostics                  Management
B502     Medical Technology                  D112    Turf Culture/Green Keeping
B503     Medical Laboratory Science          D113    Forestry
B504     Physiological Measurement           D114    Food Science
B601     Community Psychiatric Nursing       D115    Food Technology/Manufacture
B602     District Nursing                    D116    Food Hygiene
B603     District Nurse Tutors               D117    Gamekeeping Sporting Management
B604     Nursery Nursing                     D118    Natural Resources
B605     Midwifery                           D119    Other Agricultural Subjects
B606     Nursing Related Studies             D201    Fisheries
B607     General and Other Nursing           D202    Fishing Crew
B701     Occupational Health                 D203    Sea Fishing
B702     Health Visitors
B703     Health Visitor Tutors               Group F: Physical Sciences
B704     Clinical Teaching
B705     Environmental Health                F101    Chemistry
B706     Others in Medical Health and        F102    Applied Chemistry
         Welfare                             F103    Industrial Chemistry
                                             F104    Chemistry with Languages or
Group C: Biological Sciences                         Business Administration
                                             F105    Polymer Chemistry
C101     Biology                             F106    Analytical Chemistry
C102     Applied Biology                     F107    Radio Chemistry
C103     Environmental Biology               F108    Other Chemistry
C104     Marine Biology                      F201    Material Science (excluding
C105     Botany                                      Metallurgy)
C106     Zoology                             F301    Physics
C107     Microbiology – non-medical          F302    Applied Physics
                      – medical              F303    Physical Electronics

F304    Other Physics                        H120    Communications Engineering
F401    Astronomy                            H121    Instrumentation Control Engineering
F501    Geology                              H122    Production Engineering
F502    Engineering Geology                  H123    Industrial Engineering
F503    Geography Studies as a Science       H124    Engineering Design
F504    Earth Science                        H125    Engineering Design and
F505    Meteorology                                  Manufacture
F506    Other Environmental Science          H126    Fabrication Engineering
F601    Other Physical Sciences              H127    Welding
                                             H128    Chemical Engineering
Group G: Mathematical and Computing          H129    Plant Process Trades
         Science                             H130    Gas Engineering
                                             H131    Fuel Technology
G101    Mathematics                          H132    Other Chemical Engineering and
G102    Applied Mathematics                          Fuel Technology
G103    Mathematical Sciences                H133    Other Engineering (including multis
G104    Numerical Methods/Analysis                   not specified above)
G105    Other Mathematics (including
        Arithmetic)                          J101    Minerals Technology
G201    Statistics                           J102    Mining
G202    Mathematical Statistics              J103    Other Mining Related Studies
G301    Computer Science                     J201    Metallurgy/Metals Technology
G302    Computer Studies                     J202    Foundry Technology
G303    Software Engineering                 J203    Ceramics Technology
G304    Systems Analysis and Design          J204    Glass Technology
G305    Programming                          J205    Plastics and Polymers Technology
G306    Information Technology               J206    Paint Technology
G401    Mathematics, Statistics and          J207    Rubber Technology
        Computing                            J208    Leather Technology
G402    Other Mathematical and               J209    Timber Technology
        Computing Sciences                   J210    Furniture Production
                                             J211    Clothing and Footwear, Technology
Group H, J: Engineering and Technology               and Manufacture
                                             J212    Textile Technology
H101    General Engineering                  J213    Printing
H102    Civil Engineering                    J214    Musical Instrument Technology
H103    Structural Engineering                       Manufacture
H104    Environmental Engineering            J215    Silversmiths Work
H105    Public Health Engineering            J216    Other Materials Technology
H106    Mechanical Engineering               J301    Marine Technology
H107    Agricultural Engineering             J302    Yacht and Boatbuilding
H108    Motor Vehicle Engineering            J303    Marine Electronics
H109    Vehicle Bodywork                     J304    Biotechnology
H110    Marine Engineering                   J305    Other Technologies
H111    Marine Architecture and
        Shipbuilding                         Group K: Architecture, Building and
H112    Offshore Engineering                          Planning
H113    Aeronautical Engineering
H114    Aerospace Studies                    K101    Architecture
H115    Electrical Engineering               K102    Professional Practice Architecture
H116    Electrical and Electronic            K103    Landscape Architecture
        Engineering                          K104    Urban and Regional Planning
H117    Electronic Engineering               K105    Town Planning
H118    Computer Systems Engineering         K106    Urban Studies
H119    Electronics and Computer             K107    Housing
        Technology                           K108    Other Architectural or Planning

K201    Building                             N203    Shorthand and Shorthand
K202     Building Maintenance/Adaptation                 Transcription
         Conservation                             N204   Typewriting and Audio-typewriting
K203     Clerk of Works                           N205   Word Processing
K204     Building Technology                      N206   Receptionists
K205     Plumbing Technology                      N301   Operational Research
K206     Electrical Technology                    N401   Banking
K207     Brickwork Technology                     N402   Building Societies
K208     Carpentry/Joinery Technology             N403   Insurance
K209     Painting/Decorating Technology           N404   Taxation
K210     Plastering Technology                    N405   Risk Management
K211     Roofing/Tiling Technology                N406   Other Financial Management
K212     Other Building                           N407   Accountancy/Accounting
K301     Building Surveying                       N408   Cost and Management Accountancy
K302     Quantity Surveying                       N409   Certified Accountancy
K303     Surveying Science                        N410   Public Accountancy
                                                  N411   Book-keeping
Group L, M: Social Studies                        N501   Marketing and Market Research
                                                  N502   Purchasing and Supply
L101     Economics/Applied Economics              N601   Industrial Relations
L201     Sociology                                N602   Personnel Administration
L202     Applied Social Science/Studies           N603   Trade Union Studies
L203     Social Policy                            N701   Catering and Institutional
L204     Social Administration                           Management
L205     Health Administration                    N702   Hotel Chefs
L206     Social Work                              N703   Pastry Cooks
L208     Youth and Community Work                 N704   Hotel and Catering Administration
L209     Childcare                                N705   Hotel Reception
L301     Anthropology                             N706   Home Economics
L401     Psychology                               N707   Cookery
L501     Geography (unless classified as a        N708   Bakery/Cake Decoration
         physical science)                        N709   Home Management
                                                  N710   Food Service
M101     Politics                                 N711   Licensed Trade
M102     Government                               N712   Other Catering or Institutional
M103     Public Administration                           Management
M104     Other Politics, Government and           N801   Tourism
         Administration                           N802   Travel Agency
M201     Law                                      N803   Leisure and Recreation – Business
M202     Other Legal Studies                      N901   Transport
M301     Women’s Studies                          N902   Road Transport
M401     Other Social Studies                     N903   Navigation
                                                  N904   Maritime Studies
Group N: Business and Administrative              N905   Deck Officer
         Studies                                  N906   Sea Survival
                                                  N907   First Aid at Sea
N101     Business Studies                         N908   Other Transport
N102     Management
N103     Business and Management Studies          Group P: Mass Communication and
N104     Commerce                                          Documentation
N105     Administrative Management                P101   Librarianship
N106     Land and Property Management             P102   Information Science
N107     Other Business Management and            P103   Communication Studies
         Administration                           P104   Broadcasting Studies
N201     Secretarial Studies                      P105   Publishing
N202     Secretarial and Typing Skills            P106   Journalism
                                                  P107   Other Media Studies

Group Q, R, T: Language and Related            W208   Furniture Design
              Disciplines                      W209   Knitwear Design
                                               W210   Architectural Stained Glass Design
Q101    Linguistics                            W211   Fashion Design
Q102    Language Studies                       W212   Industrial/Product Design
Q103    Comparative Literature                 W213   Ceramic Design
Q104    English Language & Literature          W214   Jewellery Design
Q105    American Studies                       W215   Interior Design
Q106    Gaelic and Celtic Languages            W216   Exhibition/Display Design
Q107    Classic                                W217   Audio Visual Design
                                               W218   TV Design
R101    French                                 W219   Film Design
R102    German                                 W220   Video Design
R103    Italian                                W221   Photography
R104    Spanish                                W222   Technical Illustration
R105    Portuguese                             W223   Theatre Design
R106    Latin American Languages               W224   Theatrical Costumes
R107    Scandinavian Languages                 W225   Craft Design and Technology
R108    Russian                                W226   Others in Design
                                               W227   Art and Design
T101    Slavonic and Eastern European          W301   Music
        Languages                              W401   Drama
T102    European Studies                       W402   Creative/Performing Arts
T103    Modern Greek                           W403   Theatre
T104    Dutch                                  W404   Theatre Craft
T105    Chinese                                W405   Stage Management
T106    Japanese                               W406   Visual Studies
T107    Other Asian Languages                  W501   Craft Studies
T108    Modern Middle-Eastern Languages        W601   Beauty Therapy
T109    African Languages                      W602   Hairdressing/Wigmaking
T110    Other Modern Languages                 W701   Others not already specified in Art
                                                      and Design
Group V: Humanities
                                               Group X: Education
V101    History
V102    Modern History                         X101   Education
V103    Economic History
V104    History of Art                         Group Y: Combined and General
V201    Archaeology                                     Programmes and programmes
V301    Philosophy                                      not otherwise classified
V302    Logic
V401    Theology                               Y101   Combined or General Science
V402    Religious Studies                      Y102   Combined or General Arts
                                               Y103   Combined SCE/GCE
Group W: Creative Arts and Design              Y104   Sports and Hobbies
                                               Y105   Other Subjects not elsewhere coded
W101    Fine Art
W102    Visual Art
W103    Other Art
W201    General Design
W202    Foundation Studies
W203    Environmental Design
W204    Textile Design
W205    Printing Design
W206    Typography
W207    Electronic Imaging

Subject codes (for HE programmes only) - Code List E (in alphabetical order)
This section contains an alphabetic list of possible course/programme topics together with a suggested
subject code from the classification list. This list should be regarded as a broad guide to how
courses/programmes may be classified, rather than a definitive statement. There may be instances
where the code suggested against a course/programmes topic is at variance with local knowledge of the
course/programme content, and in such cases the college should decide what the most appropriate
code should be.
A                                                      Applied astronomy            F401
Accountancy                            N407            Applied biochemistry         C109
Accounting                             N407            Applied biology              C102
Accounting, cost and works             N408            Applied chemistry            F102
Accounting, law                        N407            Applied mathematics          G102
Actuarial studies                      N403            Applied mechanics            H106
Administration, business               N101            Applied microbiology         C107
Administration, general                N107            Applied physics              F302
Administration, hospital               L205            Arboriculture                D113
Administration, industrial             N107            Archaeology                  V201
Administration, printing               N107            Archery                      Y104
Administration, public                 M103            Architecture                 K101
Administration, social                 L204            Architecture, landscape      K103
Administrative studies                 N105            Architecture, naval          H111
Adult literacy - training of tutors    X101            Arithmetic                   G105
Adult literacy - tuition               Q102            Art                          W103
Adult numeracy                         G105            Art, commercial              W103
Advertising                            N501            Art, general                 W103
Aerodynamics                           H113            Art and Design               W227
Aero engineering                       H113            Art, history of              V104
Aeronautical engineering               H113            Art metalwork                W103
Aeronautics                            H114            Asian languages              T107
Aerostructure                          H114            Astronautics                 H114
African languages                      T109            Astronomy, applied           F401
Agricultural biology                   D119            Astronomy, radio             F401
Agricultural biochemistry              D119            Astronomy, theoretical       F401
Agricultural botany                    D119            Astrophysics                 F401
Agricultural chemistry                 D119            Audio-visual aids            X101
Agricultural economics                 D110            Automobile engineering       H108
Agricultural engineering               H107
Agricultural science                   D104            B
Agricultural secretaries               N201            Bacteriology                 C113
Agricultural zoology                   D119            Badminton                    Y104
Agriculture                            D104            Bakery                       N708
Aircraft electrical power systems      H113            Ballroom dancing             Y104
Aircraft electronic devices            H113            Banking                      N401
Air pollution                          F506            Basketry                     Y104
Air transport                          N908            Beekeeping                   D119
Anatomy                                B101            Beer and Wine Making         Y104
Anatomy, physiology and health         B101            Biochemistry, agricultural   D119
Ancient Languages and Literature       Q107            Biochemistry, applied        C109
Ancillary health subjects              B706            Biochemistry, medical        C109
Angling                                Y104            Biological chemistry         C101
Animal genetics                        D101            Biological sciences          C113
Animal husbandry                       D102            Biology                      C101
Animal nursing                         D103            Biology, agricultural        D119
Animal technicians                     D101            Biology, applied             C102
Antiques                               Y104            Blacksmithing                J201

Boat building                          J302       Chemistry, polymer             F105
Boiler house practice                  H133       Chemistry, soil                D119
Boilermaking                           H133       Chemistry, technical           F108
Bookbinding                            J213       Chiropody                      B405
Bookkeeping                            N411       Chocolate & sugar              D114
Book production                        J213       Cinema and film studio work    W219
Boot and shoe manufacture and repair   J211       Cine Photography               W221
Botany                                 C105       Civil defence                  M102
Botany, agricultural                   D119       Civil engineering              H102
Braille                                Y105       Civil engineering (gas)        H102
Brewing                                D114       Civil Service clerical and
Brickmaking                            J216         entrance examinations        Y105
Bridge                                 Y104       Classes for - Deaf and Dumb    Y105
Builders Quantities                    K302       Classes for - Handicapped      Y105
Building                               K201       Classical studies              Q107
Building drawing                       K212       Cleaning science               B706
Building economics                     K212       Clerk of works                 K203
Building foremanship                   K212       Clerk - typists                N202
Building inspection                    K212       Clock manufacture              H123
Building technology                    K204       Clothing and footwear          J211
Buildings, conservation of             K202       Clothing trades                J211
Business administration                N101       Coal mining                    J102
Business machine operation             N205       Coal processing                H131
Business studies                       N101       Colliery electricians          J102
                                                  Colliery mechanics             J102
C                                                 Colour chemistry               F108
Cable jointing                         H115       Combined engineering           H133
Cardiography                           B706       Commerce                       N104
Careers guidance                       L202       Commerce (combined with        N201
Car maintenance                        Y104       Commercial art                 W103
Carpentry and joinery                  K208       Commercial travelling          N501
Carpet and upholstery fabric           J210       Commodity distribution         N502
Cartography                            K303       Communication studies          P103
Catering                               N701       Community service              L206
Catering, basic trades                 N712       Company secretarial practice   N102
Catering, institutional                N701       Computer languages             N107
Catering, nautical                     N712       Computer operation             N107
Celtic languages                       Q106       Computer programming
                                                  (general and
Central government                     M102        commercial bias)              N107
Ceramics (design)                      W213       Computer science               G301
Ceramics (technology and               J203       Computer studies               G302
manufacture)                                      (mathematical bias)
Chemical engineering                   H128       Computer systems analysis      G304
Chemical plant operation               H129       Concrete practice              K212
Chemical technicians                   H128       Concrete technology            K204
Chemical technology                    H128       Confectionery, flour           N708
Chemistry                              F101       Confectionery, sugar           N708
Chemistry, agricultural                D119       Conservation of buildings      K202
Chemistry, applied                     F102       Construction management        N107
Chemistry (as applied to textile       F105       Construction plant,            K212
industry)                                         maintenance and repair of
Chemistry, biological                  C109       Contact lens fitting           B402
Chemistry, colour                      F108       Control engineering            H133
Chemistry, cosmetic                    F108       Cookery                        N707
Chemistry, physiological               C113       Cookery for hotel and          N707
                                                  catering trades

Co-op retailing                       N502       Drama                         W401
Corrosion engineering                 H133       Dress and design              W226
Cosmetic chemistry                    F108       Dressmaking (domestic)        Y104
Cost and works accounting             N408       Dress manufacture             J211
Cotton manufacture                    J212       Dry cleaning work             Y105
Country dancing                       Y104       Dutch                         T104
Courses for managers and executives              Dyeing of textiles            J212
 not elsewhere classified             N107
Currency                              N401       E
Current affairs                       P107       Economics                     L101
Cybernetics (industrial)              J216       Economics, agricultural       D110
Cybernetics (management)              N107       Economics, building           K212
                                                 Economics, home               N706
D                                                Economics, industrial         L101
Dairying                              D119       Economics, land               L101
Dancing, ballroom                     Y104       Economic history              V103
Dancing, country                      Y104       Economic organisation         L101
Danish                                R107       Economic science              L101
Data processing                       N202       Economic statistics           L101
Decimilisation                        G105       Education                     X101
Decorating                            K209       Electrical engineering        H115
Dental assistants                     A102       Electrical fitting            K206
Dental nurses                         B607       Electrical installation       K206
Dental technicians                    A105       Electricians, colliery        J103
Dentistry                             A103       Electricians, motor vehicle   H108
Design, ceramics                      W213       Electro and stereotyping      J213
Design, fashion                       W211       Electrochemistry              F108
Design, furniture                     W208       Electronics                   H116
Design, general                       W201       Electronic engineering        H117
Design, graphic                       W222       Electronic servicing          H116
Design, industrial                    W212       Embroidery and lace           J212
Design, jewellery                     W214       Embroidery (domestic)         Y104
Design, textile                       W204       Engineering combined with     H133
Design, typographical                 W206       Engineering and
                                                 technology, combined
Dietetics                             B302        with science or social,
Discussion groups                     L201        and business studies         H133
Dispensing assistants                 B706       Engineering, aero             H113
Dispensing opticians                  B403       Engineering, aeronautical     H113
Dispensing technicians                B706       Engineering, agricultural     H107
Distribution, commodity               N502       Engineering, chemical         H128
Distribution, general                 N502       Engineering, civil            H102
Distribution, retail                  N502       Engineering, combined         H133
Distribution, textile                 N502       Engineering, control          H133
Domestic science                      N706       Engineering, corrosion        H133
Domestic science Group II             N706       Engineering, drawing          H133
Domestic science with dress and       N706       Engineering, electrical       H115
Domestic science with food and        N706       Engineering, electronic       H117
Domestic studies                      N706       Engineering, fire             H133
                                                 Engineering, gas              H130
                                                 Engineering, general          H101
                                                 Engineering, heating and      H133
                                                 Engineering, illuminating     H115

Engineering, industrial                H123       Food inspection analysis and      D116
Engineering, instrument                H121       Food manufacture                  D115
Engineering, marine                    H110       Food technology                   D115
Engineering, mechanical                H106       Food trades not otherwise         D115
Engineering, mill                      H123       Football                          Y104
Engineering, mineral                   J101       Footwear                          J211
Engineering, mining                    J102       Forestry                          D113
Engineering, motor vehicle             H108       Forestry management               D113
Engineering, municipal                 H102       Foremanship building              K212
Engineering, nuclear                   H133       Foremanship, industrial           N107
Engineering, offshore                  H112       Foundry practice                  J202
Engineering, pipework                  H133       Foundry technology                J202
Engineering planning, estimating and   H133       French                            R101
Engineering, precision                 H133       Fuel technology                   H131
Engineering, production                H122       Furnace brickwork                 K207
Engineering, refrigeration             H106       Furniture and upholstery          J210
Engineering, sanitary                  H105       Furniture design                  W208
Engineering, science                   H133
Engineering, structural                H103       G
Engineering, textile                   J212       Gaelic                            Q106
Engineering, thermal                   H133       Gas engineering                   H130
Engineering, traffic                   H102       Gas fitters work                  K212
Engineering trades                     H133       Gas manufacture and utilisation   H131
Engineering, water                     H133       Gemmology                         J101
English                                Q104       General distribution              N502
English for foreign students           Q104       General engineering               H101
English language                       Q104       General science                   Y101
English literature                     Q104       General studies                   Y102
Entertainment                          N803       General technology                J305
Environmental sciences                 F506       Genetics                          C101
Ergonomics                             H122       Genetics, animal                  D101
Estate agency                          N106       Geography                         F503
Estate management                      N106       Geology                           F501
Etiquette, social                      Y104       Geology, mining                   J103
Export practice                        N107       Geophysics                        F501
                                                  German                            R102
F                                                 Glazing and allied trades         K212
Fabrication of steelwork               H126       Goldsmiths work (excluding        J216
Farm machinery maintenance             H107       Golf                              Y104
Farm organisation and management       D111       Government                        M102
Farm records and accounts              D111       Government, central               M102
Fashion design                         W211       Government, local                 M102
Fencing                                Y104       Graphic design                    W222
Film studio work                       W402       Greek (Classical)                 Q107
Fire engineering                       H133       Greek (Modern)                    T103
Fire service                           M103       Greenkeeping                      D112
First aid                              Y104       Grocery                           N502
Fishing (Nautical)                     D203       Guided missiles                   H113
Fishing (Angling)                      Y104
Flight control                         H113
Floor tiling                           K211       H
Flour confectionery                    N708       Hairdressing and allied trades    W602
Flour milling                          D115       Handicapped, classes for          Y105
Flower display and arrangement         Y104       Handicrafts                       Y104
Fly tying                              Y104       Handicrafts and Hobbies (non      Y104
Food and nutrition                     B302       Health and Safety                 B706

Health Visitors                         B702       J
Hearing and Speech Impairment           Y105       Jewellery design                 W214
Heating and ventilation engineering     H133       Jewellery manufacture            J216
Heating and ventilation (installation              Joinery                          K208
 and fitting)                           K212       Joinery, ship                    H111
Hebrew                                  Q107       Journalism                       P106
Highways and works superintendents      K212       Judo                             Y104
Hillcraft                               Y104
History                                 V101       K
History, economic                       V103       Keep fit                         Y104
History of art                          V104       Kiln burning                     J216
Hobbies and Handicrafts (non            Y104       Knitted goods manufacture        J211
Home economics                          N706
Home economics (fabric and fashion)     N706       L
Home economics (food and nutrition)     N706       Lace manufacture                 J216
Home management                         N709       Land economics                   L101
Horticultural machinery maintenance     H107       Land management                  N106
Horticultural science                   D107       Landscape architecture           K103
Horticulture                            D107       Languages:
Hosiery                                 J211       African languages                T109
Hospital administration                 L205       Asian languages                  T107
Hotel and catering                      N704       Celtic languages                 Q106
Hotel assistants                        N704       Central and Eastern European
Hotel bookkeeping                       N411         languages other than Russian   T101
Hotel reception                         N705       Classical studies                Q107
Houseworking                            N706       Combined languages courses
Housing management                      N107         (other than French/German)     T110
Humanities                              L201       Danish                           R107
Hydraulics                              H106       Dutch                            T104
Hydrodynamics                           G105       English                          Q104
Hygiene                                 B706       French                           R101
                                                   Gaelic                           Q106
I                                                  German                           R102
Illuminating engineering                H115       Greek (Classical)                Q107
Illustration                            W222       Greek (Modern)                   T103
Industrial administration               N107       Hebrew                           T108
Industrial cybernetics                  H123       Italian                          R103
Industrial design                       W212       Latin                            Q107
Industrial economics                    L101       Modern languages not
Industrial engineering                  H123         classified                     T110
Industrial foremanship                  N107       Norwegian                        R107
Industrial glass design                 W212       Oriental languages               T107
Industrial organisation                 N107       Portuguese                       R105
Industrial radiography                  H133       Russian                          R108
Industrial relations                    N601       Spanish                          R104
Industrial safety officers              B701       Swedish                          R107
Information training                    N107       Western European languages
Information science                     G306         elsewhere classified           T110
Institutional catering                  N701       Languages, computer              G305
Institutional housekeeping              N701       Lapidary                         Y104
Institutional management                N701       Laundry and dry cleaning work    N706
Instrument engineering and              H121       Law                              M201
Instrument technology                   H121       Law accounting                   N407
Insurance                               N403       Leather technology               J208
Interior Design                         W215
International relations                 M104
Iron and steel manufacture              J202
Italian                                 R103

Legal executives                         M201       Manufacture, synthetic textile     J212
Lettering                                W226       Manufacture, textile               J212
Liberal studies                          V102       Manufacture, upholstery            J210
Librarianship                            P101       Manufacture, upholstery fabric     J210
Licensed house staff                     N711       Manufacture, watch                 H133
Line composition                         J213       Manufacture, woollen               J212
Lip reading                              Y105       Map-reading                        Y104
Lithographic printing                    J213       Marine engineering                 H110
Local government                         M102       Marketing and sales                N501
Logic                                    V302       Masonry                            K212
                                                    Mastic asphalt work                K212
M                                                   Materials handling                 J216
Maintenance, car                         Y104       Mathematical physics               G103
Management                               N102       Mathematics                        G101
Management, construction                 N107       Mathematics, applied               G102
Management, estate                       N106       Mathematics, technological         G105
Management, forestry                     D113       Mathematics combined with          G103
Management, home                         N709       Meat Inspection                    D116
Management, housing                      N107       Mechanical engineering             H106
Management, institutional                N701       Mechanical engineering craft       H106
Management, office                       N102       Mechanial engineering              H106
Management, personnel                    N602       Mechanical engineering             H106
Management, production                   N102       Mechanics, applied                 H106
Management, retail                       N102       Mechanics, colliery                J103
Management, sales                        N102       Mechanics, motor vehicle           H108
Management, works                        N102       Medical biochemistry               C109
Management cybernetics                   N102       Medical certificate                B706
Management science                       N102       Medical laboratory technicians     B503
Management studies                       N103       Medical secretaries                N201
Manicure and chiropody                   B405       Medicine                           A101
Manufacture, boot                        J211       Metal finishing                    J201
Manufacture, ceramics                    J203       Metal plate work                   J201
Manufacture, carpet                      J216       Metal technology                   J201
Manufacture, clock                       H133       Metal trades                       J201
Manufacture, cotton                      J212       Metallurgical technicians          J201
Manufacture, dress                       J211       Metallurgy                         J201
Manufacture, food                        D115       Metalwork                          J201
Manufacture, furniture                   J210       Meteorology                        F505
Manufacture, gas                         H130       Metrication                        G105
Manufacture, hosiery                     J211       Metrology                          F506
Manufacture, iron and steel              J202       Microbiology                       C107
Manufacture, jewellery                   J216       Microbiology, applied              C107
Manufacture, knitted goods               J211       Microscopy                         C107
Manufacture, lace                        J216       Milk pasteurisation, processing    D115
                                                    and distribution
Manufacture, leather and leather goods   J208       Mill engineering and services      H133
Manufacture, musical instrument          J214       Millinery (domestic)               Y104
Manufacture, non ferrous metal           J201       Millinery (other than domestic)    J211
Manufacture, optical instruments         J216       Mine surveying                     J103
Manufacture, pottery                     J203       Mineral engineering                J101
Manufacture, scientific instrument       J216       Mineralogy                         F501
Manufacture, shoe                        J211       Mining                             J102
Manufacture, silk                        J212       Mining, coal                       J102
Manufacture, steel                       J202       Mining and quarrying (other than   J102
Manufacture, synthetic fibre             J212       Mining deputies and managers       J102
                                                    Mining engineering                 J102
Mining geology                           J102       P
Modern studies                         V102       Paint technology                  J206
Monotype casters work                  J213       Painting                          K209
Monotype composition                   J213       Painting, motor vehicle           H109
Moral sciences                         V301       Painting and decorating           K209
Mosaic work                            K211       Panel beating                     H109
Motor bodywork                         H109       Paper merchanting                 N502
Motoring (non vocational)              Y104       Paper science                     J216
Motor vehicle electricians             H108       Paper technology                  J216
Motor vehicle engineering              H108       Pattern making                    W226
Motor vehicle mechanics                H108       Paviours                          W212
Motor vehicle painting                 H109       Personal services                 W601
Motor vehicle repair and maintenance   H108       Personnel management              N602
Motor vehicle technicians              H108       Petroleum                         H132
Municipal engineering                  H102       Petroleum products                H132
Municipal treasurers and accountants   N410       Petroleum technology              H132
Music                                  W301       Pharmacy                          B202
Musical instrument and manufacture     J214       Pharmacology                      B201
                                                  Philosophy                        V301
N                                                 Photo engraving                   J213
Natural sciences not elsewhere         C113       Photography                       W221
Nautical catering                      N712       Photography - Cine                W221
Nautical radio telegraphy              N904       Photogravure                      J213
Nautical science                       N904       Photo-lithography                 J213
Nautical studies                       N904       Physical sciences (combinations
Naval architecture                     H111        than mathematics/physics)        F601
Navigation                             N903       Physical training                 Y104
Needlework (domestic)                  Y104       Physics                           F301
Non ferrous metal manufacture          J201       Physics, applied                  F302
Norwegian                              R107       Physics, mathematical             G103
Nuclear engineering                    H133       Physics, nuclear                  F304
Nuclear physics                        F304       Physics combined with             F304
Numerical analysis                     G104       Physiological chemistry           C112
Numeracy, adult                        G105       Physiological measurements        B504
Nursery nursing                        B604       Physiology                        B101
Nursing, medical                       B607       Physiotherapy                     B407
Nutrition                              B302       Pipework engineering              H133
                                                  Plant taxonomy                    D119
O                                                 Plasterers work                   K210
Occupational Therapy                   B408       Plastics technology               J205
Oceanography                           F506       Plumbing                          K205
Office management                      N102       Plumbing, ship                    H111
Office studies                         N201       Police                            M104
Offshore engineering and technology    H112       Political science                 M101
Operational research                   N301       Polymer chemistry                 F105
Ophthalmic opticians                   B401       Portuguese                        R105
Optical instruments manufacture        H133       Pottery                           J203
Opticians, dispensing                  B403       Poultry                           D102
Opticians, ophthalmic                  B401       Precision engineering             H133
Organisations, economic                L101       Preliminary trade cookery         N707
Organisation, industrial               N107       Pre-nursing                       B606
Organisation and methods               N301       Preparation for retirement        Y105
Oriental languages                     T107       Press tool making                 H133
Orienteering                           Y104       Printing                          J213
Origami                                Y104       Printing, lithographic            J213
                                                  Printing administration           N107
                                                  Printing ink technicians          J213
                                                  Printing technicians              J213

Printing warehouse practice            J213       S
Probability theory                     G201       Safety, Health and                B706
Processing, coal                     H131        Sailing                           Y104
Process plant operation              H129        Sales management                  N102
Production, book                     J213        Sales representatives             N501
Production engineering               H122        Salesmanship                      N501
Production management                N102        Sanitary engineering              H105
Programmed learning                  X101        Sanitary inspection               B705
Programming, computer                G305        Saw doctoring                     H133
Property management                  N106        Sawmilling                        J209
Psychology                           L401        Science combined with
                                                 engineering and
Public administration                M103         technology                       H133
Public health inspection             B705        Science, agricultural             D104
Public health subjects               B705        Science, biological               C104
Publishers edition binding           P105        Science, cleaning                 B706
Purchasing                           N502        Science, computer                 G301
                                                 Science, domestic                 N706
Q                                                Science, economic                 L101
Quality control                      N301        Science, engineering              H133
Quantity surveying                   K302        Science, environmental            F506
Quarrying                            J102        Science, general                  Y101
                                                 Science, information              G306
R                                                Science, management               N102
Radar                                H120        Science, moral                    V301
Radiation protection                 F302        Science, nautical                 N904
Radio                                H120        Science, paper                    J216
Radio (amateur)                      Y104        Science, political                M101
Radio astronomy                      F401        Science, social                   L202
Radio servicing                      H120        Science, soil                     D119
Radiography                          B501        Science, veterinary               D101
Radiography, industrial              H133        Science laboratory technicians    F601
Radio telegraphy (nautical)          N904        Scientific instrument             H133
Rail carriage building               H106        Sculpture                         W102
Rail transport                       N908        Seamanship                        N904
Rapid reading                        Y104        Seamanship and nautical           N904
Refrigeration engineering            H106        Secretarial practice, company     N102
Regional resources planning          K104        Secretarial studies               N201
Religious studies                    V402        Secretarial studies combined      N201
                                                 with commerce
Retail distribution                  N502        Secretaries, agricultural         N201
Retail management                    N102        Secretaries, medical              N201
Retail trades                        N502        Sheet metal work                  J201
Retailing, co-op                     N502        Shipbroking                       N102
Riding                               Y104        Shipbuilding                      H111
Road masons                          K212        Ship joinery                      H111
Road transport                       N902        Ship plumbing                     H111
Roadwork                             K212        Shipping                          N904
Rock climbing                        Y104        Shoe manufacture and repair       J211
Rod making                           Y104        Shopfitting                       K212
Roof slating                         K211        Shop Steward, TUC                 N603
Rubber technology                    J207        Shorthand                         N203
Rubber workshop practice             J207        Sign Writing                      W103
Rug making                           Y104        Silk manufacture                  J212
Rural saddlery                       J208        Silversmiths work (excluding      J215
Rural planning                       K108        Skiing                            Y104
Russian                              R108

Smoke inspection                     B705        Technicians, printing             J213
Social administrative and business               Technicians, printing ink         J213
 studies combined with engineering               Technicians, science laboratory   F601
 and technology                         Y105        Technicians, surgical laboratory   B706
Social administration                   L204        Technological mathematics          G102
Social anthropology                     L301        Technology combined with           H133
Social etiquette                        Y104        Technology, building               K204
Social sciences                         L202        Technology, ceramics               J203
Social Studies                          L202        Technology, chemical               H128
Social Work                             L206        Technology, concrete               K204
Sociology                               L201        Technology, food                   D114
Soft furnishings (domestic)             Y104        Technology, foundry                J202
Soil chemistry                          D119        Technology, fuel                   H131
Soil Science                            D119        Technology, general                J305
Space technology                        H113        Technology, instrument             H121
Spanish                                 R104        Technology, leather                J208
Spectroscopy                            J305        Technology, metal                  J201
Speech Therapy                          B406        Technology, offshore               H112
Sports                                  Y104        Technology, paint                  J206
Stained Glass                           W210        Technology, paper                  J213
Stationery                              N502        Technology, petroleum              H132
Statistics                              G201        Technology, plastics               J205
Statistics, economic                    G201        Technology, rubber                 J207
Steelwork, fabrication of               H126        Technology, space                  H113
Steel manufacture                       J202        Technology, textile                J212
Stereotyping                            J213        Technology, timber                 J209
Stock exchange practice                 N406        Technology, workshop               H106
Storekeeping                            N502        Telecommunications                 H120
Structural engineering                  H103        Television                         H120
Sugar confectionery                     D114        Television, amateur                Y104
Supervisory studies                     N103        Television, servicing              H115
Surgical laboratory technicians         B706        Terrazzo work                      K211
Surveying                               K303        Textile design                     W204
Surveying, mine                         J102        Textile distribution               N502
Surveying, quantity                     K302        Textile engineering                J212
Swedish                                 R107        Textiles, dyeing of                J212
Swimming                                Y104        Textile general                    J212
Sylviculture                            D113        Textile manufacture                J212
Synthetic fibre manufacture             J212        Textile merchanting (where
                                                    course has
Synthetic textile manufacture           J212         technological content)            J212
Systems analysis (computer)             G304        Textile printing                   J212
                                                    Textile technology                 J212
T                                                   Theology                           V401
Tailoring (domestic)                    Y104        Theoretical astronomy              F401
Tailoring (other than domestic)         J211        Therapy, occupational              B408
Tape recorders, amateur                 Y104        Tiling                             K211
Tape recorders, servicing               H115        Timber felling                     D113
Tapestry                                Y104        Timber merchanting                 M502
Taxation                                N404        Timber technology                  J209
Teaching methods                        X101        Time and motion study              N301
Technical authorship and illustration   P107        Tobacco processing                 J216
Technical chemistry                     F108        Town and country planning          K104
Technicians, chemical                   H128        Trade union studies                N603
Technicians, animal                     D101        Traffic engineering                H102
Technicians, dental                     A103        Transport                          N901
Technicians, dispensing                 B706        Transport, air                     N908
Technicians, mechanical engineering     H106        Transport, rail                    N908
Technicians, medical laboratory         B706        Transport, road                    N902
Technicians, metallurgical              J201        Travel agency                      N802
Technicians, motor vehicle              H108        Tree nursery work                  D113

TUC Shop Steward                        N603        Y
Typing                                  N204        Yacht building                     J302
Typographical design                    W206        Yoga                               Y104
Typography                         W206        Youth and community services   L208
                                               Youth employment               L202
Upholstery and soft furnishings    Y104
Upholster fabric manufacture       J210        Z
Upholstery manufacture             J210        Zoology                        C106
                                               Zoology, agricultural          D119
Vehicle body building              H109
Venture clubs                      Y104
Veterinary science                 D101
Vocational guidance                L202

Waiters                            N710
Wall tiling                        K211
Watch manufacture                  H133
Weaving                            J212
Welding                            H127
Wholesale                          N502
Window dressing and display        W216
Wine and beer making               Y104
Womans studies                     M301
Woodcarving                        Y104
Woodcutting machinists’ work       J209
Woodwork                           K208
Woollen manufacture                J212
Woollen weaving                    J212
Works management                   N102
Workshop technology and practice   J305
Work study                         N301

Superclass II: Outline of main classes – code list F
A: Business/Management/Office Studies                     E: Politics/Economics/Law/Social
AA   Business/Finance (general)
AB   Management (general)                                 EA    Government/Politics
AC   Public Administration                                EB    Economics
AD   International Business Studies/Briefings             EC    Law
AE   Enterprises                                          ED    Social Sciences General/Combined
AF   Management Skills                                    EE    Social Studies
AG   Management Planning and Control Systems
AJ   Human Resources Management                           F: Area Studies/Cultural
AK   Financial Management/Accounting                         Studies/Languages/ Literature
AL   Financial Services
AY   Office Skills                                        FB    Culture/Gender/Folklore
AZ   Typing/Shorthand/Secretarial Skills                  FC    Literature
                                                          FJ    Linguistic Studies
B: Sales, Marketing and Distribution                      FK    Languages
                                                          FL    Cultural/Area/Social/Diaspora Studies
BA   Marketing/PR
BB   Export/Import/European Sales                         G: Education/Training/Teaching
BC   Retailing/Wholesaling/Distributive Trades
BD   Retailing/Distribution: specific types               GA    Education Theory/Learning Issues
BE   Sales Work                                           GB    Teaching/Training
BF   Physical Distribution                                GC    Teaching/Training: specific subjects
                                                          GD    Education/School Organisation
C: Information Technology and                             GE    Training/Vocational Qualifications
   Information                                            GF    Careers/Education Guidance Work

CA   Computer technology                                  H: Family Care/Personal Development/
CB   IT: Computer Science/Programming/                       Personal Care and Appearance
CC   IT: Computer Use                                     HB    Self Development
CD   Using Software and Operating Systems                 HC    Career Change/Access
CE   Text/Graphics/Multimedia Presentation                HD    Continuing Education (basic skills)
     Software                                             HE    Personal Finance/Consumerism/Rights
CH   Software for Specific Applications/Industries        HF    Parenting/Carers
CX   Information Work/Information Use                     HG    Disabled People: skills/facilities
CY   Information Systems/Management                       HH    Crisis/Illness/Self Help
CZ   Libraries/Librarianship                              HJ    Personal Health/Fitness/Appearance
                                                          HK    Therapeutic Personal Care
D: Humanities (History/Archaeology/                       HL    Hair/Personal Care Services
   Religious Studies/Philosophy)
                                                          J: Arts and Crafts
DA   Humanities/General Studies/Combined
     Studies                                              JA    Art Studies/Fine Arts
DB   History                                              JB    Art Techniques/Practice
DC   Archaeology                                          JC    Design (non-industrial)
DD   Religious Studies                                    JD    Museum/Gallery/Conservation Skills
DE   Philosophy                                           JE    Collecting/Antiques
                                                          JF    Crafts: Leisure/General
                                                          JG    Decorative Leisure Crafts
                                                          JH    Decorative Metal Crafts/Jewellery
                                                          JK    Fashion/Textiles/Clothing (craft)
                                                          JL    Fabric Crafts/Soft Furnishings
                                                          JP    Wood Cane and Furniture Crafts
                                                          JR    Glass/Ceramics/Stone Crafts

K: Authorship/Photography/Publishing/          P: Health Care/Medicine/Health and
   Media                                          Safety

KA   Communication/Media (general)             PA   Health Care Management/Health
KB   Communication Skills                           Studies
KC   Writing (authorship)                      PB   Medical Sciences
KD   Journalism                                PC   Complementary Medicine
KE   Photography                               PD   Paramedical Services/Supplementary
KF   Film/Video Production                          Medicine
KG   Audio and Visual Media                    PE   Medical Technology/Pharmacology
KH   Print and Publishing                      PF   Dental Services
                                               PG   Ophthalmic Services
L: Performing Arts                             PH   Nursing
                                               PJ   Semi-medical/Physical /Psycho/
LA   Performing Arts (general)                      Therapies
LB   Dance                                     PK   Psychology
LC   Theatre and Dramatic Arts                 PL   Occupational Health and Safety
LD   Variety Circus and Modelling              PM   Social Care/Social Work Skills
LE   Theatre Production                        PN   Family/Community Work
LF   Music History/Theory                      PP   Crisis Support/Counselling
LG   Music of Specific Kinds/Cultures          PQ   Child Care Services
LH   Music Performance
LJ   Musical Instrument Technology

M: Sports, Games and Recreation                Q: Environment Protection/Energy/
MA Sports Studies/Combined Sports
MB Air Sports                                  QA   Environmental Protection/Conservation
MC Water Sports                                QB   Energy Economics/Management/
MD Athletics Gymnastics and Combat                  Conservation
   Sports                                      QC   Pollution/Pollution Control
ME Wheeled Sports                              QD   Environmental Health/Safety
MF Winter Sports                               QE   Cleansing
MG Ball and Related Games                      QG   Funerary Services
MH Country/Animal Sports                       QH   Security
MJ Indoor Games                                QJ   Fire Prevention/Fire Fighting

N: Catering/Food/Leisure                       R: Sciences and Mathematics
                                               RA   Science and Technology (general)
NA Hotel/Catering (general)                    RB   Mathematics
NB Food/Drink Services                         RC   Physics
NC Catering Services                           RD   Chemistry
ND Hospitality Services                        RE   Astronomy
NE Baking/Dairy/Food and Drink                 RF   Earth Sciences
   Processing                                  RG   Land and Sea Surveying/Cartography
NF Cookery                                     RH   Life Sciences
NG Home Economics
NH Food Sciences/Technology
NK Tourism/Travel
NL Leisure/Sports Facilities Work
NM Country leisure Facilities Work
NN Arts/Culture/Heritage Administration

S: Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal              W: Manufacturing/Production Work
                                                     WA   Manufacturing (general)
SA    Agriculture/Horticulture (general)
SB    Agricultural Sciences                          WB   Manufacturing/Assembly
SC    Crop Protection/Fertilisers/By products        WC   Instrument Making/Repair
SD    Crop Production                                WD   Testing Measurement and Inspection
SE    Gardening/Floristry/Plant Sales                WE   Chemical Products
SF    Amenity/Horticulture/Sports grounds            WF   Glass/Ceramics/Concretes
SG    Forestry/Timber Production                          Manufacture
SH    Animal Husbandry                               WG   Polymer Processing
SJ    Fish Production/Fisheries                      WH   Textiles/Fabrics (industrial)
SK    Agricultural Engineering/Farm                  WJ   Leather Footwear and Fur
      Machinery                                      WK   Woodworking/Furniture Manufacture
SL    Agricultural/Horticultural Maintenance         WL   Paper Manufacture
SM    Rural/Agricultural Business                    WM   Food/Drink/Tobacco (industrial)
SN    Veterinary Services
SP    Pets/Domestic Animal Care                      X: Engineering

T: Construction and Property (Built                  XA   Engineering/Technology (general)
   Environment)                                      XD   Metals Working/Finishing
                                                     XE   Welding/Joining
TA    Built Environment (general)                    XF   Tools/Machining
TC    Property: Surveying/Planning/                  XH   Mechanical Engineering
      Development                                    XJ   Electrical Engineering
TD    Building Design/Architecture                   XK   Power/Energy Engineering
TE    Construction (general)                         XL   Electronic Engineering
TF    Construction Management                        XM   Telecommunications
TG    Building/Construction Operations               XN   Electrical/Electronic Servicing
TH    Building Services                              XP   Aerospace/Defence Engineering
TJ    Interior Design/Fitting/Decoration             XQ   Ship and Boat Building/Marine/Offshore
TK    Construction Site Work                              Engineering
TL    Civil Engineering                              XR   Road Vehicle Engineering
TM    Structural Engineering                         XS   Vehicle Maintenance/Repair
                                                     XT   Rail Vehicle Engineering
V: Services to Industry
                                                     Y: Oil/Mining/Plastics/Chemicals
VB    Production/Operations Management
VC    Purchasing/Procurement and Sourcing            YA   Mining/Quarrying/Extraction
VD    Quality and Reliability Management             YB   Oil and Gas Operations
VE    Industrial Control/Monitoring                  YC   Chemicals/Materials Engineering
VF    Industrial Design/Research and                 YD   Metallurgy/Metals Production
      Development                                    YE   Polymer Science/Technology
VG    Engineering Services
                                                     Z: Transport Services

                                                     ZA   Transport (general)
                                                     ZD   Freight Handling
                                                     ZE   Aviation
                                                     ZF   Marine Transport
                                                     ZG   Rail Transport
                                                     ZH   Driving Road Safety
                                                     ZJ   Road Transport Operation
                                                     ZL   Motor Trade Operations

Superclass II: Outline of main classes – code list F
Alphabetical List
XP   Aerospace/Defence Engineering                  PP   Crisis Support/Counselling
SK   Agricultural Engineering/Farm Machinery        HH   Crisis/Illness/Self Help
SB   Agricultural Sciences                          SD   Crop Production
SL   Agricultural/Horticultural Maintenance         SC   Crop Protection/Fertilisers/By products
SA   Agriculture/Horticulture (general)             FL   Cultural/Area/Social/Diaspora Studies
MB   Air Sports                                     FB   Culture/Gender/Folklore
SF   Amenity/Horticulture/Sports grounds            LB   Dance
SH   Animal Husbandry                               JG   Decorative Leisure Crafts
DC   Archaeology                                    JH   Decorative Metal Crafts/Jewellery
JA   Art Studies/Fine Arts                          PF   Dental Services
JB   Art Techniques/Practice                        JC   Design (non-industrial)
NN   Arts/Culture/Heritage Administration           HG   Disabled People: skills/facilities
RE   Astronomy                                      ZH   Driving Road Safety
MD   Athletics Gymnastics and Combat sports         RF   Earth Sciences
KG   Audio and Visual Media                         EB   Economics
ZE   Aviation                                       GA   Education Theory/Learning Issues
NE   Baking/Dairy/Food and Drink processing         GD   Education/School Organisation
MG   Ball and Related Games                         XJ   Electrical Engineering
TD   Building Design/Architecture                   XN   Electrical/Electronic Servicing
TH   Building Services                              XL   Electronic Engineering
TG   Building/Construction Operations               QB   Energy Economics/Management/ Conservation
TA   Built Environment (general)                    VG   Engineering Services
AA   Business/Finance (general)                     XA   Engineering/Technology (general)
HC   Career Change/Access                           AE   Enterprises
GF   Careers/Education Guidance Work                QD   Environmental Health/Safety
NC   Catering Services                              QA   Environmental Protection/Conservation
WE   Chemical Products                              BB   Export/Import/European Sales
YC   Chemicals/Materials Engineering                JL   Fabric Crafts/Soft Furnishings
RD   Chemistry                                      PN   Family/Community Work
PQ   Child Care Services                            JK   Fashion/Textiles/Clothing (craft)
TL   Civil Engineering                              KF   Film/Video Production
QE   Cleansing                                      AK   Financial Management/Accounting
JE   Collecting/Antiques                            AL   Financial Services
KB   Communication Skills                           QJ   Fire Prevention/Fire Fighting
KA   Communication/Media (general)                  SJ   Fish Production/Fisheries
PC   Complementary Medicine                         NH   Food Sciences/Technology
CA   Computer technology                            NB   Food/Drink Services
TE   Construction (general)                         WM   Food/Drink/Tobacco (industrial)
TF   Construction Management                        SG   Forestry/Timber Production
TK   Construction Site Work                         ZD   Freight Handling
HD   Continuing Education (basic skills)            QG   Funerary Services
NF   Cookery                                        SE   Gardening/Floristry/Plant Sales
NM   Country leisure Facilities Work                WF   Glass/Ceramics/Concretes
MH   Country/Animal Sports                          JR   Glass/Ceramics/Stone Crafts
JF   Crafts: Leisure/General                        EA   Government/Politics

HL   Hair/Personal Care Services                   YB   Oil and Gas Operations
PA   Health Care Management/Health studies         PG   Ophthalmic Services
DB   History                                       WL   Paper Manufacture
NG   Home Economics                                PD   Paramedical Services/Supplementary Medicine
ND   Hospitality Services                          HF   Parenting/Carers
NA   Hotel/Catering (general)                      LA   Performing Arts (general)
AJ   Human Resources Management                    HE   Personal Finance/Consumerism/Rights
DA   Humanities/General Studies/Combined Studies   HJ   Personal Health/Fitness/Appearance
MJ   Indoor Games                                  SP   Pets/Domestic Animal Care
VE   Industrial Control/Monitoring                 DE   Philosophy
VF   Industrial Design/Research and Development    KE   Photography
CY   Information Systems/Management                BF   Physical Distribution
CX   Information Work/Information Use              RC   Physics
WC   Instrument Making/Repair                      QC   Pollution/Pollution Control
TJ   Interior Design/Fitting/Decoration            WG   Polymer Processing
AD   International Business Studies/Briefings      YE   Polymer Science/Technology
CB   IT: Computer Science/Programming/ Systems     XK   Power/Energy Engineering
CC   IT: Computer Use                              KH   Print and Publishing
KD   Journalism                                    VB   Production/Operations Management
RG   Land and Sea Surveying/Cartography            TC   Property: Surveying/Planning/ Development
FK   Languages                                     PK   Psychology
EC   Law                                           AC   Public Administration
WJ   Leather Footwear and Fur                      VC   Purchasing/Procurement and Sourcing
NL   Leisure/Sports Facilities Work                VD   Quality and Reliability Management
CZ   Libraries/Librarianship                       ZG   Rail Transport
RH   Life Sciences                                 XT   Rail Vehicle Engineering
FJ   Linguistic Studies                            DD   Religious Studies
FC   Literature                                    BD   Retailing/Distribution: specific types
AB   Management (general)                          BC   Retailing/Wholesaling/Distributive Trades
AG   Management Planning and Control Systems       ZJ   Road Transport Operation
AF   Management Skills                             XR   Road Vehicle Engineering
WA   Manufacturing (general)                       SM   Rural/Agricultural Business Organisation
WB   Manufacturing/Assembly                        BE   Sales Work
ZF   Marine Transport                              RA   Science and Technology (general)
BA   Marketing/PR                                  QH   Security
RB   Mathematics                                   HB   Self Development
XH   Mechanical Engineering                        PJ   Semi-medical/Physical /Psycho/ therapies
PB   Medical Sciences                              XQ   Ship and Boat Building/Marine/Offshore Engineering
PE   Medical Technology/Pharmacology               PM   Social Care/Social Work Skills
YD   Metallurgy/Metals Production                  ED   Social Sciences General/Combined
XD   Metals Working/Finishing                      EE   Social Studies
YA   Mining/Quarrying/Extraction                   CH   Software for Specific Applications/Industries
ZL   Motor Trade Operations                        MA   Sports Studies/Combined Sports
JD   Museum/Gallery/Conservation Skills            TM   Structural Engineering
LF   Music History/Theory                          GB   Teaching/Training
LG   Music of Specific Kinds/Cultures              GC   Teaching/Training: specific subjects
LH   Music Performance                             XM   Telecommunications
LJ   Musical Instrument Technology                 WD   Testing Measurement and Inspection
PH   Nursing                                       CE   Text/Graphics/Multimedia Presentation Software
PL   Occupational Health and Safety                WH   Textiles/Fabrics (industrial)
AY   Office Skills                                 LC   Theatre and Dramatic Arts

LE   Theatre Production                          SN   Veterinary Services
HK   Therapeutic Personal Care                   MC   Water Sports
XF   Tools/Machining                             XE   Welding/Joining
NK   Tourism/Travel                              ME   Wheeled Sports
GE   Training/Vocational Qualifications          MF   Winter Sports
ZA   Transport (general)                         JP   Wood Cane and Furniture Crafts
AZ   Typing/Shorthand/Secretarial Skills         WK   Woodworking/Furniture Manufacture
CD   Using Software and Operating Systems        KC   Writing (authorship)
LD   Variety Circus and Modelling
XS   Vehicle Maintenance/Repair

Mode of attendance of programme – code list G

Code   Description                   Definition

05     Short full-time               Self-contained full-time programme, ie one not
                                     supplemented by other periods of study of 18 weeks
                                     duration or less.
06     Block release                 Programme for which students are released by their
                                     employer for periods of full-time attendance.

                                     Please note: Any additional periods of part-time study
                                     associated with a block release course are regarded as being
                                     part of the programme.
07     Part-time (day release)       Programme for which students are released by their
                                     employer for part of the week.
08     Other part-time day           Also includes day programmes in which periods of evening
       programme                     or twilight study form an integral part of the programme.
09     Evenings only and weekends    Programme held only in evening or twilight sessions or at
11     Assessment of work based      Provision for assessment of Work Based Learning (AWBL).
       learning                      Assessment combined with other education should be
                                     coded under the dominant Mode of Attendance of the
                                     education given.
12     Distance learning             Programme designed for study by correspondence,
                                     although they may involve study weekends/summer
                                     schools etc.
13     Locally based learning        Programme designed mainly for study at home, though with
                                     some tutorial visits to College.
14     College based private study   Programme designed for private study in College with some
                                     tutorial assistance (eg programmes using language
                                     laboratories, or computer equipment etc).
15     Other open learning or        Self-explanatory.
       directed private study
16     Flexible learning             Programme designed to be studied flexibly with varying
                                     patterns of attendance which could include day, evening
                                     and/or home/distance learning.
17     Full-Time                     Programme that meets the new full-time criteria of at least
                                     720 hours for FE (18 SUMs) or 480 hours (12 SUMs) for
                                     HE of planned notional hours.
18     Part-Time, but previously     Programme that does not meet the new full-time criteria
       met old full-time criteria    (code 17), but meets the old full time/sandwich programme
                                     criteria (AY 2004-05). Must be greater than 18 weeks in
                                     length, consisting of at least six half days.

Programmes meeting the definition of code 18 should be coded as such
by priority over codes 05-16.

Gaelic Indicator– code list H

Code   Description
1      The course has no Gaelic content
2      The course has Gaelic content and is taught and assessed in Gaelic
3      The course has Gaelic content and is taught and assessed in English
4      The course has Gaelic content and does not fall into any of the
       above categories

Dominant programme group – code list I

Code    Description

01      Agriculture and Horticulture
02      Business and Management
03      Food Technology and
04      Computing
05      Construction
06      Art and Design
07      Engineering
08      Health
09      Minerals and Materials
10      Personal Development
11      Printing
12      Science and Maths
13      Office and Secretarial
14      Social Studies
15      Social Work
16      Sport and Recreation
17      Transport
18      Special Programmes

Section 4: Submission of FES 1 returns

Physical characteristics of data files

File format

1     Data should be submitted in a fixed length ASCII file with a ‘.DAT’ file
2     Files should be returned to SFC via FES on-line.
3     The following naming convention should be used for the FES 1 file
      returned to SFC:

         a (seven-digit college code number).DAT – eg Aberdeen College
          would read: A5261651.DAT. See Appendix 2 for seven-digit
          college code numbers.

      Record formats should be as follows:
       Columns      Description
       1-8          Programme directory number
       9-28         College programme ID
       29-109       Title of programme
       110-116      College code number
       117-122      Department or faculty code (optional)
       123-124      Qualification aim of study
       125-126      Awarding body
       127          Advanced/non-advanced programme
       128-129      Source of finance for programme
       130-131      Type of programme
       132-135      HE Subject code (advanced courses/programmes only)
       136-137      Superclass II code
       138          Year of course
       139          Length of course (years)
       140-141      Duration of programme (weeks)
       142-143      Mode of attendance for programme
       144-151      Start date of programme
       152-159      End date of programme
       160          Gaelic Indicator
       161-164      Number of students at session
       165-172      Number of SUMs
       173-180      Number of ELS SUMs
       181-182      Dominant programme group
       183-190      Tariff SUMs
       191-198      Tariff ELS SUMs

4   Any queries or correspondence relating to the FES data collection
    should be addressed to Jannette Allingham at the address on the front
    cover, or by email to:

Appendix 1

Examples of collaborative provision – the effects of the general rule for
determining whether a programme should be coded as a joint
collaborative arrangement programme in the type of programme field.

Example 1: HNC at Langside College linked to first year of degree at
Paisley University
From the point of view of student funding, this case is clear-cut. Paisley
University is not receiving the fees from the students on this programme.
This collaborative arrangement simply makes the Langside HNC more
attractive to potential students. Paisley will not include the students in its
statistical returns nor receive fees from the students and Langside would
include the programme in FES as usual.

Example 2: Sub-contraction of programme

If a Higher Education Institution (HEI) develops a new programme and gets
it validated by SQA but subcontracts teaching and provision to an FE college
while retaining responsibility for quality assurance and student assessment, it is
clear that the HEI will be claiming responsibility for students on the
programme and will receive fees from them. The FE college would include
the programme in its FES return but with a type of programme code
indicating that the students were also included in the HEI statistics.

Example 3: Engineering applications

An example is the arrangement between Glasgow University and Glasgow
College of Nautical Studies where full-time engineering students at the
university attend the college as block release or day release students for
engineering applications and Glasgow University pays GCNS for this

The programme would be included in the GCNS FES returns (as they are at
present) but with the type of programme code indicating that these students
are also included in the statistics for Glasgow University.

Note: Such students are currently double counted in published higher
education statistics as they are included in FES as well as in the university

Example 4: Provision of non-advanced training to HE students

Another possible collaborative arrangement is when a university contracts an
FE college or FE colleges to deliver non-advanced training in areas such as
micro-computing to students on a programme where micro-computing is not
an intrinsic part of the programme but where such skills could benefit the
students. The general rule here would be that the FE college would include
such students in the FES return but with the type of programme code
indicating the double counting. This example provides the least satisfactory
effect of the general rule in that if such students attended the same programme
in the FE colleges of their own accord and paid their own fees, they could not
be assessed as being double counted.

Example 5: Provision of ‘foundation’ education

It may happen that an HEI makes arrangements with another institution to
teach overseas students English prior to their enrolment on a programme at
that HEI. . In such circumstances the student has not yet enrolled in the HEI
and there is therefore no double counting when the students are included in

Example 6: Link lecturers

If an HEI buys the services of a lecturer in an FE college to teach students at
the HEI who are taught on the HEI premises, the FE colleges does not
include the students on its FES returns and there is no double counting.

Example 7: Hiring of accommodation

If one institution hires accommodation from another, the accommodation is
treated as if it is owned by the hiring institution who will include students
taught in that accommodation in its FES returns. The other institution will
not include such students and there is therefore no double counting.

                                                                     Appendix 2
Unique college identifiers

College name                                         Two-character   Seven-digit
                                                     identifier to   college code
                                                     prefix          number
Aberdeen College                                     AB              5261651
Adam Smith College                                   AS              5460500
Angus College                                        AG              5360056
Anniesland College                                   AN              8460051
Ayr College                                          AY              8260354
Banff & Buchan College of Further Education          BB              5260159
Barony College                                       BA              5960150
Borders College                                      BO              5660459
Cardonald College                                    CD              8460256
Central College of Commerce                          CC              8460353
Clydebank College                                    CL              8360057
Coatbridge College                                   CO              8560056
Cumbernauld College                                  CU              8360154
Dumfries & Galloway College                          DG              5960258
Dundee College                                       DC              5360552
Edinburgh's Telford College                          TC              5560357
Elmwood College                                      EC              5460255
Forth Valley College                                 FV              5760500
Glasgow Metropolitan College                         GM              8460500
Glasgow College of Nautical Studies                  GN              8460655
Inverness College                                    IN              5160553
James Watt College of Further and Higher Education   JC              8660557
Jewel & Esk Valley College                           JV              5560756
John Wheatley College                                JW              8462356
Kilmarnock College                                   KC              8260257
Langside College                                     LN              8460957
Lauder College                                       LD              5460352
Lews Castle College                                  LC              6232655
Moray College                                        MC              5260051
Motherwell College                                   MW              8560153
Newbattle Abbey College                              NA              5560853
North Glasgow College                                NG              8462453
North Highland College                               TH              5160057
Oatridge Agricultural College                        OC              5560055
Orkney College                                       KW              6002757
Perth College                                        PC              5360455
Reid Kerr College                                    RK              8660352
Sabhal Mor Ostaig                                    SM              5160650
Shetland College                                     SC              6103650
South Lanarkshire College                            CB              8461652
Stevenson College Edinburgh                          SV              5560454
Stow College                                         ST              8461155
West Lothian College                                 WL              5560659

                                                                            Appendix 3

The Scottish Further Education Funding Council course/programme
statistical return (FES 1)

To be completed for all courses/programmes offered in FE Colleges
Programme details
1. Programme directory number                                                            1-8

2. College programme ID                                                                  9-28

4. Title of programme                                                                29-109

5. College code number (see Appendix 2)                                              110-116

6. Department or faculty code (optional)                                             117-122

7. Qualification aim of study (see code list A)                                      123-124

8. Awarding body (see code list B)                                                   125-126

9. Advanced/non-advanced programme – advanced (HE) = 1                                   127
                                       – non-advanced (FE) = 2
10. Source of finance for programme (see code list C)                                128-129

11. Type of programme (see code list D)                                              130-131

12. HE subject code (advanced courses/programmes only) – see code list E)            132-135

13. Superclass II code (see code list F)                                             136-137

14. Year of course                                                                       138

15. Length of course (years)                                                             139

16. Duration of programme (weeks)                                                    140-141

17. Mode of attendance for programme (see code list G)                               142-143

18. Start date of programme (DDMMYYYY)                                               144-151

19. End date of programme (DDMMYYYY)                                                 152-159

20. Gaelic Indicator (see code list H)                                                   160

Student numbers

21. Number of students at session                       161-164

Funding information

22. Number of SUMs (excluding ELS SUMs) (planned)   •   165-172

23. Number of ELS SUMs (planned)                    •   173-180

24. Dominant programme group (see code list I)          181-182

25. Tariff SUMs (see section 1)                         183-190

26. Tariff ELS SUMs                                     191-198


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