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1st Infantry Division

  Fort Riley, Kansas            EST. 1853

  Duty First, Service Always!

• Prior to August 2006, Fort Riley did not have a Warfighting
Division stationed on the Installation:
                                                                                                                24th ID:
  - 24th ID – Mission of training National Guard Divisions                                                  National Guard
  - Two Brigades at Ft Riley – from different Divisions                                                    Training Mission
  - Underfunded Soldier / Family support base
  - Soldiers / Families / Civilians – 26k (2005)

• 1st Infantry Division returned from Germany on 1 August 2006
“The Big Red One is Home!”
  - Warfighting Division with Five Brigades at Ft Riley – Four
Brigades at other Army Posts
  - Establishing the Army’s finest Soldier / Family support base!
    2005: S ldi       9 471 F ili      5,967
  - 2005 Soldiers = 9,471 Families = 5 967
  - 2013: Soldiers = 18,009 Families = 11,346

                                                                              1st Brigade/1st ID               3rd Brigade/1st AD
                                                                              “Devil Brigade”                  “Bulldog Brigade”

              1st Infantry Division
  One of the Ten Army Warfighting Divisions

        1/1 HBCT      2/1 HBCT 3/1 IBCT 4/1 IBCT CAB 1ID SUS BDE                       75 FB       4 MEB     Garrison

               WW-I WW-II COLD WAR
                                          RED ONE
                                     VIETNAM   GULF WAR BOSNIA
                                                                  KOSOVO IRAQ AFGHANISTAN

                           A Great Place To Train
                                                                      • 101K acre training area available
                                                                      (68K maneuver area)

                                                                      • 35K acre Great Plains Joint
                                                                      Training Center: Joint Fires and
                                                                      ground maneuver force capability

                                                                      • Forward Operating Bases

                                                                      • Urban Clusters – Places Soldiers
                                                                      into Iraq and Afghanistan (City
                                                                      Street to Rural Village environs)

                                                                      • Realistic Live Fire Exercises
                                                                          - M-1 Tank / M-2 Bradley
                                                                          - Attack Aviation
                                                                          - Light Infantry Maneuver
                                                                              g          y
                                                                          - Artillery

                                                                      • State-of-the-Art Shoot House

                                                                      • UAV Airfield

                                                                      • IED / EFP Training Roads

                                                                               Freedom’s Guardian           5
                INFANTRY DIVISION
                       WW-I WW-II COLD WAR
                                            RED ONE
                                             VIETNAM   GULF WAR BOSNIA
                                                                           KOSOVO IRAQ AFGHANISTAN

                                                               1ID Simulations Campus
                                                                              • Battle Command Training Center
                                                                                  - New $30mil Facility
                                                                                          $             y
                                                                              • Engineer Route Clearance
                                                                              Simulators: Buffalo / RG-31 / Husky
                                                                              • Engagement Skills Trainers –
                                                                              located in the Brigade areas
                                                                                                 Roll Over
                                                                              • HEAT HMMWV Roll-Over Trainer
                                                             Buffalo          • Unit Conduct of Fire Trainer
Buffalo Training Simulators                                                       - M1 Tank / M2 Bradley
                                                                              • Aviation Simulator: AVCATT
                                                                              • Call for Indirect Fires Trainer
                                                                              • Warrior Skill Trainer
                                                                              • Medical Simulation Training

                                                           DARWARS Ambush
                                                                                                     BATS – HIIDE Bio-
Flight Simulators
                                  Skills Trainer
                                  (Small Arms)                                   RVS

                               1ID has the highest Divisional
                               use of Battlefield Simulations

Drivers Training Simulators
                               in the US Army
                     1st      INFANTRY DIVISION – THE BIG RED ONE
                                          WW-I WW-II COLD WAR                 VIETNAM     GULF WAR BOSNIA   KOSOVO IRAQ AFGHANISTAN

                       The Army s Best Community Partnership
  1/1 ID – “Devil Brigade” – Colonel Eric Welsh
  Geary and Morris Counties
 • 2/1 ID – “Dagger Brigade” – Colonel Paul Calvert
  Dickinson County
 • 4/1 ID – “Dragon Brigade” – Colonel Hank Arnold
  Clay and Riley Counties
 • Combat Aviation Brigade “Demon Brigade”
  Colonel Frank Muth
  Pottawamie and Saline Counties
 • 1st Sustainment Brigade “Durable Brigade”
  Colonel Donnie Walker
  Wabaunsee County

 Economic                     Economic Impact Summary
 Multiplier                  Payroll
                             P    ll                                  $1 532 093 995
 (2.2)* captures             Supplies/Services/Contracts                $237,439,294
 higher order
                             Construction                               $231,876,125
                             Education                                      $18,475,213

 Actual Eff t
 A t l Effect:               Health Care
                             H lth C                                        $80 611 556

 $4.62 Billion               CFC Local Contributions                            $4,733
                             2009 Direct Economic Impact              $2,100,500,917

* David W. Hughes, Policy Uses of Economic Multiplier and Impact Analysis
                                                                               UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO                                 ARFORGEN CALENDAR FY09-12
                               2010                                                 2011                                              2012                            2013
         J   F   M   A     M   J    J    A    S   O    N   D   J   F   M   A    M   J   J    A   S   O   N    D   J   F   M   A   M   J   J   A   S   O   N   D   J   F   M

                           DEPLOYED OIF                                                              Home Station Reset / Training / Actions

HQ/ 1 ID

             DEPLOYED OIF                                                                    Home Station Reset / Training / Actions

4/1 ID

                                        DEPLOYED OIF                                                         Home Station Reset / Training / Actions


                                             DEPLOYED OIF                                                     Home Station Reset / Training / Actions

                                                                   DEPLOYED OIF                                           Home Station Reset / Training / Actions

1/1 ID

                                                                       DEPLOYED OIF                                       Home Station Reset / Training / Actions

2/1 ID
                                   BCT Present             BCTs Present                     BCTs Present

LEGEND:                  @ Fort Riley                 DEPLOYED
                                                                                                                                                      AS OF: 07 JUN10 6
                                                  Net Public Benefit
                                                                                                                       Local Net Public Benefit (LNPB) of
    Net Public Benefit (NPB) of the Gain                                                                                         Troop Growth

           (or Loss) of 1 Soldier*                                                                                     Planning Factors
                                                                                                                       $1,134 per Soldier

                                                                                                                       - Average Troop Strength for
                                                                                                                       FY 10 & 11 is 11,500
Cities                                                                  $ 461                                           Possible Troop Growth Scenarios
                                                                                                                       • 18,000 (100% manning, no one
Counties                                                                $ 673                                          deployed) = Increase of 6,500
                                                                                                                       $7.37M LNPB
       Local NPB                                                          1,134
                                                                        $ 1 134                                        • 16,600 (100% manning, less than 1
                                                                                                                       brigade deployed) = Increase of 5,100
                                                                                                                       $5.78M LNPB

                                                                                                                       • 15,300 (85% manning, no one
State                                                                   $ 916                                          deployed) = Increase of 3,800
                                                                                                                       $4.31M LNPB
                  Total NPB                                             $ 2,050                                        • 14,100 (85% manning, less than 1
                                                                                                                       brigade deployed) = Increase of 2,600
                                                                                                                       $2 95M LNPB

                                                                                                                       Potential $3-7M Economic
* Source of data: Kansas Military Analysis, Fiscal and Economic Impact of Military Activity in Kansas, Wichita State
University, Center fro Economic Development and Business Research, W. Frank Barton School of Business, Prepared                   Gain
for Kansas Governor’s Military Council, November 2009.

                  Kansas State University-Fort Riley Partnership
                                          Kansas State University Presents:
                                          THE LANDON
                                          LECTURE SERIES
                                          on Public Issues:                                  Fort Riley Military Family Survey: 
                                               Dennis Blair                                 Family Decisions to Accompany Soldiers Study
                                               Admiral Mullen                                         School of Family Studies and Human Services
                                                                                                    College of Human Ecology, Kansas State University
                                                                                                                      August 2008
                                                                                                             1st Infantry Division & Fort Riley 

                                                                                                                                               K-State Men’s Basketball
                                                                  KSU Foundation                                                               1-7 FA “First Lightning”
                                                                  GEN (R) Myers
                                                                  B.S. Mechanical Engineering,                                                          1


K-State Men’s Football
  Partnership with                                                                                                                                          K State Women s
                                                                                                                                                            K-State Women’s Basketball
1-28 IN “Black Lions”                                                                                                                                           1st Sustainment Bde

                        K-State Men’s Baseball
                          2-16 IN “Rangers”
                               1st ID Champions
                               2008 U.S. Army Combatives Tournament
                               1st ID 3rd Place                                    KSU ROTC                                                                        Women’s
                                                                                                                                                               KSU Women s Volleyball
                               2009 U.S. Army Combatives Tournament                                                                                              CAB 1ID “Demons”
                               K-State Modern Combative Coaches

“Big Red One Soldiers and their Families have a rare opportunity to become involved
           in the major college town functions that K-State offers them..”
Prepared by: G3, 29 JAN 09           UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO
                     Fort Riley MILCON Overview
                                                                    $954.3M                       Custer Hill
                                                                                                     Div HQs
                                                                                          Air Support Opns Sqdn Facility
                                                                         Funston                 Bde and Bn HQs
                                                  Custer Hill                                 Company Ops Facilities
                                                                                               Maintenance Facilities
                                                                                                  Dining Facility
     $741 5M spent                                                                       Unmanned Aerial System Facility

     $807.6M under
                                                                Whitside                        Family Care Clinic
                                                                                          Child Development Center x 3
      construction                                                                             Land Vehicle Fueling
    $246.3 remaining                Forsyth                                                       Camp Funston
                                          Main Post                                          Deployment Support Facility
                                                                                                       TSB / LSB
                                                                                                       Rail Siding
                                                                                             Military Working Dog Facility
                                                                                             Waste Water Treatment Plant
  Camp Forsyth
  C    F    th         $500M                                    Marshall Army Airfield
   Fire Station   Family Housing Areas   Historic Main Post      Aircraft Crash & Rescue
     Chapel             Custer Hill        Bldg Renovation          Avn Unit Base Ops                 Whitside
     CDC x 2          Camp Forsyth        ACP Improvements           Bde and Bn HQs                   Barracks
        PX              Main Post                             Company Operations Facilities Child Development Center x 2
Commissary Addition
          y                                   $83.2M          Maintenance Hangars & Aprons            Hospital
                                                 Other            Maintenance Facilities      Physical Fitness Facility
      Construction Complete                Training Enablers      Runway Improvements              Dining Facility
                                         Strategic Deployment         Dining Facility        Warrior Transition Complex
      Under Construction
                                            Ammo Storage
      Within the FYDP
                                 Housing Shortage
  Through our Residential Communities Initiative, the Army, in
July of 2006, transferred responsibility for all on-post family
housing at Fort Riley to Picerne Military Housing.

  Over the next several years, Picerne will demolish 1,717 of the
older units, construct 2,117 homes, all of which will be 3 or 4
bedrooms, and renovate and maintain the other existing

  By 2016, there will be 3,514 sets of quarters, a net gain of 400
units and will accommodate one third of the military families
assigned to Fort Riley.

  However, our housing requirements are not being met.

  Due to lack of affordable homes for junior enlisted and junior
NCOs and current economic climate, the local community can
not house 2/3 of our families off-post.

  Fort Riley is working to increase the number of homes on
post to alleviate that shortage. We are working with Picerne and
ACSIM to increase the number of authorized on post homes at
Fort Riley by 450.

  Fort Riley, in conjunction with local communities, is exploring
potential development options off post to increase housing
availability that supports both military and civilian growth in the

    Picerne Military Housing Status
                     On Post Housing Inventory

                  Transferred                        Change        Proposed
Bedrooms             2006       Current   2016     2006 vs 2016    Increase

Two Bedrooms        1,186        1,095     514         -672            0

Three Bedrooms      1,208        1,605    1,755       +547           +450

Four Bedrooms        686         787      1,211       +525             0

Five + Bedrooms       34          27       34           0              0

Total Bedrooms      8,910       10,288    11,307      11,307        12,657

Total Homes          3,114       3,514    3,514       +400        3,964 (+450)
                         Fort Riley Soldiers & Civilians
                             in Local Communities
      5494 Fort Riley
    Soldiers live in local                                                                                                                    (Mil/Civ)
                                                 Clay Center
       communities                                 80 / 54
                                                                                                              Riley           Manhattan
                                                                              Milford         Leonardville
                                                                    1/3                                                       1815 / 783
                                                                             100 / 135           6/9         25 / 18
(Mil/DA Civ)
Geary County (4272)                   65 / 87
    2627 / 1645

 Riley County (3050)
                                    Junction City                                                                         Wamego g
      2110 / 940
                                     2527 / 1206                                                                           60 / 49
Dickinson County (648)
       353 / 295                       Chapman                                                                     St George               Maple
                                        84 / 96                                                                      23 / 23                Hill
     y       y (302)
  Clay County (    )
       153 /149
                                         9/8                                                                                                       Topeka
                                                                                                                                   Paxico          46 / 36
 Morris County (135)                                                                                                                1/5
       59 / 76                     Abilene
                                  143 / 101
  Saline County (41)                                                                                                                   Alma
        21 / 20                                                                                                                        6 /3
Shawnee County (85)                21 / 18
                                                   27 / 19                                                       Alta Vista        Ogden
     46 / 36                                                                                                       4 / 14         261 / 79
                                                                      Herrington            Dwight
 Pottawatomie (189)                                     Woodbine
                                                                       77 / 52              18 / 27
       Countyy             3275 Fort Riley DA             5/4                                          Council
       97 / 92             Civilians live in the                                                       Grove
                                                                               White City
                         Central Flint Hills Region                                                     11 / 8
                                                                                28 / 37
  Wabaunsee (50)
     28 / 22
                                  Schools and CYS
             Fort Riley Schools                                   Child & Youth Services
   There are six schools on Fort Riley, five elementary and     Fort Riley has expanded and continues to
 one middle school, and they are part of the Geary County     expand its capacity for child care and other youth
 Unified School District (USD) 475.                           programs.
    Student population for on-post schools has increased.       We now have seven CDCs open and a 24/7 care
 In 2005, 2273 students attended school on-post. For          facility scheduled to open in late 2010.
 academic year 2009 2010 2521 students are attending
 schools on-post (a 11% increase).                               Currently there is not a waiting list for children
                                                              to enroll in CDC.
      On Post Student Pop.          2005      2010
      Fort Riley Middle              546      607               We also have a School Age Services Center
      Morris Hill Elementary         240       238              d         t T     C t
                                                              and a separate Teen Center.
      Jefferson Elementary           276       293
      Custer Hill Elementary         308       337
      Ware Elementary                592       688
      Fort Riley Elementary          311       358
      TOTALS                        2273      2521
   Due to the growth at Fort Riley, we are working with
 USD 475 to secure funding for a new elementary school
 and additions to three elementary schools and the middle
 school on post.                                                                          Forsyth CDC

POC: Ms. Stacy Groth, 785-239-9539, stacy.groth@us.army.mil       POC: Ms. Sonya Douglas, 785-239-4708,
                                                                       sonya.douglas@us.army.mil                      13
                  Healthcare at Fort Riley

  a acy Se ces ocat o s
Pharmacy Services Locations:
                                                                          Replacement H
                                                                          R l             it l
                                                                                    t Hospital
    • IACH
    • PX

Emergency Medical Services:
   • Located at IACH with 2 Full time EMS Ambulances

Facilities Initiatives ($492.3M)
                       ($      )
     • New Hospital (Spring 2013)
     • Soldier Family Care Clinic (June 2010)
     • Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) Complex (May 2010)
     • TBI clinic (New location-August 2010)
                     (             g       )

                                                                                     WTB Complex

                       POC: COL Reyn Mosier, 785-239-7171, reyn.mosier@us.army.mil
          Fort Riley: A Great Place to Live
Post Exchange and Commissary                     Fort Riley : A Great Place to Live
     The newly constructed Post Exchange  g      There is an abundance of MWR activities and
  in Camp Forsyth is conveniently located        facilities.
  next to the Commissary. The facility has a
  “shopping center” concept and provides
  more than 125,000 square foot of space.        • Two indoor and two outdoor swimming
  This location provides easy access and         pools
          i      f S ldi     F ili
  convenience for Soldiers, Families, and d
  Retirees who live both and on and off post.    • Marina at Milford Lake
  Additional AAFES facilities (Furniture
  store, Military Clothing Sales Store, Class
                                                 • Mini Warrior Zone
  6) are located on Custer Hill.

  POC: Mr. Carl Carpenter, 785-784-4094          • Bingo Center
                                                 • 18-hole Golf Course
     The existing Commissary is currently
                 g               y           y
                                                 • 40 Lane Bowling Alley
  undergoing a $23 Million renovation and
  addition. This project adds 40,000 square
  feet to the existing facility, creating the    • Skeet and Trap Range
  largest Commissary in the Army (108,000
  square feet).
                                                  For      information go to
                                                  F more i f       ti     t
  POC: Mr. Peter Howell, 785-239-6621             http://www.rileymwr.com
                                                         POC: Johnny Ray Jackson, 785-239-2271,

                              Award Goals
      How will we know we are the premier division level installation?

•   Installation                                               •   Best Ranger Competition
      – Army Communities of Excellence                         •   Best Sapper Competition
      – Environmental Quality Award                            •   Army Sniper Competition
      – IMCOM Public Works Award                               •   Army Safety Awards
•   Logistic Excellence Award “CLEA”                           •   Army’s greatest reductions:
      – Award for Maintenance Excellence (AAME)                    - Suicide
      – Deployment Excellence Award (DEA)                          - DUI
•   Army Aviation Association AAAA Awards Program                  - Domestic Violence
•   LTG Ellis D. Parker Trophy: Aviation Battalions                - POV Accidents
•   Knox Award                                                     - Motorcycle Accidents
    (Top Field Artillery Battery in the Active Component)
•   Draper Armor Leadership Award
•   BG Jeremiah P. Holland Award                            SGT Clancey Henderson
    (Most Outstanding MP Unit Company Size or Smaller)
•          A.
    Philip A Connelly Award - Culinary Arts Competition
•   MacArthur Leadership Award
•   Army Soldier and NCO of the Year Awards
    AUSA Best Chapter
    Modern Army Combatives Champion
    Army’s #1 Division for Re-Enlistment

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