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									                    B’nai Jeshurun Congregation                                      The Tidings - Publication No. 629180
                 Temple on the Heights • Founded in 1866                            Vol. 82, Issue Number 7 • Monthly Issue
                                                                                                 July 2009 • Tammuz/Av 5769

                     Our mission is to ensure the flourishing of Jewish life through educational, social, and
                          Conservative religious experiences in a warm and dynamic community.

                                                                                 Yasher Koach to our

                                                          NatioNal BiBle CoNtest WiNNers
                                                                       1st PlaCe HigH sCHool DivisioN:
                                                                Ryan Fuldauer, son of Claudia and Scott Fuldauer

                    &                                                1st PlaCe MiDDle sCHool DivisioN:
                                                                 Wesley Darvin, son of Dana and Howard Darvin
                                                                     2ND PlaCe MiDDle sCHool DivisioN:

                                                                 Nathan Wolkoff, son of Laura and Dan Wolkoff

                                                                                                          Mazal tov to their
                                                                                                         teacher, Paul Koret.
                                                                                                       This is the third year in
                                                                                                      a row B’nai Jeshurun has

                                                                                                       produced the first place
                                                                                                           winners in both
                                                                                                        the High School and

                   July 19
                                                                                                      Middle School Divisions.
                                                                                                       They will represent the
                                                                                                       United States in Israel
                                                            Pictured from left to right are Ryan             next spring.
                                                            Fuldauer, Paul Koret and Wesley Darvin.

11:30 a.m.	 Meet	at	the	synagogue	
                   for	a	pack-your-own	dairy	
                   lunch	(behind	building)
                                                           FAsT oF THe NINTH DAy oF AV
12:30 p.m.	 Bike/hike	begins	at	
                   Beachwood	Middle	School	                WeDNesDAy, July 29                     THursDAy, July 30
                   parking	lot	and	follows	
                                                           6:00 p.m. No minyan service            8:00 a.m. Service – no tallit
    Rain           the	Beachwood	Park	trail,	              8:30 p.m. Mincha followed by                     and tefillin
    date:          ending	at	the	park	shelter	                       Ma’ariv and                  6:00 p.m. Mincha – with tallit
   July	26         for	donuts	and	juice	at	                          Lamentations (Eicha)                   and tefillin
                   approximately	2:00	p.m.	                8:46 p.m. Fast begins                  9:17 p.m. Fast ends
         tidings • july 2009                              B’nai jeshurun congregation

        CANDle lIGHTING                          From the rabbi Beineinu–Between Us
     July 3                      8:45 p.m.         Imagine being in one room with 6,500 supporters of
     July 10                     8:43 p.m.       Israel, 1,000 college student leaders and half the members
     July 17                     8:39 p.m.       of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Among the
     July 24                     8:34 p.m.       crowd is also scattered dozens of Ambassadors of foreign
     July 31                     8:27 p.m.       countries, members of the current and past U.S. Presidential
                                                 administrations and even the son of the President of Iraq.
        TorAH PorTIoNs                           The room is so long that you could take the Washington Monument and lay it
     July 4              Chukat-Balak            down on its side and it would easily fit with room to spare. This astoundingly
     July 11                   Pinchas           strong show of support for Israel occurs every year in Washington, DC at the
     July 18              Matot-Masei            AIPAC Policy Conference. This year's conference featured breakout sessions
     July 25   Devarim/Shabbat Chazon            on Israel's security, the peace process and Iran, as well as plenaries with Shimon
                                                 Peres, Binyamin Netanyahu, Steny Hoyer, Eric Cantor and Vice President
   DAIly serVICe sCHeDule                        Joe Biden. Among the highlights for me were presentations by Michael Oren
                                                 (author of Six Days of War and currently Israel's Ambassador to the U.S.),
 Monday - Thursday                               who spoke to us about prospects for peace; and Rabbi Daniel Gordis, who
  7:00 a.m., 7:30 a.m., & 6:00 p.m.              proposed a new theory of Zionism to reach young people and strengthen
 Friday Morning                                  their commitment to Israel. Rabbi Gordis' thesis revolved around the notion
  7:00 a.m. & 7:30 a.m.                          that every people - and we as Jews - need their own homeland with their own
 Friday Night                                    sovereignty and culture in order to be able to fully express themselves and
  7:30 p.m.                                      ensure their future. The sessions were informative and inspiring, but the most
 (Services will be held in the Abraham           dramatic moment of the conference was when all 6,500 set foot on Capitol
 Family Courtyard, weather permitting.)          Hill to lobby on Israel's behalf. These lobbying sessions are crucial to ensuring
                                                 that the U.S.-Israel relationship remains strong. I hope you will join me next
 saturday                                        year at the AIPAC Policy Conference. I promise it is an experience you will
  8:45 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.                          never forget, and an opportunity to play a personal role in securing Israel's
 sunday and secular Holidays                     future. Early registration is already being taken. Visit and click
  8:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.                          on Policy Conference. There, you can, also read transcripts and watch videos of
                                                 sessions.                                                         Continued on page 11
          July 3 morning minyan
            will be at 8:00 a.m.                    Submissions for the September Tidings are due by Monday, July 13.

From the Associate rabbi
                   Summer is here! It’s time for fireworks, barbeques, softball and summer reading. Every summer, I read
                 voraciously as part of a summer book club or just on my own. This summer, I will continue my tradition to
                 give the gift of a new book suggestion list of Jewish titles that can serve as your summer Jewish book club.
                 Jewish tradition teaches that one should be continually engaged in Torah study. The ideal is to study Torah
                 lishmah, Torah for its own sake. The summer provides us with a great opportunity to enjoy Torah, Jewish
                 authors and Jewish topics by choosing one of these books or many others available at our library, local Jewish
                 bookstores or on the internet:
  There Shall Be No Needy: Pursuing Social Justice Through Jewish Law and Tradition by Rabbi Jill Jacobs. A well-constructed and
well-referenced book that provides sources and stories that clearly reinforce our Jewish values of social justice, fighting poverty
and homelessness. Written by a friend and colleague and the daughter-in-law of our members Ziona & Dan Austrian, the
book reminds us of the imperative that we have as Jews to protect and care for all people.
  All Other Nights by Dara Horn. Set in the midst of the Civil War in the Confederate South at a Passover Seder, this gripping
novel guides us through assassination plots and the complex relationship of Northern and Southern Jews in this wonderful
piece of American historical fiction.
  A Code of Jewish Ethics Volume 2: Love Your Neighbor as Yourself by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin. A new, second volume to his
wonderful resource providing Jewish sources, stories, aphorisms and teachings on the most important Jewish values and
  Megillat Esther by JT Waldman. In the style of graphic comic book novels, JPS has published this racy, avant garde view of
the book of Esther. The powerful illustrations provide a new interpretation on the Biblical text.
  Happy summer reading.
                                                                                                            Rabbi Hal Rudin-Luria
        B’nai jeshurun congregation                                               july 2009 • tidings

From the President                                            Cantor’s Corner
  June has been a very exciting month                           In recent years, steroid use has become a hot
at B’nai Jeshurun. It began with a                            topic of discussion in sports. Should a player
festive musical concert arranged by and                       have the right to enhance his physique and, as
including Cantor Aaron Shifman and                            a result, perform above his natural, G-d given
featuring Chaim Dovid Saracik, Ariel                          talent? These performance enhancement drugs
Zilber and Aharon Razel. I am always                          have been outlawed and players are tested regularly to maintain
amazed at the talent our Cantor is able                       integrity in sports. These drugs also cause permanent damage to
to bring us. A special thanks to the Music Committee,         the athlete’s body.
chaired by Barry Leubitz, and the Daniel and Ethel              Unfortunately, many of these superstar players have violated
Hamburger Music Fund.                                         regulations and, as such, have given baseball and other sports
  At the end of the month is our annual tribute dinner        a black eye. After going under oath and swearing before
where the Zelwin, Galun and Boro families will be             committees, many have been found to be lying. Athletes are role
honored. They are a prime example of how one family           models whether they want to be or not. Kids, adults, and their
was able to come out of the horrors of the Holocaust and      peers look up to them. The pursuit of money, fame, glory, ego
build generation after generation of children committed       and self-gratification has blinded some of these athletes. It is
to their synagogue and community. We also pay tribute         common knowledge that each athlete will be tested and yet some
                                                              still choose to break the rules.
to one of our great educators, Paul Koret, by establishing
                                                                Our sages teach us if one looks long and hard, one can find all
an award bearing his name. Our guest speaker, Peter
                                                              the answers to life’s questions in the Torah. How would the Torah
Duffy, wrote the book on the Bielski brothers, who saved
                                                              deal with this issue? Firstly, it is forbidden to harm oneself and,
1,200 Jews in the Polish forest. Special thanks go out
                                                              therefore, steroids would be forbidden. Secondly, swearing under
to our committee co-chairs, Pam and Sandy Besunder,
                                                              oath and then lying is a blatant violation of taking G-d’s name
Laura and Jody Katzner, Abby Hirsh and David Levin,           in vain and swearing falsely. Cheating falls under the category of
and Joni and Steve Wasserman; and to our office staff,        stealing, yet another violation of the Ten Commandments.
Ralph Rosenthal and Paula Botkin, who work tirelessly           Clearly, the adage of one can run but cannot hide, comes to
to make the evening a success.                                light. There is nothing G-d does not know or see. From the
  One of the nicest parts of our Friday evening or            perspective of the sports fan, we are guilty of idolizing these
Saturday morning service is sharing life cycle events with    athletes. They are blessed to be exceptionally good at a sport.
our members. If you have one coming up, please contact        Does that mean they ought to be role models? The things they
Diane Shalom so we can arrange an honor for you. Our          do outside of the game are what should earn our respect for them.
synagogue is such a warm, caring place and we want to         Do they help the needy, give to charity, or use their celebrity in
be a part of these important times in your lives.             ways to enhance the less fortunate?
  As I mentioned earlier in my article, Paul Koret is           Statistics, unfortunately, are what garner respect. How many
truly a great educator. This was proven once again            touchdowns, homeruns, points scored, gold medals, etc. are what
when two of his (our) students took first place honors        interest us. I would suggest finding heroes from the Torah, Talmud,
at the National Bible Contest. First place High School        prophets, teachers, and Rabbis, those who sacrificed for us and died
Division went to Ryan Fuldauer, son of Claudia and            for holy causes. They did not need their names in the news but
Scott Fuldauer, and first place Middle School Division        found satisfaction in making a difference in other peoples lives.
went to Wesley Darvin, son of Dana and Howard                   Corruption is rampant in many facets of life. Some people
Darvin. Both of these students will travel to Israel next     believe in their ability to such an extent that they have
year to represent the United States at the international      abused their power for personal gain. We live in an era where
competition.                                                  technological advances bring this to light faster than ever. We
  During these summer months, a lot of you will be            need to remember there is accountability for everything we say
traveling for vacations with family. I hope you have a        and do in life. Those who ignore this fact find out the hard way.
great and safe trip and we look forward to welcoming          The shame and embarrassment when their indiscretion is brought
you home. If you are going to be in town, remember            to light is a reminder. Honesty, integrity and the desire to do the
our Friday night services are held outside (weather           right thing are what we are required to do. As a wise man said a
permitting) at 7:30 p.m. in our beautiful Abraham             long time ago, celebrities put their pants on one leg at time, just
Family Courtyard. I encourage you to join us; the setting     like the rest of us.
is peaceful and being outside is ideal.                         May G-d give us the inner fortitude to do the right thing and to
                                                  B’Shalom,   make good choices.
                                              Alan Gottlieb                                                   Cantor Aaron Shifman

        tidings • july 2009                             B’nai jeshurun congregation

July Milestone Birthdays                                                 In MeMorIaM
Stacey Banchek      Michael Kadis
                                                                   We note with sorrow the passing of
Elissa Berman       Robert Leeson
Sharon Citron       Sandra Martin                                           MArVIN GolDeN
Julie Deutch        Steve Marton                            Father of Wendy Cohen, Robert Golden and Leslie Levine
Faith Eisenberg     Inna Mongayt                                         *ANNeTTe HAArBurGer
Sanford Evenchik    Abbie Nagler Sender                                    Mother of James Haarburger
Denise Farkas       Linda Orringer
Helena Fogel        Paul Ozan                                              *MerToN WAlTers
Geoffrey Frankel    Judith Rosman                                          Husband of Carole Walters
Barbara Friedman    Beth Segal                                                *B’nai Jeshurun member
Meryl Goldberg      Jeffrey Shafer                                   We extend our deepest condolences
Arda Golden         Adam Siegal                                     to all the members of their families.
Howard Gralnick     Meaghan Spaner
Morton J. Gross     Martin Sternbach
Karen Saltzman      Adam Zelwin
July Milestone Anniversaries                              	 shirley shatten was honored by the Cleveland section of
                                                            the NCJW as a volunteer of the year. Shirley co-founded
Nita & Phill Cohen                           50 Years       the Mayfield Wetlands Committee and helps schoolchildren
Harriet & Paul Dennis                        50 Years       make quilts for the needy.
Elissa & Gary Okin                           35 Years
Ann & Jay Berkowitz                          30 Years     	 Nan Zieleniec was recognized by the YWCA as a Woman
Carole & Bart Bookatz                        30 Years       of Professional Excellence.
Marcy & Ed Rosenthal                         25 Years     v Morell Frankel, daughter of lydia and Michael Frankel,
Lori & Kevin Millstein                       20 Years       was honored at the 2009 Friendship Circle annual dinner.
Barbara & Steven Flate                       15 Years       The Friendship Circle's mission is to help build a better
                                                            world for children with special needs.

Tree of Life...Mazal Tov to:                              v Marc Fishel, son of Marlene and stan Fishel, was installed
                                                            as President of the Columbus JCC.
• orit and Joe Krivis on the birth of a son, Zachary
  Alan Krivis.                                            v Nili simhai, daughter of sousan and Bijan simhai, was a
                                                            recipient of The Covenant Foundation’s prestigious Covenant
• sonnie and rick Martin on the birth of a                  Award for making significant marks in her community and
  granddaughter, Annabelle rose Cowan.                      for designing and using innovative educational approaches to
• Judy shafron on the birth of a granddaughter, Maya        achieve dramatic and lasting impact.
  Nicole shafron.                                         v Galya loeb, daughter of Helayne and richard loeb, co-
                                                            produced "SPIN: A Musical Myth" for her senior project at
• yael and Kenny Cohen on the birth of twin
                                                            Beachwood High School. The production was performed at
  granddaughters, Mai and Aviv Cohen.                       the Cleveland Playhouse.
• elaine Maniker on her engagement to Barry               v Dr. lifsa schachter delivered the commencement speech at
  Morgan.                                                   Siegal College in honor of her retirement.
• Karen and Mike Barson on the marriage of their
  daughter, laura, to Brian Temming.
                                                                           SAVE THE DATE
                   MeMorIAl DAy
                   CoMMeMorATIoN                                Hazak Summer Barbeque
                      Thank you to Howard Groedel                        sunday, August 16 • 6:15 p.m.
                    for placing flags on Jewish war
                                                           Special Summertime Entertainment: Violinist Mary Beth Ions
                     veterans’ graves for Memorial
                                                                     Chairpersons: Bernice & Don Rothman
                   Day at Chesterland Memorial Park.

        B’nai jeshurun congregation                                                 july 2009 • tidings

M                 e n'
                                       S Si s t e r hooD  I hope everyone is having a relaxing and enjoyable summer. The officers
      C           L          U         B                and I are busy setting up the Sisterhood calendar for 2009-2010, as well
  Shalom from the Men’s Club. Our final event           as straightening up the kitchen, Sisterhood closet and gift shop. We are
of the calendar, “Take Me out To the Ballgame”          very excited to get started and hope you find this a most valuable year.
took place on the evening of Thursday, May 14.            You should have received our welcome letter with your first billing for
Forty enthusiastic sports fans turned up to listen      the 2009-2010 year. Please send in your dues as soon as possible in order
to Greg McBride, an Account Executive from              to take full advantage of all that is being offered.
the Cleveland Indians ticket office. The evening          Please know I am reachable by email ( or by
started with a nutritious ballpark dinner prepared      phone (216-464-6682) for any questions or suggestions.
by Chef Murray Berkowitz. Then, Greg treated                                                         Paula Schaffer-Polakof, President
us to a wonderful, casual but informative question
& answer session on all you wanted to know                         Congratulations to our new
about the Cleveland Indians. We even learned                     sisterhood Board For 2009-2010:
that kosher food is available at sections 101,114 &                        President - Paula Schaffer-Polakof
175 of Progressive Field. The rabbi’s glatt kosher         Vice Presidents, Programming - Shirley Haas, Marilyn Greenwald
food can be found at section 175, near the Subway.              Vice Presidents, Fundraising - Tova Cohen, Ileen Proper
At the end of the program, raffle prizes provided                   Vice President, Membership - Deborah Shifrin
by the Indians were won by Sue Amster (box                               Recording Secretary - Glenda Harris
tickets), and Leonard Caminer and Paul Doris                          Corresponding Secretary - Faith Eisenberg
(autographed photographs of players). Thanks                              Financial Secretary - Margie Cohen
to Murray & Mary Berkowitz, Aaron & Andrea                            Assistant Financial Secretary - Sonya Shultz
Canowitz, Jay, Ari, Ilana & Jonah Ross, Bill                                  Treasurer - Lynne Friedman
Schwarz and Richard Berkowitz for their help.                            Assistant Treasurer - Fay Blumenthal
  The next Men’s Club Meeting is on Tuesday,
                                August 18 at the           Sisterhood Luncheon featuring High Notes
                               synagogue at 7:30 p.m.
                                Have a wonderful           Forty-seven members
                                 summer.                 and guests enjoyed
                                      Bernard Kotton,    an afternoon of high-
                                            President    stepping dancing and
                                                         singing by the fabulous
                                                         NCJW High Notes.

                                                        S i s t e r hooD
                                                        evening Book Discussion group

                                                        Join us for lively discussion and good company. The group meets on
      REMINDER: Please send in your                     Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. at various members’ homes. For
   donations for the Yom Hashoah candles you            locations and other questions, please call Linda Herman, 216-321-7004
   received. To date, only 15% have responded.          or Fay Blumenthal, 216-831-0605.
    Please make your checks payable to B’nai              • July 15:      The Mascot by Mark Kurzem
        Jeshurun Men’s Club. Thank you!                   • August 19: Hidden by Victor Lustbader

     tidings • july 2009                           B’nai jeshurun congregation

  tHAnK You to our 2008-2009
  torah Fund Benefactors & Supporters
   We gratefully thank all the donors to Sisterhood’s torah Fund that supports the Jewish theological Seminary of
 America, the center for Conservative Judaism, which trains rabbis, Cantors, educators and Social Workers for the
 Conservative Movement.
        ASSoCiAte pAtron - laurie B. davis
        GuArdiAn - estelle rosenberg and Harriet rosenberg Mann
        BeneFACtorS: roslyn Abraham                Gloria Gruhin              erika rudin-luria
                        Gloria Abrams              Sheila Hecht               paula Schaffer-polakof
                        Marilyn Alpern             Ann Jacobson               Salli rutsky
                        Barbara Amper              Gloria Kahan               Jocelyn Saltz
                        Karen Bardenstein          nancy Kay                  Michele Sass
                        Marilyn Bell               roslyn Kowit               lifsa Schachter
                        eunice Benchell            Sylvia Kugelman            Marlene Schaffer
                        Carole Blake               Caren lever                linda Schoenberg
                        paula Botkin               Flora lewis                Sabrina Shifman
                        Fay Blumenthal             ethel linden               deborah Shifrin
                        Jean Caplan                Mildred Mandel             rita Shtull
                        Susannah Cohen             Susan nash                 Sonya Shultz
                        tova Cohen                 lenore oscar               lois teitelman
                        Yael Cohen                 Bonnie potash              ruth Viny
                        Shu erenberg               robin rood                 Carole Walters
                        phoebe Golub               Barbara rosskamm           naomi Weiss
                        Bernice Gottlieb           Bernice rothman            ellen Wohl
                        lorin Gottlieb             Marcia rothschild          ronna Zelwin
                        toby Gross                 Sandra rosenthal
   AdditionAl SupporterS (purchased occasion cards and made donations):
   rhoda & Morrie Bordman, Harriet & Harvey Freiman, edith Goldstein, Marilyn Greenwald, ethel Klein, rebecca
 and richard Miller, linda powers, Sylvia rose, Janet Schwartz Shapiro, Carol Sokol, Joan Yedid

   Sisterhood’s torah Fund Committee: Harriet rosenberg Mann, linda powers, Marlene Schaffer, and lois
 teitelman. please contact Harriet at 216-765-0824 if you are interested in supporting torah Fund or purchasing
 occasion cards.
                          list as of May 30, 2009. We apologize for any omissions or errors.

BJSYNC Happy Hour
          at Lopez

      B’nai jeshurun congregation                                             july 2009 • tidings

              B A r M I TZ VA H                                          Day School GraDuateS
                                                                  The Gross High School of the Bessie Hershey Religious
              DeAN GrANoT                                       School is a wonderful way for day school graduates to
              Shabbat afternoon (Mincha), July 11               continue their formal education in our synagogue setting. To
                Dean attends Beachwood Middle School            enroll your 9-12 grader, please contact the School Office for
              and enjoys soccer, music and computers. He        registration material. For more information, contact Lita
              is the son of Iris and Elad Granot, the brother   Cohen.
              of Tom, Maya and Dana Granot and the
              grandson of Varda and Israel Granot and
Mona and Jacob Maya.
                                                                                        Kick Back
                                                                                        with Reading
                                                                                        A library summertime social
                                                                                        bringing kids and books together
                                                                         Thursday, July 16 • 2:30-3:30 p.m.
                                                                 For students in grades 4-9, in the Dennis Children’s Library
   to our New uSy officerS:                                                  Explore a world of great reading.
                 President: Josh Siegal                           Socialize with friends & talk about good books to read.
                                                                            Raffle for a special library drawing.
          Communications: Devin Zabarsky
         Religious Education: Samantha Miller                               Ice cream and cookies will be served.
                 SATO: Dara Katzner                                       No charge. Please RSVP to Dr. Simon at
                                                             or 216-337-6490
             Israel Affairs: Sara Rosenberg
                                                                                      (leave message).
          Membership/Kadima: Ilana Siegal

               colleGe outreach
                   help uS reach our colleGe StuDeNtS
College Outreach sends packages to your college student for High Holidays, Purim and Pesach. Monetary and
goods donations are gladly accepted. Cost per student to participate is $36/year.

                         2009-2010 colleGe outreach reGiStratioN
  COLLEGE                Student Name ________________________________________________________________
  STUDENT                College Attending _____________________________________________________________
  INFORMATION.           College Address _______________________________________________________________
  Help us keep in         ____________________________________________________________________________
  touch with your        Semester Abroad Dates _________________________________________________________
  college student!       Year of College Graduation ______________________________________________________
  Please email your      Student Email ________________________________________________________________
  children’s names
  and colleges to        Parent Name(s) _______________________________________________________________
  Erosent100@yahoo.      Parent Address _______________________________________________________________
  com                    Parent Phone ____________________ Parent Email _________________________________

                 I would be willing to help on the College Outreach Committee q Yes q No
             Please send this information to Marcy Rosenthal, 32850 Aspen Glen Drive, Solon, OH 44139
                                             or email

         tidings • july 2009                                B’nai jeshurun congregation
              Education nEws
                 Many of our B’nai
               Jeshurun children are away
                                                           A Many thanks A                   Sheryl	Sherman	Scholarship	Fund
                                                 Support	from	these	funds	helped	
               at summer camp or in                                                          Maurice	&	Hester	Stutz	Foundation

               Israel this summer.               students	attend	Jewish	camps	
                                                                                             Vinney/Viny	Israel	Scholarship
                 These children are sure         and	Israel	trips	this	summer	and	           Sanford	Wakser	Family	Fund
to be having a wonderful summer while            with	other	important	school	                Ben	&	Sadie	Weltman	Scholarship						
immersing themselves in Jewish life,             programming.		We	hope	you	will	               Foundation
creating friendships and developing              consider	one	of	these	special	funds	
strong, Jewish identities. This experience       when	making	a	donation	to	B’nai	             additional thanks
can be financially costly. We appreciate         Jeshurun.		Thank	you	to	the	families	        The	following	funds	have	been	
the generosity of many families in our           who	established	these	funds.                 used	to	support	Education	at	B’nai	
synagogue who have helped our children
by providing funding. To the right of my
article, you will see a list of these funds.
We hope you will consider a donation
                                                Ahavas	Zion	Scholarship	Fund
                                                Max	&	Eva	Apple	Memorial	Fund
                                                Howard	Banchek	Memorial	Fund
                                                                                   A          Jeshurun	and	Akiva	High	School:

                                                                                             Phyllis	&	Jules	Bookatz	Special	Needs	
to one of them when you wish to                 Sophie	&	Joseph	Barrish	Memorial	Fund        Lawrence	Botnick	Education	
acknowledge a simcha or to memorialize          Frieda	&	Jacob	Baxt	Educational	Fund           Foundation

a loved one. These funds are not only           Shirley	&	David	Boman	Memorial	Fund	         Keren	Emrich	Memorial	Foundation
used to provide financial assistance for        Bluestone-Rose	Family	Education	Fund         Regina	&	Leo	Goodman	Memorial	Fund
camps, but to benefit the Bessie Hershey        Betty	Bunin	Scholarship	Fund                 Bessie	Hershey	Religious	School	Fund
Religious School.                               Simon	Bunin	Memorial	Scholarship             Mitchell	Leutenberg	School	Fund
  We are also grateful to the Madav IX          Phyllis	&	Jules	Bookatz	Fund	for	Children	   Sandra	Lowy	Special	Education	
funders who have provided generous                with	Special	Needs                           Memorial	Fund
matching grants to assist our students          Hyman	&	Leah	Cadkin	Memorial	Fund            George	&	Mildred	Mandel	Educational	
who are first or second time campers at         Ronnie	Chazen	Scholarship	Fund                 Fund
Camp Ramah, the Conservative Jewish             The	Yale	Cohen	Memorial	Israel	              Marcus	Family	Fellowship	Fund
                                                  Scholarship                                George	Reeser	Scholarship	Fund
Camp of North America.
                                                Jeanette	Danowitz	Israel	Scholarship         Rosemary	Reeser	PT	&	SA	Foundation
                       B’Shalom, Lita Cohen,    Zelda	&	Lester	Farber	Memorial	Fund          Rutsky	Family	Education	Foundation

                           Education Director   Arthur	Freedman	Memorial	Scholarship         Joseph	Sampliner	Tefillah	Award
                                                Edith	&	Edward	Freilich	Israel	              Ozzie	Schindler	Memorial	
           looking for                            Scholarship                                	 Education	Fund
         Pre-k/k StudentS                       Jack	and	Margaret	Friedman	Family	Fund       Ruth	&	Saul	Schloss	Education	
  for The Bessie Hershey Religious              Selma	Gerdy	Memorial	Fund                      Enrichment	Fund
 School’s primary program. Please               Bertha	&	Saul	Gobstein	Memorial	Fund	        Rabbi	Herbert	Schwartz	School	Fund
                                                Rhoda	&	Irving	Gold	Israel	Scholarship	      Sylvia	&	Harry	Simms	Educational	
 consider enrolling your children                 Fund
 and grandchildren in this important                                                           Foundation
                                                Regina	&	Leo	Goodman	Memorial	Fund           Edward	Wyner	Memorial	Fund
 program. Call the School Office to             Gottlieb	Holocaust	Fund
 receive a registration packet.                 Sam	Greenberger	Scholarship	Fund
                                                Cele	&	Leon	Harris	Scholarship	Fund           The	following	funds	support		
   Calling all ConSeCrantS-                     Delores	Henkin	Memorial	Fund                  B’nai	Jeshurun	students	who	
                                                Rabbi	Jack	Herman	Fund                        attend	Akiva	High	School.
    1St & new 2nd graderS                       Israel/Camp	Scholarship	Fund
             Consecration this year             Charles	Kabin	Scholarship	Fund
                                                                                             Adolph	Amsel	Memorial	Foundation
           will take place on sunday,           Alex	&	Helen	Karklin	School	Fund
                                                                                             The	Holzer	Foundation
           November 1 from 11:00                Clarence	Kohn	Camp	School	Fund
                                                                                             Harry	&	Dorothy	Jaffe	Educational	
           a.m. - noon. This lifecycle          Sam	and	Dorothy	Kohn	Foundation
                                                Albie	&	Harry	Kumin	Scholarship	Fund           Foundation
           event initiates our young                                                         Susan	&	Howard	Levin	Family	
                                                Max	Lefkowich	Scholarship	Fund
           students on their journey in         Sylvia	Lodish	Memorial	Fund                    Scholarship	Foundation
           Jewish education through                                                          Sid	Paige	Scholarship	Foundation

                                                Bernard	Margolis	Family	Fund
           a special ceremony. Day              Phyllis	Nutkin	Fund                          Rosemary	Reeser	PT	&	SA	Foundation
 school students are also encouraged            Nancy	&	Irving	Oleinick	Foundation           Rosenzweig/Singer	Scholarship	
 to become consecrants. Please                  Abraham	Polis	Memorial	Fundation
                                                Sylvia	&	Norman	Price	Scholarship	Fund       Reuben	Zelznick	Memorial	Scholarship
 contact the School Office for more                                                          B'nai	Jeshurun	Sisterhood
 information.                                   Ruth	&	George	Rothstein	Israel	
                                                  Scholarship	Fund

        B’nai jeshurun congregation                                                 july 2009 • tidings

              The Jewish Family                                            `
              early Childhood Center                                            ` every Monday • 10:00–11:30 a.m.
                 Abraham Joshua Heschel once described Shabbat
                                                                            Meet at the Pepper Pike City playground on the
               as “a palace in time.” Why is Shabbat important?
                                                                             Shaker/Brainard circle for informal play and
We are often treading water in a sea of obligations, work
commitments, children’s scheduled activities and responsibilities.             conversation. For children ages birth to `
In today’s world, we are also connected 24/7 with our cell phones                  6 years with an adult. No charge.

and portable email devices. We are part of the hectic world for
so much of the week that when Shabbat arrives, it’s “an island”                                                             `
of refuge. Shabbat allows us to take a mini-vacation in our own
homes each week – to play board games as a family, read books,
take a walk around the neighborhood together, and have special                 Tuesdays, July 7 & 14 • 9:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
foods as we sit down at the dinner table as a family. It’s also a          `     $15 per week. A drop-off program with
                                                                                nature activities for independent children
great time to visit with friends or extended family. While young
parents can barely imagine “a relaxing day off,” Shabbat is just that,
if we only take advantage of this gift. It’s a gift we can give to
our children as well. My son, who recently moved to Boston and
                                                                                `  ages 3 ½-6 years. Pack a dairy lunch.
began his first, exhausting full-time job, said he finally understands
and appreciates the break from the week that comes on Shabbat.                 Tuesdays, July 7 & 14 • 4:00–5:45 p.m.
Celebrating Shabbat reminds us and reassures our children of               $9 per week. A drop-off program for independent
what’s really important.                                                     preschoolers & kindergartners ages 3-6 years
                                                     Risa Roth, Director       with art projects, stories and outdoor play.
                                                                           `     `                                   `    `
        BYOSD: Bring Your Own
               Shabbat Dinner
                WHO:        Young Families with children of                `        every Friday • 10:00 a.m.–noon
                                                                                     (No Kinder shabbat on July 3 -
                                                                                  national holiday, synagogue closed)
                            all ages welcome
                                                                           Ages birth to 5 years, with an adult; older siblings
               WHAT:        Come to usher in Shabbat in a                    welcome. Our popular “Get Ready for Shabbat
                            beautiful natural setting                         Program” where you’ll make challah and sing
             WHERE:         At the Beachwood Walking                          Shabbat songs. Large muscle equipment and
                            Park Pavilion*                                   toys are available for kids to play while parents
         WHEN:              Friday, July 10 at 5:45 p.m.                   `            schmooze. Both are free.
                                                                                 `                                      `    `
      WHAT ELSE:            Parve dessert will be provided.
                            Shabbat crafts, songs, blessings &
                            outdoor fun.
                                                                           `      Thursday, July 16 • 7:00–7:45 p.m.          `
               BRINg:       Your own picnic Shabbat dinner,                  Children are invited to come with parents and
                                                                              grandparents to the library for a special story
                            your own place settings (plates,                time. End a summer day with a quiet story and
                            cups, plastic ware) and a drink to             an opportunity to select and take home books for
                            share. Optional: bring your own                enjoyment for all. Older siblings welcome. Parve
                            Kiddush cup.                                    snack. RSVP to 216-337-6490 or ralphsimon@
                COST:       $5 per family                          or
     *The Beachwood Walking Park and pavilion is in                         ` To RSVP, or for more information `
   the middle of Shaker Blvd. From Green Road, take                          about any of these programs, please
   Shaker east-bound toward Richmond. After Sulgrave,                         contact
   turn left into the parking lot. RSVP to Risa at
                                                                                `  or 216-831-6555 ext 125. or 831-6555 ext 125.
        tidings • july 2009                              B’nai jeshurun congregation

        An Interview with Rachel Rood,
           Future Film Magnate and
        Daughter of Robin & Mark Rood
Ds: When did you know you wanted to         throughout your four years. Also,
      study film?                           RIT focuses on the technical
  RR: Going to the movies as a kid          aspect of filmmaking since it is an
was always my favorite activity. Also, I    Institute of Technology. So far, I
was the one in the family to film our       have used high-end film, digital
vacations. I always wanted to hold the      cameras and equipment worth
                                            thousands of dollars to make my                Rachel (in chair on the left) and her
camera. And I knew that I did not                                                          fellow interns at Jon Stewart's desk.
want to grow up and have a normal,          movies. RIT also has an amazing
9 to 5 job. I was fascinated with the       animation program and I have
                                                                                        we got to see them all the time. I even
entertainment industry and thought I        definitely taken advantage of learning
                                                                                        got used to Jon Stewart singing in the
would become an actress until I found       all types of animation from stop motion
                                                                                        hallways with his OSU hat on. We had
out I couldn't act! I went on the Szarvas   to 3D.
                                                                                        a lot of responsibilities like answering
Fellowship summer trip to Hungary           Ds: When will you graduate and              audience emails, transferring important
as an American ambassador my junior               what do you hope to do after          phone calls, logging tapes in the library,
year of high school and took film as an           graduation?                           going on runs for props and candy for
elective there. It was such a cool and        RR: I will graduate in May 2011 and       the crew, and once a week we got to
fun experience to make a film with a        hope to move to LA to start working         sit in the studio and watch them tape
bunch of kids from all around the world.    my way up to the top of a Hollywood         the show. The coolest experience was
When I returned, I started looking at       film company.                               on Election Night when I got to meet
colleges with film programs.                                                            tons of celebrities like Robin Williams,
                                            Ds: you worked on an episode of
Ds: How did you find/decide to                    HGTV’s “smart Fix.” What              Billy Crystal and Susan Sarandon. It
      go to rochester Institute of                exactly did you do?                   was my job to show them to their seats.
      Technology? What were some of                                                     And getting to watch the producers of
      your other choices?                     RR: The episode I worked on was a         the show jumping up in the air to signal
                                            master bedroom. My job was to help          to Jon Stewart that Obama had just
  RR: I have to give my little sister,      paint the walls and the furniture. I
Sarah, credit for finding RIT. She was                                                  been named President was the coolest
                                            decorated a lamp with seashells and         thing in the world! The entire studio
interested in engineering and film at the   collected books from around their
time and showed it to me. I had never                                                   audience just erupted in cheers and
                                            house to make it seem like they had a       applause. Robin Williams was behind
heard of RIT before. My dad and I did       library in their room. As far as filming,
an online search of all the schools that                                                me and couldn’t stop cheering. It was an
                                            I helped set up the monitors and held       amazing experience and I made some
had film and computer science programs      the cables so the cameramen wouldn’t
in case I wanted to switch my major at                                                  great friends and, hopefully, a few future
                                            step on them. It took four very long days   contacts along the way.
some point and landed on RIT. I applied     to shoot a 30-minute episode. That
not knowing very much about their film                                                                Interviewed by Diane Shalom
                                            episode is due to air this month.
department, but once I was accepted, I                                                     At press time, Rachel had started
took a tour of the film school and was      Ds: let’s hear some stories from your
                                                  internship at The Daily show!          an internship with Tribeca Cinemas
blown away by their hands-on program.                                                    for the summer. She is living in NYU
In other schools, you have to earn the        RR: I interned this past Fall at The       housing and loving it. She already
right to hold a camera, a lot of emphasis   Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It was          helped with a movie screening for
is placed on seniority and competition.     such an amazing experience! The              "Away We Go".
Here, you get to touch a camera your        correspondents and Jon Stewart worked
first day and are required to make films    in the same space as the interns, so

  Sponsor an Oneg, Kiddush or Flowers this Summer
    These are all wonderful ways to honor a simcha or milestone, or the memory of a loved one.
  Flowers: $150; Kiddush: $450; Oneg: $250. Contact Diane Shalom at ext. 104 or to
  sponsor all or a portion.

        B’nai jeshurun congregation                                                july 2009 • tidings

From the rabbi                                Continued from page 2
                                                                                  Second in our 2009 Concert Series
  The U.S. and Israel and even some Arab nations agree: Iran
cannot be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. Such a prospect
                                                                            An IsrAelI & HAssIdIc
raises a host of very real concerns. First, Iran has repeatedly been
clear they intend to use such a weapon against Israel to "wipe
                                                                             FestIvAl oF MusIc
                                                                                 that featured Aharon Razel, Ariel Zilber,
Israel off the map." Israel is a small country and one nuclear bomb          Chaim Dovid Saracik and Cantor Aaron Shifman.
could literally do that. Even if never fired, a nuclear weapon would
undermine Israel from within and could cause its downfall. It
would restrain Israel from being able to defend itself against attacks
by Hezbollah or Hamas, Iran's proxies. Every time Israel would
prepare to mount a defense, Iran could put their nuclear arsenal on
standby, thereby forcing Israel to back down. After one standby like
that, international businesses would likely pull out of Israel out of
fear of losses, and thus seriously undermine Israel's economy. Even
more frightening is the prospect that Iran could sell or give that                                                   Photos by
technology to terrorists. Even other Arab regimes in the region are                                                  Vic Amster.
frightened at the prospect of a nuclear Iran. They fear Iran will use
such a weapon to destabilize their regimes. Several have suggested
their response could be to develop their own nuclear weapons,
setting off an arms race that would destabilize the entire region.
  What can we do? There is currently legislation working its way
through the House and Senate. The Iran Refined Petroleum
Sanctions Act bans any U.S. company from doing business with
and any U.S. port from accepting a ship from a company that
sells Iran refined petroleum (gasoline). It also bans the insurers
of those ships and makes it illegal for the U.S. banking system to
deal with banks that process any Iranian transactions. Why is this
important? Iran has few refineries and thus must import 40% of
its gasoline. The Iranian government heavily subsidizes the price
of gasoline for its citizens. This ban would force Iran to choose
between developing a nuclear weapon and risk an economic crisis
that would threaten its rule at home. These sanctions are meant                         on our Business owners
to go hand in hand with President Obama's negotiations, so as to            If you are a congregant, own a business and
demonstrate to the Iranians that we are serious about their ending         would like to be highlighted in a future issue of
their nuclear weapons program. I urge you to write to your Senators        Tidings, please contact Diane Shalom at ext. 104 or
and members of Congress to support this bill. I also urge you to talk
about this with your friends and neighbors. Too many Americans fail
to understand the complexity and the gravity of this issue. For more                   Donations Mailbox
information on Iran and the Sanctions Act, go to                        We now have a mail slot on the wall to
                                                     Rabbi Stephen Weiss             the left of Nickman Chapel just before you
                                                                                     turn down the hallway. This is our new
                                                                                   donations mailbox. Please place your checks
heiNeN’S Gift carD proGram                                                        in this secure box if you are making a donation
easy to Buy - easy to use. When you purchase a Heinen’s Gift                      after office hours.
Card through the synagogue office, B’nai Jeshurun earns up to 7% of
the Gift Card’s value! When you use your Heinen’s Gift Card, there
is no additional cost to you. The Heinen’s Gift Card is just like a pre-
                                                                                            Wi-Fi Code:
paid phone card. There are five ways to purchase your Heinen’s Gift                   Shalom B2347BB48B
Cards: by e-mail, fax, telephone, regular mail, and in person. You even
get Heinen’s Preferred Customer Card discounts and other Heinen’s
benefits when you use the Gift Card for your Heinen’s purchases. It’s
a great way to provide additional support to the synagogue. For further                  mailboxes:
information or to purchase your Heinen’s Gift Cards, contact Paula                Email to or
Botkin at ext. 109 or at                                     call 216-831-6555 ext 195.

        tidings • july 2009                             B’nai jeshurun congregation

Donations received as of May 15, 2009                                               HELENE FEINSILBER, and MEL
                                                                                    GINSBERG by Alice & Jonathan
To better manage administrative expenses, it is requested that contributions be     Roth…Milestone Birthday of LILLIAN
at least $10 or more each. Thank you for helping us reduce the synagogue’s costs,   GUTTERMAN by Joe, Mark & Lena
which increases the actual value of your gifts.                                     Goren and Sherri Goren Slovin & Scott
                                                                                    Slovin…Birth of SYDNEY HOPE
ADulT B’NAI MITZVAH                        received at the annual meeting by Mary   LADER by Carol & Joe Feig.
suKKAH DeCorATING FuND                     & Murray Berkowitz.                          In Memory of:
    In Memory of:                          BerMAN-lIPPA FAMIly                      BETTY ROSIN by Art Shedroff…
HOWARD COVENSKY by Laurie                  FouNDATIoN                               HARRY KATZ by Louis Elgart…
& Ira Davis…JEROME DORRIS by                   In Memory of:                        LILLIAN BERKOWITZ LOCKSHIN
Barbara & Robert Leeson.                   EDITH LEEB by Lana & Michael             by Sandy & Bob Berkowitz…
                                           Jacobson.                                LILLIAN BICKART by Jeannette
    By: Henrik Sperling, Cheryl & Rob      BeTH AM eNrICHMeNT FuND                  Kaufman…SADIE WEITMAN
Spira, Darby & Jon Steiger, Rhoda &            In Honor of:                         LESNICK by Marcia Stone…
Morris Bordman, Ellen Falk, and Evelyn     Speedy Recovery to BOB GOODSTEIN         WALTER & ELLEN FREED by Vera
& Malcolm Brahms.                          and SUE LEVIN by Inna Mongayt.           Dombcik…BARBARA HEISLER and
    In Honor of:                                                                    RAYMOND KLEIN by David, Karen,
HARRY GIPS' Aliyah by Mr. & Mrs.           BluesToNe-rose FAMIly                    Emily & Molly Yahr…BERNARD
Harry Gips…ERICA ROSENTHAL’S               eDuCATIoN FuND                           MAYERS by Nancy & Roy Mayers…
Aliyah by Marcy Rosenthal.                   In Memory of:                          CHARLES & SALLIE SCHAEFFER
    In Memory of:                          MARK A. COHEN by Sue & Vic               by D.R. Schaeffer…GERALD
BENJAMIN ZEITMAN and                       Amster.                                  BLOOM, JENNIE LEIZMAN, and
MOLLYE ELLIS by Janice Bloom…                                                       MORRIS LEIZMAN by Eunice &
                                           B’NAI JesHuruN CHeseD FuND               William Leizman…HARRY GOLUB
SIDNEY FRANKLIN by Carol & Joe                 In Honor of:
Feig.                                                                               by Nancy & David Falck, Karen &
                                           Speedy Recovery to BOB GOODSTEIN;        Melvin Arnoff, and Susan & Nelson
ADolPH AMsel MeMorIAl                      Birth of Dany & Ines Ades’               Pole…HARVEY RAGEN by Gloria
FouNDATIoN                                 GRANDSON; Birth of Sousan Aminfard       & Ian Abrams…IRA ROSIN by
  In Memory of:                            & Bijan Simhai’s GRANDSON by Ruth        Art Shedroff…IRVIN WEISS by
ADOLPH AMSEL and MIKE                      & David Dobres…EMILY ROOD’S              Sylvia & Harriet Weiss…ISADORE
AMSEL by the Amsel Family.                 Graduation from medical school by Marcy  ELLERIN by Harriet Roth…MANNY
                                           Rosenthal…Speedy Recovery to HELENE      SCHONFELD by Debbie & Phil
HoWArD r. BANCHeK                          FEINSILBER by Sonya Shultz.              Weiss…SADIE FRIEDMAN by
MeMorIAl FuND                                  In Memory of:                        Marsha Moses…SYLVAN LAMPL
   In Memory of:                           JOSEPH SHARON, SADIE                     by Suellen & Larry Kadis…MOLLYE
MAX K. BANCHEK by Matilda                  SHAROWSKY, and YETTA                     WAKSER by David Wakser.
Banchek.                                   SCHWARTZ by Lois Teitelman…
                                           DIANE BELL and DONALD                       CANTor’s MusIC FuND
euNICe AND erNesT                          HARRIS by Laura & Michael Bennett.              In Honor of:
BeNCHell eNDoWMeNT FuND                                                                In Appreciation of CANTOR AARON
   In Honor of:                            B’NAI JesHuruN                              SHIFMAN by Marilyn & Herb Bell
Milestone Birthdays of BONNIE              eNDoWMeNT FuND                              and Irene Golub.
POTASH, GLORIA ABRAMS,                         In Honor of:
HARLEY GROSS, HERBERT BELL,                Our HONORS received by Susannah & PHyllIs AND Dr. sIDNey
JODY KATZNER, RABBI RUDIN-                 Avery Cohen.                                CoHeN KosHer KITCHeN
LURIA, and REY MACKNIN;                        In Memory of:                           FuND
Milestone Anniversaries of DIANE           JEAN PINERMAN by Marilyn &                      In Honor of:
& SCOTT SABLE and SHEILA &                 Herb Bell.                                  Milestone Birthdays of PHYLLIS &
ROBERT ALLENICK by Eunice                                                              SIDNEY COHEN by Susannah &
& Ernie Benchell; Bat Mitzvah of           PHyllIs AND Jules BooKATZ                   Avery Cohen.
NAOMI JULIA BENCHELL by                    FuND For CHIlDreN WITH
                                           sPeCIAl NeeDs                               HArrIeT AND PAul DeNNIs
Marilyn & Herb Bell, and Salli & Alan
                                               In Memory of:                           CHIlDreN’s lIBrAry FuND
                                           DR. ALLAN BOOKATZ and Andrew                    In Memory of:
   In Memory of:
                                           Buerger’s sister, JODY, by Phyllis Bookatz. HOWARD COVENSKY by Barbara
Ernie Benchell.                            TeMPle BuIlDING AND
                                           DeVeloPMeNT FuND                            WIllIAM GIBBerMAN
BeVA BerKoWITZ usy FuND                                                                MeMorIAl FouNDATIoN
  In Honor of:                                 In Honor of:
                                           YIZKOR by Ruth Langsner…Speedy                  In Memory of:
LORNA & ADAM SIEGAL and                                                                LOUIS J. MARCUS by Barbara
BERNARD KOTTON for Honors                  Recovery to BOB GOODSTEIN,
       B’nai jeshurun congregation                                         july 2009 • tidings
GINsBerG FAMIly uNITeD                  GRUNBERGER, SAM RICHMAN,             Zehava & Steve Galun, Karen, David,
syNAGoGue youTH                         and PAUL KORET by Margie & David     Emily & Molly Yahr, and Barbara &
(usy) FuND                              Cohen.                               Robert Leeson.
   In Memory of:                            In Memory of:
HARRY GOLUB by Diane & Mel              RUTH SHATZ by Ruth & David           MITCHell leuTeNBerG
Ginsberg.                               Dobres…HOWARD COVENSKY by            sCHool FuND
                                        Shirley & Bill Hass.                    In Memory of:
GoTTlIeB FAMIly FuND                                                         “NIM” by Estelle & Jay Leutenberg.
For HoloCAusT MIssIoNs                  Jo HersHey selDeN
    In Honor of:                        eNDoWMeNT FuND                       HoWArD AND susAN leVIN
Milestone Birthdays of CAROL FEIG,          In Memory of:                    sCHolArsHIP FuND
DEAN EISENBERG, GLORIA                  JO HERSHEY SELDEN by Debra &            In Honor of:
ABRAMS, GORDON SHEFNER,                 Peter Guren.                         ALIYOT by Howard Levin.
HARLEY GROSS, HERB BELL                                                      ellIe MACKNIN
JODY KATZNER, MICHELE                   IsrAel sCHolArsHIP FuND
                                           In Memory of:                     CoNseCrATIoN FuND
SASS, REY MACKNIN, BONNIE                                                       In Honor of:
                                        Mady Kaiser.                         Milestone Birthday of REY
LURIA; Milestone Anniversaries                                               MACKNIN by Lenore & Nate Oscar.
of SHEILA & BOB ALLENICK,               JACK JACoBsoN AND Belle
DIANE & SCOTT SABLE, and                WINoGrAD JACoBsoN                    MIlDreD rose AND GeorGe
GALYA & YORAM MOYAL by                  MeMorIAl lIBrAry FuND                MANDel eDuCATIoN FuND
Lorin & Alan Gottlieb.                      In Memory of:                        In Honor of:
    In Memory of:                       HARVEY FAGEN, HERMA                  Birth of my GREAT GRANDSON,
HOWARD COVENSKY by Lorin &              BURIAN, SHIRLEY LEV, and             CALEB MAX SEAMAN; Engagement
Alan Gottlieb.                          SYLVAN LAMPL by B’nai Jeshurun       of my GRANDDAUGHTER,
                                        Fellowship…NATE SCHENKER by          JESSICA E. LEIKEN to AARON B.
eDWArD GreeNe MeMorIAl                                                       GOLDSTEIN by Mildred Mandel.
lIBrAry FuND                            Barbara & Robert Leeson.
    In Honor of:                        eTole AND JulIAN KAHAN               MAZoN HuNGer FuND
In Appreciation of RAPHAEL SIMON        FINe ArTs eNDoWMeNT FuND                 In Honor of:
by B’nai Jeshurun Havurah Chai.             In Honor of:                     Speedy Recovery to JOEL KAY by
    In Memory of:                       Bar Mitzvah of NOAH GELLER;          Linda & Jerry Siegan…Milestone
ROBERT A. GREENE by Anne                Milestone Birthday of RABBI HAL      Birthday of REY MACKNIN by Doris
Casserilie, Phil Moskowitz, and Ruth    RUDIN-LURIA by Etole & Julian        & Pete Copeland.
Koway.                                  Kahan.                                   In Memory of:
                                                                             ANNA & HARRY BORDMAN
HAAs FAMIly eDuCATIoN FuND              sAMuel J. AND IDA r.                 and BLANCHE & JACK PAVNY by
     In Honor of:                       KAuFMAN MeMorIAl FuND                Rhoda & Morris Bordman.
Dr. & Mrs. Barry Effron’s                  In Memory of:
DAUGHTER’S college graduation;          SAMUEL J. KAUFMAN by Sylvia          MINyAN FuND
Birth of Danny & Jessica Weiss’ SON     Bauer.                                   In Honor of:
and Lita Cohen’s GRANDSON; Birth                                             Milestone Birthday of NEDRA
of AKIVA GILAD SINYKIN; Birth           sAM AND DoroTHy KoHN                 ROTSKY by Sheila & Ralph Orkin.
of Sousan Aminfard’s & Bijan Simhai’s   FouNDATIoN                               In Memory of:
GRANDSON; Birth of ZACHARY                  In Honor of:                     BERNARD CHERNIN by Marvin
COLE MOSKOWITZ by Shirley &             SHABBOS ALIYAH by Meyer              Chernin…BERTHA WASSERMAN
Bill Haas.                              Kohn…In Appreciation by Elaine &     by Florine Goldberg…FANNY
     In Memory of:                      Jerome Kohn.                         ROSS and DOROTHY GINNIS
ADELE HERMAN by Ruth Lefton                 In Memory of:                    by Ruth Koway…RICHARD
and Cookie & Alan Hartman.              GESSIE KAPLAN, RITA KOHN,            MARK HANDLER and MILTON
                                        SAM KOHN, and SIGMOND                WASSERMAN by Joni & Steve
rABBI JACK J. HerMAN                    KAPLAN by Meyer Kohn…SAM             Wasserman.
eDuCATIoNAl FuND                        KOHN by Elaine & Jerome Kohn.
    In Memory of:                                                            MosKoWITZ eNDoWMeNT
IBOLYA REVESZ and RABBI JACK            sANForD AND GlorIA                   FuND For oPerATIoNs
J. HERMAN by Shoshana Herman.           KurlAND eArly CHIlDHooD                 In Honor of:
                                        eDuCATIoN eNDoWMeNT                  Milestone Birthday of LLOYD
BessIe HersHey relIGIous                FuND                                 GLAZER by Bunny & Ron Moskowitz.
sCHool FuND                                 In Memory of:                       In Memory of:
    In Honor of:                        JACK SAUL, MARK COHEN,               CAROL LEFF by Linda & Jan
In Appreciation of Lauren & Rachel      and RUTH SHATZ by Amanda &           Moskowitz…JACK SAUL by Ruth,
Cohen’s TEACHERS, GARY OKIN,            Kenneth Kurland…RUTH SHATZ by        Ron, & Jan Moskowitz and Families.
         tidings • july 2009                                 B’nai jeshurun congregation
MArIlyN AND rICHArD                            Gerald Goldstein…Milestone Birthday            ruTH AND GeorGe
M. Myers FAMIly                                of RABBI HAL RUDIN-LURIA                       roTHsTeIN IsrAel
eNDoWMeNT FuND                                 by Roslyn & Ed Kowit and Linda                 sCHolArsHIP FuND
   In Memory of:                               Schoenberg & Bill Jones…Milestone                 In Honor of:
TRACY E. MYERS by Marilyn &                    Birthday of REY MACKNIN by Linda               Naming of REBECCA LILLIAN
Richard Myers.                                 Schoenberg & Bill Jones…Bar Mitzvah            McCANN by Aunt Selma & Uncle
                                               of WESLEY DARVIN by Dana &                     Marvin Friedman.
NICKMAN CHAPel ArT FuND                        Howard Darvin.
   In Memory of:                                   In Memory of:                              ruTsKy FAMIly
EVA WEIDER by Ann Jacobson.                    FRANCES SCHLESINGER by Carol                   eDuCATIoN FuND
                                               Ronder…GERTRUDE & SIDNEY                           In Honor of:
leoNArD osCAr BuIlDING                         GLUECK by Gail Bernstein…                      Bat Mitzvah of MINTSY AGIN by
MAINTeNANCe FuND                               JOHANNA DREYFUSS by Marcia &                   Barbara & Robert Leeson….Milestone
   In Memory of:                               Jerry Rothschild…IRVING BARRON                 Birthday of RABBI HAL RUDIN-
JACK SHARF by Anclaire Oscar.                  by Barbara & Robert Leeson…JERRY               LURIA; Speedy Recovery to MELVIN
                                               BLOOM by Amy & Mark Fishman…                   GINSBERG by Salli & Alan Rutsky.
PAyNer-BesuNDer FAMIly                         MORRIS SHAGRIN by Michael                          In Memory of:
FuND                                           Shagrin….NORMAN & SYLVIA                       MANNY SCHONFELD and
    In Honor of:                               PRICE by Barbara & Paul Welitzkin              ROBERT GROSSER SR. by Barbara
Milestone Birthday of RABBI HAL                and Cheryl Greenhut…SYLVAN                     & Robert Leeson.
RUDIN-LURIA by Pam, Sandy, Brett               LAMPL by Helene & George Bernstein.
& Scott Besunder and Estelle Payner…                                                          rABBI sTANley J. sCHACHTer
Speedy Recovery to WARREN GILL;                lIllIAN AND HArVey PHIlIP                      PrAyerBooK FuND
Birth of AKIVA GILAD SINYKIN by                roseNsTeIN BooK FuND                              In Honor of:
Pam & Sandy Besunder.                             In Honor of:                                Milestone Birthday of RABBI
    In Memory of:                              Speedy Recovery to BOB                         STANLEY J. SCHACHTER by
JOEY PAYNER, HARRY & MINNY                     GOODSTEIN by Helen & Paul Wolf.                Lenore & Nate Oscar.
LITT, and GOLDIE PINCHEFSKY                       In Memory of:
by Estelle Payner.                             EMANUEL SCHONFELD by Helen                     THoMAs AND rICHArD
                                               & Paul Wolf…SHIRLEY LEV by the                 sHATTAN MeMorIAl FuND
PrAyerBooK FuND                                Wolf and Goldman Families.                         In Honor of:
    In Memory of:                                                                             LOREN SHATTEN’S temple
EVA ADLER by Lauren & David                    rABBI ruDolPH M.                               high school graduation by Beverlee
Feiglin and Melissa Henkin.                    roseNTHAl MeMorIAl FuND                        Rosenbluth.
                                                  In Honor of:
rABBIs’ DIsCreTIoNAry                          HONORS received at services by                 youTH CoMMIssIoN
FuNDs                                          Susannah & Avery Cohen.                        FouNDATIoN
     In Honor of:                                 In Memory of:                                   In Honor of:
In Appreciation of RABBI STEPHEN               GAIL & JERRY WOLKOFF by                        My ALIYAH and OUR CHILDREN
WEISS by Miriam & Moshe                        Susannah & Avery Cohen.                        and GRANDCHILDREN by Debra &
Rubenstein, Stacie Madow and Robin                                                            Avi Weiss.
Collins, Marilyn & Herb Bell, Irene            roseNZWeIG sINGer                                  In Memory of:
Golub, Paul & Barbara Welitzkin,               sCHolArsHIP FuND                               IRWIN R. SIEGAL by Marlene Siegal.
and Cheryl Greenhut…Milestone                     In Memory of:
Birthday of GLORIA ABRAMS by                   BENJAMIN SINGER by Alta &                      IDA AND sAM ZelWIN
Gloria & Ian Abrams…In Appreciation            Arnold Rosenzweig.                             FAMIly FuND
of CLERGY by Fran & Aaron                                                                        In Honor of:
Bulloff…In Appreciation of RABBI               NATHAN roTH                                    BARBARA BROAD’S great Boston
HAL RUDIN-LURIA by Dahlia &                    MeMorIAl FuND                                  marathon race by Ronna & Robert
Larry Harris, Stacie Madow and Robin              In Memory of:                               Zelwin.
Collins, Marilyn & Herb Bell, and Irene        AGNES T. ORRINGER by Linda &
Golub…Bris of MAX RESNICK by                   Carl Orringer.
Jessica & Jeff Resnick and Sarajane &

   Please note: Donations may be made by mailing or bringing in a note to the synagogue office detailing the name of the fund, the
 reason for the donation, to whom acknowledgement should go, and the donor’s name, along with a check made out to B’nai Jeshurun
 Congregation. It would be greatly appreciated if checks for donations were separate from other checks to the congregation. For
 Sisterhood Building and Development Fund, please mail your donations and full information to Millie Mandel, 25805 Fairmount
 Blvd. #103, Beachwood 44122. For Torah Fund, please mail your donations and full information to Linda Powers, 3323 Belvoir Blvd.,
 Cleveland 44122. Again, for Sisterhood, please make separate checks for donations, dues, luncheons, etc. as they go to different people
 and different accounts. Thanks for helping to make the job of our bookkeepers and treasurers a little easier.

         July 2009 • Tammuz/av 5769
    SUNDAY            M ON DAY          T U E S DAY        W E D N E S DAY        T H U R S DAY           F R I DAY           SATURDAY
                                                                            1                     2   Office closed – 3                       4
                                                           USY                  USY                   July 4th weekend 8:45 a.m.
    Recurring evenTs                                       on Wheels            on Wheels                               Service;
                                                                                                      8:00 a.m.         Lita Cohen &
   Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. Haftorat HaShavua                                                           Combined          Paul Koret
                          with Susan Wyner                                                            Minyans           Aufruf
   Fridays at 10:00 a.m.   Kinder Shabbat                                                             No Kinder
                           followed                                                                   Shabbat/Open
                           by Open                                                                    Playroom
                           Playroom                                                                   7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                      Birthday Shabbat
                5                 6                    7                    8                     9                   10                     11
                    10:00 a.m.        9:30 a.m.                                 Fast of               5:45 p.m.            8:45 a.m.
                    Playground        Preschool                                 Tammuz                ECC BYOSD            Service
                    Playgroup         Nature Camp
                                                                                                      7:30 p.m.            5:30 p.m.
                                      4:00 p.m. ECC                                                   Service              Dean Granot
                                      Afternoon                                                                            Mincha Bar
                                      Adventure                                                                            Mitzvah

              12                 13                   14                  15                    16                    17                     18
                    10:00 a.m.        9:30 a.m.            7:30 p.m.            2:30 p.m.             7:30 p.m.            8:45 a.m.
                    Playground        Preschool            Sisterhood           Kick Back             Service;             Service
                    Playgroup         Nature Camp          Book                 with Reading          Anniversary
                                                           Discussion                                 Shabbat
                                      4:00 p.m. ECC                             7:00 p.m.
                                      Afternoon                                 Reading
                                      Adventure                                 with Rafi

              19                 20                   21                  22                    23                    24                     25
11:30 a.m.          10:00 a.m.                             Rosh                                       7:30 p.m.            8:45 a.m.
Bike/Hike           Playground                             Hodesh Av                                  Service              Service; Martin
                    Playgroup                                                                                              Wasserman
                                                                                                                           & Jenny Farber

               26                27                   28                  29                     30                   31
                    10:00 a.m.                             6:00 p.m. No         Tisha B’Av            7:30 p.m.
                    Playground                             minyan service                             Service
                    Playgroup                                                   8:00 a.m.
                                                           8:30 p.m.            Service–no tallit
                                                           Mincha,              and tefillin
                                                           Ma’ariv and          6:00 p.m.
                                                           Lamentations         Mincha–with
                                                           (Eicha)              tallit and tefillin
                                                           8:46 p.m.            9:17 p.m.
                                                           Fast begins          Fast ends

      B ’nai Jeto the
         goes A R K

 Jewish Heritage Day • Sunday, August 30 • 1:00 p.m.
       Lake	County	Captains                                                    Lakewood	Blue	Claws
            Cleveland	Indians
             Single	A	affiliate                        VS.                         Philadelphia	Phillies
                                                                                     Single	A	affiliate

 Purchase	your	tickets	through	the	synagogue	office	by	August	11	for	a	special	group	price	of	only	$7	per	ticket.
         • Watch Rabbi Weiss throw out a ceremonial first pitch! • Run the bases • Raffle • Kosher food •
• Kids Zone featuring a playground • Fun activities especially for kids • Autograph session • Speed pitch contest

                                         S AV e t H e D At e
     Congregational Picnic • Sunday, August 23 • 4:00–7:00 p.m. at the synagogue
                        Shady	Tot	Spot	•	Hot	dogs	•	Inflatables

                                                                                             Non-Profit org.
                                                                                               us Postage
                                                    Dated Material                               PAID
                                                    Do Not Delay                             Cleveland, ohio
                                                   reTurN serVICe requesTeD                  Permit No. 2225
27501 FAIrMouNT BlVD.
PePPer PIKe, oH 44124
216-831-6555 • FAx: 216-831-4599
Alan Gottlieb, President
Stephen Weiss, Senior Rabbi              ext 104
Hal Rudin-Luria, Associate Rabbi         ext 101
Aaron Shifman, Cantor                    ext 112
Stanley J. Schachter, Rabbi Emeritus     ext 106
Michael Hecht, Rabbi Emeritus            ext 105
Ralph J. Rosenthal, Executive Director   ext 107
Lita Cohen, Education Director           ext 124
Barbara Rosenfeld, Executive Educator    ext 121
Risa Roth, Early Childhood Director      ext 125
Dana Blocker, Youth Director             ext 120
Dr. R. Raphael Simon, Librarian          ext 114
Marcy Stahm, Controller                  ext 111
Diane Shalom, Rabbi Weiss’ Assistant/
         Tidings Editor/Communications   ext 104
Paula Botkin, Accounting/Cemeteries/
         Event Coordinator               ext 109
Wendy Altmire, School Secretary          ext 123
Julie Berman, Cantor’s Secretary         ext 102
Shirley Haas, School Secretary           ext 122
Rachel Taxer, Secretary/Receptionist     ext 100

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