Prudential by wanghonghx


									                                                     Information 10 August 2011

Credit Cards                              J Cell phone is Nokia 2285.                   Siren, WI 54872-9208
ATT Universal Card                        Serial Number                                 715 349 2636
   pin house                              03802760741
Website                                   C Cell 440 865 3166                           Lot 31, White Pine Beach             Serial Number                                 S8 T36N R16W
  Username: wellsoberlin                  010708008878106
  kitty                                   SIM                                           Medical
                                          89014103060632888256                          We are covered by Kaiser
Continental Visa                                                                        and by Medicare.
pin house                                 Oberlin
website:                        105 South Cedar Street                        Medicare
   username: wellsoberlin                 Oberlin, OH 44074-1521                        Charles 258 52 9516A
Bills come to cfw2                                                                      Part A and B: 05 01 2002
                                          Held mail confirmation number                 Kaiser numbers
Jane’s Continental MasterCard             WEH40653206                                       Charles 059916
                                          Aug 20 – Aug 30
website:                                                                          Jane 059917
  username janeoberlin                                                                  Medicare & Kaiser file in C desk, lower
Password music                            House Insurance (Oberlin)                     right
                                             Chubb Insurance
Wachovia                                     Policy 10511933-02                         Charles:
CAP Account Visa                             Account 8992 5436 1816 001P                      Several files in C desk, lower
   (debit card)                           Agent                                         right
Pin house                                   Pinkerton Insurance                         Medicine list below
To get direct service on the CAP card       216 520 8800
dial 888 215 3904, option 2.                                                            Jane’s fluoccinide 90730351
Accounts                                  Oberlin Public Library cards
5791 Roth                                    Charles 29362001110494                     Documents
5805 Bonds                                   Jane 29362001100354                        Birth Certificates
5815 Stocks                                                                                 Charles, Matt, Dorothy
5833 CAP                                  Oberlin College Mudd Lib                          In fireproof box
0654 Jane                                  Charles 29362002256270
Cars                                      Dorothy Edwards info                          Jane: 210952956 Jun 2014
Repair records are in J desk, left side   Brenda Worley info                            Charles: 215121599 Oct 2015
                                             Both in J desk left drawer                    in fireproof box
Auto Insurance
With Worldwide Insurance Co.              Household appliances, etc: Directions,        Social Security
   Phone 800 894 2886                     other info in folders in C file center file   Charles 258529516
   Policy 0100716                         cabinet, second drawer.                       Jane 302360937
   File in C desk, lower right                                                          Peter 289 70 2635
Great American Driver Club                Siren, Wisconsin                              In fireproof box
   A-0100715                              House insurance with Fishbowl
   Provides towing; part of auto          Insurance Agency                              Addresses: HOME\adrlist.dvi
insurance                                    Chris at 800 644 8164
                                                                                           This file: HOME\OurInfo.doc
Drivers’ Licenses                         All files on Siren house are in C file
    Charles RU891529                      cabinets                                      HOME\Xmas contains Christmas letters
    Jane RT783530                         top center drawer                             and addresses
                                          Deed is in lockbox.
Phones                                                                                  Jane’s Wisconsin speech license
Oberlin 440 774 1926                      Lake House is at                              pin HH7XFH
J Cell    216 894 4592                    7417 Northshore Drive
                              Financial                            Continental MasterCard

Our investments are handled by Wachovia Securities. This was       Paid by deduction from Continental Visa:
formerly Prudential, whose securities division was taken over by      ATT long distance
Wachovia. Our advisor is Eric J. Nilson, phone 216 574 7281,          Kaiser (2 pmts $119 each)
email This company has our checking account,
as well.                                                                We pay our church pledgse monthly by Prupay, using their
Wachovia Investment files                                            Username: wells999
   C desk lower right                                                File in C desk, lower right
We get printed reports of all accounts
   once a month                                                    Receipts
We get check images once a month                                     File of current receipts in C desk, lower right.
   in a separate mailing

Wachovia website                                                                             Frequent Flyer
Wellsoberlin                                                       Continental frequent flyer
10 letter password                                                  Charles: LC473638 41,043 mi on 7/1/07
                                                                    Jane: CC860040          62,263 mi on 5/1/07
Financial files in the computer are in
C:\HOME\Accounts                                                   Delta frequent flyer
                                                                      Charles 2133251971 pin four digit
Bills:                                                                Jane 2133252177
                                                                      pin four digit
Plain Dealer carrier
Mike Marcus & Patty Waters                                         Northwest World Perks
265 Harrison St                                                     Charles: 578413345
Elyria, OH 44035                                                    Jane: 928324633

We pay the Cable Co-op bills (internet) by check.                  United frequent flyer
                                                                       Charles 00353 020 005
These are paid by deduction from our checking account:                 Jane 03110043936
                Continental Visa
 ATT Universal Card

                      Charles Wells medical August 10, 2011

medical history                                                      medication
high blood pressure                                                  cozaar 50 mg 2/day 90637443
heart catheterization in 1996                                        cumidin 1 tablet on Mon Fri,
                                                                         plus ½ more on other days
  2 stents inserted                                                  doxazosin 4 mg 1/day evening
depression                                                           EC aspirin 81mg 1/day
                                                                     fluocinonide (lidex) cream 90594244
allergies                                                            lovastatin 40 mg 1/day evening
dye for angiogram                                                    magnesium oxide 400 mg 2/day w/food
                                                                     metoprolol (lopressor) 100 mg 2/day
iodine for wounds                                                    nasarel spray 90566666
sulfa makes me sick                                                  prozac 20 mg 2/day 70760026
                                                                Websites                   Internet IPN                     code on magazine:                  charles sophieca                     #WLL0105C092 7                 #611940                          National Geographic
username cwells                                                                                     Account number
auth-code MSR5UPjL                 Chubb wells999                  Expedia                          415152787
413-499-6690                 Username: cfwells           ?rq=bfbl&sp=10001&esc=68618                                      New York times cwells99
                                   044                             Google (all)
blog                                                                  kitty                         NOHC
gyre & gimble                      Consumers report                                                 Username WellsOberlin       Username: charles999         Google Earth                                             License key                      Oberlin College community
music                              Continental eservice: cwells111 JCPMW2RDX879Z6B                     charles.wells 3021

Airstream                          Continental Visa                 Google Groups                   Oberlin website classified ads
(Siren DSL)                          Username: wellsoberlin         kitty                 
cwells                               music pin pb                                                   bin/cgiwrap/classifi/classifieds/
nYSebW4j                                                            Horde (email for                cwells
Each spring:                       Cryptic Monthly        
In browser, go to      LG3RG5                           log in with email address for   OPERS 101165
password admin                                                      Jane or Charles                 Passport (Microsoft)
change away from fixed ip          Cute FTP                                                         password music
log in                             Order 831343                     ILIAD
                                   license                          Wellsoberlin                    P2P Ripper
Amazon web services                AGXF57M5QCMY2B                                                   Your license name is: Charles
email addr                                                          Jane’s mastercard               Wells
access key                         My website at CWRU               janeoberlin music               Your license code is: 604D-
02WVRGNBKGDWJ3YNTC02                   group: CWRU Math                                             EEEA-CABA-1BF5-4CA1-006E-
secret access key                  Department                       J and R                         1480-0870-6302-9183
TGFhEd6VIycpUjGDI8BMhfE+f              account name: cfw2              charleswells       
r9LtrKJn14GXWyP                        password: 4173t5of              9letter password             (
                                       server name:                                       
AMS wlchf                                  Kaiser
                                   network pwd:                     wellsoberlin 059916             PayPal
Atlantic magazine                   music with capital T            janewells 059917                Wellsoberlin
                                   CWRU library PIN 72368           LinkSys (network)               PC Magazine utilities
ATT mastercard                                                      Wireless name                   wellsoberlin
   Username: wellsoberlin          Cryptics Monthly                 Encryption method: WEP128
  kitty                            LG3RG5                           Passphrase Wellswireless        Privacy Guard
security word Clarke                                                encryption key                  wellsoberlin
                                   Dell                             B77B846016                      music
ATT Long Distance                  music                            Fixed IP          888 883 6303
https://www.customerservice.att.                                                                    800 374 8273
com/signin                         Electric Library username:       LRTA
music                              cwells9                          email, kitty                    Response Auto Insurance
    phone number is ID                                                                              sign in as jane gd
                                   Ebay                             MAA
Billpay wells999 sophie              id = wellsoberlin              Customer Number:00075545        Reunion cwellsoberlin
                                     password 9letter               password wells
Where to notify of events:                                                                          RITA             Economist 37661WE                Mapquest cfw2                   Wellsoberlin
                                   Change of address:                                               music
Cable Coop                           Mathematica Journal
Sears parts cwells              Topo Data Packets              Turbotax                          Wikipedia
                                Certificate                    Wellsoberlin                      wellsoberlin
Second Life                     ADPT6-787741-CT                also Estimated tax pay site
Social Security                 Toyota Website:                Travelocity                       4845742666429682843
Charles 258 52 9516             http:\\        cwells2016
Jane 302 36 0937                User ID:                          4letter password               Yahoo
                                CWELLS@OBERLIN.NET                                                 Username: wellsoberlin
Stop junk mail                  Password: 0U85302027           Verizon
   cwells999                                                      Username: wellsoberlin         Zazzle
                                Tracfone                         music                           wellsoberlim
Technorati                           WE Energies
Username wellsoberlin           usual pw                       Wellsoberlin

Computer programs

ACROBAT                                                                                 Pin 2269046
1118-1679-4419-1323-4596-7399              Mathematica 5.0
                                           This copy belongs to CWRU                    PCTEX PW32-201499 (last version PW20-
Acrobat serial number AOW301E7124035-      License L3039-5066                           3-104966)
656 (Ver 5.0.5)                            ID 6139-83091-65908
Customer Service 800-833-6687              6005-577-239:2:8:20071101                    Publicon
login name cwells999                                                                    Platform: Windows License Number:
                                           Mathematica TE                               L3077-6711
ADOBE type manager sn                      License L3175-8918                           Password:
BWW302B3149927                             Password                                     27983-25248-49030-447
reg. id 530-144-987                        35237-05507-21299-052
Adobe customer service                     MathType 5.2 for Windows                     WSDE-BAX4BEP-00037798
Email address                              MTWE520-061723-82YUF                         See Gzip Download Info file

Adobe Photo                                Mathematica 6.0                              Turbotax
HJW200B7100286-475                         52052-38340-407965324200589-187              Wellsoberlin
                                                                                        Installation Code: A64A72CD766F9E92
Almanac:                                   MGI photosuite 1197980306200010
   User ID: wel9457                                                                     Universal Document Converter
                                           Microsoft Word                               12B7-F886-23D3-4EE7
CrosswordCompiler                          18095-OEM-0002104-34022
H003486275033722-3080393                                                                WinEdt
                                           MS Office 21140-113-0124545                  4235386367020148165
Registration                               MultiEdit 9 TEMPE-ES215700001                YandY SN 2401
8418-1301-5654-8214 (12/2005)              (old MEW700d788780)                          36090043
Link Checker                               Omnipage 2889A G00 761455
5BD534-MTF8PW-JVUKVQ-KBY51P                OmniPage Pro

LSDS family history center: WESTLAKE                                                   DNA case number 096
25000 Westwood Rd.                  (Family Tree Maker)
       216-777-1518                          Login: cw23944343                         982092137-216111184208
                                             Password: aexyqqtp                        Scottish genealogy site                                 Canceled all subs Dec 23 2004.
User Name: CWells8                                                                     Genviewer:
 Case matters                                One Great Family                          Charles Wells
Password: 9letter                            wells999                        
Canceled all subs Dec 23 2004.                                                         JQATTBXVYVVIATOX
Confirmation number                          WFT 35387958


Refrigerator : Kenmore model                                     20328202225                   Type 4736
106.8490283                      Dell XPS DXP051                 MfgDate 113005
 Washer Frigidaire FTF530        Service Tag 9C6VX81             76487-OEM-0011903-00825       Laptop
                                 Tech support 888-257-6372                                     Acer 2273/PDC
Lawnmower at lake                Order number 292 046 037        Pentium 300 Ghz               Model AS5610-227
Spark plug Champion RJ19LM                                       2.99Ghx, 2.00GB RAM           SKU 8230416
                                 Express service code :                                        Serial Number 65132910216
Dell Computer                                                    Jane’s toothbrush
XPS400                                                           Braun Oral B

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