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									February 1, 2008          Citywide News for Business, Community and Education      Page 9

               2009 ROSE PARADE!

    The Alhambra Unified District Band represents the communities of Alhambra,
    Monterey Park, Rosemead, San Gabriel and South San Gabriel. Band members
    are from Alhambra, Mark Keppel and San Gabriel High Schools. Led by band
    directors, Carla Bartlett, Mark Trulson and Tammy Cognetta, this will be the first
    appearance for the district since 1966.


    A special thank you to Former Mayor Mark Paulson, Superintendent Donna Pérez,
    Alhambra Educational Foundation, former Superintendent Dr. Julie Hadden and all
    the parents, staff and community members who have supported the band.
Page 10                                                Citywide News for Business, Community and Education                                                             February 1, 2008

                                        ALHAMBRA School District
    Board of Education: Patricia Rodriguez - Mackintosh (President), Jane Anderson (Vice President), Robert Gin (Clerk), Adele Andrade-Stadler, Chester Chau
                                 Donna Pérez , Superintendent of Schools — 15 W. Alhambra Road, Alhambra — (626) 308-2200

                                                                                                Repetto Students Sowing
                                                                                                Seeds for a College Education
                                                                                                    Helping students prepare to pursue a
                                                                                                college degree is a complex process; it is
                                                                                                not always enough to have students hew
                                                                                                to a standards-based curriculum
                                                                                                throughout their primary and secondary
                                                                                                years in order to be ready and willing to
                                                                                                continue in school after earning their
                                                                                                high school diploma.
                                                                                                    For more than a few students, the
                                                                                                prospect of at least four more years of
                                                                                                school, after having been in school for at
                                                                                                least 13 years, is daunting. Some stu-
                                                                                                dents may need a little enticement before
                                                                                                they will make plans to go to college and
                                                                                                do all that is necessary in order to have
                                                                                                the necessary knowledge and skills to
                                                                                                gain admittance and then to succeed.
Members of Mark Keppel High School’s Debate Team show off some of the hard-                         And mere talk about the benefits of a
ware they brought back from the Spring Congress competition. Front row, from left               college education and the excitement of
to right: David Sun, Sean Hamamoto and James Shen. Center row, from left to                     college life may not be enough, either.
right: Tiffany Win, Rattnak Sokhom, Robert Li and Belinda Cheng. Back row, from                 Some students may need to experience
                                                                                                college life firsthand. To that effect, Sixth grade students Angel Juarez (left) and
left to right: Jeffrey Hamamoto, Brittney Bevelaqua, Joseph Lim, Jonathan Ma and
                                                                                                approximately 80 middle school stu- Nathan Torres seem to be saying that attend-
Daryl Xu.                                                                                       dents from Repetto School, many from ing UCLA is their #1 goal.
                                                                                                the AVID program, got a glimpse of

Debate Team Continues to                                                                        Bruin life when they attended a college fair at UCLA, part of the university’s “I’m Going to
                                                                                                College” outreach program.             The students got a brief overview of what college will
                                                                                                be like, and some tips to help them gain admittance.
                                                                                                    The highlight of the day was watching the UCLA Bruin football team take on the

Chalk Up Victories                                                                              University of Arizona Wildcats in the Rose Bowl.
                                                                                                    There are a number of ongoing activities at many of the district’s schools which help make
                                                                                                attending a university not only an expectation but a reality.
   Last month, the Mark Keppel Debate Team competed in the Southern California
Debate League’s Spring Congress at San Gabriel High School. The competition involved
mock debate on various national and international issues. Congressional delegates either

                                                                                                   Go ahead...
favor or oppose each resolution or bill and argue for that position while being subjected
to vigorous cross-examination by the chamber.
   Mark Keppel sent twenty-nine students to compete in the novice division and nine in
the varsity division. There were three preliminary rounds for each division, culminating
in a final round.
   Mark Keppel was quite successful in the novice competition, taking six of the thirteen
finalist seats. By the competition’s end, all six finalists placed in the top ten: Daryl Xu,
Belinda Cheng, Rattnak Sokhom, Robert Li, Tiffany Win and James Shen.
   Keppel enjoyed even more success in the varsity division. Brittney Bevelaqua contin-
ued her winning ways, picking up another victory in the championship division, as she
had at the SCDL Fall Congress tournament in December, as well as the Cal State Long
                                                                                                   bite into
Beach Jack Howe Invitational in October.
   With this last victory Brittney has secured a seat at the California High School State
Congress Championships to be held in April. This is the second straight year she has
qualified for the State Championships.
   In addition to Brittney's success, Jeffrey Hamamoto placed a close second, followed
by Jonathan Ma in fifth place. Also making finals in varsity competition were first-year
debater David Sun and Jeffrey's brother, Sean Hamamoto, who is only in eighth grade.
   Lastly, Joseph Lim-Effendy won first place in the presiding officer competition.                apple!
Monterey Highlands Students                                                                        INSTANT NEW DENTURE IMPLANTS
                                                                                                   With these new one-appointment implants, you can finally eat what you want and talk and
Celebrate the Joy of Giving                                                                        laugh with total confidence. You can eliminate messy denture adhesives and gum sores that
                                                                                                   come from loose dentures.
    The mission was simple: take an empty shoe                                                     Keep your present dentures
box, fill it with lots of goodies, wrap it in color-                                               Your present dentures can generally be adapted to these implants. You do not need to
ful Christmas paper and send it along with other                                                   replace your dentures in most cases.
similarly filled and wrapped shoe boxes half-a-
world away. The results are profound, as near-                                                     Roofless upper denture
ly a hundred needy children will know the joy of                                                   If you choose, you can have the roof of the upper denture removed. Imagine how much
receiving unexpected gifts from strangers, who,                                                    your taste can improve! This is great news for gaggers.
in turn, will know the joy of giving to those in
need.                                                                                              Affordable
    Ninety-two shoe boxes were sent as part of                                                     Typical implants require two surgical visits and take 6-9 months and generally cost two to
Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan’s                                                      three more than these new instant denture implants. Attractive finance plans are available.
Purse International Relief.           Last year,
Samaritan’s Purse delivered over 7.6 million
shoe boxes to bring the joy of Christmas to chil- Monterey Highlands ‘ students share                                            Delta and other Indemnity plans accepted.
dren around the world.                               the load and the joy of giving to chil-                                     Most major credit cards accepted.
    Fifth-grade teacher Jerry Fischer introduced dren in need.
the idea to several teachers at Monterey                                                                                         For more information contact:
Highlands. Many students from kindergarten through eighth grade brought personal care                                            626-308-9104
products, school supplies, and, of course, toys; classes helped pack each shoe box with a                                        John Chao, D.D.S., Inc.
mix of at least a dozen item and then wrapped them before hauling them off to be shipped
to a distant part of the world.                                                                                                  100 S. First St. Alhambra, CA
    One of the long standing goals of Monterey Highlands is to instill the desire in students                                    e-mail:
to give back to the community. Contributing to Operation Christmas Child allowed students
to expand their sense of community to be much larger than the San Gabriel Valley.                                      
February 1, 2008                                  Citywide News for Business, Community and Education                                                                   Page 11

Boy Scouts                                                                              Safety is Job One for Everyone
Know No                                                                                     District bus drivers
                                                                                        receive training throughout
                                                                                        the year to better ensure the

Bounds                                                                                  safety of district students. In
                                                                                        a recent in-service, Sergeant
                                                                                        Bruce Thomas of the Los
    On two consecutive Saturdays,                                                       Angeles County Sheriff
members of Boy Scout Troop 301                                                          Department, Transit Bureau
completed two separate projects at                                                      shared some insights with
Repetto School. The first project                                                       district bus drivers to help
found the scouts indoors putting on                                                     them prepare for every con-
the finishing touches to the recent-                                                    tingency.
ly refurbished library by helping to                                                        Thomas considers bus
reorganize and re-shelving books.                                                       drivers to be like ship cap-
    The next project would require                                                      tains; however, bus drivers
the Troop to work outdoors sealing                                                      have a distinct advantage
the new fence that surrounds the                                                        these days in being able to
staff and faculty patio. Much of                                                        maintain communication
the work that day had to do with                                                        with outside agencies should
prep work, very much in keeping                                                         an emergency arise.
for those whose motto is to always                                                          AUSD Transportation Always stop and wait when the red lights are flashing on
be prepared.                                                                            Services manager Nichelle the back of school busses to help keep our children
    The staff at Repetto thank the                                                      Francis indicated that “one safe.
troop for their hard work in helping A member of Boy Scout Troop 301 takes a fox        of the most significant ways
to beautify and preserve their cam- brush to the fence to make sure the surface pris-   everyone can help ensure the safety of our children is to always stop when the red lights are
pus.                                 tine before applying the sealant.                  flashing on the school busses and wait until they stop flashing before proceeding.”

Repetto School Brings Joy                                                                                   Bella Vista Optimist Club
                                                                                                            Annual Basketball Tri-Star
to Local Children                                                                                  Shooting, Passing and
teacher and student
council advisor Sonia
                                                                                                     Dribbling Contest
Tovar, along with the
student        council,
organized and facili-
                                                                                                    February 24
tated a toy drive at
Repetto        School.
                                                                                               2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Through their efforts                                                                            Schurr High School
and the generosity of
Repetto parents and                                                                          820 Wilcox Avenue, Montebello
students,           the
Monterey Park Police                                                                     The Shooting, Passing and Dribbling Contest is for girls and boys, ages 8 through 13 as
Association was able                                                                     of March 15, 2008. Free to all participants, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place plaques will be
to distribute well over                                                                  awarded in each age level. No prior registration is required, register at the site on
200 new toys, games                                                                      February 24. For further information, call Mark Hirai at (323)887-9183, (213) 626-7881
and stuffed animals to                                                                   (Office) or Yosh Hirai at (626) 284-4746.
needy         children Student Council officers carry out some of the toys and stuff
throughout the city.    collected for Repetto’s toy drive.
Page 12                                                    Citywide News for Business, Community and Education                                                        February 1, 2008

                                                            orgánicas certificadas; plantas en potes y árboles; ali-
                                                            mentos tales como pan recién horneado, dulces y
                                                            pasteles, maní tostado y mazorcas de maíz; y arte-          El Consejo de la Ciudad Aprueba
                                                               Los empresarios de Monterey Park interesados en         Resolución sobre Dejar a los Niños
                                                            adquirir un puesto en el Mercado de Agricultores
                                                            pueden contactar a Tanja Castle, Coordinadora del
                                                                                                                       Desatendidos en Lugares Públicos
¡No Se Pierda el Festival del                               Mercado de Agricultores de Monterey Park, al (310)            Por la seguridad de los menores los mismos no deben dejarse
Año Nuevo Chino!                                                                                                       desatendidos en la biblioteca y parques. Como una notificación
                                                                                                                       sobre esto y que dejar a los menores desatendidos en lugares
    Uno de los                                                                                                         públicos va contra la ley, el Consejo de la Ciudad ha aprobado la
Festivales                                                  Reciclaje de Electrónicos                                  siguiente resolución el 5 de diciembre de 2007. La resolución ha
Asiáticos más                                                                                                          sido fijada en la biblioteca y los parques.
populares y                                                 Sábado 8 de Marzo
grandes del                                                 9:00 A.M. – 3:00P.M.                                         ANUNCIO SOBRE LA ADOPCIÓN DE LA
Sur           de                                            Barnes Park                                                RESOLUCIÓN NO. 11156 DEL CONSEJO DE LA CIUDAD
California se                                                                                                          AFIRMANDO EL REFORZAMIENTO DE LAS LEYES DEL
llevará a cabo                                                  Desafortunadamente,                                    ESTADO POR PARTE DE LA CIUDAD SOBRE LA
el fin de sem-                                              los descartes electrónicos                                 SUPERVISIÓN Y ABANDONO DE MENORES EN
ana del 9 y 10                                              es uno de los segmentos                                    LUGARES PÚBLICOS. FAVOR TOMAR NOTA QUE EL 5
de Febrero en                                               de más rapido crecimien-                                   DE DICIEMBRE DE 2007, EL CONSEJO DE LA CIUDAD
Monterey                                                    to en la nación. La razón                                  DE MONTEREY PARK HA REALIZADO LOS SIGUIENTES
Park. Desde juegos de carnaval y carreras de cerdos         de esto es porque es mas                                   LINEAMIENTOS:
hasta música entretenida y demostraciones de artes          barato y mas conveniente
marciales, el Festival del Año Nuevo Chino tiene algo       comprar un aparato nuevo                                      • El Consejo de la Ciudad cree que la seguridad y el bienestar
para cada persona.                                          para acomodar las necesi-                                  de los menores dejados desatendidos en lugares públicos es una
    Los compradores pueden disfrutar de una extrava-        dades tecnologicas de las                                  preocupación seria.
ganza de mercancías ofrecida por más de 100 vende-          nuevas generaciones, que
dores que venden regalos exóticos del Año Nuevo             reparar y seguir usando los aparatos que hemos                • La sección 273ª de la subseccion (1) del Código Penal de
Chino. El Área de Comida Internacional del Festival         tenido en uso.                                             California indica “Cualquiera persona que, bajo circunstancias o
ofrecerá deliciosa y bella cocina de alrededor del              “Desechos de Electronicós” es un nombre popu-          condiciones que puedan producir grandes daños o muerte, delib-
globo, incluyendo a China, México, Italia y la India.       lar e informal para los productos electrónicos que         eradamente cause o permita que cualquier niño sufra, o inflija
    Se les recomienda a los padres traer a sus hijos a      estan llegando al final de su vida de uso. ¡Usted          dolor físico o sufrimiento mental injustificado, o que teniendo la
la popular e interactiva zona del Festival, KidZone, el     puede deshacerse de su computadora y electronicos          custodia o cuidado de algún menor, deliberadamente cause o
cual permitirá a los adultos comprar mientras sus           viejos responsablemente… sin bajarse de su auto!           permita que se lastime a esa persona, o que deliberadamente per-
hijos menores colorean, dibujan, o leen con algún           Traiga sus computadoras, televisores, VCR’s, estere-       mita que se ponga en situación de riesgo o que su salud se vea en
amistoso supervisor para también crear manualidades         os, fotocopiadoras, celulares, maquinas de fax, etc.       peligro, debe ser castigada con encarcelamiento en una cárcel del
y tesoros para llevar a casa. Para chicos mayores, el       al evento gratuito de Reciclaje de Electrónicos.           condado que no exceda un año, o en una prisión del estado por
Festival presentará el Laser Tag, ¡una estación de              Traiga sus articulos a Barnes Park, 440 S.             dos, cuatro o seis años.
viaje espacial completa con iluminación estro-              Mcpherrin Avenue, Monterey Park,
boscópica y de helicópteros, neblina y un piso no reb-      (el estacionamento está localizado detrás del Service          • La Ciudad de Monterey Park considera el dejar a los
otable en un área excitante con filtro de aire!             Clubhouse, al Oeste de la avenida Harding) entre las       menores desatendidos en un lugar publico como una violación a
    La popular carrera de cerdos en el KidZone del          horas de 9:00 a.m. a 3:00 p.m., el Sábado 8 de             la subseccion (a) del Código Penal sección 273ª.
año pasado regresa. El Maestro de Ceremonia del             Marzo. Busque el letrero “Free E- Waste Collection
evento promete más carreras y más risas ya que los          Event”. Para información adicional llame al (626)            FAVOR TOMAR EN CONSIDERACIÓN QUE EL CONSE-
pequeños cerditos usarán orejas de ratón para cele-         307-1320 or visitenos en nuestro sitio de la red:          JO DE LA CIUDAD DE MONTEREY PARK HA RESUELTO
brar “el Año Chino de la Rata”. De hecho, a los                       LO SIGUIENTE:
chicos se les ofrecerá de manera gratuita las orejas de
ratón para que participen de la diversión.                                                                                1. El Consejo de la Ciudad por este medio hace un llamado a
    El Centro de Educación Cultural y Manualidades          Academia Para Ciudadanos                                   todos los padres, custodios legales, y cuidadores para ejercer un
Folklóricas ofrecerá a los jóvenes y adultos la opor-                                                                  cuidado, supervisión y control razonable por sus hijos menores
tunidad de crear y aprender más sobre las artes             De Lengua Española                                         en lugares públicos para prevenir el trato injusto juvenil y para
Asiáticas con una docena de diferentes manualidades                                                                    proteger la salud, seguridad y bienestar de los menores.
que se estarán demostrando, incluyendo el corte de          Inicia Clase En Febrero
papel, diseño escultural, y pinta caras. Asegúrese de                                                                    2. El Consejo de la Ciudad afirma además y declara que el
correr hacia el AutoZone, patrocinado por Camino                La Academia de Ciudadanos es una clase diverti-        Departamento de Policía de la Ciudad deberá velar enérgica-
Real Chevrolet, y observe su demostración de carros         da, dinámica e informativa que se reúne una vez a la       mente por las leyes referentes a la supervisión y abandono de los
incluyendo al exótico Lamborghini y el estilizado           semana durante once semanas. Está diseñada para            menores, incluyendo el reforzamiento del Código Penal sección
Ferrari.                                                    proporcionar a los residentes y no residentes un vis-      273ª.
    El festival de fin de semana sonará diariamente         tazo interactivo y comprensivo sobre el
con “East meets West” entretenimiento en dos tari-          Departamento de Policía de Monterey Park y sobre
                                                            la Ciudad. Las clases incluyen una introducción al
mas presentando a renombrados artistas interna-
cionales y una lista impresionante de cantantes y           Departamento de Detectives, a la Unidad Canina,             ¿Están Sus Gatos Fuera de Control?
artistas locales. Disfrute de los sonidos y vista de los    Procedimientos de Patrullas, y otros programas
                                                            departamentales. Los estudiantes de la promoción               ¿Tiene nuevo gatito en su casa?
artistas esperados: Kenneth Hui Dragon and Lion                                                                        ¿Esta estirilizada o neutralizado?
Dance, Aztec Dancers, Chris Murray, Fosforo, Jane           más reciente dijeron lo siguiente: “Obtuvimos
                                                            mucha información útil sobre protección al hogar y         No deje que las cosas se salgan
Lui, Jason Jiang, Jayvee Dancers, Jessica Fichot, Ken                                                                  fuera de su control. ¿Deja usted
Oaks Band, Makena, Mia Kim, Michael Ming,                   preparación en casos de emergencias. El hecho de
                                                            tener la oportunidad de aprender sobre las dificul-        salir a sus gatos? ¿Acaso los mis-
Patrick Fan, Pasadena City Collage Chinese                                                                             mos se revuelcan de manera afec-
Orchestra, USC Chinese Traditional Dance Troop,             tades y peligros que enfrentan los oficiales de policía
                                                            fue enriquecedora.”                                        tiva o se dan vuelta de manera
Rhythm Child, Rizokestra, Sick Step, Very Be                                                                           seductiva?
Careful, y Zheng Chinese Music.                                 Para una experiencia divertida e informativa, par-
                                                            ticipa de la próxima clase de la Academia para                 ¿Andan con un grupo inde-
    Con tanto que ofrecer, únase a la diversión el sába-                                                               seable de Toms agresivos y las
do de 10:00 a.m. a 8:00 p.m., y el domingo desde las        Ciudadanos de Lengua Española. La primera clase
                                                            inicia el jueves 28 de febrero, del 2008. Las              hembras están fuera de control, que aúllan y silban a deshoras?
10:00 a.m. hasta las 7:00 p.m. El Festival del Año                                                                     ¿Desaparecen por períodos largos y vuelven con un sonrisa
Nuevo Chino se llevará a cabo en el centro de               reuniones son todos los jueves en la tarde desde las
                                                            6:15 p.m. hasta las 8:30 p.m., durante once semanas.       sospechosa en sus caras?
Monterey Park en la Avenida Garvey, entre las                                                                              Un par sin control podrá reproducir doce gatos en un año, que
Avenidas Garfield y Alhambra. Para mayor informa-               El Departamento de Policía de Monterey Park
                                                            dirige las clases en la Academia de Ciudadanos tres        a su vez reproducirán sesenta seis gatos en dos años, estos a su
ción llamar al (626)307-1385.                                                                                          vez reproducirán trescientos ochenta y dos gatos en tres años, dos
                                                            veces al año en tres diferentes idiomas, Inglés,
                                                            Español y Chino.                                           mil gatos en cuatro años, setenta y tres mil en siete años, y por
                                                                                                                       ahí seguimos hasta tener ochenta millones de gatos en solo diez
¡Viene el Mercado del                                           Las aplicaciones pueden ser recogidas en las
                                                            Oficinas de Relaciones con la Comunidad de                 años. Al esterilizarlos o neutralizarlos, usted evita que se repro-
Agricultor- Cada Sábado!                                    Monterey Park en el 320 West Newmark Avenue,               duzcan.
                                                                                                                           La Oficina de Control de Animales de Monterey Park y la
                                                            Monterey Park o las mismas pueden ser enviadas a
   ¡El Mercado del Agricultor ya está aca!                  usted. La edad mínima para los participantes es de         Sociedad Humana del Valle de San Gabriel pueden ayudarlo.
Localizado en la esquina noroeste de Lincoln y              18 años; los menores de 18 años deben presentar un         Para contactar al Control de Animales, llame al 626-307-1217 y
Garvey. Ven a hacer tus compras de frutas y ver-            permiso firmado por sus padres. Los participantes          para contactar a la Sociedad Humana llame al 626-286-1159.
duras, flores o a almorzar. El Mercado abrirá todo el       no deben poseer ningún cargo de felonía, o estar en            La Ciudad de Monterey Park lo ayudará a pagar por la ester-
año y cerrará solamente durante los eventos de la ciu-      libertad condicional, o haber sido detenido por algún      ilización o neutralización de su gato. Solo recorte el cupón que
dad o en caso de inclemencias del tiempo. Las horas         delito menor dentro del año pasado. Para mayor             está impreso en este periodico y preséntelo a la Sociedad
de operación seran de 9:00 A.M. a las 2:00 P.M.             información o para que le sea enviada una apli-            Humana y usted recibirá un 50% de descuento. Precio Regular:
   El Mercado del Agricultor ofrecerá los siguientes        cación, favor contactar al Sargento Rick Munder al         Esterilización de una gata $60.00 y Neutralización de un gato:
pero no estará limitado a: frutas y vegetales de tem-       (626) 307-1216 o a cualquier miembro de la Oficina         $50.00. Los ciudadanos jubilados y de bajos recursos pueden ser
porada en California, flores libres de pesticidas u         de Relaciones con la Comunidad al (626) 307-1215.          elegibles para descuentos adicionales.
February 1, 2008   Citywide News for Business, Community and Education   Page 13
Page 14                                                    Citywide News for Business, Community and Education                                                                  February 1, 2008

    Feb. 1, Fri. IN-HOME REGISTRY                  and relevant information showing your income           JEWELRY AND WATCH REPAIR at                                TRIPS & TOURS
SERVICE is provided by LANGLEY CEN-                and deductions.                                    discount prices. Bring your jewelry or watch-
TER on a regular basis. This service can pro-                                                         es to Langley Center on Wednesday, 8 -11 a.m.          Sign up with Tour Director for all excur-
vide you with names of individuals who can            BILLIARD ROOM, LOUNGE WITH                      for repair or estimate. Service provided by Mr.    sions. Trips depart from and return to Langley
work in your home offering a variety of skills.    TV & EASY AND RELAXING MUSIC OF                    Kit Moc. Langley Center does not warrant or        Center. Trips are limited and are on a first pay
Our registry includes: LVNS for skilled nurs-      THE GOLDEN AGE & EXERCISE                          guarantee any aspect of any repair.                basis. Make your reservation early.
ing care, injections, etc. Certified Nurse         ROOM available Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. –               LEGAL SERVICE – Ask the Lawyer –                   Feb. 25, Mon. SAN MANUEL CASINO
Assistants for personal care needs such as         4:30 p.m.                                          Carlos Arcos, Attorney-At-Law, by appoint-         – Gambler’s Special – $6, Includes Driver’s
feeding, bedside care, bathing, etc.; homemak-        BRIDGE - Contract or Duplicate –                ment (626) 307-1395. Consultation limited to       Tip – Receive $10 Slot Coupon. Present
ers/companions – for housework, meals, laun-       Mondays and Thursdays, 12:30 – 3:45 p.m. If        20 minutes, Wednesdays, 1-4 p.m.                   Players Card # at time of Registration. Trip
dry, errands, etc; plumbers, electricians,         you play contract bridge and are looking for a         LUNCH PROGRAM - Hot lunch served               possible only with full bus. Depart 8:30 a.m. –
handymen, gardeners, etc. who will come to         good group to share an afternoon of bridge         Monday thru Friday to those 60 years and over.     Return approx. 4:30 p.m.
your home. Payment for the work performed          with, come join us. Those who play 500 also        Reservations must be made at least two days in         Mar. 2-4 RIVERSIDE CASINO,
is determined between the worker and you. If       welcome new players. All seniors are invited.      advance to the day you wish to have lunch.         LAUGHLIN – 3 days/2 nights. $77 per per-
you reside in Monterey Park and are 60 or over                                                        Suggested donation, $2.                            son, double occupancy, $97 single. Package
and need this type of in-home care, call                   CLASSES OFFERED                                MAH JONG The Bamboo Club meets                 includes transportation, lodging, two meals (l
Langley, (626) 307-1373. Applications for                 BY LANGLEY CENTER:                          from 1-4 p.m., Monday through Friday.              choice & 1 breakfast), and driver’s tip. Depart
work are available.                                                                                                                                      8 a.m., 3/2 and return approx. 5 p.m. 3/4.
    Feb. 1, Fri. BINGO – M.P. Sr. Citizens             AMERICAN CULTURE( Easy English),                   MATURE DRIVER IMPROVEMENT                          Mar. 10, Mon. PECHANGA CASINO –
Club Meeting and Bingo every Friday, 12:30         Thursdays,1-2 p.m., Dr. Alisa Kanouse              COURSE – Come sharpen your driving skills          Gambler’s Special 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Casino
p.m.                                               Instructor.                                        – Seniors completing the 8-hour course will be     stay, 5 hours) $6 – (driver’s tip included).
    Feb. 3, Sun. BINGO (1st Sunday of the              BEADING CLASS, Mondays, 9-11 a.m.              certified and eligible to get a 5% to 10% reduc-   Upon arrival at casino, you will be given $5 to
Month) M.P. Sr. Citizens Club. Doors open          Frances Lau, Instructor– Free –Pay for materi-     tion on their premiums for bodily injury and       be used for either Video Play or Food. Refund
12noon – Early Bird,12:30 p.m. Everyone            als used.                                          property damage liability for up to three years    minus $2 if cancellation is made 5 working
over 18 years of age invited.                          CHINESE HEALTH EXERCISE PRO-                   with participating insurance companies.            days prior to trip.
    Feb. 4, Mon. MONTEREY PARK CON-                GRAM – Mary Tam conducts a health exer-            Check with your insurance company for the               Apr. 17, Thu. SAN MANUEL CASINO
CERT BAND meets on Mondays, 7:30 – 9:30            cise class. every morning, Langley Center, 7-8     amount of their reduction. Classes, under the
                                                                                                                                                         – Gambler’s Special – $6, Includes Driver’s
p.m. Musicians are wanted – all instruments        a.m. Everyone invited. Free.                       direction of the M.P. Police Department and
                                                                                                                                                         Tip – Receive $10 Slot Coupon. Present
– brass, woodwinds and drums. Must be able             CHINESE BRUSH PAINTING – Mon.                  are from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (lunch break, 12 noon
                                                                                                                                                         Players Card # at time of Registration. Trip
to read music and have own instrument and          or Thu, 9 -11 a.m. $4 per class plus materials.    – 1 p.m.) Register now for class on February
                                                                                                                                                         possible only with full bus. Depart 8:30 a.m. –
music stand.                                           CHINESE KUNG FU FAN DANCE                      29 or March. 28. The class is free for seniors
                                                   CLASS, Saturdays, 9-10:30 a.m. Teachers,                                                              Return approx. 4:30 p.m.
    Feb. 4, Mon. Taxi Coupons will be issued                                                          55 and over. A $1 fee for the California DMV
                                                   Sandra Lin and Alice Tsao. Free.                                                                          Apr. 24, Thu. CARLSBAD FLOWER
from 10 a.m. until supply is exhausted to qual-                                                       certificate of completion is required at time of
                                                       CHINESE YUAN CHI DANCE/EXER-                                                                      FIELDS. Surround yourself with vibrant
ified senior residents, 65 years and older,                                                           registration. This is non-refundable if you fail
                                                   CISE CLASSES, Mon.- Thu., 8-9 a.m.                                                                    flowers, breathtaking scenery as you travel by
whose household income meets the Los                                                                  to attend your scheduled class. Call for
                                                   Joseph Pi, Manager; Sandra Lin, Instructor.                                                           a tractor driven wagon through the flower
Angeles County poverty guidelines ($9,800                                                             appointment (626) 307-1396.
                                                   Free.                                                                                                 fields overlooking the Pacific Coast. Visit
per year for one member or $13,200 for two).                                                             MTA DISCOUNT BUS PASS/STAMPS.                   Outlet Center, Lunch on your own. 8 a.m. – 4
Those meeting the L.A. County poverty guide-           ENGLISH CONVERSATION CLASS –
                                                   Teacher, Betty Cheng; copy writer, Tin Ling        To receive the City’s discount, you must be 63     p.m. $12.00 (Monterey Park residents only).
line are allowed 4 coupons a month. Each                                                              or older and have proof of residency which             May 4-5, BUFFALO BILLS CASINO, 2
coupon will allow you to travel 2.8 miles in       Yu - Thursdays, 9:15 – 11:30 a.m. Free.
                                                       LINE DANCING (free) – Fridays, 9 – 11          must include identification with name and          days/1 night., $41 per person, double occupan-
selected taxi cabs, free of charge, to meet your                                                      address imprinted, such as a Driver’s License,     cy, and $58 single. Includes transportation,
basic medical, shelter/housing and job search      a.m. by Sandra Lin & David Dong.
                                                       NEEDLECRAFT WORK SHOP,                         DMV ID Card or Utility Bill, and a valid MTA       lodging, 1 buffet and driver’s tip. Depart 8
needs. Sign up for coupons at the office.                                                             picture bus-pass. The price of the SENIOR          a.m., 5/4 and return approx. 5 p.m., 5/5.
    Feb. 5, Tue. DANCE EVERY TUES-                 Tuesdays, 9-11 a.m. Free
                                                                                                      CITIZEN/HANDICAPPED                MONTHLY             May 29, Thu. DESCANSO GARADENS
DAY, 1-4 p.m. Music by the MEMORY                                                                                                                        – Enjoy the Annual Spring Bling in Southern
LANERS – refreshments and door prizes,
                                                      CLASSES BY ALHAMBRA                             STAMP IS $14 for non-residents and $11 for
                                                                                                      Monterey Park residents.             The EZ        California’s most spectacular springtime gar-
$2.00.                                              SCHOOL DISTRICT AT LANGLEY                        Handicapped/Senior Pass, $35 for non-resi-         den. At the Gardens, we will travel by tram to
    Feb. 5, Tue. HOUSING RIGHTS CEN-                      September 10, 07 – June 21, 08              dents and $32 for Monterey Park residents..        see thousands of flowers, and enjoy a bag
TER CONDUCTS A Walk-In-Fair Housing                                                                   The new fare provides a 25 cent off-peak fare      lunch in their Picnic Area. 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Clinic the 1st Tuesday of each month, 1-4             Basic Computer Classes: Mon. & Wed.,
                                                   9-11:30 a.m., or 12 noon – 2:30 p.m., or 2:30      for disabled and senior patrons. The fare will     $23. (Monterey Park residents only).
p.m., at Langley Center. Persons who have                                                             be valid between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. and after 7         Sep. 14-29       AUSTRALIA & NEW
questions or need assistance related to land-      – 5 p.m. Tue. & Thu. or Fri., 9:30 a.m. – 12
                                                   noon or 12:30 – 3:00 p.m.                          p.m. Tokens are available throughout the           ZEALAND – 14 DAYS. The fantastic price
lord/tenant laws are invited to stop by (no                                                           month in packages of 10 for $12.50. Regular        of $2,899 per person, double occupancy,
appointment needed) for a free consultation            Fri., ADVANCED, 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon
                                                   or 12:30 – 3:00 p.m. Sat., 9:30 a.m. – 12 noon     Monthly Pass, $62; EZ Monthly Pass, $70. K         includes roundtrip air transportation from
with a housing counselor. For additional infor-                                                       through 12th grade,$24 ($21 Monterey Park          LAX, all transfers and luggage handling
mation, please call 1-800-477-5977.                   Fitness After 50: Beginner, Mon. &
                                                   Wed., 12:45 – 2:45 p.m.; Intermediate, Mon.        Resident); College, $36 ($33 Monterey Park         between airports and hotel, comprehensive
    Feb. 6, Wed. MANICURE, $7/PEDI-                                                                   Resident). Stamps are on sale at Langley           sightseeing throughout the itinerary, profes-
CURE, $12; 1:30–3:00 p.m., Wednesdays. For         & Thu., 2:45 – 4:45 p.m.;
                                                      Advanced, Tue. & Thu., 12:45 – 2:45 p.m.        Center from the 25th of the month through the      sional tour manager, all tips and taxes for
appointment, please call (626) 307-1395.                                                              10th of next month, or until supply is exhaust-    included services, except airport departure
    Feb. 10, Sun. BINGO (Langley Center’s             Chair Exercise, Tue., 2:45 – 4:45 p.m.
                                                                                                      ed, Mon. thru Fri., 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.             taxes, comprehensive trip insurance, fuel sur-
Bingo 2nd Sunday of the month). Early Birds,           DIAL-A-RIDE For service Monday                    COMMISSION ON AGING will meet                   charges, tips to drivers and guides. For reser-
1 pk. $3.00 or 3 pks. for $5.00; Regular Game,     through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., dial (626)     February 25 (4th Monday of the Month) 4:00         vations or detailed information, pick up flyer at
1st pk. $5.00 and 2nd pk. $3.00; Special           307-1396. This is a free service for seniors 55    P.M., Langley Center.                              Langley’s Tour Desk.
Games, $5.00 each. Doors open at 12 noon –         years of age and over, providing transportation
Early Bird, 12:30 p.m.                             within Monterey Park City Limits, except for
    Feb. 17, Sun. BINGO (3rd Sunday of the         medical needs, and then into adjacent commu-                               Elder Care Planning Attorney
Month) M.P. Sr. Citizens Club. Doors open 12       nities only. For those needing transportation to
noon – Early Bird 12:30 p.m. Everyone over         the White Memorial, we provide that service.                                     Carlos A. Arcos
18 years of age invited.                               Shopping Trips: Walmart Super Center,
    Feb. 18, Mon. PRESIDENT’S DAY –                Rosemead, Thursdays, February 7 or 21.
Langley Center will be closed                      12:00 noon – 2:30 p.m. Call (626) 307-1396
                                                                                                                  Presents a FREE Workshop Series
    Feb. 25, Sun. CLUB AMISTAD’S
BAILE SAN VALENTIN, 1-5 p.m. Grupo
                                                   for reservation.                                                   With New Updated Topics
Musical Kalumnia Extrictamente Saco y                 HAIRCUTS         First come, first served.
Corbata. Tickets available at door.                Wednesdays and Fridays, 8-11 a.m. Men, sug-
                                                   gested donation, $3.00. Women, suggested
                                                                                                              Protecting Assets for Medi-Cal Benefits
     FREE INCOME TAX                               donation, $4.00.(The suggested donations are
                                                   to maintain equipment and purchase needed
                                                   barber supplies.)
                                                                                                                   What Every Successor Trustee of a
    Free income tax service will be available to
residents of Monterey Park and nearby cities
                                                                                                                      Living Trust Should Know
from February 4 to April 10, 2008. This serv-
                                                           HEALTH SCREENING
ice is provided by the Tax Aide Program of the            & RELATED SERVICES                                           Dates:              Thursday, February 21, 2008
American Association of Retired Persons               BLOOD PRESSURE CLINIC – Tue., 9-                                                     Thursday, March 20, 2008
(AARP) in conjunction with the Internal            11 a.m., Volunteer Nurse Ann Martinelli.
Revenue Service and the California Franchise                                                                           Time:               10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Tax Board. It is available to those 60 years of       BLOOD SUGAR SCREENING – 1st
age and over. Volunteer counselors trained by                                                                          Location:           Joslyn Senior Center
                                                   Tuesday of the month, February 5, 8:30 -10:30
the IRS will help in preparing Federal and         a.m., by Nurse Claudia Ang, from Garfield                                               210 N. Chapel Alhambra, CA
State returns. This service is available on        Medical Center.
Mondays and Thursdays, 9 – 11 a.m. at                                                                      For recorded information and other workshop locations, please call
Langley Senior Citizens Center, 400 West               FOR LOAN:          Four wheel chairs, walk-
Emerson       Avenue,      Monterey       Park.    ers and crutches. Senior residents of Monterey                                       626-284-2433
Appointments for this service will be taken on     Park may check them out, free of charge, for
                                                                                                                              For immediate assistance, please call
and after January 14. For appointment, call        a limited time, as needed.
(626) 307-1396.
    Please bring to your scheduled appoint-
                                                       INFORMATION AND REFERRAL
                                                   Call 211 for services available throughout L.A.
                                                                                                                     626-284-9003 or 800-284-9003
ment a copy of last year’s income tax returns      County.                                                               Seating available on a first-come first-seated basis
February 1, 2008                                     Citywide News for Business, Community and Education                                                                 Page 15

                                                                        Winter Fire Safety Tips
                                                                           It happens every winter. The weather turns cold and people turn on space heaters to keep warm. A fire
                                                                        starts when the resident puts the heater too close to the bed, drapes, furniture and other combustible house-
                                                                        hold items. Sometimes the fire starts because the heater is left on all night or the appliance tips over.
                                                                           All kinds of space-heating equipment are involved in fires in the home: portable electric heaters, wood
                                                                        stoves, fireplaces, portable kerosene heaters and room gas heaters. But these fires don't have to happen.
                                                                        Most fires with space heaters are preventable if the key safety measures are followed. Use and maintain
                                                                        supplemental heating devices in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. Do not leave heating
                                                                        devices unattended or turned on while you are sleeping.
                                                                           Provide all heating devices with at least three feet of clear space, away from beds, drapes, furniture and
                                                                        other combustible materials.
Left to right: Mitch Sakado, Bella Vista Optimist Club President,       Chimneys and Fireplaces
Pauline Lemire, Fire Captain Neil Lakin, Lillian Bow and Yosh              Clean and maintain chimneys fireplaces and furnaces on a regular basis. Most fires in wood stoves, fire-
Hirai, Event Chairman.                                                  places and chimneys occur because of a lack of regular cleaning, leading to the buildup of creosote (the
                                                                        residue of unburned fuel). Keep sparks and embers inside the fireplace with fire screens made of heat-
Life Saving Equipment                                                   tempered glass or sturdy metal. Burn dry, well-seasoned hard wood because it's the most efficient fuel.

                                                                        Smoke and CO Alarms

Demonstration                                                              If you don't have smoke alarms, install them. If you do, maintain them according to the manufacturer's
                                                                        instructions. Install CO alarms in your home to provide you with an early warning if CO is accumulat-
                                                                        ing. Heating equipment that burns fuel is a potential source of carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless,
   In January, Bella Vista Optimist Club members were enlightened       poisonous gas that is created when fuel burns incompletely.
concerning the campaign to install Automatic External Defibrillators
in strategic locations throughout the City. Representatives of the      Do not use portable generators indoors
Monterey Park Fire Department gave a demonstration of life saving          When there's a power outage, exercise caution when using portable generators. Carbon monoxide (CO)
equipment and Pauline Lemire of the Monterey Park Womans’ Club
                                                                        is an invisible killer. You can't see
explained the campaign.
                                                                        or smell it. A generator's exhaust
                                                                        contains poisonous CO which can

Erosion Control                                                         kill you in a matter of minutes.
                                                                        Never use a portable generator
                                                                        inside a home, garage, shed or
   Property owners MUST take simple inspection and maintenance          other partially enclosed space,
steps to prevent erosion and flooding. The City has made the fol-       even if doors and windows are
lowing items available to assist residents in preventing erosion.       open. Place portable generators
   Erosion Control Guide - This guide includes tips on property         outside only, far away from the
inspection, erosion prevention, and wrapping hillsides. Stop by the     home. And keep the generator
Public Works Department in City Hall and pick up a copy.                away from openings to the home,
   Rolls of Plastic Sheets - Residents can purchase rolls of plastic    including doors, windows and
sheeting (20 feet wide by 100 feet long) from the City Yard for         vents. Read the label on the gener-
$25.00.                                                                 ator and the owner's manual, and
   Sandbags - Residents can purchase empty sandbags for 35 cents        follow the instructions. Get to
each, or fill them themselves for 50 cents each. During periods of      fresh air immediately if you start to
extreme rains sandbags and plastic sheeting may be made available       feel sick, weak or dizzy.
to the public at no cost. Residents can obtain these items by stop-
                                                                           The Fire Department also cau-
ping by the City Yard at 751 S. Alhambra Avenue between 6:30 a.m.
                                                                        tions people to never use charcoal
and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
                                                                        for cooking in the home. Every         Dr. Andrew G. Chong - Optometrist
                                                                        year individuals lose their lives             1641 N. Hacienda Blvd., La Puente
Cats out of Control?                                                    attempting to cook with charcoal
                                                                        when power is out. Charcoal fires                       (626) 918-1407
    New kitten in the home? Is she spayed? Is he neutered? Don’t        should only be used outside of the
let it get out of control. Do you let your cats out? Do they occa-      home.
sionally get overly affectionate and roll about seductively? Do they
hangout with an undesirable lot of feisty aggressive Toms or out of
control females, who yowl and hiss and fight through the wee
hours? Do they disappear for long periods and come back with a
suspicious smirk on their faces? Is she spayed? Is he neutered?
    An uncontrolled mating pair will breed twelve cats in a year,
which will breed sixty-six cats in two years, thus breeding three
                                                                              ELECTRONIC RECYCLING
hundred eighty two cats in three years, two thousand cats in four
years, seventy three thousand in seven years, and thereby breeding-
                                                                                      SATURDAY, MARCH 8
gasp- eighty million cats in only ten years. You can help stop these
generations. Have your female spayed. Your male neutered. Don’t
                                                                                             9:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.
allow litters.                                                                                 BARNES PARK
    Monterey Park Animal Control and the San Gabriel Valley
Humane Society can help you. Contact Animal Control at (626)
307-1217 or SGVH at (626) 286-1159.
    The City of Monterey Park will help you pay for your cat spay
                                                                             Unfortunately, electronic discards are one of the fastest growing segments of
or neuter. Just cut out this voucher and present it to the Humane            the nation's waste stream as it is often cheaper and more convenient to buy a
Society and you will get a 50 % discount.
    Regular Price: Cat Spay $ 60.00 Cat Neuter $50.00.                       new machine to accommodate the newer generations of technology than it is
    Senior Citizens and low-income residents may be eligible for             to upgrade the old one.
additional discounts.
          CAT SPAY / NEUTER VOUCHER                                          E-Waste is a popular, informal name for electronic products nearing the end
 Name:______________________________________                                 of their "useful life." You can unload your old computers and electronics
 Address: ____________________________________
                                                                             responsibly . . . without even getting out of your car! Bring in your computers,
 Phone:___________ Spay____ Neuter____
 Amount Paid_________
                                                                             televisions, VCR's, stereos, copiers, cell phones, and fax machines to the free
                                                                             electronics recycling event.
  Recreation and Parks News                                                  Bring your items to Barnes Park, 440 S. McPherrin Avenue, Monterey Park,
   The Recreation and Parks Department has implemented a new on-             (parking lot is located behind Service Clubhouse on W. Harding Avenue)
 line facility reservation and leisure class registration system. All
 users will be requested to set up a login account. Please visit the         between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Saturday, March 8. Look for
 website @ to set up your account.
                                                                             "Free E-Waste collection event" sign. For additional information call
   Spring Schedule of Activities and Classes will be available in the
 Cascades March issue.
                                                                             (626) 307-1320 or go to
Page 16   Citywide News for Business, Community and Education   February 1, 2008

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