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									 American Technical Analysis & Assistance,             Incorporated

66 New DeLaughter Drive
North Augusta, SC 29860
Phone: 803-292-9652
Fax: 803-441-8795
                                    QUALIFICATIONS FOR
                                          Bruce Gorsak
                                   Vehicle and Industrial Engineer
Mechanical/Forensic Engineering: technical investigations, analysis, reports, and testimony for civil and
       criminal litigation related to vehicle crashes, industrial injuries, and defective products.
                                      General areas of work include:
 Accident Reconstruction, Factory Equipment, and Manufacturing/Industrial Product Manufacturability
Automotive includes new, used, classic; competition, and antique vehicle diagnosis, repair, and

     Engine drivability and performance diagnostics: 1,2,4,6,8, and 10-cylinder gas engines; 4, 5, and
     6 cylinder diesel; 2 chamber rotary engines.
     Automatic and standard transmissions: With and without overdrive
     Electrical systems: General; Charging; Starting
     Body panels: Panel fit; Panel replacement; Damaged panel repair; Corrosion repair;
     Painting/color match; paint identification
     Braking systems: Disc; Drum; Power; Non-power; ABS
     Restraint systems: Air Bag deployment/non-deployment, Lap belt, Harness systems,
     Suspensions: Strut; Torsion bar; Leaf spring; Coil spring
     Ignition systems: Conventional; Electronic; CD; HEI; Computer controlled
     Fuel systems: Carburetor; Port injection; Throttle body

     Steering: Recirculating ball; Rack and pinion
     Heating and air-conditioning: With Standard or Automatic Temperature Controls
     Audio systems: Installation; Replacement; Upgrades
     Differentials: Open; Closed; Limited slip; Transfer cases
     Transportation: Inspections, tests, research, analysis, and reports for extended warranty issues
     regarding small, to large trucks, automobiles, motorcycles, and motor homes identifying the root
     cause for mechanical failures
     Crash reconstruction: General; Low speed, rear end collisions; Use vs. Non-use of restraint

  BRUCE GORSAK                                                                                      Page 2

Guaranteeing operator safety, quality, and product integrity in the maintenance process of’ the factory
facilities and plant equipment operation.

Manufacturing Facilities Maintenance and Engineering

     Machine tools: Lathes, Vertical mills, Horizontal mills, Turning centers, Drill presses, Broaches,
     “Centerless" grinders, Screw machines
     Conveyor equipment: Overhead power and free, Monorail floor, Vertical bucket, Horizontal auger,
     Belt,' Roller, Transfer devices, Precision movement, Air, Shakers
     Foundry: Electric melters, DISA molding machines, medium and high frequency shakeout, Mixers
     Blasting: Wheel-A-Brators, Hand blasting
     Cranes: Jib, Overhead - manned and unmanned, Automated
     Industrial robots: Welding, Painting, Inspection
     Press shop equipment: Various makes of stamping and punch presses from 5 ton to 550 ton, brake
     press, shearing, discreet set-up and pre-prep dies
     Welding: robotics, layout, and ventilation systems

Manufacturing Engineering

     Extensive background involved with the design, fabrication, and the implementation of specialized
     factory equipment from concept through the manufacture of products focusing on operator safety,
     quality, and product integrity.
     Factory equipment: Machine safeguarding, Automated assembly machines, Conveyors of various
     types, Pick & place devices, rotary tables, bowl feeders, Automated inspection equipment, Rubber
     molds, Plastic molds, De-molding equipment, Injection molding machine/rubber, Compression
     molding machines/rubber, Injection molding machine/plastic, Screw ram molding, Water & oil
     temperature control units, Hydraulic power units, Pre-heat equipment
     Manufacturability: Product design review for electronic circuit board assemblies,
     electrical/electronic wiring harnesses, high power electrical insulators and arrestors,
     electrical/electronic controls, AC & DC electric motors; Process design & development, Proto-type
     sampling, Quality requirements, Statistical Process Controls, ISO documentation and auditing, QS
     documentation and auditing, Engineering Change Orders for same; Rubber injection mold tooling,
     Plastic injection mold tooling, Metal stamping tooling, Industrial Chemicals (MSDS), Product
     transfers, Plant re-location.
     Plant Layout: Manufacturing plant and layout design for wire processing facilities in Reynosa,
     Mexico in addition to all layout designs and equipment procurement for the start-up of a “sister”
     distribution warehouse in McAllen, Texas; Design concept, plant layout, management presentations,
     and oversee the completion of an electronic manufacturing facility for motion control devices in
     Racine, Wisconsin; Plant layout and oversee completion of assembly, paint, packaging, and shipping
     facilities for a pad mounted transformer manufacturer in Waukesha, Wisconsin; Layout design,
     equipment configuration, and oversee construction through finalization of an electric motor
     manufacturing operation in Elkhorn, Wisconsin; Plant layout, oversee building reconfiguration and

   BRUCE GORSAK                                                                                        Page 3
      production support of an insulator molding, assembly, packing, storage, and shipping facility in
      Pewaukee, Wisconsin in addition to a “twin” facility in Taipei,

      Taiwan; Overall responsibility for the process development, new product introductions, plant layout,
      equipment installation, assembly, packaging, and shipping for all insulator products in Aiken, South
      Carolina; Overall maintenance responsibilities for a plant and factory equipment of 1,000,000 +
      square feet of manufacturing, warehouse, and shipping facilities in Augusta, Georgia.

6/30/96     American Technical Analysis & Assistance, Inc. Formerly Ugorcsak & Duong
   to         A technical services company servicing the southeast
Present        Mechanical Engineer
                  Provide technical investigations, analysis, reports, and testimony towards the resolution of
                  commercial and personal injury litigation involving automotive, transportation vehicles,
                  industrial equipment, and consumer products and failure analysis.
                  Also, provide Quality based Mechanical Inspection Assessment services to the automobile
                  after market warranty industry focusing on Root Cause Analysis of mechanical damage
                  for over 500 damage claims including second and third opinion level.
7/14/03 Robson Forensic, Inc. (Formerly Robson Lapina, Inc.)
   to     A forensic engineering company servicing the northeast
11/15/06  Mechanical Engineer
                  Provide technical investigations, analysis, reports, and testimony towards the resolution of
                  commercial and personal injury litigation involving automotive, transportation vehicles,
                  industrial equipment, and consumer products and failure analysis.
2/01/02     American Internet Cafe Systems, Inc.
   to         A retail/consumer business
7/14/03        System Maintenance & Improvements
                  Provided Internet link and various types of communications media to the public as
                  needed. Shop layout, console design, Statement of Work preparation; contractor selection
                  and interaction, expenditures, hardware-setup, and LAN maintenance and upgrades. This
                  is my family owned business run by others
2/16/99     E-Z-GO Textron Maintenance Supervisor
   to          Manufacturer of golf cars and industrial vehicles
9/14/01        Maintenance Supervisor
                  Responsible for production support of second and third shifts, covering five facilities over
                  one million square feet of manufacturing area. ; Participated on TQM, and Safety review
                  Teams; authored job descriptions for four levels of Maintenance Mechanic; organized
                  second and third shift mechanics realizing 60% + of work orders completed over second
                  and third shifts; over all organization responsibility of Maintenance training programs;
                  developed and mentored individuals realizing seven promotions and overall increased
                  department effectiveness; directed the activities for outside resources providing
                  maintenance services during off shift hours; and performed comprehensive internal audits
                  to help maintain ISO 9001 registration.

6/16/97     North American Royalties, Inc./Wheland Foundry Division
   to         Manufacturer of brake rotors and drums for automotive and truck OEMs

   BRUCE GORSAK                                                                                       Page 4
2/11/99       Project Engineer
                  Drove all the division’s capital and maintenance expense projects through completion

                  with shared supervisory responsibilities of 50+ maintenance personnel and directly
                  supervising the activities of an AutoCAD drafter with all plant and equipment drawings.
                  Participated on company’s Safety Reviews, cost reduction champion, new products
                  introductions, financial justification and design modification for heavy and peripheral
                  equipment and optimization of equipment up time.
7/15/91    Hubbell/The Ohio Brass Company
   to        Manufacturer of insulators and arrestors for the utility industry
5/3196        Senior Manufacturing Engineer
                  Provided production floor support, represented Production interests on new product
                  implementation Manufacturability teams and functional support on the Safety Committee        .

                  Progress and reporting responsibilities for the capital plan, including budget. Kaizen
                  Team member; machine fixturing and production process development; authorship of
                  statements of work (SOW); new equipment start-up from concept through release to
                  production. ISO 9000 Implementation Team; documentation and SPC processes for
                  Insulator Assembly Manufacturing Department.
7/17/89    Sterling Inc.
   to         Manufacturer of water and oil temperature control units
7/1591        Manager, Industrial Engineering
                  Responsible for all Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering aspects in the facility.
                  Leader of the company’s Quality Circle activities. Financial justification for machine
                  shop processes and equipment; new products introductions, cost reduction; standard cost
                  roll-up, rework identification and resolution.
10/8/85    Cooper Power Systems, RTE Comp. Div.
   to        Manufacturer of insulators and arrestors for the utility industry
4/13/89       Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor
                  Progression from Contract Engineer, Production Floor Support, and New Product
                  Introductions supporting the Rubber Molding department; included the day to day
                  Production Floor Support of the sister plant in Taipei, Taiwan. Drove the first fully
                  automated scrap removal system, a 2.4 million-dollar cost improvement program; and the
                  first JIT production area. Managerial responsibilities for Tool & Die Shop; process
                  control for molding shop and preheating/set-up. Functional Safety Review support.
4/23/84    Various manufacturing companies listed below
   to        Contract Engineer
7/17/89           Duties at the following companies were all focused on plant relocations, optimum plant
                  layout, new products introductions, equipment justification and implementation.
                    • RTE Components Division, Pewaukee, WI.
                    • Automated Finishing, Inc., Menomonee Falls, WI.
                    • RTE Distribution Transformer Division, Waukesha, WI.
                    • ECM Motor Corporation, Elkhorn WI.
                    • Mike’s Welding, Milwaukee, WI.

6/20/83    Cherry Electrical Products Corporation
   to        Manufacturer of electrical and electronic switching devices
   BRUCE GORSAK                                                                                      Page 5
             Senior Manufacturing Engineer
              Provided manufacturing Product Support for the General Motors window lift switch part of

              the armrest escutcheon assembly. Elimination of a major switch failure problem
              experienced at General Motors Lake Orion, MI assembly facility. Officially designated the
              engineering liaison for Engineering Department to the Tool & Die maker’s shop for existing
              product support and new products introductions. Conceived and implemented a process
              change on a Cherry designated right to edit drive switch resulting in a 77% manufacturing
              cost reduction.
 1982      Owned and operated a general repair shop implementing all facets of automotive repairs and
  to       modifications.
           Johnson Controls, Inc.
 1/8/79      Manufacturer of computerized building automation systems
 2/5/82      Manufacturing Engineer
                  Provided production floor support to electronics assembly manufacturing facilities and wire
                  harness assembly area including all respective equipment. Project engineering
                  responsibilities to drive new product introductions to manufacturing for building
                  automation development projects. Completed all production floor layouts for the wire
                  harness fabrication area for a new Reynosa, Mexico manufacturing facility. Sole
                  responsibility for the layout and equipment procurement for a distribution warehouse in
                  McAllen, Texas. Drove product updates and transfers from a closing plant in Dallas,
                  Texas, through Milwaukee for pilot run and into the new Mexican plant.
 1/8/77    The Louis-Allis Company
   to        Manufacturer of high power electric motors
 1/8/79      Industrial Engineer
                  Provided process development for new products introductions, including motion and time
                  studies of fabrication, machining, and assembly aspects for AC and DC electric motor
10/30/74   Allis-Chalmers Corporation – West Allis Manufacturing Operations, (WAMO)
   to        Manufacturer of compressors, generators, pumps, turbines, rock crushing equipment and
 1/8/77      other large rotating apparatus combinations
             Co-op student Assistant to the WAMO’s Manager of Manufacturing
                  Investigated fabrication shop, machine shop, paint shop, and assembly process problems
                  and practices.
 1973      American Motors Corporation
  to        An automobile manufacturer
 1974        Production worker/assembler
                  General production line assembler
 1971      Speaker Motion Systems
  to         Manufacturer of conveyorized mail delivery systems
 1973             Shear operator, brake press operator, and welding layout man
                  Work in the fabrication shop.

  BRUCE GORSAK                                                                                       Page 6

          Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree, Milwaukee School of
               Engineering, Milwaukee, WI
          Associate of Applied Science, Internal Combustion Engines Engineering Technology, Milwaukee
               School of Engineering, Milwaukee, WI
          Continued Coursework:
          Traffic Crash Reconstruction – Institute of Police Technology and Management; University of
                North Florida
          Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction – Society of Automotive Engineers; Detroit, MI
          Vehicle Autopsy – New York State Traffic Accident Reconstruction Society; Albany, NY
          Auto Subrogation 101 & Property Loss Scene Investigation – National Association of Subrogation
                Professionals; Buffalo, NY
          The Basics of Crash Injury and Biomechanics – The Association of the Advancement of
                Automotive Medicine; New Orleans, LA
          Project Management – Baldwin-Wallace College
          SPC II Master Series – Technicomp
          NC Programming -- Milwaukee Area Tech College
          2070 Mk II Maintenance - George Fischer DISA, Inc.
          Internal Auditing for ISO9000 – U of Georgia
          QS 9000 Quality System Course -- Hattie M. Long, ITCA auditor
          Basic & Advanced Programmable Controllers - Allen Bradley
          Microcomputers in Industry -- Milwaukee Area Tech College
          Quality Improvement Through Defect Prevention -- Philip Crosby & Associates
          Metal Forming -- Milwaukee Area Tech College
          Fundamentals of Oxygen Welding -- Milwaukee Area Tech College
          Basic Boiler Operations – PBS Inc. (Professional Boiler Services, Inc), Augusta, GA
          Effective Meeting Management -- Sandersville Regional Tech
          Industrial Wastewater Treatment – Enviro Training Associates, Augusta, GA

          American Society of Safety Engineers, Professional Member
          Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Member
          New York State Traffic Accident Reconstruction Society, Member
          Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), Senior Member and past Officer
          Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Senior Member
          American Foundry Society (AFS), past Member
          West Milwaukee Development Authority, past Commissioner

          9-19-05 – Prepared and presented presentation to the New York State Trial Lawyers Association:

                                      “What the BLACK BOX means to you”

          3-15-06 - Prepared and presented presentation for the New York State regional seminar for the
                     National Association of Subrogation Professionals, (NASP):

                      “Theories of Recovery – Automotive: Fires, Negligence and Crashes”

BRUCE GORSAK                                                                                           Page 7

     Generally, the fees for services rendered are based upon:

          1. The current rate for all consulting staff at $205 per hour, (technician staff at $172
             per hour when applicable). Rates apply to all work including site inspection,
             analysis, report writing, depositions, and trial. Travel time rate for all staff at $50
             per off business hours, and full rate during normal office hours, (8:00 AM to 5:00
             PM). Note that travel during normal business hours is avoided at all times
             possible in an effort to keep costs minimized.

          2. When applicable, standard rates for various testing equipment and test services,
             plus out –of-pocket costs for travel related expenses and other services used
             during case preparation.

          3. Cost estimates may be requested in Lieu of the above schedule.

          4. Rates are subject to change at any time.

BRUCE GORSAK                                                                                   Page 8
                                         BRUCE GORSAK
                                     Vehicle and Industrial Expert

     Publications: NONE

     Speaking Engagements:

               9-19-05 – Prepared and presented presentation to the New York State Trial
               Lawyers Association:

                               “What the BLACK BOX means to you”

               3-15-06 - Prepared and presented presentation for the New York State regional
               seminar for the National Association of Subrogation Professionals, (NASP):

                  “Theories of Recovery – Automotive: Fires, Negligence and Crashes”


               June 22, 2004
               Estate of Jason C. Hakey, Franklin Probate Court Docket P3-4-03Gi
               Franklin County Probate Court
               Probate Court testimony given in the court conference room:
               17 Church Street
               St. Albans, VT 05478

               My testimony was given in support of the claim made against the decedent’s

               January 14, 2005
               Coco v. McArdle
               Putnam County Court – Frye Hearing
               40 Gleneida Avenue
               Carmel, NY 10512

               My testimony was given in support of the Plaintiff.

               March 7, 2006
               State Farm a/s/o/ Garrow v. Price
               State of New York, County of Saratoga – Arbitration
               Arbitration held at Holiday Inn Turf on Wolf Road
               205 Wolf Road
               Albany, New York 12205

               My testimony was given in support of the Defendant.

BRUCE GORSAK                                                                                   Page 9

               June 16, 2006
               Dennis Cole and Frances Cole v. Insley McEntee Equipment Co., Inc. against
               Fritz/A UPS Company (3rd party defendant)
               State of New York Supreme Court, County of Onondaga - Arbitration
               Arbitration held at The Lodge at Woodcliff
               199 Woodcliff Drive
               Fairport, New York 14450

               My testimony was given in support of the Plaintiff.

               December 18, 2006
               Allstate Insurance Company a/s/o Nancy T. Jewell v. Blaine K. Warner, Edward
               C. Lott, Inc., Israel J. Garrow, Fujitsu and Bonnie Belfance
               Personal Injury Protection Arbitration Forum held at the Marriott Long Island
               1001 James Doolittle Blvd.
               Uniondale, NY 11553

               My testimony was given in support of the Defendant

               Name v. name case
               Name of court
               E.B.T or Trial testimony given at location
               Space for continued address if needed
               My testimony was given in support of the Plaintiff or Defendant

               Etc., etc.

BRUCE GORSAK                                                                                     Page 10
                A “Nut-shell” summary of experience for Bruce Gorsak
    The Car stuff began at 14 years old when Bruce took apart
    his first V-8 engine and was hooked. A passion developed
    for automobiles, which continued to develop for 40 plus
    years and carries on today. During that period, Bruce added
    a minor Degree in Engine Design, a Bachelors Degree in
    Mechanical Engineering Technology, 27 years of
    Manufacturing experience in New Product/Process
    Development, Plant & Facilities Maintenance, Industrial
    Engineering and Safety.

    Today, Bruce can rebuild a 10-cylinder engine, tell whether
    or not an air bag deployed properly during an automobile
    crash, if any other part in the car malfunctioned, and restore
    the car to original manufacturer’s specifications.

    As a Crash Data Retrieval Analyst, he can download a “Black Box”, perform crash
    reconstruction methods to identify the sequence of events of a vehicle crash, determine if any of
    the automobile’s manufacturing equipment was defective, and if factory employees didn’t do
    their job properly.

    Not limited to automobile components, his skills and Engineering Experience in New
    Product Introductions have enabled him to establish cost effective manufacturing processes for
    many types of products. Bruce has been involved with product development, design review, and
    the launch of those products into production; in addition, he has been instrumental in the design
    of a variety of manufacturing facilities in the US, Mexico, and Taiwan.

    During his career, Bruce has held engineering positions for companies like Johnson Controls,
    Inc., Cherry Electrical Products, Cooper Power Systems, Hubble, North American Royalties Inc.,
    and Textron in the manufacture of products as diverse as automated building control systems,
    automobile armrest escutcheon assemblies, high powered electric switching devices, separable
    connectors, insulators, arrestors, cast automobile brake products, golf carts, and industrial
    vehicles. As a consultant in private practice Bruce has also conducted analysis of more than 500
    automobile damage claims involving damage cause and extent of essentially any vehicle system.
    The effects included performance, drivability and safety.

    In addition to his academic credentials, Bruce has continued his learning from organizations like
    the Society of Automotive Engineers, the New York State Traffic Accident Reconstruction
    Society and the Institute of Police Technology and Management. He is a member of a number of
    professional organizations, including the Society of Automotive Engineers, American Society of
    Safety Engineers and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.


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