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									Prioritising projects to keep
London on the move!

                   George Geddes
              Projects Portfolio Manager
                Transport for London
TfL Operations

6 million passengers/day    3 million passengers/day

580km strategic roads      155,000 passengers/day
Surface Transport – What Do We Do?

– Manage one of the largest bus networks in the world
– Manage and develop a strategic network of 580km of London‟s
  busiest main roads
– Manage the Congestion Charging and Low Emissions Zones
– Operate all of London‟s traffic signals
– Deliver transport policing and traffic enforcement
– Develop strategies for road safety, accessibility, walking,
  cycling, freight and the urban environment
– Regulate taxis and private car hire
– Co-ordinate schemes for mobility transport
– Provide other transport services – VCS, River Services and
Surface Transport – History?

– GLA formed in 2000
      • TfL Created to manage transport
– All the Surface Modes Merged together
– Competing Managers
– Duplicated IM/IT departments
The Challenge for IM

–   Rapid growth: From 50 projects up to 200 projects
–   Overworked with poor control
–   No justification for saying „No‟
–   Poor reputation for delivery
–   Customers all thought they were most important.
–   Taken by surprise by business demands
The Challenge - Questions

–   Why are we so busy?
–   What are we doing?
–   Will the demand stay the same?
–   Are we in control?
The Solution – Consultant Speak!

    Portfolio Management is defined as:
    “The continuous process of selecting and managing
    the best set of enterprise investments, in terms of:
       – Projects,
       – Resources,
       – Assets
       – Products
    that drive business and stakeholder value”
The Solution – Consultant Drawing

         Portfolio Management is not only about Projects and Resources, it‟s also
         managing the resulting change to assets over their lifecycle…
                Buy/Build       In Service                                                       Retire

               Select   Implement                                Operate
 Lifecycle         Projects                                 Upgrade Projects
                                                                                
                                                      Maintenance and Support
                                                                                        

                                $     $
                                          Operational Expense and Capitalized Costs / Benefits
                                                  $          $             $       $             $

What it really means

–   Ask customers what they want
–   Size and Prioritise
–   Plan
–   Present and gain support
–   Deliver
–   Report
How we did it

 –   New role created – IM Account Managers
 –   8 Account Managers across 13 Directorates
 –   Business Planning vs IM Account Planning
 –   Prioritisation based on Strategy
 –   Quarterly IM Investment Committee setup
 –   Bi-weekly Project Approval
Key Business Processes Supported…

      Strategy & Planning
                                 Project Portfolio Management              Programme/Project Delivery
     Business Architecture

 Business Plan Review         Initiative Screening                                 Project Accounting

  Strategy Formulation          Project Prioritisation                              Task Management

     Account Planning               Financial Planning                                Time Booking

                                       Resource Capacity
                                                                                  Deliverables Planning
     Initiative Development                Planning
                                        Dependencies Planning

                                             Portfolio Analysis                   Risk/Issues Reporting

                                              Stage Gate Tracking                  Progress Reporting

                                                     Portfolio Reporting

                                                         Scenario Planning
IM Project Portfolio Governance Framework
 Business Sponsors,                                                                                    Project Managers
                                          IMIC, PPM                       PAB, PMO
 Account Managers                                                                                     and Team Members

                                       Quarterly Review                Bi-Weekly Review

                                          1 Year+                         0-3 Month
                                      Planning Horizon                 Planning Horizon

                                                                Gate -1                             Gates 0-4

       Project            Screened       Prioritization   Approved          Project            Active
      Requests              Ideas         & Selection      Portfolio       Planning            Projects


    Account Plan          Portfolio        Portfolio       Portfolio       Project             Project
       Review              Reports       Re-evaluation      Metrics       Reporting            Controls

          IM Project Portfolio Planning (3Ps)                                         SPEARMINT/CIMM

     IMIC – Information Management Investment Committee   PPM – Project Portfolio Management
     PAB – Project Approvals Board                        PMO – Project Management Office
Strategic Alignment
2007/8 Resource Profile
Resource Deficits in Q1/Q2 2007/8 have required us to push work out
into the 2nd half of 2007/8 based on relative priority

Q1 2007/8 Skills Profile

                                                            We are working to align the skills of our
                                                            resources to fit with upcoming demand.

                                                  Surplus   Particular focus is on increasing the
                                                            number of:
                                  6.5 4.5         Deficit
                                                             Business/Technical Analysts

                                                             Solution/Technical Architects

                                                             DBAs

                                                            Whist managing down the number of

   Note: Numbers show FTE Surplus/deficit
    IM Investment Committee

–   Meets Quarterly
–   Senior Business Representatives + HIM + PPM
–   Management Style
–   Deployment Schedule
–   KPI‟s
Got the process, now we need a tool

Why ProSight?

   –   Web Based
   –   Easy to Configure
   –   Simple to use and Understand
   –   Excellent Reporting Facilities
         ProSight and the 3Ps

• TfL Trial System Configuration was primarily based on processes in Blue
• It also included some functionality to support processes in Red, a subsequent project will capture
  requirements and develop functionality
• Processes in Grey are being managed outside of the system

                                                       Approved                       10. Plan Stages,
                  8. Prepare Project
                                                       Portfolio                          Gates &
         7. Plan                 9. Review at                            9. Assign &                 11. Schedule
        Scenarios                    IMIC                             Manage Resources                   Tasks

6. Analyse Budgets
                                       1. Validate &
    & Resource       Portfolio                                     17. Review at
                                         Prioritise                                   Project Delivery   12. Track Time
    Constraints      Planning                                         Project
                                        Strategies                                        (CIMM/
                     Process                                        Approvals
  5. Prioritise                                                                                          13. Manage
    Projects                       2. Gather Data on                  16. Report on
                                   Existing Projects                                                        Costs

                                                                             15. Manage           14. Track
          4. Review       3. Collect Ideas                                                     Stages, Gates &
         Data Quality                                                        Risks/Issues
                             & Pipeline                                                          Deliverables
                              Projects                  Metrics

                  Quarterly                                                   Weekly, Ad hoc

– Improved transparency of both senior IM and business
  management into IM‟s current and future workload and its
  challenges in delivering
– The queue of pipeline projects and their ramp up time is
– Better allocation of resources to an agreed schedule of works
– Improved perception of professionalism by the Business
  toward IM.
– Improved measures and metrics on costs, benefits, resources
  and status.
– Measures form a basis for process improvement in IM
  Critical Success Factors (Gartner)

TfL followed what we'd proscribe as the 'right' path: they
defined and implemented a process first, concentrated on
getting their staff to follow it, then added a tool. Too many
prospective PPM tools purchasers focus only on the tool,
and expect that it will drive process. It won't.
Lessons Learnt

 – Process first, then tools. THIS IS CRUCIAL!!!!!
 – The process takes time to set up (in this case, 6
 – Adjustment is necessary after setup.....one size does
   not fit all.
 – Just having solid data is a major improvement, and
   provides a relationship management effort.
The Future for PPM in TfL

 – Expansion
   – Air Traffic Control (ATC)
      • London Underground
      • SAP
      • Group
      • Surface Transport
Who needs Portfolio Management?

 •   Main Board
 •   CIO
 •   Programme/Project Delivery
 •   Resources Manager
 •   Finance Department
 •   Release Management
 •   Application Support


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