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                                 Technical Writing Worksheet
Directions: During the Writing Center’s presentation, use the information the tutors provide to
complete each question.

Organizational patterns you may use for your paragraphs include…

____________________ is the most commonly used organizational pattern.

_____________________ is a pattern that gives specific details or examples at the
beginning which prepares readers for the topic sentence.

____________________ begins by posing a question and can be used as an attention-
grabber or as a transition between topics.

The __________________ pattern lists points throughout the paragraph.

You should think carefully about your _____________________, or how the words you
choose affect your writing, in technical documents.

List four pitfalls to avoid in technical documents:

When you use technical terms that are inappropriate for your audience, you are using

Clichés should be avoided in technical writing. Give an example of a cliché:

Meaningful verbs can energize your sentences. Give an example of a meaningful verb:

“Dummy subjects” increase wordiness and decrease meaning. Give an example of a
“dummy subject”: ___________________________.

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