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					Version 1.1                                              COMPARATIVE REPORT                                         Date Updated         7/28/2011
PROGRAM INFORMATION If you have questions about this report, please contact: Brenda Short at                                 (502) 271-4657
Maryhurst Family Treatment Home TFC                          Parent Agency: Maryhurst Inc.
5227 Bardstown Rd. Louisville, KY 40291                                                 Phone: (502) 245-1576            Fax: (502) 245-2550
AgencyWebsite:                                                        Years Operating: 22
Referral Contact: Kristi Glotzbach                    Email:
Referral Phone: (502) 245-1576        Referral Fax:   (502) 245-2550
Child Caring License(s): None
Child Placing License(s): Foster Care; Adoption; Therapeutic Foster Care;
Setting: Rural & Urban/Suburban                   On Site School:      No
Male Operational Bed Capacity:                 8 County(s) of     Bullitt; Hardin; Jefferson; Nelson; Oldham;
Female Operational Bed Capacity:              19 Program or
Either Sex Operational Bed Capacity:          30 Foster Homes:
Supplemental Information
Maryhurst Family Treatment Homes has a number of foster parents with years of experience in fostering as well as adoption. All parents
are provided with training from the Risking Connection Approach focused on trauma-informed care of adolescents. Many of the homes are
operated out of the Mockingbird Family Model for foster care and receive supplemental support and respite services above and beyond
what is offered by most foster care agencies.

Included/Excluded Populations
Gender Accepted: Both              Age Range Accepted:     1 to 17      LOC Range Accepted: 1 to 5            Minumum IQ Accepted:             70
Client Populations that are Absolutely Excluded
Mental Retardation/Chemically Dependent; Life Support Needed;

Client History at Admission
Average Age at Date Updated: 13.6    Average LOC at Intake     3.7                Number IQ 0 - 59:                      0
Number of Residents:           32    LOC Unknown:                 0               Number IQ 60 - 69:                     1
Number of Males:               12    Number LOC 1:                1               Number IQ 70 and above:                2
Number of Females:             20    Number LOC 2:                5               Number IQ Unknown:                    29
                                     Number LOC 3:                5
                                     Number LOC 4:              12
                                     Number LOC 5:                9
Number of Current Residents Included in Risk Indicator Percentage     35
Destroys Property:    29%         Homicidal Threats:                11%                Sexual Acting Out:                      23%
Assaults Peers:       37%         Homicidal Gestures/Attempts        6%                Sexual Aggression
Assaults Care Givers 17%          Suicidal Threats:                 11%                   With Younger Youth:                   6%
Moderate AWOL Risk: 34%           Suicidal Gestures/Attempts         6%                   Using Force:                          0%
Chronic AWOL Risk:    14%         Substance Use Monthly or More      3%                   With those Unable to Consent          6%
Self Abuse:           11%         Fire Setting:                      0%                   Adjudicated Sexual Offender           0%
                           Number      High School    Some College          BA          MA or Higher
        Administration:      8             0%            13%                25%             63%
Case Management Staff:         2           50%              0%               0%               50%
         Clinical Staff:       3           0%               0%               0%               100%
      Direct Care Staff:   4         25%          50%             25%                         0%
Average Number of Months Foster Parents have Fostered for the Agency:                  32.7
Treatment Director: Ms. Jeanean Jacobs MA

                                              Psychiatric Consultation and Internal Medical Staff
Maryhurst has a contract with Seven Counties Services for psychiatric services. Dr.Holman sees clients on our main campus twice per
week and is on call for assistance throughout the week. The FTH clients all have a psychiatric evaluation after placement and see the
psychiatrist on a regular basis as needed for follow-up. Internal medical staff assist the foster care staff in accepting appropriate referrals.
Medical care is coordinated by the parents with doctors in their community.

                                                          Maryhurst Family Treatment Home TFC
Version 1.1                                             COMPARATIVE REPORT                                        Date Updated         7/28/2011

Number of Substantiated Abuse Allegations in the Past Year: 0
Total # of Bedrooms:              Percentage of Direct Care Staff Trained in Physical Management     N/A
Single Bedrooms:                  Percentage of Foster Parents Trained in Physical Management:      3.3%
Double Bedrooms:                  Percent of Foster Families with 2 or more Children:              26.7%
3+ Bedrooms:                      Percent of Families with 2 or more Children and a Sibling Group: 13.3%
Critical Incident and Physical Management ratios are compiled for the period 5/1/2010 to 4/30/2011
Deadly Weapon Per 100 Resident Days                 0.01       WITHIN AVERAGE RANGE                                       Number of Months
Serious Injury Per 100 Resident Days                0.05       WITHIN AVERAGE RANGE                                       Data Received:
AWOL Per 100 Resident Days                          0.14       WORSE THAN AVERAGE RANGE                                   12 of 12
Suicide Attempt Per 100 Resident Days               0.01       WITHIN AVERAGE RANGE
Criminal Activity Per 100 Resident Days:            0.04       WITHIN AVERAGE RANGE
Injury to Other Per 100 Resident Days:              0.05       WORSE THAN AVERAGE RANGE
Sexual Acting Out Per 100 Resident Day              0.05       WITHIN AVERAGE RANGE
Total Critical Incidents Per 100 Resident Days:     0.34       WITHIN AVERAGE RANGE
Physical Managements Per 100 Resident Days:                    N/A

Length of stay and discharge data are calculated on discharges between 5/1/2010 through 4/30/2011
Measure                                               Number     Percent    Length of Stay Outlier
Child Progress toward Permanency Discharges             22        51.2%         331.2      WITHIN AVERAGE RANGE
Progress Discharge to Home Like Placement                20       46.5%          355.8       WITHIN AVERAGE RANGE
Progress Discharge to Less Restrictive Placement         16       37.2%          346.8       WITHIN AVERAGE RANGE
Child Behavioral Difficulty Discharges                   17       39.5%          107.4       WITHIN AVERAGE RANGE
Runaway Discharges                                       6        14.0%          64.3        WORSE THAN AVERAGE RANGE
Psychiatric Discharges                                   2         4.7%          113.5       WITHIN AVERAGE RANGE
Agency/System Discharges                                 4         9.3%          172.3       WITHIN AVERAGE RANGE
Caretaker Incapacity Discharges                          0         0.0%                      WITHIN AVERAGE RANGE
Caretaker Failure Discharges                             0         0.0%                      WITHIN AVERAGE RANGE
Caretaker Investigation Discharges                       0         0.0%                      WITHIN AVERAGE RANGE

Well Being
                        Number Percent Internal Percent External       Does this program have a PCC Foster to Adopt Agreement?:            Yes
Individual Counseling     32            100.0%             3.1%        Adoptions by the Program's Foster Homes in the Past Year:            5
Group Counseling:         20            100.0%             0.0%        Educational Disruptions in the Past Year:   13
Family Counseling:        11            100.0%             0.0%        School Changes in the Past Year:             9

                                          Describe How the Program Supports Family Connections
"From the start of a child's placement, biological family members are engaged to participate in team meetings, develop treatment strategies
and work to reunify if this is the child's permanency plan. If there are appropriate biological family members involved in the child's life (even
if they are not to be reunified), FTH staff members will help them to understand the grief and loss that comes with seperation and help them
to develop new skills to be supportive to their children. Family counseling as well as support services (assistance with visitation, increased
parentings skills, communication training, etc.) are available to biological families. "

                                                   Special Interventions Available Internally
Structured and nurturing home environments are supported and cultivated in order to form the best match and most therapeutic
environments for children placed in the homes. The treatment team incorporates a multidisciplinary approach in order to provide the most
effective interventions for each individual child. Staff members are on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week for intervention and
support needed by therapeutic foster parents. Maryhurst, FTH employes two on-staff clincial therapists and the Director of the program is
trained as an Art Therapist. Maryhurst residential facilities are available for stabilization as well as respite.

                                                         Maryhurst Family Treatment Home TFC
Version 1.1                                          COMPARATIVE REPORT                                Date Updated   7/28/2011

                                             Description of how the program exceeds licensure ratios
Yes. The Clinical specialists each have caseloads of 8 -11 clients.

                                                      Maryhurst Family Treatment Home TFC

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