First Days of School- SHOP SAFETY RULES by liuqingyan


									Course Introduction and Safety Instructions

 1. Student and Teacher introductions
 2. Student information sheets
 3. Units of study
 4. Attendance policy- Lates and Absences
 5. Uniforms- classroom and shop uniforms
 6. Plagiarism
 7. Homework and assignments
 8. Washroom breaks
 9. Shop safety and behavioural expectations- safety contracts
 10. Safety glasses
 11. Vandalism and theft
 12. Fire alarms, fire extinguishers and emergency exits
 13. Lock down procedures
 14. Emergency power shut off switches- location and usage
 15. Chemical storage- flammable bin
 16. First aid kits- locations
 17. Eye wash stations- location and usage
 18. Shop ventilation system- vehicle and welding exhausts
 19. Used oily rag disposal and oil spill clean up
 20. Boosting a dead battery/ vehicle- student note
 21. Starting shop vehicles- wheel locks usage
 22. Moving vehicles- prohibited by students
 23. Compressed air- safety and usage
 24. Asbestos dust- dangers with brakes and clutches

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