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					                                       ISC-SEO proposal for
                                <insert project name here>

General principles and assumptions of cost determination
 Recurring costs represent the incremental cost increase for maintaining an application at the
 Hardware and software required for the project have been determined based upon
   discussions with the client as well as the experience and knowledge base of ISC-SEO.
 Estimated implementation and on-going costs, for both hardware and software, represent the
   best market price available for non-profit organizations. These costs reflect any peripheral
   devices and software necessary to operate and maintain the application.
 Participation in the University’s Business Continuity program is optional. If participation is
   not desired, the cost will be removed from the proposal.
 Upon approval of this proposal, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) will be generated to be
   signed by both the client and ISC-SEO. The SLA will specifically define the responsibilities of
   both the client and ISC-SEO.

Assumptions specific to <insert project name here>

Costs for <insert project name here>

                                                               One-time     Annual
                                  Item                          Costs        Costs
             ISC-SEO Support Services
             Business Continuity
             Total one-time costs:
             Total annual costs:

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                                     ISC-SEO proposal for
                                <insert project name here>

Expense Item Explanation

(1)     Expense Item: Hardware
            3 year replacement cost for servers
            Server maintenance contracts with vendors
            Tapes (data backups)
            Storage space for all servers in Penn’s Data Center
            Environmental costs in Penn’s Data Center (i.e. air conditioning, power
               distribution units, UPS, ADSM server, cables, etc.)

(2)     Expense Item: Network
            Network port activation (ISC-Networking)
            Annual port charges (ISC-Networking)

(3)     Expense Item: Software

(4)     Expense Item: Support Services
            DBA resources: database administration, backup/recovery, support limited new
               development, 24-7 production support
            System Administration resources: operating system administration,
               backup/recovery, support limited new development, 24-7 production support
            Operations resources: monitor backups, batch processing, backup media
               administration, 24-7 production support
            Management services: intra- and inter-departmental coordination, planning,
               client liaison

(5)     Expense Item: Business Continuity
            Business Continuity hotsite equipment for testing & testing time (one test per
               calendar year)
            Business Continuity hotsite technical support during testing and/or actual
               disaster recovery
            Business Continuity hotsite equipment usage for six weeks post-disaster
            Business Continuity hotsite technical office space for six weeks post-disaster
            Network connectivity to Business Continuity hotsite
            Recovery of the application within 48 hours in the event of a disaster.

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