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									                                  HOSPITALITY SKILLS CERTIFICATION
                                  Banquet Server
                                    For Line Employees

                                   HSC is a competency based certification program that recognizes line employees for their knowledge
                                   and job performance. Through an assessment and testing process, employees earn a designation which
                                   acknowledges competence in the duties they perform.

Program Contents

Hospitality Skills Certification uniquely integrates three training functions:
Skill and Knowledge Training
Performance Assessment and Testing
Recognition and Achievement

Skill and knowledge training is the responsibility of property management and the participant. The Institute can provide
training resources which will assist employees in the training and development process. An organization can also use its
in-house training materials and programs to assist in the certification process.

Performance assessment and testing validates the training has occurred and that performance standards have been met. A
competency assessment form is used in skill validation. Together with the written test, we strive to verify an employee’s
knowledge, application and performance of specified job duties.

Recognition and achievement provides the positive acknowledgment that the employee has attained a standard in their
performance. Successful completion of the program components is recognized with a certificate and lapel pin.


Properties that recognize and reward their employees through Hospitality Skills Certification profit from:
       •   Competent employees
       •   Lower turnover rate
       •   Improved guest services
       •   Increased employee motivation and enthusiasm

Staff who complete the program earn:
       • A sense of job commitment and loyalty
       • Encouragement to make hospitality a long-term career
       • Worldwide recognition for their accomplishments

Training Employees for the Hospitality Skills Certification Program

If you feel your current training and development activities adequately cover the skills required for the banquet server,
you may order your HSC packet and proceed to the examination phase of the program. If your employee needs further
training in task performance or applied knowledge skills to successfully complete the exam, you may use the Hospital-
ity Skills Training Series: “Banquet Server Skills Guide” (Product #08035IGP01ENGE) from the Educational Institute
If you choose the Banquet Server Skills Guide (Hospitality Skills Training Series), you will cover 100% of the knowledge
and skills an employee needs to successfully attain the Banquet Server designation. A trainer, supervisor, or banquet
server can use the guide. The guide is contained in a three-ring binder with six tabbed sections. The first four tabs are
aimed toward the trainer and explain the four-step training method. Tabs 5 and 6 are used for training the banquet server.
When a property purchases the guide, the property receives a license to copy the materials in these two tabs for all future
training of new banquet servers. This guide can be used in group study or one-on-one training sessions with a trainer. It
is recommended that you use the competency assessment form included in the individual employee packet prior to decid-
ing if any additional training is required. Competency assessment forms are included in the Banquet Server Skills Guide
which you may copy as many times as needed, for use in evaluating each of your banquet servers.

Passing Standard

To successfully earn a HSC designation, a candidate/employee must complete the following program requirements:

       • Be currently employed in the position of a banquet server and have a minimum of 90
         days experience in the position.
       • Achieve a score of 75% or better on a written test, and
       • Receive ratings of “Acceptable” on 75% of the tasks outlined on the competency assessment form.

All materials submitted on behalf of the candidate are reviewed individually.

Certification Program
The following outline details the fee structure for the Certification Program. For more information, contact the
Educational Institute at 407-999-8100 or 888-575-8726.

                                              Quantity         AH&LA Member Price               Non-Member
Individual candidate packets for the            1-99               $35.00                          $50.00
Banquet Server                                100-199              $33.00                          $48.00
HSC Program:                                  200-499              $31.00                          $46.00
                                                500                $30.00                          $45.00
Training Resources
The following outline details the available training resources for Banquet Servers. For more information,
contact the Educational Institute at 800-752-4567.
Basic Property Training Packages for the Banquet Server include:
One (1) Banquet Server Skills Guide from the Hospitality Skills Training Series, and
Three (3) candidate packets for the Banquet Server HSC program. ($194.95 member/$234.95 non-member)
Banquet Server Skills Guide      ($99.95 members/$124.95 non-member)

                                                                                                       08035APP02ENGE   07-02704
                                           ORDER FORM

                                                     Product Name                                         Quantity                  Unit Price        Total
  08035LLP01ENGE01              Candidate Packet(s) for the Banquet Server HSC Program
  08035LLP01ENGE02              Basic Property Training Package for the Banquet Server
   08035IGP01ENGE               Hospitality Skills Training Guide for Banquet Server

Prices are subject to change without notice.                                                                                             Subtotal

                                                                                                 Michigan and Florida residents add 6% sales tax

                                                                              In the U.S. and Canada, add 7% of subtotal for shipping/handling
                                                                        Outside the U.S. and Canada, add 25% of subtotal for shipping/handling


                                                                                                                               Customers will be responsible for
                                                                                                                     customs charges and duties when applicable.

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                                                     800 NORTH MAGNOLIA AVENUE, SUITE 300
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