Foursquare will cooperate with group buy sites to increase company revenue by anamaulida


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        <p>According to China wholesale ePathChina reports, informed
sources said on Monday the United States location service providers
Foursquare is planning to solve the revenue problem by publishing
LivingSocial, Gilt Groupe and the AT &amp; T group buy information to its
10 million users. In addition, Foursquare and Groupon also discuss
similar cooperation agreement.</p>
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<p>Foursquare has a huge user base, the market valuation is up to $ 600
million, but compared with the social gaming company Zynga, professional
networking site LinkedIn and other social media, Foursquare has been
unable to get huge revenue,informed sources from <a rel="nofollow"
href="">China wholesale &amp; drop ship
supplier</a> ePathChina.,</p>
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<p>Foursquare from Tuesday on will release group buy information for the
users. Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley had previously said the company will
receive income from the purchase of trading partners products, but he did
not disclose the share ratio.</p>
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<p>Foursquare believes that its position tracking and data collected
capabilities will help partners to publish targeted group buy information
to users, to help partners increase revenues. Crowley said in an
interview: "We want to see whether this service can be effective and
users react. Some group buy service providers have not invested too much
effort to location service."</p>
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<p>LivingSocial senior vice president of business development Jake Maas
said, the deal with the Foursquare added a distribution channel for
company, the company had already signed agreement with a number of
websites and blogs. He said: "We will focus on business progress, and we
are confident."According to China <a rel="nofollow"
href="">discount electronics store</a>
ePathChina news, the second U.S. mobile operator AT &amp; T has launched
its own location group buy services, but AT &amp; T interactive
department CEO David Krantz think that the market has become increasingly
fierce competition, to share the group buy transactions and users among
enterprises will become more common.</p>
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<p>Foursquare also reached a marketing agreement with group buy sites
BuyWithMe, Zozi and other companies. Foursquare presently, only has 75
employees, reaching an agreement with the group buy sites will help
Foursquare save a lot of marketing expenses. Foursquare own group buy
services did not produce much benefit, though it has 500,000 signed
businesses, but got no profit. In addition, Foursquare group buy service
in the market is facing challenges from Google, Facebook, and many
innovative business.</p>
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<p>Foursquare at the end of June this year, raised $ 50 million,and its
valuation has been up to $ 600 million, the valuation of the company
increased as much as 6 times than the last year.</p>        <!--

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