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                   Emphasis                                                      Course Facts
                   Our GRE Preparation programme for International
                   Students (iGRE) has been developed to help                    Course start dates 2010
                   international students meet the requirements of the           Dependent on location. See our 2010 brochure or
                   Graduate Record Examination (GRE). The GRE is required        contact	your	local	Kaplan	representative	for	further	
                   from students who wish to take Master's or Doctorate          details.
                   degree in the USA.
                                                                                 Course entry level
                                                                                 TOEFL iBT 79
                   This programme is right for you if:
                   •	 You	want	to	apply	for	a	Master's	or	Doctorate	degree	      Number of lessons
                      in the USA                                                 See course structure overleaf
                                                                                 Lesson/session length
                   •	 You	want	to	give	yourself	the	best	chance	of	success	      45 minutes
                      by	focusing	on	verbal	skills,	strategies	and	analytical	
                      writing                                                    Course length
                                                                                 12 weeks
                   •	 You	want	to	prepare	for	your	test	with	exclusive	course	
                      materials	which	have	been	developed	with	your	needs	
                                                                                 Boston,	Harvard	Square,	Northeastern	University,	
                      in mind
                                                                                 New	York	East	Village,	Philadelphia,	Washington	
                                                                                 DC,	Miami,	Chicago,	Seattle,	Sacramento,	San	
                                                                                 Francisco,	Berkeley,	LA	Westwood

                                                                                 Books are included in the course fees but the exam
                                                                                 fee is not. Test names are registered trademarks of
                                                                                 their respective owners.

                   Programme - iGRE
Programme - igre

                   Your classes                                                            Programme Structure

                   l                                                                       iGRE
                   GRE preparation
                   Your	GRE	preparation	classes	will	focus	in	detail	on	each	aspect	       Each	week	during	the	first	6	weeks	you	receive:	
                   of	the	test	using	Kaplan’s	exclusive	course	materials	to	help	you	
                   achieve the best results possible.
                                                                                           l	 8 lessons of GRE Preparation
                                                                                           s	 20	sessions	(minimum)	of	Structured	Study
                   Structured Study                                                        Each	week	during	the	next	6	weeks	you	receive:	
                   Your	Structured	Study	sessions	are	an	integral	part	of	your	            s	 30	sessions	(minimum)	of	Structured	Study
                   course	during	which	you	will	have	access	to	our	extensive	              s	 1 hour teaching component
                   library	of	study	materials.	Completing	regular	practice	tests	
                   in	our	computer	labs	will	also	help	you	build	your	skills	and	
                   confidence	as	you	continually	work	towards	a	higher	score.              Classes and teaching sessions can be scheduled in
                                                                                           the	morning,	afternoon,	or	evening,	depending	on		
                   Teaching component                                                      your	chosen	location.
                   After	the	GRE	preparation	classes	have	ended,	your	teacher	
                   will continue to meet with the class once a week for one hour
                   to	review	key	concepts	and	strategies,	and	to		answer	student	
                   questions.	These	sessions	will	provide	you	with	ongoing		
                   support	during	Structured	Study,	and	will	help	you	to	improve	
                   your	writing,		vocabulary,	reading	comprehension,	and	math	

                                                             Valid	from	January	2010.	Details	may	change.	Published	October	2009.

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