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					        CHAPMAN PRIMARY SCHOOL                                        Thursday 24 February 2011
          Perry Drive, Chapman ACT 2611 Ph: 6205 7300 Fax: 6205 7307 Website:
                                                 “Working with families”
Principal     Anne Simpson          6205 7300                         After School Care 3.00pm      0408 880 655/6288 0655
P&C Contact   Joanne Forster        6161 0766                         After School Care website:
Board Chair   Craig Smith           0412 745 222                      After School Care email:
Email                 Chapman P&C Website 

                        Term 1 Week 3                                                                   Notes Home
                DATES TO REMEMBER                                                                      Swimming Carnival

Footsteps Family Picnic Thursday, 6pm                   Thursday    24 February                            Reminders
Preschool AGM, 7.30pm, Preschool                        Tuesday     1 March
                                                                                                   Kindergarten Screening Forms
Swimming Carnival, Yrs 2-6                              Wednesday   9 March
                                                                                                            Due 4 March

                                                                                           Walking School Bus will recommence on
     Please note that the school email address has changed. It is now:                              Monday 28 February.

Dear Parents and Carers
Thank you to our teachers for providing you with an insight          Congratulations to the SRC Leadership Team, (President)
into your child’s educational programs for 2011, as well as          Sophie Holder, (Vice President) Alex Postai, (Secretary)
the overview for Term 1 curriculum. If you were unable to            Liam Smith and (Treasurer) Hristo Vizovitis on their
attend last Thursday Information evening and haven’t                 appointment for Semester 1.
received the handouts please let you child’s teacher know.
                                                                     MYSCHOOL website.
                                                                     The publication of the 2010 NAPLAN results will go live on
Footsteps Tonight
Once again children from Kindergarten to Year 6 are                  the MySchool website on 4 March. Our NAPLAN results
thoroughly enjoying their participation in the Footsteps             showed considerable improvement from 2009. Year 5
Dance program. The dance teachers Chantelle and Zoe, both            achieved all targets with the school mean in reading, writing,
talented dancers, are highly professional and are extremely          punctuation and grammar and numeracy above the ACT
encouraging of all the groups. The dances are fun and the            mean and spelling within the mean. Year 3 achieved the
children are keen to share their routines with you tonight.          reading target but not the numeracy. Year 3 means were
The picnic starts at 5pm and the performances at 6pm.                within the ACT means in all aspects of NAPLAN. We were
                                                                     very pleased with our results.
Student’s Representative Council (SRC)
It was a pleasure to present badges and certificates to our          With references to our External Validation Report,
new SRC representatives at the special SRC Assembly last             satisfaction results and the range of data collated by the
week. SRC plays an important role in the life of Chapman             school, we have almost finalised our new School Plan and
Primary with all children having an opportunity to have a say        this years Annual Operation Plan. These plans will used to
in the way we want our school to be. Representatives from            guide student improvement across the school and to support
each class are elected democratically and consequently meet          and enhance teaching and learning for optimum outcomes.
with the SRC convenor Ms Poultney each fortnight
following their regular class meeting. Each class has the            Board elections
opportunity to contribute ideas, discuss issues and solve            If you are interested in finding out more about the school and
problems that affect their classroom, the wider school and           want to make a contribution to the strategic directions, I
the playground, and the SRC representatives play an                  encourage you to consider nominating for the CPS Board.
important role in bringing ideas from the class to the SRC           Nominations must be submitted by Friday 28 February.
meeting.                                                             Anne and staff
The first SRC meeting for this semester is next Monday and
Year 5 and 6 students will have the responsibility of
collecting the younger children from their class and
supporting them during the meeting.
Invitation to the Chapman Primary                              Voting at the Chapman SRC Polling
School Community                                               booth

              Tonight, Thursday 24 February
              All families are invited to our
              WELCOME PICNIC and

Bring your picnic rug and food to the hill near the oval and
enjoy an exciting evening of dance.

Children from Kinder to Year 6 will be participating

Picnic - 5.00 to 6.00pm
Dance performance 6.00 to 6:45pm.

2011 Semester 1
Elected SRC Representatives
Executive Team - Year 6
President: Sophie Holder
Vice President: Alex Postai
Secretary: Liam Smith
Treasurer: Hristo Vizovitis
KMC         Bella Pitman, Owen Learmonth
KJD         Haley Bissett, Randall McMahon
KMM         Brooke Lanza, William Abbott
KLD         Anneke Van Der Vyver, Jayden Waldron
Year 1
1FA         Georgia Vizovitis, Izaak Strecker
1LP         Emma Barber, Morgan Wright
1EW         Amy Foxcroft, Liam Wood
1PR         Lizzie Ball, Matthew Choules
                                                               Contact Details
Year 2
                                                               Please ensure the school has your current contact details.
2SB         Mae Metcalfe, Sam Manton
                                                               Notify the school if your contact phone numbers have
2JP         Ella Crane, James Yeoh
                                                               changed. This is extremely important when trying to contact
2TK         Kasey Baxter, Toby McCormack
                                                               parents when a child is sick or injured.
Year 3
3AF         Ashleigh Simes, Roy Arnould
3SH         Alyssa Seden, Mathew Poulos                        Sign In/Out
3PC         Amelia White, Morgan Oakes                         If you are taking your child out of school during school
                                                               hours you must sign the register located at the Front Office.
Year 4
                                                               You will also need to sign in your child when returning to
4WM         Tiahna Johnson, Jayden Manton
4LR         Mel Pillifeant, Harry Postai
4LT         Teah Livingstone, Josh Yates

Year 5
                                                               If you are volunteering at the school you are required to sign
Girls       Sara Garrity, Talitha Thompson
                                                               in at the Front Office and wear a volunteer badge. Each year
Boys        Mase Duggan, Sam Miller
                                                               all volunteers must complete a Volunteer Nomination Form,
                                                               available from the Front Office.

                                                               PE Classes
                                                               All children will participate in PE classes. If your child
                                                               cannot partake on a particular day due to injury or illness a
                                                               signed letter must be provided on the day.
Literacy & Numeracy Coordinators                                          Voluntary Contributions
Last year, as part of the Department of Education’s Literacy              The amount of voluntary contribution requested varies with
& Numeracy Strategy, two of our executive teachers were                   the number of children in the family attending our school.
given the role of providing literacy and numeracy support to
both teachers and students in the school. This role will                  For 1 child we request a contribution of $90 for the year.
continue in 2011 with Michelle Maier supporting                           For 2 children we request a contribution of $130 for the year.
Kindergarten to Year 2 teachers and students and Tania                    For 3 children we request a contribution of $150 for the year.
Collis (Serena) supporting Years 3 to 6. Over the year every              $10 for each additional child.
Chapman teacher takes part in coaching and mentoring
sessions to continually build and refine their skills in literacy         As our school now covers classes from Preschool to Year 6,
and numeracy teaching. Teachers are given release from                    this is taken into account when determining voluntary
face-to-face teaching to undertake this professional                      contributions. For example, if you have one child attending
development.                                                              Chapman Preschool and one child attending Chapman
                                                                          Primary School you are requested to pay the voluntary
For students, support is provided by a number of additional               contribution to the school for 2 children which would be
teachers. These extra teachers allow for the creation of                  $130.
smaller groups to support the differentiated instruction of
writing, reading, spelling and maths. They also allow for the
targeted support of students requiring extension or                       Parents from overseas
consolidation. It is in this way that we are better able to
individualise instruction to meet the particular needs of each            A gathering of our international families

There are also many ways in which parents can help with the
learning of literacy & numeracy skills at school and home.
Thank you to the many parents who have already
volunteered to help with the school home reader program.
Your time is greatly appreciated. To support you in
undertaking this role, two information sessions have been
scheduled next week. The sessions will provide tips and
strategies to support reading at school and home.
                                                                                              Thursday, 3 March,
Please join us for morning / afternoon tea and a chat. We                              10.00am – 11.00am in the staffroom,
would love to see you there!                                                                Chapman Primary School

Please note that Kindergarten children will not begin taking              School students will not be attending but small children are
home readers until Term 2. Another parent session will be                 welcome.
held in Week 10 of this term for parents of children in
Kindergarten.                                                             This will be an opportunity for parents of children in the ESL
                                                                          program to meet other parents from Non-English speaking
For organisational purposes we ask that you please RSVP by                countries and to learn more about our school.
Friday 25 February.                                                       Please mark the date on your calendars.
Michelle Maier                                                            We look forward to seeing you,
Literacy & Numeracy Coordinator
                                                                          Celia O’Donnell & Carmela Brancato (ESL teachers)
----------------------------------------------------------------------   ----------------------------------------------------------------------

           Parent Information Session                                                         ESL Morning Tea
            Changing Home Readers                                         Please return this slip to your child’s class teacher as soon
                                                                          as possible.
Yes, I will be attending the following session; (Please circle)
                                                                          I will be able to attend the gathering on Thursday, 3 March
          Monday 28 February 2pm                                          10.00am.

          Thursday 3 March 9am (repeated session)                         If you can come, write the number of adults attending _____

                                                                          I will be unable to attend the ESL meeting on Thursday,
Name: __________________________________________                          3 March 10.00am

Contact No: ______________________________________                        SIGNED:
Child: ___________________________________________                        (Parent/guardian)

Class: ___________________________________________                        CHILD’S
Chapman Primary School Board Elections                           Violin Lessons
- 2011                                                           Weekly violin lessons are available at the school during
                                                                 school hours at $34 per half hour lesson for individual
We want you for the Chapman Primary School Board! If
you are keen to contribute to the governance of CPS, you         Please contact Olga on 6161 7252 or Heather on 6251 1568
should nominate for a position on the CPS Board. No prior
experience is necessary.
                                                                 COMMUNITY NEWS
The following positions are vacant:
1 x staff member position
                                                                 Cooleman Ridge Park Care Group
2 x parents and citizens member positions                                      Cooleman Ridge Park Care Group is one of a
                                                                               number of park care groups around Canberra
Nominations must be submitted to the Front Office between                      which take an interest in our Nature Parks.
11am, Monday 14 February 2011 and 11am, Friday 28                              Thanks to the work of members, weeds are
February 2011.                                                                 kept down, tracks are maintained and native
                                                                               trees, bushes and grasses are planted.
You can submit your nomination by:
        Hand delivery to the Front Office; or                    The Cooleman Ridge Park Care Group February Newsletter
        Email to                         is available online at

For more information and nomination forms, contact the
Assistant  Returning   Officer,   Sarah     Hundy,  at           Bedwetting or on 0417 669 230.
                                                                 A new DVD based program, Bedwetting Cured, has been
                                                                 developed by Dr Mark Condon and Physiotherapist,
                                                                 Margaret O’Donovan. It outlines a successful program for
Class Carers                                                     parents to implement at home with their children. For more
After the first round of Class Carer nominations we still have   information and a free Bedwetting Fact Sheet please visit the
some classes without a class carer. These are KJD, 1EW,          website: or
1PR, 2SB, 3SH, 4LT, 4WM, 5/6DH, 5/6FD, 5/6DP. If you             phone 1300 135 796.
have children in one of these classes and are interested in
being a carer please send Sheree Bond an email on or call 6161 1145 before          ACT Junior Squash Open
Monday. Class carers will be finalised by the end of Week 4.
                                                                 Squash ACT presents
                                                                 the ACT Junior Open
Canteen Roster: 10.00am – 1.30pm                                 Aged Group Championships 2011
Canteen Manager: Sonja Bluett, Ph 6205 7309                      Canberra
Roster Secretary: Kylie Kynaston, Ph 6288 1098 or email                                             12-13 March
                                                                 Hosted by Woden Squash Centre
 Wednesday 2 March            Jo Smith, Sue Verri                To enter call Woden Squash Centre on 6281 4784
                              Yvette Maconachie,                 Entry Fees:
 Thursday 3 March                                                $30 1st child
                              Brigid Whitbread
                              Nichola Postai,                    $20 2nd child
 Friday 4 March               Vanessa Smith                      Entries close Monday 7 March.
                              and need 1 more person

                                                                 Weston Creek Wildcats
Canteen News                                                     Junior Australian Football Club
Vegetarian Fried Rice not available at present. Should be                      Come along and join our friendly footy club.
back on the menu in Term 2                                                     We have the program to suit you, from
                                                                               modified rules to full competition.
Do You Like To Bake?
The Canteen is looking for a volunteer to assist with the
baking of the very popular Chocolate Slice that is sold in the   For further information & registration please contact:
Canteen. Ideally, we are looking for someone who could           Michael: 0430 336 053 or 0449 171 266
come in on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon to                   John: 0407 722 513
prepare batches of chocolate slice to be sold in the Canteen     Ian: 0407 106 501
each week. If you have an hour or so spare on one of these
afternoons and would like to assist, please contact Kirsten
Stimson on 0418 635 422.

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