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1501 CD CP         Railfanning Not-So-Well-Known Places of California R.
Pearson 61 Locations include New Castle, Auburn, Wiemer, Fullerton. We take rides out to
the end of two Metrolink lines, and more.

1502 CP        Rocky Mountaineer Revelation 60 Since 1990, Great Canadian Railway
Company has operated all-daylight trains between Vancouver and Banff, Calgary, and Jasper,
with and overnight stay in Kamloops. This program covers the full journey in May 1996. Also
some older steam.

1503        Sampler Video #1 Revelation 60 Highlights of eighteen of Revelation's videos,
including 'Through the Guide', 'Amtrak 20', 'Railscapes', 'Autotrain', 'Greenbriar Limited',
'Canyon Dawn', 'Canada's Showcase', etc., Rent most of them from ClearSignal Video!

1504 VS         Steam Shortlines of the South Green Frog 45 l6mm color film, shot in the
1950's and early '60s, of the Moscow Camden & St. Augustine, The Morehead and North Fork,
Buffalo Creek & Gauley, The Virginia Blue Ridge, The Graham County RR, and others.

1505 CD           Keith's Trains #33 Lehman 120 Filmed in May 1994, mostly around Union
City, IN, this tape covers rail removal operations, Conrail action, scenes around Applegate Steel
at Saratoga, IN, and more.

1506 CD         Keith's Trains #46 Lehman 120 Steamtown National Historic Site, 7-23-95,
showing many of the engines and rolling stock. Triple Crown/ PRR Yards, Ft. Wayne, IN;
Central Soya Oil Seed Products, Decatur, IL. Data sheet accompanies.

1507 CD          Nevada State RR Museum/Colfax Work Train R. Pearson 47 A small
collection of famous old Virginia & Truckee steam engines, some of which we see operating;
then some time spent with the crew of a worktrain at Colfax, for you fans of switching

1508 FR MS           World Steam Today: Britain & Westerm Europe Ian Alan Ltd. 81 A tour
of operating steam in England and Ireland, France, Austria, Germany and Finland. Main line and
industrial scenes, tourist railways, and festivals are covered. (Currently MIA)

1509 FR MS          Steam Lives On New Zealand 50 Several well-filmed subjects covering
re-enactments of New Zealand's glory days of steam, featuring famous NZ steam locos on
various excursions, mainly on Auck-land's Glenbrook Vintage Railway.

1510 CD         Tower 55 Pentrex 48 A look at one of the busiest interlocking tower in the
western U.S., which, prior to its closing in 1996, handled over 100 trains per day. UP, SF,BN,SP
and Amtrak trains.
1511 MS          Blue Mountain Steam Valhalla 55 "Two steam excursions in1995, the first
featuring #425 to Ashland Pa,and the second showing CP #2317 and #425 doubleheading from
Steamtown to Moscow in the Pocono Mountains.


1512 CD         Conway Scenic RR/Crawford Ntch Lejonhud(A) 98 Amateur photogrpher
Phil Lejonhud guides us through some of the most beautiful scenery in New England. With FP-
9s resplendent on the point, this tourist train is any railfan's delight.

1513 CP ED Jersey Diesels: NJT's Fleet of Commuter Diesels Mark I 60 In the late
'80s, NJT was running a great variety of motive power on its extensive network: U34CH, F7, E8,
FP4O, GP4O, E60 and GG-1 locomotives are seen on this unna-rated but satisfying tape.

1514 CD        Conrail - Boston & Albany: Albany to Russell Searles 60 Starting at Selkirk,
we cross the Hudson, see a rail train emerge from Tunnel Hill, view a rail grinder in action, and
experience numerous other treats of the railroad sort.

1515 CD         Conrail Through the Alleghenies: Johnstown to Altoona Searles 93 Comp-
tent photography and good image quality, plus its satisfying length, make this one a good bet for
an evening of armchair trainwatching. Locations captioned.

1516 TR          Milwaukee Road, Vol. II - Harlowton to Butte Pentrex 41 Part Two of
Pentrex's tribute to Milwaukee Road's Rocky Mountain Division. This segment covers the
eastern portion of the route and shows both the electrified and non~lectrified sections, with good
views of boxcabs and Little Joes. 1970s film.

1517 TR           Milwaukee Road, Vol. III - The Rocky Mountain Division Pentrex 78 A film
record of the entire Rocky Moun-tain Division in 1973, including the operation of a work train.
Electrics still held sway when these memorable scenes were shot. Color, stereo sound.

1518 MS          Daylight 4449's Oregon Journey Pentrex 56 Promoting public awareness of
two new Oregon shortlines, SP's big Daylight put on a good show in October 1995 as it pulled
freight and passenger specials from Newberg to Albany and through the Coastal Range.

1519 MS          Riding the Rails on America's Most Beautiful Steam
Engine Skyfire 30 Various scenes of Sp Daylight #4449 steaming through the mountains of
the West, for those who enjoy the simple pleasure of watching this mighty locomotive at work,
without trying to follow an involved narra-tive.

1520 VP CP          History of the World's Fastest Trns Goldhill 75 Here's a polished program
detailing the continuing quest for speed on the world's railroads, from halting beginnings in 19th
Century England, through America's mighty steam locomotives to France's TGV.
1521 TR ED Pennsylvania Railroad Series Motor Classics 70 "PRR 1950s promotional
films: ""Progress on Rails"", ""Wheels of Steel"", ""Clear Tracks Ahead"", and ""Opening a
New Frontier"". Steam, electric, and diesel motive power are shown."

1522 CD       CSX, West End - Sand Patch Unattributed 120 1990 and 1992 scenes of the
Cumberland Division, filmed on Newberry, Cheat, Cranberry and Seventeen Mile Grade.
Mostly Maryland and West Virginia locations, with some action at Sand Patch in

1523 CD          Keith's Trains #14 Lehman 120 Norfolk Southern and Conrail action at
Muncie, New Castle, Richmond, MilIville, Springport and Eaton, IN. CSX cabride from
Losantville, IN to Richmond, IN, 9-12-91.

1524 CD         Keith's Trains #15 Lehman 120 Cab ride on a CSX local, from Richmond,
IN to Furnald, OH, 9-18-91. After switching jobs are completed at Furnald, the local returns to
Richmond. Data sheet.

1525 CD          Etowah - Copperhill Loop Trackside ? Records a railfan excursion in
October 1986 over 48 miles of the Seaboard System, starting from Etowah. On-Board and
lineside views, rainy weather, 1986 production values. B30-7 and U36-b on the head end.

1526 CD           Today's Illinois Central, Vol. 1, North Pentrex 99 An overview of Illinois
Central's operations from the Chicago area to Fulton, KY, with looks at connecting railroads.
Clearly and graphically presented, this video will help you understand how IC has maintained its
profitability into the present day.

1527 MS FR        Hudson Through the Hills - R761 in South Australia ARE Video 88 A
high quality documentary recording the June, 1987 excursion of Victorian Railwavs steam loco
R761 across Australia – The Broad Gauge Bonanza.!

1528 MS           Daylight to Vancouver Pentrex 30 'Portland Rail Fair '96' marked the 100th
anniversarv of Portland's Union Station, and to kick off the festivities SP Daylight #4449 headed
a special train with three domes and eight cars from Portland to Vancouver.

1529 RH VP         Tour of the M-1000 UPHS/Penrex 75 The revolutionary bullet-nosed
passenger train was introduced with a 12,000 mile tour in 1934. Rare archival film of this
important event combined with carefully dubbed audio make this one a must for the railroad

1530 RH         Classic RR Archives, V. VI (Nickel Plate Story, Main Line USA RR
Video 60 "Three old promotional films: ""The Nickel Plate Story"", 1952; ""Mainline USA""
(AAR, 1946); ""The Big Train"" (NYC, 1952). Note: these films are also included in other
compilations offered by Clear Signal (caL nos. 784, 808, 537, etc."
1531 FR         Trains Unlimited Tours, 1997 Preview of Tours Tr. Unlm. Trs 120 Trains
Unlimited has been operating overseas rail fan tours since 1985. This program provides an idea
of what to expect if you're interested in taking a tour in South America, Central America, or

1532 MS          Steam Over Tennessee Pass Pentrex 90 UP #844, an A-B-A set of E-units,
and 18 coaches travel from Denver to Salt Lake City in June 1997. This is a good one, full of
beautiful steam images over trackage that is now just a memory.

1533 CD           Virginia, West VA & Maryland Pearson 49 In May 1997, Jack Pearson paid
a visit to Clear Signal's stomping grounds and this tape records some of the stops hemade:
Hagerstown, Shepherdstown, Magnolia Cutoff, Harpers Ferry. NS, CSX predominate.

1534 CD           Chicago Hot Spots Neff '89 60 Grand Trunk, Indiana Harbor Belt, 500,
C&NW, and several other railroads are featured in this tour of Chicago's rail fan points of
interest: Dolton, Blue Island Crossing, CP LaGrange, Brookfield, Joliet and others.

1535 MS          Saluda - 611 Deux American Altavista 80 Here is fine coverage of N&W's
famed 'J' #611 pounding her way up Saluda Grade, the notorious stretch of 5% trackage in the
North Carolina mountains. The date is May 30, 1993, and #611 has five cars behind her as she
attempts the grade.

1536 MS           Saluda, The Final Challenge Connell Video 60 N&W #611 makes its fifth
and final assault on Saluda Hill, the country's steepest class l railroad grade. Good

1537 VS         Last of the Giants, Vol. II: The Cheyenne Shops Pentrex '93 60 These scenes
were filmed in the 1950s, in and around the Union Pacific yards at Cheyenne, WY. Tours of the
coal chute and servicing areas, the turntable, and the backshops.

1538 CP        Canada (World's Greatest Train Ride Videos)           84 Train travel, with more
emphasis on travel than train. it's a luxurious trip across Canada, focusing on history, culture and
scenery, and done with considerable polish.

1539 CD CP            Southern Pacific's Coast Line Icon Video 40 The route of Amtrak's Coast
Starlight, built in 1903, this 463-mile line has received very little upgrading over the years and
still carries only about seven trains a day. The entire line is presented here.

1540 CD          Donner Pass Icon Video 40 Volume I: Donner Pass, Southern Pacific's route
over the Sierra Nevadas, was the first rail line to the west. This tape shows contemporary action
at Cape Horn, Shed 10, and Cisco.

1541 CD        Shasta Route Icon Video 40 Southern Pacific's Shasta Route follows the
Sacramento River between Lake Shasta and the steep Cantera Loop. This show covers the area
between Redding and Grass Lake, and was filmed just prior to the UP/SP merger.
1542 FR          Steam on Parade NFU Home V 50 A variety of restored locomotives in
action, interspersed with historic archival footage, 1901-1967. You'll ride the Midland Line
through the Southern Alps to Arthur's Pass and visit the Glenbrook Vintage Railway.

1543 CD           Fight for Soldier Summit, The Highball '95 120 Utah Railway and Southern
Pacific Diesels wage a daily battle up the grades of Soldier Summit - through the scenery of
Utah's Price River Canyon. F4Ss, SDA5s, and many other models are noted here, and the scenes
are satisfyingly long

1544 CD         Thunder in the Wasatch Highball '95 120 Southern Pacific coal trains,
mainly, pulled by GE AC4400CWs and old SD-45s, in Price River Canyon and Spanish Oak

1545 CD          Sunrise/Sunset - A Day at Carbon Junction Pentrex '97 73 UP’s Gibbon
Junction, twenty-nine miles west of Grand Island, Nebraska, may well be the busiest railroad
junction in the country - or the world. Pentrex's crew spent fifteen hours there and filmed 73

1546 ED          Classic Chicago Railroading Pentrex 84 From 8mm films taken by Dick
Wallin in the 60's and 70's come images of the B&O, Chicago Belt Railway, BN, CN, C&O, Erie
& Lackawanna, Milwaukee Road, Monon, Norfolk & Western, and many other railroads.

1547 ED CD U-Boat Survivors Pentrex '95 120 A spotter's guide on videotape, this
program takes the GE Universal series in chronological order and shows surviving examples of
each model. If you love those chugging sounds and black clouds of smoke, this tape will give
you shivers.

1548        Pentrex Previews, Vol. 5 Pentrex '96 86 Highlights from mid-1990's Pentrex
releases: Across the Heartland, Along the Pocahontas District, Coal Trains and Time Freights,
Amtrak Across America, Countdown to Merger, Conrail Hotspots, The Joint Line, and many

1549 CP          Canadian Rockies, The American Scenic Rail Journeys 54 Take a trip on the
'Skeena', through 700 miles of British Columbia's awesome mountains. The train gets adequate
attention, but you'll also meet colorful local characters, amazing wildlife, and some of the
continent's grandest scenery.

1550 CP           Adirondack, The American Scenic Rail Journeys 54 "More a travelogue than
a rail video, this program looks at the scenic and historical features along the route of the
""Adirondack"" between New York and Montreal."

1551 CP         Coast Starlight, The American Scenic Rail Journeys 54 "A West Coast
adventure on rails from Los Angeles to Seattle, the ""Coast Starlight"" hugs the Pacific coastline.
This program gives us views of wayside attractions such as Los Angeles Union Station, and
1552 FR          Steam Fever Frameline 58 These scenes document the passing of South
African steam, where huge condensing locomotives moved freight and passengers right up into
the present era. We talk to the men who operated them, too.

1553 CD          Santa Fe's New Mexico Main: The Belen Cutoff WB Video
'90 60 Experience the colorful excitement of 1990 Santa Fe action between Belen, the west
end of the New Mexico Division, and Dalies Junction, where the Belen Cutoff merges with the
original mainline.

1554 CD           Santa Fe's Seligman Sub WB Video '89 60 This program; covers Santa Fe's
freight line over the Arizona Divide between Winslow, Arizona and Needles, California.
Locations include Canyon Diablo, Supai Summit, Crozier Canyon, and Kingman.

1555 CD          Way West, The Green Frog '94 60 From the camera of Steve Neff comes
high quality photography of Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, SOO Line, Southern Pacific, Union
Pacific, and the Utah Railwav. This one is a visual treat, with stereo sound.

1556 CD          Way West, Vol. 2, The Green Frog '94 60 Similar to Vol.1, with scenes from
the Plains, the Colorado Rockies, Moffatt Tunnel, etc., then into Nevada and the Sierras for more
great Rio Grande, BN, and SF action.

1557 CD         Old Reliable CSX Railroad, The Lasting Impressions 50 An in depth look at
the old L&N Corbin Division: history, geography, railroad operations, and plenty of neat photo
locations. Narrated, with captions.

1558 MS         Phoenix Engine - 614 on the B&O Railroad Hopewell 41 Long missing
from Clear Signal's collection, this 1981 Hopewell classic reappears with all its exciting stack
talk and hammering upgrade action - Sand Patch and 17 Mile Grade.

1559 TR CP         BART & MUNI Rides R. Pearson 70 One sunny day in Dec.1997, Jack
and Morris undertook to ride every BART line including the new extensions out to BayPoint and
Duplin/ Pleasington. Then they took the Powell St cable car, where the operator put on a good
show for them.

1560 CD           Union Pacific's Encina Hill "Big ""E"" Prod." 65 Here we have 24 hours of
action between Huntington and Baker, OR in the Blue Mountains, focusing on the 2% Encina
Hill. Entire trains are shown.

1561 CD          Union Pacific on Cima Hill "Big ""E"" Prod." 90 Cima Hill is Union
Pacific's worst grade: 18 miles at2.2%. With its wide curves and long vistas, it hardly seems
dangerous - until a runaway happens. This tape shows dozens of trains.

1562 CD           UP/SP Paired Track in Palisade Canyon "Big ""E"" Prod." 65 Heavy duty
freight action in Northern Nevada - 24 hours of UP and SP trains on side-by-side tracks along the
Humboldt River, with extensive narrative.
1563 CD            Southern Pacific 1992 Update "Big ""E"" Prod" 65 Visit the Sunset Route,
Golden State Route, and the former RG Central Corridor. Entire trains, informative narrative
(1ots of it!), and competent camera work.

1564 CD         Conrail Along the Mohawk "Big ""E"" Prod." 65 This was made in the fall
of 1992, when traffic along the Mohawk River in upstate New York was at its busiest. Entire
trains are shown, with ample commentary.

1565 MS VS         Cass & Mower Logging Trains Green Frog 90 No tourist trains here, just
Shays and Heislers working logging trains up Bald Knob over the past 20 years. There is also
footage of the Mower Lumber Co.

1566 CD           CSX - The Corbin C.C. Subdivision G. Train Video Productions 80 Opening
scenes feature various locations, tunnels, some foreign power and an 8-unit lash-up in a
thunderstorm! Later on you will see another two 8-unit lash-ups, plus more thundershowers and
rain, but generally, sunlight prevails. We begin the CC Sub at Corbin (Division headquarters)
then proceed north to the helper pocket at E. Bernstadt. Here we ride 3 SD40 helpers down the
tortuous 'roller coaster', through 4 tunnels. This is a rare view for the railfan, as this area is
inaccessible by car. We proceed through tight valleys and another 4 tunnels, then on to the
Richmond helper pocket, where we ride through 3 more tunnels before continuing on our way to
the Latonia-Covington area. In this video, the viewer is treated to a variety of locomotive types
and colours, together with a glimpse into an area where tranquillity is the norm and the rugged
scenery provides new challenges for the railfan and the videographer alike.

1567 CD       Southern Tier, Vol. 1 Trackside Reflections ? Scenes of Conrail freight
movements and a long sequence devoted to Office Car Special 301 on Aug.26, 1989.Data sheet

1568 CD         Early Guilford, 1985 Rail Graphics 60

1569 ED         New England Memories 1978-80 Rail Graphics 65

1570 CD         Guilford Video Quarterly Sum. '95 Rail Graphics 86

1571 ED CD          Last Train From Bridgewater Rusty Frog 111

1572 RH VP         Chatham Choo Choo Revelation 45

1573 CD         CSX Hot Shots RR Video 60

1574 VS         Golden Age of Steam Trains, The Marathon 60

1575 ED CD          Southern Pacific by the Bay: A Thiry Year Look Chas. Smiley 90

1576 ED         Michigan Fast Freight Green Frog 60
1577 FR       Guayaquil & Quito Railroad Berkshire 60

1578 FR MS        Romanian Steam Adventure Spinnaker 72

1579 FR MS        Red Star Doubleheaders Spinnaker 60

1580 TR CP       Baltimore Light Rail Transit Gloria Mundi 54

1581 CP       Northwest Talgo: A Tilt Towards Rail Locomotion 30

1582 VS ED        Prairie Rails, America's Granger Railroad Herron 56

1583 VS ED Steam and Diesel on the Pennsylvania RR, V. 1: Altoona
Area Herron 56

1584 VS ED Steam and Diesel on the Pennsylvania RR, V. 2: Ohio
Lines Herron 56

1585 CD CP        Caltrain Action/Stockton Tower/South San
Francisco/Martinez Pearson 95

1586 ED        Portola RR Museum - Mighty Diesels Video Ed '94 60

1587 CD        Union Pacific's Salt Lake Route Highball '96 120

1588 CD ED        Bridge Line Division: CP Rail's D&H Highball '94 120

1589 CP       Algoma Central Tour Trains Rail Innovations 30

1590 CD        Kenova/Catlettsburg Hotspot! Broken Knuckle 70

1591 ED        Erie-Lackawanna Vol. II Mark I '97 30

1592 VS ED        New York, New Haven & Htfd A&R Prod. 60

1593 TR        Kentucky Traction & Terminal Co. Bluegrass R.M. 60

1594 CD        Ohio Hot Spots, Pt. 1 Neff '90 60

1595 CD CP        Burlington Northern's Chicago Racetrack Trains Magazine 60

1596 CD CP        Cascade Crossing Trains Magazine 60

1597 CD        Appalachian Conquest Trains Magazine 60
1598 CD CP      Conrail's Chicago Gateway Trains Magazine 60

1599 CD CP      Rails Around the Bay Area Trains Mag. 60

1600      Railroad Video Quarterly #15, 5/96 Revelation 120

1601      Railroad Video Quarterly #16, 8/96 Revelation 120

1602      Railroad Video Quarterly #17 11/96 Revelation 120

1603      Railroad Video Quarterly #18, 2/97 Revelation 120

1604      Railroad Video Quarterly #19, 5/97 Revelation 120

1605      Railroad Video Quarterly #20, 8/97 Revelation 120

1606      Railroad Video Quarterly #21 11/97 Revelation 120

1607      Railroad Video Quarterly #22, 2/98 Revelation 120

1608 ED      Early Baldwin Diesels on the Southern Pacific Pentrex '96 25

1609 VS VP      Dream Trains, Short Hops and Whistle Stops Sentimental 50

1610 CR      Amtrak's Northeast Corridor Cab Ride, Wash DC to Philadelphia Pentrex
'92 85

1611 RH VS      All Aboard -- 150 Years on the Right Track Readers Digest 130

1612 VS ED      Century and a Half at Horseshoe Curve, A Revelation '98 60

1613 CP      America By Rail - Route of the Southwest Chief Countertop Video
'97 90

1614 MS      UP Steam Across the Rockies; Royal Gorge Valhalla '97 82

1615 VS ED      Southern Pacific's Shasta Route Circa 1950, Vol.1 Catenary '98 62

1616 VS      Hooters on the Blue Ridge Goodheart 50

1617 ED      SP's Geeps and Cadillacs Pentrex '96 52

1618 MS      Eureka & Palisade - Woodburner on the Durango & Silverton Pentrex
'96 50

1619 CD      BC Rail Highball '97 120
1620 VS ED      Memories of the PRR, V. 2 Mark I '98 30

1621 CD      Niles Junction R. Pearson '98 50

1622 CP      Scenic Train Rides of Maine, V. 2 Lejonhud(A) ?

1623 CR      Providence & Worcester RR Co., Providence to Worcester RR Video 95

1624 ED      All Aboard Series, Vol. 1 (SF, PRR) Pentrex '98 60

1625 VS ED      All Aboard Series, Vol. 2 Pentrex '98 120

1626 VS ED      All Aboard Series, Vol. 3 Pentrex '98 120

1627 VS RH      Orange Empire Railway Museum Pentrex '95 30

1628 MS      614: Tracking a Thoroughbred RR Video '97 60

1629 ED CP     Railfanning Central California Pearson '98 42

1630 VS TR     P.R.R. Power, Vol. 4 RR Video '94 60

1631 VS ED      Pacific Northwest Holiday/Nickel Plate Story Everything Video ?

1632 MR      Utah Western Model Railroad Gandy Dancer 60

1633 MR LS      Big Little Railways Film Service 75

1634 CD      Guilford Video Quarterly, Winter-Spring 1995 Rail Graphics 58

1635 CD      Guilford Video Quarterly, Fall '95 Rail Graphics 96

1636 ED VS      60th Anniv Celebr Lancaster Chap NRHS 120

1637 CD      New England Central Highball '96 80

1638 MS CD      Train Watcher's Diary, Vol. VI RR Video '92 60

1639 CP CD      Train Watcher's Diary, Vol 13 RR Video '92 60

1640 CD CP      Train Watcher's Diary, Vol. 14 RR Video '93 60

1641 FR MS      Steam Days (Britain) Public Media 60

1642 FR MS      Steam Days 2 (Britain) Public Media 60
1643 FR VS     Branchline Railway (Britain) Public Media 47

1644 VP VS     Pocahontas Glory, Vol. 5 Herron '95 56

1645 MR      Micro Trains Line Factory Tour Micro Trains ?

1646 ED VP     Southern Pacific - The Missing Yrs Chas. Smiley 70

1647 ED VS     Vintage Rails, Vol. 5 JMJ '95 63

1648 MS      Coal Rides Again on the Western Maryland Blue Ridge '97 50

1649 MS      C&O 614: Return of a Thoroughbre Mark I 150

1650 MS      614 Autumn Spectacular Menkelsounds 55

1651 CD      Railroading USA 1995/1996 TS Video 120

1652 CD      Kansas City Contemporary TFI Video '95 74

1653 VP ED     Best of Passenger Trains, East Green Frog '97 60

1654 FR MS     Steam in the Czech Republic Eccentric Crank 93

1655 CD      Keith's Trains #1 Lehman(A) 120

1656 CD      Keith's Trains #2 Lehman(A) 120

1657 CD      Keith's Trains #3 Lehman(A) 120

1658 CD      Keith's Trains #4 Lehman(A) 120

1659 CD      Keith's Trains #5 Lehman(A) 120

1660 CD      Keith's Trains #6 Lehman(A) 120

1661 CD      Keith's Trains #7 Lehman(A) 120

1662 CD      Keith's Trains #8 Lehman(A) 120

1663 CD      Keith's Trains #9 Lehman(A) 120

1664 CD      Keith's Trains #10 Lehman(A) 120

1665 RH CP     Great Smoky Mountains Railway RVC Video 30
1666 CP        1997 Railfan Day at Conway Scenic RR Lejonhud ?

1667 FR        Switzerland World's Greatest Train Rides 60

1668 FR        Australia World's Greatest Train Rides 53

1669 ED        Santa Fe Vintage Diesels Pentrex 50

1670 TR          Trolleys of Philadelphia Railroad Video 60 A look at one of the oldest
trolley systems in the US: PCCs, Kawasaki cars and trackless trolleys; summer 1990.

1671 CP        White Pass & Yukon Route White Pass & Yukon 30

1672 CD        Rails New Orleans Green Frog 60

1673 CD        UP - The Pocatello Subdivision G. Train Video 90

1674 MS         Rocky Mountain Snowplow Greg Scholl '97 90

1675 CD        Conrail's Chicago Line, V. 3, Buffalo to Berea Highball '97 90

1676 CD        Santa Fe Across Arizona Highball '97 100

1677 CD        Highball Across the Mohave Highball '97 90

1678 CD        Union Pacific on the Sunset Route Highball '98 120

1679 CD        Marias Pass Highball '97 120

1680 CD        Highball Over Silver Zone Highball '96 120

1681 CD        Sherman Highball '95 120

1682 CD        BC Rail's North End "Big ""'E"" Prod." 60

1683 CD        Farewell to Conrail's Harrisburg Division, A Neff '96 50

1684 CD        LaGrange IL Revisited R. Pearson 30

1685 CD        Day In Colfax/Davis Jct., A R. Pearson 40

1686 CD        Elvis Tower and Tunnel 41 Area R. Pearson 53

1687 CD        Amtrak Action at Emeryville, CA; Colmas Yard and Station R.
Pearson 43
1688 CD CP         New 'E' Line/Cable Car Museum/ CP Coast Jcy. R. Pearson 44

1689 CD CP         Donner Pass/Niles Jct. Revisited R. Pearson 44

1690 CP        NORCAL's Deschutes River Steam Trip R. Pearson 54

1691 ED         Milwaukee Rd., Vol 3 R. Pearson 120

1692 CD         Keith's Trains #11 Lehman (A) 120

1693 CD MS         Keith's Trains #12 Lehman (A) 120

1694 CD         Keith's Trains #13 Lehman (A) 120 For Nos. 14 and 15, see CSVR 1523 and

1695 CD         Keith's Trains #16 Lehman (A) 120

1696 CD         Keith's Trains #17 Lehman (A) 120

1697 CD         Keith's Trains #18 Lehman (A) 120

1698 RH         Iron Road, The PBS '90 58

1699 VP        Passenger Trains of the 60's, Vol. 3 Green Frog 60

1700 FR MS         Cuba Steam Pentrex '96 71

1701 ED           CSX F's Greg Scholl 60 A fond look at the last four F-units to power freight
on a first-class railroad in the USA. There is some archival film on the Clinchfield Railroad,
with lots of great scenery in Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Features a track inspection train
with #118 and #119, CSX trains and pushers on Duff Mountain, and other interesting scenes.

1702 CD CP         Palmer MA Hot Shots Railroad Video 60

1703 CD        Union Pacific's Caliente Sub Greg Scholl 60 240 mile section between
Milford UT and Las Vegas, NV. 70 mph pacing, rugged scenery, Meadow Valley & Clover
Creek Canyon, cab ride.

1704 MS         Ridin' That New River Train W. Ferguson ? Steam excursion from the
Huntington, St. Albans and Montgomery, WV area through the fall colors of WV's spectacular
New River Gorge.

1705 MR         Custom Painting Brass Locomotives Hobby Video ?
1706 MS           New River Steam Train Excursion W. Ferguson ? Trackside views of the
New River train, an interview with the engine crew of Milwaukee Road #261, camera tour of
coach interiors, on board camera through the New River Gorge.

1707 MS          Scenic Ride on the Amtrak Cardinal W. Ferguson ?

1708 MS          Norfolk Southern Steam Tape #1 R. Smith (A) ?

1709 MS          Norfolk Southern Steam Tape #2 R. Smith (A) ?

1710 MS          Norfolk Southern Steam Tape #3 R. Smith (A) ?

1711 CD CR          1989 Diesel Action/Raitt Hill Pushers Cab Ride R. Smith (A) ?

1712 MS          1990 & 1991 Norfolk Southern Steam R. Smith (A) ?

1713 MS          UP #3985 on the Clinchfield, 11/92 R. Smith (A) ?

1714 MS          Union Pacific Odyssey, V. 1, PT. 2 Green Frog ?

1715 HO          Lost Express (1926, silent)      59

1716 HO          Perils of the Rail, The (1925)    61

1717 FR CP         Northern England - Settle/Carlisle Acorn Media 55

1718 CD CR          Northeast Action Valhalla '93 57 High speed electric, diesel and
turbotrain action up and down the east coast -- Grand Central and Penn Station in NY,
Washington's Union Station, Hudson River Valley, X200, AEM7's, FL-9s, F7's, etc.

1719 TR VS         Pennsylvania Railroad, Steam and Electric Years, 1955-64 V. 2 BCB
Productions 50

1720 ED VS         Vignettes of the Lehigh Valley, V. 2 Clear Block 45

1721 VS        Vignettes of the B&O, Vol. 3 Clear Block 60

1722 ED          Vignettes of the B&O, Vol. 4 Clear Block 52

1723 VS ED         Memories of the Jersey Central, B&O, & Reading Mark I '88 30

1724 FR CP         Indian Pacific, The Banksia 100

1725 CD          CSX's Alleghany Subdivision G. Train Video Productions 90

1726 CD CP          Horseshoe Curve/B&O Museum R. Pearson 90
1727 VP        Golden Journey Rock Island 30

1728 ED        All Aboard Series, Vol. IV Green Frog '98 120

1729 VP ED All Aboard Series, Vol V Pentrex 120 San Juan Passenger Special, Steel
City Rails, Shortlines & Steam, RI the 50s to 70s, etc.

1730 VP CP        All Aboard Series, Vol. VI Pentrex 120

1731 ED CD All Aboard Series, Vol. VII Pentrex 120 Florida East Coast, NASA
Railroad, Early Diesels of St. Louis, Railroads of Atlanta

1732 CD        Best of Union Pacific, Super Railroad Green Frog 60

1733 CD MS         Keith's Trains, #19 Lehman (A) 120

1734 CD          Keith's Trains, #21 Lehman (A) 120 Keith's Trains #20 is No. 1386 in Clear
Signal's catalog

1735 CD        Keith's Trains, #22 Lehman (A) 120 Oct. '92 to Feb. '93, mostly around
Muncie, IN

1736 CD        Keith's Trains, #23 Lehman (A) '93 120

1737 CD        Keith's Trains, #24 Lehman (A) '93 120

1738 CD        Keith's Trains, #25 Lehman (A) '93 120 CR, NS, CSX, Muncie,
Williamsburg, Royleston, New Castle, IN

1739 MS CD         Railroad Video Magazine Green Frog '97 65

1740 ED        DT&I, Vol. II Green Frog '88 45

1741 CD         Countdown to Merger - Santa Fe's Marcelline Subdivision Pentrex '96 85 SF
action between Ft. Madison, IA and Kansas City

1742 VP      Passenger Trains of the 60's, Vol. 1 Green Frog '97 30 New England B&M
RDC, 'New England States', plus others

1743 VP       Passenger Trains of the 60's, Vol. 2 Green Frog '97 30 New Orleans, Atlanta,
L&N, Southern

1744 ED          GP-9s of the Georgia Northeastern Green Frog '89 75 Old geeps on steep
grades, great audio
1745 RH VP           Chicago Northwestern - Left Hand Railroad Herron '96 49 The '400s',
steam, early diesels

1746 ED         Feather River Canyon E9s Pentrex '96 45

1747 MS          Steam to Squamish Pentrex 42 Royal Hudson 2860 journeys over BC Rail's
route along the coast of Western Canada

1748 CP         Workin' On The Coast Starlight Pentrex '98 42

1749 CD         Super Trains Pentrex 52

1750 CD         Burlington Northern's Funnel Pentrex '97 80

1751 FR TR        Trains of Hong Kong, The Valhalla '97 55

1752 CD         Along the Feather River Highball '98 120 UP's former WP mainline between
Oroville & Portola

1753 CD         Florida East Coast Green Frog '96 80

1754 MS         Steam '98 Pentrex '98 120

1755 VS         Grand Island Pentrex '98 48 BN/SF, UP action in NE, with the latest

1756 VS       Denver & Rio Grande Western and the Bumblebee No. 268 Green Frog
'97 45 Actual operations around Alamosa, Gunnison, etc.

1757 VS      Steam Giants Across America Green Frog '96 60 16mm film from the 40s &
50s, UP, DM&IR, NW

1758 CD ED Trackside, Vol. 1 Highball '98 90 St. Lawrence & Atlantic, Mt.
Washington Cog, Abo Canyon, Black River & Western, more

1759 CR         From Sea To Sky - BC Rail Cab Ride Pentrex 105

1760 CR          Ozark Country Cab Ride Pentrex 90 BNSF in Missouri, The Cuba Sub,
intermodal train

1761 CD MS CR Feather River Canyon Video Classics 90 Williams Loop, Keddie
Wye, Pulga, Tobin, cab ride

1762 TR         Insull's Interurbans Reminisce Rails 52 North Shore Line, Chicago Aurora &
Elgin history
1763 VS       Niagara's Last Stand Herron '99 60 1950s action on NYC's Toledo Division;
Norwalk Branch, 1955

1764 CD      Above Southern California Rails Pentrex '99 42 Shot from a jet helicopter.
Amtrak, BNSF

1765 VS RH        Big Boys on TV Pentrex 70 B&W 1950s TV drama includes Big Boy

1766 VS         Northern Pacific - Farewell to Steam Greg Scholl '98 30 NP 4-6-0 #1372
stars, cameos by #2626

1767 MS         No. 261 Winter Spectacular Goodheart 54 Excursion trips from Steamtown,
winter 1996

1768 CD         Railroad Power Review - 1998 Menkelsounds ?

1769 CD         NORCAL's Special Fresno Photo Trip Pearson 47 Train 712 from
Emeryville to Fresno

1770 MS ED         NORCAL's Trip to Railfair '99 Pearson 58

1771 ED CD Southern Pacific Sunset Salute Chas Smiley 105 Colton Yard, Imperial
Valley, Beaumont Hill, with SD40s, SD45s, and tunnel motors

1772 ED CD Best of the Midwest, Vol. II Pentrex '99 97 Locations in SD, NE, MN,
IA, IL, and WI. UP, BNSF

1773 MS        SP&S #700 Washington Steamfest Greg Scholl '91 60 Restored steam
locomotive makes first tour

1774 VS           Glory Machines 5 Herron '90 44 Many different midwestern and southern
railroads in the 40s 50s and 60s

1775 CD         Return of Stampede Pass Machines of Iron 70 BNSF on 2% grades over the

1776 CP        Surf Line Commuters Valhalla '98 90 Amtrak, Metrolink, and Coaster
Trains, Los Angeles/San Diego

1777 MS           261 - The Power of the Milwaukee Road Goodheart '93 56 Restoration and
first runs of No. 261

1778 FR MS        Steam Days, Vol. 1 Public Media 60 'Travels with a Duchess' and 'The
Fishing Line'
1779 CD         W&LE - The New Generation Revelation '92 70 The revived Wheeling and
Lake Erie

1780 MS         100 Engine Tape, The Main Line 100 One hundred different steam locos

1781 RH         Great Smoky Mountains Railway Gleefull ? Construction, history, scenery,
and #1702

1782 MR        N-Scale Model Railroading in America Varda '94 30 The layouts of Don
Kriegbaum anfd F. Parks

1783 CD ED Alcos in the Corn Belt Plets Express 100 Old Alcos in Indiana and
Illinois. With data sheet

1784 MS        UP 3985 Over Cajon Pentrex '94 75 UPRHS Los Angeles Chapter
Convention runs, 1994

1785 CD MR         Christmas Trains Pentrex '96 68 Many different Christmas Railroas
Events, nationwide

1786 ED        Early Diesels, Vol. 5 Green Frog 60 Scenes from previous Green Frog

1787 VS        Mallets on the Rayonier - End of An Era Interurban 18

1788 VS           Steam on the Northern Pacific Green Frog '99 60 2-6-2, 2-8-2, 4-6-0, and
articulateds in the '40s

1789 CD      CSX - The S&NA North Subdivision G. Train Video '95 90 202 miles of
former L&N mainline. AL/TN

1790 CD         Kansas City Rails Pentrex '99 98 All seven railroads in Kansas City, 1996-

1791 ED        Rails In Transition, Vol. 1, The 1960s Green Frog '86 60 MOPAC, GM&O,
PRR, Frisco

1792 ED    Rails In Transition, Vol. 2 - The 60s and Early 70s Green Frog
'92 40 C&NW, C&O, B&O, etc.

1793 RH          Railroads at the New York Worlds Fair Penn Valley 19 A b&w short
reviewing the railroads exhibit

1794 MR         Train Mountain Museum Green Frog 45 Live steam on a 200-acre
1795 MS         Union Pacific Steam Specials Railfair '91 Gandy Dancer 60 UP #844 and

1796 ED        St. Louis Sojourn Green Frog '95 60 Emery Gulash 16mm photography,

1797 MR         Great Layouts You Can Visit, Vol. 1 O-Gauge 60 Four different O-Gauge

1798 VS        New York Central Steam Showcase Mark I '93 30 Main line action, Harmon
to Chicago

1799 CD         Best of CSX Green Frog '98 60 Highlights from Green Frog's eight volumes
of CSX material

1800 VS        Trains Unlimited - Steam Trains History Channel 50 From the TV series

1801 MR         Great Model Railroads, Vol. 13 Allen Keller 60 The Stoney Creek &

1802 CD        Union Pacific Super Railroad, Vol. 4 Green Frog '97 60 Oregon Short

1803 CD        Union Pacific Super Railroad, Vol. 5 Green Frog '97 40 LaGrande

1804 CD         Hotspot - Chicago Heights, IL Midwest Video Productions '99 90 UP, CSX,
transfers from EJ&E, GTW at one of Chicago's busiest interchanges, where UP's Chicago
Subdivision crosses the Elgin Joliet and Eastern.

1805 CP         Amtrak, Vol. 1 Midwest Video Productions '99 60 BN, SF, SP, IC, UP
locations around St. Louis. Many, many trains! Train log accompanies.

1806 CD           UP/CSX Joint Operation UP Chicago Sub Vol. 1 Midwest Video Productions
'99 90 St. Anne, Watseka, Woodland junction are among the locations visited here, and the
traffic never stops on these CSX and UP routes south out of Chicago.

1807 CD          CSX - The KD Subdivision G. Train Video Productions 90 160 miles of
mainline railroading from Etowah, TN to Corbin, KY, with lots of good mountain scenery &
locations including Greenback, Lake City, Chaska helper pocket, Solway Tunnels, Vaspar, and

1808 MS         Operation San Jose Mark I '92 150 Complete coverage of the 1992 NRHS
Convention, with UP #3985, SP Daylight #4449, and SP 4-6-2 #2472.
1809 CD         Tennessee Pass From Start To Finish Chas. Smiley '96 90 40000 HP trains
with rear and midtrain helpers, 3% grades, taconite trains, history, scenery, & high intensity
ralroading in Colorado.

1810 CD          Powder River Showdown TRAINS on Location '98 60 UP and BNSF haul
coal trains on double and triple-track mains in Eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska. AC
power proves itself here.

1811 CP/MS MS America By Rail - East Coast Winter Wonderland Countertop Video
'96 90 Amtrak Cardinal, New River Gorge, vignettes of C&O #614, Pere Marquette #1225,
NKP #765, and Milwaukee Road #261.

1812 MS/CD CD Eureka Southern Railroad - Willits To Eureka DF &
Associates 37 Northwestern Pacific 75th Anniversary, California Western steam deep in the
redwoods, Northcoast Daylight run on the Eureka Southern, etc.

1813 CR         Long Island Railroad - Greenport To Jamaica Pt. 1 Railroad Video 75 Cab
ride on a GP38-2 from Greenport to Ronkonkoma, NY. July 23, 1994.

1814 ED      Wine Train - Ride Through The Napa Valley Wine Country Pearson,
R 36 Experience the luxury of this famous dinner train with roving train photographer Jack

1815 CD         Tribute To Tennessee Pass Pentrex '97 100 Last months of operation on
Union Pacific's Tennessee Pass Subdivision in Colorado. AC powered locomotives in long
lashups drag heavy trains over 3% grade leading to the 10000 foot summit.

1816 CD         Trains Of The East Bay/Stockton Revisited 1998 Pearson, R 52 Jack and
Ken check out the new San Joaquin interchange at Stockton, and catch a few trains on the UP
and the BNSF.

1817 CD           From Conrail To CSX IN The Berkshires Broken Knuckle '99 120 Change
in the scenic mountains of Western Massachussetts as Conrail gives way to CSX. Date, time,
location, and train symbol given for each train.

1818 VP         California Zephyr/Path Of A Giant Burlington Northern Tape 2 40 Two old
promotional films from Burlington Northern.

1819 FR         History Of British Trains, Vol. 1: The Cradle Of Railways Columbia River
Entertainment Group '97 62 History of the railways of the Northeast of England and the
companies which came together to form the London and North Eastern Railway. 1950's
archival footage with present day restored locomotives.

1820 CD/CP CP        Clear Signal On The Mainline, Vol. 1, 1998-1999 Clear Signal Video
'99 110 Clear Signal Video introduces Jack Pearson and his friend Ken to Sand Patch Grade
and other CSX vantage points, and checks out fast Amtrak trains on the Northeast Corridor.
Beautiful weather, fall 1999.

1821 MS        614 - Autumn Spectacular Menkelsounds '96 ? Ex-C&O 4-8-4 #614,
Hoboken to Port Jervis, trial run and six fan trips, October 1996.

1822 MS/ED ED Vignettes Of The Pennsylvania Railroad, Vol. 1 Clear Block
'98 58 Scenes from 'The Standard Railroad Of The World', plus the work of outstanding rail
photographers at such locations as Johnstown, Rockville Bridge, Hagerstown, Perryville, etc.
Also shows New York and Long Branch in New Jersey.

1823 CP         Hudson River Lines, The Railroad Video Prod. 60 Water Level Route -
Yonkers, Irvington, Philipse Manor, Terrytown, Croton-Harmon, Peekskill. F-9 diesels, M-1
and M-2 electrics, Amtrak turbo train.

1824 CD          Railroads Of The San Joaquin Valley Pearson, R. '94 55 SP at Stockton, CA
and other locations.

1825 CD MS          Railroads Of The Niagara Falls/Buffalo Area; NORCAL's Rail/River Steam
Trip Pearson, R. 105 CN,CR, and Amtrak at Clifton Yard and Clifton Jct., and a trip with
two different steam locomotives and a steam boat in California.

1826 MS        High Iron To Huntington Trackside '91 ? 1991 Huntington NRHS
Convention coverage: NKP 765, PM 1225, N&W 1218

1827 CD          Burlington Northern At Springfield Missouri "Big ""E"" Prod. '95" 109 24
hours of solid action at this very busy spot, where several important BN lines meet. Filmed in
fall 1994.

1828 CD         UP - SP River Wars I - Mississippi River "Big ""E"" Prod. '95" 105 Current
action (1994) on Southern Pacific's share of the joint track south of St. Louis along the
Mississippi River.

1829 CD         UP - SP River Wars II - Missouri River "Big ""E"" Prod. '95" 65 More
heavy duty freight action along the joint track west of St. Louis.

1830 FR/VS VS           History Of British Trains, Vol. 2 - The Industrial Heartland Columbia
River Entertainment 61 England's Midlands and industrial Northwest: a full history from early
days to the present, with interesting archival film from the 30's, 40's, and 50's.

1831 ED/RO RO VS A Better Way For The Santa Fe/Flight Of The Century/Whistle In
The Night Marathon '97 ? Three railroad promo films. 'Better Way' showcases the
construction of a new 44-mile railroad line on the SF west of Williams. The other two are B&W
with many interesting railroad scenes from yesteryear.
1832 RH         Lifeline of the Nation; Clear Signal; Train Wrecks; Rwy
News Madacy 60 "Four shorts: ""Lifeline"" is WW II vintage in color, ""Clear Signal"" is a
color Southern Pacific promo from the fifties; ""Wrecks is a long series of b&w vignettes of
twisted wreckage breathlessly narrated by Ed Herlihy; News and Notes follow in b&w."

1833 RH        Mainline USA; The Golden Spike; Allegheny Portage
Railroad Madacy 56 "Three shorts: Mainline USA has lots of great railroading scenes,
Golden Spike not so many. ""Portage RR"" is a National Parks short telling the story of this
Pennsylvania experiment."

1834 MS       Strasburg Railroad Starring 475 & Thomas The Tank Engine Train-'N' Prod.,
'99 58 Features steam loco #475 and the new Thomas The Tank Engine train, Sept. '99.

1835 CD         Alleghenies - Norfolk Southern Moves In Train-'N' Prod., '99 66 Shot in
August 1999, this program shows the ex-Conrail line just a few months after the NS takeover,
from Cresson, PA east to Juniata. Gallitzin Tunnels, Horseshoe Curve, The Brickyard, Alto,
and Altoona are some of the locations visited.

1836 CD         Hot Spot Blue Island Crossing Midwest Video Prod. '99 60 Busy Chicago
location where CSX/IHB and CN cross. Plenty of action, 1997 and 1999.

1837 CD         Rails Of Central California Pearson, R. '99 60 Amateur videographer
Pearson continues to document the railroading scene in California at Stockton, and pays a visit to
the old Nevada C. Traction narrow gauge. Also scenes on Donner Pass.

1838 CD           Trains Of The High Plains Pentrex '98 57 BNSF and Union Pacific coal
trains in eastern Wyoming, western South Dakota, and Nebraska. Big power is required on these
heavy trains! Close to an hour of non-stop action.

1839 CD/ED            Today's Northwestern Pacific Pentrex '93 110 Filmed over a 3-year
period in the early 1990's, this video gives us a look at contemporary operations on this
venerable railroad. Old SD-9 diesels make their appearance, and daytime movements on the
north end of the line are seen.

1840 CD       Hot Spot Argo Illinois Midwest Video Prod., '99 60 IHB, BNSF, CP
Rail/SOO, CN/GTW, SP, UP, CSX, WC, and Amtrak, 1995-99. Variety of heralds and lots of

1841 CD         Best Of Southern Pacific Vol. 2 Midwest Video Prod., '99 60 Pre-merger
colors on SP; GP-60s, C44-9ws, AC4400CWs, in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and

1842 VS/ED           Daylights, Cab Forwards, & Early Diesels (Southern Pacific Film Archives,
Vol. 1) Pentrex '99 30 Unused footage from 'This Is My Railroad' (1941) gives us images of
the 'Coast Daylight' and 'Noon Daylight' with a rare shot of the 'Sunbeam' in Texas. Cab
forwards, Mikados and Mountain types also appear.
1843 ED          Trains Of The Iowa Interstate Plets Express '99 106 The Iowa Interstate is a
large Midwest Regional Railroad that covers 470 miles over former Rock Island trackage from
Chicago to Council Bluffs. It uses GP-7, GP-8, GP-9, GP-10, GP-16, and GP-38 diesels, plus
other early diesels. to 1999.

1844 MS          Sacramento Steam '99 Pentrex '99 210 In June 1999 the California State
Railroad Museum hosted Railfair '99, and this marathon video is a record of the steam action
there: UP 3985 and 844, the SP Daylight, ATSF 3751, SP 2467. Over 40 different locomotives
on two cassettes.

1845 CD/CP          Railroads Of The Mid-Atlantic States Pearson, R. '99 120 Jack and his
buddies catch the action at Sand Patch PA, Point of Rocks MD, Harpers Ferry WV, Halethorpe
and Relay MD, and Shenandoah Junction WV. CSX, NS, Amtrak, MARC. Note: same subjects
as video #1820.

1846 FR/MS           Steam In Cuba R.R.V. '94 54 Cuba remains one of the final bastions of
the steam locomotive, where Baldwin 2-6-0 and 2-8-0 locos still haul heavy trains of sugar cane
to the mills. This video records the scene at the time of the 1995 harvest.

1847 CD         Pittsburgh Line Blues Pentrex '98 90 1998 coverage of Conrail's former Prr
line between Altoona and Pittsburgh -- locations include Greensburg, Latrobe, Conpit Junction,
MO Tower, Horseshoe Curve, Allegrippus, and Gallitzen Tunnels. A fitting farewell tribute to

1848 RO          Workin' On The Railroad Pentrex '99 95 What are all those complicated
machines the track gangs use? This video will tell you everything you want to know about them.
Interesting and very informative!

1849 CP        Amtrak, Vol. 3 - Capitol Limited, Washington DC to Chicago Midwest Video
Prod., '99 60 A trip on Amtrak #29, DC to Pittsburgh on the former B&O and Pittsburgh to
Chicago over the old NYC and PRR. Many scenes shot from an open vestibule.

1850 CD        Keith's Trains, No. 26 Lehman '93 120 Conrail and NS action in Indiana,
May and June 1993. Muncie, Winchester, Richmond, New Castle, and Greens Fork.

1851 CD          Keith's Trains, No. 27 Lehman '93 120 Conrail and Norfolk Southern at
various spots around Muncie, Indiana. Data sheet accompanies with locations and diesel

1852 CD       Keith's Trains, No. 29 Lehman 120 Conrail action at Altoona, PA,
Horseshoe Curve, Muncie, and Winchester, IN.

1853 CD       Keith's Trains, No. 30 Lehman 120 Conrail and Norfolk Southern at Muncie,
Richmond, and Winchester, IN. Data sheet with diesel models listed for each scene.
1854 CD           Keith's Trains, No. 31 Lehman 120 CSX and NS scenes at Hamilton, OH.
Stack trains, a sulphur train, Triple Crowns, locals, etc., with a representative selection of
contemporary diesels.

1855 CD        Keith's Trains, No. 32 Lehman 120 Conrail, CSX, and NS scenes at
Winchester, Muncie, and Terre Haute, IN; and the CSX/NS junction at Hamilton, OH. Data
sheet accompanies.

1856 MS          Scenic Train Rides in West Virginia - Cass Lejonhud 120 A trip to Cass,
1989, and to Bald Knob, 1993, with roving amateur rail photographer Phil Lejonhud. He goes
on the rides and pretty much films everything, so watching the video is like taking the ride.

1857 MS        Scenic Train Rides of Pennsylvania, Vol. 1 Lejonhud 120 Gettysburg RR
and Strasburg RR, 1989; New Hope RR, East Broadtop RR, Horseshoe Curve National
Monument, Duquesne Incline, 1990.

1858 CD           Action On The Donner Pass Mainline Pearson, R. 60 Amtrak and freight
trains at Floriston, Hershdale Road, Newcastle, Roseville, and other points. Many shots of
#8651, a big C&NW GE.

1859 CP         Autumn In The Canadian Rockies Pearson, R. '97 120 Rail enthusiast Jack
Pearson takes his digital camera along on a chartered trip through British Columbia, Yukon
Territory, Thunder Ridge, etc., on the famous RDCs.

1860 MS         Renaissance Of The Rails (All Steam) Ferguson 60 "An all-steam video
featuring the Hocking Valley 'Dogwood Express'; Ohio Central ""Canal Fulton Sugarcreek"",
C&O 2765 ""Steel City Express"" and ""New River Train""."

1861 MS          Big Steam At Atlanta Mainline Motion Pictures '94 120 1994 N.R.H.S.
Convention, starring Frisco #1522, N&W #611, Souther #4501, single- and double-headed runs
on several routes around Atlanta.

1862 MS        Santa's Clinchfield Challenger Mainline Motion Pictures 60 Four camera
crews follow Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 #3985 repainted as Clinchfield # 676, working a Clinchfield
Christmas Special. Tunnels, steep grades, wheel slips, trestles, cab sequences -- everything you
could ask!

1863 MS          Ohio Central Steamfest 1997 Mainline Motion Pictures '97 60 Engines
1551, 13, and 1293 strut their stuff. You'll see hopper trains, double headers, with plenty of
stack talk and towering plumes of steam and smoke.

1864 MS          Coal Hoppers Mountain Thunder & More Mainline Motion Pictures 60 A
visit to the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, showing 2-8-0 #734 in action on the steep grade
between Cumberland and Frostburg, pulling loaded coal hoppers and passenger consists. The
old Baldwin still puts on a good show.
1865 RH            Great Train Disasters (Trains Unlimited) History Channel '96 50 A history
of all the terrible things that can, and have, happened to speeding trains. Video, stills,
reenactments, and talking heads entertain you in typical History Channel style.

1866 RH            Trains in War (Trains Unlimited) History Channel '96 50 Railroads
revolutionized warfare by enormously enlarging the distances armies could move. This program
tells the story through films, stills, maps, and interviews.

1867 FR      MS East Germany World's Greatest Train Ride Videos '96 48 East Germany!
Saxony, Bertsdorf Station, incredible scenes of smoky lignite-burning locomotives, and plenty of
mountain scenery. A Nick Lera video.

1868 MS          #614 1997 Trips Menkelsounds '98 120 Two one-hour programs. One
shows ex C&O 4-8-4 #614 on excursions in New Jersey; the other is a compilation of various
railroading scenes shot 1995-1997.

1869 CP          Commuter Rail Iver Jacobsen         Here's a nifty model railroad action tape,
without narrationb, showing numerous passenger trains in action, as many as four at once, plus
long freights, operating on Iver's great Santa Fe layout.

1870 MR           SDXX Test Iver Jacobsen       Watch realistic HO gauge freight operations on
Iver Jacobsen's large Santa Fe Railroad. The videography is good, with dramatic closeups, and
HO gauge modellers will find the detail top notch.

1871 MR          Atlas U36-C Locomotive Iver Jacobsen A well-made amateur tape showing
a precisely tuned HO gauge locomotive doing switching chores, making up a train, and then
pulling a very long train, all at scale speeds. Pretty impressive!

1872 CP          Amtrak's California Zephyr, Second Section Green Frog '94 40 Using scenes
shot for, but not used in, John Yeager's acclaimed program about the California Zephyr, this
video has cab scenes, runbys, spectacular scenery, all captioned on-screen with no narrarion.

1873 MR         Wiring For Command Control Green Frog '95 30 No. 5 of the 'Building A
Model Railroad' Series, this tape shows how to install decoders in Atlas, KATO, Proto 2000 and
Walthers locomotives. Wiring a reversing loop is covered, ground throws for turnouts, etc.

1874 MR           Calvert's HO Scale Model Railroad Tour, Vol. 1 MVP '99 90 Featuring the
best sound system ever heard, a terrific collection of Southern Pacific locos and passenger cars,
all highly detailed, closeups, explanations, etc. -- a great model railroad video.

1875 MR         Calvert's HO Scale Model Railroad Tour, Vol. 2 MVP '99 80 Another great
video from one of the best HO scale layouts in the world. Benchwork details, scenery,
Tehachapi Loop, 1950s roundhouse, tunnels, bridges, and the best sound system you ever
1876 MR          Secrets of Model Railroad Sound Systems MVP '99 60 All the information
you need to put together audio components from Radio Shack, IRC, etc., to make sound systems
with real sounds at price levels you can afford. An excellent how-to video.

1877 CD         Southern Pacific Central Corridor - 1996 MVP '96 90 SP/DRGW, Glenwood
Canyon, CO; SP trains on Santa Fe tracks including Edelstein Hill and the Mississippi River
crossing. Over 50 trains in all.

1878 CD           BNSF '96 Santa Fe Chillicothe Sub Vol. 2 MVP '96 90 Locations include
Houlihan's Curve, Edelstein Hill, Dalinda, Galesburg, Cameron and Ft. Madison, IA, and 90% of
the power is still in Santa Fe paint. Lots of action.

1879 MS          Steam MILW 261 & UP 844 MVP '99 60 Steam excursions in Illinois
during 1996 and 1998, with plenty of runbys. At the close of the tape you'll see some in-cab
action scenes with Alco S-6 and C-424 diesels.

1880 CP           Inside The Belt Railway of Chicago MVP '96 60 The best feature of this
interesting tape is its coverage of BRC's classification yard, with its bi-directional hump. You'll
tour the full-service engine house, see the dispatching center, and withness other yard activities
up close.

1881 MS          4960 Steam Star of the Grand Canyon Railway Goodheart '96 85 Full
coverage of the 4960's first steam-ups after rebuilding, test runs, inaugural run, and regular daily
service, with cab rides.

1882 VS         Steam in the 30's and 40's - Historical Features of the Pennsylvania RR Penn
Valley '98 43 Black and white 16mm film shot in the 30's and 40's by the late Vlarence
Weaver. Williamsport Division, Wilkes-Barre Division, Harrisburg Engine Terminal, Ft. Wayne
Division, Altoona Works, more.

1883 FR          History of British Trains, Vol. 3, Commuters and Holidays Columbia River
Entertainment Group 63 Archival film and modern scenes are artfully woven together to tell
the story of the Great Western Railway and the Southern Railway in England, right up to the
present day. The older films are especially interesting.

1884 VS          Rayonier, The Last Steam Logger Greg Scholl '98 30 1961 and 1962 scenes
from western Washington state, showing the last months of operation on Rayonier, with 2-6-6-2
articulated steam locomotives hauling empty and loaded log cars.

1885 MR          Toy Train Accessories, Pt. One McComas '98 55 Lionel coal and lumber
accessories, Lionel bridges and Lionel cranes; all new footage of each accessory in action along
with original boxes and tips on operation.

1886 MS           Railfair '99/Railtown 1897 Greg Falluszczak 60 A montage of bright video
scenes of steam -- sounds of whistles, clanking rods, with lots of railfans milling around. The
action is fast paced, with a variety of engines. Stereo.
1887 VS       ED Challenge For Tomorrow Santa Fe/Pentrex 28 A Santa Fe promotional
film from the mid-1950s, portraying the SF as ever ready to change with the times. Steam is
represented by a few display locos, and there are ample frames of Warbonnet F-units, E-units,
and Alco Pas. Interesting scenes of the San Francisco Bay Ferry system.

1888 CP          Dayliner One and Snowtrain BC Rail/Pentrex 37 Two beautifully produced
travelogs of the BC Rail System. Stainless steel Budd cars cover the marvelously scenic line
serving numerous British Columbia tourist destinations.

1889 ED          Union Pacific's Mighty Turbines UP Museum Collection/Pentrex
'98 46 "The whole turbine story is presented here, including 1930s experiments and all three
production models, as well as UP's coal burning turbine in 1962. GE promo ""The Steam-
Electric Arrives"" (1938) also included."

1890 VS         ED Daylights, Cab Forwards & Early Diesels SP/Pentrex '99 30 Here's a
visual feast of early GS-class locos on the 'Noon Daylight' and 'Coast Daylight'; also cab-
forwards, Mikado and Mountain types, and more. There is a section on early diesels as well.

1891 MS         Steam to Railfair '99 Pentrex '99 80 Union Pacific 844 and 3985, and SP
Daylight 4449 made their way to Sacramento in June 1999 for Railfair '99, and if you haven't
seen enough of these famous locomotives yet, by all means rent this excellent tape.

1892 ED        Those Incredible Alcos, Vol. 1: Diesel Dinosaur Delights Pentrex
'98 117 Pentrex opens this series with the early years, showing Alcos in chronological order --
HH660, S-1, S-2, S-3 and S-4, RS-1, RSD-1. Then we move to the model 244 engines, RS-2,
RSC-2, RS-3, and RSD-5, and some Alco PA's.

1893 ED          Those Incredible Alcos, Vol. 2: Notch-Nosed Wonders Pentrex
'98 116 Early 251-powered engines introduced between 1955 and 1962, from their beginnings
to the introduction of the Century line. Pentrex travelled the United States to find working
examples for this video series.

1894 ED        Those Incredible Alcos, Vol. 3: Sleek Century Behemoths Pentrex
'98 117 This volume covers the 251-powered locomotives that were the last group produced
by Alco, and Pentrex found numerous examples still working in various locations throughout
North America.

1895 VS      VP On The Old Milwaukee Road Herron '98 54 A good reprise of the
Milwaukee Road's greatest steam, electric, and diesel power and the famous Hiawathas of the
1930s and 1940s. Top notch production values here, as Herron always delivers.

1896 CD        CSX Midwest Hub, Vol. 1 Midwest Video Productions, '99 70 Bedford Park
Intermodal Terminal, the Belt Railway of Chicago, Blue Island Crossing, St. Anne, Porter
Junction, Ogden Dunes, State Line Crossing, Gary Pine Jct., Burns Harbor, Hohman
1897 VS         Dominion Steam Revelation '90 60 The last days of Canadian steam are
chronicled here, with doubleheaders west of Guelph Junction, Ont., 4-6-4s in freight and
excursion service, CN 4-8-4s in freight and passenger service, plus Hudsons, switchers, and

1898 CD         CSX Midwest Hub, Vol. 2 Midwest Video Productions, '99 60 CSX
operations on Northern Illinois, 1998 and 1999. Barr Yard at Dolton Crossing, Chicago Heights,
Watseka, Woodland Junction.

1899 VP      VS Twentieth Century Limited, The Motor Classics '91 40 """Flight of the
Century"" and ""New York Calling"", two NYC promo films about their famous name trains.
""New York Calling"" is a color film from the 1940s."

1900 MR         M.T.H. Electric Trains M.T.H. '98       1998 product video from this maker of
high quality O-gauge electric trains.

1901 MR           Toys Of The Past - The William Furnish Collection TM Books & Video
'98 55 Trains, planes, cars, boats, games, banks, toy soldiers -- this may be the world's best
collection of antique toys. Visit it with acclaimed videographer Tom McComas.

1902 MS         Steam Through the Piney Woods - The Texas State Railroad Pentrex
'99 75 Baldwin Consolidation #300 and a former Santa Fe Pacific type do battle with the steep
grades and sharp turns of this 25 mile tourist railroad in East Texas.

1903 FR        MS World Steam Classics, Vol. 1 GS&A Video '95 100 Patagonia Express --
250 mile narrow gauge steam line in Argentina; and Relics of the Raj, exotic stream holdovers in
India, both narrow and broad gauge. Fascinating!

1904 FR        MS World Steam Classics, Vol. 2 GS&A Video '95 115 Rails to Arabia --
Spectacular and historic Hedjaz Railway, made famous by Lawrence of Arabia, still sees steam
action today; and The Cape To Cairo Railway, which gives us a look at some old films as well as
contemporary steam action.

1905 MS         Geared Triple Header Valhalla Video '95 75 Four logging locomotives at the
Mt. Rainier Scenic RR in April 1995, featuring freight train runbys over the Nisqually River
Bridge and other impressive scenes. Narrated, with stereo sound.

1906 H        Sea Power Pt. I, Vol. 1: War Of Independence to War of 1812 Columbia
Entertainment Group 40 American Sea Power: the importance of naval power in the
development of America. 'War Of Independence 1776-1783: the role of America's navy in the
Revolutionary War. War of 1812: John Paul Jones, Francis Scott Key, etc.

1907 H     Sea Power Pt. I, Vol. 2: Global Navy - Civil & Spanish American
Wars Columbia Entertainment Group 59 The Civil War: Naval blockade, clearing the
Mississippi; and isolating the western part of the Confederacy. Invention of the Ironclad. The
Spanish American War: the emergence of the two-ocean navy as a global power.

1908 H         Sea Power Pt. I, Vol. 3: Naval Aviation - Birth of Naval Aviation, WW II The Sea
War Columbia Entertainment Group 84 Birth of Naval Aviation: the first decades of the 20th
Century, when aircraft carriers were a mere curiousity. World War II - The Sea War: the
evolving story of naval strategy and engagement during World War II

1909 H         Sea Power Pt I, Vol. 4: World War - Sea Power In The Pacific; The Pacific
Theatre Columbia Entertainment Group 90 Sea Power in the Pacific: the role of American
sea power in the Pacific during WW II: island hopping, the US strategy of amphibious landings
by Nimitz and MacArthur

1910 H          Sea Power Pt. II, Vol. 1: WW II To The Gulf War Columbia Entertainment
Group 40 During this period the range and power of naval weapons grew exponentially. See
how the US Navy met the challenge of Soviet ballistic missiles while maintaining its ability to
project force into local theatres.

1911 H        Sea Power Pt. II, Vol. 2: Viet Nam Columbia Entertainment Group 100 Dixie
Station and Yankee Station carrier task groups; the USS Independence launching strikes against
North Viet Nam; attack carrier action in the Tonkin Gulf; follow a bombing mission over North
Viet Nam; and a segment on the Skyraider.

1912 H           Sea Power Pt. II, Vol. 3: Attack Carriers Columbia Entertainment
Group 80 Two forty minute segments examining both the offensive and defensive capabilities
of the carrier strike force. Excellent coverage of weapons systems.

1913 H        Sea Power Pt. II, Vol. 4: Submarine Attack Columbia Entertainment
Group 40 The history of the US Navy's antisubmarine efforts from WW I up to the present
day, when long range submarines can launch nuclear missiles at our shores.

1914 H        Mighty Mo, Vol 1: The World At War Galloping Pictures Inc. 50 Through
recent on-board interviews and never-seen-before footage, this video takes you from the ship's
launching and commissioning to the end of WW II and the Japanese surrender aboard her decks
on 9-2-45.

1915 H       Mighty Mo, Vol. 2: Korean War, Gulf War Galloping Pictures
Inc. 60 Grounding in the Chesapeake Bay, bombardment of North Korea, 1986
recommissioning, Desert Storm Tomahawks, Silkworm missile attacks, Farewell Cruise

1916 H          Mighty Mo, Vol. 3: Insider's Tour of the Ship Galloping Pictures Inc. 45 Bow-
to-stern inspection of this famous ship, visiting more than 25 stations, many of which are secured
and off-limits during public tours.

1917 H        World War II, Vol. 1: Prelude to War; The Nazi Strike; Divide & Conquer; Battle
of Britain Frank Capra   This and the next entry showcase the famous WW II films which
Frank Capra made for the US Government, as a means of educating the US population about the
course of its global conflict. B&W

1918 H      World War II, Vol. 2: Battle of Russia; Battle of China; War Comes To
America Frank Capra   See above

1919 H         Great Battles of WW II, Vol. 1: The Battle of North Africa Marathon 56 A
two-part presentation of the campaigns of North Africa, covering the destruction of the Nazi fleet
in Oran, June 1940 and concluding with the bitter battle for El Alamein. With Rommel gone,
Montgomery led the way to victory.

1920 H         Great Battles of WW II, Vol. 6: The Battle of Manila; Fortress in the
Sea Marathon 56 The invasion of the Philippines through the final liberation of the capital
city of Manila; the recapture of Corregidor by General MacArthur's forces. Includes
recollections of army nurses, paratroopers, and other participants.

1921 H         Great Battles of WW II, Vol. 7: The Battle For New Guinea; The Battle For
Midway Marathon 48 "Two propaganda shorts from the WW II era. ""New Guinea"" uses a
corny lecture from a drill sergeant as a vehicle for b&w combat films from the New Guinea
campaign. ""Midway"" shows films of the Japanese attack on Midway Island."

1922 H          World At War, The - Vol. 4: Alone - Britain May 1940 - June 1941 Thorn EMI
Video 52 Nearly 350,000 Allied troops are dramatically rescued at Dunkirk. British morale
plummets, but under the inspired leadership of Churchill the English nation resists until German
attention turns to the Russian offensive.

1923 H       World War II With Walter Cronkite: Burma Road and the
Hump/Tarawa/Typhoon at Okinawa/Hiroshima CBS Video Library 95 An excellent
documentary, mainly vintage film (Not Talking heads) well edited and produced.

1924 H         Seapower: Battleship; Carrier; Gunboat; Cruiser; Commando; Submarine;
Destroyer BBC 109 Development of modern seapower traced through unique archival film
plus scenes of modern navies at sea, filmed on board ships of the Rotal Navy and the United
States Navy.

1925 H         Victory At Sea, Vol. 5: Mediterranean Mosaic: Gibraltar, Allied and Enemy
Fleets, Malta Embassy 30 Scenes of Hitler and Mussolini planning strategy, views of the
Italian and French Fleets and a segment on the Royal Navy; Gibraltar; the Malta Convoys; and
raids on Malta.

1926 H         Victory At Sea, Vol. 8: Mare Nostrum: Command of the Mediterranean 1940-
1942 Embassy 30 After scenes of conflict in Greece and North Africa leading to the fall of
Tobruk, the focus shifts to a brilliant sequence of naval combat footage with scenes of HMS
Warspite and other vessels. Defeat of Rommel; ships transiting Suez Canal.
1927 H         Victory At Sea, Vol. 9: Sea And Sand: Invasion of North Africa 1942 -
1943 Embassy 30 "The Allies first campaign against the Nazis is documented: landings in
North Africa, ""Torch"", Atlantic convoys, French resistance, Casablanca. Great images of
armor, supply operations, and faces of the soldiers who took part."

1928 H         Victory At Sea, Vol. 10: Beneath The Southern Cross, War In The South
Atlantic Embassy 30 Allied and captured German film of Nazi subs resupplying in mid-
Atlantic; a Japanese sub crew being feted in Germany; The Graf Spee Affair; Nazi sympathizers
in Argentina; allied outpost in Trinidad; the German raider Atlantis destroyed by HMS
Devonshire. Allied control of the South Atlantic paves the way for victory in Africa and the

1929 H       Victory At Sea, Vol. 14: Roman Renaissance: Sicily and the Italian
Campaign Embassy 30 After the relatively easy conquest of Sicily, the Allies found the
going much harder as they tried to evict the Germans from Italy. Stirring scenes of combat and

1930 H         Victory At Sea, Vol. 16: Killers and the Killed: Victory In The Atlantic, 1943 -
1945 Embassy 30 German submarines terrorized the Atlantic and sank hundreds of allied
ships in 1942. This program shows how the tide gradually turned, thanks to US and British
innovations in antisubmarine warfare. Shows the capture of a German sub.

1931 H        Victory At Sea, Vol. 20: Return Of The Allies: Liberation of the
Philippines Embassy 30 Valuable scenes of the allied reoccupation of the Philippines;
includes amphibious landings, kamikazes, naval shore bombardments, house to house fighting in
Manila, heavy armor in action, and shots of Roosevelt, MacArthur, Nimitz, and others.

1932 H       Victory At Sea, Vol. 22: The Fate Of Europe: Black Sea, South of France,
Surrender Embassy 30 Russian forces retake Sevastapol; the Allies invade Southern France;
Germany surrenders. Scenes of Nazi troops as prisoners of war; Yalta, celebrations in Paris.

1933 H       Victory At Sea, Vol. 24: Tne Road To Mandalay: China, Burma, India and the
Indian Ocean Embassy 30 China, Burma, India, and the Indian Ocean.

1934 H          Victory At Sea, Vol. 25: Suicide For Glory: Okinawa Embassy 30 Kamikaze
pilots against the U.S. Fleet in a desperate attempt to stave off the allied advance through the
Pacific toward their homeland.

1935 H         Victory At Sea, Vol. 26: Design For Peace: Surrender of Japan & Aftermath Of
War Embassy 30 Pushed beyond endurance and stunned by the power of the atomic bomb,
Japan capitulates on the deck of the USS Missouri. General MacArthur takes over as
administrator of the conquered country. Dramatic and historic scenes.

1936 A           America's Fighter Planes: The Inside Story of US Airpower Popular
Mechanics 60 Cockpit scenes, pilot interviews and archival film add up to a riveting hour of
thrills and chills, with lots of information included. See the F-22, with actual crash footage.
1937 A         Great Warbirds of WW II Marathon 300 A real marathon for fans of military
aviation, covering the P-51 Mustang, the P-38 Lightning, P-40 Warhawk, P-47 Thunderbolt, B-
17 Flying Fortress, B-24 Liberator, and the B-29 Superfortress. Includes plenty of vintage

1938 AV            Shackleton, The History of The Lancaster Visions of War 60 From the dark
days of the mid-1930s and the disastrous Manchester, we follow the basic development of the
basic aircraft to the now-famous Lancaster and its war service. Action footage and contemporary

1939 AV          Airlines - The Early Years CAV Video 70 1. 25 years of transcontinental
flight: United Airlines 1920-1945. 2. 1933 American Airlines promotional film about the Curtis
Condor. 3. Lufthansa Airlines 1920-1940. 4. Early Federal regulation of airlines, certification of
crews, etc.

1940 AV          B-24s At War In The Pacific American Sound and Video 52 Island by
island, the US forces moved closer to Japan, and the B-24 Liberator made it all happen, dropping
thousands of tons of bombs and paving the way for the B-29 Superfortress and the atom

1941 H         Victory At Sea, Vol. VI, Gualadcanal Embassy 30 The allies' first land
offensive against the Japanese, Guadalcanal was an attempt to stop the spread of the Japanese
Empire in the Pacific. It turned into a nightmare of jungle and naval warfare, as shown in these
unforgettable images.

1942 H          Victory At Sea, Vol. VII, Rings Around Rabaul Embassy 30 As Allied
strategy in the Pacific evolved, the concept of leapfrogging proved most effective in defeating
the Japanese in the Solomons, but where resistance occurred it was bitter in the extreme. Great
naval scenes highlight this program.

1943 H         Victory At Sea, Vol. XI, Magnetic North: Murmansk,
Alaska Embassy 30 Dramatic scenes of the Murmansk Convoys and the German ships and
planes that sought to destroy them, then we see films of the forgotten campaigns in the Aleutians.
Lots of stormy seas and bombing scenes in this segment.

1944 N         Story Of America's Volcanoes, The Questar 55 A good program which takes
an overall look at volcanoes and then features Mt. Rainier, Crater Lake, Kilauea and a number of
others. Full of powerful, captivating images.

1945 N        Danger's Edge (Hurricanes) Weather Channel 30 A chilling look at the
dangers faced by coastal residents when a hurricane threatens, with a practical guide for
preparing your house and family for a possible disaster. Exciting and useful at the same
1946 N         Quake of '89 KRON TV 60 A chronicle of the devastating San Francisco
earthquake of 1989.

1947 N         Twister! Nature's Fury Channel 1000 90 "Join storm chasers and scientists as
they capture the incredible fury of the tornado on film. Volume One features ""Project Vortex""
and storm chasers; Volume Two shows twister action captured by amateurs on video."

1948 N         Sea Around Us, The Nostalgia Merchant 62 An Academy Award winning
documentary that explores the mysteries and wonders of the ocean and its extrordinary
inhabitants, based on the renowned naturalist Rachel Carson's best seller.

1949 T         Great Vacation Drives U.S. News & World Rpt.          1. Chesapeake Bay Region
2) Florida 3) The Ozarks 4) Texas Hill Country 50 The Pacific Northwest. Five often -
overlooked vacation areas with several attractions highlighted in each region.

1950 H W          America's Naval Power Popular Mechanics 60 Excellent coverage of the
various classes of warships and naval weapons used to implement the activities of today's US
navy -- the Arleigh Burke Class destroyer and the Aegis Combat System are featured.

1951 H         Panama Canal, The Kaw Valley Films 32 An entertaining history of the
isthmus of Panama from the Conquistadors to the present, with emphasis on the construction of
the canal. Lots of visuals, touches on main points of history without burdening us with excessive

1952 A          On Vintage Wings Anscorp       Neat footage of restored aircraft in action -- a
feast for the aviation buff.

1953 A          Warbirds Over Florida Anscorp       Restored fighter aircraft are put through their
paces in this program.

1954 MR        Adventures In Scale Modeling, Vol. 1 Testors Corp. 120 Four complete 30-
minute programs: the Dodge Daytona Turbo, the space shuttle, a diesel tug boat, and Richard
Petty's NASCAR Pontiac. Step by step progress through each model.

1955 MR           Adventures In Scale Modeling, Vol. 2 Testors Corp.   "The F-14 Tomcat
(seam firtting, sanding, painting); USS Yorktown (masking and sub-assembly); Truss Railroad
Bridge (alignment and design); Stephenson's ""Rocket"" steam locomotive."

1956 MR          Adventures In Scale Modeling, Vol. 3 Testors Corp.         Modeling projects
covered: an airport terminal, a commercial jet aircraft, a '32 Ford Vicky, and the Star Trek
Enterprise. Step by step tips with interesting sidelights.

1957 H        Eye Of The Third Reich IHF, Inc. 60 An interesting program about the life
and work of Walter Frenz, personal photographer to Adolf Hitler. Features flim clips and the
remarks of Frenz himself at age ninety.
1958 A         Across The Pacific - The Boeing B-314 Clipper Journey Films 60 Here is a
great video about the famous Pan American Airlines Clipper Ship, portrayed in a typical 1939
journey across 9000 miles of Pacific Ocean, with stops at Waikiki, Midway, Guam, Manila,
Macao, and finally Hong Kong. Color/BW



1961 CD          Trains Along The Upper Mississippi, Vol. 1 Pentrex '99 107 Canadian
Pacific's River Subdivision is featured, from River Junction, WI, to St. Paul, MN. Milwaukee
Road, SOO Line, and CP diesels in various paint schemes predominate.

1962 ED RO Workin' On The Santa Fe Pentrex '00 90 Six Santa Fe training films from
the 50s and 70s: Team Effort, Count The Seconds, Continuing Challenge, Barstow: Nerve Center
In The Desert, Pay Day, and The Argentine Yard. Classic scenes of 50s railroading.

1963 CP         Monorails Of Japan Pentrex         not yet reviewed

1964 ED         Flangers, Spreaders, & Steam Rotary Snowplows Pentrex '99 30 Rare
footage of snowfighting opperations on Donner Pass, filmed in the 1950s. Also PA's are rescued
at Yuba Pass after being snowbound with the 'City Of San Francisco'.

1965 CD           Today's Illinois Central, Vol. 2, South Pentrex '96 99 Here's a detailed study
of the southern half of the Illinois Central Railroad. Little known locations in Tennessee and
Mississippi are featured, with quaint old stations in sleepy Southern towns. Plenty of heavy duty
freight action, of course.

1966 CD          Great American Circus And Show Trains Pentrex '99 105 A long, loving
look at the Circus World Museum's Circus Train and the James E. Strates Carnival, which travels
the Eastern U.S. aboard a 61-car train. Equipement handling methods are shown in detail.
Intering and nostalgic.

1967 TR CP          San Francisco Bay Area Rail Transit Retrospective Catenary '86 27 A
history of the reckless dismantling of the rail transportation facilities in the San Francisco Bay
area during the 1940's leading up to today's costly crisis in its commuter choked cities.

1968 VS         Rolling the Freight (CNW) Pentrex          Vintage railroad public relations

1969 CD          SP's Central California Mainline Pentrex '96 73 A video visit to Southern
Pacific's busy San Joaquin Subdivision, through the agricultural heartland of California's Central
Valley. Fast freights, locals, coal drags and more keep the action hopping.
1970 VP ED Best Of Passenger Trains Of The 50s & 60s - The West Green
Frog 60 Great passenger trains of the Santa Fe, Union Pacific, CB&Q, and Rio Grande,
photographed by Emery Gulash in the 50's and 60's, transferred to video from 16 mm films.

1971 CD          Norfolk Southern Atlanta to Chattanooga Green Frog 60 From Atlanta's
Inman Yard to DeButt's Yard in Chattanooga, take a tour of one of NS's lesser known mainlines.
It's an up-and-down railroad, with one long mountain grade, and you'll see the latest motive
power tackling it.

1972 CD CP       Rails Chicago '95 Green Frog 60 Blue Island, Elmhurst, Franklin Park,
Homewood; operations of SOO Line, CSX, SF, EJ&E, BN, Amtrak, SP, UP, Metra, C&NW and

1973 VS         50's Memories Of The Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Green Frog 50 An
enthralling program of vintage color films of revenue operations on the DRGW narrowgauge.
Black Canyon, Marshall Pass, Salida, and the Farmington Branch are some of the locations

1974 MS          Susquehanna Steam Express Engine 142 Mark I 75 The complete story of
the Susquehanna Railroad's Cinese built 2-8-2. You'll see other engines of this class in action in
China, with scenes in the TanShan erecting shops. Then the locomotive is een being unloaded at
Camden, NJ, crossing NY Harbor on a carfloat, in action on the Valley Railroad in CT, and
finally on the Susquehanna & Western.

1975 ED VP           Memories of the Susquehanna Mark I 30 Susquehanna Railroad
passenger trains in the last fifties and early sixties, Alcos and RDC's, Edgewater Yard, Little
Ferry Shops, freight action and more. Valuable vintage film.

1976 VS       Lackawanna Steam Vol. I Mark I 45 A tour of the Main Line to Port Morris,
the Boonton & Gladstone Lines, and steam on various other connecting lines. Ferry ride,
Hoboken Terminal, and a 1948 fantrip.

1977 VS         Lackawanna Steam Vol. II Mark I 45 Tour of the Main Line to Elmira, NY,
with steam action on grades in the Poconos, with pushers & doubleheaders, steam on the Sussex
and Washington Lines, Ithaca Branch, etc. Many rare locomotives are seen.

1978 CD          Royal Gorge Route, The Machines Of Iron '97 82 Built by the Denver & Rio
Grande between 1874 and 1887 as a narrow gauge railroad, later converted to standard gauge,
the Tennessee Pass line through the Royal Gorge is one of America's outstanding pieces of
railroad. See the whole story here.

1979 CD          Railroading Hotspots Of Southern California Machines Of Iron '97 60 Fast
paced action at Burbank Junction, Hobart Tower, Redondo Junction, Colton Crossing, and
Daggett, with emphasis on Amtrak, Metrolink, BNSF, SP, and UP.
1980 CD        Railroading Hotspots Of Northern California Machines Of Iron
'97 60 Binney Junction, Elvas Tower, Lathrop, Nile Junction, San Jose, Martinez, El Pinal,
and Stockton Tower are visited in this nitty gritty railfan tape. BNSF, SP, and UP crossings
make for some of the busiest train watching in America.

1981 MR             Re-making Of The 1949 Lionel Showroom Layout TM Videos 50 Tom
McComas, producer of over 30 books and videos about toy trains, brings this famous layout back
to life and tells the story of how it was duplicated right down to the smallest detail.

1982 MR        Great Lionel Layouts, Pt. 1 TM Videos 55 Fritz Von Tagen's Lionel
Hudsons, Merle Levitt's multi-gauge, multi-level layout, and high lights from the Tom Snyder-
Tom McComas CBS Christmas special.

1983 MR         Fun With Lifelike Jacobsen, Iver (A) 60 Not yet reviewed

1984 CD          Winter On Kicking Horse Pass Highball '97 90 Highball visits Candian
Pacific's high passes across the Canadian Rockies in winter. Spectacular views of CP action on
Kicking Horse Pass and other locations. An award-winning video.

1985 CD          CSX On The Chicago Line, Selkirk To Buffalo Highball '99 105 A post-
merger look at the former NYC 4-track main between Albany & Buffalo, in August 1999. CSX,
Conrail, leased units, and more.

1986 CD         Mojave Magic: BNSF'S Needles Sub Highball '99 120 Bright sunshine and
long views of desert scenery bring out the best in BNSF's Needles Sub, as a large variety of
motive power moves trains between Barstow and Neddles, California.

1987 CR       Southern California Cab Ride Tape 1, Needles To Siberia Railway
Productions 85 90 MPH running through th Mojave Desert in sunshine.

1988 CR        Southern California Cab Ride Tape 2, Siberia To Barstow Railway
Productions 85 Climb Ash Hill, pass through Ludlow, and see the UP connection at Doggett.
Mostly sunshine.

1989 CR         Southern California Cab Ride Tape 3, Barstow To San Bernardino Railway
Productions 120 Leaving Barstow Yard, our train traverses some desert country and then
through Cajon Pass on the North Track. We meet and pass many freights along the way and
experience a wide range of weather conditions.

1990 CR         Southern California Cab Ride Tape 4, San Bernardino To L.A. Railway
Productions 90 Fast running all the way to Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal. Partly
cloudy with brief rain showers.

1991 CR       Cab Ride Along The Santa Fe Trail, Part 1, La Junta To Trinidad Railway
Productions 70 """Southwest Chief"" cab ride over the former Santa Fe Railway from La
Junta, CO to Albuquerque, NM. Tape one: La Junta to Trinidad, 90 mph running, semaphores,
and crew explanation of the new computer system."

1992 CR       Cab Ride Along The Santa Fe Trail, Part 2, Trinidad To Raton Railway
Productions 60 Trinidad to Raton - Travel over famed Raton Pass.

1993 CR       Cab Ride Along The Santa Fe Trail, Part 3, Raton To Wagon Mound Railway
Productions 60 New Mexico high desert scenery.

1994 CR       Cab Ride Along The Santa Fe Trail, Part 4, Wagon Mound To Starvation
Peak Railway Productions 80 More semaphores, Shoemaker Canyon, Las Vegas, NM.

1995 CR      Cab Ride Along The Santa Fe Trail, Part 5, Starvation Peak to Lamy
Mountain Railway Productions 85 Scenery includes Glorieta Pass, Apache Canyon.

1996 CR       Cab Ride Along The Santa Fe Trail, Part 6, Lamy Mountain To
Albuquerque Railway Productions 70 More semaphores, New Mexico desert, Indian

1997 CR        Symphony On Steel Revelation 60 A one hour mini-vacation featuring the
scenery of Canada as seen from various trains. No narration, just beautiful scenery and mood-
matching music.

1998 CP         BC Rail, Starlight To Budweiser Revelation 87 "A look at the diverse
passenger services provided by B.C. Railway, including the Pacific Starlight Dinner Train, the
""Buddweiser"" School Train,, the ""Royal Hudson"" and the ""Caribou Prospector""."

1999 CP VS         Rails On Vancouver Island Revelation 60 A mix of rail operations
including the 'Malahat' RDC's, The British Columbia Forest Museum, CP freight, Canfor steam,
vintage logging films and barge operations.

2000 CD       Western Action 1995 TFI Video 102 BN and UP in beautiful scenery,
Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana locations. A very good show.

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