Real Estate investment in Phoenix, Arizona by anamaulida


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         <p>Rentals provide an assured monthly source of income and in the
long run the property pays for itself but managing a real estate property
can be a tough task. Once you have invested in a <a target="_self"
rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview',
href=""><strong>residential property
management</strong></a>, the responsibility of maintaining and running
the property can quickly become overwhelming. So many individuals utilize
a Property management<strong> </strong>service to manage property on
their behalf. Property Management Company acts as building cooperation
between the landlord and tenant. The primary responsibilities of a
property management company are rent acceptance, dealing and managing
maintenance issues, promotion for landlords, and background and credit
verification of the tenants. In turn to their service, Property
Management Company offers a pre-decided percentage of the gross rent
collected to the landlord. The percentage amount may vary from 3% to 10%.
In addition to the percentage offered, a lease commission is also
tendered. In some cases, if mentioned in the management agreement,
property management company also deal with any sort of repairing costs as
<p>Residential rentals include single unit family homes, multi-unit
apartments, condominiums, duplex, luxury homes, vacation homes, and even
residences on their private acreages. An individual who requires a rental
property for residential purposes can avail the services of a residential
property management company. Their services usually include relocation
services, property search and selection, move in and move in support,
lease management as well as cost saving strategies to keep expenses under
control. As an investor you can use a residential <a target="_self"
rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview',
href=""><strong>phoenix rental homes</strong></a> to
manage your rental property to maximize your profits and reducing the
stress associated with day to day management of property rentals.</p>
<p>Phoenix residential management company employ experienced
professionals who possess the necessary expertise to manage all issues
concerned with residential real estate rentals. Their Property Management
Service for property owners include:</p>
     <li>Rent vacant units as soon as possible </li>
     <li>Conduct a market survey to price the rent accordingly </li>
     <li>Advertise a vacant unit satisfactorily through newspaper, radio,
mailers and internet </li>
     <li>Supervise all maintenance and repairs </li>
     <li>Maintain the property in a good condition </li>
     <li>Supervise tenant move ins </li>
     <li>Conduct a background check on prospective tenants </li>
     <li>Managing the overall budget </li>
     <li>Real-time on demand property reports </li>
     <li>Observing the degree of customer satisfaction </li>
    <li>Emergency repairs, including fire, flooding, no heat in the
winter or other issues that would cause damage to tenant or property
    <li>Complete year-end income property tax record </li>
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