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									                                                        Complete Off page Optimization Company


                             We know you are good at SEO ☺

    Let us help you to achieve higher ROI in Off Page work of your SEO Projects

                  We offer off page job at Up to 1/3rd of the Local Price

                            BrainShakers Interactive
                             BrainShakers Interactive is “Complete off Page Optimization”
                             Company. We are having a team of young, dynamic, experienced
                             professionals who are chosen from various corporate brands of
                             Internet Marketing.

                             “SEO off page works takes over 75% of total SEO efforts so it is
                             a good idea to outsource off page job work to a company to get
                             qualitative output and smart ROI.”

Topics Covered:
                             In the following pages you will find some information about blended
                             portfolio of our services, our competency and also some helpful
 Off page optimization       information on picking a firm to outsource your off page work.
                             Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project
 Growth Path
 Business Message

 Our Service Portfolio
                             To Your Success,

                             Mohit Goel
                             BrainShakers Interactive


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                                                    Complete Off page Optimization Company


Our Services Showcase

Link Building
                                                   Search Engine Maximization
Link Building is most prominent approach           (SEM)
of “Off page optimization” to increase
backlinks count and to increase SERP and           Search Engine Maximization is also know
PageRank at same hand to gain a                    as Web Submission Services increase
competitive    edge    with   professional         density of your web URL over internet.
                                                    SEM Techniques
Link Building Techniques
                                                        •   Manual Directory Submission
   •    Google PageRank based Link Building             •   Link via Blog Comment
   •    Reciprocal Link Building                        •   Article Submission
   •    Contextual Link Building                        •   Online Press Release
   •    Natural (PageRank) Link Building                •   Bookmarking
   •    High PageRank Link Building                     •   Classified Submissions
   •    BlogRoll Links                                  •   Corporate Profile Submissions
   •    Paid Link Building                              •   Video Submissions
   •    Links at Competitor’s Backlinks                 •   E-Book Submissions
                                                        •   Forum Posting
                                                        •   Job Posting
                                                        •   RSS feed Submissions
                                                        •   XML Map Creation / Submission

Social Media Optimization (SMO)                             Off Page Application Services

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is                  Off   Page    Optimization  also  provide
necessity of today’s world to enhance               objective oriented job work under SEO off
internet traffic toward your website and to         page category.
enhance visibility of web URL.
                                                     SEO off Page Application
SMO Techniques
                                                        •   Guaranteed Google Indexing
   •    Social Networking through twitter,              •   Keyword Rank Maintenance
        facebook, Linkedin, orkut etc.                  •   Online Brand Reputation Management
   •    Personal Blogs Creation and promotion
   •    Testimonial Writing                         Make your package (Customized)
   •    Lens Formation
   •    Wikipedia post                              BrainShakers Interactive facilitates you to
   •    Brand Review and post
                                                    make your own off page package as per
                                                    your requirements.

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                    To determine how BrainShakers Interactive can benefit you
                                                           Complete Off page Optimization Company


How BrainShakers Interactive work:
    BrainShakers Interactive is specialized in off page services in affordable prices. We have special
    functional procedure for SEO agencies.

               •   Standard Project based approach

               •   Hire dedicate resource for your “off page work” on monthly basis; minimum
                   continuity of 3 months.

               •   Assign multiple projects at bulk link scheme.

               •   Buy BrainShakers Credit Coins on monthly basis and just forward your project
                   details, off page approach and desired quantity to us; if you get balance credit
                   coins in your account than they will be adjust in following months or you may cash
                   them at the end of month.

Strength: BrainShakers Interactive
•   BrainShakers Interactive has hundreds of clients in its portfolio with 95% satisfaction rate.

•   BrainShakers Interactive’s client base is having 70% of SEO agency clients and 30% of end

•   BrainShakers Interactive is having team of 35 experienced, dynamic and qualified professionals
    with “Google Adwords certified professionals”, SEMPO and for our functional

•   BrainShakers Interactive is equipped with advanced web analysis software’s Online Reputation
    audit tool, Link Analysis tool, Automatic keyword tracker etc under hi-tech infrastructure.

•   BrainShakers Interactive understand value of customization and believe at you competency
    (SEO); so provides you completely tailored solution which you need for your clients.

•   BrainShakers Interactive provides assistance in your projects with its service portfolio.

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                     To determine how BrainShakers Interactive can benefit you
                                                            Complete Off page Optimization Company


 "I don’t usually write testimonials for services I    “...Only thank you is not enough for your hard
 pay for, but BrainShakers Interactive has turned      work. Your prompt service and attention, as well
 our business around in a way I cannot explain         as link building sense, and friendliness have
 and they deserve a pat on the back. Our               thrilled us. We went from 0 rankings to having
 business had reached a plateau now. There was         literally hundreds. Thank you! We look forward to
 no improvement in our business from a long            continued success together. "
 time then we heard of BrainShakers Interactive
 and thought we will give it a try. Now we have
                                                                                           - Dara Fidder
 realized how much better an online business can
 do when the right techniques are put to use. We
 owe you BrainShakers Interactive! "
                                  - Michael Roman
                                                         for more testimonials from satisfied clients!

                                                                 for more details about services

                                                               To make your package customized

If you are planning to outsource “off page work” for your SEO projects and still have more enquiries or
want a personal consultation to determine.

                                                                   BrainShakers Interactive

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