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                                                                                   Santa Ana, CA 92706
                                                                                         (714) 564-6831
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The Mission of Santa Ana College is to be a leader and partner in meeting the academic, cultural work
force and economic development needs of our diverse community. Santa Ana College prepares students
for transfer, employment and careers. Our purpose is to provide a learning environment where students
reach learning outcomes in communication skills; creative, critical and quantitative thinking and
reasoning; information competency; cultural, social and environmental diversity; ethical responsibility;
and life skills. Thus, students can achieve their educational, personal and career goals.

                                   BUSINESS MEETING MINUTES
                                       September 7, 2004

                    Present                                                     Guests
Catherine Emley           George Troxcil                                        John Acuna
Jose Espinosa             Mary Walker                                           Steve Bautista
Stephanie Fondren         Charlene Wilhovsky                                    Mary Ellen Bobp
Joseph Geissler           Jim Wolfe                                             Carolyn Breeden
Genice Gilreath           Lana Wong                                             John Didion
Ray Hicks                 John Zarske                                           Paul Foster
John Howe                 Rochelle Zook                                         Caroline Frye-Reed
Mary Huebsch                                                                    Isaac Guzman
Dietrich Kanzler                                                                Todd Huck
Henry Kim                                                                       Phil Hughes
Mary Majors               Absent                                                Shelly Jaffray
Rick Manzano              Myrond Brown                                          Bonnie Jaros
Tim Murphy                Mike Trevitt                                          Sara Lundquist
Dana Pagett                                                                     Jeff McMillan
Michelle Parolise                                                               Ginger Osborne
Reina Sanabria                                                                  Tom Osborne
Al Siddons                                                                      Barbara Palmer
Valinda Tivenan                                                                 Kathy Patterson
Jinhee Trone                                                                    Sandra Wood

President Rick Manzano called the meeting to order at 1:35 p.m.
  I.   Approval of Minutes-September 7, 2004
       The minutes of September 7, 2004 were approved as written via email on September 21,

 II.   Old Business

       A. Acting President, John Didion, explained enrollment numbers and how they affect
          budget and hiring. Summer 2004 numbers look strong and look as if they will
          generate enough FTES to cover the 1% we lost last year. We need to generate a 3%
          increase in order to maximize our funding from the state. We are fairly confident we
          can achieve the 3%.

           Discussion Summary: Credit enrollment looks to be about the same as last fall’s
           numbers. The concern is that this area is maxed out in terms of current faculty and
           space. We will be adding many eight-week courses to the schedule and increasing
           spring course offerings. Last spring, we cut too much. We are also beginning to plan
           for Summer 2005 by evaluating Summer 2004. The four-week session was very
           positively received by students. We will looking toward Continuing Education and
           our Academies to help increase our FTES as well.

           Suggestions we made regarding using local high schools as alternative sites for course
           offerings, and to look at qualified high school teachers as a resource for adjunct
           faculty. A suggestion we made to re-think the four-day a week schedule in order to
           make better use of space. The District Office cannot be used for credit classes as it is
           not earthquake compliant in terms of the Field Act. There is no inter-session schedule
           for Winter 2005 yet inter-session has historically generated 360 FTES and costs us
           about $1 million to run, YET the 3% shortage cost us 2 ½ million this year. It looks
           as though about 30% of SCC student body lives in the zip codes immediately
           surrounding SAC. Since we cannot accommodate demand, it was suggested that SCC
           is growing by default and that issue should be strongly considered in the faculty
          allocation numbers for hiring. John Didion explained that there are also numbers that
          reflect that many SCC students also attending SAC. He explained that there is a price
          to be paid (faculty allocations) for the budget issue since we remain ninth ranking in
          terms of salaries for faculty. We also need to look at our growth in terms of success.
          It is not enough to just recruit, we need to retain students.

III.   New Business
       A. Paul Foster, acting Vice President of Administrative Services explained his proposal
          for a Campus Budget Committee. This committee would develop and monitor
          campus discretionary dollars. See Attachment #1 for committee descriptions.

           The immediate task would be to clarify the current budget and develop the 2005-2006
           Budget. Goals would also include long-term (3-5 year) planning to allow for

       equipment and computer updating/replacement. Discussion followed about how many
       faculty appointees should be on the committee. It was suggested that terms be
       staggered in order to always have some veteran members.

       Motion: The Academic Senate President shall appoint a minimum of seven
               Faculty members to staggered terms to the Campus Facilities Committee.

       Vote:     Passed
                 See Attachment #2 for the list of current appointees.

    B. First reading of Resolution for Dr. Rita Cepeda F04.01 (see Attachment #3)

       Mover: Reina Sanabria
       Second: Rochelle Zook

       Suggestions should be forwarded to Steve Bautista who will be in charge of compiling
       them. Senators are to survey faculty in their respective divisions about how to vote
       on the proposed Resolution. Second reading and vote will occur at our next meeting.

    C. A motion was made to return the Academic Senate to its full Executive Committee
       and temporarily replace Mike Trevitt until he is able to return to his duties as Vice
       President. John Howe volunteered to take this role on the Executive Committee. It
       was determined that this motion would not be allowed due to our present Constitution

        Motion: Form an ad-hoc committee to review and recommend updates to our
                Constitution, Bylaws, and processes of the Academic Senate.

        Vote:    Passed
                 17 yeas, 3 nays and 4 abstentions

        Michelle Parolise and Rochelle Zook will co-chair the committee. George Troxcil,
        Reina Sanabria, Tim Murphy and John Zarske volunteered to serve on the

    D. Steve Bautista withdrew his motion regarding the Curriculum Committee.
    E. An idea regarding a possible resolution to the Board of Trustees regarding morale,
       lack of trust, and suggestions for better communication was discussed. A procedural
       discussion followed regarding ways to get this message out and it consequence. It was
       suggested that this agenda item be moved to Agenda Item II G. and not be written as
       a resolution, but as a suggestion for ways to improve communication. This item will
       be handled at our next meeting as Item II G.

IV. Officer and Committee Reports
    A. Faculty Welfare Committee

               Mary Majors reported on the cards that have been sent to the following since our May
               4th Business Meeting: Aracely Mora in Exercise Science for the loss of her father, J.
               R. Johnson at the District Office for his retirement, Henry Gee and John Nixon for
               their new jobs, Jeff Stebbens in the Bookstore and Gary Teigen in Political Sciences
               for illness, Charlene Wilhovsky in Student Services for the loss of her brother, Linda
               Miskovic in Admissions for surgery, Bud Little in Fine and Performing Arts for the
               loss of his father, Sharon Wilson in the Bookstore for surgery, Mike Trevitt in
               Student Services for surgery, Joan Warwick in CEC for the loss of her husband,
               Arlene Warco in Student Services for the loss of her husband, and a “We’re thinking
               of you” card was sent to Kevin Strong in Fine and Performing Arts.

               Motion: Adjourn at 3:35 p.m. and reconvene on Tuesday, September 21, 2004 at
                       1:30 p.m.

               Vote:     Passed

Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Fondren
Secretary, SAC Academic Senate

/mds 9/27/04


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