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Commercial Broker Loan Fee Agreement


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        <p>If you are a commercial loan originator you know how vital it
is to protect your fee and your livelihood. Commercial broker fee
agreements are vital to your ongoing success.  Nothing hurts quite
like going through the entire process of underwriting a commercial
mortgage all to not get paid the fee you deserve.   </p>
<p>We have learned this lesson the hard way. And have had loans where
we didn’t get paid a dime, only a portion or had to get a lawyer
involved and go through a long and painful process to get paid.
<br><br>Have you heard a lender or bank say something like “well we
don’t really have a formal fee agreements with brokers, but we’ll pay
you a point outside of escrow―?  If the hairs on the back of your
neck don’t stand up, than you haven’t been screwed yet and are
probably are just getting started as a commercial loan broker. </p>
<p>Or if you’re working on a deal and not expecting to get any YSP from
the bank and you’re depending on the borrower to finally sign that
fee agreement, after they know who the bank is and what they are
offering, is also a seriously weak position to be. You’re basically
asking them to screw you. In all seriousness you’re putting them in a
position of real trust and if your relationship isn’t rock solid they
will be asking themselves “why do I need broker Joe? I’ve heard of
xyz bank. I just didn’t bother to call them. I’m paying him how
<p>Your <a rel="nofollow"
'/outgoing/article_exit_link/462104']);" href="">commercial broker fee
agreement</a> is basically your shield and armor (if that isn’t too
corny). It will protect your time and assure that you will make it in
this business. By presenting your agreement it will also set you apart
as a professional and clients will recognize that you know what you are
doing. You will earn their respect. </p>         <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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