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									                             Microsoft has recently branched out to the
Blackberry mobile phones by making its Windows Mobile Live application
available, but there have been several questions about how this free
Blackberry application is better than Blackberry's own email system. We
don't really know if we can consider that Microsoft has started sharing
its applications with other companies, but for all we know, this is a
start.It does not matter if you are a Windows Mobile device user or a
Blackberry user because the bottom-line is that they have their own pros
and cons. But the fact remains that Blackberry has a larger user database
than Windows Mobile users. Therefore, you can assume that Microsoft has
paid tribute to the old adage - "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."Though
this has provided the versatile Blackberry Torch with another
application, people wonder how the Windows Mobile application is going to
measure up to the already existing free Blackberry Torch applications.In
other words, what's new?The Blackberry mobile phones are all about
communication and the addition of one other application to check your
mails and chat with people is going to improve the class of the cell
phones. It is surprising though that RIM would create this application in
competition with Blackberry's own messenger.The Windows Live Messenger
application is part of the Windows Live bundle which essentially comes
with the Windows Live Hotmail also. There are already several free
browsers and several free IM clients in the Blackberry client, so why
would people use Windows Live?The answer is quite simple - there are not
many applications in the Blackberry App Store or the general market which
allows you to check your mails in Hotmail or chat with people on WLM.
Unless you have a Hotmail account, the application is going to be just
another free Torch application on your Blackberry mobile phone. If you're
a person who has to constantly juggle between MSN and Windows accounts
for your personal or business use, the Windows Live application is
perfect for you.The Windows Live bundle brings all the essential features
of a mail browser and an instant messenger. For one, it allows you to
create new mail messages and send them, while also providing users with
the standalone "Reply" and "Forward" buttons. As Windows would have it,
there is a specific feature that allows you to create a Hotmail inbox on
the Blackberry. The mailbox has been crafted in a neat way so that it can
fit the mobile screen - menus and everything.The Windows Live Messenger
for the Blackberry Torch stands out from other instant messengers in the
sense that the actual PC IM messenger and the client for the mobile
device do not have significant differences - such is Microsoft's ability
to reproduce the client on a smaller screen. Like any other IM client, it
allows you to stay in touch with all your friends and contacts on your
Windows Live account. Apart from displaying the online contacts, it lets
you send instant messages and create chat sessions. Interestingly enough,
the free Blackberry Torch Windows Live Messenger lets you send pictures
and other files to different people from the mobile. The Windows Live
Messenger, though not a complete standalone application can boast of a
set of emoticons which stands unrivalled. Overall, the Windows Live
Messenger for the free Blackberry Torch doesn't appeal to every user
because it doesn't offer anything that the other IM clients already do.

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