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        MobiStealth ( has just updated their PRO
version to now enable you to secretly spy on BlackBerry Messenger chat
conversations. Having a way to spy on BlackBerry Messenger chat
conversations, has been the #1 requested feature since the first
BlackBerry spy software hit the market over a year ago. Â Now anyone who
wants to spy on BlackBerry Messenger chats, can do it using MobiStealth
PRO for BlackBerry.
However, before you can get this new feature to work, you must do the
1) Verify that the target BlackBerry is using BlackBerry Messenger v5.0.
 MobiStealth's BlackBerry Messenger spy feature will only work on
BlackBerry Messenger v5.0, so make sure your target phone has the latest
version. In order to find out which version your target's BlackBerry is
using, do the following:
On the Home screen or in the Instant Messaging folder, click on
the BlackBerry Messengericon.
On the contact list screen, press the Menu key.
Click Options
Press Menu
Click About BlackBerry Messenger and you'll see Version xx at the
top.(If you see anything under v5.0, then press the Menu key and click
Check for Update.)
2) Verify that the target BlackBerry is using firmware v4.5 or above. If
you're not sure, just do the following:
Open the Options folder on your target's BlackBerry. (The icon should
have an image a wrench.)
Select About from the list.
Now look at the third line. If you see v4.5 or above, then you're good to
If you've verified that the BlackBerry has Messenger v5.0 or above, and
is using firmware v4.5 or above, then you're all set to use MobiStealth's
BlackBerry spy phone software.
In addition to the BlackBerry Messenger chat spy feature, you'll also get
all the other great spy features found in MobiStealth's PRO version.
 Here is a list of all the features found in MobiStealth PRO for
BlackBerry Messenger Spy - Secretly read BlackBerry Messenger chat
Spy Call – Listen to the surroundings of your target's BlackBerry.
Read Emails - Read incoming &amp; outgoing emails.
Text Message Logging - Read incoming &amp; outgoing text messages.
View Call Logs - View call history data — including date, time, and
name in address book.
View Photos &amp; Videos – View photos and videos taken from the
Stealth GPS Tracking - Secretly track the BlackBerry.
View Contact Details - View all contacts stored in the BlackBerry.
You have three choices when buying MobiStealth PRO BlackBerry spy
$79.99 for 3 months$119.99 for 6 months$199.99 for 1 yr

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