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        Everyone who is techno orientated is excited about the release of
the new Blackberry OS tablet early next year and with information slowly
seeping out about its features and apps you can see why. BBM or
Blackberry Messenger has been a successful social medium on the
Smartphone keeping over 28 million people connected and sharing
experiences. Play poker against your friends or see which tune they are
listening too and download a sample to your Playbook, all this is going
to be free playbook software making connecting with your friends that
much easier. Without compromising the security or privacy of the
Blackberry Playbook device users will be able to do a whole lot more;
real time data sharing, inviting friends to the BBM network and sharing
all kinds of content will all be available free Blackberry Playbook
software. Partners of Blackberry will also be using the BBM application
to modify their own programs into a more social experience. Kobo will be
using it for friends to share book shopping experiences, book reading in
groups, sharing exciting paragraphs of a new book with a friend will be a
regular occurrence. Telmap which is a leading mapping provider will be
using BBM to connect friend's whereabouts; you will be able to see a map
with icons of where all your friends are. No more trying to give
directions down the phone they will just be able to follow you on their
phone. Magmic will be using BBM to create a social poker experience, so
you will be able to all sit round a table and chat whilst playing a game
of poker. The Blackberry Playbook is really opening all sorts of doors in
the social network along with leading the way in professional tablet
operating systems. The QNX OS is a revelation in ultra mobile technology
and is the free Blackberry Playbook operating system that makes the
blackberry so special. The QNX has been used in the space station and
millions of cars around the world because of its reliability and ability
for multi tasking. The Blackberry Playbook is also powered by a 1GHz dual
core Cortex A9 CPU processor and 1GB RAM which makes it the fastest
tablet on the market, these two aspects alone are leaving the other
companies on their heels. It is the QNX that has given this ultra
portable device the ability to read Adobe Flash making the whole browsing
experience more compatible with to-days modern web pages. Gaming on the
move is going to become a reality for tablet users and with no loss of
quality. The 7.6 inch HD screen has leading technology in glare reduction
and at only 0.4 inches thick and weighing 400g it will not be a hassle to
take anywhere. There are some excellent multimedia additions available on
playbook that make this an exceptional business tool as well as a social
medium and it will be sort after by technology lovers and businesses
alike. This is the best ultraportable multimedia and multitasking device
available on the market soon.

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