Blackberry- Not just a fruit anymore! by sajakrerindu


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         Changing of trends and acceptance of new ones has been a part and
parcel of our life and not only of the fashion industry. In the early
1990's having a cell phone itself was a huge fashion statement and here
we stand in an era where Apple and Blackberry and not just fruits
Gone are those days when you had to text your friends to stay in touch
and upload your fancy photos on Facebook and Twitter. You buy a
Blackberry and you are almost done.
To own a Blackberry is a lot of fun and for those who are on the move all
the time. But apart from all these features its blessed with the all time
favorite and the very-very addictive BLACKBERRY MESSENGER. It's a social
networking application which the phone has in specialty. This application
enables you to chat with all your friends who also own a Blackberry
"smart "phone. The messenger is stuffed with vibrant features like
sharing your photos, updating statuses; you can also send voice notes to
a friend who is thousand miles away in a fraction of seconds and also in
return are high on style amidst the crowd!
Several mobile shops are flooded with a number of cover of Hello Kitty
and Candy Floss pink range for gals and the Devil and Ed-Hardy for guys.
It definitely is very trendy to own a Blackberry but it is trendier to
have a Blackberry which looks different and smarter every time!
Blackberry phones are power packed with stunning features for both, work
and entertainment, and the new phones look extremely stylish too. It is
no doubt that the Blackberry smart phones have quickly become the
heartbeat of a huge chunk of youth population in India and we are not


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