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Atherton Mill

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									Atherton Mill
                             Gallery crawls with friends
                                       Eclectic designs
            Historic Trolley rides and art-inspired food
                                          Soulful living.

           Charlotte, NC
                          Charlotte Life
                          1.7 million residents in the Charlotte Core Based Statistical Area
                          (CBSA) projected to increase 15% by 2014

                          The 7th fastest growing CBSA in the US

                          Headquarters of 9 Fortune 500 companies

                          $14 billion in annual retail sales

                          Over 16.6 million visitors spending $3.2 billion annually

                          Home of Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Bobcats, US National
                          Whitewater Center, Concord Mills (the state’s largest annual tourist
                          destination) and Lowe’s Motor Speedway

                          Home to 29 colleges and universities

                          Charlotte Douglas International Airport is the 10th most active airport
                          in the US and is the largest hub for US Airways

           #1 Best Place to Live; Relocate-America.com, May 2008

           #1 America’s Most Livable Communities; Partners for Livable Communities
           #7 America’s Most Wired Cities; Forbes, January 2008
           Top 5 Southern cities for recent college graduates to seek employment; bizjournals.com
                                                                                        Points of Interest

                                                                        CONCORD MILLS


                                            CHARLOTTE CENTRAL
                                             BUSINESS DISTRICT

                                                              NASCAR HALL OF FAME
                                                                  OPENS 2010

                                                   Atherton Mill
                                                   LYNX BLUE LINE
                                                     LIGHT RAIL

                                                  SOUTH PARK MALL

                CAROLINA PLACE MALL

                                        primary trade area
                                             2009 | 2014
                           Population      44,609 | 49,284
           Average Household Income       $94,531 | $98,640
                          Households       22,389 | 25,053
                         Median Age          37.5 | 37.5
                   College Attainment          75.1%
                   Daytime Population          90,222
                Average Housing Value    $418,148 | $444,026
                                                Primary Trade Area


       Atherton Mill


                              South Park Mall
                                   Historic South End
Neighborhood population expected to double from
2007 to 2011

50 projects announced in South End and Uptown
Charlotte – totaling $4.8 billion

$1.8 billion in development investment along 9 miles
of new LYNX Light Rail Blue Line

Average weekday ridership of 16,900 on new Light
Rail Blue Line in the first year of operation - a level not
expected to reach until 2025

Experiencing explosive residential growth – over 4,800
units planned – 1,455 units coming online Fall 2009

Home to more than 270 design-related businesses – a
150-year history of design, innovation and creativity

Tax Values rose from $232 million in 2000 to $548 million
in 2007

  SOUTH END           Retail 350,000 SF
 UNDERWAY &           Residential 4,829 units
   PROPOSED           Office 840,000 SF

                                             Atherton Mill

     Atherton Mill is located in the heart
     of Charlotte’s historic and upscale
     South End District and 1 mile from
     Charlotte’s Central Business District

     Atherton Mill is situated along the                     South End Residential Units
     LYNX Light Rail Blue Line as well as                      Proposed - 3,487
     the Charlotte Trolley                                     Under Construction - 1,342
                                                               Complete - 1,171

     Atherton Mill is one of the largest
     contiguous retail properties in the
                                                                                                                 Historic South End Growth
                                                                                    THOMPSON TOOLWORX                      South End Residential Units
                          30 townhomes
                                                                                                                             Proposed - 1,280
       office condos
                                                                                                       HEATH PARTNERS
                                                                                                          80 condos
                                                                                                                             Under Construction - 708
                                                            CAMDEN SQUARE DESIGN
                                                              CTR OF CAROLINAS                                               Complete - 348
      1927 TRYON
     75,000 SF office
                                         214 TREMONT                                                                     THE TREMONT
                                         30,000 SF office                                                                  45 condos

                                                              ASHTON SOUTH END
                                                                310 apartments
  HANOVER                                                                                                                        TREMONT PLACE
300 apartments                                                                                                                     12 townhomes

                                                                                                                  ATHERTON HEIGHTS
                                                                                                                      98 condos

                        Atherton Mill                                                                                           LOFTS DILWORTH
                                                                                                                                   30 condos
                                                                                                               VILLAGE LOFTS
                                                                                                                  10 condos
                                                                                                                        VILLAGE OF SOUTH END
                                                                               ATHERTON LOFTS                                 123 condos
                                                                                 office condos

                                                            331 apartments

                                                                                      THE RESERVE                                     67 condos
                                                                                      300 apartments

                                                                      GREENHAWK PARTNERS
                                                                         600 housing units
                                                                                      The Neighborhood



                                 CIRCLE AT
                                 SOUTH END
                                                                                              DILWORTH NEIGHBORHOOD
                                                                                              Population: 15,532
                                                                                              Avg. HHI: $96,293
                                                                                              Avg. Housing Value: $402,526
                                                                              D (2007)        College Attainment: 69.9%
                                                                   18,600 CP
                                             EAST BOULEVARD
                                                                                              White Collar Employment: 75.9%

                      ASHTON                    Atherton Mill
                                                                         CPD (2



      CHARLOTTE’S TROLLEY LINE                           LYNX LIGHT RAIL BLUE LINE (OPENED 2007)
      TROLLEY STOPS                                      LIGHT RAIL STOPS
                                                                                                                      The Site Plan



                                                                                       RETAIL I   RETAIL J
                                                                                       3,755 SF   3,797 SF

                                                                                                                 0   CP
                                                                                                        26   ,70

                                                                            L EVA
                                                                       O  U

                100,000 SF of Retail & Office
      SITE      26,700 cars per day pass on South Boulevard
                1 mile from Charlotte’s Central Business District
SPECIFICS       16,900 average weekday trips on the LYNX Light Rail Blue Line
                200 yards from Light Rail’s East/West Boulevard Station

           South Elevation facing Athletic Club/Retail E

           West Elevation facing Light Rail
       Proposed Building Elevations

East Elevation   facing South Boulevard

North Elevation    facing Tremont Avenue
                                                1 mile                                          3 mile                                   5 mile
                                              2009 | 2014                                     2009 | 2014                               2009 | 2014
                Population               10,941 | 20,062*                               84,857 |100,213*                             204,608 | 224,441*
Average Household Income                $74,558 | $78,898                               $73,412 | $76,875                            $69,334 | $72,763
               Households                 5,550 | 6,146                                  37,593 | 41,134                              87,602 | 95,6651
              Median Age                    36.5 | 36.5                                    35.5 | 35.2                                   34.7 | 34.5
        College Attainment                    59.4%                                           59.0%                                        56.9%
        Daytime Population                    17,786                                         127,684                                      223,364
     Average Housing Value             $315,251 | $358,324                             $306,125 | $329,219                          $251,131 | $270,309

                                                         All data is from ESRI unless noted otherwise.
                             * Edens & Avant’s estimates are based on proposed, planned and under construction residential units.
               Partners for Livable Communities

                       #7 MOST WIRED CITY

                  #1 BEST PLACE LIVE
            Coming Down the Line
            Light rail is an engine for development in Charlotte, but
            will commuter trains make the grade elsewhere?
            by: Edward Martin
            excerpt from Business North Carolina
            June 2008

            “But the seven-month-old, $462 million Lynx light-rail line moves
            more than people, its boosters say. It moves real estate on the
            city’s south side. They credit it with $1.8 billion of development,
            completed, under way or planned - along its nine miles.”

            ...”a trendy neighborhood that blends old and new on the fringes of

            ...”It’s becoming a residential neighborhood of young bankers,
            lawyers and professionals. They want to be close to the action, and
            light rail sealed it.”

            ...”South End’s resurgence, for instance, was driven by its proximity
            to downtown and was occurring without light rail. Even some
            developers say the rail line wasn’t the chief draw. “We wouldn’t
            go out in the hinterlands and build just because of light rail,” says
            Bo Buchanan, regional director of the Hanover Co., the Houston
            developer that is building the 11-story apartment tower near Nance’s
            condo. [adjacent to Atherton Mill] “But South End had done
            quite a bit of turning around in the last 10 years, and light rail was the
            icing on the cake for us.”
CHARLOTTE                                                                                    Best Places to Live and Launch

                                                                                             8. CHARLOTTE, NC
                                                                                             Population: 596,123
                                                                                             Pros: Steady influx of young educated workers, business-friendly
                                                                                             banking community, local sports entertainment
                                                                                             Con: Housing costs spiked in recent years

                                                                                                     This national financial hub is home to big names like
                                                                                             Wachovia and Bank of America, but the oak-tree-lined city

            #1 Best Place to Live                                                            is also a great place to launch and grow a small business.
                                                                                                     Regional organizations such as the local Small Business and
                      The same qualities that appeal to visitors have made Charlotte         Technology Development Center, the Inventors Network, and the Central
            one of the Southeast’s premier places to live. More than 500,000 people          Piedmont Community College’s Center for Entrepreneurship supply a mix of
            reside within our borders, approximately 1.3 million within the metro            mentoring,networkingandtechnicalassistancetoinnovativeentrepreneurs,
            area, and 6 million within a 100-mile radius. We’re home to 292                  especially those in the finance and technology fields. To help develop
            of the top Fortune 500 companies and more than 340                               the city’s biotech industry, a research complex sponsored in part by the
            foreign firms. Financial experts know us as the nation’s second                   University of North Carolina at Charlotte is set to open its labs this year to
            largest banking center (next to New York City), with more than $362              scientists and startups involved in healthcare and nutrition research.
            billion in banking assets. The nation’s fifth largest urban region, Charlotte             Charlotte’s vibrancy and employment opportunities
            and environs have attracted more and more people who want to become              attract young professionals from around the state and
            part of our team.
                                                                                             help the city retain many of the graduates streaming out of
                                                                                             19 nearby colleges and universities. But as the city’s population
                      Our location in the sunny, moderate Central region of the Tar
            Heel state gives us unlimited accessibility. Interstates 77 and 85, which        has increased, so has its cost of living. Some neighborhoods like Ballantyne,
            intersect in Charlotte, link the city with the Great Lakes region, New           Cotswold, and Plaza Midwood offer affordable options.
            England, and Florida. Interstate 40, running coast-to-coast across the                   For sports entertainment, Charlotte residents can snag tickets to
            United States, is only an hour north of Charlotte. A two-hour journey to         Carolina Panthers football games and Nascar races. The city also features
            the west takes you to the Blue Ridge Mountains; a three-and-a-half hour          a number of premier golf courses including the exclusive Quail Hollow club,
            trip to the east, to Atlantic beaches. Within an hour’s drive east of the city   where Tiger Woods has played. The Blumenthal Arts Center hosts touring
            are some of the world’s best golf courses.                                       musicians and Broadway shows throughout the year. For those who prefer
                                                                                             outdoor recreations, the Great Smokey Mountains offer hiking, rock climbing
                    That spirit made Charlotte the unanimous choice when the                 and white-water rafting, while residents turn to Lake Norman for fishing,
            National Football League looked for a thriving city in which to expand. Its      sailing and water skiing.
            stimulated tremendous revitalization in the center city, with
                                                                                                SOURCE: MAY 2008 CNN/MONEY 100 BEST PLACES TO LIVE AND LAUNCH
            residences, shops, restaurants, and entertainment. And it’s what,
            ultimately, you’ll remember from your stay here.

                                                           SOURCE: RELOCATE AMERICA
        The Dish on Charlotte
                                                                                                        SOUTHPARK: TRENDY AND TRADITIONAL
                                                                                                        This is some of the hottest restaurant real estate in Charlotte. Primo example: The Dean
                                                                                                        & DeLuca Wine Room. (This is the only Dean & DeLuca wine bar in the U.S.) Neighboring
                                                                                                        Upstream boasts some of the best sushi and seafood (sake-marinated wild sea bass) in

                                                                                                        A modern spin on Mediterranean, M5 is a scene to be seen, from its trendy outdoor lounge
                                                                                                        to the faux alligator tiles in the bathroom. We liked the seared sea scallop saltimbocca with
        Nibble your way through Charlotte, North Carolina, and you’ll taste the New                     shell beans and the grilled figs with prosciutto, mascarpone and Marcona almond salad.
        South. Shining on the Piedmont with a modern skyline and brimming with
        emerging restaurants, this is a city that savors the fresh and the new.                         Our favorite in SouthPark is Rooster’s, a cozy bistro that feels oddly European and
                                                                                                        Southern. The best dishes are exquisitely simple -- fresh corn fried in a skillet with salted
        Charlotte’s emergence on the food radar -- a                                                        butter and pepper; Forbidden Rice (an heirloom variety that’s purple when cooked),
        recent and welcome debut -- combines fascinating                                                    served thick and rich, risotto style; and whole chicken roasted in a wood-burning
        ingredients: a surging urban renaissance, support                                                   rotisserie. Rooster’s is more affordable and casual than its upscale sister, Noble’s,
        from the country’s No. 2 banking town, and fresh                                                    where food sees a fancier spin on pure basics. An old-fashioned dish of the South
        talent from the newest campus of Johnson & Wales                                                    meets the South of France in a pork belly worthy of candlelight: melt-in-your-mouth
        University. This well-respected culinary school’s 2004                                              creamy, simmered in a cassoulet (a slow-cooked bean stew).
        relocation from Charleston, South Carolina, cemented
        Charlotte’s position as the South’s new food city.
                                                                                                            PLAZA MIDWOOD, ELIZABETH AND MORE
                                                                                                            Greg Auten, the tattooed owner of The Penguin, says his daddy taught him one truth
        THE RESTAURANT REVOLUTION                                                                           about food: “Grease sells.” That’s the secret to his burgers (good enough to convert a
        You may remember Charlotte as a steak-and-potatoes place, home                                      vegetarian) and deep-fried pickles dipped in Ranch dressing.
        of the country club rib eye. That was before the banking boom
        brought an international workforce and a diverse                                                    We love this edgy, eclectic neighborhood, called Plaza Midwood. “Everybody lives
        market hungry for fine dining. Sophisticated palates                                                 here,” says a resident. “You have the Penguin tattoo crowd, the normal girls, a few of
        demanded more -- and got it. Now the restaurant revolution is in full                               the housewife Betty set. Everybody knows everybody.”
        force. Take our neighborhood-by-neighborhood tasting tour.
                                                                                                             They know where to eat too. Follow them to Dish for chicken and dumplings thick
                                                                                                             enough to eat with a fork and mind-bending vanilla-bourbon-sweet potato pie.Around
        THE TASTING TOUR                                                                                the corner, there’s the up-and-coming Elizabeth neighborhood’s restaurant row, filled with
        Uptown: Urban and upscale                                                                       charming spots such as NOFO on Liz, whose shrimp and grits and whimsical gift shop
        Power lunches by day, buzzing nightlife after hours -- what a far cry from the old ghost town   make a fun midday stop. Don’t pass up Customshop, where the chef makes his own pasta
        days. We trace Uptown’s culinary comeback to the wood-fired fare, including Carolina quail       (ricotta gnocchi with eggplant is a best-seller) and has a fisherman who fishes just for him.
        and Niman Ranch pork chops, of Mimosa Grill. Two sister restaurants broadened the flavors.       The seafood dinner entrées are popular, but we were impressed by the elegant brunch,
        Arpa Wine Bar presents tapas and 50 wines by the glass. Zink American Kitchen provides          especially the ethereal blueberry scones and French press coffee.
        drama with a background of silent black-and-white films and a showstopping chicken-fried
        calamari.                                                                                       For a wonderfully fun sit-down lunch in South End, visit Mac’s Speed
                                                                                                        Shop, a quasi-dive where the parking lot mixes bikes, Beemers
        Sonoma Modern blends a Slow Food philosophy, which focuses on local, organic, peak-             and Bugs. Charlotte may not be a barbecue town, but Mac’s beef brisket inspired
        season ingredients, with true culinary artistry. The tasting menu proved one of our most        photographer and “meat-atarian” Gary Clark to declare, “This is better’n any I’ve had in
        exquisitely memorable meals, each course an ode to local producers. The heirloom tomato         Texas.” Actually, let Texas compare its fare to Charlotte -- after all, this is the South’s
        salad was simple and unforgettable. The morning of our meal, at the Matthews Community          new food city. Bring it on.
        Farmers Market, we met many of the farmers who grew each course.
                                                                                                                                                            SOURCE: SOUTHERN LIVING AUGUST 2008
LEASING: Alex Galloway 877.283.7909

                                      An   Development

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