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					      Introducing the
  Fluke-353 and Fluke-355

2000 A, True-rms Clamp Meters

                    Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters   1
Why these clamps and why now?

                                   • Customers have been requesting
                                     a ‘Fluke 2000A clamp meter’ –
                                     here’s the answer.
                                   • Demand for a high quality,
                                     rugged, easy-to-use instrument.
                                   • A great extension to the
                                     comprehensive clamp family,
                                     complements the Fluke-320 and
                                     Fluke-330 series clamp meters.
                                   • These products have been
                                     designed for optimum
   Fluke-353   Fluke-355
                                     performance and features to
                                     better meet professionals’ needs.

                    Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters       2
Who needs these . . .

  Who uses it?                              Where is it used?
  Industrial Service Electrician            In the service panel, clamp around each
                                            individual phase. (Good for large single,
                                            or parallel conductors)
  Electrical Contractor                     In the service entrance, clamp around up
                                            to 2.5” busbar to verify expected current
  Marine or Welding Electrician             Useful measuring current consumption of
                                            large current dc systems.
  Utility Engineer                          Measure current in conductors of low-
                                            voltage vaults
  Facilities Maintenance                    Verify operation of large load service
  Electricians                              panels, switchgear, and motors

                                   Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters              3
Common uses
 •   Electrical equipment/service entrance – The large jaw size
     combined with CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V are a great
     match to the requirements to make measurements.
      –   Large Conductors - Clamp around large, single, or
          multiple conductors of the load side to measure inrush
          or steady load current.
      –   Busbar – Clamp around busbar up to 2.5” wide
 •   Variable frequency drives, electric motors, and UPS systems
     - True-rms and low-pass filter make this an ideal tool for high
     frequency or noisy loads, accurately measure start-up
     current (Inrush).
 •   New electrical installations.- Check for correct operation after
     initial install to prevent early system failure.
 •   Welding equipment – DC current mode can measure up to
     2000 A, ideal for large dc load.
 •   Verify line voltage, continuity and resistance (355 only) – Use
     the added DMM-like features for more convenient testing, all
     in one tool

                                           Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters   4
What are the target industries/markets

  •    Industrial plants and facilities
  •    Building maintenance, e.g. Universities, hospitals, large
       offices, correctional institutions
  •    Manufacturing and process facilities
  •    Plant works, e.g. Power, pharmaceutical, printing,
       automotive assembly
  •    Refineries
  •    Steel mills and other metal manufacturing plants
  •    Large dc systems such as dc electroplating, or marine
       electrical systems
  •    Utilities (low-voltage vaults)

                           Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters    5
Top 3 reasons why these products are
    •     2000 A current handling capability. Wide
          enough range for most large load applications

    •     600 V Cat IV, 1000 V Cat III rated for added user
          protection. Gives users and supervisors peace
          of mind that the test equipment is NFPA 70E
          compliant**. i.e. suitable for the system being

    •     Large jaw opening (58 mm, 2.3 in) to clamp
          around busbar, or large conductors. Even
          multiple, large conductors can be clamped
          around (if current is all flowing in the same
          direction) such as the load side of a 3-phase

 ** When used properly per Article 110.9 Use of Equipment (A) Test Instruments and Equipment.

                                                      Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters      6
Category Rating, safety NFPA 70E

 The Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 feature a CAT IV 600 V and
 CAT III 1000 V rating; appropriate for most environments
 where industrial or commercial electricians work.
    • Safety officers and facility managers require that equipment
      meet current safety standards to decrease accidents, reduce
      worker’s compensation costs, and to avoid liability.
    • NFPA 70E Article 110.9 (A) states that, “Test instruments,
      equipment, and their accessories shall be rated for circuits and
      equipment to which they will be connected.”
    • Very few 2000 A current clamps on the market today meet this

                            Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters     7
Costs of downtime

 •   Corporations waste billions of dollars
     as a result of unplanned downtime
     every year.
 •   These losses flow directly to the
     bottom line.
 •   Reactive maintenance can cost 3-4x
     more than programs that utilize
     predictive/preventive maintenance.

     The new Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 can
     help minimize your downtime; saving
     you, and your corporation, time and
     money by helping you quickly detect
     small problems before they become big

                                Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters   8
Key features & benefits
 • Large 58 mm (2.8 in) Jaw size, easily clamps around one or
   more large conductors and busbar
 • Reliably handle a wide range of high-current applications with
   2000 A ac + dc true-rms, 1400 A ac, and 2000 A dc
 • CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V rating for added user protection
 • In-rush current measurement captures accurate and repeatable
   ‘power-on’ surge current
 • High voltage measurement of 1000 V ac + dc true-rms, 600 V
   ac, and 1000 V dc allows user to perform multiple tests with
   only one tool (355 only)
 • Resistance to 400K ohms coupled with a continuity beeper
   provide the convenience of a multimeter. (355 only)
 • Accurately measure frequency up to 1 kHz for optimum trouble
 • Quickly analyze readings using the MIN, MAX, and AVG
 • A large, backlit display allows for easy visibility in low-lit areas
 • Use the display hold feature to capture readings even when the
   display cannot be viewed
 • Use the low-pass filter to smooth out noisy loads and stabilize
                                    Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters   9
Key features Fluke-353
  2000A dc, 1400 A ac                                                 Large 58 mm (2.3 in)
  current sensing clamp                                               jaw opening

Rotary selector includes:
- Off                                                                  Large, clear
- Current ac                                                           backlit display
- Current dc
- Current ac + dc
                                                                        Display hold
  Backlight on/off

  Auto/Manual                                                          One button
  range select                                                         dc current zero

    Inrush current                                                 Frequency measurement

      MIN/MAX/AVG                                                   Low-pass filter for use
                                                                    with VFD motor drives
                            Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters                    10
 Key features Fluke-355
Same as the Fluke-353, but in addition:

                                                                      Voltage up to:
  Rotary selector also                                                600 V ac, 1000 V dc,
  includes:                                                           1000 V dc+ac
   - Voltage ac
   - Voltage dc
   - Voltage ac + dc
   - Continuity
   - Resistance                                                       Continuity (beeper on
                                                                      at <= 30 ohms)

                                                                      Resistance to 400K ohms
  resistance input terminals
                               Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters                    11
What ships with the units?

    • Fluke-353 includes:
       –   353 clamp meter
       –   C43 soft carrying case
       –   6 AA batteries
       –   User manual
       –   3 year warranty

    • Fluke-355 includes:
       –   355 clamp meter
       –   C43 soft carrying case
       –   6 AA batteries
       –   TL224 1.5 m silicone rubber test leads
       –   TP2 test Probes
       –   AC285 alligator clips
       –   User manual
       –   3 year warranty
                               Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters   12
Accessories and add ons?

  Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 come with everything you need to use and
  store the instrument.

  Replacement accessories:

      C43 soft carrying case
      TL224 1.5 m silicone rubber test leads (355 only)
      TP2 test probes (355 only)
      AC285 alligator clips (355 only)

  Optional Accessories (355 only)

      AC220 SureGrip™ Alligator Clips
      TLK-220 US SureGrip™ Industrial Test Lead Kit
      TP220 SureGrip™ Industrial Test Probes

                             Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters    13

                 Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters   14

                 Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters   15

                 Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters   16
Order information
 Fluke   Description        Part       UPC           Individual Product including                 Origin   US Price
 Model                      Number     Code          packaging                                             List

                                                     Height      Width       Depth    Weight

 FLUKE   AC/DC TRMS         2840252     0 95969      300 mm      98 mm       52 mm    .815 kg     China    $575.00
 -353    CLAMP                          40119 7      (12 in)     (3.75 in)   (2 in)   (1.8 lbs)

 FLUKE   AC/DC TRMS         2840265     0 95969      300 mm      98 mm       52 mm    .815 kg     China    $693.00
 -355    CLAMP                          40120 3      (12 in)     (3.75 in)   (2 in)   (1.8 lbs)

                                      Fluke-353 and Fluke-355 Clamp Meters                                 17

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