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									Daniel George
User Interaction Designer and Usability Expert

Nationality : British
DOB : 15/01/1975
Tel : 0044 7932 034 184
Email : dangeorge@acepointdesign.com
Web : www.acepointdesign.com
Linkedin : http://uk.linkedin.com/in/danjgeorge

A User Interaction Designer and Usability Expert with the ability to take an online vision from strategy to
reality. I have 11 years experience in web design and user experience roles. Currently working as a User
Interaction Designer with expertise in information architecture, wire-flows, UI/IA documentation,
conceptual design and implementation. I have had a successful career translating marketing strategies
into actionable user interface designs to ultimately meet business objectives. I have a strong knowledge in
web standards compliance, usability, accessibility issues, search engine optimization, as well as
experience delivering large and at times business critical web projects.

Kingston Upon Thames University
B.Sc. Computer Science
Sept 1995 – June 1999

Technical skills
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Fireworks. Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS Visio,
OmniGraffle. Proficient in both Mac and PC.
Web standards
WCAG 1.0/2.0, PAS 78, Usability heuristics

Work experience
Current projects
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, User Interaction Design Lead
July 2006 – date
ESIweb CMS, the AstraZeneca Global Internet platform
   •   Design Lead for the AstraZeneca Global Standards Steering Group.
   •   Design Lead for the ESIweb CMS.
   •   Design Quality Assurance Manager.
   •   Design Manager for the migration of over 100 websites into the CMS.
   •   Design Manager for ongoing site builds and redesign projects.
   •   Key relationship builder with Key Stakeholders, Brand teams and Product Managers.
   •   Create and maintain guidelines and standards documentation for the platform.
   •   Providing design consultancy to external agencies and internal developers.
   •   Liaise with Brand Teams, Product Managers and Marketing Teams to evangelise the design
       practices of the platform, as well as to determine project scope.
   •   Information Architecture consultation.
   •   Organise intuitive and structured website sitemaps and wireflows (paper/MS Visio).
   •   Orchestrate usability testing with user-focused groups (where required).
   •   Build supporting UI/Design documentation for client proposals detailing supporting wireframes
       and branding elements (Adobe Indesign).
   •   Create attractive, brand-focused, professional and polished designs (Adobe Photoshop).
   •   Hand code clean and efficient front-end code according to web standards, usability and
       accessibility (WCAG AA) that works seamlessly across defined platforms and browsers.
   •   CSS architecture, platform administration and maintenance.
   •   Email marketing campaigns.

Freelance project for acepointdesign.com
Istorage UK Ltd, User Interaction Designer and Developer
September 2009 – date
   •   Meet with the clients to discuss scope of the project.
   •   Consultancy to advise on web best practices.
   •   Website Gap Analysis.
   •   Create a Strategy Brief to outline project challenges and deliverables and to understand the target
       audience and how the website should be built to accommodate their needs.
   •   Creation of wireframe/wire-flow sketches (paper/OmniGraffle) to aid the customers understanding
       of critical user paths.
   •   Heuristic evaluation testing of recognised user-focus groups through online usability tools.
   •   Create design concepts based on the company branding, with focus on promotion of the product
       line to its key audiences (Adobe Photoshop).
   •   Develop the website with standards compliant and web accessible XHTML, CSS and unobtrusive
       JavaScript, with the goal of improving SEO.
   •   Flash promotional imagery.
   •   Quality assurance, browser compatibility tests and functional testing before client UAT.
   •   Final pre-launch quality assurance and testing.

Previous projects
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Web Designer
September 2003 – July 2006
Web Framework CMS
   •   Liaise with clients to understand the project scope.
   •   Information Architecture consultation.
   •   Create website concepts based on guidelines from the AZ Global Standards (Adobe Photoshop).
   •   Flash banner and logo creation.
   •   Email marketing campaigns.
Schlumberger, Web Designer
September 1999 – 2002
The BP Global Intranet platform
   •   Create brand/service focused designs.
   •   Hand code clean front-end code according to BP intranet guidelines.
   •   Flash banner and logo creation.

British Airways, Junior Web Designer
July 1997 – 1998
IS Desktop Product development

Other work
Covent Garden Pizza and Pasta Restaurant, Assistant Manager
June 1991 – 1999
   •   Run the day to day operations of the restaurant, including stock control and restaurant standards.
   •   Advertising and promoting the restaurant.

Personal Interests
Design, music, gadgets, football, clothes and cooking, in no particular order.

Jonathan Thompson – ESIweb Application Development Program Manager (AstraZeneca)

Other references available on request.

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